Civil War in America–Brought to you by Communists and their friends

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Anti-Communist columnist Trevor Loudon was recently interviewed (5/31/20) and he stated, in regard to the domestic unrest in this country that “This is way bigger than Antifa. These are the shock troops, but there are 20 or more communist groups operating freely in the United States who engage in what they refer to as ‘anti-fascist’ military action.”

All these communist groups operating in this country and nobody has bothered them? Seems like our Justice Department and intelligence services have all been asleep. Oh, sorry, I forgot, these are all leftist groups so they get a pass to do whatever they want. Trump is beginning to wake up to some of this, but he has a long way to go yet.

A website called noted that: “On Sunday, the Epoch Times published an article by Loudon titled Cities Burn, But None Dare Call It Communist Insurrection where the expert on subversive organizations detailed several communist organizations calling on their comrades to exploit the death of George Floyd by taking it to the streets. Many of these groups are not shy about calling for violence, justifying it as a natural response to ‘police brutality’ and ‘white supremacy’.”

Loudon observed that President Trump  took a very decisive step in calling out Antifa, but the article also noted that “Antifa is an umbrella group that has largely enjoyed anonymity because they are part of a larger collective of violent leftists, including those in the communist–created Black Lives Matter movement. This is way bigger than Antifa.”

Another article on for 6/1/20 by Rod Thomson also told us “Antifa has been identified as the primary driver of the violent riots engulfing American cities. But there is a critical second arm of this unholy alliance that has been around longer and has deep roots, along with possible foreign connections. Communism. It shouldn’t be shocking. Communists domestic and foreign have been trying to destroy and undermine America for many generations. And we’ve seen a disturbing rise in American public support for Socialism and Communism. That support translates into resources and manpower on the ground and  it is being put to use. And yet the Communist element in the riots is getting virtually no media coverage.”

Do you wonder why? Well, it’s because the media is mostly on the side of the communists. That should not be a big surprise. And if you wonder why the support for socialism and communism has been increasing look no further than your public schools and your colleges. Awhile back author William Lind referred to our colleges and universities as “little ivy-covered North Koreas.” Mr. Lind was right on the money and had he included many of our public schools from K-12 in that he still would have been right on the money.

Mr. Thomson’s article mentioned several neo-Marxist groups that have played a large part in the new civil war in America–The Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Maoist organization.

All those mentioned in this brief article have been working to promote and encourage civil war in America. You have them, and their friends in the “news” media to thank for the emerging civil war in this country.

And the question you then need to ask is Who is paying for all this mayhem and those “peaceful protesters” (really communists) in our streets? Communist organizations are not noted as being big fundraisers so someone behind the scenes has to be footing the bill for our emerging civil war. George Soros is one major player there but there have to be others. George Soros is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, this country’s premier organization for promoting One World Government, so communist civil war in America fits their agenda to a T!

Christians need to be aware of all this because, at root, this is not a political issue–it is a theological one. It all comes down to which god you are willing to serve–the God of the Bible or the “god” of this world system.


Is Seattle a Marxist City?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member. Board of  Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of this article may seem like a shocking question, but given the circumstances, you do have to wonder.

I came across a blog last evening (I didn’t even get the name of it) where one of the commentators asked what I felt were some pertinent questions. He said: “The first question that should be asked is why in the hell is there a statue of communist Vladimir Lenin on display in Seattle, or anywhere else in the country in the first place? Secondly, why the hell hasn’t this statue been vandalized, defaced, burned, or better yet torn down like the Confederate soldier statues, Christopher Columbus, or Texas Rangers that have been ripped down in recent weeks?” Both excellent questions. But then he answers them: “Oh, that’s right, Lenin was a Communist, just like Democrats and the Black Lives Matter, Antifa terrorists. Of course they wouldn’t yank down, or vandalize a statue of one of their  own idols.” His comments were made back in mid-June and to the best of my knowledge, the Seattle statue of Comrade Lenin still remains there, unscarred, undefaced, and untouched.

So you have to ask yourself, what sort of city is Seattle anymore? You can bet if there had been a statue of Stonewall Jackson there at any point it would be long gone by now–but Lenin remains undisturbed. Do people in the Seattle city government want him there? And, if so, what comment does that make about the city government of Seattle? I wonder if any other big cities have statues of Lenin, Marx, or any of their cohorts, and if they do, I’d be willing to bet those statues have been untouched also.

