Leftists And Hate Crime Hoaxes–They go hand in hand

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting tired of hearing about how “Jussie” Justin Smollett has been the victim of mean, nasty Trump supporters in Chicago. Stop and think about it–how many Trump supporters are there really in Chicago? Maybe half a dozen, and we are supposed to believe that two of those went out of their way to commit a “hate crime” against Mr. Smollett. And anyone that thinks Chicago is “MAGA country” ought to have his head  examined. This is the city of Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. Come on, give me a break!

It’s so far out that even the Chicago Police can’t buy it. Walter Williams, in an article that appeared on http://www.lewrockwell.com for February 27th noted: “…Chicago police say it was a hoax. This type of hoax is part and parcel of the left’s broad agenda of victimology, fraudulence and gimmickry, plus gross media  gullibility, incompetence and political attention seeking…Racial hoaxes  have been a major part of the leftist agenda going back decades…Most of the nation’s racial hoaxes take place on college campuses. Recall the 2006 lacrosse rape case, in which three affluent white male Duke students were falsely accused  of raping  a black female stripper. Police exposed Bowling Green State University student Eleesha Long as a liar after she complained about being attacked by Trump supporters the day after his election.”

So, fake hate crimes are a favorite tactic of the Left, and probably those who fund the Left also. They give our fake news media a golden chance to shout, scream, and froth at the mouth in “righteous indignation” about the amazing amount of “white racism” in this country. What about the black racism in the country? Sshhh! Don’t talk about that–don’t you realize that is a non-subject, something to be treated as if it never existed.

An article on https://townhall.com for February 18th of this year spelled this out quite succinctly.  It stated: “Liberals must love hate crimes. Why else would they fabricate so many of them? It could be that few events do more to both foster the liberal narrative and further the liberal political agenda than an old-fashioned skoal-chomping, meth-snorting, beer-can chucking hate crime committed by some racist, toothless wife-beater-clad redneck. And if there’s a Confederate flag flying somewhere, so much the better.” The article went on to note “…that caricature is becoming increasingly rare these days…” So how to compensate for this rarity? Well, how about a slew of fake hate crimes for a start?

It’s interesting to note that the Left has no authentic way to promote its agenda and so it must resort to fake hate crimes against those on the right to make itself look good and virtuous. That fact, alone, should tell you something about where the Left really is. Their entire “compassionate” agenda is really nothing more than a fake grab for power–and they’ll take it any way they can get it, no matter who they have to lie about or demonize. For the Left, the end truly justifies the means.

In my internet ramblings I just ran across an article by Michelle Malkin for February 20th on http://www.michellemalkin.com that I thought was good. I don’t always read Malkin because there are some issues she has that I disagree with, but this particular article was good. It had to do with the history of “fake nooses.” She went into a brief history of how nooses have been used as fake hate symbols in recent years. Any of you who have read about the debacle over nooses in Genna, Louisiana a few years back will remember what I am talking about.

Anyway, Malkin writes: “Columbia University, 2007. Remember black psychology professor Madonna Constantine?  She made the rounds on none other than ABC’s Good Morning America, claiming she found a ‘degrading’ noose (made of hand-tied twine) hanging from her office door. Constantine led fist-waving protests, decried ‘systematic racism,’ and prompted a nation-wide uproar, as I reported at the time in the New York Post. Things didn’t add up when Columbia initially blocked investigators from obtaining 56 hours of surveillance video. No culprits could be found on the militantly progressive campus obsessed with diversity and multiculturalism. It turned out that Constantine was desperately trying to distract from a brewing internal probe of her serial plagiarism, for which she was eventually fired. The hate crime probe hit a dead end and Constantine faced no criminal charges over the Fake Noose incident.” Read this paragraph again. It tells you something about the caliber of those that instruct your kids in college, not all of them, but at least some. Over the years I have known some honest college professors, but I have also known about some of the other kind, and some of them have most assuredly had Leftist agendas they tried to  force on the students committed to their tutelage.

There were other blatant examples amongst the material I dug up, but, again, you can’t possibly use all of it or you’d have a book, and sadly, most today have no interest in books. You can hardly get some to read six paragraphs without complaining that the articles are too long.

