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I do historical research to find material that "historians" frequently leave out of our history books. I am the co-author, along with Walter Kennedy, of the book "Lincoln's Marxists." Although born and raised in the North, I have always loved the South and the West. My family and I currently live in Louisiana, where we have been for almost twenty years now and we love it. Of late I have been concerned with the propaganda being put forth in government schools posing as education.

The Government School Educrats Tell You What They Are Really All About–If You Are Listening

by Al Benson Jr.

Anyone who has done the homework knows what the government education system is really all about in spite of the gobbledygook it puts out there about its concern for the kiddies. Unfortunately most folks seldom look beyond the propaganda and so they don’t catch the occasional gems of truth that the system can’t help but put out there as a kind of brag about what they are really doing.

And their brag is not new. They’ve been doing it for over 150 years now–and it is so insidious that most people never pick up on it. Way back in 1829 radical feminist/socialist Frances Wright said, in a speech, that “national, rational, republican education…conducted under the guardianship of the state” was really for “the honor, the happiness, the virtue, the salvation of the state.” Wright was a little ahead of Karl Marx and his “Free education for all children in public schools” which he included in the Communist Manifesto but the sentiment is the same.

Then there was John Dewey in the 20th century, one of the giants of public education. He was, to the 20th century, what Unitarian Horace Mann had been to the 19th century. Dewey was an atheist, a socialist, and justmhappened to belong to fifteen Marxist front organizations, as well as being a co-author of the Humanist Manifesto. Dewey had an educational philosophy which should give parents small comfort. He said: “You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society, which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.” Go back and read that one again. Remember, this is the individual that directed the path that government schools would take in much of the 20th century.

You can begin to see why the government school system hates homeschoolers so much. Homeschoolers learn to think independently. They ask questions–they even question authority where that becomes necessary. They will not go easily into that New World Order the Deep State has planned for all of us, but will question and resist. Therefore, they must be suppressed at every opportunity that the socialist collective may flourish.

Way back in 1936 (that was even before I was born) the National Education Association stated a position from which it has never retreated. It said: “We stand for socializing the individual…The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual…Education must operate according to a well-formulated social policy.” Notice that this statement did not say that education was a major function of the government school–because it never has been, but rather “social orientation.” That statement, by its lonesome, should tell you what the public school system is really all about, And folks, it ain’t education!

Paul Haubner, an NEA specialist, has informed us that “The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kinds of values-education their children receive in school…Our goals are incompatible with theirs. We must change their values.” Christian values are not “in” with the public school agenda and so must be put down in whatever way possible. If you wonder why we are losing the current culture war it is because we are letting our adversaries educate our children

Government Money Will Destroy Homeschooling–And That May Be The Name Of The Game

by Al Benson Jr.

I recently came across an article from June 10th on https://thefederalist.com by Maggie McNeeley that was definitely worth noting. McNeeley observed, quite accurately, that “Freedom isn’t lost in one fell authoritarian swoop. It happens slowly, and by degrees.” And she’s right. In removing our freedoms government treats us like the proverbial lobster that you put into a pot of cold water and then you gradually turn up the heat until you have boiled lobster. Government takes our freedoms in a way they hope we won’t notice until it’s too late to do anything about it.

McNeeley noted that: “An unexpected outcome of the Covid-19 years is that the need for school choice and educational freedom have become more apparent than ever…Over the past two years, parents have watched from their living rooms as public schools failed their children. They’ve seen school boards implement unscientific health policies, and have been appalled at divisive curricula being taught to young kids. As a result, more families than ever before are pursuing other options besides government-run schools.” Needless to say, this trend upsets the government educrats no end and so ways must be found to offset that.

Although McNeeley doesn’t approach it from this perspective, I do. I’ve probably been observing the public school secular religion for more years than she has been alive and in all those years, I’ve never seen anything in that religion that has made me trust it–from the textbook protest situation in Kanawha County, West Virginia in the 1970s until now.

However, she does note: “The most popular solution–especially in Congress–is to hand out money. But in the case of homeschooling, the popular solution is incredibly dangerous.” And here she is right. The absolute last thing homeschoolers need is government money because government money will totally destroy homeschooling or any private educational endeavor for that matter. People need to remember that, with government money comes government control and government oversight. If government is willing to “help” you pay for your child’s curriculum then you had better realize that government plans to control the content of that curriculum.

