Biden To The Border? Forget that!

by Al Benson Jr.

Some GOP Congress people want a meeting with El Presidente Biden regarding all the illegal drugs coming across what now passes for our Southern border. El Presidente is just not at all interested in that.He couldn’t care less about what or who crosses into this country unless they are willing to vote Democrat in the next election. Then he might be interested. Besides, he doesn’t have time for such stuff and nonsense. It would cut into his vacation time in St, Croix and we all realize how bad he needs that R & R, what with the heavy work schedule he had this year. Why he must have had to be in Washington at least 150 days this year. Really heavy schedule! And what’s he had since he got into office–seven press conferences? Poor Uncle Joe must be really fatigued! Those press conferences really take it out of you and often you don’t get your daily nappy time at 3 p.m.

Other Republicans want Biden to meet them at the border so he can see how bad things really are there. What a big waste of time that would be. The Biden Regime knows how bad things are at the border. It’s exactly what they want! Besides, what can Biden say to them anyway that his handers tell him not to say. He’s not his own man and cannot really speak for himself. All he can do is to mouth the words and read the script he is handed. And that script is already quite plain and unlikely to be changed.

A Border Patrol leader, Brandon Judd, has said the drug cartels presently control the Southern border and that’s fine with Biden. That we are being invaded is apparent to everyone, especially the Deep State Democrats and they are really content with that. They realize most of the invaders will vote Democrat and that’s what they hope for.

You need to ask yourself when was the last time a country was invaded and then the invaders given the vote? But that’s what is going on here now and it all fits with the planned destruction of the country.

Supposedly we are now into the Green Energy mode. That most of our Green Energy agenda is dependent on Red China is a fact seldom mentioned. We don’t need to know that. And speaking of Green Energy, one wonders how much jet fuel was expended so a copy of Biden’s new $1.7 trillion bill could be flown to St. Croix so he could sign it. After that signing he just may need a couple extra days of vacation! This business of fleecing the masses and calling it governing really gets tiring, doesn’t it? His handlers better make sure Uncle Joe gets his daily nap or any gaffes he makes in future speeches might really be egregious!

But, then, if Uncle Joe does manage to give the invaders the vote, we can probably forget about any future elections after the 2024 one. It should occur to those that study our history that Biden is doing the same thing here that the Radical republicans did to the South when they instituted “Reconstruction” which was really nothing more than deconstruction!


El Presidente Biden–The Invasion’s First President

by Al Benson Jr.

Finally!!! Some folks in the Republican Party are beginning to question whether Biden’s border problems just might be intentional. It only took them two years to raise that question, which as to be some kind of a record. Of course his border problems are intentional and he has no plans for changing their direction.

No one could actually be as incompetent as the Biden/Obama Regime in dealing with the border invasion unless it was intentional. However, let us hope this observation continues to resurface and does not get buried in the tons of bovine fertilizer the Deep State Democrats continue to deluge us with!

Border security IS national security and our “elected” leaders are purposely NOT giving that to us. More evidence that the Biden Regime’s policies are intentionally geared to put American citizens last!

Mollie Hemingway of the “Federalist”commented on how much effort has gone into the purposeful destruction of our Southern border. And it has been on purpose. It hasn’t been ignorance. It hasn’t been utter strupidity. It has been willfully deliberate. If it makes you wonder who the current Deep State regime is really working for, then welcome to the club! Even the Republican leadership has finally figured out that this regime is obviously not working for the American people.

It remains to be seen what the Republicans will do when they take control of the House on January 3rd. So far they have been promising us all manner of hearings and investigations into the questionable antics of Deep State Democrats. Knowing the Republican penchant for being willing to play second fiddle to the Deep State Democrats, I guess I will believe it when I see some real action on their parts and not just words. Don’t forget that there are Deep State Republicans also. Some of them just voted for Biden’s $1.7 trillion package supposedly to keep the govt. afloat, but which is really a wish list of Deep State projects.

Years ago, Sam Francis called the Democrats the “Evil Party” and the Republicans the “Stupid Party.” I agreed with him about the Democrats. As for the Republicans, let’s just say that it takes a lot of work and effort to be that stupid!

Not Many Wise Men–Especially In Washington

by Al Benson Jr.

Today is the day when we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to earth to save His people from their sins. We also read in the Scripture how wise men from the east sought Him by following the star, although that is technically the story of the Epiphany–the revealing of our Saviour to the gentiles–for He did not come just to save Jews, but rather to save all of any race or tribe that calls upon His name in faith.

