Will Christians Ever Wake Up To What Public Education Is Really All About?

by Al Benson Jr.

Literally for decades now I have watched Christians bend over backwards to defend public education and subtly denigrate those among their brethren that dare to pass up the very questionable “benefits” of public schooling and educate their children in a Christian way, either via A Christian school or home schooling.

Those who have taken the trouble to so some reading and research, (and there are not nearly enough of them), have discovered that public education in this country has been in the business of trying to blunt and dilute the influence of the Christian faith here literally since day one. This is not a problem that has only arisen since the 1960s, which is what most people seem to believe. This is a situation that has been a major part of the public education agenda since its inception. I realize lots of folks reading this won’t want to believe that, but again, just go back and do the homework. Read Samuel Blumenfeld’s Is Public Education Necessary? which is still available on Amazon. Also get his books The NEA–Trojan Horse in American Education and Crimes of the Educators which he and Alex Newman wrote together. These are all available at Amazon.

What we see going on in public schools today only corroborates what Blumenfeld and others have written about for the last forty years and more. There are so many Christians who are content to go to church on the Lord’s day, and maybe even on Wednesday evening, who will say “Oh, I’m not interested in dirty politics.” The theological system they have been taught does not encourage them to deal with any of the situations that arise in the real world. They have been taught to just sit and wait for “the rapture” to take them out of this mess so they don’t have to get involved. Sorry folks, but I don’t believe that’s going to happen and you will be forced to deal with the world situation and you won’t be equipped to do that. And neither will your kids!

So you better gain some interest in politics and who we elect to make the laws because this has a direct effect on our freedom to worship as we choose. One doesn’t have to be into politics to a fault, but folks need to get involved enough so that after Sunday Services and IHop, and the football game, you can make a difference by getting informed and making wise choices, especially as they relate to their kids. So many have said tome “The lord’s in control” which for them means He is in control and so they don’t have to do anything. It doesn’t work that way. The Lord is in control–and often He exercises that control through the actions of His people. But they don’t want to hear that.

Quite awhileback now, I read an article on http://americanvision.org that noted an essay by an Al Mohler, who I think has been involved with the Southern Baptists. Mohler wrote about the problems facing public schools in our day. Mohler seemed to gloss over some of the history of the public education movement. The article’s author, Lee Duigon, stated, quite accurately that: “His (Mohler’s) reasoning is that public schools used to be okay because they were locally controlled. Again, this begs the question of whether, from a Scriptural point of view, public schools ever should have been an option for Christians. And this causes problems with his subsequent narrative. It ignores the history previous to the period he highlights, it neglects important facts about the very period he presents essentially as a golden age of public schools, and it simply gets some of its facts wrong. For example, Mohler writes, ‘The earliest public schools in the United States were community-based and parent-controlled. Parents and fellow citizens within a community would establish a school and hire a schoolmaster. The community would establish the curriculum…’ These are very broad, sweeping generalizations that do not represent the majority of the early public school movement, or do not represent it in all its humanistic glory.”

And Mr. Duigon continues: “Let’s just be honest to start with: socialism is socialism, and statism is statism, no matter how large or small a scale on which you operate them. Public schools are and always have been based on civil government coercion, forced taxation of property, and redistribution of wealth. These principles are unbiblical whether they are nationally controlled or locally controlled–Washington-based or community-based. Further, from day one the public schools were designed to be centers of humanistic indoctrination…”

He noted the early Unitarian influence, which is seldom, if at all, discussed or even mentioned. He mentioned the teachers union, the National Education Association, which goes all the way back to 1857. That’s right–1857–not 1957! How many Christians even have the remotest clue about any of this? Those that prattle on about how good public schools were in the “good old days” mostly do not know what they are talking about. They may be sincere. I don’t doubt their sincerity, but they are sincerely wrong. Anyone who seriously studies the history of the public school movement realizes that there were never any “good old days” It was humanism and socialism since day one, as Mr. Duigon has so aptly noted. If you have a system that is bad at its beginning, then what can you “reform” it back to?

