Another Attack On The First Amendment

by Al Benson Jr.

According to an article on a new Democrat-sponsored bill to limit First Amendment rights has been introduced. The Digital Platform Commission Act would establish yet another federal agency to regulate and punish anyone who puts out “misinformation” as defined by the socialist Democrats.

In other words, and let’s be blunt about it, this is a bill to severely limit the free expression of their opposition and limit the right of the American people are able to hear, read, and learn. Misinformation will be anything socialist Democrats and socialist Republicans disagree with.

This is one you will need to contact your senators about when the bill number bursts upon the scene and let them know you want them to oppose it. If Congress passes this automatic cancellation of your First Amendment rights then China Joe Biden will appoint a commission of five people, which the Senate will have to confirm.

You don’t need a whole lot of imagination to figure out the kind of individuals Biden will appoint. So now the plan is for government-appointed “experts” to decide what constitutes “misinformation.” Won’t that be fun? I don’t know if this will deal with what you are able to look up on the internet or not, but probably it will. After all, why wouldn’t anything anywhere that the powers that be disagree with be removed from the public eye as “misinformation”?

George Orwell’s “memory hole” already exists to a large degree. With a new bill like this it could well become all encompassing. At least at this point in time we can still find some opposing viewpoints out there on the net to the government hogwash they foist upon us. What would happen, for instance, if all the opposing viewpoints dealing with the War of Northern Aggression were suddenly “discovered” to be “misinformation” and therefore subject to federal removal because of that, and those who refused to comply were to be “punished”? It doesn’t take much to figure out where this draconian measure is headed if enacted. Let your senators know you will be watching what they do with this travesty!


Abraham Lincoln–Hero Of The Left–And Unfortunately The Right

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have done research on Abraham Lincoln and his socialist proclivities realize he has been embraced by socialists, communists, and other left-wing types. This is common knowledge among many people. What is not always common knowledge, though, is that Lincoln, with all his socialist connections, is somehow still an icon of the right. That fact displays the large probability that those on the right have been taught bad history and had their historical understanding tampered with, which weakens their position.

Lincoln’s love affair with the left has been noted in an article on 2/20/23 on which notes that Abraham Lincoln is a hero of the left. The article states: “From Karl Marx to Eugene Debs to 1930s American Communists, leftists have regarded Lincoln as a pro-labor hero who played a crucial role in vanquishing chattel slavery. We should celebrate him today as part of the great radical democratic tradition.” If what this writer says is true, then Lincoln would have loved China Joe Biden and what he is doing to the country now.

The writer does not claim Lincoln was a socialist, but nonetheless, he grasped the “general concept” of socialism: the primacy of labor over capital and of liberty over property. The article continued: “Proclaiming ‘communism is 20th century Americanism’ leaders increasingly paired Lincoln with black abolitionists including Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and Sojurner Truth…” If only those people had been aware of Lincoln’s racist turn of mind they might have taken a different tack. Their “hero” would probably have balked at being placed in the company of black abolitionists.

In actuality, Abraham Lincoln never freed a single slave. His “Emancipation Proclamation only applied to slaves in the Confederate States and it left slaves in slave states still in the Union in bondage. There were five slave states in the Union, including West Virginia, that the proclamation did not apply to. The slaves in those states were technically not freed until the passage of the 13th Amendment, which came months after Lincoln departed this mortal coil. So Lincoln was not really opposed to slavery–unless it was Confederate slavery. He was okay with Union slavery. All the hype about him being the “Great Emancipator” is something we could label as “specious humbug.”

Most on the left, and many on the right, don’t like to hear the truth about Lincoln. In an article on for 3/14/22 Dr. Boyd Cathey observed: “Since then (1981) criticism of Lincoln is not acceptable, not tolerated by mainstream conservatives. Instead the conservative establishment now heralds such neo-Reconstructionist historians as Allen Guelzo or even Marxist Eric Foner (a favorite of Karl Rove). Any dissent from the virtual cannonization of Lincoln with contemporary American society comes from mostly Southern traditionalists and their allies…”

Dr. Cathey is right. When I wrote for the old National Educator newspaper back in the 1980s and 90s I did a series of articles on Lincoln and his socialist connections. The people that complained the loudest were patriotic conservatives who were ticked off at my telling the truth about their patron political saint. They didn’t want to be exposed to the blemishes of their “conservative” hero! They refused to be confronted with the facts! Many staunch conservatives today still think today he actually freed the slaves!

