By Al Benson Jr.

Awhile back I noted comments by Dr. Fred Schwartz in his book You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists).  Dr. Schwartz noted that many look at Communists or Marxists as nothing more than hypocrites and liars and in so doing they miss the true intent of the Marxist mindset. To the Marxist mentality there is such a thing as Marxist truth and that “truth” is founded on whatever the current Marxist agenda happens to be in any given area. Hence to the Marxist it is completely alright to lie, deceive, steal or to do whatever else furthers the Marxist program. To them all such activities are Marxist truth, and hence, are all moral activities for him, or her. For the Marxist the end really does justify the means, no matter how foul those means may be.

Recently, I took Whittaker Chambers’ book Witness  back down off my bookshelf. I had gotten this back in the 1980s sometime, had started to read it and got about half way through it and somehow got sidetracked and never finished it. I am in the process of finishing it now and I had forgotten what fascinating reading it is. Chambers became enamored  of Communism when he was twenty four years old and spent the next thirteen years in the Communist apparatus in this country, getting to know all sorts of people that were outright Communists or “fellow-travelers” (people who support Communism but never join the Party).

At some point, it began to dawn on him how totally evil Communism really was and that he had to withdraw himself from its clutches, which he then began to work at. Although he doesn’t really describe it in those terms, it seems that, for him, this was, foremost, a theological decision. He described Communism as a “faith” and he was right. It is. It is a substitute faith for Christianity where the Party takes the place of Jesus Christ and assumes a certain divinity in the Marxist soul.

Regarding Communist espionage, which was rampant in this country in the 1930s and 40s (is it any different now?) Chambers said, on page 419 of his book that: “I have sometimes been asked at this point: What went on in the minds of those Americans, all highly educated men, that made it possible for them to betray their country? Did none of them suffer a crisis of conscience? The question presupposes that whoever asks it has still failed to grasp that Communists mean exactly what they have been saying for a hundred years: they regard any government that is not Communist, including their own, merely as the political machine of a class whose power they have organized expressly to overthrow by all means, including violence. Therefore, ultimately the problem of espionage never presents itself to them as a problem of conscience, but as a problem of operations…For the Communists, the problem of conscience had been settled long before, at the moment when they accepted the program and discipline of the Communist Party.”

As far as espionage, Chambers observed of a Communist that he will always “…exactly to the degree that he is a Communist, engage in espionage. The act will not appear to him in terms of betrayal at all. It will, on the contrary, appear to him as a moral act” and the more risk he takes in this endeavor the better off he is because his act is “…committed in the name of a faith (Communism) on which he believes, hinges the hope and future of mankind,…” The committing of espionage is the Communist’s oblation to his “god” (Communism).

Needless to say, in the face of such a mindset, those slack-jawed liberals that think they can sit down with Communists and “dialogue” their way to world peace are fooling only themselves and those among the public that actually take them seriously. We’ve been playing this game, as Chambers said, for a hundred years now, and our politicians still don’t seem to get it, or at least they appear not to. Actually most of them get more than they let on. When both political parties are dominated by the Council on Foreign Relations no one is going to do all that much to upset the Marxist applecart.

Chambers noted in his book that he contacted someone to go see Roosevelt to warn him of the Communist threat in his own government. He said that Roosevelt just laughed at the warming. Did he know what went on? Of course he did, at least as part of the larger picture even if he wasn’t aware of all the minute details. Communist infiltration of his government was no problem for Roosevelt and it seems not to have been much of a problem for any of the administrations that succeeded his.

Due to revelations by Chambers and others, some of these Communist espionage agents in the government were found and and dealt with—but never all of them.. Even after all the investigations, some of which were hampered by government officials, some domestic Communists still remained in government to do their damage. Do they remain today? Will winter eventually follow summer?

What we need to do at this point is to begin to grasp the mindset of the Marxist and realize that, to the degree that we now have a Marxist administration in Washington, to that degree will we see the agenda of Marxism officially enacted in this country. All the theories about Obama’s lacking in knowledge about how to run the government are all drivel. He knows exactly what he is doing, as do the people in the CFR that pull his strings. We need to begin to grasp that and let that truth govern how we react to what happens in government.

There is a lot of good information in Chambers’ book, which I would recommend trying to find if you still can.


The CFR and Marxist Worldviews—is there any difference?

By Al Benson Jr.

Some have inquired as to whether the worldviews of the One World groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group are identical to those of various Marxist and socialist groups.

While I realize there may be some subtle differences, I feel that the worldviews of all these groups are pretty much in the same ballpark, although expressed differently. It’s somewhat like the rhetorical differences between the Republican and Democratic Parties. They both want to drive us off the same cliff but one is willing to do it a little slower than the other. However the ultimate drop after you go over the cliff is the same, whether you got there faster or slower.

Most know that Karl Marx was the author of The Communist Manifesto  which outlined Marx’s view of how to take a country over. Interestingly enough, he had ten points listed in the Manifesto on how to do this. His reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments?

Marx was a boring writer and his work could be described, as one man said years ago, as “reams and reams of toilet paper.” What most folks don’t realize, though, is that although Marx was the author, the ideas he presented in the Manifesto were not totally his. In fact, Marx was a hack writer who was hired by an organization called “The League of the Just” to write the Manifesto. The first edition of that work did not even list him as the author. In later editions he was allowed to put his name on it and take credit for it—but not for the premier edition, which I have seen pictures of, and his name does not appear on it. The League of the Just had something to do with the Illuminati, was part of it in some way. That’s something else for you to check out on the Internet.

