“Nothing New Under The Sun”

by Al Benson Jr.

Today we have problems with illegal immigrants possibly being given the right to vote without first becoming citizens. Comrade Biden is just drooling in anticipation of that happening. It’s one of his fondest dreams. It will allow the Democratic socialists to grab power and keep it. And Establishment Republicans will sit and yawn if that happens because at heart, they are socialists just like the Democrats.

But, is this a new problem? Actually it isn’t. It’s just a repeat performance of the same game used to put Lincoln in office in 1860. We never heard about it in Lincoln’s day because the Establishment “historians” long ago decided we didn’t need to know about it.

However, Arthur R. Thompson, in his authoritative book “To the Victors go the Myths and Monuments” has blown the whistle on them. Regarding Lincoln’s election, Mr. Thompson wrote: “There was a consensus at the time that German immigrants under the leadership of the 48ers put Lincoln over the top in six key Midwest states. This fact has been expunged from the history books…To further ensure the vote would turn out as the radicals wanted, in the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, non-citizens were allowed to vote. This was done on the basis of a mix of one or more of the following: a declaration of intent to become a citizen, residency of from 4 to 30 months, and/or payment of property tax. German immigrant population in these areas ranged from 5 to 15%. It is estimated that between 450,000 and 600,000 German immigrants in this area voted based on the foregoing formulae. In 1860, fully 50% of the German language newspapers were run by 48ers promoting the Republican Party. This gave an inordinate amount of influence to the socialist leadership compared to their actual number. Capture of the information services has always been one of their goals–it remains so today.”

Mr. Thompson also noted: “Without the German vote in 1860, Douglas would have been elected president. Without the illegal German vote, Douglas would have been president.” Let that little fact begin to sink in–without the illegal German vote Douglas would have been president. You don’t believe in conspiracies, except, perhaps, Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” that the managed news media touted? You don’t believe because you have not been taught real history–and that’s on purpose–which is part of the conspiracy too–the one you don’t believe in.

Arthur Thompson also revealed that: “One of the radical Germans who served as an elector for Lincoln in 1860 was Friedrich Kapp, an attorney from 1850 to 1870. He had been active in the Republican Party early on. He returned to Germany and was elected to the German Diet in 1871. He said that America “will occupy a decidedly better place as soon as it gets rid of Christianity.” He is a prime example of what supported Lincoln–militant anti-Christian socialists! Walter Kennedy and I dealt with “those people” in our book “Lincoln’s Marxists” used copies of which can still be purchased at Amazon I believe.

For information about Mr. Thompson’s book contact: American Opinion Foundation Publishers, 750 N. Hickory Farm Lane, Appleton, Wisconsin 54194. I undersrand it comes in both hard cover and paperback. It is most definitely worth the read. It will take you awhile, but you will learn things about our history that have been purposely hidden from you by our Establishment “historians” if you can even call them that. And that is part of this conspiracy you don’t believe in.


It’s Those #$%&() Tariffs!

by Al Benson Jr.

I have had Yankee sympathizers howl at me over the years when I brought up the forbidden subject of tariffs as a major reason for the War of Northern Aggression. One of them verbally shouted at me “Tariffs are a dead letter. Period!.” He then went on to rant about how slavery was THE cause of the war–to which I say–bovine fertilizer!

Many of these people are nothing but propagandists who have a vested interest in promoting the slavery narrative. That narrative sells books to the uninitiated and it pays for good speakers fees. And it pays because it skirts the real issues safely.

Gene Kizer, in his previously mentioned book has noted: “There were two components of the North’s economic success. The first was simply the luck of having an agricultural region as successful as the South to do for. The South was vast, warm, fertile and productive. Southerners were as ambitious as Northerners , and wanted to make money too. They did so with agriculture. It had been this way since Jamestown when colonists found they could make fortunes with tobacco, then later when the cotton gin made short staple cotton profitable. Per capita income in the South in the years before the war was roughly the same as in the North. So supplying the successful South with goods and services, and shipping for the South, gave Northerners jobs.”