In an article by Claude S. Fischer on 4/5/2011 on it was noted that “During just one term (plus 45 days) Lincoln managed to do the following, ‘socialist-communist acts: taxed the wealth creators…exploded deficit spending…led a federal takeover of currency and banks…forced people to work for the federal government…indulged in government giveaways to special interests…expropriated private property for redistribution…”

Joe Biden would have loved him except for his party label. But, you have to remember that in the mid 1800s the Republicans were socialists and the Democrats were conservatives. Today, both parties are socialist–Council on Foreign Relations socialists!


There Are Westerns And Then There Are Westerns

by Al Benson Jr.

I’ve noted for several years that Western movies seem to be dying out. You see one here and there, but in the main, no. This is not a new trend and I won’t go into all the reasons for it here, of which there seem to be several. I grew up in the 1950s watching Westerns both on tv and in the movies. When I got old enough, I traveled over much of the West. I was seldom disappointed–in the scenery, the people, or much of anything about the West.

Unfortunately, the world is changing. In recent years moviemakers have come to be concerned not only with domestic audiences but with the foreign market as well. Communist China has become a major consumer of American movies–and the Chinese don’t like American westerns. The free and independent attitude of the American West is something the Chinese can’t identify with, from the Communist government on down. Ordinary Chinese can’t identify with it, because for hundreds of years now, and maybe never, they have not experienced freedom and independence of thought. And their government is not about to let them see too much of that kind of thing on the silver screen! Communist regimes favor films that make communism look superior. Though with the current trends in Hollyweird, Communist regimes might learn to appreciate our movies because they tend to make our country look so negative.

It has been also observed that, as our country has grown more “diverse” and politically correct that Westerns with heroes with clean-cut images have become less popular. Nowadays if you want Western movies you better make sure your leading characters are anti-heroes with mixed motives. Can’t have people yearning for “truth, justice, and the American way.” So we’ve graduated from John Wayne to Clint Eastwood. And as much as I have enjoyed Eastwood’s movies over the years, most of the characters he has portrayed are far from pure as the driven snow! One Western movie he did, The Unforgiven, featured Gene Hackman as a psycopathic sheriff who got his kicks out of beating up on people. I never saw that picture again and don’t figure I’ve missed too much. Contrast that with what John Wayne said about a republic as a form of government in The Alamo and the difference is like night from day.

Then, there are Westerns and there are Westerns! Many over the years looked like they were filmed on a Hollywood back lot somewhere, or even worse, in some cases like they were filmed mostly in some studio building with a few outside shots taken of the hero on a horse to make it look outdoorsy. I’ve been to the locations of some of the Westerns Ive seen over the years, and believe me, indoor filming for Westerns doesn’t cut the mustard! If you have seen the country out there, you can spot fake, indoor “scenery” in less than a New York minute.

I suppose, were they to start making more Westerns they would have to conform to today’s twisted standards. The “heroes” would all have to be non-white, preferably trans-sexuals and the heroines would all have to be lesbians in order to reflect our “diversity” a diversity where no straight whites need apply for any roles. The traditional Western seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird and anything that reflects positively on either the South or the West is simply beyond the pale–to be avoided on pain of intellectual death!

The Destruction Of A Southern Town For Expediency And “Progress”

by Al Benson Jr.

When my wife and I moved south in 2002 we ended up in a small, semirural town in North Louisiana. It was the kind of small town we wanted. Our intent was to avoid cities as much as possible. We had both grown up in small towns in the North and were not city people. The town we ended up in had one main street and about five side streets and it had a distinct small town Southern atmosphere. There was a gas station, a couple churches, a bank, market, and a couple restaurants and a hardware store on the main street.

