Do The Leftists Control Public Education In This Country? You’d Better Believe It!

by Al Benson Jr.

Just a couple days ago I read an excellent article by David Risselada, published by Western Free Press  on 1/24/17. Among other things, Mr. Risselada said: “Finally, after eight years of governance by a left wing radical intent on turning our nation upside down, a new President is at the helm. That’s a perfect description of what Comrade Obama did during his tenure in office. Mr. Risselada went on to comment briefly on some of Trump’s cabinet picks, both good and questionable, and then he came to Betsy DeVos, who is Mr. Trump’s choice to head the Department of Education–the department both us and our kids would be better off without.

In commenting on Mrs. DeVos he noted her endorsement of school choice (an interesting proposition that has two sides) and her opposition to Common Core. That opposition, at least, is a step in the right direction. But then he stated: “Truthfully, if something isn’t done about education it won’t matter who Trump nominates because the next generation will simply be brought up being taught that they are all racist, warmongering, sexist islamaphobes that don’t care about the planet.” And he further noted that: “…until someone acknowledges that our school systems have become a breeding ground for behavior based psychology and behavior modification techniques, which indoctrinate children into the tenets of progressivism, nothing will change.” Unfortunately, he is right on the money here, and most folks, even on school boards, just don’t have a clue.

He stated that if Betsy DeVos “…is serious about reforming our education system the first thing she would do is to eliminate the United States participation in UNESCO, which stands for The United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization.  The United States has been a member since 1946. Since this time the United Nations has dictated educational policy in the United States with the main goal being the elimination of patriotism, individualism, and any concept of what is right and wrong. This explains how the radical left has maintained such control over education, getting away with teaching  racially divisive concepts like ‘white privilege’ while at the same time raising generations of American students who have no understanding of the constitutional republic in which they freely live.”  So, it will be interesting to see what Mrs. DeVos does with UNESCO, if anything. And, if nothing, then you can rest assured that nothing will change in the area of public education save the educational rhetoric.

As if to buttress Mr. Risselada’s  emphasis on getting rid of UNESCO, there was a brief article in The New American for February 6, 2017, the headline for which was UN Demands More Globalist Propaganda in School Textbooks. This article noted that: “The goal of the Global Education Monitoring Report  released in December by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is fairly transparent: accelerate the indoctrination of impressionable children worldwide with textbook propaganda promoting ‘global citizenship,’ the discredited man-made global warming theory, homosexuality, transgenderism, and outright totalitarianism. And according to the report itself, school textbooks are the best way to do that.”

And to finish off this educational farce (because that’s what it really is) there was an article on for January 27th stating that Ohio State University will soon be offering a class on How to detect Microaggressions  and be ‘Self-Aware of White Privilege’.”  The Zero Hedge article observed that “Amazingly, American parents can get all this for the bargain basement price of just $44,784 per year. Just an amazing value.” I recently did an article for this blog spot about families in the South that willingly pay for their kids’ cultural destruction in these big colleges. Here is a prime example!

Frankly, I don’t pretend to know what Mrs. DeVos, if her nomination flies, will do about the leftist tilt of the Department of Education or UNESCO.  I know what she ought to do, but whether that will be too rich for her or not, I just don’t know. She ought to quit using any and all material from the United Nations in every public school in America. I also understand there is a bill currently in Congress to get the U.S., out of the U.N. This bill needs to be passed (though I doubt that it will) and we need to get this country out of the United Nations.

As far as “reforming” the public schools, I really have very serious doubts. I think that the best honest folks can do is to possibly slow down their leftist agenda somewhat, but this is a system you will never truly reform, because I think true reform for it is impossible. Remember, we are talking about a Humanist school system that was formed to get rid of Christian influences in education in this country.  So if that was the aim of its founders at its inception, what, pray tell, do you “reform” it back to? I have asked that question several times over the years and have yet to get anything even approaching an answer. So I have come to the conclusion that you don’t reform it–you separate from it, secede from it, whatever you want to call it. You get your kids out of it. There are educational options for those willing to look.

“Cump” Sherman–A Yankee/Marxist Prototype of the cultural Marxist

by Al Benson Jr.

