The Communist Take On Public Education–It’s not all that different from the Socialist one

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Years ago I had a friend and mentor, the Rev. Ennio Cugini, who as a pastor, felt it was important that Christians be aware of Communist inflitration and its methods in this country. Pastor Cugini has gone to be with the Lord now, but while he was here I learned much from him that helped to shape my worldview regarding the Marxists and their evil designs for this country. In much of what he did he was ahead of his time. More Christians should have listened to what he said. The country would have been better off if they had.

Pastor Cugini learned much about the Communist agenda for this country and the world because he followed what the Communists did by analyzing their own material and reading their publications. If he ever found an ex-Communist who had broken with the party and was trying to expose it he tried to talk to that person if possible.

One ex-Communist he did get to talk to was Louis F. Budenz, the former managing editor of the Communist newspaper Daily Worker. In 1945 Budenz broke with the Party and came back to the Roman Catholic Church. After that point he started testifying about others who had been part of the Communist apparatus and in 1947 he wrote his autobiography called This Is My Story.

As to whether there were Communists in our public school system, I recall an instance back when I was in my early 20s. A man who went to our church was some kind of officer in the Air Force Reserve, and at a meeting I was at one evening he was talking about a high school English teacher that he did not want his son in school to sit under for instruction. He had some kind of information about her that led him to believe she was a Communist. Now at that time, I did not know much of anything about anything. My epiphany about communism had not come yet, but I always remembered this particular instance since I had had the same lady he was concerned about as a teacher when I was in high school. I really didn’t remember an awful lot about her except she spent an inordinate amount of time guiding us through Charles Dickens’ book A Tale Of Two Cities  which had to do with the French Revolution, a favorite period for Communists. I wish now I had had the presence of mind to ask the man in our church what he knew about her and where he got his information, but I wasn’t smart enough at that point to do that.

But, getting back to Louis Budenz, I happened to run across something he had written that was on It went all the way back to 1954 and dealt with the Communist attitude toward public education in America. Budenz said: “In undermining a nation such as the United States, the infiltration of the educational process is of prime importance. The Communists have accordingly made the invasion of schools and colleges one of the major considerations in their psychological warfare designed to control the American mind…As early as 1924, in lectures delivered at the Sverdlov University in Moscow, Stalin specified ‘cultural and educational organizations’ as valuable allies in the Communist battle for world dictatorship…”

Budenz continued: “In the classroom, the Communist teacher or professor very rarely, if ever, teaches Marxism-Leninism openly. There are hundreds of indirect ways of reaching the same end. Books by Howard Fast, the author who has refused to state whether or not he would fight against Communists if drafted, are proposed as suggested or recommended readings…The Red instructor has many other ‘non-Communist’ sources to draw on-those leading figures in public life who always follow the Communist line…The influence of the teacher who is commited to Marxism-Leninism goes far beyond these contacts into parent-teacher associations (often working behind the scenes with Communists in those groups), in the preparation of books, the presentation of lectures, the voicing of opinions…” And then he mentioned some well-known figures of that day that some of you who are older may remember. He noted “Dr. Harry F. Ward, Professor Emeritus of Christian Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, is reported to be a member of sixty Communist fronts. The late Dr. Walter Rautenstrauch, well-known professor of engineering at Columbia University, is reported to be affiliated with fifty Communist fronts. Dr. Henry Pratt Fairchild of New York University has been associated with forty of such organizations…”

And he noted further: “The Communists have had a number of advantages in the penetration of schools and colleges. Outstanding among these is the philosophy of pragmatism, as enunciated by Dr. John Dewey, which dominates the present educational process. Pragmatism is not a Communist philosophy, but it serves as a convenient cover under which the Reds may operate and also under which they may win many allies in the educational field.” There’s a familiar name. Anyone remember John Dewey, the socialist/atheist?

Interestingly enough, Budenz observed: “The Soviet dictatorship would not permit progressive education within any of its schools or colleges…But in the United States, the Soviet fifth column favors this ‘new education’ because of the general confusion, chaos, and breakdown in morale…” So the Communists would never educate their kids the way they wanted our kids educated because they saw the pitfalls. Unfortunately, we didn’t.

So ask yourselves, how different was what the Communists in the 1950s wanted for our public schools and colleges from what the “progressive” educators and socialists in our day want for them? I might be a bit dense, but I don’t see all that much difference. What Budenz probably didn’t recognize was that what the Communists wanted for our public schools was almost exactly what the socialists since the days of Robert Owen, and later John Dewey, wanted for them. The Communists were and are radical socialists.

Let me reiterate again that all I have presented in regard to public schools is not a call to clean them up and/or reform them. It is a call to separate from them, to get your kids out of them and either into good Christian schools or good home schooling programs. The public school system will never be reformed! It is doing today what it was created to do–indoctrinate rather than educate.

A final question–how many good-sized Christian churches sit mostly empty all week while their parishioners send their kids to the public brain laundries we call schools? How many of those churches could open up their facilities to Christian schooling during the week if only their people could begin to catch the vision of Christians educating their own children rather than feeding them to the socialist meat grinders in public schools?

I realize it’s lots easier for Christians to sluff off the responsibility of educating their own kids. So much easier to let them get brainwashed and just sit and complain about the results–never do anything–just complain. But I will tell you something. If we don’t rescue more of our Christian kids from what they are being subjected to in public schools, in one more generation, we may well not have a country–we may have what they’ve got in Venezuela or Cuba. You need to think about that and the results of that for your grandchildren.

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