Biden The Apostate

by Al Benson Jr.

According to the site American Cardinal Raymond Burke has said: politicians who “publicly and obstinately” support abortion are “apostates” who cannot receive Communion. He doesn’t mention anyone by name but you have to realize one person he had in mind was China Joe Biden! Biden would dearly love to see abortion made the law of the land if he could find some way to do it that would overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling leaving it to the states, where it should have been left in the beginning!

And the site noted that Joe Biden signed a bill that codifies “same-sex pseudo marriage with an activist drag queen in attendance. These things should be ample demonstration of where China Joe Biden is really coming from to those who continue to parrot the line that he is a devout Catholic.

The book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order further demonstrates where Biden is coming from. Its author, Arthur Thompson observes, quite accurately, that: “However, there is a more dangerous group subtly filling slots in the Biden administration, from top to bottom–members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…Basically the CFR was created to convince the American people to become part of a one world government, the New World Order (their words, not ours). And you will read…that Marx and Engels used that term before they penned The Communist Manifesto” on orders from the League of the Just (the Illuminati).

Mr. Thompson continued: “Today this scheme of a one world government is embedded in the United Nations. Most of the agencies of the UN are run by socialists and communists, and the Chinese Communists hold more agency chairs than any other country. The CFR is wholeheartedly behind the UN and steers all its support behind empowering that organization.”

It might be an interesting exercise to write your representatives and senators about your concern over the CFR’s agenda and see what kind of response you get from them. Those replies may give you some indication of where your elected representatives are really at. Don’t be surprised if many of them support the goals of the CFR and the United Nations! Some may do so through ignorance, but many do by design. These are the people that need to be exposed and voted out of office!


Any Truth We Get Is Accidental–We Are Governed By Liars!

by Al Benson Jr.

Our leaders tell us the truth only by accident–if some fact somehow slips out accidentally before they catch it and then they have to double down with more lies to cover it up! Biden tells us that climate change is “a clear and present danger.” Look at all the medical fertilizer that Lord Fauci spread across the land. Many vaccine claims were proven false. The political and theological left thinks you should hang on their every word–no matter how ridiculous.

Most Democrats and some Republicans remain oblivious to our national problems–rising crime rates, inflation, horrendous problems at our Southern border–all these pale into insignificance–as long as they can manage to take out Trump! Their desire to “get Trump” has become an obsession. They are perfectly willing to ruin the country to do that, though ruining the country is part of their plan even if Trump wasn’t around.

They have lied to us about the Chinese virus aka Covid 19. It is not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” It’s something people can get over and over and the unvaccinated are no more prone to it than the vaccinated. I talked to a nurse, actually more than one, who told me that, even vaccinated, you can get this more than once. Just getting the jab does not make you immune! They are still peddling multiple shots of vaccines that are making them rich for those still willing to go along with the charade. Some of us won’t play that game anymore. And the government of liars goes right along with this.

The unvaccinated were blamed for spreading Covid. It was a lie! We are now beginning to learn, much to our government’s chagrin, that the Chinese virus originated in the lab in Wuhan, China and was not a natural occurrence which was the lie they tried to peddle to us. After all, couldn’t blame the Chinese Communists for anything now could we? No wonder people are questioning what the medical “experts” say, especially those that are in the government.

Another reason for government lies is to get people to hate one another. That way they never get together and figure out what the government is doing to them. A classic divide and conquer strategy. I notice that the NAACP, a leftist outfit if ever there was one, has issued a “travel advisory” to black folks telling them not to travel to Florida because they will not be safe there. Another leftist fable. It seems pretty safe for most of the black folks that live there–lots safer than the South Side of Chicago is for blacks living there!

Then we have the government fables about diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DEI). Their version of equity basically means that “no whites need apply” for anything because they will automatically be rejected. So what do whites get out of DEI? Why they get to pay for it all. Ain’t they just the luckiest people around?