I have asked that question for years now regarding public schools. I have yet to get an answer from anyone’ The question just gets ignored–which means the erswhile public school “reformers” have no answer for it. Well, I have one. If the public school system will not and can not be reformed, you take your kids out of it and refuse to play with your kids’ lives and souls on their turf.


Teachers Colleges–Helping To Build The “New World Order”

by Al Benson Jr.

Way back in September of 1948 a man named Augustus G. Rudd wrote something called Education For The New World Order. .Mr. Rudd was chairman of the Guardians of America Foundation. He wrote about a book called Conclusions and Recommendations which apparently is a book dealing with how to spread propaganda through the government schools. Mr.Rudd’s comments were quite revelatory. He noted: “From Conclusions and Recommendations’ we learn in detail about how this indoctrination through the schools is to be accomplished. The propaganda vehicle is to be the new Social Science course, supplanting the traditional United States history, geography, and civics. It took them awhilem to do this. I can eremember having civics in the 9th grade and US History in high school and that was back in the 1950s.

Textbooks were to be rewritten, special courses and teachers guides were to be prepared and other teaching material and other teaching material was to be selected that would accomplish this. Mr. Rudd also observed that “Soon the entire scheme of indoctrination …(will be) entrenched in our educational systemfrom grade schools to colleges…Then teachers colleges fall into line by making similar courses mandatory for those seeking advanced degrees…And so the cycle of propaganda is complete. All of which has been financed by millions of…dollars from educational foundations assisting to cut the throat of the very system which created them.”

Notice Mr. Rudd didn’t hesitate to label this as indoctrination, and notice also that the term “New World Order” goes back lots further than when George Bush mentioned it in the late 1980s. So they started out by brainwashing the teachers, who, in turn, would brainwash the students, and no one would notice the difference, teachers, students or parents.

Naturally, the United Nations, that communist vehicle promoting one world government, got into the act. Congressman John T. Wood of Idaho noted, back in 1951, that “UNESCO’s scheme to pervert public education appears in a series of nine volumes, titled Toward World Understanding which presume to instruct kindergarten and elementary grade teachers in the fine art of preparing our youngsters for the day when their first loyalty will be to a world government…” The UNESCO material shows teachers how to eliminate anything, words, pictures, maps, anything that would cause students to feel any loyalty to their country. Things such as “the outgrowth of the narrow family spirit” had to be dealt with and eliminated. Down the “memory hole” as it were.

Awhile back, I read an article entitled Are Public Schools A Propaganda Arm Of Liberals? It was posted on http://www.home60515.com and it dealt with the academic quality of teachers colleges. The article started out with this thought: “Before we direct our attention to the question of whether the public schools are a propaganda arm for liberals we need to first lay some groundwork…In Massachusetts, in April 1998, ‘close to 60% of aspiring teachers flunked the state’s certification exam’.” The author continued: “In July 1997 ‘a school district in Suffolk County, NY, gave teaching applicants an 11th grade reading test. Three quarters of them flunked the test. Similar results are reported from other parts of New York and the nation. One third of the applicants in Virginia flunked a basic skills test’.”

The article went on to note that our teacher training schools are “known to be underperforming” and that fewer than 70% of graduates (of our schools of education) meet state licensing requirements…(G)raduate schools of education…remain at the bottom of academia’s pecking order.” The article said that, for the most part, more academically able students do not seem to be attracted enough to enter the teaching profession..

So, if the more academically able students are not entering the teaching profession then who exactly is? It has become more and more apparent as the years have gone by that those who are imbued with a leftist mindset have seen the possibilities of passing along their socialist worldview to students, the next generation, and they seem to have flocked in and flocked in in droves. If you have read and understand the history of government schooling, you will know why that is. It should come as no real surprise. The Unitarians and socialists who pushed the agenda for government-controlled education way back in the 1830s could hardly be classified as right-wingers. So this socialist push in public education isn’t really a new thing–it’s just an update.

The article went on to observe that the faculties of many colleges seem to be liberal and mostly Democratic–in other words, socialist. It goes on to say that this country is experiencing a moral and social decline and that government schools are a major contrubutor to that decline. When your kids attend public schools that have “trans-sexual closets” for the kids to wear the clothes of the opposite sex for their school day, its kind of hard to argue with the logic of the article.