So, out of all of this, take a few salient thoughts. The Leftists and their financiers love fake hate crimes, and the more faked they are the more mileage they can get out of them. And fake hate crimes can often be used to detract readers from some of what is really going on. Another favorite tactic of the Left. Colleges are great places for fake hate crimes to be perpetrated and some colleges seem quite reluctant to see fake hate crimes exposed. That should tell you something about such colleges. Are they places you want your kids “educated” in?

The entire educational scene today, from K-12 through college is something that parents need to start looking into and researching and checking out. The days of letting “educators” bowl you over with pious platitudes are over. Parents need to start doing the homework about what their kids might be learning. I can guarantee you that once you start doing this, you will never be the same again, but, if you do it, your kids and grandkids will be better off for it.

Public Schools Are Little More Than Promoters Of The Leftist Agenda (So what else is new?)

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

You would think by this late date that most thinking parents would long ago have realized what the public school system in this country is really doing to their children. Sadly, this does not seem to be the case. People continue to feed their kids into these mis-education monsters and then can’t figure out why their kids come home with severe emotional problelms.

If there were only a small handful of us writing about this stuff I could figure out why so few listen but there are literally hundreds of articles out there on the internet about what goes on in public schools, so many I can’t begin to mention them all. In any given article the best you can do is quote a few sources and hope that moves some people to start researching on their own. Those who are not willing to at least try to find out what their kids are being spoon fed are probably hopeless–and their kids will end up being even more so.

How many of you know anything about Drag Queen story hours in public schools? Haven’t heard about that yet? Don’t worry–you will, probably not too far down the road, when it shows up at a public school near you. Checking this subject out, I found page upon page of internet articles about it.

I pulled one off of https://freedomoutpost.com by Tim Brown, from about seven months ago, according to the article. The title of Tim’s article was Drag Queen Story Hour: The Latest From Public Indoctrination Centers You Send Your Kids To. Very appropriate title. I don’t know if Tim Brown picked it out or not, but if so, he couldn’t have done any better.

Tim’s article began with: “I truly am wondering when parents are going to have enough and pull their kids out of the public indoctrination centers we call public schools and stop subjecting their children to this depravity and insanity. The latest attempt to indoctrinate America’s children into the bizarre and mental and sexual derangement comes by way of the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH). That’s right, men dressed up as women will be providing stories to America’s children.”

He continued: “The story hours start for kids as young as preschool, targeting ages 3-8, and is being referred to as ‘social and emotional learning.’ Let’s be clear, this is nothing more than non-education. It is indoctrination. It is setting in children’s minds that it is perfectly normal for men to dress and act like women and vice versa, which then further indoctrination will add that it’s perfectly normal for men to be with men and women with women.” Tim is prescient enough to see where this is all going, and he notes near the end of his article that: “Schools are the ones supporting and promoting this…” This sort of perversion makes the budding Leftists in this country deliriously happy. If some of you recall, one of the main objects of some of the communists in Europe that supported the Frankfurt School was the breaking down of sexual morality among the young to prepare them to be youthful victims of the Left. This sort of thing goes right along with that agenda.

Another article in this vein I noted was on https://hotair.com posted on August 5, 2018 by Jazz Shaw. This one observed: “K-12 schools are bringing drag queens into the classroom to teach gender ideology, a Thursday video revealed. Teachers are praising ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ according to a clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCtsnAYHTaA&feature=youtu.be) released by videographer Sean Fitzgerald and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. The program captures (https://www.dragqueenstoryhour.org/#about) the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

And the article works toward conclusion with: “Just in case this has been flying under your radar, it’s not a new program. It’s been going on in several cities for a couple years now.” Some school teachers just love this stuff.

You may not enjoy looking at some of this stuff. I didn’t check out the videos so I don’t know how graphic they might be, but you need to be aware of these growing trends in those indoctrination centers we naively continue to think are educating our kids. I don’t enjoy writing about some of this stuff. Doing my historical research is much more pleasant, but somehow, people need to get a grasp of what is really going on in these Leftist propaganda palaces we blithely assume are centers of public learning.

For Christians, public schools need to be separated from. It’s that simple. The founders of public education in this country, the Unitarians and the socialists, set the tone for public schools in this country from the beginning and the only thing that has ever changed in these schools since that beginning has been the amount of Leftist dogma that could be gotten away with. Unless more parents vote with their feet and get their kids out of these schools the next generation may be almost totally lost.