Biden now wants new regulations on your washing machines so they will use less water, hence dirtier clothes, he wants to regulate your gas stoves. If you don’t use as much natural gas he might have more to ship to China like he shipped some of our oil reserves to Russia or someplace awhile back. And now he wants to regulate your use of your air conditioners. too!

Back in he 1950s there was a congressional committee investigating how foundation money was being used in Washington to affect life in the United States. They questioned one political hack who, when questioned privately, was quite candid. He told them, in private, that the plan was to “so alter life in the US that we could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.” Asked if he would plainly state that in congressional testimony he said “Oh we would never do that.” Well, the plan may have changed a little since then but it is essentially the same. Are we being conditioned by our own government to live “comfortably” if we are merged with China? Maybe that is something we need to reflect upon and ask questions about. but don’t ask any government bureaucrats because they will probably lie to you!

Another area they lie blatantly to us in is our history. Government liars, in the military and other areas blithely inform us that our Confederate ancestors were guilty of treason because they dared to disagree with “Honest Abe” who never told a lie in all his born days. And if you believe that one, I still have that bridge in the Arizona desert for sale at bargain rates. I’ve read comments by some military figures to the effect that Confederates were traitors. It’s a bald faced lie and I think most of them are quite aware of that but they say it anyway because they are part and parcel of the culture of lies that has permeated Washington since the 1860s. We should be exhorted to search for the truth–but don’t look for it from most government figures or entities because they are incapable of truth!

TikTok On The Propaganda Clock

by Al Benson Jr.

Tucker Carlson asked what could be a rhetorical question on his program last evening. He asked “why is Biden protecting TikTok?” The answer to that question should be obvious to any rational, thinking person. Joe Biden is protecting TikTok because he is in the Communist Chinese back pocket. They own him and his family body and soul and he will never do anything that will hurt Communist China. Should he ever do that it might open up the possibility of no more Communist money coming his way, which would be a tragedy of epic proportions for his family.

TikTok executives just wave off Chinese atrocities–nothing to see here folks, just move along to our next bit of propaganda and don’t look too close! TikTok executives are merely mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist Party. The CEO for TikTok testified before a congressional committee yesterday. It did not go well for him. There were some questions he just dodged answering.

He said TikTok protects your data–from who??? There is a direct line from TikTok to the Chinese Communist Party–so who are they protecting your data from? Certainly not Chinese Communists! There are pro-China lobbyists slithering out from under all the rocks in the Washington slime pit to make sure Communist China gets its share of the Deep State pie. TikTok “data protection” is the farce of the century!

Even some Democrats in Congress are questioning TikTok’s sincerity. But Chinese Joe Biden staunchly refuses to be confronted with the facts! Naturally our excuse for a news media will cry and howl if TikTok ends up being banned in this country–which is really what should happen. The time should really be up for the TikTok spy ops! Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has said that TikTok is “digital fentanyl.” He is right on the money there! You might wonder–if TikTok’s CEO in this country ends up not being able to keep TikTok as a viable spying option in this country, will he dare go back to Communist China to report on his failure?

Theology And The War Of Northern Aggression

by Al Benson Jr.

The War of Northern Aggression aka the Civil War had many reasons, economic (tariffs), constitutional (states rights), and even conspiratorial. There were certain people, both north and South of Mason-Dixon that had as their objective the destruction of the Constitutional Republic the Founders gave us. Abraham Lincoln was one of these. And the idea of a One World Government was not new, even in 1860.

However, most books written about the War studiously avoid dealing with the theological implications involved. Either their authors are unaware of those or they hope their readers are. And then books on the theological aspects of the War do not sell nearly as well as books about battles and personalities.