Kizer continued: “The second was the utterly unfair taxation of the South, for the direct benefit of the North: 3/4ths of the federal treasury was supplied by the South, yet 3/4ths of federal tax revenue was spent in the North. It was mostly Southerners who had to pay the high tariffs that protected Northern businesses and industry. It was a direct transfer out of the South and into the pockets of Northerners…Think about the American Revolution and the taxation without representation issue. Those taxes were miniscule compared to 1860 when millions of dollars per year were flowing straight out of the South and into the pockets of Northerners. Those Northerners had not earned a penny of it. It was through government manipulation that they had managed to get monopoly status for most Northern industries and shipping, which killed competition and allowed Northerners to charge high rates .There was a protective tariff, and bounties and subsidies to Northern businesses that were like tax credits and payments from the federal treasury, even though most of the money in the federal treasury–3/4ths of it–had come from the South.”

Southerners finally woke up and realized they were being shorn like so many sheep, with no way to protect themselves. From that point on, the South would be outvoted by the North and, as Kizer noted: “…any manner of confiscatory economic manipulation could and would continue. The North had four times the white voting population and the Republican Party had rallied them. The North, for the North. ” George Washington had warned Americans against sectional political parties and the Republican Party was the party of the North–already pledged against the South!

All this stuff had started right after the War for Independence when Northerners started begging for federal protection to get their industries going so they could then compete with Great Britain.Patriotic Southerners had gone along with it, little realizing its implications for them down the road. Kizer observed that: “It was nothing but Northern greed for other people’s money,and it–not slavery–was the seed that grew into war.”

Fake History Debunked

by Al Benson Jr.

About five or six years ago I did a book review of Gene Kizer’s book “Slavery Was Not the Cause of the War Between the States.” It was a good book and deserved much more attention than it got. Naturally, it was anathema to today’s leftist :historians who continue to prattle on about how the glorious North went to war to free the slaves and emancipate them from the clutches of those greasy slave magnates in the South.

We know Lincoln was death against the Southern states seceding, but why? It sure wasn’t over the slavery issue. Mr. Kizer brings up several issues not routinely dealt with. For instance, he notes that: “The reason Lincoln needed to preserve the Union was because, without it, the North faced economic annihilation, the magnitude of which easily made war preferable….By the time Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4, 1861 there was gloom, despair and panic in the North with thousands of business failures, hundreds of thousands of people out of work, serious trouble with the stock market, threatened runs on banks, and Northern ship captains heading South because of the South’s low tariff. There was no talk whatsoever of ending slavery.” Kizer continued: “The North quickly discovered that manufacturing and shipping for the South were the sources of most of its employment, wealth and power. Cotton alone was 60% of U.S, exports in 1860. Without the South, the North was headed for bankruptcy.”

And then Kizer deals with the Crittenden Compromise, which he says “…would almost certainly have prevented the war.” He notes that it was based on the old Missouri Compromise that had worked out so well for thirty years. He said: “Slavery had been prohibited north of the line and allowed south of it.” The Crittenden Compromise was popular in booth North and South–and yet Lincoln was opposed to it. Instead, Lincoln supported the Corwin Amendment which left black people in bondage forever. Your history books didn’t tell you about the Corwin Amendment? I’m not surprised. Mind didn’t either. Such information would not have fit in well with the personna of the Great Emancipator the “historians” were crafting for Lincoln. While probably not perfect, the Crittenden Compromise would have prevented war, which Kizer notes and it would also have “…given the country time to work on ending slavery.”

Kizer also observes that “Historian Richard N. Current believed slavery would not last another generation, and that seems a reasonable assessment.” Current wrote that “Lincoln and his fellow Republicans, in insisting that Congress must prohibit slavery in the West, we’re dealing with political phantoms.” Current said Congress “…approved the organization of territorial governments for Colorado, Nevada, and Dakota without a prohibition of slavery” because it was not thought to be necessary. Kizer noted that, in 1860, …”there were only two slaves in Kansas and 15 in Nebraska, and that was after being open to slavery for 10 years .Current did not believe slavery would have lasted another generation, even in the deep South.”