If the Public School Can’t Totally Dumb Them Down the State Legislature Will Be Glad to Help

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just read an interesting article on the Lew Rockwell Blog this morning (2/22) by Michael S. Rozeff. It’s about a bill introduced into the Oregon legislature–Senate Bill 456.

According to Mr. Rozeff: “This Bill ‘Prohibits State Board of Education, school district or public charter school from requiring student to pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills in order to receive diploma. Directs school district or public charter school that did not award person diploma because person did not pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills to award diploma to person upon request of person. Declares emergency, effective on passage.’  If this is made law, the legislature commands schools that they may not require passing an exit test as a requirement to receive a diploma; and if a student has already failed such a test, he need only request his diploma and it must be granted.”

What this amounts to is that a kid can basically skate through his high school years, do just enough to get from grade to grade and then, when he can’t pass a final exam to get his diploma they have to give it to him anyway. If the public school can’t dumb the kids down enough so they are, to all intents and purposes, functional illiterates, then the state’s political charlatans will be glad to step in and help them out.

If Oregon passes this foolishness then how long will it be before other states rush to do the same? If the public schools can’t totally cleanse the brains of their captive audiences the state’s politicians will be glad to pick up where they left off. Either way, the kids end up getting shortchanged and being less and less able to deal with the real world. If I had a suspicious mind, I’d be tempted to think that might be the real agenda. Uneducated kids don’t know enough to be asking the questions they should be asking and if they don’t know what to ask about then schools and legislatures never have to answer any critical questions.

The late Rev. Rousas  J. Rushdoony, in his book Intellectual Schizophrenia has observed that: “Modern education thus is statist education, and the state is made the all-embracing institution of which all other institutions are but facets…But the child of the state, being a man without faith, has no vital principle of resistance and thus even in his rebellion is statist.” In other words, if the state controls the educational process it can even direct rebellion against itself into those parameters that it can live with and that will do it no real harm. That’s where all these Leftist student “revolts” have really fit in over the years. They were designed to make it look like students rebelling against the state when in actuality they were vehicles that promoted the power of the state. And they fooled most people! That’s why so many discerning people have called these protesters “useful idiots.” With no historical background to guide them (they learned their “history” from the state) they know almost nothing of real history, hence they are easy marks when it comes to being conned into something that seems to oppose the state but in reality further empowers the state.

As if to prove this point, I received the following from a friend on my mailing list. He observed: “As Marxist thugs go about the Southland vandalizing statues and monuments, it now seems that these ‘college educated’ illiterates can’t even tell the difference between Robert E. Lee and William C. Lee–or between the War Between the States and World War 2 even. General William C. Lee, whose statue sets outside the Airborne Museum in his hometown of Dunn, North Carolina is considered an ‘international hero of World War 2.’ Police say someone doused the statue in some kind of flammable liquid and set it on fire. They suspect that the vandals did so thinking it was a statue of Robert E. Lee. Besides sharing the same last name, General Robert E. Lee and General William C. Lee have nothing in common and are not related.” They didn’t even fight in the same war!

That fact seems to make no difference to the historical ignoramuses that committed this act. They both had Lee as their last name and most college whiz kids today just know for a fact that anyone with the last name of Lee had to be a slave owner and a racist–they just know it!

This is the sad state of affairs in public education in our day, and in truth, it has never been any different. The only difference has been in degrees of ignorance.

The good folks in Oregon had best write their legislators and tell them to vote against this monstrous testimony to planned ignorance in their state. Christians who have their kids in public schools, in Oregon or anywhere else, had best realize that if they don’t get their kids out of these public brain laundries their kids will end up not knowing the difference between Robert E. Lee and some general in World War 2.

I wonder how many kids in public schools today can even tell you what century the War of Northern Aggression was fought in.

Home Schooling Is Not As Difficult As Some Want You To Think It Is

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I can remember, back in the late 1980s when my wife and I made the decision that we needed to home school our children. The people in the church we attended were mostly aghast at that prospect. Most of them, (and I say most because there were a couple exceptions, but only a couple) felt that rather than us home schooling our kids we should immediately repair to the local public school and implore them to please take our kids in and give them a proper education. They realized, as time went on, that such was not going to happen.