Northern “historians” which predominate in our day want nothing to do with the theological issues because those issues tend to cast the North in a less than glamourous light. Fighting to “free the slaves” sounds oh so much better than fighting to defend apostate religious views does. So Northern historians want nothing to do with the theological issues except for their own theology, which, though they may not even realize it, is steeped in radical Unitarianism. To ignore the theological issues is to ignore the real reasons that men like Lee and Jackson fought–and it wasn’t to defend slavery! The thought of going to war so your neighbor down the road apiece could keep his 20 slaves would have been reprehensible to them. And peddling such political pap does most of your Southern fighting men a grave disservice. Though that seems to be where the “enlightened” thinking seems to reside in our day. Forgive me, but such truncated thinking is a long way from “enlightened!”

If history today is accurately read (almost an exercise in futility) it will show that in the three decades before the War the North had become saturated with Unitarian thought while the South was leaning more and more toward orthodox Christian thinking–what today we call Reformed Theology. The South produced theologians of the caliber of James Henley Thornwell, Robert L. Dabney, and Benjamin Morgan Palmer while the North was producing apostates like Henry Ward Beecher, Theodore Parker, and Thomas Wentworth Higginson–the man who was “always ready to invest money in treason.” So there was a distinct theological cleavage between North and South!

For the average Southerner there was a distinct belief in God’s sovereignty and man’s complete dependence on God for his salvation through Jesus Christ. Southern preachers had warned their congregations against “extreme confidence in human nature” and against the Unitarian mindset where “each man is his own Christ.” The Southern biblical worldview was completely at variance with the Unitarian-inspired thinking of much of the North. Besides, the abolitionist thinking in the North was tainted with sort of a “one world” aura that reeked of internationalism. Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison had said his country was “the world” and he was into the Feminist Movement and spiritualism of his day.

So the theological climate in the North was far removed from the orthodox Christian faith–and some of the conspirators I took note of earlier had a plan to subvert orthodox Christianity in the South and replace it with a more Scofieldian version which was famous for its neutrality toward evil. For a bit of reflection, go back on this blog to 4/9/2016 and read the article The War Didn’t End At Appomattox.

Welcome To The Police State–or guilty until proven innocent (and still guilty even then)

by Al Benson Jr.

Socialist Democrats have taken the step of weaponizing our justice system to arrest the front runner in the 2024 election for what is basically a misdemeanor. And our totally weaponized Department of (in)Justice now plans to arrest another 1000 people for the “crime” of being in Sodom on the Potomac on January 6, 2021.Their plan seems to be to make any and all protests against the Biden Regime illegal. Dissent against any Democrat regime will not be permitted. Only dissent against republicans and patriots will henceforth be allowed.

All of this is totally opposed to a Constitution that no longer seems to be in force. So welcome to the new Democratic Police State–the new “Temple of Democracy.” It seems today’s Democrats have little or no regard for civil rights. After all, if you dared to vote for Trump and the feds find out, your “civil rights” have vanished! The Constitution guarantees you certain inalienable rights, which means they come from God and no one can take them away–except Communists or socialist Democrats! Remember, these rights are yours–except where the socialist democrats say they aren’t.

It seems the democrats envision a grand purge of all who dissent from their Democrat Dictatorship! This is little more than a new version of the French revolution writ large. For instance, in New York City, all the George Soros-backed District Attorney wants to do is to arrest Donald Trump! That’s his main objective in life! The hell with going after real criminals–they don’t matter–just get Donald trump at all costs!

You have to ask the question–why are the Republicans putting up with all of this claptrap? Our totally weaponized Department of (in)Justice should scare every patriotic American! It seems we are on the verge of a good old Soviet styled purge–the kind of thing Stalin loved! You have to wonder how long it will be before they start arresting those that they think may have wished they could have gone to Washington on January 6, 2021?

The political Left has done away with the idea of blind justice. “Justice” is now what they say it is and criminal activity is what they say it is–including daring to vote for the wrong candidate! Again, I note, the District Attorney in New York who is in such a heat to arrest Trump is a Marxist-leaning George Soros puppet who reduces most felony cases to misdemeanors but in Trump’s case he is working this game in the opposite direction–taking a misdemeanor and puffing it up into a felony and praying a jury never catches on.!

