Was the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Incident a Federal Sting Operation?

by Al Benson Jr.

For a change this has been a good week. Given our culturally Marxist regime in Washington and the wannabees in most of our state capitals, us ordinary folks don’t experience many good weeks anymore. So we should be thankful to the Lord when He gives us one.

To start off, in a typically culturally Marxist move in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the usual culture destroyers were at it again (they never stop). A local college sociology professor and some of his students wanted to get the City Council of Fredericksburg to rename Jefferson Davis Highway there because, after all, Davis was a slaveowner. They got one  city councilman to propose a motion on that, but the effort rather fell apart when they couldn’t even get a second for the motion from anyone else on the City Council. And so, Jeff Davis Highway in Fredericksburg remains Jeff Davis Highway–at least until the next attempt to change it comes along, or until after the election.

And in the same vein, for whatever reason, the FBI has decided to reopen the Hillary email case they had blandly smoothed over last July when the recommended no indictment for Hillary.  That was expected. This wasn’t. Something happened, somehow, to make the FBI think they had to revisit this, with only 12 days until the election. Who knows what indigestion rumbles around in the bowels of the Establishment, but something happened to force them to reopen this can of political worms. Was it Wikileaks? Proof that the Lord does answer prayer. We will see what He will allow to happen in this situation.

But the one that really caught my attention, probably because I have spent time in the West and followed the Sagebrush Rebellion over the years, was the result of the trial of the folks in Portland, Oregon known as “the Malheur 7.” Two of these seven were Ammon and Ryan Bundy, whose family I wrote about in several articles on this blog back in April of 2014 during the Bundy Ranch standoff. Check my articles on this blog for April of 2014. There are ten of them, all about the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada.

The Malheur 7 have been on trial in Portland, Oregon for their occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. This was the tragic situation that resulted in the FBI gunning down Lavoy Finnicum at a roadblock while he was on his way to a peaceful meeting. They claimed he pulled a gun–so they shot him nine times. See the article on this blog for January 31, 2016. Personally, from what I have read about Mr. Finnicum and seen in the videos he has made, you will pardon me if I find the FBI’s account of this rather dubious. These are the same people who shot Randy Weaver’s wife in the head while she stood holding a child in her arms at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. Anyone remember Ruby Ridge? It really must have taken a brave man to shoot a woman holding a child. I understand he got a medal for that–so you will understand why I have some reservations as to their sterling qualities.

The court trial in Portland in which the Bundys were tried, along with five others,was, in my opinion, payback for the Bundy Ranch situation over two years ago.

Almost no one who followed this trial, from what I have read, expected anything other than a guilty verdict. As I have read about the occupation of the wildlife refuge on and off over the months, I was convinced that this was one situation the Bundys and their friends should have passed up. The adverse publicity they got from this was designed to portray them as the devil incarnate, given what the “news” media does to those who stand on patriotic principles.

The “Just Us” Department alleged some things during the trial they presented no evidence for, and their contention that the Bundys and the others were terrorizing the people who worked there seemed to have no basis in fact, but with the Feds, such is no surprise.

An article on http://www.lewrockwell.com for October 28th, by Roger I. Roots, noted the following: “The U S Justice Department alleged in Count 1 that the seven defendants (and many others) had engaged in an ‘armed standoff’ at the federal wildlife refuge with the intent of scaring away the various government employees who normally work there. Every defendant was utterly innocent of this allegation…In fact, Ammon Bundy and the other defendants took a monumental (and quite daring) stand for the plain text of the Constitution when they occupied the Malheur Refuge in January of this year. They pointed to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U S Constitution which seems to plainly forbid the federal government from owning land inside the states unless the states agree to sell such real estate to the federal government.  Needless to say, the present reality in the American west is in sharp contrast to this piece of the constitutional text. The feds claim to own and control millions of acres of land in the western states–most of which (such as the Malheur Refuge area) was never purchased from state legislatures or anyone else.” So where do the feds get the authority to do all this? Why they just assume it–because no one else has the power to refuse their “requests.” So whatever you think of the Constitution (and many of us are not totally enthralled with it) the Bundys felt they had a clear and consistent understanding of what it said and that’s what they operated on.