Judging from what I see going on in Washington nowadays, there are not too many wise men there that seek Him–maybe a handful, but not much more than that. Most in Washington, particularly in the political realm, are very wise–in their own conceit, but not in much else.

Washington is a place of purposeful political blindness and most there love to have it so. Washington is a place of purposeful spiritual blindness. The Deep State conspirators there have as their ultimate “political” (and spiritual) aim, the destruction of the Christian faith and the replacing of that faith with a new faith in themselves as the ultimate saviours of mankind. And what is their agenda for doing that? It is the destruction of our free enterprise system and limited government and the replacing of these with a one world socialist system which they assure us is the ultimate solution to all our problems!

All I can say is–if their “solution” is the answer to all our problems, then we are better off living with those problems and rejecting their socialist panacea. Their answer to our problems works just great for them. It does nothing for the rest of us. It was never meant to. Their solution is ever the garden path to slavery for all but their elite cadres. Much better for ordinary folks that we look to the Lord Jesus and His biblical solutions to our problems and not to the lying politicians in whom there is little, if any, truth.

Politicians seem tothin their “truths” are sacrosanct over and above the Christian faith. They are in gross error here. Everything, politics included, is theological at root. It all depends on what theology you follow. Jesus Christ gives true freedom through the Kingdom of God.Most of our politicians give you the kingdom of Satan–dressed up to look like liberty but which is in reality bondage. All you have to do to see the truth of what I just said is to look at the abberations that are currently running this government. You will have a hard time finding many normal people there. Just some food for thought on Christmas.

Zippy Zelensky Is Here For Another Few Billion!

by Al Benson Jr.

Zelensky came to Washington from Ukraine and gave a pep talk to Congress. You can tell where he is by the show of affection he got from the socialist Democrats.They literally fell all over him. Biden, at the behest of his bosses, is ready to hand another $45 billion of our money over to him.Ukraine has gotten over $100 billion so far but that’s not enough for him. He wants more.

Zelensky has not been the soul of independence in his own country. He has shut down media outlets that don’t agree with him and he has shut down churches and jailed priests, Sounds as if he has been taking lessons from good ol’ Abe Lincoln who did rhe same in this country. He is the kind of leader Biden and his bosses can support.Now we are going to give Ukraine a missle system that it will take US troops to goin and teach Ukrainians how ro use. So we will have troops on the grounds in Ukraine, at least temporarily. Welsome to our entrance to World War 3.

Biden says we will support Ukraine “no matter how long it takes.” So, are we signing on for a war that will last a few months? A year? Five years? Exacrly how long? It will last as long as the Deep State denizens wanr it to last and this country is committed to go all the way in this “noble” effort!

Biden and his handlers can’t be bothered protecting our own Southern border from an immigrant invasion but he can support a country half way around the world with men and untold billions. That shows Americans where they stand in Biden’s estimation. Oh, I forgot, according to Stanford University we are not supposed to use the term American any longer.

Well, you will have to pardon me for saying it, but the ivory tower types at Stanford can stuff it!. I am an American and I make no apology for that! And I will continue to call myself an American–and I invite all my readers to do the same.The Lord knows America is not perfect. We have a lot of problems here, bit at least we are not Zimbabwe, or Iran, or Afghanistan!

I notice there are finally some folks in the Republican Party that are beginning to state the obvious–that Biden’s border problems are intentional. All I can say is that it’s about time the Republican’s woke up!

The Real Gift Of Christmas

by Al Benson Jr.

Too often most of us overlook the real gift to us of Christmas. The “New American” magazine for December 26th notes the following: “That gift is the birth of Jesus Christ…2000 years ago. Without God becoming man, as Christians believe He did, there could have been no sacrifice on the Cross and no forgiveness for all the sins of humankind. And there could have been no resurrection either. The true meaning of Christmas, properly understood, provides the world great hope, no matter how bad the times may be.”

Matthew 1:21 sums it up so well when it says “And thou shalt call his name JESUS, for he shall save his people from their sins.” And His people are all those down through the ages who have turned to Him as Lord and Saviour and asked Him for forgiveness for their sins, for this is what it takes to be a part of His people.

We have all sinned and fallen far short of the glory of God and we desperately need the forgiveness that Jesus purchased with His own blood on the cross. There is no other way to God, regardless of what men will tell you. there are not many ways to God–there is One Way, and that way is through the Lord Jesus Christ and through Him alone.