Kizer tells us that author Charles W. Ramsdell concluded that “…slavery had about reached its zenith by 1860 and must shortly have begun to decline, for the economic forces which had carried it into the region west of the Mississippi had about reached their maximum effectiveness.It could not go forward in any direction and was losing ground along its northern border.” So, all the bunk about trying to extend slavery into the far west was just that–bunk!

Suffice it to say, many of our “history” books need major alterations. A novel thought here–wouldn’t it br wonderful if they started telling us the truth for a change? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen though.

With Lincoln It Was “My Way Or The Highway”

by Al Benson Jr.

Due to his mystical view of an “eternal, perpetual Union” Lincoln had not the slightest concept of anything approaching a Southern viewpoint in America. For him it was totally “my way or the highway” and he wasn’t even willing to grant the Southern states the use of the highway. He would impose his (holy) will on the country no matter what. For him, the ends (his perpetual Union) justified whatever means he had to use to attain them.

Even the thought of secession was anathema to Lincoln. In his book “Lincoln’s Little War” Webb Garrison observed: “Jefferson Davis and Alexander H. Stephens were among the most vocal Southern proponents of the argument that secession was a constitutional right. When New Jersey and New York ratified the Constitution in 1787 and 1788 respectively, both states “expressly reserved the right of secession.” Although Garrison felt could be debated, I disagree with him on that. Virginia and Rhode Island also reserved the right to secede–and nobody complained. Garrison also noted: “In New York it was taken seriously during the early decades of the republic. Even Daniel Webster espoused this doctrine during his speeches against the War of 1812.” So this doctrine should have been taken seriously.

Garrison also observed: “Addressing a mass meeting in Boston, orator Edward Everett thundered ‘To hold the states in the Union by force is preposterous.’ Caleb Cushing of Boston considered it ‘the duty of the Southern states to separate from the Northern states’…A Wisconsin newspaper pointed out that the framers of the Constitution expected secession. That was the reason, it argued, that no clause permitting the use of force against a seceding state was included in the document.”

And Garrison commented that, had Northern voters been given a chance to say what they thought, a goodly number would have been opposed to any move that would have involved armed conflict between the two sections of the country. Again, Lincoln’s convoluted concept of an eternal Union militated against opposing doctrine. If Lincoln had his way he would give the North Fort Sumter instead of a chance to vote against sectional violence.

Of course Lincoln had some practical and pragmatic considerations in mind also. If the South seceded, then who would pay for his tariff? Lincoln figured like a lot of Yankee merchants that you cant afford to let a cash cow like the South get out of the barn. It is a fact that the South paid over 80% of the tariffs for the whole country. And Lincoln wanted to make sure they stayed around to keep paying through the nose!

Garrison noted of Lincoln that: “…his background on the Western frontier lacked any sensitivity to the attitudes in the South and the East. When he called for troops he did not realize that even among many of his volunteers, their primary loyalty was to their state rather than to the nation.”

What’s more, I doubt if that would have made any difference to him. Lincoln had a myopic vision of where he wanted to take the country, and he would do that, come hell or high water, or both! If you wonder why we have the problems we have today, take a look at where Lincoln’s consolidationist theology has brought us and you may begin to understand why.

Abraham Lincoln The Mystic

by Al Benson Jr.

Years ago now, I heard the eminent professor from Emory University, Donald Livingston, give a speech about Abraham Lincoln. In that speech he noted that “Lincoln wanted a war.” How right he was! The comments below will bear out his contention.

I’ve been going through a book by Frank van der Linden called “Lincoln The Road To War.” I don’t agree with all of van der Linden’s conclusions and he based the real reason for the war as being slavery, which, obviously, I disagree with. But he did raise some interesting points. He observed, on page 183 that “In all three states (North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia) the citizens were saying by their votes that they were not ready to plunge into secession–not yet.”