One of the restaurants was sort of a local hangout, the kind of place you could visit on a warm afternoon, buy a glass of sweet tea or coke and just sit and visit with some of the local folks. They also served a pretty good (and .inexpensive) fried catfish dinner in the evening. My wife and I often stopped there for supper on Saturday evening. It was all ideal–for awhile.

But then came the scions of “progress and change” and nothing was ever the same again. They told us the town needed a bigger and better bridge across the river–and they were correct about that. The old bridge across the river that was there had been built in the early 1930s. It needed replacing. But the replacement we ended up with took out about a third of the town’s main street. The result was that one of the churches, the hardware store, and the two restaurants all had to go. And the local chemical company (a division of Dow Chemicals) bought from the town all the land that the church and restaurants and hardware store had previously occupied and nothing was to be built on that land. The chemical company wanted all of it to remain open space. That pretty well killed the town’s main street as far as business went and it erased the unique Southern atmosphere the town had previously had.

The mayor at that time had some grandiose plans to put all businesses out on the main highway–about five miles from where they had previously been. I’m not sure anyone ever figured out completely what he was trying to do, but he worked at it anyway–and the town completely lost its unique Southern character and became just one more shopping stop on the main highway. There were those in town that protested, but not enough of them.

My wife and I now no longer live in the town, in the house we lived in. Our health will not permit that any longer. When we still lived in that town, I ran for the town council one year, on a platform of less government and more personal responsibility. And though I didn’t win, I got a respectable number of votes for someone who had not lived their life there.

The mayor with all the big plans extended the town’s debt so much the town almost ended up bankrupt. The mayor after him was a conservative and loyal American who had served in the marines, but by the time he got elected the town was so far in debt there was little he could do and I understand the current mayor is quite liberal, so we can kiss the unique Southern atmosphere of the town goodbye. It’s doubtful if it will ever return. It reminded me of the West Texas towns in some of Elmer Kelton’s novels about Texas. They were on the point of losing their unique Western identity because of what some “progressive” people wanted to do to and with them. Unfortunately, such situations are not unique to fiction. They exist in real life and we have seen them acted out.

Right now, the South and its culture and identity are under constant attack. Southern monuments, symbols, and flags are almost everywhere denigrated where once they were honored and revered. If the South loses its identity it will never get it back and it will end up being just another nonentity among the other nonentities in Wokedom. That seems to be where we are headed. I have talked with other Southern patriots who said they never thought they’d live to see what’s going on now, and I did not think I would either, but I have–and it gives me no pleasure. I could weep for my adopted country!

All that has made her unique is being flushed down the sewer in a headlong rush to be like the rest of the country–something we should not want nor want to be partakers in. Both the South and the Far West have a unique heritage–something that should be preserved, not tossed aside. They are the only unique American cultures remaining and they must be preserved. We discard them to our own hurt and the hurt of our children!

The Times They Are Changing–And Not For The Better!

by Al Benson Jr.

Some of you, like me, may be able to remember the old “Cheyenne” Western series on television. There is a channel in our area that broadcasts lots of the old Westerns that were popular in the 1950s and 60s and I watch some of them.

Recently there was one of the old “Cheyenne” series on that featured a young man who rode around with a Confederate flag tied to the barrel of his rifle. In the show he ended up dying, but in the last scene, it portrayed Cheyenne taking the young man’s rifle and wedging it in the rocks atop a hill there so it stood upright, with the Confederate flag flying in the breeze. I thought, as I viewed that final scene, no way would that ever be allowed in any television series today!

In today’s Hollyweird the Confederate flag is viewed as horribly politically incorrect and as outright treasonous by the Biden Regime. Just ask General Milley about that! Some of you all may also remember that singer Johnny Horton did a song back in the 1950s called Johnny Reb. It was, basically a tribute to the average Confederate soldier and his dogged persistence in fighting four long years for a cause he believed it–and it wasn’t the continuation of slavery–contrary to what today’s leftist and neo-con “historians” tell you.