Check out for 3/22 and read the article about how the Democrat Party resembles the Nazi Party. Scary!

Biden Dare Not Antagonize The Chinese Communists (Because they own him!)

by Al Benson Jr.

I notice that the White (Red) House hasshut down the possibility of a cease fire in Ukraine not only once, but twice now. Obviously, the Biden war Machine wants this war to continue. Why is that? Well, there might be a couple reasons. One may be that the Ukraine war helps to keep the public’s mind off some of the Biden family’s shady deals. It gives them something else to occupy their minds.

Another reason might be that this country has not yet given Ukraine enough war material so that we have depleted our own supply of those materials yet. If and when we reach that point, we might then be open to Chinese aggression, so we must continue the war until we reach that point. I realize that may sound far out to some, but when you look at the record of the Biden family’s dealings with China, it’s not all that far out.

Congressional committees have now found eleven more instances of Biden family dealings with Communist China. In fact, China has made the Biden’s wealthy–so how dare the U.S. do anything that hurts China and benefits the U.S.! Biden can’t afford to let such happen lest his good buddies in Beijing get mad at him and cut off the financial faucet.

I noticed on this morning’s Fox News that there had been over a 900% increase in the number of illegal Chinese nationals that have been caught crossing our Southern border recently. What do you suppose these people are coming here for? I’ll wager it’s not to flee Communist oppression. More than likely it’s to promote Communist oppression in some form.

And then there’s all those drugs coming across our Southern border–alot of which come from China. It would be interesting to know of any connections between the Mexican drug cartels and Communist China. There have to be some.

Recently the Governor of South Dakota introduced a bill to curtail foreign (Chinese) purchases of land in that state. Her state legislature overrode her bill. Given the present political climate you have to wonder who in the South Dakota legislature is in favor of Chinese land investment in South Dakota. Obviously someone is. Why?

I’m afraid we have more than we should have in this country who are sellouts to Marxist aggression–or maybe they are people who are in favor of the Deep State and One World Government and they realize supporting Communist China may be the quickest way to get there at this point in history.

In his book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order Arthur R. Thompson observed that: “First of all, the Chinese are anticipating the next war using three new initiatives: cyberwar, outer space, and biological warfare. As to the latter, the Peoples Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party controls the lab in Wuhan, whence came the COVID 19 virus. This was well known to those who pay attention to such things, but was revealed only sparingly by a small part of the media and more than a year after the virus had spread. The significance of this future use of biological warfare by the PLA was even more rarely pointed out. Let us make the point again: the Chinese communist military controls the laboratory in Wuhan.”

All things being considered, it is not a real big leap to say we are already at war with Communist China–our leaders just have neglected to mention that to us thus far. And I understand that they are now finding Chinese ammunition on the battlefield in Ukraine, which means that China is already helping out Putin and we are only finding out about it just now. How long has this been going on and we didn’t know it? To say our “news” media has been derelict in its duty could be the understatement of the decade!

Neutralizing Christians!

by Al Benson Jr.

That old saying “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” is more true today than at anytime in our history. And it seems that in the Christian Church (all denominations) we have more and more good men willing to do absolutely nothing at all to combat what is plainly evil.

Thee Christian Church has been mostly neutralized, starting with the Scofield Bible heresy and continuing on from there. There are a few good Christians here and there that still seek to combat evil, but bye and large, the Church as been put to sleep-and too many good men just don’t want to hear about anything “negative” or evil because if they knew some of what went on they might have to rise up and do something about it and that just takes too much effort that they no longer feel is worth the effort. They have been programmed to try to “snatch a few brands from the burning” and otherwise to let this world go to hell because it ain’t worth saving. Needless to say, I disagree with them, but that’s where many are and they’re not about to budge from that position. After all, the “rapture” is coming to take them out of this mess, so why bother!

