Some Questionable Associates Of C. I. Scofield

by Al Benson Jr.

It’s interesting what one can turn up about Cyrus I Scofield with a bit of digging. I just came across a site, that dealt with some of the people Cyrus Scofield had some help from in the preparation and promotion of his infamous study bible. I mentioned Zionist Samuel Untermeyer in yesterday’s article, and, lo and behold if he doesn’t show up on this site I have noted above.

I will quote, in part, “Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Strauss, Bernard Baruch and David Schiff. These people financed Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged for the publication and distribution of his concordance.” Sounds like a batch of One World Government types were more than willing to help Scofield get his new “bible” out there for the general public. These kinds of folks generally have little to no interest in promoting the scriptures, yet they all stepped up to aid Scofield. Do you wonder why?

The article continues: “One of Scofield’s first moves in producing his reference bible was to make a trip to the British Isles for research. He immediately sought out the controversial scholars Westcott and Hort in London. Hailed as Bible Scholars, both men were very active in occult rituals. Westcott had formed a secret club called ‘Hermes’ noted for aggressive homosexual activities between its members. In 1851 Hort and Westcott also started the Ghost Society, which was first billed as the study of spiritual events, but in time it became more of a seance group. Its members included Arthur Balfour who, in 1917, bequeathed Palestine as ‘a national home for the Jewish people’.”

The question has been put forth–why would a well-off German Zionist living in the US sponsor Cyrus Scofield and spend money on a man who was working on a new Bible translation and preaching Jesus Christ? It was totally out of character for someone like Untermeyer. But there was an overarching reason. “Jewish leaders long ago recognized the bonanza for them if they could force the teaching of an imminent rapture on Christians and move them to abandon their moral hold on society. (John Nelson) Darby was financially supported and Scofield, Darby’s successor, could make the teaching central in all Christian churches.” The idea was to get Christians out of the political realm and neutralize their churches. You have to admit it has worked out that way.

How many Christians have you run across who will have nothing to do with politics because politics are “of the world.” They seem to have forgotten that this is still God’s world and he wants His people involved in it. These are the folks that are “so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.” That, and they are so enamored of the State of Israel that it is inconceivable to them that the “chosen people” could ever do anything wrong, so whatever the Zionists do must be right! That is nothing but spiritual rubbish! But you have to wonder, with people of this low caliber willing to support and finance Scofield, just what was his real game. The Scofield bible has done more damage to the work of the church in the last century, in the name of being “Christian” than the church’s most outspoken adversaries. “beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

The article concluded: “For those who seek the truth, Scofield left a trail in his wake, and so did his Illuminati handlers…”


C. I. Scofield–Leading Christians Astray

by Al Benson Jr.

Years ago, a friend of mine, Joe Canfield, wrote an important book about Cyrus I. Scofield and the bible notes he wrote that became what we know today as the Scofield Reference Bible. Joe noted in his book The Incredible Scofield And His Book published by Ross House Books in Vallecito, California, that there was a major connection between Cyrus Scofield and Zionist Samuel Untermeyer. Both men belonged to something called the Lotos Club, and Joe noted that Samuel Untermeyer had been one of those responsible for getting Scofield into it. If you can get Joe’s book you really should. He gives you the background on Cyrus Scofield you will not get anyplace else. For instance, how many know that Scofield married his second wife before he bothered to divorce his first one?

But others have since also written about Cyrus Scofield. Recently I came across an article by a Maidhc O Cathail, written in 2015. This author, who sounds Celtic in origin, had more interesting insights into the Scofield Bible and the effect it has had on modern Christians. This article was posted on the Washington Report On Middle East Affairs website.

The article started off: “Since it was first published in 1909, The Scofield Reference Bible has made uncompromising Zionists out of millions of Americans. When John Hagee, the founder of Christians United form Israel (CUFI), said that “50 million evangelical, Bible-believing Christians unite with 5 million American Jews standing together on behalf of Israel” it was the Scofield Bible he was talking about.”

