Joe Biden The Malleable Candidate

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Back in 2007 someone on the internet made an interesting comment about Joe Biden. He said “Biden is the ultimate outsider/insider, whatever you want.” In other words, Biden was for sale to the highest bidder no matter where he was coming from. His son’s dealings with Burisma in Ukraine have long since borne that out.

However, since 2007 Joe Biden has lost whatever sharp edge he once had. All you have to do now is listen to the gaffes when he talks and you can tell his best days are behind him. He recently stated he was running for the senate, and that there had been 150 deaths due to guns in this country–a slight exaggeration to say the least.

He also said that, if elected, he would appoint Beto O’Rourke as his “gun control” czar, really bad news, because good ol’ Beto would outlaw everything except air rifles–and he’d want those to be single shot!

I just spent 19 days in the hospital, so I had lots of time to watch the television news, such as it is. One newscast I did watch nightly was Tucker Carlson’s on Fox News. One night several days back Tucker had some interesting comments on Biden and his ability to be president if elected. He didn’t think Biden was up to being president mentally and he felt that were Biden somehow elected he would be what he called a malleable candidate. In other words, Biden would be easily influenced by someone behind the scenes, who we don’t know at this point. A lot might depend on who his vice president  ended up being. Most realize that, during the Bush 2 administration, Dick Cheney was the real power behind the throne, as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.–America’s unelected government.

Tucker felt it was interesting that, after South Carolina, everybody suddenly jumped on the Biden bandwagon–as if the word had suddenly gone out that Biden was who they wanted no matter what. What happens with Joe Biden and who is involved in that will be worth watching in the days to come. If elected, Biden will, at best, be a figurehead president with someone behind the scenes calling the shots and putting his words in Biden’s mouth–provided Biden can get them all straight.

Biden will be pictured as the “moderate” Democrat (please don’t make me laugh). Trump made an interesting comment a few nights ago. He said that, in some ways, Biden is to the left of Bernie Sanders. That possibility is something worth looking at. No matter what they say, there is nothing “moderate” about any of the Democrats at the national, and most state levels. The Democrats in Virginia are a perfect example.

So keep your eyes open in the days to come because there will be lots of cow chips flying around in the days to come and you don’t want to get hit in the face with any of them.

Check out an article on for 3/9 about some possibles in a Biden cabinet–downright scary!