I have always enjoyed history but as I grew older I found that all the history we had been given in school was not really history but was often part of someone’s agenda. Researching history is fascinating and you often find things that will never appear in the “history” books.

I grew up in the North and so was taught a Northern version of what the War Between the States was all about. As I started researching on my own I found that the Northern version had many problems, but, as they say, “the winners get to write the history books.” Research has convinced me that the South was more right in that war than the North was–and it wasn’t about slavery.

In the process of researching for the book Donnie Kennedy and I wrote Lincoln’s Marxists I found many things about the Republican Party that they will never tell us or admit to, such as socialists in its ranks in the very early days of the party. By the same token, I attended public schools in the North and never found out about the foundation of public education until I grew older and learned of the Unitarian/socialist foundations of that institution. All I seek to do is to pass along some of what I have learned to others.

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  1. Like you I grew up thinking Lincoln was a great president. Now I see the conflict between the North and South as a bad marriage where the North was abusing the South and the South wanted a divorce.

    One of the things I was surprised to learn about slavery is we are the only country in the western hemisphere that got rid of slavery by killing off over 1% of the population. Every other country in North and South America was able to get rid of slavery peacefully.

  2. Although I, too, am originally from the North (Sault Ste. Marie, MI, right on the Canadian border, in fact), I grew up a military brat. By the time I graduated high school, I’d spent half of that time in schools in the US (grades 1-4 in Biloxi, MS; grades 5 & 12 in Oxon Hill, MD) and the remainder of the time either in military dependent schools (Kindergarten in Okinawa, Japan; grades 9-11 in Oxfordshire, England) or in international schools whose format and content followed the US system (grades 6-8 at the International School of Bangkok, Bangsue Campus, Thailand). In all of those contexts, when any mention was made of the Civil War, the Northern version prevailed.

    • Thanks to the “history” weve been taught the Northern version is what usually prevails. My wife and I both grew up in New England and all we ever got was the Northern version. Many Southern folks have been taught to be ashamed of their side in the War. It is almost ironic that I continue to run across Southerners who have been mis-educated so much that they will argue the Northern perspective on the War as I argue the Southern one.

  3. Interesting thing about the two parties. The GOP started out on the left. In the 20th century, the dems worked their way over beyond the GOP. Conservative ended up in the GOP by the 70s. Now the GOP is heading back to the left. Pretty soon we won’t have a party, its debatable whether we do now..

  4. First time reader…but not the last time!
    I grew up in the South, sat with my GGrandfather J.P. Morgan who was a boy about 9 during The War of 1861. His father fought for the Confederacy, was wounded and eventually died from complications from his wounds. GGrandpa told me a lot about The War, as he called it, while sitting a rocking chair on our farmhouse front porch as I sat at his feet. What he hold me conflicted with what I was being taught in school and what I read in the history textbooks. Following GGrandpa death and when I was out of high school and about 20 years old I got to thinking about what the history books and teachers had tried to teach me and wondered why it didn’t match what GGrandpa told me. Out of curiosity, more than anything else, I began visiting libraries and reading history. Finally I came across some period newspapers, found some period documents, and other American period history documentation. Low and behold I quickly learned that what I had been reading and taught was about 99% false. I eventually came to the conclusion that some anti-liberty group was putting out propaganda and lies about America and its leaders’ history. When the real Word Wide Web was invented…not the one Al Gore invented…a world of period documentation opened up to me. I began to devour all that I could read and study. Over a period of my 75 years I learned the true history of America and our leaders. Not until I retired did I find time to begin writing down what GGrandpa Morgan had told me and what I learned about the truth of American history…and boy, was it dynamite to the revisionist propagandists, who I learned were the liberals-progressives-socialists-Marxist faction in America who are working hard to “transform” our free nation into a slave nations as Abraham Lincoln and his pro-industry co-conspirators did in the 1850-1860’s. Finally, after so many years of bottled up facts, truths and beliefs I began writing and compiling period documentation into a series of True American History eBooks and eArticles and with the help of our youngest daughter Terri, put up a Website where we could post my work. My Website objective is solely EDUCATIONAL in nature and I ask no one to take my word for any of what I write and compile, but to their own research and get the facts for themselves, and I charge nothing for interested patriots to access, read, copy/download and distribute to help we patriots reeducate young Americans who have been “indoctrinated” by our liberal school systems, universities and news media. eBook and eArticles by Al Barrs can be accessed at http://www.wix.com/albarrs/usandfamilyhistory

    Al Barrs, Jr.
    Florida, U.S.A.

      • Yes, I believe we can calaborate to help reeducate the people of the U.S. in the truth of American History so in the future Americans can stop repeating the same mistakes of our false history…such as “taxation without representations” My e-mail address is albarrs@wfeca.net

        Have a great day,

  5. Enjoyed visiting your site. I enjoy the history channel where you come closer to learning the true facts about American and World History. We have several really great historians.

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