However, the thing that made me wonder if this whole thing was, indeed, a federal sting operation, was what Mr. Roots said toward the end of his article. He stated that: “Most startling of all were the undercover government informants that were revealed in the trial. After weeks of wrangling and arguing with defense lawyers, the Justice Department finally stipulated that at least nine undercover informants were planted among the Refuge occupiers. Thus, informants outnumbered the defendants on trial. One informant was even a bodyguard for Ammon Bundy and drove him to his arrest. Another informant admitted he trained occupiers in shooting and combat skills.” In my opinion when you have more informants than defendants, something doesn’t smell right. And when you have one of the informants training the occupiers in shooting skills and combat techniques it definitely doesn’t smell right–in fact it stinks outright! At what point did these informants become involved? Were they there at the beginning? Did they have a part in the planning of this operation?

I don’t know all the facts in this case, but I wonder who got the Bundys involved in it to begin with–and were the people that got them into it among the informants? If so, then this constitutes what we call a sting operation–getting someone to take part in something “illegal” they ordinarily wouldn’t have done unless you conned them into it and then you busted them for doing what you had conned them into.

It appears, though, that the jury in this case saw through all the federal chicanery because it acquitted all seven defendants, much to the pleasant surprise of many of us and to the chagrin of those in the Federal Establishment, who, I am sure, will now seek to find some other way to punish these folks for daring to defend their rights.


If Hillary Wins the Ethnic Cleansing WILL Continue (and “Reconstruction” WILL be ongoing)

by Al Benson Jr.

As we draw closer to the cooler weather of Autumn in the year of our Lord 2016, many think, especially in the South, that they and their heritage have survived yet another “long hot Summer” and now that it’s over they can go back to sleep for the Winter. This is a serious delusion for them to labor under–because it is as false as Hillary’s campaign rhetoric about her deep respect for the Second Amendment.

The ethnic cleansing campaign of the cultural Marxist Leftists has not abated, nor with the current “election” (selection) coming up, will it. If (some folks say “when”) Hillary “wins” the election, by hook or by crook (probably mostly by crook)  you will see another strong thrust in the “reconstruction” agenda, probably one of the strongest you have seen since Obama’s first year, back when he promised to “fundamentally transform” the United States. Has it ever occurred to anyone that what Obama was talking about was yet another phase of “reconstruction?” And because he and Hillary, in spite of all the huggy-kissy  stuff the “news” media spins out there for you on TV, really hate each others guts, she will try to outdo what he did so she can claim she had to finish what he started. You see, even though many on the Left loathe each other,  they are willing to work together to cut our throats, culturally and otherwise, while we on the Right prefer to fight with one another over jots and tittles rather than engaging those who would purge our culture from the face of the earth. As perverse as they are, the Leftists know how to work together when it is necessary. We have not begun to figure that out yet, much less attempt it. And in the mix we have many “Republicans,” so called, who, in spite of their conservative rhetoric, work to make sure we never do figure it out.

There was an article on http://www.wnd.com on the 20th of last May, written by Curtis Ellis, called The Radical Left’s Ethnic Cleansing Of America.  Mr. Ellis informed us that Hillary and Obama try to make us believe the disappearing jobs in this country are something that is inevitable in “the new global economy.” Donald Trump doesn’t buy that pile of cow chips and neither do I.

Mr. Ellis observed, and quite accurately I believe, that, “…the radical left planned the liquidation of white, blue collar working families…in order to ‘fundamentally transform’ America. The decimation of America’s middle class and industrial strength is a case of murder, not accidental death. It was done with premeditation, malice and forethought. The latest evidence comes from Thomas Frank, a man of the left and former Wall Street Journal columnist. His new book, Listen Liberal, exposes how the radical left, the Clinton family and Wall Street deliberately liquidated the white working class of America.”

One of the first ways they did this was to infiltrate the labor unions, purging men who actually worked for a living from influential positions and replacing them with “upper middle class activists…” They did the same thing in the Democratic Party until it represented only the far left.