Several years ago now, I read a book called Ed School Follies written by Rita Kramer. She noted, in a talk with a professor that the professor said: “But the real problem in the schools is the disadvantaged. And there, to really make a difference, you have to change society.”

That is exactly what the Unitarian/socialist founders of government schools in this country attempted to do–change society into what they thought it should be. Education to them was not merely the passing on of needful knowledge and the attempt to get students to think critically–its main goal was to change society–the remolding of the American character if you will. I don’t know about you, but I am not real happy with the results we have today.

Kramer said: “The ‘new left’ social scientists who came on the scene in the late 1960s began to reinterpret American history from a preponderantly Marxist point of view and nowhere were the revisionists more radical than in the field of schooling.”

I am consistently reminded when I search for educational material that the tenth plank of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto (actually it wasn’t really his, he was hired to write it by the League of the Just–the Illuminati) was “free education for all children in public schools.” So, what better and more appropriate place for leftist “education” than those colleges which teach the country’s teachers?

You Parents Should Have No Rights In Your Kids Education–Just Ask A Teacher!

by Al Benson Jr.

I just read an article on https://schoolhousereport.com about the head honcho in the American Federation of Teachers. There was a picture of her in the article and she reminded me of the typical demagogue. The article observed that “American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten claims that legislation like Florida;s Parental Rights in Education Act is ‘the way in which wars start’.Weingarten said that parents concerned about gender identity and sexual orientation being taught in public schools are being manipulated by special interest groups seeking to dismantle public education and privatize the U.S. education system, ” Well, I don’t belong to any groups trying to do that but it does sound like a pretty good idea to me.

Ms. Weingarten must be concerned about this for her to make such a statement. Maybe she realizes that the public schools have gone way too far on some of these leftist programs–not that they will ever turn back from them, nor will they ever be reformed. So maybe her statement is an attempt at damage control on the one hannd and painting concerned parents as potential war mongers on the other. Typical leftist trick to kill two birds with one stone.

Weingarten said: “We are in an existential threat race against these right-wing extremists who are trying to exploit people;s agitation for their own political purposes, That’s why they are trying to silence and put back into the closet people who may be gay or trans. This is propaganda, This is misinformation. This is the way in which wars start.”

So now if you are a parent that is concerned about the “trans-sexual closet” in your kid’s school that lets boys dress like girls and vice versa, you are a “right-wing extremist” who is guilty of spreading propaganda and misinformation!

What this woman is saying is that parents should have no rights regarding what the schools are doing to their kids–they should just shut up and sit down because the teaching “professionals” know what’s best and they have determined that if your son wants to change into a dress when he arrives at his public schol and act like a girl he should have the right to do that because the school endorses that and it’s none of your business! That’s basically what she is telling you.

There is no way the public school leviathin is going to be shut down at this point. The teachers unions and their leftiist friends in Washington will see to that. You can’t shut it down–but you can separate from it. You can take your children out of it and find other educational options–Christian schools, a homeschooling program, a homeschool co-op, where parents team teach each other’s kids in subjects they have expertrise in. Our daughter had her kidsin one of these for awhile and it seemed to work pretty good.

Whatever course you decide to take, your kids need to be removed from the public school environment before it destroys your family and ruins your children forever. With people like Ms. Weingarten at the helm in the teachers unions parental rights in education are a happy myth at best and a fairy tale at worst.

Theological Marxists Mandate Spreading Critical Race Theory

by Al Benson Jr.

A standard addition to the tenets of religious Marxism in our day has been the addition of Critical Race Theory to their cultural Marxist “prayer book.” You have to understand that, to the cultural Marxist, his belief surpasses the acceptance of a purely economic system, and approaches a messianic belief and acceptance.

Hence, his Marxism is, to him, a religious experience and he is committed to spreading the “gospel” of Marxist thought–willingly to, those who are prepared to accept it–forcefully to those who are not. Public school students represent, to him, a captive audience to be force-fed his religious doctrines as he is able to get away with that. Often school boards and teachers unions reinforce his resolve. Those parents with enough knowledge to try to thwart his agenda are hopeless “reactionaries” who need to be denied the attempt to have anything to say about their kids’ education.