Although the Scofield Reference Bible contains the text of the King James Authorized Version, it is not the traditional Protestant Bible, but Cyrus I. Scofield’s annotated commentary that is problematic. More than any other factor, it is Scofield’s notes that have induced generations of American evangelicals to believe that God demands their uncritical support for the modern state of Israel.”

I have personally had a few run-ins with folks with this mindset. Several years ago I visited a doctor who was a victim of this travesty of truth. At the time, I had made some comment about something Israel had done–I believe it was their bombing of the USS Liberty back in 1967. I stated that I did not believe that bombing was an accident as Israel claimed it was. I still don’t.

At that point, this doctor became almost unhinged, and informed me, quite loudly, that Christians have a duty to support and defend Israel no matter what they do! I disagreed. He was so vehement in his viewpoint that I never went back to him again. His attitude totally turned me off!

Let me say here that I do not subscribe to his viewpoint that Christians must defend Israel no matter how dastardly some of their deeds are. To me, that is putting national Israel in God’s place–and that is idolatry! After Christ’s death, I do not believe Israel was “God’s chosen people” any longer. You can argue with me about that all you want. You can say “Well, the Romans killed Christ” and technically they did the deed–but they would not have done so without the Jewish religious establishment pressuring them to do it. At this point in history it seems to me that the “chosen people” are all those, both Jew and Gentile, that accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I realize that will not sit well with those who put national Israel first in all things, but that is how I see it from what I read in Scripture.

Reshuffling The World

by Al Benson Jr.

The world is being reshuffled and most of us can’t see that. Even if we manage to help Ukraine win their war with Russia, we will end up losing. If China and Russia combine to attack us, nuclear weapons will almost certainly come into play. China will not hesitate to use them on us.

Most folks don’t realize that Ukraine is just another one party state–same as the old Soviet Union. And it’s a one party state that Biden can’t seem to throw enough money at fast enough! But then, Biden, with his New World Order mentality, has no problem with one party states. So now, in his convoluted thinking, we will defeat Russia and rebuild the world. In whose image?

But the question remains–have we accomplished anything in Ukraine after a year and billions given away? Sure we have! Americans are now poorer, with less security. Isn’t that the real intent of the Biden Regime??? We are much less secure with Biden’s open borders policy, and again, that seems to be the intent of Biden’s Regime–that and promoting Equity. There was a black man on Fox News just this morning and he made the comment that “Equity is just another name for racism.” He was right.

Who is naive enough to believe that the $112 billion plus we’ve given Ukraine all went into the war effort? Did any of it go to Burisma or any of Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian associates? Zelensky says if we won’t support Ukraine we will lose NATO and our position of world leadership. That position is already being undermined by Biden’s supine position regarding Communist China.

Biden is noted for using Communist Chinese talking points against Americans–we’re a racist country; we’re a bigoted country, etc. With Biden’s opinion of his own country being so negative, he might be happier living in Beijing with some position in the Communist apparatus there. But, then that would interfere with his mission to “fundamentally transform the United States.” into a third world socialist dictatorship!

Biden’s proxy war in Ukraine will end up crippling America. You have to wonder if that is the real intention. That war has no real end in sight. Only 37% of the people here approve of it. Biden has dragged us into a war no one wants. We have yet to be told about the big transport planes leaving China for Russia–loaded with ammunition! So China is already involved and the Biden Regime has tried to keep that under wraps!

Author and Lawyer Gordon Chang told on Friday that China is “supplying lethal assistance to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.” Chang also said on Wake Up America that China had gaslighted this war; it’s supported Russia; it’s supplied lethal assistance; (and) the Biden administration is not reacting to that! Is anyone surprised? Is it out of line to ask where Biden’s first loyalties are?


An Empire In Decline?

by Al Benson Jr.

Is the United States an empire in decline? Awhile back, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana made the comment that “This nation was founded by geniuses but it’s being run by idiots.” Unfortunately, many of those idiots belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, and their main idiotic idea is to make the US just another cog in the wheel of One World Government–under the control of the United Nations.