Marx’s Manifesto advocated things like the abolition of private property, heavy progressive income taxes, public schools—in other words the dictator’s hand in every area of your life, and he made sure to let people know he was opposed to organized religion. It was “the opiate of the masses” according to Marx.

Marx’s “dictatorship of the proletariat” was, in reality the rule of “the people” (Communist parties) over all areas of our lives and this was to take place all over the world.

So, how different is this than what the One World Government groups have in mind for us? There may be minor technical differences, but the overall worldview is the same in either case—a special elite group running everyone’s life, telling you what you can or  cannot do, where you can or cannot go, what you can or cannot think or believe. They want to do away with the Christian confession that “Jesus is Lord” (the Gospel) and replace that with the all-powerful state as “god.”

One of our main problems in this country is that the CFR, the Trilaterals and Bilderbergers have taken over the US government and both political parties. They infest the media, Hollyweird, the military and education—and most of you have never even heard of them. Why do you suppose that is? You’d think that a group or groups with this much influence would be well known, and yet the average American has never heard of them. They are, in effect, our “shadow government.”—our un-elected rulers.

According to http://www.conspiracyarchieve.com  “If one group is effectively in control of national governments and multinational corporations; promotes world government through control of media, foundation grants, and education; and controls and guides the issues of the day; then they control most options available. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the financial powers behind it, have done all these things, and promote the ‘New World Order’ as they have done for over seventy years…The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life.’”

To understand how people in all these critical fields can be part of a group that seeks to do away with American sovereignty in America you have to go back and do the history homework. You at least have to go back as far as the early 1900s to begin to see what those people have done to us, but for the real foundation of all that you need to back to the War of Northern Aggression in the 1860s at least, and some folks would say you need to go back even further—all the way back to 1787. The folks that say that raise some interesting points not easily dismissed.

Some of our problems are readily observable. For instance, the Conspiracy Archive articles observes: “Woodrow Wilson was elected President in 1913, beating incumbent William Howard Taft, who had voted to veto legislation establishing a central bank. To divide the Republican vote and elect the relatively unknown Wilson, J. P. Morgan and Co. poured money into the candidacy of Teddy Roosevelt and his Progressive Party…According to eyewitnesses, Wilson was brought to Democratic Party headquarters in 1912 by Bernard Baruch, a wealthy banker. He received an ‘indoctrination course’ from those he met, and in return agreed, if elected, to support the projected Federal Reserve and the income tax, and ‘listen’ to advice in case of war in Europe and on the composition of his cabinet.” Can you begin to see now how these One World Government types influence what our “elected representatives” do? In fact our “elected representatives do not represent us—they represent the interests of the Ruling Elites. That being the case, maybe the Ruling Elites should pay their salaries instead of the public having to. But that would give the game away and, by now, most of us should realize that we have to have the pretense of representative government (the form but not the substance) so the American people, educated in Karl Marx’s “public schools” will willingly go along with those who plan to cut their throats both financially and literally if and when the latter becomes necessary.

As noted on http://www.unc.edu/  “The CFR is the American Branch of a society which originated in England, and which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.” That’s according to Carroll Quigley, the author of Tragedy & Hope. . Mr. Quigley, a devoted One-Worlder, was the mentor for Bill Clinton. Anyone remember him? And on the same website, Dan Smoot, former member of the FBI stated “The ultimate aim of the CFR is to create a one-world socialist system, and to make the US an official part of it.” That’s a pretty straight forward statement that shows that what the CFR people want is no different than what the socialists and Marxists want. Their worldviews are almost identical.

Again, the same article states: “In 1973, David Rockefeller, having read a book by Zbigniew Brzezinski which praised Marxism, formed the Trilateral Commission, and appointed Brzezinski to be the first Director of the Trilateral Commission. Future president Jimmy Carter became a founding member of the Trilateral Commission. Jack Newell, in his book Why a Bankrupt America?  States ‘The original literature of the Trilateral Commission also states exactly as Brzezinski’s book had proposed, that the more advanced Communist States should become partners in the alliance leading to world government….In 1976 when Carter was elected president, he filled his administration with 284 members of the CFR…All the recent presidents since then have also surrounded themselves with CFR and TC members.’”

The site http://activism101.ning.com  carried an article by author Dean Henderson in June, 2012 which said, in part: “CFR members have dominated every Administration since FDR and most presidential candidates come from its ranks. Adlai Stevenson, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, John F, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr. and Al Gore are all CFR alumni…Nearly every CIA Director since Allen Dulles has been a CFR member. These include Richard Helms, William Colby, George Bush Sr., Bill Casey. William Webster, James Woolsey, John Deutsch and Robert Gates…The Nixon administration had 115 CFR members, while the Clinton Administration had over 100 CFR alumni.”
Bill Clinton, with his impeachment pending, ran to New York to try and shore up support for himself from his handlers in the CFR. Publisher John F. McManus astutely observed that: Bill Clinton knows well that he serves as President because the members of the ‘secret society’ to which he belongs chose him and expect him to carry out its plans.”