In doing a little “huntin’ and peckin’ for this article, I came across another interesting article that may shed a bit of light on what sort of city Seattle has become. This one was on and the headline for it read Seattle business owners blast city leaders as stores remain shut: ‘Sick and tired’ of mayor pandering to ‘Marxist’ council.  Sounds like all ain’t well in the environs of Seattle.

The article continued: “‘We’re now at the point where we’re sick and tired of our mayor that continues to pander to our Marxist city council members’ Joey Rodolfo, the owner of a clothing store in Seattle, which is close to the Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone, or CHOP, told Fox & Friends on Thursday.” It seems that Mr. Rodolfo has finally had enough. He is planning to move to Arizona.

The article continued: “Last month, Seattle police forcefully cleared out ‘CHOP’ the infamous protest zone in the Capitol Hill neighborhood after weeks of protests that culminated with two fatal shootings that forced the city’s Democrat leadership to finally act after facing weeks of mounting scrutiny…” Another small business owner, Andrea Raetzer, noted: “There is a complete lack of communication between small business owners in the downtown Seattle area and our city council and our mayor’s office. It seems like they are more interested in hearing and making the rioters and protesters more comfortable, yet they’re not interested in speaking with us.”

She’s right. If the mayor and city council are leaning in a Marxist direction, which seems rather obvious, they couldn’t care less about speaking with small business owners. As small business owners and defenders of the right of private property, you are the enemy. It’s as simple as that.

Not only that, but in Seattle, BLM activists have been busy practicing what most would call extortion. They have been going around to people’s homes at night and “advising” them to either give them money or give up their homes.

An article of for August 14th noted: “BLM activists claim the residents they targeted helped to ‘gentrify’ the formerly black neighborhood by the mere act of renting their homes. So, they’re demanding the residents  pay up and give back. ‘We want it all, We want everything we’re supposed to have. Period. And then some. Because everything we’re supposed to have ain’t enough.” Thus spake the BLM!

And it would seem that the city government in Seattle has no problem with this. I’ve not read anything stating that they are trying to stop this extortion. So they are probably okay with it. Have any of you ever thought this might just be communist revolution? If not, you haven’t been paying attention! How soon will it before all this comes to a city near you–or the one you may live in?

So asking if Seattle is a Marxist city ain’t all that far out.

The question then arises–how many other cities and towns across the country have mayors and city councils that would dearly love to do to their citizens exactly what Seattle is now doing? In the upsurge of Marxist revolution in this country you have to know Seattle is not the only place this mindset occurs. What about Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Dallas, Texas, Jackson, Mississippi or Shreveport, Louisiana, or St. Louis, Missouri to mention a few possibles?

There is a lesson here for the voters in big as well as smaller cities. You need to be informed about those running for mayor and city council in your areas. You need to do a  little homework about the backgrounds of these people. Who are their friends. What groups are or have they been associated with? What causes do they support? You will find that a  little advance homework helps. Should you run across any potential leftists it is lots easier to keep them out of office than it is to get rid of them after they have ensconced themselves in positions of power that will enable them to practice their leftist agendas on you and your fellow voters. Just a word to the wise.

The South’s Real Enemies Are Communists

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Some uninformed folks continue to believe the delusion that Marxists and various other socialists have nothing whatever to do with the rioting and mayhem being visited on many American cities. So when their world comes crashing down around them and they did nothing to  prevent it they have no one to blame but themselves.

This is just as true in the South as in any other part of the country.

In a recent article on there were remarks by Communist activist Angela Davis. Many folks from my generation will remember Comrade Davis. The article noted: “Longtime communist Davis warns that the violent BLM and Antifa demonstrations currently ravishing cities across America  are simply the early stages of a larger radical-left revolution.”  Communists usually lie to you, but on occasion, they will give you a little truth. Comrade Davis is doing that here. She is also happy that the rioters are tearing down historic statues, which she says are only there as a testimony to our “racism.” Here she is lying to you.

Here in the South it is long past time that the average Southerner woke up to the fact that the destruction of our statues and the attack on our heritage are all part of the Communist revolution that is planned for this country. You can’t just sit back and ignore it. Doing that makes you complicit in it. When good people do nothing they compromise with evil–and that includes Christians who do nothing.

