Civil War in America–Brought to you by Communists and their friends

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Anti-Communist columnist Trevor Loudon was recently interviewed (5/31/20) and he stated, in regard to the domestic unrest in this country that “This is way bigger than Antifa. These are the shock troops, but there are 20 or more communist groups operating freely in the United States who engage in what they refer to as ‘anti-fascist’ military action.”

All these communist groups operating in this country and nobody has bothered them? Seems like our Justice Department and intelligence services have all been asleep. Oh, sorry, I forgot, these are all leftist groups so they get a pass to do whatever they want. Trump is beginning to wake up to some of this, but he has a long way to go yet.

A website called noted that: “On Sunday, the Epoch Times published an article by Loudon titled Cities Burn, But None Dare Call It Communist Insurrection where the expert on subversive organizations detailed several communist organizations calling on their comrades to exploit the death of George Floyd by taking it to the streets. Many of these groups are not shy about calling for violence, justifying it as a natural response to ‘police brutality’ and ‘white supremacy’.”

Loudon observed that President Trump  took a very decisive step in calling out Antifa, but the article also noted that “Antifa is an umbrella group that has largely enjoyed anonymity because they are part of a larger collective of violent leftists, including those in the communist–created Black Lives Matter movement. This is way bigger than Antifa.”

Another article on for 6/1/20 by Rod Thomson also told us “Antifa has been identified as the primary driver of the violent riots engulfing American cities. But there is a critical second arm of this unholy alliance that has been around longer and has deep roots, along with possible foreign connections. Communism. It shouldn’t be shocking. Communists domestic and foreign have been trying to destroy and undermine America for many generations. And we’ve seen a disturbing rise in American public support for Socialism and Communism. That support translates into resources and manpower on the ground and  it is being put to use. And yet the Communist element in the riots is getting virtually no media coverage.”

Do you wonder why? Well, it’s because the media is mostly on the side of the communists. That should not be a big surprise. And if you wonder why the support for socialism and communism has been increasing look no further than your public schools and your colleges. Awhile back author William Lind referred to our colleges and universities as “little ivy-covered North Koreas.” Mr. Lind was right on the money and had he included many of our public schools from K-12 in that he still would have been right on the money.

Mr. Thomson’s article mentioned several neo-Marxist groups that have played a large part in the new civil war in America–The Democratic Socialists of America, the Workers World Party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Maoist organization.

All those mentioned in this brief article have been working to promote and encourage civil war in America. You have them, and their friends in the “news” media to thank for the emerging civil war in this country.

And the question you then need to ask is Who is paying for all this mayhem and those “peaceful protesters” (really communists) in our streets? Communist organizations are not noted as being big fundraisers so someone behind the scenes has to be footing the bill for our emerging civil war. George Soros is one major player there but there have to be others. George Soros is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, this country’s premier organization for promoting One World Government, so communist civil war in America fits their agenda to a T!

Christians need to be aware of all this because, at root, this is not a political issue–it is a theological one. It all comes down to which god you are willing to serve–the God of the Bible or the “god” of this world system.

2 thoughts on “Civil War in America–Brought to you by Communists and their friends

  1. Here is the problem… When our Nation’s election process is compromised, hijacked and stolen there is nothing left for the honest American patriots to do but to take up arms to defend our Nation as our Founding Fathers envisioned and gave we, the people, our own individual Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to our U.S. Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence giving us the right and power to separate from suppressive and tyrannical governments! Search for the Declaration of Independence and read the first half, search for my and your citizen rights and power of our individual rights and power and then read our U.S. Constitution and learn that our Constitution was a restraining Founder documents to keep the Citizen’s, i.e. Federal Government in check… We may need to force separation if communist Progressives steal this 2020 National election… Following is an example of what we have been tolerating for over 100 years and what we patriotic citizens are facing in the very near future….A totalitarian Despotic form of a one party rule whose leaders will force all U.S. citizens into state slavery and back to being “subjects” instead of “citizens” of a citizen created and governed Nation. This nonsense has to stop one way or the other…

    Democrat Insider Reveals Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation

    Freedom Journal Website
    By John Harper
    August 31, 2020

    A Democrat operative is telling all about the massive voter fraud operation deployed to rig elections for Democrats through paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots…

    An exclusive report by the New York Post‘s Jon Levine tells the stories of a Democrat operative who has personally led a staff to produce false election results via voter fraud for years now — a scheme that he suggests will be utilized in the upcoming local, state, congressional, and presidential elections on November 3rd: “This is a real thing”, Jon said. “And there is going to be a ‘f–king’ war coming November 3rd over this stuff … If they knew how the sausage was made, they could fix it”. [Emphasis Added]

    In one story, the operative explained how he and his staff make fake mail-in ballots by simply running ballots sent to registered voters through a copy machine. The envelopes used for the ballots, though, are much more difficult to recreate, so instead his staff goes door-to-door convincing voters to let them deliver their mail-in ballots for them.