And, of course, to make this really successful, you had to do it in the South, and the South already had a mostly Christian foundation that those people hated with a purple passion. A few psy-ops operations down here using “useful idiots” waving Confederate flags worked wonders when the media spun it the right way. The situation in Charleston, South Carolina in June of 2015 was a prime example.

Wesley Pruden wrote an article for http://www.washingtontimes.com back on June 25th, 2015 in which he noted: “This fit of ethnic cleansing was inevitable, given the popularity of getting ourselves politically correct, which has grown from a cottage industry, employing mostly family and intimate friends, to a great industry embracing the likes of Amazon, Wal-Mart and eBay…What started with palpitations and occasional fainting spells at the sight of a Confederate flag, has become a nationwide search for something, anything, to bring on a cleansing fit of hysterics.” When Rush Limbaugh said, at that point, that what had happened to the Confederate flag would eventually happen to the US flag everyone snickered. Now I don’t always agree with Rush Limbaugh, but in this instance, he was right on the money. Since his comments we have seen the cultural Marxists go after the US flag, the Gadsden flag, even the original Betsy Ross flag– all because they were all “racist” or “non-inclusive” or for whatever lame-brained reason they could conjure up at the time. But, for whatever reason, they all have to go. And Western culture and civilization also has to go. White culture must go–to be replaced with black culture, brown culture, purple culture with green spots, or whatever “culture” is deemed the best qualified to replace white culture–immediately if not sooner!

In the course of all this, Mr. Pruden brought up an interesting point. He observed that, as long as “racist” flags and monuments have to go–what about the Lincoln Memorial? He noted that “Honest” Abe “described himself as a white supremacist in language a Klansman could admire.” And if you think that statement is untrue, then you need to read The Lincoln/Douglas Debates. I assure you that Mr. Pruden knows whereof he speaks.

If you are naive enough to think the cultural Marxists have forgotten about you or don’t care what you do or say, then read an article by Kristinn Taylor on http://www.thegatewaypundit.com for July 7th of 2015, where she quotes an article from Politico Magazine by contributing editor Michael Lind.  Lind’s article describes the South as “Jesusland” and it states that the South “keeps the US down by its faith in God…” That should show you where the mindset of this publication is at. Politico whines about the fact that “conservative, religious white Southerners” are stopping the US  from “being more like Britain, Canada, and other liberal, English speaking democracies.” And Taylor observes: “The article concludes with the hope that the South will be ethnically and culturally cleansed by immigrants from other countries and liberals relocating from other parts of the US.” From that one statement alone do you begin to understand the Obama/Clinton/One World Government agenda for first your Southland and then for the rest of the country. While you sit bemused with your reality shows the Leftists are working at ways to do you  and your grandchildren in. Is that getting through to you yet??? They couldn’t say it any plainer!

So if (when) Hillary ascends to the regal throne in Washington, you can bet that “reconstruction” that never really ended, will be ongoing, because all of us nasty white Christian Southerners have to be expunged from this part of the country, and eventually from the rest as well–but first the South, then the West, and all the rest will fall into line after that.

One final thought occurs to me. If you want to work to forestall or prevent this, find yourself a good conservative Christian Church–one that advocates families having lots and lots of kids. The culture you save with lots of offspring, Christian-educated offspring, just may be your own.

Folks, We Are The Dirt Under Hillary’s Establishment Feet

by Al Benson Jr.

Us folks who are Hillary’s “deplorables” and “irredeemables” have also now been labeled as “fundamentally UnAmerican” which should show us what this “gracious” woman really thinks of the vast majority of us in this country. As a long-tenured Establishment Elitist, she considers us the dirt under her feet, the off-scourings of the universe.

How anyone could even remotely consider this woman to be “for” any group that is not associated with the Far Left simply beggars the imagination. Anyone who considers her to be anyplace other than in George Soros’ back pocket is simply not paying attention or does not live in the real world.