“They hoped the ‘Peace Convention’ could devise some formula to patch up the Union and they wished to wait and see the outcome. But they woulld not be submissionists–a dirty word in the South, meaning those who would submit to anything Lincoln might do…Lincoln failed to understand the Southerners’ emotions. He misinterpreted the election returns as indicating a strong ‘Union forever’ sentiment against the secessionists, whom he considered merely a little band of troublemakers. His blindness to the masses’ instinctive aversion to any federal ‘coercion’ caused him to follow a totally mistaken policy of firmly opposing compromise.”

Van der Linden told us that Lincoln was a disciple of Alexander Hamilton, who believed in a strong central government where the states had almost no rights. He noted, from a speech Lincoln gave in Indianapolis that: “His Indianapolis speech was the first clue to Mr. Lincoln’s mystic, almost religious belief that the Union, which he revered, was somehow older than the states that created it–and too sacred ever to be broken.” Others have noticed this same odd view that Lincoln had of thr Union–that it was somehow older than the states that created it. It seems to be a mystery where Lincoln came up with such abberant political theology–because that’s really what it was–political theology.

Webb Garrison, author of “Lincoln’s Little War” noted the same thing. He wrote: “To Lincoln, the Union existed before the Declaration of Independence was announced and the Constitution was framed. These documents of freedom nurtured and matured the Union, but they did not create it. Perpetual and indivisible, the mystical Union was a preexistent bond whose nature a few keen-sighted patriots dimly glimpsed when the United States of America was formed.” Garrison also noted, quite accurately that: “Since Lincoln was far more mystical in outlook than is generally recognized, that aspect of his thought must be taken seriously.”

That has not been done. Lincoln’s mystical conception of a Union that existed before the states created it has been all but overlooked by those eager to enthrone Lincoln as the political savior of the universe.

Indeed, Garrison told us that his countrymen, by engaging in “readoption of the Declaration of Independence…could wage the Second American Revolution and, when this was accomplished, then slavery would be gone. It’s almost as if Lincoln had a messiah complex and he was going to get rid of slavery by “ramrod, wreckage, and ruin” of the Southern states. This is the mentality (possibly somewhat unbalanced?) that bestowed upon the country the War of Northern Aggression.

Should The Democratic Party Register As An Agent Of Maoist China?

by Al Benson Jr.

The title of this article is a question, the answer to which should be “yes.” They should, because they serve the interest of Communist China more than they do the interest of the American people.

I recently quoted from an article that labeled the Democratic Party as “communist traitors” and not the Democratic Party of your father or grandfather. I still can’t argue with that assertion.

A friend sent me this article from World Net Daily News Services https://www.wnd.com for July 23rd which said, in part, “House Democrats on Wednesday shot down a GOP-led amendment that would ban the Biden administration and the US Department of Energy from selling oil kept in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to our enemy, Maoist China. There were 219 House Democrats who voted to block the bill from going forward as gas prices remain more than $2 more expensive per gallon than when President Biden took office. That’s pretty shocking.” That statement is right on the money, bur let’s don’t kid ourselves. This is on purpose. Biden has shut down our energy capacity on purpose. Don’t think he doesn’t know what he has done.

A Rep. Valadao was the one who introduced the bill and he stated, quite accurately, that: “It is irresponsible and dangerous to provide a foreign adversary with fuel that we need to keep here in the United States in case of an emergency, It seems the Biden administration is helping to support China’s national security at the expense of our own.” That’s exactly what is going on, but our excuse for a news media won’t touch it and and we are all supposed to be too stupid to notice.