That He was born into the world to provide, through His sacrifice, the way for us to get to God is the real gift of Christmas. Too often in the mad rush of the season we lose sight of that one cardinal truth. Giving gifts to one another is good, as long as they do not overshadow the one great gift of salvation given to us in the birth of our Saviour. Let us never forget that one great gift and Lord help us to be thankful for it.

“We Have No President”

by Al Benson Jr.

The empty coat known as Joe Biden has no solution to the border invasion. His border is wide open and that’s the way he and his bosses want it. At one point a couple years ago he told illegals to just come and they’d get in. His regime claims the border is secure. That has got to be the biggest horse laugh of the century. It is “secure” in that he wants all these illegals here so he can give them the vote before the next election. He knows most of them will vote Democrat!

Those who are Biden’s handlers, his real bosses, are the ones pushing this agenda. I doubt anymore if Biden has the smarts to pull any of this off. The drug cartels are the ones now who really control our Southern border, and Biden and his bosses are just fine with that.

Biden’s concern for those in this country who live near the border is non-existant. Border??? What border??? Recently a Texas rancher was interviewed on Fox News and they asked him if he felt deserted by President Biden. His reply was short and to the point. He said “We have no president!” In a sense he was right. The illegals and the Chinese Communists all have a president in Empty Coat Biden, but the American citizens that foot the bill for all this Deep State damnfoolishness have no real president. All they have is an empty coat named Biden who has sold them out for filthy lucre and is so thoroughly corrupt he does not deserve the office he occupies. And regardless of how they work to hide or avoid it, there are still a lot of questions about the veracity of the 2020 election.

“One Big Happy Family”

by Al Benson Jr.

As the news reports come in we are learning more about Twitter’s extra-marital relationship with the FBI. It occurs to me that if we just switched the letters around we could call this organization FIB and that wouldn’t be off the mark.

We are finding out that the FBI was telling Twitter what and who to censor. In a country that is supposed to have a First Amendment and a Bill of Rights, who gave them censorship authority? Or did they just usurp it because they thought they could? We are finding out that the FBI even policed what jokes that could appear on Twitter. Who in their right mind can argue against the fact that this whole gruesome episode is and was a major assault on our First Amendment rights? But, then, from the Biden/Obama socialist regime should we expect anything else? Their real agenda is to take this country down, and there are certain Republicans that are more than willing to help them do that.

It seems as if the FBI (FIB) treated Twitter as a subsidiary, and as its own personal propaganda tool. There were more than 150 emails in a two-year period between Twitter’s Yoel Roth and the FBI. That’s one about every four days. These may have constituted marching orders for Twitter from the FBI.

Twitter got an alarming number of censorship requests, even from some state governments! One report described Twitter and the FBI as “one big, happy family.” The FBI sent Twitter a list of the accounts they wanted flagged. At one point, the FBI’s “social media” team at Twitter grew to 80 members! So we can pretty much figure that Twitter just censored what the FBI did not want the public to be aware of. One has to wonder, just how many Twitter users that told some truth about federal or state corruption had their commentary censored. Don’t youm wish you had a dollar for every one?

There is no doubt that Twitter had a role in pushing the leftist political narrative. We the people are in no way running this country, through our elected representatives or in any other way. This country is really being run through “We the FBI and the Democratic National Committee” and it’s all at the behest of the Deep State and its minions. Welcome to 1984!

The Cloward/Piven Game On The Border

by Al Benson Jr.

In my recent article about our Southern border I mentioned the socialists Cloward and Piven and how they had developed a scheme that would overwhelm any reasonable system anywhere with sheer numbers of people. I’m sure the Biden/Obama Regime is all too familiar with this baleful tactic.

Supposedly, with the end of Title 42 in sight, only days away now, the number of illegal immigrants crossing our Southern border will swell to 14,000 per day. I’ve noted that figure from a couple sources. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but most of these illegals look extremely well fed and well dressed, which leads me to question just how dire their needs really are. This is more than just poverty stricken refugees wanting assylum. This is an invasion, pure and simple. The Biden administration has to realize that and it’s okay with them. Biden’s press secretary, if such she can be called, has stated that Biden has been working hard on the border sitrruation. Pardon me, but that’s a pile of cow chips. biden has done exactly zilch to address this major problem for the simple reason that he wants these illegals here in time for the passage of his voting rights act.

So let’s try and do the math her. I’m no math expert by any means so I might get this wrong, but it seems to me that, at 14,000 illegals daily entering the country, in 30 days you will have a total of 420,000 new illegals here in this country. Now multiply that by 12 months and you will have a total of over 4 million new illegals here in one year–more than the population of many of our cities and maybe a couple states!