A small example–According to the book Armageddon by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, on page 51, Hillary was on record as being against drivers licenses for “undocumented people.” In other words, to be a little less politically correct, illegal aliens shouldn’t get them. That was in 2008 when she ran for president and was told to step aside and make room for Obama. Her turn would come later. But now, after eight years of rule under Comrade Obama, in which he forcefully moved this country much further to the Left, often with the complicity of a Republican-controlled Congress, Hillary senses the time is right to flip-flop on this issue. Now she thinks  “state policies” that let illegal aliens have drivers licenses are just great. No doubt she’d love to have them vote, too (the Establishment is working on that) and so would Obama and about sixty percent of Congress–not all of them Democrats. After all, why let a little thing like lack of citizenship stand in the way? When you are an advocate of doing away with national borders and creating a continent-wide mega state for all and open to all no matter what, the concept of people having to be citizens of the country they vote in is hardly worth the mention, is it?

At any rate, “Mother Hillary” has just taken yet another swipe at her disobedient children according to another WikiLeaks revelation. In an article on http://eheadlines.com written by Kristie McDonald, we are told: “In another WikiLeaks reveal, Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs in her October 2013 speech to executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are ‘fundamentally un-American’.” Specifically she said “I don’t care where they’re from. They have to be rejected because they are fundamentally un-American.” So, if you don’t care to have a ton of new Muslim immigrants from the Middle East overwhelm your neighborhood, with possibly some of them raping your daughters, because that’s what they do where they came from,  why you are simply “un-American.” You just don’t appreciate the “diversity” of cultures across the world when you should really be overjoyed to have these people living among you in growing numbers. The raping of your daughters is a small price you should be glad to pay  for the privilege of being able to partake of Hillary’s  (and George Soros’) plan for “diversity and multi-culturalism.”  I mean, how ungrateful can you be for not wanting this???

Hillary said in that speech,: “What I really resent about the obstructionists is they have such a narrow view of America. They see America in a way that is no longer reflective of the reality of who we are.” All I can say is–if we ever become what Hillary envisions for us–then only God can help us, for no one else will be able to.Hillary noted in her Goldman Sachs speech  that being “American is not a national identity, but rather an intellectual invention.” McDonald noted, at the end of her article that “Clinton’s declaration seems to echo a sentiment that has been expressed by mass migration enthusiast Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan” who, in my opinion, should never have been entrusted with the job he now has. Paul Ryan is living proof that socialists in both major parties can eagerly work together to fulfill  Obama’s vision to “fundamentally transform the United States” into a Third World socialist utopia along the lines of what we now see in Zimbabwe. That’s their plan for us in this country. Doesn’t it just make you drool in anticipation?

The Congressmen who voted to make Ryan the House Speaker because they naively thought he was “conservative” hardly deserve our vote of confidence, at the polls or anywhere else. What they do deserve is questions from a ticked off electorate asking these Congressmen  “Why in h— did you do that? Whose side are you on anyway?” But then, if they honestly answered that question, I’m not sure many of us would like the answer.

Have you ever wondered how many Republican congressmen think the same of us as Hillary does? The truth would hardly give you the warm fuzzies! In all honesty, we have a government that is utterly corrupt to the core–in both parties, at all levels. We have “conservative” congress critters that, at heart, are really Hillaryites–and they display that more and more daily. The voters really need to start looking at these people and what they do. If you do, I guarantee that, unless you are some sort of socialist, you won’t like it.

If the Establishment manages to steal this election from Trump, even if he wins it, then in all honesty, I have to ask–do you now begin to understand why the Confederate States seceded in 1860-61? Back then it was just the Southern folks that were the “deplorables” along with some of the Copperheads that realized what the game was.  Now it’s everyone that isn’t a raving Leftist! That fact may give you some small idea of how “reconstruction” in this country after the War of Northern Aggression really worked–and is still working.

Establishment Double Standard–one set of rules for us and another for them

by Al Benson Jr.

It should be overtly obvious by now that the Ruling Political Establishment,  composed of both Republicans and Democrats, is not subject to the same rules and laws they make for the rest of us. We are held to a rigid standard and they are held to no standard except “the end justifies the means.” They are allowed to do whatever they want in their pursuit of the New World Order. They are, truly, above the law unless they tick off someone higher up in the echelons and then they might be prosecuted, not because it fulfills the law,  but rather because it fulfills some vengeful spirit’s spur of the moment anger that his or her edicts were not followed according to their wishes. Welcome to 21st century Amerika! It’s where “good is evil and evil is good.”