Do you begin to grasp the religious zealotry of the typical Marxist–far more intense than that of the average Christian? Although the average Marxist would cringe at my use of religious terminology here, it fits his mindset to a tee. He is a disciple, possibly an apostle, and Karl Marx is his savior. And though he may not always be willing to die for his “faith” he is often willing to go to jail for it–if that will help to make a martyr out of him.

What led me to consider this was an email I got from a friend up in the Midwest in the latter part of last Summer. I would have gotten to this sooner except that, due to health problems, I was offline for seven months and didn’t discover this gem until I started trying to dispense with old emails that were no longer relevant. When I found this one I knew it was one I had to pass along. The url for this one is long, but try it and see if it will come up for you. It did for me. It is


What this is is a state by state list of teachers who will teach Marxist “Critical Race Theory” in schools every chance they get. For those unaware of it, Critical Race Theory is a Marxist construct that separates the different races one from the other so students will have nothing to do with those of other races and it teaches that the white race is out to oppress all the others. Like most Marxist theories it is total hogwash–but that doesn’t stop the Marxists from peddling it.

If you can pull this article up check out your state and see how many leftist teachers are willing to teach kids this leftist claptrap and where they are. I checked out the state of Louisiana and found 20 teachers in this state willing to teach this–two of them in Monroe, right in my back yard. There were 6 in New Orleans–no surprise there–and 3 in Baton Rouge. A few other towns had one each. This is small potatoes compared to some states;

Some states had a ton of them. Cities like San Francisco, New York City and Chicago were top heavy with them. Twenty may seem a small number for Louisiana–but that is still 20 too many! No matter what state you live in it’s worth knowing who the teachers are that will promote Marxist ideology. If you can, pull this site up. Good hunting!

Junior Better Not Wear His Dress Home Or Mom Will Get Mad

by Al Benson Jr.

If you thought public schools couldn’t get any worse, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Wait until you read about these “gender transition closets” in California public schools. This article I will quote from appeared on https:www.theepochtimes.com for April 22,2022 and was updated on April 23rd.

The article by Alice Giordano observed “They started in colleges., but trans closets–rooms stocked with transgender clothes and accessories for students to change into after arriving to school and back out of before going home–are being discovered in public schools with some indication they are being kept secret from parents. In a recent Tik-Tok video, a California teacher implies that the trans closet he started at the high school where he works is meant to be kept from parents. ‘The goal of the transition closets is for our students to wear the clothes their parents approve of, come to school and then swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are’ the teacher said. The California Family Council and others eventually confirmed the identity of the teacher as Oakland United School District Spanish teacher Thomas Martin-Edwards, who is also the founder of ‘Queer Teacher Fellowships’.”

So how do you Christian supporters of public education like them apples? This is what you are supporting. The teacher running this trans closet is also transgender and it seems he plans to make sure all your kids have an opportunity to have a go at that.

So, if Johnny goes to school today and feels like he wants to be Jane for the day, after he gets to school he can just go into the trans closet, select a nice slinky dress and shoes with high stiletto heels and emerge as Jane for the day–as long as he doesn’t forget to change back before he goes home so Mom and Dad don’t know who he really thinks he is or they might have kittens!

You have to ask yourself–if this is what the public schools are doing–does my kid really belong there? If you are a sane person you already know the answer. So far, I have only heard about this in California. However, what starts in California doesn’t necessarily stay in California. Often, like an ugly green cancer, it oozes out of California until it covers much of the rest of the country.

If leftist teachers in California can do this and get away with it you can bet other leftist teachers in other states will do the same thing. It’s only a matter of time, then, until those trans closets make it into a public school near you–maybe even your old alma mater. No sensible parent anywhere should be willing to have their kids subjected to this sexual perversion–because that’s just what it is–no matter what some “enlightened” educrat tells you.