It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain by now that Biden’s real policy is China first and America last. I don’t know how much his son’s business dealings with the Chinese communists have to do with all this but obviously they have some impact. Maybe Biden should register as an agent of a foreign power, because he’s doing more for the Chinese than he is for the Americans.. What’s more, I don’t think he cares. If there’s money for his family involved, then he’s for sale to the highest bidder, corruptible to the core. And so are many other Democrats, and not a few Republicans. You have to realize that, in all this, the Republicans ain’t as conservative as you think. If you look back at their history, the Republicans had serious leftist beginnings in a time when the Democrats were still conservative.

The American people deserve better than what we are saddled with now, a reprehensible excuse for a news media and sellout Congressmen, whose first loyalty is never to those that elected them but is rather to some corporate entity that finances them while in office.

No matter how you look at it, this country and what we once stood for is being sold down the river and those accepting the money for the sellout are laughing all the way to the bank!

John Ford and Monument Valley

by Al Benson Jr.

I think, over the years, I saw at least eight Western movies directed by John Ford that were filmed in Monument Valley, on the Navaho Indian reservation. About John Ford I have to say this, though he was pretty much a Yankee in his worldview, he at least gave Southerners and the cause they fought for some credit in his movies. The War of Northern Aggression had quite an impact on the westward migration in the 1860s and after. Ford was conscious of this.

And I also have to say that John Ford knew his Indians. If his movie had Apache Indians in it they looked like Apaches. If the movie had Comanche Indians in it, they looked like Comanches. I’ve seen some Western movies where they had Apaches that were dressed like New York Mohawks. For a purist like me, that kills the movie right there. My first thought is “If they can’t get their Indians right, then where else did they mess up?” And usually you can find places they did.

Another thing that gets me is the incorrect use of firearms in so many movies. I once saw a movie about the Seminole Indian War in Florida in the late 1840s and the hero was wielding a pistol that did not go on the market until 1873! For all the money they have to spend on these movies you’d think they could get stuff like this right. But I guess that’s Hollyweird for you.

When John Ford made a Western in Monument Valley he used the Navaho Indians as extras and in his crowd scenes. This gave the movie an authenticity it would not otherwise have had. His Indians looked just like Indians because they were.

I read once that rthe man who got John Ford interested in Monument Valley was the man that operated Goulding’s Trading Post there, which is another spot you want to stop at if you ever get to Monument Valley. Goulding had noticed how severely the depression had affected the Navahos and he thought that movies being made on their reservation might be a way to help them economically, and he was right.

The last Western he made n Monument Valley was “Cheyenne Autumn” in 1964 and he did that one because he said he wanted to tell the Indians’ side in their long struggle through the Indian wars. He said we’d treated the Indians badly and he was right. The federal government’s record of dealing with the Indians was abysmal and something that has to be answered for–things such as taking the Apache scouts that helped catch Geronimo and shipping them and their families as exiles to Florida along with the renegade Apaches they helped to catch. Sadly, the federal government did a lot of that kind of thing in the late 1800s. Sadly, the half of this story has never been told, just like many of the Northern atrocities that happened during the War of Northern Aggression have never been told because the real truth would tarnish Lincoln’s “unblemished” reputation and we couldn’t have that, could we?

At any rate, John Ford’s Westerns filmed in Monument Valley were classics, movies I have watched many times, not only for their good stories but also for their wonderful scenery. My wife and I have enjoyed these movies and the spectacular scenery and we can say to one another “We’ve been where they made these movies,”

“The Land of Sleeping Rainbows”

by Al Benson Jr.

The title of this article is what the Navaho Indians call Monument Valley. The first time I ever “saw” Monument Valley was when I was ten years old and I was watching the Western movie “Stagecoach” with John Wayne. That movie was made the year I was born so you can tell how old it is, When I saw it, it was a rerun in the theater I saw it in.

Even at the age of ten, the scenery in Monument Valley awed me and I thought “I want to go and see that someday.” In the intervening years I saw several more John Wayne movies filmed there. This only increased my desire to see it in real life.

For those who may not know, Monument Valley is on the Navaho Indian Reservation and is partly in Utah and partly in Arizona. You never know exactly which state you are in. I don’t know about now, but there never used to be any signs telling you. It was Navaho land and state lines made no difference to them.