The Treasury Secretary, another CFR member, claims she will punish China. Yeah, right! Biden says he will support Ukraine in their war with Russia “as long as it takes.” To do what? Bankrupt America? I noticed the US just handed Zelensky another $10 billion. It is sheer lunacy, seeing how much we’ve spent on Ukraine–$112 billion plus! Americans could have benefitted from some of that, but none of it was meant for American peons. If some of it had stayed in this country maybe our folks in the army who can’t make ends meet wouldn’t have had to be told to apply for food stamps! Our debt is exploding and our idiot leaders do not seem to care. Maybe that’s part of their plan. And it doesn’t cost them a thing as they all sign their names on the back of their fat government checks.

And Republican leaders are supporting a war that may end up killing off a lot of their voters. Lindsey Graham never saw a war he didn’t love! The Deep State has swamp creatures in both parties. All that money spent on Ukraine would have helped Americans here–but the current Regime is busy showing us that Americans don’t really matter nearly as much as Ukrainians and illegal aliens After all, we are the population the deep State wants to be rid of. When they have managed to get rid of us, who do they think will pay the national bills? It won’t be Ukrainians or illegal immigrants!

So Biden’s excuse for a transportation secretary finally made his way to East Palestine, Ohio. Wonder if he needed an Indian guide to get there. He showed up wearing a hard hat–another white guy in a hardhat–a definite no-no! One local resident said they got no real answers from him about their problems there due to the chemical train wreck. And FEMA still hasn’t shown up. Maybe in the next decade or so they can make it–if they’re not too busy with their re-education camps! If East Palestine, Ohio were part of Ukraine they would be a top priority, but seeing it’s only a part of the US, the bureaucrats couldn’t care less!

Another sign of a decaying empire–the legitimizing of perversion. Race relations in this country were improving until the Biden Regime decided to start discriminating against istraight white people and openly favoring minorities and perverts. And such open favoritism is the main priority of the Biden Regime. With it Biden fans the flames of racial strife–and he loves it! He claims lynching is still a big problem in this country. How many people have you read about being lynched of late. If such were happening, our prostitute press would have been all over it–but if it is happening, they seem to have missed it.

Sean Hannity recently noted that Biden “doesn’t give a rip about the middle class, never did and never will.” So Mayor Pete made the obligatory trek to Ohio, but don’t look for him to go back anytime soon. Same with Biden’s three hour photo op at the border. Lots of hype–no action!

When people need help, government should be blind to how they voted. Sadly, the Biden Regime is not. Let’s face it–this is an anti-white regime, and proud of it! Some media personalities that continually attacked Trump have also attacked the residents of East Palestine, Ohio because many of them voted for Trump. That seems to be the new “unforgivable sin”–voting for Trump! Joy Behar feels this way. She thinks East Palestine residents deserved this train wreck because they voted for Trump! You have to take note of her amazing sense of charity and good will. But then, her sense of charity is so very typical of leftists and other socialists.

So take a good look at where we are headed with the current regime .If you can’t seethe signs of a decaying empire, with CFR idiots at the wheel, you ain’t looking too hard.

Mayor Pete–A Transportation Secretary For The Ages

by Al Benson Jr.

You may be tempted to ask what Mayor Pete’s qualifications for Transportation Secretary are. Well, let’s see–he plays the piano, he speaks Norwegian, and he is a sodomite. Now what more could you ask for than that?

When the shipping bottleneck was happening in 2021 and they couldn’t find enough truck drivers to haul the goods away from the ports, Mayor Pete was on “paternity leave” with his male wife–or maybe he’s the wife–I don’t know exactly what the familial relation between the two of them is. He is but one example of Biden’s perverted hiring practices.

He has finally been able to make the arduous journey to East Palestine, Ohio, three weeks after the chemical train derailment there. Isn’t that good of him? He is taking time out of his equity agenda campaign (too many white guys wearing hardhats in construction jobs) and new highways being racist, to visit the peons in East Palestine, who mostly voted for Trump so they really don’t count. Wonder if he will determine if the train wreck there was racist too.