If you want to understand that war, then read Gene Kizer’s book Slavery Was Not The Cause Of The War Between The States. I don’t recall the exact figure, but I think it was something like 6% of the Confederate soldiers owned slaves and the other 94% didn’t. To think the 94% who never owned a slave were fighting so the other 6% could keep their slaves is ludicrous! Yet that’s what today’s “historians” would have us believe.

You will never see a movie or tv series today where the owner of a Confederate flag is not portrayed as some sort of racist monster who secretly desires to re-enslave all black folks. And it is all so much rubbish. When we had our own home I had a First National Confederate flag flying in our front yard. It had nothing whatever to do with race, but was rather my way of honoring my Confederate ancestor–who did not fight to preserve slavery, but rather fought because his state was invaded.

In the old John Wayne movie, The Undefeated, the Yankee officer, played by Wayne, asked the Confederate soldier why the Southerners are still fighting the day after the war has supposedly ended and the Confederate soldier replied “because you’re here.” That’s a pretty accurate answer for a movie, but then that movie was also made back in the 1960s I believe.

For the past 40 plus years Confederate flags, symbols, and monuments have been under almost constant attack by dedicated leftists who know better and by nutty neo-cons who should know better but never seem to learn. April is Confederate History Month. That means that those who truly understand what Confederate heritage is all about (not racism) should use this opportunity to protect and promote legitimate Southern heritage.

If you live in an area that has any Southern heritage events coming up that you are aware of, go out and take part if you can. Here in North Louisiana they always have the (Confederate) Flags Across The Ouachita in April. This year it will be on April 21st at 4 pm in the afternoon on the Lea Joyner Bridge between Monroe and West Monroe, Louisiana. If you happen to be in that area come on over and help the Sons of Confederate Veterans support our Southern heritage. At least drive by if you can and let them know you appreciate what they are doing. After all, it’s your heritage they are defending!

Any Truth We Get Is Accidental–We Are Governed By Liars!

by Al Benson Jr.

Our leaders tell us the truth only by accident–if some fact somehow slips out accidentally before they catch it and then they have to double down with more lies to cover it up! Biden tells us that climate change is “a clear and present danger.” Look at all the medical fertilizer that Lord Fauci spread across the land. Many vaccine claims were proven false. The political and theological left thinks you should hang on their every word–no matter how ridiculous.

Most Democrats and some Republicans remain oblivious to our national problems–rising crime rates, inflation, horrendous problems at our Southern border–all these pale into insignificance–as long as they can manage to take out Trump! Their desire to “get Trump” has become an obsession. They are perfectly willing to ruin the country to do that, though ruining the country is part of their plan even if Trump wasn’t around.

They have lied to us about the Chinese virus aka Covid 19. It is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” It’s something people can get over and over and the unvaccinated are no more prone to it than the vaccinated. I talked to a nurse, actually more than one, who told me that, even vaccinated, you can get this more than once. Just getting the jab does not make you immune! They are still peddling multiple shots of vaccines that are making them rich for those still willing to go along with the charade. Some of us won’t play that game anymore. And the government of liars goes right along with this.

The unvaccinated were blamed for spreading Covid. It was a lie! We are now beginning to learn, much to our government’s chagrin, that the Chinese virus originated in the lab in Wuhan, China and was not a natural occurrence which was the lie they tried to peddle to us. After all, couldn’t blame the Chinese Communists for anything now could we? No wonder people are questioning what the medical “experts” say, especially those that are in the government.

Another reason for government lies is to get people to hate one another. That way they never get together and figure out what the government is doing to them. A classic divide and conquer strategy. I notice that the NAACP, a leftist outfit if ever there was one, has issued a “travel advisory” to black folks telling them not to travel to Florida because they will not be safe there. Another leftist fable. It seems pretty safe for most of the black folks that live there–lots safer than the South Side of Chicago is for blacks living there!

Then we have the government fables about diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DEI). Their version of equity basically means that “no whites need apply” for anything because they will automatically be rejected. So what do whites get out of DEI? Why they get to pay for it all. Ain’t they just the luckiest people around?