So much for the President serving the interests of the American people. That’s the furthest thing from their minds Just about all the presidents we have had since Wilson have been little more than talking heads allowed to assume the office of president only so they could further the agenda of the One World Government people. Should they fail to do that, should they slip the traces, so to speak and actually decide to do something not on the One World agenda, well, look what happened to Kennedy and Nixon—one assassinated, the other “watergated.”

Our current situation is no different. Obama was handed the office of president (literally) because his Marxist mentality fits in perfectly with the designs of the Ruling Elite and as long as he does what they want he is home free. George Soros and the CFR people give him his marching orders and all his silly rhetoric about “hope and change” is to fool the naïve into thinking he really has an independent thought In his head. It’s all bovine fertilizer and the brain-dead who have not figured it out by now just ain’t trying.

One thing the Marxists, socialists, and One World Ruling Elites haven’t figured out yet is that God is more powerful than they are and He will only let them go so far. After that they will answer to Him. Oh, they’d like to think they are all-powerful, but the Lord, in His own time, will disabuse them of that folly and judge them for their idolatry. Whether I live to see that or not doesn’t matter. I know it will happen because God is just.

The Real Racists

By Al Benson Jr.

A short while back I wrote an article dealing with the fact that the term “racist” was of Communist (Trotskyite) origin and was yet another of their code words, like “peace.”

The Marxists literally spew their terms out to inundate ordinary people and to discourage any resistance to their agenda. Their code words like “racist” or “reactionary” are used the same way the Zionists use the term “anti-Semite”—to scare their opposition into numb silence, lest they be accused of one of these horrid crimes and have to defend themselves. You’d be surprised how many people that possibility shuts up when they should speak.

We are still hearing the old “R” word tossed at us, even though Obama won the election and according to many of the vote totals about 120% of the electorate voted for him while no one showed up at the polls some places to vote for Romney. Yet even though Obama won by a more than substantial margin (a lot of deceased voters might have helped) white folks are still being labeled as “racists” if they even dared to think of voting for someone besides Obama. Why who else could you possibly even think of voting for? And just think, in the next election, if we have one, he may well be the only candidate. That’s the way it’s done in Communist countries. The Party in power puts up its one candidate and heaven help you if you don’t vote for him! In Communist countries the dictator wins by the same percentages we are told that Obama won by here—97-99% in most places. Romney ran strictly as a show piece, the same as McCain did in 2008. This election was decided long before the voting booths were set up and the machines “fixed” so that Obama got even the votes of the Romney supporters in many places. But, hey, that’s how you steal an election.

But, on the subject of racism, I read an interesting article posted on 11/21 on
http://www.occidentaldissent.com  which stated: “Are we really so beaten down by the left that we are going to accept their blatant racist attacks? Barack Obama received nearly 100% of the black vote to win the last election. Yet we actually are being made to feel guilty because we got “too many” white voters…They won the election and they are still attacking us as racists. Even though they got lots of white votes. This is really getting out of hand…This is outrageous. The democrats are racists, in fact they always were. You cannot deal with leftism and racism by hemming and hawing and apologizing, the people attacking us are merciless. Conservatives better launch a counterattack on this and soon.” What conservatives? Are you talking about people like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? If they  represent conservatism then it will never fight back. They are way too busy looking for ways to help Obama to implement his Marxist agenda. Don’t you get it yet???

The Republicans are in bed with the Marxists. Their part in this charade is to sound conservative rhetorically while helping Obama to further the Marxist agenda handed to him by George Soros and the rest of the Council on Foreign Relations people in Washington and New York. The conservatives, so called, are only there to fool the American public into thinking they are a viable alternative when actually they are little more than closet Marxists themselves.

I’m not saying there are not some truly conservative folks out there. What I am saying is that they do not exist in the leadership levels of the Republican Party anymore than they do in the leadership levels of the Democratic Party. The leadership in both parties is internationalist and “one world government” in their mindset and that’s were they plan to take us.

Those people will always apologize to the Marxists for what we are supposed to be guilty of, both to make us feel guilty for not loving Obama and to create the impression that it’s only white folks that are racists. How many media stories have you read of late about black racism? Not too many? I’m not surprised. You are supposed to think that black “racism” is non-existent  but that all whites are potential KKK members. Actually, there are many, many blacks that are decidedly more ethnocentric than most whites ever thought of being, but we are not supposed to think about that. Why not? If being white and voting for someone other than Obama and being opposed to leftist radicals like the Black Panthers makes me a “racist” then I plead guilty and I don’t intend to apologize for it either. I’m not buying into their guilt trip and neither should you.

If you really want to find out who controls both political parties in this country I would go to the Internet and check out a book called The Invisible Government  written by Dan Smoot back in the early 1960s. I believe you can find it online and you can read it there for nothing. You might check out another one called None Care Call It Conspiracy  written by Gary Allen. I think that one is also online. Check and see if one called The Naked Capitalist by Cleon Skousen is also online. This is an excellent work and if it’s online by all means read it. All of these will give you a good indication of who really runs things in Washington and it’s not the people you have teen taught to think it is.

And for those of you that still labor under the delusion that the Republican Party is the “party of small government” I would urge you to read Lincoln’s Marxists  by Walter Kennedy and myself and The Real Lincoln  by Thomas DiLorenzo. These can both be found on Amazon.com And, just for the dickens of it do a Google search on the Council on Foreign Relations  and their connections to the Rockefellers and see what you come up with. You will come across some “feel good” articles about how wonderful this group is, but you will also find some that will give you the hard truth.
As far as the race question, I have friends that are black. Some go to our church. Ive talked with some black folks who don’t like Obama (wonder if that makes them guilty of “racism” too). These are honest, hardworking folks. I’m sure they don’t feel the need to apologize for being black anymore than I do for being white.