I have read more articles of late than I care to mention about what goes on in the country and believe me, it is not an exercise in delight and happiness. People who think I look mad all the time should read some of the stuff I have to read.

I checked my email this morning, to find 600 messages on it, some adds, a handful personal communications and the rest articles or research material about the sad state of the country. I will share just a few so you get the idea.

This from http://www.westernjournalism.com the headline for which was: “Hidden Camera Catches Clinton Campaign Approving Destruction Of GOP Voter Registration Forms.” The article goes on to explain how a hidden camera caught a field organizer for Hillary’s campaign in Florida okaying  the destruction of Republican voter registration forms by someone who posed as a campaign worker.

A reporter for Project Veritas Action pretended to be a campaign worker and told the Clinton field organizer he had ripped up a batch of GOP voter registration forms and he asked the field organizer if he “was okay with that.” He replied “yeah.” When he said he was concerned he might get in trouble for doing that the field director “assured him it was OK and he would not be reporting the incident.  As long as you don’t make it a habit.” The field director was later asked about this incident and denied he’d ever had the conversation, as he took off for his vehicle and left the area. The article continued: “This is not the first time the Clinton campaign has been secretly videoed seemingly condoning questionable voter registration practices.” If this had been a Republican field director doing this it would have been all over the papers and the TV news but because it was Hillary’s people it gets ignored.

And then this article from The Washington Times which appeared on http://www.washingtontimes.com which was headlined: “Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails.” The article was written by Ben Wolfgang and appeared on October 12, 2016. Some of this material came from the Wikileaks emails. Mr. Wolfgang wrote: “Long before Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans a ‘basket of deplorables,’ her top campaign advisers and liberal allies open mocked Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups, according to newly released emails that offer a stunning window into the vitriol inside the Clinton world less than a month before election day…The sheer number of insults in the email trove has left the Clinton campaign, along with outside organizations such as the Center for American Progress that were routinely involved in the brutal bad-mouthing, unable or unwilling to respond.” So instead of responding they are trying to blame Russia for the hacks. The old “bait and switch” tactic. So us rubes out here in flyover country really know what Hildebeast thinks of us. Why anyone would want to support this woman, with her record, is beyond me. Her campaign engages in the same schlock stuff they blame the Trump campaign for doing, but because its Hillary and her friends, why that’s okay.

It’s right for Hillary but wrong for Trump! It’s cultural Marxism in living color! And then there was an article on http://www.infowars.com by Kit Daniels, which stated, in part, “The Clinton Campaign worried about Hillary’s lack of ’emotional connection’ to everyday Americans. Democratic strategist  Steve Hildebrand told Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta that Hillary  must “find an emotional connection to regular Americans…Hillary has got to get away from Washington speak and begin immediately to find an emotional connection to regular  Americans. She needs to have a greater understanding of what people and families are going through every day…”

Now come on folks, in all honesty, does anyone really think Hillary gives a tinker’s damn about what ordinary Americans go through every day. Her previous commentary about most of us being deplorables and irredeemables  shows or should show, what she thinks of us. All we are is a bunch of “racist” rednecks to be used, if possible, to further her goal of reaching the White House so our real un-elected rulers can hand her their agenda to force on us. In other words, she’s the middleman, er, excuse me, the “middleperson” between the dictators and the serfs. And, of course, in that position, and before, she can pretty much do what she wants, as the laws that apply to us do not apply to her.

All these alleged sex allegations about Trump are nothing more than  diversion so ordinary folks will not pay too much attention to some of the damning material coming out with the Wikileaks exposures where she is giving speeches in Brazil telling the bankers there she is ready to do away with US borders and just let everyone come in. The fact that she will be destroying this country’s culture is one that has occurred to her just like it has occurred to Comrade Obama–and she couldn’t care less.