Biden now wants new regulations on your washing machines so they will use less water, hence dirtier clothes, he wants to regulate your gas stoves. If you don’t use as much natural gas he might have more to ship to China like he shipped some of our oil reserves to Russia or someplace awhile back. And now he wants to regulate your use of your air conditioners. too!

Back in he 1950s there was a congressional committee investigating how foundation money was being used in Washington to affect life in the United States. They questioned one political hack who, when questioned privately, was quite candid. He told them, in private, that the plan was to “so alter life in the US that we could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” Asked if he would plainly state that in congressional testimony he said “Oh we would never do that.” Well, the plan may have changed a little since then but it is essentially the same. Are we being conditioned by our own government to live “comfortably” if we are merged with China? Maybe that is something we need to reflect upon and ask questions about. but don’t ask any government bureaucrats because they will probably lie to you!

Another area they lie blatantly to us in is our history. Government liars, in the military and other areas blithely inform us that our Confederate ancestors were guilty of treason because they dared to disagree with “Honest Abe” who never told a lie in all his born days. And if you believe that one, I still have that bridge in the Arizona desert for sale at bargain rates. I’ve read comments by some military figures to the effect that Confederates were traitors. It’s a bald faced lie and I think most of them are quite aware of that but they say it anyway because they are part and parcel of the culture of lies that has permeated Washington since the 1860s. We should be exhorted to search for the truth–but don’t look for it from most government figures or entities because they are incapable of truth!

Theology And The War Of Northern Aggression

by Al Benson Jr.

The War of Northern Aggression aka the Civil War had many reasons, economic (tariffs), constitutional (states rights), and even conspiratorial. There were certain people, both north and South of Mason-Dixon that had as their objective the destruction of the Constitutional Republic the Founders gave us. Abraham Lincoln was one of these. And the idea of a One World Government was not new, even in 1860.

However, most books written about the War studiously avoid dealing with the theological implications involved. Either their authors are unaware of those or they hope their readers are. And then books on the theological aspects of the War do not sell nearly as well as books about battles and personalities.

Northern “historians” which predominate in our day want nothing to do with the theological issues because those issues tend to cast the North in a less than glamourous light. Fighting to “free the slaves” sounds oh so much better than fighting to defend apostate religious views does. So Northern historians want nothing to do with the theological issues except for their own theology, which, though they may not even realize it, is steeped in radical Unitarianism. To ignore the theological issues is to ignore the real reasons that men like Lee and Jackson fought–and it wasn’t to defend slavery! The thought of going to war so your neighbor down the road apiece could keep his 20 slaves would have been reprehensible to them. And peddling such political pap does most of your Southern fighting men a grave disservice. Though that seems to be where the “enlightened” thinking seems to reside in our day. Forgive me, but such truncated thinking is a long way from “enlightened!”

If history today is accurately read (almost an exercise in futility) it will show that in the three decades before the War the North had become saturated with Unitarian thought while the South was leaning more and more toward orthodox Christian thinking–what today we call Reformed Theology. The South produced theologians of the caliber of James Henley Thornwell, Robert L. Dabney, and Benjamin Morgan Palmer while the North was producing apostates like Henry Ward Beecher, Theodore Parker, and Thomas Wentworth Higginson–the man who was “always ready to invest money in treason.” So there was a distinct theological cleavage between North and South!

For the average Southerner there was a distinct belief in God’s sovereignty and man’s complete dependence on God for his salvation through Jesus Christ. Southern preachers had warned their congregations against “extreme confidence in human nature” and against the Unitarian mindset where “each man is his own Christ.” The Southern biblical worldview was completely at variance with the Unitarian-inspired thinking of much of the North. Besides, the abolitionist thinking in the North was tainted with sort of a “one world” aura that reeked of internationalism. Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison had said his country was “the world” and he was into the Feminist Movement and spiritualism of his day.

So the theological climate in the North was far removed from the orthodox Christian faith–and some of the conspirators I took note of earlier had a plan to subvert orthodox Christianity in the South and replace it with a more Scofieldian version which was famous for its neutrality toward evil. For a bit of reflection, go back on this blog to 4/9/2016 and read the article The War Didn’t End At Appomattox.