So start doing some homework and find out about the people who want us all to feel guilty because we refuse to knuckle under to their Marxist agenda.

Oh Secession!!!

By Al Benson Jr.

It started the day after the presidential “election” was over, as vote totals began to come in from around the country and some folks began realizing that, in many areas, Obama had gotten around 110% of the vote. If you could believe some of the vote totals you would be forced to conclude that no more than a mere handful of Romney supporters turned out nationwide while Obama supporters continued to vote and vote and vote.

As to the question of whether there was vote fraud, you could ask, will the sun rise in the east tomorrow?

Someone in Slidell, Louisiana started a petition for the state of Louisiana to peacefully secede from the Union and within a few days all fifty states had people starting up almost identical petitions. Every state that supposedly gets over 25,000 signatures on their petition is supposed to have it posted on the White House website “We the People.” The White House promises to answer these petitions at some point. Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know what the answer will be, or close to it—secession is treason and the “Civil War” decided that question anyway, so you all, now that you have put your two cents worth in, just go home and shut up so Mr. Obama can get on with the thorny job of redistributing your wealth to his friends—beginning with your 401-K savings. They won’t quite phrase it that way, but you get the idea.

That, or something close to it is about what I expect as an answer from the White House. Interestingly enough, at this point in time, there are already seven states that have gotten considerably more than the 25,000 signatures necessary to get their petitions posted—all of them in the South. This heart-warming development shows you that, in spite of 150 years of Yankee/Marxist public schooling in the South during ongoing “reconstruction” everyone has not totally bought into the big lie.

According to http://www.examiner.com  for November 18th “The petitions sprang up almost immediately following the election, and now there are more than 675,000 signatures on 69 separate petition pages.” The same article then asks “should there be a fear of retaliation by the government for those who choose to sign a petition? The answer to that may be a ‘yes’, in light of President Obama urging his supporters to vote for ‘revenge’ and presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett’s ‘payback time’ and ‘the ones that opposed us will get what they deserve’ comments before the election.”

Such comments from the White (Red) House hierarchy show you the moral tenor of the administration that welfare loafers and guilt-ridden white liberals helped (along with creative voting) to send back to Washington. Ordinary American citizens exercising what should be their First Amendment rights may now have to fear retaliation from a vindictive White House that doesn’t like what they say. So much for the “land of the free.”

While I am happy for the discussion of the secession issue this petition drive has generated, I realize that this is not the way to get secession from the Union. This would be the same as the colonists in 1776 begging King George to let them leave the British Empire. And although we did secede from Great Britain, we did it with our Declaration of Independence, which was actually a secession document

There are a lot of things to be dealt with regarding the secession question. You have to have a people culturally ready to secede. At present we are not ready, emotionally, maturity-wise, or in other ways. Although the sentiment is there, for which I am thankful, we, at this point, need to grow into the kind of culture that will be ready to handle the responsibilities of secession. The Southern states that seceded in 1861 were the products of a biblically-based society and worldview. Even in the South we don’t have as much of that anymore. More’s the pity. Before we are ready for political secession we first need to reassert our cultural secession from the horrendous world system around us. We need to find biblically-sound Christian churches and adhere to them, departing from some of these “feel good” mega-temples some of us attend. We need to start taking our kids out of the government school system and consciously looking for Christian alternatives—sound Christian alternatives with a generational worldview. We need to shut the television off and stop listening to trash music, trash reality shows, and all of the other meaningless drivel that the One World establishment puts out there for us to bemuse ourselves with so that we won’t take the time to learn to think critically. And all of this, as well as other worthwhile pursuits, will take awhile. It won’t be accomplished the day after tomorrow.

Then there is the legality of secession. Some will say it is no longer legal, but, should that be true, you cannot prove that it was illegal in 1861, or that it was treason. That is plain hogwash. If it was legal in 1861 and the Confederate States government never surrendered, then that original secession is probably still legal today no matter what happened after it.

There is a lot to deal with regarding the secession question and we had better start to learn to come to grips with it because it is not going away, even if our current Marxist government tries to annul the Bill of Rights. All they will do is to drive it underground where it will flourish. As for this Marxist crowd in Washington, they had best start looking at what they have for an agenda in the light of Psalm 2.

Bill Gates–a different set of windows

Many of you may have wondered what Bil Gates has been doing since he (sort of) retired from Microsoft.

My friend Steve at http://seethedistance.wordpress.com  has followed some of Mr. Gates’ activities and found that Bill is really concerned with the population of the planet. Bill seems to think there are too many of us on the planet and he thinks we need a little population reduction. It’s quite interesting that those who advocate population reduction are always ready to begin it with other folks, never themselves, but then that tells you a little about the elitist mentality–they get to decide whats “best” for the rest of us, which really means whats best for them.

Steve has some good links with this article so please check it out at

Public Education Plus Vote Fraud Equals Obama

By Al Benson Jr.