In the third edition of the Southern Defender Gene Kizer Jr. has written: “Since the 1960s, the interpretation of Southern history and the War Between the States put forth by most of the news media and academia is largely a fraud. It is driven by the racist ‘identity politics’ of the neo-Marxists and the Democrat Party, not on historical truth…Neo-Marxists and Democrats are foremost among the political leaders working to remove our Confederate monuments. These people have an axe to grind,  and they grind it with a vengeance, ignoring polls showing that 60% of Americans want the monuments left alone. If the neo-Marxists cannot find a legal way to remove the monuments, they simply break the law…” For information about the Southern Defender check out or email

Years ago, when I was in the John Birch Society I was told that our main adversaries were liberals, socialists, and Communists. I found that to be an accurate assessment. When I became involved in the Southern Heritage Movement I discovered that its main enemies were, guess who–liberals, socialists and communists. These people, with the willing aid of what passes for the news media today, are mainly the ones that are trashing our heritage. Destruction of our Southern history and heritage is a major part of the agenda for communist revolution in America. And if we let them get away with it through our reluctance to “get involved” we have no one to blame but ourselves. Letting them get away with it shows that we have no regard for the futures of our children and grandchildren or what they learn–and the Lord will hold us accountable for that!

Many will read this and say “Oh, but the liberals are not really all that bad.” In our day, the liberals that take part in the trashing of our culture are little more than slow communists. They haven’t quite arrived at full-blown Marxism yet, but they are headed in that direction. Unless they wake up and repent, they will get there eventually–probably sooner than later.

People need to wake up and realize who their real enemies are and realize that they need to work to defeat those enemies unless they are willing to sit by while their children are taught to accept the shackles of Marxist slavery. And guess where they will learn to accept those shackles–your local public brain laundry!

The Pressure From Below Continues, (funded by the pressure from above)

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors. Confederate Society of America

It seems as if the pressure from below to push this country into some sort of civil war continues. Yesterday I wrote about what is going on now in Kenosha, Wisconsin. More on that from where they say: “After the shooting of Jacob Blake on Sunday night,  video shows Kenosha police officers surrounded by an angry mob amid the riots when someone broke a window in their cruiser. An officer was struck on the head by a projectile, believed to be a brick and he fell face-first to the ground.  BLM/Antifa rioters armed with semi-automatic rifles shut down a street and ordered a Sheriff’s armored vehicle to stop. Officers deployed tear gas…The leftist protesters appear to be provoking police into an armed confrontation to create martyrs and set off a civil war.” It’s interesting that what passes for the mainstream media castigates gun owners as horrible people yet it has nothing to say about armed Marxist thugs in the streets. Ever wonder why?

Another recent article on said it this way: “The quicker America realizes that we aren’t just facing racial division  and we aren’t just experiencing unrelenting disinformation and propaganda or allowing future generations to be brainwashed by useful idiot communist professors, the quicker the blinders come off. Americans will one day realize we are sinking into the quicksand of full-blown Communism, a slow, decades-long process of psychological warfare that moves through four stages…The crisis we are currently experiencing engineered by the Democratic Party hopes to linger as long as possible.” At least until the 4th of next November when they hope Biden is able to steal the election from Trump via mail in votes and other methods!

Folks, all of this is nothing new. It has been standard operating procedure of the Deep State for decades now.

I did an article for the old Sierra Times website (now defunct) way back in May of 2006 which dealt with the Council on Foreign Relations–a major part of the Deep State in this country. I noted that former FBI agent Dan Smoot had written a book back in 1964 called The Invisible Government which was about the CFR and which I believe is now online for those who want to check it out, though I believe few will bother. Smoot noted how every administration, Republican or Democrat, had been staffed with hacks from the CFR. And he also noted that they permeated all areas of society, the media, education, Congress, the military, etc. Whether they will ever admit it or not, many in the CFR have been promoters of the old pressure from above and pressure from below technique that is currently being applied to the American people. A good book on the CFR is the recent one by Arthur R. Thompson called Shadows of the Deep State which can be obtained from the John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin. I think it only costs $10.95 and it is a bargain at that price.

In the old Sierra Times article I noted, back in the Viet Nam era that I read a book by one James Simon Kunen called The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary. Kunen was part of the revolutionary left in the late 1960s and early 70s. Unknowingly, probably, he passed along some interesting information that showed how the pressure from above and pressure from below technique really worked.

