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I do historical research to find material that "historians" frequently leave out of our history books. I am the co-author, along with Walter Kennedy, of the book "Lincoln's Marxists." Although born and raised in the North, I have always loved the South and the West. My family and I currently live in Louisiana, where we have been for almost a decade now and we love it.

It’s Now “Racist” To Tell The Truth

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, you needed to know that it wouldn’t be long in coming.

That darling of the radical Left, Kamala Harris, has introduced a bill into the Senate that would make it a crime to label the Chinese virus we have all been subjected to as the “Wuhan Virus.” Such labeling would automatically be deemed “racist”  while I supposed if we called it the “Trump Virus” that would be perfectly fine.

Does Comrade Harris realize how she is trying to infringer on our First Amendment rights? I’m sure she does and frankly I am also sure she doesn’t give a damn. That she is trying to exonerate her Chinese Communist comrades should be blatantly obvious and it would appear that she’s okay with that. It will make her comrades in this country and China happy and it should also show any discerning person just exactly where Comrade Harris’ loyalties really lie.

Whether her racist resolution passes or not, as far as I am concerned this will always be the Chinese virus–and if she doesn’t like that, then she can stuff it!

It has also been documented by some patriotic commentators that professors at several American universities are actually on the Chinese Communist payroll. I guess, in some quarters, you could say that there is value in a college education–but value for who? Certainly not for most American students!

Universities that employ professors whose first loyalty is to Communist China need to be exposed and those professors in them whose first loyalty is to the Chinese Communist Party need to be shipped out of this country and back to the Communist country where their true loyalties lie. They are the ultimate last thing we need here trying to subvert the loyalties of our young folks.

Our leftist problem in universities is not a new thing. I wrote about it five decades ago, as have lots of other folks. Most folks just ignored what we said. That’s getting harder to do nowadays. Maybe the people that just choose to ignore this truth deserve the young Marxists they will inherit down the road unless they wake up and start being really selective as to where they send their kids to college.

I suppose that next it will be deemed “racist” to expose Communists teaching at our universities. Stay tuned!

Whose Side is Fox News On?

by Al Benson Jr.

Martha McCallum on Fox News recently interviewed Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations. While Haas was forced to admit that Red China’s behavior regarding the virus it loosed on the world was pretty egregious, he nonetheless stopped way, way short of advocating that we stop dealing with them.

Our stopping any dealings with Red China would put a big dent in the globalist agenda the CFR has as its main project and so Haas said that we must now look for “new international organizations” that will assist us in dealing with Red China. That’s a pile of bovine fertilizer.

So why is a commentator on Fox News interviewing the head of the CFR? Fox News shouldn’t be having anything to do with the CFR.

In spite of having a handful of good, patriotic commentators on, such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, you have to start to wonder just whose side Fox News is really on.

Churches Shut Down by Tinpot Dictators with Inflated Egos and Small Minds

by Al Benson Jr.

It’s interesting to see how many states during this Chinese virus pandemic are more than willing to tout and promote abortion clinics as “essential businesses”to be kept open while making sure churches are shuttered as “non-essential.”

This seems to be the pattern in the socialist “blue” states, mostly in the North. States like Michigan, Illinois, and California are notorious for this. In my opinion the officials in these states that want churches closed are anti-Christ, whether they even realize it or not, (and many do).

This Chinese virus has given them and excuse to do what many of them have longed to do–suppress the Christian faith. They now have an excuse to promote their anti-Christian bias and they will keep our churches closed as long as they dare.

Churches should not let them get away with this. They should safely meet for worship and expose the anti-Christian bias of many of their state and city officials. The right of Christian churches to meet for worship is a God-given right, protected by the First Amendment. They should not willingly ignore this right, lest they end up losing it.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential for the spiritual health of this nation and the suppression of the right to proclaim that Gospel will bode ill for the spiritual health of this nation. Better we should keep the churches open and shutter the abortion clinics. Churches are essential. Abortion isn’t.

Those who want to close churches are small minded people with inflated egos.  They really want to play god and tell us what we can and cannot do. They have the same mindset as the Chinese Communists. We dare not let them get away with this suppression of our God-given liberties.

Acts 5:29 says “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

“Enjoy Americana Now–Made in China”

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, after another 21 days in the hospital I am home again-for who knows how long. The doctor says this time it’s all taken care of. You’ll forgive me if I don’t quite trust his word. He’s only been wrong the previous three times so why should I believe his this time?

But I took lots of notes while in there and I will try to pass some of it along before my next stay in there.

As more and more about this Red Chinese virus comes out it becomes more and more apparent  that Red China had full knowledge of what the effect of their virus would be. The Chinese Communist government forbid Chinese from flying to other parts of China from Wuhan but they freely allowed them to fly all over the rest of the world. That fact alone should tell you something. They wanted to make damn sure they shared their killer virus with the rest of us. This is known as Communist generosity!

Now the Red Chinese are using the same old Soviet Communist party line of trying to blame America for the spread of the virus. How typical this is! It is classic cultural Marxism–blame others for what you yourself are doing.