I have known Christians that got ticked off at me because I pointed out some of the evil they did not care to be confronted with. I knew one man that, if I pointed out bad things going on he would say “I’m in complete agreement with you, but don’t you believe the Lord is in control?” The Lord being in control was his excuse for not doing anything about the evil .I have never felt the Lord wasn’t in control of it all, but I often feel that the Lord wants to control the evil through the efforts of His people–and too many of His people ain’t having any of that! No letters to the editor of a local paper or to your Congress critters about bad situations. Just not worth the effort!

Another man I knew never wanted to be told about anything “negative!” Everything always had to be “positive.” Sorry folks, but that’s not how the real world works–that’s the way a fairy tale world works! And while positive stuff is nice, you can’t just ignore the evil at work in the world and only focus on the positive.

Now admittedly, in my writing, I usually focus on lots of bad things that I have become aware of over the years. If I ignored the negatives and only accented the positives, I could not live with myself! I feel Scripture requires us to oppose evil that we might point to what the Lord expects us to do. Ignoring evil because we don’t want to have to deal with it doesn’t cut the mustard–anymore than leaving your kids in public school so they can be a “witness” to the system does! It’s a cop out! An excuse for not doing anything when we should be doing something .Not only have we become neutralized, we’ve become lazy! Neutrality (lukewarmness) has turned us into spiritual mugwumps–with our mugs on one side of the fence and our wumps planted firmly on the other side–good fence straddlers!

We should wonder how many of the ills in this country could be slowed down or even reversed if Christians just got off their couches of ease and got involved! How many “positive” things could be accomplished with more Christian input? I have a good friend up north who told me years ago that “Christians will flee responsibility like they would the plague.” I fear, at this point in history, he may be right!

“When You Reach For The Money The Handcuffs Go On!”

by Al Benson Jr.

The state of Utah has a new homeschool voucher law which is supposed to help homeschool families with educational expenses. At least that’s what we’ve been told. The ink was hardly dry on the legislation before some were concerned that it could be used by some homeschool groups to possibly promote neo-nazi and white supremacy propaganda. It seems such happened someplace in Ohio and some Utah parents were concerned that could happen in Utah. And I expect this concern was genuine on the part of some parents.

I suppose this concern will eventually lead to some do-gooder proposing that Utah enact some legislation that will act as guidelines forced on those who take any state money–and forced on all homeschoolers if they feel they can get away with that!

No one is in favor of Nazi propaganda being taught in homeschools anymore than they are in favor of Communist propaganda being taught in public schools. Both forms of propaganda are anathema to children.

Homeschooling as been a viable option in Utah for decades, but the new voucher program could just result in new regulations being enacted for homeschoolers–not right away, but after they get used to taking the state money! Utah would not be the first state that happened in. It is an old ploy for those who want control over what homeschools teach.

And from supposedly curtailing Nazi propaganda, how much of a jump is it to mandating that the “correct” version of history has to be taught? If homeschoolers are making it now without state “help” they probably really don’t need it. And if some do need a little help, could not their churches provide some? State money has often been the kiss of death for independent homeschoolers. With state money always come strings–you may do this but you can’t do that! Most homeschoolers are fleeing government-regulated “education” which is why they homeschool.

Years ago, when we lived in Illinois, my wife and I worked for a homeschool program there. This issue of taking state money was a constant fight decades ago. It is not new. It was a battle trying to keep government meddling out of homeschooling. It’s a never-ending battle. Government at all levels, federal, state, and local, wants so badly to control and be aware of all that we do–and we cannot let them get away with that. We have a Bill of Rights that says certain things are none of the government’s business–and how we educate our children is one of those things!

My advice to homeschoolers is to pass up government money. Doing that makes it more difficult for them to mandate what you can and can’t teach. The education you provide for your children should be between you and God. And try though it might, the state has not yet attained godhood!

Lots Of Biden’s Got Communist Cash!

by Al Benson Jr.