Anyone who has read any amount of the material I have written, either in my newsletter The Copperhead Chronicle or in articles on the Internet,  knows that I have employed the term Yankee/Marxist on more than one occasion. One of my readers, one time, asked me if using the term Yankee/Marxist wasn’t redundant. He had a point. However, my use of the term, redundant though it may be, is to amplify in people’s minds the truth that the Yankee, for the most part, has a Marxist worldview. He mostly has no use for the God of the Bible, whose Son and Holy Spirit he would vociferously deny, and he has no use for the concept of private property (except his own) and his agenda during the War of Northern Aggression was always “steal all you can carry off and destroy the rest. I suppose it needs to be stated here that by the term “Yankee” I am not referring to all Northerners, of which, though I have a Confederate ancestor, I am one.

The Yankee/Marxist’s was to “free the slaves” was a noble-sounding rationale and cover for his rape and pillage of the South, on several different levels, and his main effort was to make sure that his “god” in Washington (the federal government)  was forever worshiped and bowed down to. His cultural Marxist progeny today will even admit this if you pay strict attention to what they say.  One of the more well-known among them, Newt Gingrich, recently made a statement on television in which he said: “We fought a civil war to establish one sovereignty, the U.S. government.” Well, so much for “freeing the slaves” right? That was a good cover story, but Mr. Gingrich slipped up when he told the truth here–and tell the truth he did!

The Yankee/Marxist simply could not abide freedom and liberty for anyone. Everyone needed to be totally regulated and constantly supervised–for his own good naturally. He had an overriding compulsion to control people’s lives and make them do what he felt was the right thing–even if they did not feel like doing what he thought was right and proper, why then, he’d work to pass a law that made people do what he wanted. After all, he knew best. His cultural Marxist children still do the same thing today. Obama Care is a prime example and firearms registration (and eventual confiscation) is yet another.

That William Tecumseh Sherman shared this worldview can be seen from many of his comments over the years. In his book Citizen Sherman Michael Fellman has duly noted Sherman’s propensity toward military dictatorship on pages 80, 87, 131, 147, and 184.

Presently, I am in the midst of reading an interesting book by Winston Groom called Vicksburg 1863 in which Mr. Groom details all that went on in the Yankee attempt(s) to capture Vicksburg during the War. It was quite an extensive operation that lasted over a year  and went into several attempts by various methods, to take the city (all of which failed) until the final siege of the city ended it all. Sherman figured prominently in some of these efforts.

In discussing Southerners and their resistance to Northern “benevolence” Sherman said: “This is a larger class than most men supposed and they are the most dangerous set of men this war has turned loose upon the world. They are splendid riders, first-rate shots, and utterly reckless. These men must all be killed or (imprisoned) by use before we can hope for peace.” A quote from page 34. You will note that Sherman’s “final solution” to dealing with anyone that did not conform to his will was extermination. He took the same tack with the Indians in the West after the War was over (if they don’t do what we want then kill ’em all). Ol’ Cump Sherman was a real humanitarian–in the same mode as Joseph Stalin–who may have learned some lessons from Sherman.

It bothered Sherman that, when the Yankees took Memphis, most folks there were not real happy at his arrival in their fair city. If they expressed that in any tangible way, he retaliated,  gentle soul that he was. Mr. Groom noted: “First he threatened to close any church–and this included virtually all of them–whose minister or priest refused to offer a Sunday prayer to the president of the United States, whom they reviled. Next he began expelling from their homes the wives and families of rebel soldiers and sympathizers in reprisal for Confederates shooting at Union gunboats operating on the Mississippi…On September 24th he ordered the town of Randolph, Tennessee burned to the ground in retaliation for people firing on U.S. vessels and also, for the same reason, commanded the immolation of all homes, farms and outbuildings for fifteen miles down the Arkansas side of the river opposite Memphis.” And Mr. Groom noted, in this context, “These seem to be the earliest of Sherman’s pyromaniacal  urges in connection with Southern civilians and their property, but by a long shot they were not his last.” This quote from page 182. It almost seems like an understatement!

After reading some of the other things Sherman did during the War, I seriously wonder if he wasn’t a closet pyromaniac and the War gave him an opportunity to flaunt his aberrant behavior that he had not had previously–and after all, it was only Southern private property, along with war material, that he destroyed, and only Southerners that he turned out to starve and freeze when his bummers burned everything they couldn’t carry away. No problem there, right?  Naturally the authors of what passes for our “history” books don’t feel anyone really needs to know all this, so they just leave most of it out, except for a vague reference here or there, the same way they leave out all the information about all the Marxists in Lincoln’s armies, and in the Republican Party. Nothing to see here folks, just move along, and don’t look too close!