I watched one Fox News commentator who said that China’s current practices might signal the end of globalism. Lord hasten that day!!!

Red China knew how deadly this virus was in early December, and yet they concealed that Some of their own doctors tried to get that info out and the Communist government “persuaded” them, physically and otherwise, to “forget” to pass that info along. Communist China did not want Corona Virus info to reach the rest of the world. Why?  So China could jockey itself into the most important political situation worldwide. The Chinese Reds plan to rule the world–just like the Soviet Reds did.

The intelligence services of 5 countries (5 eyes) have released a 15 page report detailing how very much aware Red China was early on about the potential destruction of this virus.

Folks, don’t kid yourselves about how “accidental” the release of this virus was. It wasn’t!

What Does the Term “Progressive” Mean?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Another reflection from when I was still in hospital.

Well, Comrade Obama finally endorsed Sleepy Joe Biden for president. Better late than never I guess. He said Biden was the most “progressive candidate.”  Let us not kid ourselves, or anyone else. The term Progressive means socialist–and in todays stifling political climate, socialist means communist.

Let us also no kid ourselves that Joe Biden will really be the president. Oh, he may hold the office but you have to know he won’t be calling the shots. Often Biden can barely string two sentences together without a major gaffe. Even the CNN propagandists have looked askance at some of what he has said. Can anyone in his right mind believe Biden will be the real president?

Hardly! He will be little more than a figurehead. Others behind the scenes will put their words in his mouth and hope they come back out making some sort of socialist sense. Make no mistake. Someone behind the curtain will move their Marxist agenda, hopefully using Biden as the front man.

This is how the game will be played. If he gets to the point where all he can do is babble, then “his” agenda will be presented to the public in written form or presented by some mouthpiece pretending to speak for him, but really speaking for those leftist forces that use Biden as their figurehead president.

It will be pure political theater, folks, but beware of, and be ready to oppose the far-left schemes that will be presented through it. I wonder, at this point, who Biden will be told to name as his vice-president. That may have a lot to do with how this game is played.

More Notes While In Hospital

by Al Benson Jr.

We started out needing, due to the shutdown over this horrific Red Chinese virus, some financial help for companies and individuals. Congress passed a couple bills that were supposed to remedy that problem. Only they don’t quite seem to have done that.

Then we discovered that a third “simulus” bill was needed. to which the socialist democrats sought to attack a wish list of things they felt were needed for the transformation of the republic. Thankfully most of these seem to have gotten knocked down.

But now it seems we need yet another “stimulus” bill to help small businesses, something the first two were supposed to have taken care of, only now it doesn’t seem they did.

One wonders just how many more of these “stimulus” bills we are going to need in Congress before the socialist democrats are finally able to reintroduce their cherished socialist wish list of items That will forever transform this one time republic  into a Communist dictatorship of the stature of Red China.

I am beginning to wonder if this has been the plan all along. A prominent socialist  democrat one said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The socialist democrats are not about to let this one go to waste if they can use it to transform our national values into those of Red China. That is the democrat’s real aim and agenda. The more I watch government at all levels the more I begin to get the sick feeling that government bureaucrats at all levels see this Chinese virus as a golden opportunity for a gigantic powergrab.

Most of those in government love to rule. And to rule as they really wish they could, they crave more power–which for us mere mortals, means less liberty.

It’s worth noting how many liquor stores and abortion clinics are needful to keep the country up and running–but how very important it is to shut down churches and gun stores.

Does anyone see a trend here???

Most of our God-given liberties seem to have been abrogated. I have to wonder if they will ever come back. Our First and Second Amendment rights seem almost non-existent now.

It could be that this nation needs to think about a real return to the God of Holy Scripture and His Son, Jesus Christ, who was the true foundation stone of this republic. Check out John 14:6 in the Bible and meditate on what it says. There is a world of truth in that one verse.


Reflections From the Hospital II

by Al Benson Jr.

Laying here in the hospital, where I had expected to be for weeks and where I expect to be back again there was not much to do except a little therapy and watching TV.  I found one channel that had a lot of Western movies I saw as a kid and I watched several of those and also watched lots of news, some of it real and some fake. I watched lots of Fox News, and other local news, with discernment.

Watching all the stuff the feds and state officials are doing, it occurs to me that this virus, of Red Chinese origin, could be a grand excuse to turn 2020 into 1984.

There are rumors about those wanting to track all those who have had the virus so they can tell who they’ve contacted.

One church in Greenwood, Mississippi had its members fined $500 each for just gathering in their cars, windows closed, in the church parking lot. Supposedly that violated Center for Disease Control “guidelines.” There was some fuss over this and I am told the fines were rescinded.

Make no mistake–this country will never be the same after this Chinese virus has passed–if it ever does. And I am willing to bet that the few remaining liberties we still retain will be washed away in the encroaching tide of  “anti-virus protections.” What 911 didn’t do to us, the Corona virus will–and I begin to wonder how much of this is really “accidental.”