It becomes more apparent almost daily now that public schools need to be separated from.Take your kids out of them and run! In future articles I will try to list other places you can find educational opportunities other than public schools, and there are plenty.

Forty Eight Years After West Virginia the Government Schools Continue to Subvert American Kids

by Al Benson Jr.

Way back in 1974, almost 50 years ago now, an event occurred that shook the public (government) education establishment. And it did so to the point where the minions of that excuse for an educational system have been racing double-time ever since to make up for the ground they lost there.

That event was the Kanawha County Textbook Protest, where parents actually managed, thanks to a gallant lady named Alice Moore, to get a look at what the public schools were planning to teach their kids. The parents were not happy with what they saw. No normal person would have been.

And so the parents protested. They marched in the streets of Charleston. They picketed the schools, and they shut down the county school system for a month, and the aftermath of this event lingered there for the next couple years. The school board finally got the rotten books back into the schools but they used subterfuge to do it. My family and I were there part of this time. It was one of those signal events that made my wife and I understand that we could never send our kids to public schools–anywhere–and by God’s grace, we didn’t

But we had lots of opposition, unfortunately most of it from Christians who tried mightily to persuade us to put the kids in public school. This was after we left West Virginia and had moved to Indiana. Try going to a church where almost everyone, from the pastor on down, thinks you are slightly wacky for wanting your kids to have a Christian education and you get almost no support from them because most of them are firm advocates of government schooling. I have to tell you, that’s an interesting experience!

The Textbook Protest in West Virginia was finally beaten into submission–literally–by the billy clubs of over-zealous “law enforcement” officers who had been ordered to “break the protest” any way they had to–and why was that?

There is no doubt that the Textbook, Protest focused lots of unwanted attention on an out-of-control government school system, that made it less free to pursue their radical agendas for awhile than it had been previously when no one knew what they were doing. But that was then and this is now, almost five decades later–and socialist and anti-Christian government “educators” have been busy making up for the time they lost in West Virginia–and they did lose time there.

And in our day you have members of local school boards all across the country that are leftist radicals–if not outright Marxists. The situation in Northern Virginia recently is a good example. These people do not want to educate your children in the way that you understand education–reading, writing, math, and good accurate history and literature. They have an agenda they seek to force on your kids that will fundamentally change the way they think.

They do not call themselves “change agents” for nothing. Your kids need to be re-educated to think along their socialist, One World lines and they consider it their “holy” calling to do that, whether you like it or not!

To find out what really happened in West Virginia during that textbook protest you need to read Karl Priest’s book Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Karl is a retired public school teacher from West Virginia so he knows what actually went on there. Most of the preachers who helped this protest to gain national prominence have gone to be with the Lord by now–48 years after the fact. There are not that many of us left that remember the protest. Karl’s book is a history oft that historical event and should be read by anyone who has questions about what public education is really doing–and it ain’t doing what they say it is.

Public School Liars And Deceivers

by Al Benson Jr.

How often have I heard people say “If only we could get the public schools back to what they were when I was in them they’d be okay.” Folks, you are kidding yourselves if you think that. They were bad when you went to them but you just didn’t notice. Now, what was bad then looks good to you. Twenty five years from now what seems bad will look good–which shows that our thinking has been tampered with and we don’t realize it–to our detriment!

Someone sent me a short article from https://www.independentsentinel.com for April 21st. The article said, in part, “An investigation of CRT in Iowa schools by Accuracy in Media is deeply concerning, but what is even worse is that these teachers say they are just getting started. The plan is to go further Marxist. They don’t care about the law at all…Deceitful teachers throughout the nation are not following anti-CRT laws. Instead they are just changing the name and teaching the same racist, Marxist curriculum throughout the day. They are teaching social justice, white privilege, and systemic racism. None of it is true, but that diesn’t matter. They also say they see it as a way to overturn capitalism….They bragged that the law banning Critical Race Theory doesn’t have any teeth in it and there is no consequence mechanism. They can easily continue teaching this hateful anti-American curriculum. They’re also teaching the fake 1619 history….”

The article concludes with: “The solution would be to let the funding go with the student so they can get out of these corrupt schools.” While I agree with this in principle, kids need to get out of these corrupt public schools no matter where the funding goes!