So Sherman may not have been, technically speaking, a cultural Marxist.Most of those we refer to as cultural Marxists did not enter the picture until the early 1900s with the advent of the Frankfurt School, as we have noted in other articles, but Sherman was most definitely a Yankee/Marxist and they can rationally be considered as the 19th century prototype for the cultural Marxists that were to follow them.

The aim of the cultural Marxists is to water down and ultimately destroy Christianity and to rid the world of that horrible curse known as Western Civilization, which has its base in Christianity. This is one reason the cultural Marxists never quit. Their agenda calls for the destruction of the Christian faith and its Triune God and replacing the Trinity with their own “god,” a collectivist, centralized tyranny that they call the “revolution of the proletariat.”  And lest you think this is a new struggle within the past 100 years or so, or even back as far as the French Revolution, this struggle goes all the way back to Genesis 3 in the Holy Bible.

Reprinted from The Copperhead Chronicle,  fourth quarter, 2016

Public Schools Work For Bureaucrats–Not For Kids!

by Al Benson Jr.

On January 16th I read an article by James Ostrowski on about public schools in Buffalo, New York and why they are not making the grade (no pun intended).

Mr. Ostrowski is a trial and appellate lawyer in Buffalo, New York and also the author of a book called Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America. He also has a website. I have not had a chance to read his book here mentioned, but it sounds like it would be a good one.

Mr. Ostrowski, in the Lew Rockwell article, commented on the public schools in Buffalo, New York, and you can, by extention, multiply his commentary on public education in Buffalo because it would also apply to most other cities and towns across the country. The problems he discussed are not unique to this one city, but rather reflect the general trend nationwide.

He noted that: “…government schools are bureaucracies  and bureaucracies are organizations run primarily for the benefit of bureaucrats. This is rooted in the nature of bureaucracies as having unilateral power over others. Power tends to lead to unilaterally beneficial relationships as there is a lack of incentive to cooperate and accommodate the interests of those under the control of the bureaucracy, that is, the taxpayers, parents, and students.” In other words, the concerns of parents, taxpayers and students are the absolute last thing taken into consideration, if at all. Mr. Ostrowski does not think this problem can be fixed. He is right. I don’t either. He points out, and sadly, this is all too true, that those trying to make this failing system work are al too often conservative folks who lack a “coherent ideology.” In other words, they work at trying to make a bad system good–and seem willing to bear the unnecessary expense of trying to do so.

He made another interesting statement. Food for thought for you all. He said: “Third, school board elections are rigged and controlled by special interest groups…Unions and other special interest groups tend to control these elections and are aided by the very small turnout. This can’t be fixed…” Ask the folks in Kanawha County, West Virginia, during the mid-1970s Textbook Protest there how they were able to “fix” the problems they had with their school board. And believe me, their meetings were not sparsely attended! They had one honest member on the school board then, Alice Moore, and she stood up for the parents and kids and their rights. Needless to say she was outvoted by the rest of the board in most cases, and they had one board member, who, at a school board meeting, was actually caught in a bald-faced lie. He just laughed it off as though nothing had happened and continued on with what he was saying–and as far as the agenda he was pursuing, nothing had happened. The truth had briefly gotten in the way, but that was of no importance!

Mr. Ostrowski observed something that Christians and patriotic people need to stop and reflect on. He said: “Conservatives, like 90% of Americans, have been captured by the progressive ideology that has ruled the country for the past 100 years. That being the case, they are reluctant to draw the obvious conclusions: government schools are bad for your kids; they can’t be fixed; they can’t be reformed;  and the only solution is to pull your kids out now.” Again, he is right on the money.  How many of us have been saying the exact same thing for decades now, and almost no one wants to hear it, especially Christians, who, in many cases, have come to unwittingly accept public schools as some sort of secular deity. I have said this before, but it bears repeating. When my wife and I decided that we had to home school our children, back in the 1980s instead of enrolling them in the local public indoctrination center, we got more opposition from Christians than we did from anyone else. The local worldly folks couldn’t have cared less. The Christians that we knew, most of them, were simply aghast at the idea that we had spurned the local public brain laundry in favor of home schooling. That tells me that the educations they had received, probably in public schools, had indoctrinated them in progressive ideology, even if they didn’t realize it.