He noted how people from the Business International Roundtables were in the process of “buying up radicals.” He explained how those people wanted Eugene McCarthy in as president, the same way many in high places today want Biden in as president. He observed that those people felt that if the leftist radicals really acted up that this would only make McCarthy look more reasonable and thus advance his chances for election. The same game is being played today with Biden.

Kunen described those people as the left wing of the ruling class. And he noted that: “We were offered Esso (Rockefeller) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left.” Look at what Kunen was telling you here and translate it into what you see going on today.

Communists and their leftist cronies howl about the horrible injustices going on in this country today that are being perpetrated by big corporations, but they are, in reality, doing the bidding of some of those corporations,  just at a little lower level. The leftists seem to have become the “running dogs” of the international corporate fascists.

If the radicals of the 60s and 70s got Rockefeller money, the radicals of our day now seem to be getting George Soros money.  It’s all the same game no matter who shells our the dinero to them. The leftists are doing their bidding, whether it’s Rockefeller or Soros, it’s the same operation–pressure from above (Rockefeller or Soros)  and pressure from below  (BLM  Antifa, and others) and the American people are caught between the two and squeezed.

This is the name of the game, folks, and you had better wake up to it while you can. Your children’s future may depend on what you are willing to do now.

The Civil War Has Finally Arrived

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, folks, it looks like the civil war which the Deep State has been trying to promote for so many months by having their Marxist proxies loot and burn all across the country has finally arrived.

It has taken quite awhile for Middle America to get ticked off enough to start fighting back but it finally seems to be happening. I read about two different accounts today where the Marxist Black Lives Matter group has been marching into various neighborhoods to provoke trouble and they have finally gotten some. People have finally been driven to the point where they are starting to defend their property with their firearms and, at this point, it seems that some of them are better shots than the BLM thugs.

In a rural town in Southern Pennsylvania Black Lives Matter started their usual march into a neighborhood to commit their usual mayhem only to be confronted by three local property owners with rifles. Before the BLM Marxists got out of there one of  them ended up getting shot. I can just see what the major “news” media will do with this. We will now be regaled with tales of how humble, peaceful protesters were mercilessly set upon by pro-Second Amendment criminals intent on causing them bodily harm. It will never occur to anyone that if BLM had not been raising such hell around the country they would not have had this problem.

But BLM and Antifa have engaged in such major property damage around the country, often with local police just standing down, that people have gotten to where they figure they need to protect their own property because the police sure ain’t doing much of that anymore.

The other incident was in Kenosha, Wisconsin where BLM has been doing their  usual thing for three nights now and here they have, again, been faced down with someone with a rifle who seems willing to shoot back. It’s interesting that, when BLM is faced with irate citizens with firearms they seem to all of a sudden become the “peaceful protesters” they  and the “news” media claimed they were all along. If no one showed up with guns to oppose them they would  probably try to burn the area to the ground.

One thing you have to say about the Marxists, they are cowards. When those they attack dare to resist they don’t like that very much because it means that some of them may get hurt and that is not in their game  plan. Their agenda is to hurt others without being hurt themselves.

As much as I would love to see them  get their comeuppance you have to remember that they are the “resistance from below” that I have written about many times and they are being used by the “resistance from above” that I have also written about.

They are little more than “useful idiots”, putty in the hands of those Deep State creatures that are working day and  night to take this country down. Those people would dearly love to promote a race war in this country so that well-intentioned folks of all races would not be aware of how the Deep State is busy playing all of us for suckers.

The Deep State crowd uses Marxist outfits like BLM and Antifa to raise cain in the hope that good people will never figure out what they are really all about and connect the dots. In the meantime, I see no problem with folks protecting their property from these Marxist thugs.

Unitarianism–the not so new anti-Christianity

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently a friend sent me a picture of a Unitarian church. Out in front of the church, or maybe on the driveway into the church was a Black Lives Matter sign. I would assume that if those that run this church had a problem with the Black Lives Matter organization they would have removed this sign. But they don’t seem to have, so I have to assume they agree with it. Some of Black Lives Matter’s leadership have openly admitted they are “trained Marxists.” I did an article about this not too long ago. This information was all over the internet, still is. Apparently this Unitarian church missed it. Either that or they are endorsing an openly Marxist organization, which today, does not surprise me.