I wanted to check this out so I went to Accuracy in Media. It was on target. There was an article on https://dailycaller.com by Chrissy Clarke that dealt with it. Again, this article said, in part, “Five public school administrators admitted that they are relabeling Critical Race Theory to avoid Iowa’s state ban on teaching the ideology to kids, according to undercover video footage from Accuracy in Media. Anthony Ferguson the executive director for equity, inclusion, and diversity at West Des Moines community schools told Accuracy in Media that administrators work around the state’s Critical Race Theory ban by relabeling “Critical Race Theory.”

This is a prime example of why public schools and public education will never be reformed. No matter how hard you try to do that and what laws you pass to try to do it, the educational leftists running the public school system will find creative ways to nullify what you are doing so they can continue their leftist indoctrination of your kids. They don’t plan to change that agenda one iota but they will work 24/7 finding ways to dilute any attempts at reformation.

And when you figure out what they are doing and try to pass another law to stop it, they will find some way to get around that. Real reformation of their system is not in their game plan. They have been indoctrinating kids in leftist ideology for longer than you and I have been alive and they have no plans to cease and desist. Their only plan is how to make you cease and desist by labeling you a “domestic terrorist” if you get in their way too much. If that doesn’t work they will, no doubt, exercise other options. The fact that they blatantly lie to parents about what they are doing is beyond doubt.

Your only option when dealing with a corrupt educational system is to get your kids out of it and keep them out. Don’t pour good money after bad trying to reform a system that tries to make you look bad because you refuse to swallow their propaganda. You are dealing with the devil if you do.

Legislators See The Public School Problem–But will their efforts help?

by Al Benson Jr.

Someone recently sent me an article from The New American magazine about legislative efforts to give parents the right to have some control over their kids’ education that have been passed in several states. Naturally, the mainstream media did not see fit to pass this along tp people. The article was recently published at FreedomProject.com

The article noted: “Responding to out-of-control indoctrination and rampant sexualization of children in government schools, lawmakers across the nation are considering and even passing legislation enshrining a ‘Parent Bill of Rights’ into state law. Georgia and Kansas both passed such laws just this month. And most states this year had bills introduced dealing with the subject. But how much good these laws might do remains to be seen. Many advocates say these will give parents more control over what their children are exposed to. Forces anxious to promote homosexuality, transgenderism, promiscuity and sexual revolution, however, are up in arms. Teachers’ unions are also fighting tooth and nail.”

You can bet the farm the teachers’ unions ain’t fighting tooth and nail for parental rights, but rather for the ability to keep indoctrinating your kids in their leftist agenda. The article observed: “Bewildered parents, meanwhile, are frantically seeking to rein in the madness in ‘public’ education. Sending our children to public school is not a delegation of power to the district,…our kids are our own.”

But the article noted that: “Unfortunately, though, sending children to public school is a delegation of power to the government–and an enormous one at that. In fact the government will spend more than four times as many hours as the average parent imparting its worldview into the hearts and minds of the parents’ children. While clearly well intentioned, these ‘parental bill of rights’ bills may do more harm than good. By giving parents false hope that they can hand their children over to a godless, out-of-control government and still maintain their ‘rights,’ these bills will help government schools maintain their stranglehold over families for even longer. Only an exodus can truly keep them safe.”

I have totally agree with this–particularly the closing statement. A government school system that has as its goal the indoctrination of your children into their left-wing theology is not about to be reformed or restrained. All it will do is to look for ways to get around any restrictions put on it. The material being farmed into government schools nowadays is worse than it ever was. Some of the stuff I have seen only recently from government school books was so bad I would get this blog shut down if I reproduced it–but it’s just fine for your kids’ school books. What does that say about the textbook publishers? It says to me that they are part and parcel of this leftist agenda that is being pushed on the kids.

Truly, a mass exodus from the government school system is the only solution. Get your kids out of it before it does them irreparable damage. Those Christians who think an hour of Sunday School on the Lord’s day will combat all this government school indoctrination are in for a rude awakening.