It was observed by Mr. Ostrowski that “Reformers have been trying to fix what ails the government schools for at least fifty years. They have failed.” They will always fail–because the public school system is not about to be reformed from its original agenda which is the obliteration of any Christian influence or worldview in this country. And when I say that I am not indicting everyone who has ever taught in a public school. However, I am indicting the system–because those that founded it and most that run it today are well aware of that agenda. There are lots of alternatives out there today for families, of which home schooling is one.

Public education, in the past, has had the glowing support of people like Karl Marx, Horace Mann, and John Dewey, to name a few. Do some homework and check out these sterling individuals on the Internet while you still can.But, first and foremost, get your kids out of these schools and most preferably into some sort of Christian educational alternative.

Thanks Be To God–I Was Wrong

by Al Benson Jr.

Back on April 14, 2015, I posted an article on this blog spot entitled Has the Next President Already Been Chosen–and is the election just going through the motions?

In the last year and a half that article has gotten more views than just about anything else I have posted since then. It has gotten over 1300 views on November 8th and 9th. Now that might not seem like a lot to folks whose blogs get all kinds of hits in a week’s time, but for my little blog that’s a pretty fair country figure for two days.

I would encourage folks to go and look at this article because, even though the election is now over and Donald Trump has won resoundingly, there is still background information in the article that is helpful. What  it dealt with, basically, was that the One World Government Establishment (call it the New World Order if you want) in this country and other places, had already, at that point, decided Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president of the United States and the public be damned. They already had plans to “engineer” this election, or, as Mr. Trump so truthfully stated “the system is rigged.” In the article above noted I had said: “Folks, I would not spend lots of time trying to figure out who the next president will be. That’s probably already been decided unless the Lord intervenes and messes up the One Worlder’s agenda.” Thanks be to God, He did!

Their plan was basically the same as in the last two elections–a pathetically weak Republican candidate (and there were several) was going to go up against Hillary and he was going to be soundly trounced. I mean, hey, if it worked in the last two elections then why not this time? Donald Trump threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the gears when he refused to be eliminated and hung in there. As he went along in the various primaries he eliminated all those Republicans who were willing to go up against Hillary one on one and be eliminated. Had, by some fluke, one of them managed to stay in and happened to win the election then he would give us the same agenda Hillary had been programmed to push on us only it would have been wrapped in conservative rhetoric so us “deplorables” wouldn’t know the difference. That was the game plan, and the public was supposed to fall for it hook, line, and sinker–thinking they had actually participated in a “real election.” This was how the New World Order folks had it figured. They had a cinch hand–they couldn’t lose either way–so they thought.

However, as much as those people hate to have to admit it, God does govern in the affairs of men and He has the final say as to what He will permit them to do and what He won’t. Lots of people had been praying for Trump to win and you should never underestimate the power of prayer. Just because you can’t “see” something happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happening–all it means is that it happens and you don’t see it–at least not right away.

There have been people out here in flyover country where I live that have been praying that the Lord would throw a monkey wrench into the gears of the New World Order agenda and, at least in this one instance, it seems as if their prayers have been answered.

So I think we have to thank the Lord for Trump’s victory. Sure, Trump is not perfect. He’s got a lot of warts. Who doesn’t? If the Lord were only ever going to use perfect people to get things done then He’d never be able to use any of us, would He?

For all the national sins this country is guilty of we actually deserve Hitlery (beg pardon, I meant Hillary), but in His mercy, the Lord gave us Trump instead. We need to reflect on that–and thank Him for it. It wouldn’t have happened without Him. Just maybe He is giving us one more chance to come to grips with out national sins and to turn around (repent) and walk in the opposite direction. Mr. Trump, by God’s grace, may be our last lease on life, in spite of the agenda of the New World Order boys, girls, transsexuals, and others.

Something else I think we should all be doing is praying for Mr. Trump’s safety (and for his wisdom) because the New World Order folks don’t like it when their agendas get thwarted and they don’t just look to get mad over it–they look to get even. Prayer for Mr. Trump’s safety both before and after his inauguration would not be out of line because those folks don’t always play nice.

So let us be thankful  for Mr. Trump’s victory and pray that Mr. Trump will do what he has said he will do,  but let’s don’t forget to thank and praise the Lord for it, because without Him we would not get another chance. So, in this instance, I was wrong, thanks be to God!

Was the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Incident a Federal Sting Operation?

by Al Benson Jr.