If this country is to be saved we will have to repent, turn to the Lord, and ask Him what we need to do–and the Church had better learn how to lead the way.

The Bovine Fertilizer of Hillary’s Second Debate “Win”

by Al Benson Jr.

All the major networks (Ted Turner used to call them “nitworks,” and that’s probably the only thing he and I would agree on) proclaimed  Her Majesty, Hillary the First, as the resounding winner of the second presidential debate. I realize, what with the “news” media being bought and paid for, that this is the only conclusion they would dare to come up with, but I watched the debate.  As far as Queen Hillary being the resounding winner, I would beg to differ. Interesting that all the major nitworks  proclaimed Hillary the winner while just about all the alternative media I checked out felt that Trump trashed Hillary.  I would tend to go along with that assessment.

I felt from the get-go that Clinton would seek to divert the viewing public way away from her email indiscretions, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, and all the rest of her political faux pas by majoring on the eleven year old tape of Trump using offensive and lewd language in regard to women. That was going to be the crowning touch in her argument as to why Trump should never be president. I think she really thought she had a cinch hand and could play it any way she wanted to.

She soon discovered that there were going to be parameters on how she played this hand when Trump brought in four of the women that her husband, Slick Willy, had been accused of raping over the years, one of which he had had to pay a huge settlement to to keep the matter out of court. You should have seen Slick Willy’s face when those women came in. You could have knocked him over with a wet noodle. He was less than a happy camper and Trump was telling her, in effect, “if you want to go there then I can play the same game.” He never said the words but the message was there and Hillary had enough political savvy to get it. They both ended up “going there” as the evening wore on, but not to the extent they could have.

Trump showed a lot more fight in the second debate than he did on the first go-round and he got his licks in. Of course that wasn’t always easy, as there were two moderators and Trump noted on more than one occasion that he was, in effect, having to debate three people instead of one. That was an accurate assessment, but then, that’s how these presidential debates usually work out–the socialist candidate plus the “moderator(s)” all ganging up on the conservative or patriotic candidate. That’s standard operating procedure.

Each candidate was supposedly allotted two minutes to answer a question but the moderators, somehow,  usually managed to lose track of the time Hillary had used to ramble on and on while they made dead sure Trump never got to go beyond his time, and he noted that a time or two also. There was a board in the room that kept track of the time, the same type you have a ball games, and when the candidate’s time was up it registered zero. Several times Hillary ran over her time and it registered zero and the moderators just let her keep going, showing no indication whatever to shut her up. I guess it became apparent to someone there that the television audience could see when zeroes showed up on the board because during the last half of the debate you never saw the board again. The cameras must have moved one way or the other to take it out of view.

Trump brought up several controversial topics that needed to be discussed and in each case Hillary sat there with an almost goofy smile on her face and when he got through talking she would get up and utter some inanity to the effect of “that’s not quite accurate” but she never quite got around to just what “accurate” really was. I wondered, watching her facial expressions as they turned from a near frown to sort of a silly smile, if she started smiling when the answer she was supposed to give Trump came through the ear piece she had seemed to wear in the first debate, the one that no one talked about. Other than something like that,  you could almost have thought she was trying to chew on silly putty.

Trump was much sharper in the second debate and he talked about issues while she sort of rambled about them, telling everyone all her grandiose plans if she was elected. At one point she prattled about her 30 years of political experience and Trump asked why, after 30 years, hadn’t she made any of the changes she now seemed so badly to want to make. At one point she said something like “I can only imagine what this country would be like if Donald were president” to which Trump replied “If I were president you’d be in jail.” That one drew applause, much to the chagrin of the “objective” moderators.

Now I may be a bit biased, but in my opinion, Trump, by having those rape cictime out there in front of the audience to sit there and stare at Slick Willy, knew how to pllaly his cards and he did pretty well against a stacked deck–not that the “news” media can afford to admit that.

The Klinton’s October Surprise

by Al Benson Jr.