And On Another Note

Foreign nations poured millions into the university that houses the Biden Institute. Communist China gave millions to the University of Delaware after Joe launched the Biden Institute there. Do you wonder why?

Then there is the FBI (better known as FIB) where discipline seems to be a thing of the past. A news report I saw noted that FBI agents have been getting very little discipline for things such as drunk driving, mishandling secrets, and losing weapons according to journalist John Solomon.

It turns out that, so far, Ukraine has received $112 billion (that sounded high, but that’s what the report said) in aid in the last year, while people in the army who are having difficulty making ends meet due to Biden’s inflicted inflation are now being told to apply for food stamps. Billions for Ukraine while our soldiers are told to just get food stamps! Anyone see anything wrong with this picture? Biden’s first constituents are Ukrainians and illegal immigrants and all he wants from us white trash is for us to pay for it all. American citizens are at the bottom of his list of who to do anything for. So if you live somewhere where a disaster has occurred, Biden or one of his flunkies may appear after a month or so–but don’t depend on it!

The Feds Will Never Give Us The Answers

by Al Benson Jr.

It has been 60 years since the JFK assassination. There are files dealing with that event that are still being withheld from public scrutiny. Why do you suppose that is? All the people involved should be dead by now, so what’s the harm in letting the public know what really went on?

Let me say, for my part, I think the Warren Commission Report was a farce. They had to come up with something they thought the public might buy and that report was it though it really satisfied almost no one. Even back then most folks were sharp enough that, though they couldn’t put their finger on it exactly, they smelled a very large rat.

So what are the feds afraid of? Are they afraid the public will find out who in our own government conspired to have JFK killed? With the files on his death being withheld all this long time that would seem to be the case. Many people have thought that the CIA had some major involvement.

Over the years there have been several versions of JFK’s assassination put forth, to the point that it is hard to really figure out who did what. I think that has been on purpose. Everyone from the Mafia to Fidel Castro has been named at some point..

Years ago, I saw the movie Oliver Stone made about Jim Garrison’s attempts to find out who did it. I also read the book Jim Garrison wrote about the assassination and his attempts to discover its perpetrators. I read two or three other books about the assassination too, but I feel Garrison came the closest of any of them. I know there were great pains taken to exonerate anyone Garrison brought to trial and after awhile he sort of backed off because he realized the powers that be were going to make sure he didn’t get any real answers.

Those powers still exist today. We call them the Deep State, and part of their goal in life is to make sure the general public remains totally ignorant of most of what its government does or is capable of. And obviously, after 60 years, something is still being covered up. I don’t know about the CIA involvement but I would not be surprised if their fingers were somewhere in this pie. Some of those who have headed the CIA would hardly classify for sainthood. The public deserves to know the truth, just don’t hold your breath waiting for it!

Biden Vs. Trump–There Is No Comparison

by Al Benson Jr.

Tucker Carlson gave an interesting assessment of the two presidents on Fox News last evening (2/20).He noted that Trump’s foreign policy ideas were the most accurate in a generation. Trump argued that a China/Russian axis would be bad for America and would change the entire world scene–and that not for the better. Biden seems to be death against Russia, so I wonder what he would do if his love affair with China is interrupted by China being willing to help Russia. Might make him reach for his barf bag if he still has the mental acumen to do that.

Tucker then noted something any thinking person has to have noticed. He said “Biden visited his real constituents in Ukraine.” It’s no secret that he views Ukraine as more important than his own country. That’s what he really believes. America last is a major Biden policy! In Biden’s confused mind, America only exists to pay the bills for all this New World Order crap being foisted upon us. To Biden the citizens of Ukraine are much more important than the citizens of East Palestine, Ohio. And in this context, we might ask–where are the Republicans who will speak up for these folks in Ohio? So far, if there are any, they are keeping their heads (and their voices) down.

There are those in the Republican Establishment that feel it would benefit the country for us to have a war with Russia. While it might benefit them financially, it will be no great benefit to those families whose sons, brothers and fathers have to fight such a war. But, hey, lots of those people voted for Trump so they are expendable.