For a change this has been a good week. Given our culturally Marxist regime in Washington and the wannabees in most of our state capitals, us ordinary folks don’t experience many good weeks anymore. So we should be thankful to the Lord when He gives us one.

To start off, in a typically culturally Marxist move in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the usual culture destroyers were at it again (they never stop). A local college sociology professor and some of his students wanted to get the City Council of Fredericksburg to rename Jefferson Davis Highway there because, after all, Davis was a slaveowner. They got one  city councilman to propose a motion on that, but the effort rather fell apart when they couldn’t even get a second for the motion from anyone else on the City Council. And so, Jeff Davis Highway in Fredericksburg remains Jeff Davis Highway–at least until the next attempt to change it comes along, or until after the election.

And in the same vein, for whatever reason, the FBI has decided to reopen the Hillary email case they had blandly smoothed over last July when the recommended no indictment for Hillary.  That was expected. This wasn’t. Something happened, somehow, to make the FBI think they had to revisit this, with only 12 days until the election. Who knows what indigestion rumbles around in the bowels of the Establishment, but something happened to force them to reopen this can of political worms. Was it Wikileaks? Proof that the Lord does answer prayer. We will see what He will allow to happen in this situation.

But the one that really caught my attention, probably because I have spent time in the West and followed the Sagebrush Rebellion over the years, was the result of the trial of the folks in Portland, Oregon known as “the Malheur 7.” Two of these seven were Ammon and Ryan Bundy, whose family I wrote about in several articles on this blog back in April of 2014 during the Bundy Ranch standoff. Check my articles on this blog for April of 2014. There are ten of them, all about the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada.

The Malheur 7 have been on trial in Portland, Oregon for their occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. This was the tragic situation that resulted in the FBI gunning down Lavoy Finnicum at a roadblock while he was on his way to a peaceful meeting. They claimed he pulled a gun–so they shot him nine times. See the article on this blog for January 31, 2016. Personally, from what I have read about Mr. Finnicum and seen in the videos he has made, you will pardon me if I find the FBI’s account of this rather dubious. These are the same people who shot Randy Weaver’s wife in the head while she stood holding a child in her arms at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? It really must have taken a brave man to shoot a woman holding a child. I understand he got a medal for that–so you will understand why I have some reservations as to their sterling qualities.

The court trial in Portland in which the Bundys were tried, along with five others,was, in my opinion, payback for the Bundy Ranch situation over two years ago.

Almost no one who followed this trial, from what I have read, expected anything other than a guilty verdict. As I have read about the occupation of the wildlife refuge on and off over the months, I was convinced that this was one situation the Bundys and their friends should have passed up. The adverse publicity they got from this was designed to portray them as the devil incarnate, given what the “news” media does to those who stand on patriotic principles.

The “Just Us” Department alleged some things during the trial they presented no evidence for, and their contention that the Bundys and the others were terrorizing the people who worked there seemed to have no basis in fact, but with the Feds, such is no surprise.

An article on for October 28th, by Roger I. Roots, noted the following: “The U S Justice Department alleged in Count 1 that the seven defendants (and many others) had engaged in an ‘armed standoff’ at the federal wildlife refuge with the intent of scaring away the various government employees who normally work there. Every defendant was utterly innocent of this allegation…In fact, Ammon Bundy and the other defendants took a monumental (and quite daring) stand for the plain text of the Constitution when they occupied the Malheur Refuge in January of this year. They pointed to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U S Constitution which seems to plainly forbid the federal government from owning land inside the states unless the states agree to sell such real estate to the federal government.  Needless to say, the present reality in the American west is in sharp contrast to this piece of the constitutional text. The feds claim to own and control millions of acres of land in the western states–most of which (such as the Malheur Refuge area) was never purchased from state legislatures or anyone else.” So where do the feds get the authority to do all this? Why they just assume it–because no one else has the power to refuse their “requests.” So whatever you think of the Constitution (and many of us are not totally enthralled with it) the Bundys felt they had a clear and consistent understanding of what it said and that’s what they operated on.