Outside of them being thoroughly conditioned to believe that public schools were the only way to go, I’m not sure why they reacted so to our decision to home school. They may have felt we are just too ignorant to teach our own kids, I don’t know. Maybe we didn’t have a string of college degrees in back of our names. That probably had something to do with it. Their premise seemed to be that no one without a college degree of some sort is capable of teaching anyone anything. My wife and I were both mere high school graduates and so we were considered not fit to teach our kids anything except how to find their way to the local public school.

When my wife and I came to this particular church we were just finished with a two year stint in West Virginia during the Kanawha County Textbook Protest. What we saw and heard there in our two short years had convinced us that our kids were never  going to attend a public school anywhere at anytime. I could almost wish that some of the folks in that church had been able to spend some time in West Virginia with us to see what went on and how the public school establishment and the government treated textbook protesters. But, then, they might not have believed it if they had seen it. They couldn’t grasp why we felt the way we did about the public education establishment because they had never experienced what we had, and they had been, as I said, conditioned to feel public school was the only way to go. They could, with some reservations, accept Christian schools, but home schooling, especially by my wife and I, was simply beyond the pale.

Well, beyond the pale or not, we did it anyway Obviously, we were not going to be able to school our kids in the classics, but we were able to give them, with the Lord’s help (and that’s the only way we could do anything) a decent basic education. My wife and I were both readers and we had instilled that into the kids so they were readers.

My wife and I started going around to home school fairs wherever we could find them and one thing I always checked out, the first thing, was what different home school programs had for history and theology. Mostly is was pretty disappointing. Some of the history books seemed like little more than rehashes of public school texts with a few Bible verses sprinkled over the top. Now remember, I’m talking about back in the late 1980s. Granted today there may be lots more worthwhile stuff our there, but in the late 80s, it was kind of slim.

I finally found some decent historical material, but it wasn’t from any of the home school history programs we checked out. I found a good five-volume U S history set by Clarence Carson from the Conservative Book Club for our son and a book called  Quest of a Hemisphere  from the John Birch Society for our daughter. Nowadays the John Birch Society has its own home school program, as does Ron Paul’s organization. So, today, there are some good options out there.

For our first year we used a program from Alpha Omega but we didn’t use either their history or their Bible studies. The second year we used material from Christian Liberty Academy  for our daughter. Our son was done at that point.

One thing we discovered, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to home school your kids. You do have to know the material you are using and you have to be comfortable teaching it. That’s not a big deal. Most parents can work at that and get to where they are comfortable teaching their kids and if they are willing to work at it the kids will actually learn something. You do not have to be a professor emeritus at some big college to home school your kids. That’s what the public school establishment would like you to believe–that you are too stupid to teach your kids anything and in most cases it’s just not so. Or look at it this way, if you were educated in their public school system and you are too dumb to teach your kids anything, what does that say about the system that “educated” you?

Today there are all kinds of home school programs and all kinds of home schooling organizations where parents get together and team-teach a whole bunch of kids, one parent taking a subject they are good at and teaching it to kids from a whole bunch of families. When we home schooled no such thing existed to our knowledge.

Another thing to consider–if you start teaching your kids right from the beginning and never put them in a public school, then the public school authorities have less of a hold over your family than if you had been in their system because you were never part of their system. I doubt that the public schools in our area knew we existed because we had never been part of that system anywhere.

That’s not to say home schooling is a snap. Like anything worth doing, you have to work at it, but for those willing to work at it, in most cases, you can do it and this is what the public school establishment hopes you never realize–that you can do what they are failing to do. Once you have that figured out you don’t need them and they realize that. Not only that, with what goes on in public schools nowadays your kids are better off without them.

One thing public schools will never do is to impart a Christian worldview to your kids, but they will impart a humanistic, socialist worldview to them because, at root, that’s what they exist for. That being the case, your kids don’t need them, nor will your grandchildren!

Was Public Education Really Necessary?

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

One of those who receives my blog articles is a good friend in Illinois, Tom Parent, who has been a political observer and writer over the years.