In 1965 I finally got to actually go see Monument Valley, with its majestic red sandstone rock formations. I was not disappointed. It was truly a wondrous area, I have been able, over the years, to go back three times, and other years, with some good Christian friends, we were able to get close enough to Monument Valley to spit, as they say. My wife and I learned to love that country and its rugged beauty.

The road down into Monument Valley is paved now, has been for several years. But when we first went in 1965 it was still dirt–that interesting fine red dirt so unique to the Monument Valley area. So you drove down into the valley enveloped in a cloud of red dust, which my Dad was never entirely able to get cleaned out of his van. A couple years later he was still finding places in the van where “that damned red dust” from Monument Valley had settled in.

That whole Four Corners area where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado come together is really worth a trip to see it if you have never been able to go. There is desert, mountains, canyons, and Indian ruins, and all manner of things to see there. We’ve spent enough time there over the years that the minute I see a picture of that area I can pretty much tell where it is even if, as often happens, the picture is mislabeled. I’ve seen pictures of Monument Valley mislabeled as Death Valley or some other place not even close. The mislabeler had a picture of someplace “out west” and he had no clue where it was and so he called it whatever came to mind. And usually what came to mind was wrong.

If you have ever been in that country and observed the grandeur of the rock formations, you will not forget it. And if you do, then you passed through it but you never really saw it.

Different Scenario–Same Results

by Al Benson Jr.

A friend sent me an article from https://www.thegatewaypundit.com for July 17th written by Wayne Allyn Root. It dealt with the Democratic plan to steal the Midterm elections. I felt Mr. Root’s commentary was worth noting so I will give some excerpts.

He said, in part, “Do you think the GOP will win a landslide victory in the November midterms? Do you think it will be a cakewalk? Boy are you naive…First, I’ve been warning nonstop that Democrats are planning to steal the 2022 midterms, just like they stole the 2020 presidential election…Second, I’ve been warning that Democrats (and their PR wing in the mainstream media) are planning to bring back Covid hysteria again. Just in time to steal the 2022 midterm election…This is the perfect timing to demand universal mail-in ballots, with no Voter ID or signature match to steal the midterms. Third, I’ve been warning that Democrats would find a way to force Joe Biden out of office and then blame this whole economic disaster on him–thereby deflecting blame from the Democrat Congress. Don’t look now, but it’s all starting to happen. The signs are all there.”

Root notes the return of Covid, and tells us that “The WHO just recommended indoor masks for everyone. New York has mandated indoor masks again. Los Angeles is mandating indoor masks starting in two weeks.” Isn’t it good that the disease is willing to wait two weeks until Californians can all mask up?Tjen he notes Monkeypox and how the homosexual communities in New York City and San Francisco are all lining up to get their Monkeypox vaccine.

He reminds us that the Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste and that they, with their friends in the prostitute press will soon be “…inundating you with scary news to make you hysterical, hide in your home for months, mask up, and get your 25th vaccine. This is how they will try to cheat, rig, and steal the midterms with millions of fake mail-in ballots. It’s the 2020 game plan, but updated with scarier names.” Am I saying we should be afraid of all this? No! But we should be aware that, as Sherlock Holmes would say, ‘the game is afoot’.

One thing that struck me as similar to the material I presented yesterday from the Lew Rockwell site was that Biden would not be around for the 2024 election. Root observed that: “The media has turned against Biden. Suddenly they’re reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s clear they’re laying the groundwork for Biden’s departure. Democrats need a scapegoat. They have to blame this mess on someone. Joe Biden is a ‘target rich environment.’ Meaning he’s a helpless, feeble old man, with dementia. The only question is timing.” This goes along with what I wrote about yesterday. Biden has, indeed, lived out his usefulness so they will cut him loose and make him the fall guy. As someone said years ago “The revolution eats its own.” Many of those who helped to promote it get sold down the river. That would seem to be Biden’s next stop–executive scapegoat!