Just a couple nights ago I read an article from http://www.campusreform.org  which stated: “A group of college students chanted ‘Karl Marx’ and ‘socialism’ while celebrating President Obama’s electoral victory in front of the White House late Tuesday night, a video shot by Campus Reform reveals…The raucous group of students chanted ‘Karl Marx, Karl Marx, Karl Marx’ and cited abortion, socialism, and ‘Obama phones’ as reasons for their support of President Obama’s second term.”

The article noted they were some of the thousands from Washington, D.C. colleges that “spontaneously” gathered around the north lawn of the White House to commemorate Comrade Obama’s “re-election.”

Many of these students supported Obama’s stand on gay rights. One student said “I don’t want to be a second class citizen…because I’m gay.” Well don’t worry, you aren’t a second class citizen because you are gay, but you are a sodomite by biblical definition and there is nothing you can do about that except to repent.

I’ve been around a couple colleges over the years and you learn one thing; most, not all but most, college professors are ultra-liberals and they are where they are to remove whatever traditional values some students may still have by the time they get to college. Again, I emphasize this does not include all professors. I have known personally known some professors who were fine Christians but the majority in our day lean far to the left politically.

I recall one professor at a college on the East Coast inviting an identified Communist Party member posing as a “community organizer” to the school to lecture the students for a couple weeks one year. In this particular case the Communist was exposed for what he was and the professor was not invited back next year. But the school’s administration had no problem with the Communist being there—their problem was that he ended up being exposed.

How many colleges invite questionable figures such as this to come in and lecture students on the various ways they can become good little socialists? More than you want to know about I’ll wager. This was not an isolated event. In the same state a public high school teacher brought a prostitute in to lecture the class. That caused quite a stir—for awhile—but it eventually passed and parents kept their kids in the same school rather than removing them. And how many public schools have you read about in the last four years that have become blatant propaganda mills for Obama, including the kids being taught to sing or chant songs praising him? You think this kind of thing happens by accident? Once in awhile some parent complains and makes enough noise that they have to stop this kind of activity—at least for awhile. But how much of this goes on that you never hear about? Again, more than you want to know.

Do you think that most kids go through twelve years of public schooling with no leftist indoctrination whatever? If you do you are kidding yourself. It starts, in many cases, in Kindergarten. If you don’t think so go back and read my article on this blog from November, 2011 called Kindergarten’s Socialist Origins. Or contact Exodus Mandate , P O Box 12072, Columbia, South Carolina 29211-2072 and ask for information about the video IndoctriNation. 
It’s something you really need to see. You won’t like it but you do need to see it if you care about your kids.

The point I’m trying to make here is that these kids standing in front of the White House and cheering for Karl Marx and socialism did not get that only from their college professors, although they helped. This sort of mindset comes from years of subtle, and not so subtle, indoctrination in public schools where the kids are conditioned to accept a socialist or Marxist worldview without even realizing it and without their parents realizing it. And one reason their parents don’t realize it is that they were subjected to the same kind of indoctrination when they went to school and so, to them, it sounds normal, a little further out maybe than when they went to school, but still normal..

Our public schools have reared for us generations of little socialists and we don’t even know it. Look at these kids today who expect someone else to pay for their education (redistribution of the wealth) because they feel they are entitled to it. There are some kids that do work hard and pay for their own educations, so I am not referring to them, but even they have to learn to be careful about what they are taught in college. Discernment as well as a work ethic is necessary.

And then, there is the question of vote fraud, and that’s not new either. I can remember, when we lived in Indiana there was a saying about voting in Gary, Indiana that said “Vote early and vote often—your vote counts, and counts, and counts.” There was another standing joke about the dead in Chicago cemeteries arising to vote every four years. These are jokes, but there is a large element of truth behind them. Over the years some cities have ended up with large numbers of deceased people still on the voting rolls—and someone votes using their names. No wonder the leftists are howling about having to show a picture ID when they vote. This last election showed that Obama lost in all the states where a photo ID was required for you to vote and he won in many states where the voter ID requirement was a little “iffy”.

There was an article on http://patdollard.com  for November 10th about some of the voting in Philadelphia. You know about Philadelphia. That’s the city of brotherly love where the Black Panthers stand out in front of many of the polling places to meet and greet white voters. The article observed: “In a city where President Obama received more than 85% of the votes, in some places he received almost every one. In 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99% of the vote or more…Randall Miller, a history professor at St. Joseph’s University, said politicians almost never get 99 ercent of the votes anywhere except, perhaps, the towns where they were born.” A good statement, but he then went on to congratulate the Philadelphia Democrats for their “discipline” in such a turnout. Disciplined voter turnout? Almost sounds like the Soviet Union—but then we are not so far away from that here are we? I read another article (you can’t quote them all) about how someone in Philadelphia found a batch of voter registration forms for Republicans that had been trashed and thrown away. Sheer coincidence I’m sure.

One Democratic senator in Philadelphia said people there came out to vote “because they were tired of the ‘hard right’ Republican agenda.” What hard right Republican agenda? Romney surely did not promote any hard right agenda—he was almost Obama Lite! Can’t you just imagine what the public schools in Philadelphia are teaching these kids?

If done right the indoctrination into leftism foisted on students, plus the deceased vote in many places, along with outright intimidation and fraud, will lead to an election win for Obama.

There isn’t much we can do about the election fraud, that’s been going on for decades now, but we can still do something about the leftist indoctrination of our kids—we can remove them from public schools and find alternative methods (hopefully Christian) of educating them. If we don’t take that step, some of our children may one day be standing outside the White House cheering for whatever Marxist happens to “win” a future election.

