“Interesting” Personalities Belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Over the decades the premier one world government organization in this country, the Council on Foreign Relations has had some “interesting” personalities as members.

One was Walter Lippmann, the socialist. Another was Dwight Eisenhower, former general and president. Naturally, another has been David Rockefeller. Another well-known one was Alger Hiss, the Soviet spy, who went on to help with the founding of the United Nations in 1945. Still another really “interesting” one, according to The New American magazine for September 16, 2019 was Jeffrey Epstein, who was, according to the New American a member of both the CFR and the Trilateral Commission. Epstein had, so it seems, lots of Deep State connections.

Author R. Cort Kirkwood noted of Epstein  “His relationship with the woman accused of procuring  girls for him and molesting them herself, Ghislane  Maxwell,  who is daughter of the late British publishing tycoon Robert Maxwell, an Israeli spy.” He then asks the question “Was Epstein the victim of a Deep State hit?” Kirkwood also observed that Epstein “…was business partners with former Israeli Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, as the Times of Israel disclosed…Epstein met Barak through deceased Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, another top Israeli connection.” Looks as if Epstein was pretty well connected in Israel. What does this say about some of the former leadership in Israel? Nothing real good I’m afraid.

Then we come across yet another “interesting” personality that was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations “back in the day” as it were. Some of you all in my generation may be familiar with his name–Alger Hiss. I am sure that anyone who has read Whittaker Chambers’ book Witness is more than familiar with Mr. Hiss. If you haven’t read Chambers’ book it is definitely worth the read. You will learn some history about the 1930s and 40s that the Deep State would rather you never learned about. Alger Hiss, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, was a Soviet spy. It has been reported that Hiss, who also worked in our State Department, and Harold Glasser, were later awarded the Order of the Red Star for their loyalty to the Soviet Union.

As you get into reading a little more about Hiss, you learn that his wife, Priscilla, was a member of the Socialist Party.  The website https:www.discoverthenetworks.org  had an article on Hiss, updated on September 15, 2019, that stated: ‘Hiss’s fellow cell members, Whittaker Chambers and Nathan Weyl, characterized Hiss as a dedicated communist. This dedication became apparent when he tried to obtain atomic information that was not part of his official duties at State, which was carried out while he was under investigation by the State Department’s security branch. Part if this may have been recklessness, an O.  J. Simpson-like belief of being immune from consequences.  But it may also have been powered in his mind by a desire to push history toward communism.” And why wouldn’t he attempt that? He had to know that FDR was sympathetic toward communism, with his nonsensical commentary about “Uncle Joe” Stalin and he also had to realize that the State Department at that point leaned much further left than it did right.

G. Edward Griffin, in his informative book The Fearful Master–A second look at the United Nations told us, on page 89, that “The Secretary General for the San Francisco Conference was named at Yalta, but only announced last week–lanky, Harvard trained Alger Hiss, one of the State Department’s brighter young men…As secretary general, managing the agenda, he will have a lot to say behind the scenes about who gets the breaks.” The San Francisco conference he is talking about here is the one that founded the United Nations.

You know, the United Nations that had to be founded after World War 2 because the original Illuminist plan, the League of Nations, didn’t quite go over in America after World War 1. That United Nations! I suppose if the League of Nations was part of the Illuminist agenda in 1918, then you would have to logically conclude that the United Nations was little more than the updated version of that in 1945.

Sometime next month, we get to “celebrate” the anniversary of the United Nations. It might be good at some point next  month for us to reflect on just what the United Nations has done, not for, but rather to us in its quest for one world government. And right now, one of their biggest pushes in this country is gun control/confiscation for Americans. Not that they have any real authority to do anything in that area, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try to bamboozle us into thinking they do.

So the CFR has, indeed, had some “interesting” personalities in its ranks over the years, including pedophiles and communist spies–both of which this country would be better off without!



Ever Heard of “The Inquiry”? No? More “Lost” History

by Al Benson Jr.

After our entrance into World War One,  Woodrow Wilson asked his alter-ego, Edward Mandell House, to organize a new group of “experts” to develop postwar solutions to the world’s problems. This new group was called “The Inquiry.”

Never heard of this group? Didn’t see anything about them in your “history” books? No surprise there. This is another one of those little episodes the “historians” have decided we don’t need to be aware of. Don’t feel bad. If I had not read about them in Arthur Thompson’s new book In the Shadows of the Deep State I would not have known about them either, and I have read a bit of history over the years.

Thompson notes in his book, on page 102 that: “With this group, handpicked by House, he and Wilson put together the first draft of Wilson’s famous ‘Fourteen Points’ speech. House wrote in his diary  that they had ‘finished remaking the map of the world’.” Did you get that? Wilson, House, and The Inquiry were into remaking the map of the world in 1917 and thereafter. Who gave them such authority? No one—they just abrogated it unto themselves, or you might say they  usurped it.

We are informed by Thompson that:  “The general secretary of The Inquiry was Walter Lippman. He would become a very famous journalist after serving as a notable writer for the Council on Foreign Relations.” Walter Lippmann was a socialist journalist.  Thompson says “Lippmann and his colleagues Isaiah Bowman, Sidney E. Mezes, and David Hunter Miller, all of them founders of the CFR, wrote out the first draft of the Fourteen Points. Wilson’s Fourteen Points were unveiled to the world in January 1917…Several of the points provided the vision for the future, but some were very dangerous to the future of peace when carried to their logical ends. The most dangerous of them was the idea of a League of Nations. This was to be the culmination of the goals of the Illuminist forces for their New World Order. Every country jumped on board except the U.S., where the Senate refused to ratify the Treaty of Versailles, thus keeping America out of the League of Nations.”