McNeeley again notes: “Because the money flows through the government, the government then gets to decide how it is spent–for example, what types of school, curriculum, and tutoring programs…When bureaucrats are empowered to decide what is acceptable, education freedom is threatened…Government policies to fund education open the door to other regulations: lists of curricula that families have to use, mandatory homeschool registration, and even mandatory home inspections. There have been attempts to implement all of these at the state level. The pressure would be intensified if the federal government started regulating home education as well.”

She concludes with: “The very reason so many families are leaving public schools is that they want less government regulation, more parental choice, and more ability to do what is best for their children and families. Keep homeschooling free from federal funding and intervention and let families thrive.” Any government not willing to do that is potentially dictatorial.

Who Is Really Promoting Communism?

by Al Benson Jr.

Back when I was a kid I saw a Western movie about a bunch of American outlaws that were down in Mexico when Maximillian was in power there. They were interested in helping Juarez overthrow Maximillian so they could get hold of the three million dollar treasure that Maximillian had. Some of the outlaws were willing to split this loot and take only part of it. But for the head outlaw that wasn’t good enough. I remember, in the movie, he said “That’s not good enough for me. I want it all. I’m a pig.”

I thought, as I went over what I will deal with today, how appropriate that sentiment is in regard to the super rich capitalists of this country and the world. They are political and financial pigs. They want it all! Not only do they want the vast wealth they have amassed, they also want whatever wealth you have amassed. They feel they are, by their vaunted positions, entitled to everything. It should all belong to them in their estimation. What’s more, they plan to have it all, leaving you just a few crumbs to barely survive on.

An article on https://www.lewrockwell.com for 6/25 goes into this. It was written by Kevin Hughes for Natural News. The article stated: “The Marxist and communist revolutionaries are bankrolled by international banking families, according to author and speaker Paul McGuire.” And he quotes McGuire here when he says: “The Marxist and communist revolutionaries are totally financed by the super capitalist class. They’re totally financed by the globalist elite. They’re totally bankrolled by the wealthiest and richest international banking families in the world…So when the day is done, you can go to any communist revolution and you will discover that the people that are really behind these violent communist revolutions are the wealthiest and richest international banking families in the world…The wealthiest families in the world like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have been bankrolling communism and Marxism since the beginning and they are ruthless.”

Hughes said of McGuire that: “He pointed out that all communist revolutions and Marxist revolutions have been financed by the super-wealthy capitalists for the purpose of increasing their wealth and power further…Only the very ignorant will actually believe that communism or socialism is about wealth redistribution and utopia for the worker or the common man. Communists and Marxists are like the members of a bizarre religious cult who believe that communism or socialism is a means to help the common man. That is a big lie.” he’s right on the money here. Sad to say, this has been going on for around a century now and most folks still don’t seem to get the picture.

Way back in 1972 the John Birch Society published a book by Gary Allen called None Dare Call It Conspiracy that went into all this in quite some detail. I think this book can be found on the internet. You need to go in and read it. Won’t cost you a thin dime! Four years later the Birch Society published, by the same author, a gem called The Rockefeller File which can also be found on the internet. Both of these informative books go into exactly what McGuire talked about here in the article on Lew Rockwell. Both of them are worth the time and effort to check out and read. Then you will begin to have some idea of what has happened in this country and why. Until you understand some of this you will be grasping at straws trying to figure out what’s happening. I’ve mentioned both of these books numerous times before. Hopefully some have taken the time to read them. More need to.

Jesus said in the Bible “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” That applies in the political realm as well as in the spiritual realm. If you won’t take the trouble to learn the truth, will you ever be free–spiritually or politically? That’s the question.

Is Amerika Really A One Party State?

by Al Benson Jr.

Awhile back, when people still hoped I had money, I used to get these letters from some of our Congress critters that said, basically, “Send me some money and vote for me so I can protect you from those liberal Democrats.” It was a clever charade and it probably fooled lots of folks. I often asked the question “Who will protect us from the liberal Republicans?” I never did get an answer to that one. But then I already knew the answer–no one!

So it was with interest that I read an article on https://www.lewrockwell.com for June 24th that was titled The GOP Wants To Lose The Mid-Terms. The writer was an independent journalist and she pretty well had it figured out.