Trading Your Liberty For An “Obamaphone”

By Al Benson Jr.

On July 14th and September 30th of this year I did articles pertaining to the presidential election. In both articles I said it didn’t look like Romney was really trying. He was there to go through the motions this year just as John McCain did in 2008. While I am no fan of Romney’s I really did wish I could, after election day, write an article saying “I was wrong.” Such is not to be. Sadly, it turns out that I was right and all the Republican pundits were wrong. What does that tell you about their “insight?”

Of all the Republican candidates he seemed the most wooden, the one least capable of getting himself across the people and so the Republican establishment wanted him—because they knew he was not going to win anyway. He was almost too good in the first presidential debate and he made Obama look like a dufus without his teleprompter. However that oversight was corrected in the next two debates with his teleprompter on board and the moderators both ready and willing to run interference for him when he stumbled.

At any rate the charade is now over. Obama has been, so they tell us, (depending on whose voting machines you use) handily re-elected and so we can now look forward with eager anticipation to another four years of class struggle. After that, who knows? We might be ready for the dictatorship of the proletariat, Marxist style, at that point and we will need no further elections to muddy the Marxist waters. King Barack will be “dictator for life” if the Council on Foreign Relations people that pull his strings are willing to let him. It all depends, because it is really their agenda he is promoting, not his own.

Just for laughs I checked out the popular vote in this noble contest. Obama, at least at this point, got over 60 million votes, or 50.4% and Romney got over 57 million, or 48%.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to get votes for Obama these days. I will give one example. Four years ago and older lady I know complained about Obama, saying he was a Muslim and not a Christian (she was probably correct) and she had no use for him. Now, four years later, she has become the proud recipient of one of the famed “Obamaphones” which have been passed out to millions, supposedly “for free.” Now, all of a sudden, Obama has become, for her, mankind’s greatest benefactor. Other older folks I know were raving about these wonderful “free” phones they had been given. When they asked me if I wanted one I didn’t take it. I don’t like “government gifts.” They have a way of coming back to bite you. I tried to explain to the lady who wanted me to take the free phone that nothing is ever for free—someone had to pay for it. Government produces nothing on its own so some poor stiff somewhere had to pay for her “free” phone. Her comment was “But it’s free to you.” How can you argue with such trenchant logic? Obviously the public schools these folks went to taught them nothing about the true nature and function of government. They all seem to think it exists to give them goodies when they want them and they will, even at an advanced age, vote for whichever candidate promises them the most freebies.

I’m sure that is one way Obama won the election. He is promising more goodies to various groups and they vote for him to get them. The fact that he will take much more than he gives never enters their minds.

It reminded me of the biblical narrative about Jacob and Esau in the Book of Genesis and how Esau was willing to trade his birthright for what was, basically, a bowl of bean soup. It meant so little to him that he was willing to trade it away to satisfy his hunger. And that’s where we are currently in this country. Just let someone in government promise us some new toy to play with and all of a sudden government becomes the saviour—its function—to distribute gifts to the eager and willing. Rush Limbaugh, who I often disagree with, said that when the government becomes Santa Claus lots of people line up for presents. In this instance he was right.

You are forced to ask—how were these folks educated? Were they ever taught any real American history or civics? Were they ever taught the proper functions of government—what government should be doing and what it should not be doing? I can remember back to my high school years and I don’t recall anything about the proper functions of government ever being explained to us. If it was that bad back then, what do you think it is now? How many public school graduates voted for Obama because they think it is government’s job to “take care of them?” And how many welfare people voted for Obama because as long as he stays there they keep getting the goodies? Not that they don’t get them with the Republicans, but the Democrats seem even more willing to stiff the middle class in order to pay for the welfare lifestyles of “the rich and indolent.”

Remember, part of Obama’s agenda is to destroy the middle class. This is what his handlers have told him to do and he’s pretty good at it. According to http://www.newsmax.com  Steve Forbes, the son of Forbes Magazine publisher Malcolm Forbes, this country is headed for a recession with a second Obama term. Forbes says “Raising taxes on capitol, raising taxes on small businesses, which we will likely get now, particularly since the Republicans did so badly in the Senate races, that is going to pose a real burden.” Of course it will. It’s supposed to. Obama’s (and the CFR’s) plan is to, bit by bit, do away with the middle class. That’s where the resistance to Marxism and socialism comes from and so the middle class has to go, while all the while Obama prattles about how he is trying to help the middle class. Well I guess he is trying to help it—out of existence!

The education bureaucracy is also trying to help the middle class to self-destruct because it makes sure that our kids don’t learn much of anything about the proper role of government. Hence we now have generations of kids who think the federal government owes them a living. We now have a federal government that makes sure we are all “safe” with wonderful agencies like Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Administration—all to go hand in hand with the Department of Education. Better to be “safe” than free—right? Unfortunately this is the agenda of both major parties because both major parties are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission whose vision for this country is to turn it into something Gorbachev would have loved. And a brainwashed and compliant public who has been educated  to vote for socialism happily complies.