There is an old Marxist ploy which many of us from the Cold War Era call “Condemn others, elevate yourself.” It’s a simple trick but it usually works because most people have not been taught to think well enough anymore to be able to put situations into perspective. Therefore, if you want to destroy someone’s reputation or credibility or both, you simply accuse him of the same type of thing you have been doing yourself and with the help of a compliant and prostitute media you can usually bring it off and appear to be taking the moral high ground, when actually your “high” ground is usually lower that that of the person you are trying to drag through the mud.

Such is the case with the Trump tape where Trump is heard making lewd and offensive comments about women. Now no moral person condones what he said and I think most normal people realize that, but the whole deal here is to make Trump look horrendous to the public at large right before the next presidential debate, which is tonight, October 9th.  Why they had to hold one of these things on a Sunday is beond me. They couldn’t have waited until Monday? They had to drag this thing into the Lord’s Day?

That the intent of this tape is to portray Trump as the scum of the earth there can be no doubt. And its effect has been demonstrated among the gutless wonders that parade as Republican politicians as they rush to distance themselves from Trump on so-called “moral” grounds. Most of them owe their souls to the Ruling Republican Establishment and so never wanted Trump to begin with, as his candidacy threatened to disrupt the CFR/Trilateralist agenda of their bosses for moving this country toward One World Government.

So let’s attempt to put this into perspective, looking at the situation as it pertains to Trump and the Clintons. For Trump, this is one comment he made eleven years ago. As far as the prostitute press is concerned he might as well have said it ten minutes ago, but he said it eleven years ago.  And he has apologized for it. Not that this makes any difference to the managed media. The comment is touted and the apology ignored.

So you have to ask–is he the same man now he was eleven years ago? Probably not. I know I’m not and I don’t think most folks are. Over the course of a little over a decade people’s views change and, hopefully, mature. I probably understand things now I didn’t have a clue about eleven years ago and many of us probably said things eleven years ago we probably would not say today because we know better. Lord willing, we all grow and learn, at least we should, and Trump is no exception.

So here we have something that Trump said, but it was only talk, lewd locker room talk admittedly, but still talk. Kind of like the talk we hear about Hillary being indicted for her corruption–just talk.

Yet we are now supposed to concentrate totally on Trump’s talk and totally forget all about Hillary’s thoroughgoing corruption over the decades. And we are also supposed to disremember  all things pertaining to her “significant other” and what he did to all those women whose names you all have seen in the news over the years and we are all now supposed to forget how Hillary was basically an enabler for her husband’s activities and how she tried to silence all the women that brought rape allegations against Bill. We are all supposed to forget Monica Lewinsky and the “blue dress” and all that like it never happened. None of that is to be remembered tonight at the debate–only Trump’s eleven year old statement. All Klinton indiscretions are to be forgotten–wiped out of memory as surely as Hillary’s email servers were wiped off and Trump is to be raked over the coals not only by Hillary, but also by the supposedly neutral “moderator” who, in reality, will be the second person on Hillary’s debating team.

If you ever wanted to see and exercise in Marxist doublespeak watch the debate.

And while I surely don’t, in any way, condone Trump’s comments of eleven years ago, I have to remember that they were eleven years ago and not eleven minutes ago.  I hope he fights back–because he is not the most guilty party in this Leftist-engineered scenario. The timing of this Trump tape’s release to the public is no coincidence.

Louisiana Had (and Has) Precious Little to Thank Washington For

by Al Benson Jr.

Have just finished reading Richard Taylor and the Red River Campaign of 1864 by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. It was a very informative book on the infamous Red River Campaign (and Union cotton-stealing expedition) in Louisiana in the Spring of 1864.

Union General (and presidential aspirant) Nathaniel (Commissary) Banks led a Union army of over 30,000 men, which included several U S Navy boats and Commodore David Dixon Porter in a campaign to capture Shreveport, Louisiana for the glorious Union. The Navy folks and their vessels were supposedly along to aid General Banks in this effort, but most of them were much more interested in “appropriating” as much Louisiana cotton as they could get their hands on. Made no difference whether it was cotton owned by the Confederate government or privately-owned cotton, as the Navy got a cut out of whatever they managed to “confiscate.”