He recently commented on one of my article on public education in this country. Tom wrote: “The Socialists and Communists peddle the lie that, before public education, only the rich could afford a proper education for their children. Hence the need for public education. Christians have fallen for this lie hook, line and sinker. Thus believing this, they’re erroneously led to believe that they have to reform the public schools instead of seeing the real need for Bible-based Christian education. Until this illusion regarding public education is revealed for the lie it really is,we will gullibly continue to support the idea for the need of public schools.”

I have to admit that Tom has a valid point. Christians have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to public education and, unfortunately, the vast majority of them have just not bothered to do any homework on the subject at all. Someone peddles to them the old line about the crying need for public schools and it never occurs to them to ask any questions. They blindly accept what they’re told or what they have always seen and the thought of asking “why” never enters their minds. Harmless as doves they are–wise as serpents they ain’t! As Tom says, most of what they have been told in this area is a bald-faced lie.

Back in the early 1980s author Sam Blumenfeld (now deceased) wrote an informative book called Is Public Education Necessary? Mr. Blumenfeld contended it wasn’t. Lest you wonder who Sam Blumenfeld was, he was an education expert and author of several books on education, among which were How To Start Your Own Private School–And Why You Need One and Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers.

In the preface for Is Public Education Necessary? Blumenfeld noted: “Out of this labor came some fascinating discoveries: that American intellectual history is inseparable from its religious history; that public education was never needed, and that literacy in America was higher before compulsory public education than it is today; that socialists, who were very active in the public school movement, began operating covertly in secret cells in America as early as 1829, before the word socialism was even invented.”

Blumenfeld also went into the influence of Unitarianism on public education. Observing the Unitarian push for government schools he noted, on page 57: “The distance between subsidized common schools locally controlled by those who voluntarily established them and a national compulsory system of education run by a hierarchal elite as practiced in Prussia was considerable. It would take at least thirty years to bridge the gap, and the Harvard-Unitarian elite would be the principal builders of that bridge…Clearly, by 1823, the American people had about as much public education as they needed. In Massachusetts they had had too much, and the trend outside of Boston was away from the public school on the secondary level to the private academy. However, the Harvard-Unitarian elite, moved by their exalted vision of human perfectibility, had only begun to do their work.” In other words, the people of Massachusetts (and by extension, other states as well) were going to get public schools–whether they wanted them or not!

The Unitarians were undeterred and Blumenfeld noted: “The perfect man had yet to be created, but the Unitarians would not get the chance to create him if the people of Massachusetts kept whittling away at public education. It is interesting that the only thing the Unitarians liked about the Calvinist commonwealth was its education laws, which compelled communities to establish public schools. Time and again, in their drive to revive and expand public education, the Unitarians would piously quote these laws and bemoan their erosion and disuse.”

A survey done in 1817 in Boston showed the shocking lack of need for any public schools. At that time, there was a Latin school, an African school for black children, and “a school in the Almshouse for the children of paupers.” The city had eight public schools, 154 private schools and eight “charity free schools” The survey noted that “there were 283 children aged seven and under who attended no schools. Thus, an astonishing 96 percent of the town’s children were attending school, and the 4 percent who did not, had charity schools to attend if their parents wanted them to. Thus there was no justification at all for the creation of a system of public primary schools,…”

Of course the Massachusetts Unitarians kept rather quiet about the fact that they had gotten some of their ideas about early childhood education from socialist Robert Owen, who advocated that children be removed from the influence of their parents as early as possible so their “educators” could mold their thinking free of any parental involvement.

So today, when you hear all these educators’ plead for having the kiddies start school as early as three years old, you will know where those ideas originated. It was and is a socialist concept, and the idea of kindergartens is right along those same lines.

Christians need desperately to be aware of all this and most are not. Your children are being stolen from you in a broad daylight child highway robbery scenario guaranteed to let the educrats cleanse their brains of anything you parents have taught them about their place in history, their heritage and their culture. By the time the “educators” get through with your kids you will have little left of them but a rowdy batch of “social justice warriors” under the control of their teachers and professors. As Christians, you need to ask yourselves if that’s what you really want. If it isn’t, then you better get the kids out of the public school system.