I have written over the years about the Unitarian influence in the founding of the public school system in this country and how the Unitarians promoted the concept of compulsory attendance in these schools.

Horace Mann, a Unitarian, promoted the idea that these schools would be the greatest deterrent to crime and poverty that the world had ever seen. Suffice it to say that it has not quite worked out that way. Mann claimed the public schools would not be theological seminaries, which was not quite accurate. They ended up being Unitarian theological seminaries, even though they claimed that Christian morals and the Bible were welcome in public schools.

In an article on Zachary Garris noted that: “Rather, Mann says the schools are a ‘preventive means’ against crime. The system is still moral and even ‘inculcates all Christian morals.’ So while the system is not explicitly Christian or religious, Mann argues that the system still teaches Christian morality–‘it founds its morals on the basis of religion; it welcomes the religion of the Bible’ Now this is an odd claim. How can Mann say that the public school system ‘welcomes the religion of the Bible’ when he also says the system is not a religious institution’? He seems to be communicating the idea that the public school system is religiously ‘neutral’–it is not Christian but it welcomes Christian morality. Mann was trying to sell the system to Christians  from a variety of traditions and denominations. So it makes sense that he wanted to portray the system as friendly towards Christianity in general.”

Apparently Mann did get some flack from Christian leaders, at least at the beginning, because he was responding to the charge that public schools were anti-Christian, and Garris noted of the Unitarians that “…there were also many Unitarians (such as Mann) involved in the system. And these Unitarians rejected many foundational doctrines of orthodox Christianity…Traditional Christians saw Unitarianism as anti-Christian because of its rejection of doctrines like the Trinity and the need for salvation through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice. Unitarian Bible teaching would in fact make the schools anti-Christian.”

Garris observed that Mann’s public school system was religious. He said “It was in his day and it still is today, though of a different kind.” And he noted that Mann’s real intent was a  “Unitarian school system” that propagated a watered-down version of the Christian faith. Mann’s version of the Christian faith did not point to Jesus the Christ as God’s Divine Son who died to atone for our sins. All Jesus was to the Unitarians was a great moral teacher, a good example, but not the Son of God. Given the socialist causes the Unitarians promote in our day you have to  conclude that they had and still have an affinity for socialist causes. That fact alone constitutes them as apostates in our day, for no real Christian should support socialist causes.

The late Sam Blumenfeld, writing in an article in the New American Magazine back in March of 2011 said “Unitarianism is not a revealed religion. It is a social movement based on the  notion that man is basically good and morally perfectible, and that all that is needed to achieve this moral and social utopia is a good secular education. And that is why the Unitarians became the major force in the public school movement. It should also be noted that Unitarian liberalism is at the core of American political liberalism, for the chief practice of Unitarians was and still is social political activism based on the belief that government could solve all our problems. And that’s the liberal  political philosophy that prevails today.”

If you doubt that just take a look at the Democratic national convention now going on. Take a look at how much government those people are promising you. They tell you that if they get elected government will then take care of everything and it will all then be “pie in the sky bye and bye.”

To see the total lie in all this  take a look at the big cities across the country that are controlled by Democrats. How many of them are poverty-stricken and totally run down? The answer is “most of them.” And that’s not to say the Republicans are the total answer to all this either. No political party is. But until people get past the idea of government as savior, this insanity will continue–and the Unitarians  helped to institute it.

Apostasy–it usually starts at the top

by Al Benson Jr.

The subject of apostasy in the Christian churches is one I have been interested in and concerned about over the years–mostly because there seems to have been so much of it even in my lifetime.

In his book Idols for Destruction Herbert Schlossberg has dealt with some of this and he has taken in back into Old Testament times. He quoted Malachi 2:8 “But you (priests) have turned aside from the way; you have caused many to stumble by your instruction; you have corrupted the covenant of Levi, says the LORD of hosts.” And he says, further down on the same page (233) that “Placed in the midst of a society sinking into desperate wickedness, the priests and teachers failed to sound the call to repentance and fell into the same low state as the community over which they were given charge. Thus the prophets were called to fulfill the role the religious establishment had spurned.”

He made another interesting statement, one I had not thought about, but, in retrospect, I can see that he was accurate. He said, in part, “…the religious leadership has always prepared the way for apostasy. The constant refrain of the  prophetic message was that priests, prophets and teachers had prostituted themselves and turned to the service of evil. (Jeremiah 23:11, Ezekiel 22:26).