In Ukraine, Zelensly says the war with Russia will end when Ukrainian tanks (probably made in the US) are parked in Red Square in Moscow. Big talk for someone getting most of his aid from the US. Ukraine will end up pulling us into WW3–with Biden’s blessing. Maybe if we are thus occupied fighting Russia we won’t have time to contemplate what’s going on with Hunter Biden’s laptop or the financial dealings with China that have made the Biden’s so well off financially.

Biden’s response to the tragedy in East Palestine, Ohio is so typical of his great concern for the citizens of his professed country. It is too little and too late, just as his “concern” for the border invasion is. The EPA finally showed up–two weeks after it happened. FEMA originally said it wasn’t one of their problems, though they later backpedaled on that somewhat. However, the message is more and more becoming louder and clearer American victims of disasters are at the absolute bottom of Biden’s to do list! His response (or lack thereof) makes that abundantly plain. Biden’s contempt for Americans, especially the middle class, seems to know almost no bounds.

For Biden, the agenda is “Equity” above all else. And “equity” is just another name for Biden’s reverse racism–no whites need apply for anything!!! If you are white, just pay the bills for this insanity and shut up! Biden expects all of us to join his “Equity Club” where the minorities are all angels and the devils are all white!

Confederate Flag Day

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been informed that March 4th will be designated this year as Confederate Flag Day. It will be a time to have programs about Confederate flags and their true meaning and purpose. Those flags were not about slavery. Today they are often misused and abused by those who should not use them.

This gives the Confederate flag a bad rap–and I am not sure that some of that is not intentional. The FBI infiltrated some of these groups years ago and some leaders have been pegged as FBI informants.

People need to learn the truth about our flags and not just believe the media liars that tell us these flags represent only “racism.” Also, April is designated each year as Confederate History Month, an excellent time to take a look at Southern history and how important it is to this country and to our understanding of American history overall.

There are places on the internet you can check out accurate Southern history. Look up the website for Abbeville Institute. They have all kinds of articles about the rich history of the South. I would recommend checking out their site. You will learn a lot that the news pundits and public school systems wish you didn’t know about.

If you want to learn how Southern culture and heritage is under attack today, check out the site of the Virginia Flaggers and read about their attempts to preserve our culture and heritage. Our Southern culture and heritage have been under severe attack for at least thirty years that I am aware of (and probably longer).

You get the faulty impression from the “news” media and many politicians that the War of Northern Aggression was only about slavery and that the North fought a noble war to free the slaves–and it’s all hogwash! If the North was only fighting to free the slaves, then why didn’t they first free the slaves in slave states that remained in the Union–Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia? The Emancipation Proclamation specified that only slaves in Confederate territory were to be emancipated while slaves in Union territory were to remain in bondage. They ended up being freed only by the 13th Amendment after the War was over and Lincoln had gone on to his “reward” whatever and wherever that was.

I’ve asked the question several times–if the North fought to free the slaves, why didn’t they start by freeing their own slaves? To date, the silence on that question has been deafening. Everybody simply ignores this question and probably wishes it would go away. But it won’t! Even the so-called conservative news media disparage the South and they should know better. It seems that they learned their “history” in the same public school indoctrination centers that the socialists did, and they believe the indoctrination!

When I was growing up I heard lots of stuff about how bad the South was and what a terrible place it was. When I got old enough to go there myself, I found it was all a monstrous lie. To be sure, the South ain’t perfect. But, then, no place on earth inhabited by sinful men is perfect. As far as racial prejudice, I heard much of that in the North as a kid. And now the Biden Regime is supposedly trying to cure that with their own brand of reverse racism which openly discriminates against whites.

In spite of all the political fertilizer that was thrown around, my wife and I ended up in the South and we have no regrets for having done so. We’ve been here for over twenty years now and found it is not the horrible place we were told it was. Believe me, folks, I grew up in the North and it is no paradise.