However, the thing that made me wonder if this whole thing was, indeed, a federal sting operation, was what Mr. Roots said toward the end of his article. He stated that: “Most startling of all were the undercover government informants that were revealed in the trial. After weeks of wrangling and arguing with defense lawyers, the Justice Department finally stipulated that at least nine undercover informants were planted among the Refuge occupiers. Thus, informants outnumbered the defendants on trial. One informant was even a bodyguard for Ammon Bundy and drove him to his arrest. Another informant admitted he trained occupiers in shooting and combat skills.” In my opinion when you have more informants than defendants, something doesn’t smell right. And when you have one of the informants training the occupiers in shooting skills and combat techniques it definitely doesn’t smell right–in fact it stinks outright! At what point did these informants become involved? Were they there at the beginning? Did they have a part in the planning of this operation?

I don’t know all the facts in this case, but I wonder who got the Bundys involved in it to begin with–and were the people that got them into it among the informants? If so, then this constitutes what we call a sting operation–getting someone to take part in something “illegal” they ordinarily wouldn’t have done unless you conned them into it and then you busted them for doing what you had conned them into.

It appears, though, that the jury in this case saw through all the federal chicanery because it acquitted all seven defendants, much to the pleasant surprise of many of us and to the chagrin of those in the Federal Establishment, who, I am sure, will now seek to find some other way to punish these folks for daring to defend their rights.

Are Blacks Nullifying “Civil Rights” Gains?

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an article on about black students at two colleges in California that want “separate but equal” housing facilities. Seems they want to be free from “Microaggression” and “racially insensitive” conversation. Aren’t these some of the things that all that political correctness (cultural Marxism) was supposed to have taken care of? We’ve been told for years now that you dare not “offend” this group or that group or think, say, or do anything that might somehow be construed as making the lives of minorities more difficult.

About the only group that it is permissible to offend nowadays is white Christians. But that’s okay. It’s been open season on them for several decades now and, unfortunately, most of them don’t seem to grasp the fact that they are in the cultural crosshairs of just about everybody else and everybody else is eagerly awaiting a chance to pull the trigger. The white Christians still don’t have a clue. And I’m not holding my breath until they wake up!

But I did get a kick out of the above mentioned article in light of all the problems caused over the decades by the “civil rights” movement and the frenetic energy of its promoters to make sure everyone was forcefully integrated and that “separate but equal”  was not only a “racist” policy, but it was, in the eyes of the liberation theologians and other useful idiots, downright blasphemous.  To have even dared suggest it simply put you beyond the pale of acceptable humanity.

After all, didn’t the Supreme Court rule back in 1954 that “separate but equal” school facilities stamped an inherent “badge of inferiority” on black students? That being the case, forced integration had to be pushed with all possible and deliberate speed. It was guaranteed to create “class” (racial strife) that way and that’s really what it was all about. And the political correctness we were told would magically erase all these problems was never really intended to do that. It was intended to intensify them.

If you want to read an excellent little book about this then read Alan Stang’s It’s Very Simple–the true story of civil rights. It was published way back in 1965 but I think you might be able to find some old copies on Amazon. Mr. Stang (now deceased) gave us excellent information about the “civil rights” movement–so called–that the “news” media never touched and never will. The Powers that Be have deemed, in their collectivist wisdom,  that we are much better off not being aware of all this.  And the “news” media has labored assiduously for decades to make sure we were not.

The “civil rights” movement caused lots of anguish and lots of problems for both blacks and whites. The protests, marches, demonstrations, shootings and all the rest set the stage for riots in Watts and Detroit, and more recently for Ferguson and Baltimore and other places, and a handful of race-baiting ambulance chasers have made millions out of it by inflating every perceived wrong into almost an international incident. It has been the quintessential example of Marxist class struggle in America.  And after all this and all the supposed “gains” made by integrating everyone forcefully, here we have a group of black students in California that have decided they now want segregated housing–one of the main things the “civil rights” movement was supposedly created to deliver them from. If it makes you wonder what it was really all about, it should. Force integration on everyone so blacks can decide that they’d rather be segregated.

If it was “racist” for whites to segregate fifty years ago then is it now “racist” for blacks to do the same thing? You already know the answer to that one. It’s okay for me but not for you! I wonder what would happen if a batch of white students at these schools held protests and marches demanding that black housing be integrated. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Don’t misunderstand–if the black kids want their own separate housing that’s great. Let ’em have it. I just wonder why it’s not “racist” for them to want it but it s for white kids to want the same thing.

“Civil Rights” Morphing Into Anti-White Discrimination And Transgender Rights–Part One

by Al Benson Jr.

Not quite everyone sees the “Civil Rights” movement as the noble crusade to give blacks equal rights as the “news media” has been trying to tell us for decades now. There was and is a lot more involved here than “equal rights” but you are not supposed to realize that. There are cultural differences between the races that never get discussed.