He noted that church structures that depart from the truth of Christian doctrine end up losing their distinctiveness and end up sounding just like the society around them. He says “…by and large, the religious institutions of the United States do not teach values that are distinctive to their own traditions but rather use religious terminology that ratifies the values of the broader society.” In other words, the church sounds pretty much like the world–and then they wonder why people have no interest.  The church seems, in many cases, to ratify the world around it with religious language rather than changing it.

Years ago I read a booklet put out by the John Birch Society called Apostasy and the National Council of Churches. It went into various church leaders in those churches that were involved with Communist front organizations, and there were a lot of them. I also recall a statement I heard years ago that I never forgot, partly because it was so true–“Not many preachers become Communists, but a lot of Communists become  preachers.” If you want examples of this just check out the subject of Liberation Theology on some search engines.

Something else almost as bad as the apostacy are those that neutralize the church to the point where they make it almost impossible for the church to speak to the society around it or in any way engage the culture around it. I refer to some of this as the John 3:16 syndrome. There are some preachers that, no matter what text they quote for the Sunday morning sermon, the sermon always ends up being about John 3:16. Now don’t misunderstand me here. John 3:16 is a wonderful biblical truth, but it is not the only Scripture verse that should ever be preached on. Unfortunately, some preachers never get past it. It seems to be the end-all of their biblical repertoire–followed by an alter call and 33 verses of “Just as I am” if no one heeds the alter call and comes forward. Most of these preachers have no idea of what goes on in the real world. They rail against “dirty politicians” but the thought never seems to occur to them that if more real Christians got involved in politics then just maybe it would not be such a dirty business. Truly informed Christians could call the politicians to repentance for much of what they do if only there were a whole batch more of them.

Then there is something else prevalent in Christian society that I refer to as the “personal holiness syndrome.” This is a mindset that stresses personal holiness but seems little concerned about cultural holiness. Again, personal holiness is good and we should all strive for that, even though many of us, myself included, don’t always do real well at it at times. But we should continue to try. But in addition to that, we need to be concerned about the holiness, or lack thereof, of the culture around us, and to be aware of that we need to have some idea of what goes on in the culture around us, politically, educationally, and otherwise. How can you call your culture to repentance if you don’t have a clue as to what goes  on in Washington, or in your state capitol, or in your local public school, or in your own town hall? Christians need to be aware in all these areas, as well as in some I have not mentioned here. Just planning on how you will get to heaven does little to  help or improve the culture you live in. Many will say “well, I won’t be here that long anyway.” And you may not be, but what about your children and grandchildren? They will be around for awhile. What are you leaving for them if you do nothing?

Christians need to be informed and involved in the culture around them. Otherwise all they are doing is leaving their  posterity a devil’s playground to live in. This is just my two cents worth of concern for what I see going on all around me. I guess all this and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee.

Public Education As Messiah

by Al Benson Jr.
The adherents of public schooling in this country have always had a messiah complex. They have always sought to make that educational institution (so called) that they adhere to and promote appear to be the sole method of improving the lot of mankind. No longer are we supposed to lean on the Holy Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to show us the way to better the lives of people. We are supposed to now jettison that outmoded belief and replace it with the latest pronouncements of the public school educrats.

In his book Idols for Destruction, published way back in 1990, Herbert Schlossberg observed this messiah complex in the public education system. He stated: “From the time they began in the United States, the public schools have been intended to be a social force. Beginning with Horace Mann, they were supposed to promote the socialization of diverse peoples, end crime and poverty, and in general solve the political, economic, and social problems of the entire society. Muggeridge recalls that his father’s socialist vision included a society in which the population would be transformed through education.”

A few decades earlier, Theologian R. J. Rushdoony noted the same thing. Back in 1965 in The Nature of the American System Rushdoony had written: “The ‘public school’ movement, or statist education, did not exist until the 1830’s. Statist education began as a subversive movement and its bitter, savage struggle has not yet been written. The essentials of the drive which produced statist education are clearly seen in Horace Mann (1796-1859), the ‘Father of the common schools.’ First and foremost, Mann was a Unitarian. New England Unitarianism was in the forefront of the battle for statist education. For Mann, Unitarianism was the true Christianity, and with humorless zeal, he fought for his holy faith.’