So, let’s say Biden gets his voting rights act passed by a complicit Congress, aided by many RINO’s, that allows for non-citizens to vote simply because they are here. And let’s say, being charitable, that three quarters of these will probably vote Democrat. Right there you have over 3 million new Democratic “voters.”

If that number is dispersed into several key states where the vote up to now has been close, (and there are several of those), then you will have created a Democratic majority that cannot be overcome no matter what! At that point, we will begin one party rule in this country. It won’t matter if it is fascist or communist–they are both pretty much the same animal.

Just a little something for you all to reflect upon. And another reminder to those that follow my articles, please, if you agree with what I write, please forward the link for this blog, to all on your email lists. My computer is not working properly so at this point I cannot do that, so I thank in advance all of you all who are willing to do that. You will reach folks I am simply unable to.

All Is Not Well At The Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Socialist Democrats have created our current problems at the border, despite the Biden/Obama administration telling us the border is secure and just not enough of a problem for us to worry about.

When Title 42 ends in a few days the crush of illegal immigrants at the border will be something like 14,000 illegals per day crossing our southern border. This will be way too much for the Border Patrol or even the state of Texas to handle and Biden knows this. He just loves it! This situation is a golden example of the Cloward-Piven strategy at work to overwhelm our ability to protect the border.

Just think–all those illegal immigrants, once they atr here, can be given the vote, which the Democrats feel will keep them in office forever. That’s the real name of this game. I just recently read that they had caught around 100 people on the terrorism watch list trying to sneak into the country. That makes me wonder how many got in that they didn’t catch.

But the Biden/Obama Regime doesn’t want people focused on this and all the other problems they have created purposely since they took office, so they feel the need to try to focus public attention in other places. One thing they are trying to focus people’s attention on is their new anti-lynching law. Now when was the last time someone was lynched in this country? It has been quite awhile. According to the current regime, you’d think it was a weekly event. So they use this useless trivia and their supposed concern over a “white supremacy” that does not exist in order to distract people from focusing on all the damage they are doing to the country. The real problems they plan to do nothing about! I hope folks do not fall for their bovine fertilizer because that’s exactly what it is. They are degrading and destabilizing this country on purpose. I noticed that Biden had invited several drag queens to the White House for the signing of a gay marriage bill. If that isn’t a prime example of our national degredation I don’t know what is.

Philosophical Marxists And Don’t Know It

by Al Benson Jr.

Without their even realizing it, many people have imbibed the philosophy of Karl Marx. Given the utter corruption of our public education system, this should come as no surprise. Mark Levin, on Fox News, noted that many of Marx’s ideas were not original with him. That is true. Although Levin did not mention the Illuminati in this regard, we know that Marx got his marching orders, especially for the “Communist Manifesto” from the League of the Just, which was an offshoot of the Illuminati. Those people were largely responsible for Marx’s worldview.

Although Levin got this at least partly right he is off in some of his U.S. history. He seems to think the North fought the War of Northern Aggression to end slavery. In tjhis he is out in left field. But then most of the media and the vast majority of our schools, both public and private, are out in left field.Accurate history is the last thing we get from them.

The question has arisen in this regard, could Twitter have been a propaganda tool? If not, why were so many feds “embedded” there? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Twitter, loaded with people who had done intelligence work for the government were in Twitter’s top ranks. There could still be FBI agents working at Twitter.

Twitter may well have functioned as an intelligence arm of the federal government. At this point the direction this country is going in is totally wrong. And this is on purpose. It is not because of stupidity but rather by design. And one of their main efforts in this regard is the public school system, which they are using to make Marxists out of the students and to degrade the country by doing such. This is not a new problem. It has been going on for decades and parents were totally oblivious to it. Now some of them are starting to wake up to what was done to their kids and they don’t like it. Unfortunately they don’t often see that the real solution to this is to remove their children from public schools and either homeschool them or find trustworthy Christian schools for them.

The public school system will not be reformed. It is being run by philosophical Marxists whose sole intent is to indoctrinate your children into believing and embracing their radical leftist worldview. Joining the PTA and trying to reform the public schools is an exercise in futility and many of those who advocate doing this realize that. Not all do, but many do. They know it’s a blind alley and they want to frustrate your efforts to lessen their influence on your kids. “Beware of false prophets which come in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves” or philosophical Marxists–same thing!