The Southerners were not traitors when they seceded. They did not try to overthrow the Northern government. All they tried to do was separate from it. If separation is treason then so was the Declaration of Independence. Even though the politically correct socialist types are pushing for it, Southern culture and history are not going away. But we need our folks down here to stand up for their heritage. One way we can do that is to get our kids out of public indoctrination centers we still call schools and make sure they start learning our real history instead of lies. It is up to us to preserve our heritage because you can bet the political liars in Washington are bent on destroying it.

So Why Are The Chinese At Our Southern Border?

by Al Benson Jr.

According to a guest on a Fox News program there are now about 25-30 Chinese nationals crossing our border illegally every day. That’s in the neighborhood of around 7500 of them in a year’s time, give or take a few. I know we have people from lots of countries scrambling to get in illegally but, given our current situation you have to ask–who are these people? How did they manage to get out of Communist China, a country that is not noted for letting its people go unless they have some specific reason for doing so–such as spreading the Chinese virus to the west. Are they more than just the illegal immigrants they appear to be. That seems to be a question our current socialist regime will never ask.

Recently our Secretary of State, Council on Foreign Relations member Antony Blinken supposedly told the Chinese it was wrong to fly their spy balloon over this country. Yeah, right! That bridge in the Arizona desert is still for sale if you believe that! I mean, whose kidding who? The Biden Regime will do nothing, and I mean nothing to antagonize Communist China because Biden knows his bread is buttered with Chinese butter and he doesn’t want to cut off the butter supply that has made he and his family wealthy. He is a thoroughly compromised Chinese pawn!

Dr. Peter Navarro was recently interviewed on the War Room. He spoke about how Communist China is our enemy while the U.S. is acting like the two countries are buddy-buddy. Are our leaders really that naive? If so, then we need new leadership. Or, are our leaders trying to pull the wool over our eyes? If so, then we need to let them know it ain’t working. The American people are not totally stupid. Many of them know when they are being fed a line of bull–something the Biden Regime has been doing since day one.

I still urge people to get Arthur Thompson’s book Benedict Biden: Water carrier for the New World Order and find out what Biden has really been doing to tear this country down. I’ve said before that Biden is Obama’s third term–and it was Obama’s mission to take this country down. He said as much in slightly different words. The Council on Foreign Relations wants to merge us into part of a One World socialist government and Biden is daily working on that agenda, and we should realize that.

This Is One The “News” Media Will Ignore–Revivals

by Al Benson Jr.

This story is one the mainstream “news” media will studiously ignore. If they can’t ignore it they will take great pains to ridicule it. This story appeared on

It seems there is a spiritual revival going on that has now spread to four universities. It started at Asbury University in Kentucky, in the church there. It has now entered its tenth continuous day there.

It has now spread to other schools, including Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, which is experiencing its own movement of God, with student-led worship and prayer that has now stretched to about 48 continuous hours. Samford is at least the fourth school to see a spontaneous revival break out among…students.

Lee University in Tennessee and Cedarville University in Ohio have been experiencing unscripted revivals this week. You will notice that most of this revival activity is taking place in the South. Could it be that there are still some pockets of genuine belief in some schools in the South as opposed to the rank apostasy that blankets the North?

I don’t pretend to know where all this is going but I view it as a positive thing. With true revivals should come spiritual discernment, though this has not always been the case. True spiritual discernment would include among the leadership of those revivals, any attempt to turn them into events that the Marxists can use to promote their agenda among Christians–something they have often done among Christians that are unaware and ignorant of Marxist devices–and sadly, that includes most Christians.

Sadly, most Christians tend to view Marxist theology as something that is political, and hence they seek to avoid any contact with it. They don’t realize that, at root, Marxism is another anti-Christ theology that seeks to replace the Triune God with totalitarian big government. Big Brother if you will.

Christians need to begin to realize that they have a duty to resist and to expose these efforts as the anti-Christ exercises they really are. Will they learn this in time to be effective in doing that? Only time will tell–but any sign of true revival in this apostate nation is a welcome one.