She wrote: “This week brought yet another example of the GOP’s complete ideological collapse. The Senate just passed an unconstitutional ‘red flag’ gun control bill last night with the help of 14 GOP senators–and they did so while Democrat activists were still illegally harassing Supreme Court Justices at their private homes…They did so while the GOP’s chief pansy Mitch McConnell was still complaining that Democrats refused to pass legislation for extra security to protect Supreme Court Justices! What greater signal could the GOP establishment send that it has no interest in defending the lives of its own judges–let alone its own voters?”

And one of those 14 sellout senators was Bill Cassidy from here in Louisiana. Cassidy seems to vote with the Democrats quite often anymore. I’m really beginning to think he’s a Democrat with a Republican coat on to cover his true colors. Anyway, the article continued: “Ask yourself; why would 14 Republican senators sell out the Second Amendment rights of their own voters just before a widely-predicted ‘red wave’ arrives this November? Why would the GOP establishment surrender to Democrats over the single most important issue for their own party right before a mid-term election that could put them back in control of the House and the Senate? The answer is obvious: the GOP establishment has no interest in being the ruling party.”

So, folks, don’t be too surprised when November rolls around if the Republican establishment shows less than lukewarm interest in routing the socialist Democrats out of office. The article observed, accurately, I think, that: “Let’s face facts: the GOP doesn’t care to function properly even as an opposition party in the minority. We are living through the darkest period in American history since the Civil War–and the GOP establishment has continually come to the rescue of the Biden regime to make things worse.”

Way back over fifty years ago, when George Wallace ran for president as an independent he said of the two major political parties “Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.” Wallace was right. Both parties are controlled by the One World Government clique that currently runs the country and they will both only promote whatever promotes that agenda. That was one reason they had to get rid of Trump and one reason they are working so hard to make sure he can’t come back.

If you want to know who really runs the country then check out how many members of the Council on Foreign Relations have been a major part of every administration, Republican or Democrat, for as long as any of us can remember. The John Birch Society has been saying this same thing for years and the establishment hopes not too many of you are paying attention.

The article concludes: “You would have to be out of your mind to still believe that the GOP establishment is fighting against the Biden regime–as America dissolves before your very eyes into a tyrannical state ruled by a corporate oligarchy. In point of fact, the GOP establishment is openly fighting alongside Democrats to maintain uni-party rule. These people don’t think they’re our representatives–they’re our rulers.”

So don’t look for much help from the GOP establishment during the mid-terms because the GOP establishment is part of the One Party State and they will sell us out in a New York minute and never think twice about it. After all, it’s what they do.

“The Rise of Homeschooling and Classical Education”

by Al Benson Jr.

I recently saw an aericle on “World” by Adeline A. Allen, who is an associate professor of law at Trinity Law School. She wrote about the dearth of classical education in most schools today, but noted that, in some instances, it is making a comeback.

Allen noted that: “As a child growing up in the 18th century in the caribbean and by no means wealthy, Alexander Hamilton had a number of books. One of which seems to have been Plutarch’s “Lives.” Judging from Hamilton’s writings from his youth onward, Plutarch helped form the man he became. The kind of education that would have students reas Plutarch has long fallen by the wayside in mainstream American schools–but thankfully, not in all schools.”

She then observed how homeschooling has bee on the rise, and since the planned Covid pandemic it has increased to where, in the 2020-2021 academic year statistics showed that11% of rhe kids in this country were being homeschooled. This is an encouraging sign. And she stated that: “And who are these parents who homeschooled their children? Millennials.If Alexander Hamilton grew up lacking in luxuries but blessed with Plutarch, millennials were raised in materially well off America but impovrished in their knowledge of Western heritage and bereft of its inheritance.” And let me say here that this is not by accident. It has been by design.The powers that be do not want our kids to be cognizant of their true history and heritage because that is something they are seeking to destroy so our kids will have no knowledge whatever of it. If our kids have knowledge of their history, heritage and culture then, when the educrats and their bosses seek to take it away from them they may decide to resist that effort. And the educrats can’t have that.