In fact, there was one black man, Albert Burton, who wrote a book about the developing “culture conflict” between whites and blacks. His book, when it was published (1964) bore the rather startling title Whole Nigger or None.  Referring to Burton’s book, the author of The Bondage of the Free, Kent Steffgen, said: “It is Burton’s opinion that gross errors about the characteristics of Negro life have led the North astray from any possible hope of an understanding. As a Negro he holds that the real villain of the ‘rights’ movement is the Northern humanitarian, who has actually brought on the problem by creating a market for it through his almost total ignorance of the colored makeup. To Burton, the Negro is the victim, not the beneficiary, of northern altruism.  He has been bought off for the all-important Negro bloc vote,  bribed into becoming a slum dweller, then blamed for being there…While the Negro desires many of the same things as other people, he sees himself as a consumer, not a producer, and does not believe he should have to work for things the white man thinks he ought to have…Minus all the agitation, the Negro would be content to sit back and take life easy, enjoying the prolonged, idle  hours of welfarism without a care…For this he will go to the polls and vote for the welfare state until eternity.” Now as you all read this, just remember that it was a black man that wrote it, not me or some other white guy. This was his opinion of his own race, or at least most of them. He did differentiate between the folks he described here and the black businessmen who were hustling and trying to make a go of it.

Whatever you may think of his commentary, he does have a point. Quite often you have to live in the South for awhile to grasp it. Northern folks coming down here trying to tell the South how to handle its “race” problems don’t even begin to get it. Let them live down here for five or ten years and see if their attitude is the same then as when they first came.

Now, although I have a major problem with much of the “Civil Rights”: movement, I don’t doubt that there are some sincere people that have got caught up in it. They are not all socialists and Marxists–but a considerable number are–and that’s a major part of the problem. What’s worse is that most of the folks that get caught up in all this do not have the first clue about the history down here. If you really want to begin to  understand the history and what led to most of the problems between the races get Claude Bowers’ book The Tragic Era.  It was written back in 1929 and so most of the current “historians” will pooh-pooh it as being hopelessly out of date. But, in all honesty, some of the current “historians” are Marxists.  I don’t take many of them seriously because I know their agenda–and that is to use “civil rights” as a tool to divide the races and to promote their class struggle program. And you have to admit they have done a great job in the past decades in places like Watts, Detroit, Baltimore and Ferguson. They are continually busy fanning the flames of “racism” to the point where they are almost out of control. Of course they get encouragement from Washington. That’s a given!

And Steffgen noted that, according to Albert Burton, the blacks “natural instincts under these circumstances is to destroy the white class system and bring the white man to heel as and end it itself.  Although such a pursuit is destructive and negative, he will derive infinite pleasure from it by the mere thought that the white man is coming down. His motivation in school, business or social surroundings, therefore, is often not so much to match the white man in achievement, but to compromise him…The desire to debase the white man has become the main driving force behind the entire Civil Rights Movement.” Wonder now why the NAACP is so hot to get your flags and monuments down? For them, “black lives matter” and only black lives! Admittedly, for them, it’s also a theological matter, but it’s also a racial matter.

Think about that for a minute. Any of these anti-white groups have this one objective as a major part of their agenda. I recently took an article from the Internet that was pn the title of which was “Leftists co-opt MLK, Civil Rights Movement to Push Amnesty.” I somewhat disagree with the premise of the title. Actually they have not “co-opted” the Civil Rights Movement–they have just taken it to a different level.

The article, originally written in 2013 by Matthew Boyle, stated: “While many establishment Republicans sit on the fence deciding which way they are going to go on immigration, the institutional left is out in full force invoking the cause of civil rights to drive an amnesty for illegal aliens agenda.”Boyle duly noted the National Council of LaRaza (the race) and their program of giving citizenship to millions that are here illegally. To their convoluted leftist way of thinking they should all be treated as well or better than American citizens and given all the privileges of citizenship even if they broke the law to get here. No they shouldn’t, I’m sorry. That’s bovine fertilizer. Of course it’s a brand of that sort of fertilizer that is profusely peddled by the current Regime in power. That’s one reason they are all so death against Donald Trump. At this point he doesn’t seem to be buying this particular brand of fertilizer and that’s driving the Establishment up the wall.

To be continued.