Home Schooling Increases While Public School Enrollment Decreases

by Al Benson Jr.

The AP seems to have had to acknowledge a fact they would rather have buried. According to TheNewAmerican.com for April 19th there has been a dramatic increase in the number of home schooling families since the Covid outbreak. That planned pandemic was not, however, the only problem parents had with public schools.

The article on The New American site by Bob Adelmann listed other problems that the AP would probably like to ignore. The article stated: “Following what the Associated Press said is ‘the most rapid rise in homeschooling the US has ever seen’ homeschool parents ‘continue directing their children’s education themselves.’ Prior to Covid, about three percent, or two million, young people were being homeschooled according to the Census Bureau. That number tripled during the 2020-2021 school year, said AP, and only fell off slightly the next year’.” That means that even after the Covid scare, most of those who took their kids out pf public schools kept them out. That’s a healthy sign and one that should give us some encouragement which, after over a year of Biden’s radical socialism, we could all use!

Adelmann’s article noted that “The media outlet blamed the initial increase on the Covid shutdowns but had trouble dealing with the reasons homeschool parents are staying with the program…” I don’t wonder. They are probably aware of the major problems with public schools, but as part of the mainstream media, their job is to make sure the public isn’t. But, as Jazz Shaw, writing for Hot Air explained, there is much more behind the move than just a ‘disagreement with School policies.’ Parents, once forced to see exactly what their children were being taught in public schools, were aghast…On top of that, there is obviously a growing realization among parents that the nation’s public schools have largely turned from being centers of education to centers of indoctrination…For every parent who learns that the school told their children ‘Don’t tell your parents,’ there are probably a dozen more families pulling the plug on public schooling’.”

Adelmann mentioned the Freedom Project Academy. He observed: “David Harper, principal of Freedom Project Academy, an affiliate of the John Birch Society, took it to another level. In a conversation with The New American, he said, ‘We teach our students how to think, not what to think.’ He went on to say that his online program teaches students critical thinking skills, how to defend positions, and how to present ideas, all based on a classical education model.” For more information go to https://fpeusa.org and check it out. This is one more of those good alternatives you have to the public indoctrination centers we still charitably refer to as public schools.

How Are We Doing With Liberty?

by Al Benson Jr.

Yesterday, April 19th, was the 247th anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord that began our War of Independence. The leader at Lexington was Rev. Jonas Clark. Pastor Clark had given shelter to Sam Adams and John Hancock when they fled the British in Boston. Adams and Hancock wanted to know if the local militia would stand against the British regulars. Pastor Clark assured them they would because he had trained them in “the scriptural principles of liberty.”

As I read that I wondered–how many pastors in our day have been trained in the “scriptural principles of liberty..” I am afraid there haven’t been many. Many pastors today seem to major at staying out of the way–and out of the fray–so they don’t offend anyone or rock the boat in any way.

They seem to forget that the Lord Jesus not only procured our freedom on the cross but He also offended the religious establishment in Israel. The gospel He preached was “Jesus is Lord” over all. That was the last thing they wanted to hear because it lessened their influence–and whatever did that had to be dealt with. So they tried to silence Him. They thought the cross would do it. It didn’t work out for them. The first Easter morning proved that. Their descendants are still trying today and it isn’t working any better for them.

Over the years I have been privileged to know some pastors who gave people critical truth in several areas–the truth about communism and its evil designs; the truth about the trash that was in their kids’ public school textbooks; the truth about the crying need for real Christian education and several other important areas.

We fight today in a different way than Pastor Clark and his militia did. However, the battle is still the same–good vs. evil and light against darkness. We need to know enough truth in critical areas to fight this battle and that means doing the homework to find out. Even then, many people will not believe what we tell them–including some pastors who would rather not know because knowing obligates them to do something and they’d rather not.

Some of us have fought this battle for many years. Often we wish there were more of us to fight and we often wonder if we are making any progress. But we do it anyway because, ultimately, the Lord is in control and those efforts to promote His truth will not fail. As for those who refuse to contend for the faith in many areas, what will the Lord say to them at the final judgment? In that day the price of apathy will come due and will they be prepared to pay it?