Root feels they will let Comrade Kamala have the presidency–for now, but she’ll be gone within a year “to allow the new V.P. to become president. And root says “The VP they pick for Kamala will be the ‘chosen one’ for 2024.” Who will that be? That’s the question. It will have to be some Deep State operative willing to play the game. Root gives three guesses, the first being California governor Gavin Newsom. Two other guesses are Saint Hillary and Queen Michelle Obama, whose husband is really running the White House now anyway.

Root is sure neither Biden nor Comrade Kamala will be around for the 2024 ticket. I saw something on Lew Rockwell’s site just in passing that would give Gavin Newsome a slight edge here. It was noted that he was measuring the drapes in the White house at some point, so you have to wonder if that might mean something.

Root makes a very cogent observation. He says “Democrats aren’t going to just sit back and allow a GOP landslide. These aren’t run-of-the-mill Democrats. These are radical communist traitors running today’s Democrat Party. And communists never willingly give up power.” He is right on the money with this observation. So anyone who believes we will have a fair and honest midterm election is a great candidate for belief in the Tooth Fairy!

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Has Sleepy Joe Outlived His Usefulness?

by Al Benson Jr.

I noted that a New York Times editorial has called for Biden’s departure. Considering that this leftist bastion in what passes for the news media has done this you have to wonder what’s going on. Has the far left finally decided that Biden, with his continuous gaffes and his obvious cognitive decline has outlived his usefulness to them?

If they decide that Biden can’t cut the mustard anymore, who will they replace him with? It would not seem that the almost invisible Comrade Kamala can do much better, given her lackluster performance as “border czar.” It almost seems like they’ve been keeping her out of sight of late because they know she can’t do much of anything except giggle when she gets in the public view–something she can’t seem to control no matter how grave the subject at hand might be.

So the Deep State operatives have got a real pair of losers on their hands and you have to wonder what they will do with this pair. Up to now, Biden has been Obama’s front man to promote Obama’s agenda (and the agenda of those behind Obama). So who do they get if Biden lacks the capacity to keep on keeping on as he seems to be doing? There are those who feel that the editorial in the NYT calling for Biden’s departure was a sign that the left was done with him, that they had gotten all they could out of him, and therefore, he was expendable.

As if to expand on that theory, there was an article on the “Political Theater” section of http://www.lewrockwell.com for July 13th which I will quote from, by Mark Crispin Miller. The article, shocking in its implications, said: “Suppose the plan is to assassinate Joe Biden, and blame it on a ‘far right’ patsy…Then they can go after everybody’s guns, and cancel the election–a fitting culmination of the fascist rollout that began in Dallas on 11/22/63. Those who just laugh off this scenario, because it comes from Alex Jones, are all too likely not to question it, should it come true. In any case, those of us who know enough to see it as entirely possible should spread the word, so that it doesn’t happen. Alex Jones announced today what he understands the plan for Biden will be in the wake of the NYT editorial calling for his departure.”

He continued: “He said in the next 120 days the plan is to make him wet and blame the killing on a right wing extremist. Martial law will cancel the fall elections and gun confiscation will be implemented…He said they clearly want him out now if the NYT is calling for it, but want it to take place when they want it to take place so they can use it for their agenda. It was always their intention to make him the fall guy, but his departure will be at their discretion for their purposes. Personally, I knew this was in the works because there is no way they would allow the elections to take place this fall if they could stop it…”

My first thought about the election this fall was “Why don’t they just steal this one like they did in 2020” but then I don’t think like a leftist. They have to know they will get shellacked in anywhere near an honest election, so they may decide to do it this way to do what the leftists do so well–kill two birds with one stone–cancel the election and remove Biden both in one fell swoop.

I would not have thought so much of this had it not been on Lew Rockwell’s site. Lew doesn’t put flaky stuff up, so I think this might just be a possible scenario for the left and it would be so very typical of the way they operate. Anyway, keep your eyes open.