Mann and his Unitarian cohorts felt the Christian schools of their day were backward and just not able to deal with the basic social issues of the times. So the public schools would be the new contemporary messiah and would accomplish what those obsolete Christian schools had not been able to. As to whether this socialist manifestation was successful or not, take a look at what public schools today are promoting and you will have your answer. And, as the man says–it ain’t pretty!

Rushdoony also wrote a book called The Messianic Character of American Education. The title of that one pretty much explains what it is all about. Schlossberg noted, as did Rushdoony before him, :Hence, all education is fundamentally religious. Horace Mann, the father of compulsory state education in the United States, did not disguise this, but rather traded on it in order to gain adherents to his ideas:…” In other words, Mann was ready to accept Christian ideas for a time, while he urged Christian parents to get their kids into his schools–but only for a time. And, unfortunately, way too many Christian parents, and their ministers, took the bait. Discernment seemed to be lacking, as it so often is in our day. Now, 190 years later we find Christians shouting the praises of a public school system that, in many cases, openly promotes perversion and seeks to stifle those students who seem inclined to speak up for their faith.

Schlossberg also stated that: “The assumptions of modern public education concerning the nature of man, the function of the state, the nature of truth, and so on are such as to inculcate a set of presuppositions that can only be called religious. Ivan Illich was perfectly justified in saying that the teacher is the font of moral instruction that substitutes for God, state, and parents, providing for his students the meaning of right and wrong.” That thought should scare the living daylights out of parents today, but mostly it does not seem to, but only because they have tossed aside their responsibility to be the prime educators of their own children. They have been taught for generations now that the public schools would be the prime movers in that area and so they didn’t have to bother.

In other words, the public school is god, the public school is the surrogate Mom and Dad, and the public school is the prime formative presence in the forming of opinions. All Mom and Dad have to do is feed the kids and send them off to the public brain laundry. And judging by what those schools are turning out today it must be working–but for who?

Judging by the fact that homeschooling and Christian schooling are on the increase today you must admit that there are many parents who have finally figured out that the public schools do not exactly work the way they want to see their kids educated.
All education is inescapably religious. The question is, whose religion are the kids being educated in? The God of Holy Scriptures or some other god?

Checking Out Who To Vote For (and Against)

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently someone suggested to me that I should tell folks how to check out political candidates to see if they were either worth voting for or should be opposed and voted against. So, although there is no specific scientific method to what I do, here it is. It is something I have learned over the years.

If someone sends me the name of a particular candidate they have a concern about I will check out the name on a search engine. I  usually use the Duck Duck Go search engine as opposed to Google because Duck Duck Go claims they do not track what you look up and I know Google does.

Looking up the name I can usually get some general information about the candidate, such as what organizations he or she has been involved with or in. Then I will generally try to check out those organizations and, if possible, find out who else is involved with them. This is not complicated. All this stuff is out there on the internet.  All it takes is a little searching, or as my daughter says “huntin’ and peckin’.

Generally, most political candidates coming from the left will have at least brief summaries of what they belong to and what they have done. They won’t list the groups they belong to as being on the left. They will coat that with some pretty euphemism about these groups being concerned about poverty or the homeless or some other such drivel. After awhile you get to where you learn to recognize groups that really have an altruistic concern as opposed to those leftist groups that are out their to exploit grievances and cause trouble. It takes a little discernment, but you can learn. I always tell people  that, if  I can do it then anyone can.

The leftists almost never get involved with groups that are really trying to help people because, in truth, they have no interest in helping people. They are there to agitate and cause upheaval and revolution.

Finding out what organizations a political candidate is involved with will, in most cases, tell you where they are really coming from. And where you can, try to find the names of others that belong to these organizations also. The communists have been famous for setting up front groups with noble-sounding names to get  people who sincerely have concerns in some areas into these groups, but such groups are usually run by communists and they are using people who get into such groups as a front to promote communist activity.

Soviet Russia used to do lots of this kind of thing, as did the Communist Party in this country. Now we need to start paying attention to what the Chinese Communists are doing–besides exporting their viruses to us.

So, if you are checking out political candidates start looking them  up on the internet. Check out what groups they have identified with and who their friends are and what groups they are part of or support. With a little digging you can come up with lots of info on candidates and their associates that will, in many cases, give you some idea of whether a particular candidate is worth voting for–or voting and speaking out against.