Allen notes that: “Thankfully, there is a renaissance of classical education happening in our country. Some of it occurrs in private and charter schools. Some of it, though, takes place in the living rooms, kitchens, and children’s bedroom floors all across America–that is, in the home, with homeschooling.” And so it would seem that at least some American kids are learning in spite of the educrat’s agenda to keep them ignorantof where they came from and who they really are. She notes also that part of the Western trasition is our Christian heritage–something else the educrats want us to leave behind–which we would do to our peril.

So let us continie to pursue that which the Lord has laid out for us to do and make sure our kids get a good Christian education that we may be able to resist the devil and all his works.

So Why???

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, it has been almost a month since the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas and people still don’t have many answers as to why it happened the way it did. It had been long enough now that people are beginning to smell the coverup. They don’t have a lot of details but they know somerthing is not right here. Regardless of what government officials think, people can smell coverups and sense that this is one. I don’t disagree.

An article on https://www.lewrockwell.com for 6/22 by Ilya Tsukanov gave us some interesting comments about this. Tsukanov wrote: “Uvalde officials’ use of a legal loophole to avoid releasing police records, including footage from officers’ body cams, 911 calls from students, emails, criminal records and other information has sparked concerns from Texans and others that authorities are engaged in a cover-up…On Tuesday, Steve McCraw, director of ther Texas Depaertment of Public Safety, said in Senate testimony that the police had enough body armor-equipped officers to ‘isolate, distract and neutralize’ the gunman just three minutes after he entered the school, but instead waited in the hallway for nearly an hour as he carried out his attack.” Now why do you suppose that was? Who told them not to respond and why?

The article continued: “Last week, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the school’s security cam footage showed that officers did not even attempt to open the door to the classrooms where Ramos was situated.” Why? What was the reason for the delay? The article also observed that: “Last week, Vice reported that Uvalde’s ciry administration and police department had hired a law firm to stop the potentially ‘highly embarrassing’ records from being released.” Again, why? What is there in them that the public can’t see?

The article concluded with some commentary about the new gun control bill now in the Senate–the one that 10 Republicans in name only agreed to support. They’re trying to rush it through before the Fourth of July so we can celebrate that day with less personal protection for our families. Oh, they’d deny that vehemently, but that’s what it amounts to.

So who told the police not to respond to this shooter in the school? Was that a decision made at the local level? The state level? The federal level? And why does this shooting so much resemble the false flag operations that were so very prevalent during the Obama years when the big push was on to confiscate our guns? It couldn’t be, by any chance, because the clown that occupies the president’s chair is merely Obam’s puppet could it? Obama didn’t get the gun confiscation he wanted when he was officially president. So is he now shooting for it with his puppet as president?

We have no doubt that Obama is pulling Biden’s strings. The question then remains–who is pulling Obama’s strings? Lots of you probably have this figured out. Those that don’t need to think about it a bit more.Just remember–the destruction of thr Second Amendment is the real name of this game, and the shootings will probably continue until the Deep State folks manage to do that.

Custer’s Faulty Intelligence

by Al Benson Jr.

Many have wondered at the results of Custer’s Last Stand against the Sioux and other Indiabs. You may well find as many different opinions on that as you do writers. One thing I heard, though, at the visitor center at the Custer battlefield was that the intelligence that Custer had concerning the number of hostiles he was up against was faulty. The book “Son Of The Morning Star” by Evan S. Connell seems to bear some of that out.

On page 263 it was noted that: ‘The size of the hostile vollage seems to have worried Custer. Before leaving the Yellowstone he was told by Crow scouts that it was unusually large. Furthermore, he had reason to suspect that the modest estimates that Terry got from headquarter might be inaccurate.”

The quote continued: “A more serious discrepency occurred because many warriors had slipped away from the reservations to join Sitting Bull, although their absence was not reported by reservation agents. The reason these defectors went unreportedwas good old Yankee avarice; Agents profitted according to the number of Indians on the reservation. Which is to say, an agent foolish enough to report a decrease in populatiom was raking a bite out of his own paycheck.” So part of Custer’s problem may well have been good old Yankee greed.

Mr. Connell noted: “So it went. Falsified information trickled sown through the bureaucracy, eventually reaching armies in the field, and Custer had bben toldmto expect 1500 warriors. Accordingly, this is what he toldm his subordinates, although the sense of depression seems to reflect the gravity of his doubts.” Jusr maybe, at this point, Custer was beginning to feel as if he’d been had. Not entirely inaccurate.