Opposing this Northern redistribution of Southern wealth by Lincoln’s “indestructible” Union was General Richard Taylor and a little over 5,000 men, mostly from Louisiana, Texas and Arizona. Believe it or not, with over 30,000 men and the help of the U S Navy, Banks couldn’t get it done, and Dick Taylor, as they say here in Louisiana, “whupped his ass.”

After he got as far as Mansfield and got solidly beaten there, Banks started his retreat back south. But at first he refused to call it a retreat, rather he labeled it a “retrograde” movement. That’s Yankee/Marxist language for a retreat without coming out and admitting it. However, the Yankee/Marxist soldiers who had been legitimately defeated at Mansfield were going to make sure they got back at the folks in Louisiana because they tried to defend their homes and property. Louisiana folks hadn’t learned that when the Yankee/Marxists come calling then defending your home and property is a no-no. Yankee/Marxists have no use whatever for private property–unless they can steal it, and naturally they always steal it for “the people.”

According to Mr. Mitcham, Confederate Lt. Col. Francis Richard Lubbock wrote: “The demoralized enemy in their retreat left no houses or fences, stock or supplies, behind them.  Everything of any possible value was taken or destroyed.” And Elias P. Pellet of the 114th New York Volunteers was honest enough to agree with Lubbock in his history of the 114th Regiment when he wrote: “Destruction and desolation followed on the trail of the retreating column. At night, the burning buildings mark our pathway. As far as the eye can reach, we see in front new fires breaking out, and in the rear the dying embers tell the tale of war. Hardly a building is left unharmed…The wanton and useless destruction of property has well earned (A. J. Smith’s) command a lasting disgrace…” A. J. (Whiskey) Smith was one of the Yankee/Marxist commanders under Banks and he had that nickname because he was rather too fond of the bottle.

Mr Mitcham also write: “To deprive both Rebels and civilians of food and water, wells were fouled and animals were shot, including cows, calves, hogs, horses, chickens, and mules. Houses, barns, corncribs, smokehouses, chicken coops, and Negro cabins were all burned.” It seems that “Firebug” Sherman in Georgia was not the only Yankee/Marxist arsonist during the War. It was probably a toss-up between Whiskey Smith and Phil Sheridan in Virginia as to who would get second place to Sherman. This commentary regarding Yankee arsonism is on page 250 of Mr. Mitcham’s book. He continues with more of the same on pages 259-60. Not fun reading unless you are a Yankee arsonist. They literally destroyed everything in their path even when it had no military value. You have to understand, they were making war on civilians as well as soldiers, and what’s more, they seemed to enjoy doing it.

On page 306 Mr. Mitcham made a very telling observation, which most folks today would probably not even think about. He wrote: “It took Louisiana almost a century to recover from the war,  and it has yet to recover its previous position. In 1860, it was ranked second in the Union in per capita income, and half of all American millionaires lived along the Natchez-New Orleans axis. Today it ranks forty-first in per capita income…”

The thought occurred to me, as I read this, that, starting with the major cotton theft here in Louisiana and in other places in the South as well, the War of Northern Aggression was one gigantic redistribution of the wealth scheme, not only to destroy our culture but to bleed us dry financially also. Didn’t von Clauswitz say that “war was the pursuit of political goals by ‘other means.'” If the “political goal” is to destroy the South, then for the Yankee/Marxist, war is a legitimate option.

You might say that this was the “Neanderthal version” of cultural Marxism, along with “reconstruction” later that was to deliver the coup d’ etat to the culture, faith, and financial stability of the South.  They weren’t able to take it quite as far as they would have liked to, but give the Yankee/Marxists credit–they did their absolute best to contribute to our destruction and demise as a distinct people–and they are still working on that as I write this.

Our problem is that the majority of our folks don’t realize that “those people” are still fighting their war against us. We quit fighting. They didn’t! All they did was to change their tactics. We are seeing the latest development of their new tactics in our day.

To their way of thinking the War will not be over until they have completely destroyed us, our faith and culture. They want our grandchildrens’ souls in their hip pocket. That’s a truth we have to begin to realize and so far, I don’t think we’ve grasped it yet.