Neutralizing Christians!

by Al Benson Jr.

That old saying “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” is more true today than at anytime in our history. And it seems that in the Christian Church (all denominations) we have more and more good men willing to do absolutely nothing at all to combat what is plainly evil.

Thee Christian Church has been mostly neutralized, starting with the Scofield Bible heresy and continuing on from there. There are a few good Christians here and there that still seek to combat evil, but bye and large, the Church as been put to sleep-and too many good men just don’t want to hear about anything “negative” or evil because if they knew some of what went on they might have to rise up and do something about it and that just takes too much effort that they no longer feel is worth the effort. They have been programmed to try to “snatch a few brands from the burning” and otherwise to let this world go to hell because it ain’t worth saving. Needless to say, I disagree with them, but that’s where many are and they’re not about to budge from that position. After all, the “rapture” is coming to take them out of this mess, so why bother!

I have known Christians that got ticked off at me because I pointed out some of the evil they did not care to be confronted with. I knew one man that, if I pointed out bad things going on he would say “I’m in complete agreement with you, but don’t you believe the Lord is in control?” The Lord being in control was his excuse for not doing anything about the evil .I have never felt the Lord wasn’t in control of it all, but I often feel that the Lord wants to control the evil through the efforts of His people–and too many of His people ain’t having any of that! No letters to the editor of a local paper or to your Congress critters about bad situations. Just not worth the effort!

Another man I knew never wanted to be told about anything “negative!” Everything always had to be “positive.” Sorry folks, but that’s not how the real world works–that’s the way a fairy tale world works! And while positive stuff is nice, you can’t just ignore the evil at work in the world and only focus on the positive.

Now admittedly, in my writing, I usually focus on lots of bad things that I have become aware of over the years. If I ignored the negatives and only accented the positives, I could not live with myself! I feel Scripture requires us to oppose evil that we might point to what the Lord expects us to do. Ignoring evil because we don’t want to have to deal with it doesn’t cut the mustard–anymore than leaving your kids in public school so they can be a “witness” to the system does! It’s a cop out! An excuse for not doing anything when we should be doing something .Not only have we become neutralized, we’ve become lazy! Neutrality (lukewarmness) has turned us into spiritual mugwumps–with our mugs on one side of the fence and our wumps planted firmly on the other side–good fence straddlers!

We should wonder how many of the ills in this country could be slowed down or even reversed if Christians just got off their couches of ease and got involved! How many “positive” things could be accomplished with more Christian input? I have a good friend up north who told me years ago that “Christians will flee responsibility like they would the plague.” I fear, at this point in history, he may be right!

Confederate Flag Day

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been informed that March 4th will be designated this year as Confederate Flag Day. It will be a time to have programs about Confederate flags and their true meaning and purpose. Those flags were not about slavery. Today they are often misused and abused by those who should not use them.

This gives the Confederate flag a bad rap–and I am not sure that some of that is not intentional. The FBI infiltrated some of these groups years ago and some leaders have been pegged as FBI informants.

People need to learn the truth about our flags and not just believe the media liars that tell us these flags represent only “racism.” Also, April is designated each year as Confederate History Month, an excellent time to take a look at Southern history and how important it is to this country and to our understanding of American history overall.

There are places on the internet you can check out accurate Southern history. Look up the website for Abbeville Institute. They have all kinds of articles about the rich history of the South. I would recommend checking out their site. You will learn a lot that the news pundits and public school systems wish you didn’t know about.

If you want to learn how Southern culture and heritage is under attack today, check out the site of the Virginia Flaggers and read about their attempts to preserve our culture and heritage. Our Southern culture and heritage have been under severe attack for at least thirty years that I am aware of (and probably longer).

You get the faulty impression from the “news” media and many politicians that the War of Northern Aggression was only about slavery and that the North fought a noble war to free the slaves–and it’s all hogwash! If the North was only fighting to free the slaves, then why didn’t they first free the slaves in slave states that remained in the Union–Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia? The Emancipation Proclamation specified that only slaves in Confederate territory were to be emancipated while slaves in Union territory were to remain in bondage. They ended up being freed only by the 13th Amendment after the War was over and Lincoln had gone on to his “reward” whatever and wherever that was.