Interestingly enough, his Ree (Arikara) scouts did not want him to follow the Sioux. Ity was as if they had a premonition what the result would be.Despite all this, Custer seems to have overlooked it, even with his mown reservations.

The author observed: “Thus, chaperojned by Lady Luck, Custer advanced. At worsr, by assaulting this this congregation of feathered nsavages he would lose his life and the lives of everybody that followed mhim. A less disagreeable script included failure, accompanied by the humiliating necessity of defending himself until Gibbon and Terry arrived. But a third possibility must have obscured such lugubrious thoughts. The third possibility foresaw his regiment scatterint thr mostmdangerous horde of Indians ever gathered on the American continent. If that should be so, then he–George Armstrong Custer–would ride in triumph through the streets of Washington like Alexander through Persia.”

My own opinion is that Custer wanted to be president. And he hopedmthat if this battle somehow went his way it would put that plum in his lap.

I don’t think the “powers that be” at that point in Washington would have let that happen. Custer was too much of a loose cannon and they already has their agenda lined up and were not about to let Custer mess it up. The Deep State, in any century, does not like outsiders, and works to keep them outside in the cold and away from the reins of power. It has done the same in the 21st century with Trump and Ron Paul and did it in 1964 with Goldwater.

And I have to wonder if the faulty intelligence Custer received before the battle had anything to do with that.

Often History Ain’t What You Think It Was

by Al Benson Jr.

Like me, many of you may have seen the decades old movie about George Armstrong Custer titled “They Died With Their Boots On.” If I remember correctly, in the movie, Custer said the Seventh Cavalry was being “sacrificed” in order to give reinforcements time to get there so they could wipe you those nasty Indians. While such drivel was great for the movies, historically it was balderdash. But then, who expects truth out of Hollyweird anyway?

I’ve seen several movies over the years where Custer’s last stand was part of the script. None of them got it right. Custer is usually portrayed as the mythical hero upholding “truth, justice, and the American way.”. Of course some of our “history” books don’t do much better.

If you watch any of these movies, the “last stand” seems to go on forever. Years ago, I watched something on a television history program where they had actually interviewed either one of the old Indians who had fought Custer or his son, Im don’t recall which. They asked how long the last stand had actually lasted, to which he replied “About as long as it takes a hungry man to eat his lunch.”

I’ve been to the Custer Battlefield. In the visitor center there they had a Crow Indian lady who explained the battle there to visitors in some detail, as the battle was actually fought on Crow reservation land, and the Crows wanted neither the whites nor the various bands of Sioux, Cheyenne’s and Arapahoe’s there. Studying the ground there, and the Crow lady’s commentary bears this out, by the time Custer got to what they call “last stand hill” where he died, he had no more than 40 men left standing. The rest of them had died trying to get there. They had markers all the way along showing where men had died, either singly or in small groups. So, with only about 40 men left and thousands of Indians there, you can bet the last stand was not a prolonged event. The old Indian they interviewed was probably pretty accurate in his comment about the length of the battle.

The whole campaign against the Sioux that year was planned in Chicago and the intelligence about the number of hostiles there was terribly faulty. Custer didn’t realize what he was up against until it was too late. But, then, Custer was a bit arrogant too. He seemed to feel that his 7th Cavalry could handle most anything. Ten years before, Capt. William Fetterman had the same problem down in Wyoming. Fetterman said “Give me 80 men and I will ride through then Sioux nation.” Well Fetterman, disobeying orders, tried to ride through the Sioux nation and the Sioux nation massacred him.

Years ago my wife gave me a book, for my birthday I think it was. It was called “Son of the Morning Star” and it was a history of Custer’s military life. I started reading it back then and somehow got sidetracked and didn’t finish it. I finished reading it last year in the nursing home. There was a lot in it that is worth comment and I think I will do some of that in future articles.

Many folks in the Southern Heritage Movement do not look upon General Custer with any fond recollections. For this they have very good reasons.

What Is The West?

by Al Benson Jr.

The West is many things to many people. To those who have never experienced it, I can only say that they have missed something that will not long remain even as it is now.