The Communist Take On Public Education–It’s not all that different from the Socialist one

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Years ago I had a friend and mentor, the Rev. Ennio Cugini, who as a pastor, felt it was important that Christians be aware of Communist inflitration and its methods in this country. Pastor Cugini has gone to be with the Lord now, but while he was here I learned much from him that helped to shape my worldview regarding the Marxists and their evil designs for this country. In much of what he did he was ahead of his time. More Christians should have listened to what he said. The country would have been better off if they had.

Pastor Cugini learned much about the Communist agenda for this country and the world because he followed what the Communists did by analyzing their own material and reading their publications. If he ever found an ex-Communist who had broken with the party and was trying to expose it he tried to talk to that person if possible.

One ex-Communist he did get to talk to was Louis F. Budenz, the former managing editor of the Communist newspaper Daily Worker. In 1945 Budenz broke with the Party and came back to the Roman Catholic Church. After that point he started testifying about others who had been part of the Communist apparatus and in 1947 he wrote his autobiography called This Is My Story.

As to whether there were Communists in our public school system, I recall an instance back when I was in my early 20s. A man who went to our church was some kind of officer in the Air Force Reserve, and at a meeting I was at one evening he was talking about a high school English teacher that he did not want his son in school to sit under for instruction. He had some kind of information about her that led him to believe she was a Communist. Now at that time, I did not know much of anything about anything. My epiphany about communism had not come yet, but I always remembered this particular instance since I had had the same lady he was concerned about as a teacher when I was in high school. I really didn’t remember an awful lot about her except she spent an inordinate amount of time guiding us through Charles Dickens’ book A Tale Of Two Cities  which had to do with the French Revolution, a favorite period for Communists. I wish now I had had the presence of mind to ask the man in our church what he knew about her and where he got his information, but I wasn’t smart enough at that point to do that.

But, getting back to Louis Budenz, I happened to run across something he had written that was on http://www.biblebelievers.org It went all the way back to 1954 and dealt with the Communist attitude toward public education in America. Budenz said: “In undermining a nation such as the United States, the infiltration of the educational process is of prime importance. The Communists have accordingly made the invasion of schools and colleges one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control the American mind…As early as 1924, in lectures delivered at the Sverdlov University in Moscow, Stalin specified ‘cultural and educational organizations’ as valuable allies in the Communist battle for world dictatorship…”

Budenz continued: “In the classroom, the Communist teacher or professor very rarely, if ever, teaches Marxism-Leninism openly. There are hundreds of indirect ways of reaching the same end. Books by Howard Fast, the author who has refused to state whether or not he would fight against Communists if drafted, are proposed as suggested or recommended readings…The Red instructor has many other ‘non-Communist’ sources to draw on-those leading figures in public life who always follow the Communist line…The influence of the teacher who is commited to Marxism-Leninism goes far beyond these contacts into parent-teacher associations (often working behind the scenes with Communists in those groups), in the preparation of books, the presentation of lectures, the voicing of opinions…” And then he mentioned some well-known figures of that day that some of you who are older may remember. He noted “Dr. Harry F. Ward, Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, is reported to be a member of sixty Communist fronts. The late Dr. Walter Rautenstrauch, well-known professor of engineering at Columbia University, is reported to be affiliated with fifty Communist fronts. Dr. Henry Pratt Fairchild of New York University has been associated with forty of such organizations…”

And he noted further: “The Communists have had a number of advantages in the penetration of schools and colleges. Outstanding among these is the philosophy of pragmatism, as enunciated by Dr. John Dewey, which dominates the present educational process. Pragmatism is not a Communist philosophy, but it serves as a convenient cover under which the Reds may operate and also under which they may win many allies in the educational field.” There’s a familiar name. Anyone remember John Dewey, the socialist/atheist?

Interestingly enough, Budenz observed: “The Soviet dictatorship would not permit progressive education within any of its schools or colleges…But in the United States, the Soviet fifth column favors this ‘new education’ because of the general confusion, chaos, and breakdown in morale…” So the Communists would never educate their kids the way they wanted our kids educated because they saw the pitfalls. Unfortunately, we didn’t.

So ask yourselves, how different was what the Communists in the 1950s wanted for our public schools and colleges from what the “progressive” educators and socialists in our day want for them? I might be a bit dense, but I don’t see all that much difference. What Budenz probably didn’t recognize was that what the Communists wanted for our public schools was almost exactly what the socialists since the days of Robert Owen, and later John Dewey, wanted for them. The Communists were and are radical socialists.