Recently I reread an old book I have by Janice Holt Giles called The Believers. It was historical fiction about a group in the late 1700 to early 1800s called the Shakers. These folks were apostates. There is no other way to say it unless you want to be politically correct and label them as “theologically challenged.” But since I am not noted for political correctness I will call them apostates. They had a lifestyle that allowed for no freedom of thought or action—all in the name of keeping their flock “safe” from the world. I don’t even know if they exist anymore but I due to some of their odd beliefs I rather doubt it.. Mrs. Giles’ book was about their activities in Kentucky. Years ago my family and I visited Pleasant Hill in Kentucky, where one of their settlements had been located. The buildings are still there.

On the last page of her book Mrs. Giles made an insightful observation. She said: “This country was established by freedom-loving men, and few with the zeal and spirit to endure can willingly exchange freedom for safety.”

Unfortunately, her statement tells us where this country is today. We have embraced Marxist “safety” in exchange for God-given liberty and we will live to regret it.

Is the Church Sleeping Through the Election?

By Al Benson Jr.

Very recently I heard a preacher say that this country is under judgment and part of the proof of that is that we have such low caliber men running for the highest office in the land in the two major parties. You know something? He’s right! I can’t disagree with him.  He feels that the church has, basically, been sleeping through the last several national elections. Again, I have to agree. I have said the same thing for a long time now and it’s like no one is listening—no one wants to hear it—so just shut up and let me go back to sleep.

Most Christians today think they have done their duty if they go to the polls and vote Republican. Then they can go home and go back to sleep! I have seen so-called Christian organizations that will endorse people just because they are Republicans and will bypass real Christians who might belong to a third party. Are these folks really Christians or are they, in fact, religious Republicans?

If you think I am being too hard on the Republicans then why not do a Google search on Evangelicals for Obama and see what you come up with.

It appears that many evangelicals think that the Marxist running for president on the Democratic ticket is the greatest thing since sliced bread.. Do they realize he is a Marxist? No, and they don’t really want to know, and anyone pointing out his Marxism is being “unloving.”

Many Christians today refuse to get “political.” They just want to “preach the Gospel” and leave politics out of everything—and knowing nothing about politics they fall for everything that comes down the pike with a Bible verse attached to it.

Folks, here is a thought that will rattle your cage. Christianity is political! You read that right, it’s political. When the first century Christians stated truly that “Jesus is Lord” that was a political statement because its implication was that if Jesus is Lord, then Caesar isn’t—and that was political. It’s the same today. If Jesus is Lord, then the federal government isn’t.

Pastor Steve Wilkins of Monroe, Louisiana has noted: “The Jews understood the message (Acts 17:5-7). This message became the unpardonable sin of the Empire. If Christians had been willing to keep these views to themselves and not make it a public issue, Rome would have been willing to tolerate them. But by proclaiming these things the Church became the enemy to the empire. They were guilty of treason…Rome persecuted the Christians, not because they promoted another religion or a new theology, but because their gospel left no room for Caesar and the old world at all. It demanded that everyone bow the knee at every point to the King of Kings, Jesus the Lord.”

Pastor Wilkins continued: “In our country, laws based on the Bible cannot be considered legitimate if they contradict the so-called ‘values of the Constitution.’ Any symbol that implies that Jesus is Lord over this land and not the Constitution or the Supreme Court or the Congress is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. ‘Caesar’ is the only Lord and Master we have the right to acknowledge. ‘Christianity’ is perfectly fine if it is kept private and personal…The church has capitulated to secularism, accepting secularism’s declaration that ‘no one has a corner on the truth’ and that there are no ‘absolutes.’ The Church has accepted the world’s definition of ‘freedom’…This is a denial of the gospel.”

What can be done to reverse this growing trend in the Church? First, we must repent and believe the gospel. Pastor Wilkins observed that “This means that we must believe that Jesus is Lord and that there is no other higher king. This means that we must believe that the Bible is the truth, the one rule of faith and life. This means that we must confess that the only way to live is by faith in Jesus and following His Word. This means that we must not substitute nationalism for the gospel. The fifth commandment requires us to love our country, but the first commandment forbids worshiping it.” And many Christians today do this. How many churches do you go by that fly both the American flag and a Christian flag, and the American flog is on the higher flagstaff? I realize there is a federal law stating that if a batch of flags are flying somewhere the national flag has to be on the highest flagstaff—but at a church?  What that says is that the Christian flag is inferior to the national flag. And I have gone by some churches that don’t even bother to fly a Christian flag out front—they just fly the American flag and the Israeli flag. Such shouldn’t be. What it says is that the Israeli flag is more important than the Christian flag. I don’t buy that and you shouldn’t either.

So what will we get out of this election from the Church? Will we get Christians who know how to vote intelligently because they have done the homework or will we get another batch of religious Republican voters who, after voting Republican, will go home and return back to political slumber if their candidate gets in (which is looking a little iffy at this point). Will we get a batch of evangelicals who think that by supporting Obama (also without doing the homework) they are ushering in the New World Order posing as Christianity?

Then we have the folks who will say “well don’t worry, the Lord’s in control.” Translation: if the Lord is in control I don’t have to do anything but continue to be a spiritual couch potato. The Lord is definitely in control, but might not part of His plan be to exercise some of that control through active and informed church members? Ahh, that’s the question we don’t want to deal with and until we do, the Church will continue to be influenced by the world rather than the other way around.

Should We Re-elect the “Red Diaper Baby” For a Second Term?

By Al Benson Jr.