George Armstrong Custer And All That

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Years ago I saw a bumper sticker for  a car that said “Custer died for your sins.” I don’t know who put it out, some Indian group or what, but I felt it was a bit on the blasphemous side. Jesus Christ died to pay for my sins and then He arose from the dead on the first Easter morning. Custer had nothing to do with it, thank heaven! He would have been a pitiful savior.

Quite awhile back now someone gave me a book by Stephen E. Ambrose called Crazy Horse and Custer.  The paperback version was published in 2003, so I assume a hardback version came out sometime previous to that.

Mr. Ambrose presented some interesting material on Custer, some of which I had not seen before. Let me say here and now that I am no fan of George Armstrong Custer. He was ruthless, ambitious and, I think, he wanted to be president at some  point but events at the Little Big Horn deprived him of that golden opportunity. But I think he was working towards it.

On page 254 Ambrose told us plainly that Custer was, to all intents and purposes, a racist. He didn’t feel that blacks were equal to whites and he was not in favor of “legal equality.” He also had some revelatory commentary about William Tecumseh Sherman. He noted that Sherman “knew that the only way to win a guerilla war was to round up the people and put them in concentration camps, where they could be watched and controlled…When the hunting played out, they would stay within the boundaries of their concentration camps.” Here he was referring to their reservations in a way you seldom see, but he was right. That’s exactly what the reservations were–and are. Possibly an early preview of our FEMA “re-education camps.”

Ambrose noted that the Yankee generals, Grant and Sherman, and probably Sheridan and others planned to deliberately provoke the Sioux into all-out war which they felt would lead to Sioux extermination which would be the “final solution” to the Indian problem. Then all that reservation land (really concentration camp land) could be thrown open for white settlement and the people involved in that process would make lots of money.

Sherman had no regard whatever for Indian lives. He said “The more we can kill this year, the less will have to be killed next year for the more I see of these Indians the more I am convinced that they will all have to be killed or be maintained as a species of paupers.” That prospect didn’t bother Sherman or Custer or any of them. They had thoroughly trashed the South during the War of Northern Aggression so they should be perfectly able to do the same thing to a batch of benighted savages!

From the Indian point of view, they were defending their homes and hunting grounds and the buffalo, which they depended on for sustenance, were being slaughtered and so they retaliated. Over the years I have watched so many militant, leftist blacks complain about how bad they have been treated. In actuality, the people that Washington really screwed over were the American Indians. And Sherman, Sheridan and the rest used Custer to kill Indians.

Like Sherman, Sheridan believed in total war and he made sure the Indians, combatants and non-combatants alike, felt the wrath of the federal government. After all, they were in the way. People with friends in Washington wanted their land because there were big bucks to be made off of it and so the Indians’ concentration camps usually ended up being the worst land possible, land no one could make a living off of and yet the Indians were expected to farm it and make a living off of it.

Before the Battle of the Washita in Oklahoma Custer had little experience with Indian fighting, but Sherman and Sheridan rescued him from some political problems and sent him out to kill Indians and he performed admirably. His style of Indian warfare was what they wanted, and besides, if he ended up doing too well, Sherman and Sheridan could always lay the blame for atrocities on him and thereby escape any blame themselves.

One stain on Custer’s reputation at the Battle of the Washita was the loss of Major Elliott and 19 of his men that somehow went missing during the battle. After the fighting was over Custer retreated without ever trying to find out what happened to Major Elliot and his men. It turned out they had been killed, but Custer didn’t know that for sure and he left anyway.

To say that Custer was vain and ambitious is to put it mildly. As far as being president, Ambrose noted that “If the Democrats in Washington put that bee in his bonnet while he was testifying against Belknap, it seems possible that the bee would have been just the thing to stir Custer’s ambition…Of course Custer would have liked to have been President. Not that he had any program that he was burning to put through for the future benefit of his country–far from it. But the prestige, the glory, the admiration, the sense of being an historic personage–in short, all the things Custer wanted most–would be his forever.” I thought years back that Custer wanted to be President. It seems that Ambrose did also.

So Custer didn’t die for anyone’s sins. He died because of his ambition and ego and because he doubted the willingness of his Indian adversaries to fight to keep what they felt was theirs when people like Custer and his superiors felt they had no rights. Custer was far from universally loved, even by those in his command. It would seem that some of them recognized who and what Custer really was–hardly the plaster saint movies have made him out to be.