The West is more than a geographical location. It is more than just the great state of Texas which most Easterners seem to think all Westerners come from. It is more than the dry, burned out desert that most who have never seen it think it is.

The West is a place, but it is more. It is an atmosphere, an enigma, a way of life, and a people.. As a way of life it is something that can be carried far beyond its geographical boundaries.

The West is dark thunderheads far off over the canyon; it’s the Prairie Dog Fork of the Red River at flood, It’s Monument Valley, with its red sandstone monuments and it’d the Painted Desert in Arizona during the noonday heat. It’s the country in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles that appears to be flat but really isn’t. It’s the majestic peace of the high plains country on the Platte River in Wyoming. It is a land so varied and so big that when you stand in it you have to realize within your deepest being that GOD created it, and that man, mighty though he would like to think he is, is only one small finite part of it.

The west is people, though. It’s the old cowboy at the Pawhuska Cavalcade Rodeo, who, upon hearing the announcer reveal the name of the next contestant in the saddle bronc riding, shouted “That’s my cousin Homer! He cain’t ride nothin’. He’ll get throwed first jump out the gate.” And Homer did! It’s the man sitting in front of the store in Guymon, Oklahoma who, when asked if it was always this windy here said “Hell, no. Sometimes it gets windier,” Knowing the country in the Oklahoma Panhandle, I could agree with him. It’s the ancient Indian at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico who, when the smart-aleck tourist tried to talk him into letting him in for nothing, charged him three times what he charged me to get in. The irate tourist tried to tell the Indian that forty years ago he’d gotten in for nothing. After his ten-minute tirade the old Indian simply answered “Times change,”

For me, the West has not really ended each time I crossed the Mississippi River heading east. Thankfully now, even though we can’t travel anymore due to health issues. we live west of the Mississippi. For me, the West is a good part, along with the South, of the sum total of all I have seen, felt, lived and experienced during my numerous times in it. The deepness of its experience is not something that leaves you upon the crossing of a boundary line. You either hate it and never go back, or you love it and continue to go back as you are able. There’s no middle ground. You either live it wherever you go, or you’ve never really experienced it at all, even if you had to pass through it.

Are Public Schools Part Of The Radical Environment Movement?

by Al Benson Jr.

In his book Law and Liberty the late Rev. R, J. Rushdoony noted, on page 171, that: “Socialism and communism presuppose that their system represents the true order of the ages and is the answer to man’s problems. This assumption is one that assumes man’s problems to be not spiritual but material, not sin but environment. Change man’s environment and you will then remake man, it is held. The answer to man’s problems is therefore not the spiritual regeneration of man by Jesus Christ but the reorganization of society by the scientific socialist state.”

I submit that the public school system falls squarely into that catagory..

I submit that the public school system falls squarely into this category. One of its major founders and promoters, Horace Mann, was a Unitarian who felt man’s problems could be dealt with if he were just given trhe proper environment to livein and public education was a major part of that environment–an environment mostly free from the influence of church schools.

Socialist Robert Owen felt the same way–give man the proper environment and you will create the perfect man. The fact that none of these schemes has worked never seems to occur to these people. They keep trying to reinvent the wheel with the same failed agenda–and the public school system is part of that agenda.

Today, the public school system is putting forth programs that its adherents might well have been hung for 150 years ago, Now I am not advocating anything that dramatic by any means, but it is not to our credit as a culture and a people that we put up with much of what passes for education in public schools today. Most of it is not education in the true sense of that word–it is leftist propaganda designed to make our kids environment something other than we could hope for.

So I contend that the professional educrats have, for decades now, been trying to create the :new Soviet Man” and they have been using our public school children as guinea pigs in that experiment. And we continue as a people to put up with that. Again, this extreme tolerance is not to our credit.

Years ago I gave a speech at a Southern Heritage conference and I had occasion in that speech to mention the public schools in a negative light. After all, public schools in the South were a major part of “Reconstruction.” After I got through with the speech, one Southern patriot stood up and said to me “Don’t give up on the public schools yet.” I felt like telling him “Friend, I gave up in the public schools decades ago.” So now we have good Southern folks defending the public schools in spite of their sordid history in the South. Is it any wonder we are losing our culture to the Yankee/Marxist types? We continue to defend part of what has torn down our culture and then wonder why we are losing! God help us.