    Then, he and the staff open the envelopes by holding them over boiling water to open the seal, remove the voter’s mail-in ballot, and replace it with their fraudulent ballot before delivering them at mailboxes in multiple towns so as not to draw suspicion.

    In some instances, the operative said postal workers can be in on the scheme: (Remember the Postal Workers are member of a Marxist Ideology “Union”! I have already recommended that the Teacher’s Unions, Law Enforcement Unions should be outlawed in Government, and now the Postal Worker’s Union must also be forbade from exising in the U.S. Post office so long as we taxpayer keep infusing our tax dollars into it to keep it afloat…–Al Barrs) “You have a postman who is a rabid anti-Trump guy and he’s working in Bedminster or some Republican stronghold … He can take those [filled-out] ballots, and knowing 95% are going to a Republican, he can just throw those in the garbage.” [Emphasis Added]

    Taking advantage of vulnerable voters is a vital tool for the Democrat’s vote stealing scheme, the operative said. For example, he detailed how he and his staff have links to nursing home employees who will fill out absentee ballots for elderly residents.

    In other cases, his crew pays (Illegally Bribes!) homeless voters living in shelters about $50 to $60 to vote for Democrat candidates.

    When not stuffing mail-in ballots and taking advantage of voters, the operative said he and his staff impersonate voters in person on election day. The team looks for registered voters who are not active voters and obtains their personal information to impersonate them. (This is a full blown Communist attempt by Democrats to knowingly committ “Election Fraud” and vote stealing. These traitors and criminals must be rounded up and imprisoned for very long sentences. What they are doing is catamount to a coup d’état against the citizens of the U.S.A. and their republican form of government…–Al Barrs)

    The process, like printing FAKE ILLEGAL mail-in ballots, is easy when there are no voter ID laws in place to prevent such FRAUD. (And, that’s the reason Democrts have fought so hard to prevent ID cards for voting over the past decades…but why they always win I do not know!–Al Barrs) The FAKE ILLEGAL voters go to a designated polling place and sign the real voters’ signature as best as possible.

    The FRAUD often reaches the highest levels of election 0fficials, according to the operative. His staff bends the corners of their ballots in a specific place to tip-off their allies in states’ Board of Elections.

    The FRAUD operation, detailed by this particular operative, mostly dealt with cases in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, though he suggested it occurs across the nation on a large much larger scale.

    “There is no race in New Jersey — from City Council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on” the operative told the New York Post. “I worked on a fire commissioner’s race in Burlington County. The smaller the race the easier it is to do.”

    Such alleged fraud has come to light in recent months. (NO! Election Fraude and Vote Stealing has been know to go on for generations and decades at least back to the 1920s when it began in Chicago, IL!–Al Barrs)

    In June, a Democrat councilman and Democrat councilman-elect in Paterson, New Jersey, were charged with election fraud along with two Democrat operatives. In one instance, officials allege that one of the operatives collected unsealed mail-in ballots from voters and delivered them sealed to the Board of Elections…

    Similarly, in May, a former Pennsylvania judge pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes for Democrats in exchange for payments from political operatives in 2014 for Obama, 2015 for Obama and in 2016 for Hillary Clinton primary elections. That same month, Pennsylvania election officials admitted that duplicate mail-in ballots were sent to voters. (INTENTIONALLY?–Al Barrs)

    Nevada’s June primary shows huge issues with mail-in voting. In Las Vegas, Nevada, more than 223,000 mail-in ballots were deemed “undeliverable” in the election — about 17 percent of the total number of mail-in ballots sent out to voters, unsolicited.

    Federal election data reveals that since 2012, about 28.4 million mail-in ballots have gone missing in each of the last four election cycles. According to Pew Research Center analysis, there are potentially 24 million ineligible or inaccurate voter registrations on state voter rolls.

    Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for mail-in voting. In Wisconsin’s April election, only 52 of more than 400,000 voters and poll workers were confirmed to have contracted the Chinese coronavirus. None of those cases were fatal. This equals an infection rate below two-hundredths of one percent.
    via joemiller

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