According to http://en.wikipedia.org  A “Red diaper baby describes a child of parents who were members of the United States Communist Party (CPUSA) or were close to the party or sympathetic to its aims.” That’s a pretty fair country definition of a Red diaper baby and many knowledgeable people have contended that this is exactly what Barack Obama is. His parents may not have been American Communists but they were sure sympathetic to the Communist cause and Mr. Obama still is.

Donna Merritt wrote an excellent article on http://donna-primethoughts.blogspot.com entitled simply “Red Diaper Babies.” She started off by asking “Do you know the term Red Diaper Baby? My guess would be that if one hundred people were to read this blog there would be at least 95 who would answer ‘no.’ Perhaps that is the reason the voters of this country were so quick to put into the highest office of our country, a man whose background is overflowing with questionable associations.” In a country where the media did its job many of his associations and much of his past would have been vetted for the public to scrutinize and they could have made a more intelligent decision based on their knowledge of his far-left associations and background. But as most of us know this did not happen. The “news” media bent over backwards to make sure no one know anything about Comrade Obama. His Marxist and far-left associations were swept under the rug and, in the face of overwhelming evidence, are still totally ignored by the media. Makes you wonder whose side the “news” media is on, although many of us already know and more should be taught to question.

Donna Merritt quotes from another blog Blueridgeforum.com  which states: “The red diaper term refers to children of Americans who were either members of the Communist Party or were ‘fellow travelers’ or espoused the parallel strains of hard Marxism that emerged in the last century here. The generations that actually joined the party tended to be most active in the 1930s and 1940s. Their politically precocious children were most active in the ‘New Left’ of the 1960s and later.” http://blueridgeforum.com/?p=196

Merritt continued: “The left has spent many years, especially since the 1960s doing a great job of making any thought or discussion of it to be in bad taste….It’s not just PC. However, in the same time they have become highly involved in education and in the brainwashing of our children. We have generations of people who believe that America is bad. Capitalism is bad. All parts of the world that are in poverty are only there because of us. Obama went so far as to say ‘Capitalism has never worked in this country.’ Give some thought to that statement… As they say ‘read my lips’ Communism is alive and well in our country and in our government.” It makes one realize that Joe McCarthy, for all the rotten things they said about him in the 1950s and afterward, was right. He tried to warn people and people in the government made sure he couldn’t. The reason should be obvious.

Merritt observed that socialism is more easily imposed than is outright Communism. She said that Communism usually comes in by force, whereas socialism “takes control by invitation, like what is happening in our country today. Obama and his plans to ‘Radically change the country’ were welcomed and cheered by voters in 2008’ who had their heads in the sand and couldn’t be bothered doing any homework to find out where Obama was really coming from. After all, hadn’t the “news” media told us he was okay? What more did we need? Lots more, but we were not about to get it and still aren’t. The “news” media is as big a political prostitute as it ever was. Indeed, it has been bought and paid for since the 19th century.

David Horowitz, who is now conservative, was a Red diaper baby. He changed his views in the 1970s and wrote an autobiography called Radical Son.  He made a very important statement, one that has implications for all Christians. He said: “I understood early that my parents’ political religion was really the center of their moral life. This meant—without they necessarily intending it—that the condition of their parental love was that I embrace their political faith.” Horowitz understood that his parents’ commitment to left-wing radicalism was, indeed, their religion. It went beyond politics. It was their theology. Until Christians begin to understand that Communism is at war with Christianity because it is a competing
theology and not “just politics” they will never really know how to deal with Communism.

Paul Kengor is a professor of political science and executive director of the Center for Vision and Values at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He is also the author of the new book The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, the Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor. This is an important book, especially at this critical time, when the country is poised to possibly send its first “Red diaper baby president back for another four years to complete the destruction he has already begun.

In an article for http://spectator.org  Professor Kengor noted: “In the fall of 1970, a nine-year-old Obama was introduced to Frank Marshall Davis by Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who himself was on the far left…Frank Marshall Davis’ political antics were so radical that the FBI placed him on the federal government’s Security index, which meant that he could be immediately detained or arrested in the event of a national emergency, such as war breaking out between the United States and USSR. Young Obama met with Davis far more than he met with the senior Obama…To sum up: Obama’s mother, grandfather, Kenyan father, and Frank Marshall Davis, those are some pretty extreme political influence. Some of them were interested in communism, sympathetic to communism, fellow travelers or even downright Communist Party members. For a young Obama—who I actually feel bad for—this would seem to meet the standards of a Red Diaper Baby environment.” I can’t argue with the professor’s assessment.

Whereas David Horowitz was able to break away from his family’s radical leftist environment and expose it, Obama never was. He embraced it and still does.

Do we want to put back in the White House a man whose total environmental up-bringing was on the far left and who is probably incapable of thinking in any other terms than far-left or Marxist terms? Folks, even with a totally compliant left-leaning media trying to run interference for Obama, we should have been able to figure out by now where he is at. He has told us in statements he has made (you didn’t build that someone else did) or his well-remembered  “capitalism doesn’t work” or his classic about wanting to change the national anthem from The Star Spangled Banner to “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” The Star Spangled Banner was written by a Christian man. I wonder who wrote “I’d like to teach the world to sing.”

I have long contended that Obama was a Marxist. As such, do we want him taking his country down that road—and in his first term he has been trying. People need to wake up and realize what he is and where he is coming from before they blindly go to the polls in this next election and pull the lever again for him because, after all, he is for “hope and change.” Hope for who? And the change I’ve seen I don’t like.