I’ve asked the question several times–if the North fought to free the slaves, why didn’t they start by freeing their own slaves? To date, the silence on that question has been deafening. Everybody simply ignores this question and probably wishes it would go away. But it won’t! Even the so-called conservative news media disparage the South and they should know better. It seems that they learned their “history” in the same public school indoctrination centers that the socialists did, and they believe the indoctrination!

When I was growing up I heard lots of stuff about how bad the South was and what a terrible place it was. When I got old enough to go there myself, I found it was all a monstrous lie. To be sure, the South ain’t perfect. But, then, no place on earth inhabited by sinful men is perfect. As far as racial prejudice, I heard much of that in the North as a kid. And now the Biden Regime is supposedly trying to cure that with their own brand of reverse racism which openly discriminates against whites.

In spite of all the political fertilizer that was thrown around, my wife and I ended up in the South and we have no regrets for having done so. We’ve been here for over twenty years now and found it is not the horrible place we were told it was. Believe me, folks, I grew up in the North and it is no paradise.

The Southerners were not traitors when they seceded. They did not try to overthrow the Northern government. All they tried to do was separate from it. If separation is treason then so was the Declaration of Independence. Even though the politically correct socialist types are pushing for it, Southern culture and history are not going away. But we need our folks down here to stand up for their heritage. One way we can do that is to get our kids out of public indoctrination centers we still call schools and make sure they start learning our real history instead of lies. It is up to us to preserve our heritage because you can bet the political liars in Washington are bent on destroying it.

Republican Sellout Who Trashed Confederate Flag Has Changed Her Tune. Why?

by Al Benson Jr.

Republican sellout Nikki Haley is considering a run for the presidency in 2024. Let me say, right up front, I would not vote for her if she were the last Republican on earth! Many of our current problems with our Confederate flags and monuments started with her anti-flag hysteria back in 2015 after whackjob Dylan Roof killed those black folks in their church. After that happened she couldn’t get the Confederate Battle Flag in front of the capitol in Columbia South Carolina down fast enough. She was governor of South Carolina at that time and she thought going after the battle flag would win her some brownie points with the Republican Establishment in 2016. Didn’t quite work out that way. I got the impression they sort of ignored her.

Be that as it may, her hasty actions in South Carolina gave those who detest our history and heritage a reason to follow up on her actions and in the next four years, and continuing today, the South-haters have gone on a rampage to get rid of our flags and monuments, branding our heroes as traitors, which is a blatant lie! They have even gone to the point of trying to erase any history of our ancestors from the history books. They have sought the elimination of any mention of our ancestors, men whose boots they are not fit to lick, from the historical scene. The only memory they want the next generation to have of the South is that slavery existed there. Of course slavery had also existed in the North, too, but no one need be aware of that. Such admission would destroy their narrative.

In 2019, Nikki Haley changed her tune about the flag. At that point she said, of Dylan Roof: “Here is this guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the Confederate flag and just hijacked everything people thought of. Once he did that there was no way to overcome it.” In all honesty, Ms. Haley, you never tried real hard to “overcome” it. You went right along with it!

Haley’s comments at that time were seen as a confirmation of her effort to tie herself to Donald Trump, the president at that time. Trump was on record as saying, at the time, that whether you flew a Confederate flag or not was a matter of personal opinion. Trump did not condemn the Confederate flag like other gutless Republicans did.

I’m sure, now that she’s thinking about a presidential run in 2024, she wants to again soften her original hardcore stance on Confederate flags, in the hopes that Southern folks will have forgotten it. I hope that doesn’t work. She did our Southern history culture, and heritage irrevocable damage, which she has never really apologized for. I remember that picture of Dylan Roof she mentioned. It looked to many as if it had been photoshopped, which means it may well have been a fake! Too bad Ms. Haley didn’t check into that before she started removing our flags. But, then, her heritage isn’t our heritage, so I guess it wasn’t all that important to her. Political expediency always trumps heritage and history don’t you know!