Let me reiterate again that all I have presented in regard to public schools is not a call to clean them up and/or reform them. It is a call to separate from them, to get your kids out of them and either into good Christian schools or good home schooling programs. The public school system will never be reformed! It is doing today what it was created to do–indoctrinate rather than educate.

A final question–how many good-sized Christian churches sit mostly empty all week while their parishioners send their kids to the public brain laundries we call schools? How many of those churches could open up their facilities to Christian schooling during the week if only their people could begin to catch the vision of Christians educating their own children rather than feeding them to the socialist meat grinders in public schools?

I realize it’s lots easier for Christians to sluff off the responsibility of educating their own kids. So much easier to let them get brainwashed and just sit and complain about the results–never do anything–just complain. But I will tell you something. If we don’t rescue more of our Christian kids from what they are being subjected to in public schools, in one more generation, we may well not have a country–we may have what they’ve got in Venezuela or Cuba. You need to think about that and the results of that for your grandchildren.

Socialists Running Public Schools–Part Three

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

If you think that socialists and others on the far left have no interest in public schools in America then you are dreaming. They realize that public schools give them a big opportunity to influence the future direction of this country–if they can be a major force in those schools. Histoy has shown that they have been there since the beginning. What Christian parents have got to realize is that they are in an ongoing culture war with the socialists and their Deep State friends and that the socialists do not intend to lose this war.

They intend to have their way with our children–one way or the other–any way they have to or can. It is up to us to protect our children from this and you cannot do that by leaving them in the public schools.

According to an article on https://www.campusreform.org for August 23, 2018: “The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization is urging socialists to ‘take jobs as teachers’ in order to exploit the ‘political, economic, and social potential the industry holds.’…’Why Socialists Should Become Teachers,’ an 11-page pamphlet crafted jointly by YDS, and the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, contends that education is ‘a strategic industry to organize,’ and offers prospective socialist educators ‘a basic roadmap for how to get a job in education’.”

Author Alex Newman, writing for Freedom Project Media https://freedomproject.com has noted that “Socialists Urge Infiltration of Government Schools.” Newman wrote, on August 27, 2018 that: “America’s most prominent socialist organization is urging socialists to infiltrate government schools so they can brainwash impressionable young children, sparking national alarm over the totalitarian ideologues’ tactics and agenda. But despite the rantings of the dangerous organization, it is at least a century late to the party, with the government ‘education’ sector having been dominated by socialists for generations.” Newman is saying exactly what many of us have been saying for decades now. Newman knows the score. If you run across any of his commentary on the educational situation in this country–read it!

As Newman says, socialist infiltration of government schools is hardly a new thing. Way back in 1974 it was noticeable in the Kanawha County textbook protest. Back in 2010, former public school teachers Karl C. Priest wrote about that in Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Mr. Priest wrote: “Coupling that with my observations of the dumbing down movement of public education confirms that classroom teachers are encumbered so heavily that there is no hope to improve the pitiful academic situation in public schools. Even worse, the public schools are controlled by the American Civil Liberties Union, teacher unions, and other left-wing extremists who make public schools detrimental, even dangerous, to all children–especially Christian children. Actually, the textbook protesters proved all of this in 1974.”

Mr. Priest has noted, on page 209 of his book that: “What happened in Kanawha County was a battle in the cultural war. It is a war that will never end…Unfortunately, many parents do not understand that the philosophy behind what is creating all this turmoil in our country is coming from our own government run public school system. We are paying with our taxes for the support of our own destruction. As parents, we are teaching our children about God and His Word on Sunday and sending them to school five days a week to learn that nothing we have taught them is true.” How often have I said exactly the same thing! And I sometimes have wondered–is anyone listening? Does anyone give a hoot?

Almost no one seems to grasp the central fact that socialists and other apostates have had control of the public schools since day one! They and the Unitarians are responsible for the founding of this institution. It was founded to combat the influence of Christian education in the churches. Unfortunately, with the help of Christians who should have known better and didn’t (and still don’t) it has almost succeeded.

If you would like to know where the Communist Party in the US stands with all this, please check out the next installment.