It has now been reported that 6 or 7 Biden’s have been involved in different business transactions around the world–Biden’s “mystery transactions.” So, was Biden being truthful when he said his family never took money from the Chinese Communists? When has Biden ever been truthful??? Even some of the gaffes he is so famous for contain lies. You are dealing here with a man whose version of the truth is whatever he says it is.

Rep. James Comer says they are now ready to subpoena a Hunter Biden business associate. Comer feels there are 13 different business transactions from the Biden’s around the world. It would seem they are a busy little group. Hunter especially! He owns 10% of a Chinese Communist Party backed business.

And now Hallie Biden has been revealed as one who got some of the Chinese money. Andthere is also a “mystery” Biden who’s been getting Chinese cash! The mainstream media has astutely avoided asking any questions about any of this. For them it is also a non-event. In fact they are trying to tamp down on all of this so no one believes any of it.

Hunter Biden is now suing the computer repair man over the computer he still maintains is not his that had all the incriminating evidence on it. So, according to his twisted version, he is suing the computer repair guy over someone else’s computer! For those still gullible enough to believe anything the Biden’s say, that bridge in the Arizona desert is still for sale–you know–the one made out of solid gold bricks–because if you’ll believe the Biden’s–you’ll believe anything!

Now they are again trying to arrest Donald Trump. They are still afraid of him! As I understand it they are trying to prosecute him for a federal crime that the feds decided they would not prosecute him for but they are doing it at the state level. If they can convict him they feel this will end his 2024 presidential bid.

Considering all the business dealings the Biden’s have had with Communist China it would seem that articles of impeachment should be filed against Joe Biden. I wonder if anyone in Congress has considered this. Biden is clearly in China’s hip pocket and his true loyalties have to be in question–especially the part about him giving aid and comfort to this country’s enemies–of which China is the main enemy at this point!

Joe Biden–China’s Best President!

by Al Benson Jr.

Multiple Biden family members received cash from Communist China according to Fox News for March 16th. Beau Biden’s former wife and Hunter Biden’s former lover received thousands from Hunter’s associates. You have to wonder why America’s greatest adversary, Communist China is is funneling money to the Biden family.

So far, they have found four members of the Biden family that have received Chinese Communist cash. What service has the Biden family provided for all this cash? That’s the question few have asked to this point. What has prompted such largesse to the Biden clan on the part of Communist China?

According to “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer madea bombshell revelation about the Biden family and its infamous cash dealings. The saga dates back to March 1, 2017, nearly two months after now Presient Joe Biden stepped down as Barack Obama’s VP. According to Comer, Biden family associate Rob Walker was wired a sum of $3 million by State Energy HK Limited. It is important to note that the company is affiliated to CEFC China Energy, an energy firm backed by China’s ruling Communist Party. The $3 million then went on to being divided between two Biden family associates and three members of the Biden family in a span of three months. Here we take a look at how the money trickled down from China all the way to the Biden’s.” The article then details how the money was siphoned off to various Biden’s.

Other sites that dealt with this are and https://nypost/2022/01/27 Other sites went into quite a bit of detail about this. According to the New York Post the Chinese elite have paid around $31 million to Hunter Biden and some of his kinfolks. That ain’t exactly chump change! Can anyone still capable of honest thought and reflection still wonder where the Biden family got so much of their money from? You don’t have to look much further than Communist China. Can anyone still capable of honest thought honestly claim that Joe Biden is not a thoroughly compromised president? Communist China owns him–lock, stock and barrel!

Joe Biden will never be able to make a decision in anything that favors America if that decision runs counter to what the Chinese Communists want! That should be more than evident. For those that want to do a little more serious reading on this subject, I recommend Arthur R. Thompson’s recent book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order. this can be ordered from the John Birch Society, 770 N. Westhill Blvd, Appleton, Wisconsin 59414 and it’s not real expensive, but it is most definitely worth the read.