So now, let’s reflect here for a minute.  We had World War One, with the outcome of that war a refusal by the United States to join the League of Nations. With that in mind, do you now wonder why we had World War Two and the embracing of the United Nations by the countries of the world–including this country? It didn’t work on the first go-round in 1918, so we had a replay in 1945 and it worked then, didn’t it? So the Illuminists got their way. They just had to wait a few more years and plan for us to have another “war to end all wars.” Yeah, right!

Thompson notes, on page 125: “While House was instrumental in assembling The Inquiry, his aide in this initiative was Walter Lippmann, who was a member of the Socialist Party. The members of The Inquiry in Paris were very instrumental in the founding of the CFR, and nearly all members of The Inquiry became members of the CFR.” Thompson also told us that, in later years, Dwight Eisenhower was a member of the CFR.

And Thompson informs us that “Only a few members of The Inquiry were taken to Paris for the Peace Conference where they participated in the initial meetings to establish the CFR. These included Charles Homer Haskins, history professor at Harvard and a liberal progressive; Sidney Edward Mezes, president of the City College of New York; James Brown Scott, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Clive Day, professor of economic history at Yale and a member of Skull & Bones; Walter Lippmann, socialist journalist;  Allen Dulles, brother of John Foster Dulles and later head of the CIA; and Paul Warburg. It took some time before those connected with the CFR were publicly candid about their views relative to establishing a world government.” That admission did not come until 1950,when Paul Warburg’s son, James, told a subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that “We shall have a world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by conquest or by consent.”

That’s pretty straightforward–agree or we will conquer you and force world government on you.

As you can see, these one world government advocates just love us and have a wonderful plan for our lives–wonderful for them–less than desirable for the rest of us.

Things to note here; you can see how “The Inquiry sort of morphed into the Council on Foreign Relations, the premier One World Government organization–along with the United Nations. Something else worthy of note. Did you notice how many college professors went along as part of The Inquiry to the Paris Peace Talks? Do you think their inclusion in all of this one world stuff just might have had some influence in the direction higher education in this country has taken? That’s something you folks with college aged kids need to give some thought to.

Bolton, McMaster, and the Council on Foreign Relations

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, Donald Trump finally had the good sense to fire John Bolton, the man who never saw a war he didn’t love as long as he could get US troops into it. If Bolton had his way this country would have been involved in regime change and wars in thirty places around the world and he would have loved every minute of it. A typical neo-con and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trump needed him as a National Security Advisor like he needed another hole in the head. But, then, the man CFR member Bolton replaced, H. R. McMaster, was also a member of the CFR. And the CFR is noted for having a Deep State, Globalist point of view, so people from that organization are the last thing Trump needs in his administration, yet sadly he has some of them there.

One of the possible replacements for Bolton (there are ten possibles listed) is a Steve Biegun, also a CFR member. Another possible replacement is a Brian Hook–who could well be another John Bolton. Trump will really need discernment, and prayers, so that he might pick a replacement that will reflect his nationalist agenda instead of one that will fight him every inch of the way.

Trump needs as little CFR influence in his administration as possible. None would be great, but given the influence of the CFR in previous administrations, I don’t look for that to happen. The CFR has permeated the halls of government for more years than I have been alive (over 80 years now). In its quest for a one world government,  the CFR ain’t about to go away.

In his informative book, In the Shadows of the Deep State, author Art Thompson has dealt extensively with the CFR. He notes, on page 123 that: “After the rejection of the League of Nations by the U.S. Senate on November 19, 1919, it was obvious that the American people had yet to be convinced of joining in  a world government, even with the devastating First World War and the desire for peace. This was already obvious many months before the Senate vote.” In other words, the Senate rejected the one-world oriented League of Nations because it knew there was little support for it from the folks back home. At that point in history most Americans rightfully looked askance at one world government schemes and they wanted no part in them.

What they failed to realize was that they were going to have this world view forced on them whether they wanted it or not.

Art Thompson observed that: “This led members of the Peace Conference in Paris from England and the United States to hold a series of meetings under Col. (Edward Mandell) House’s direction,…at the Majestic Hotel  on May 30, 1919.  The purpose of these meetings was to start the ball rolling toward establishing an organization in Britain and the U.S. to bring influence to bear on their respective governments and institutions to establish a League of Nations-type entity. The organization was to be called the Institute of International Affairs, with offices in New York and London.  This initiative gained little traction at first due to the independent minds of Americans,  so instead it was decided to integrate with a small organization that had been holding a series of discreet meetings called the Council on Foreign Relations. The leader of the CFR was Elihu Root, former Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt.”

Root was a lawyer and had Carnegie as one of his clients. He had been a big supporter of the constitutional amendment for the income tax, and he was gung ho for US involvement in World War One, way before the Lusitania incident, which was used to drag us into the First World War. To give you even more of an idea where Mr. Root was coming from,  he was also President  of the Union League Club of New York. Some of you who have read my articles on the War of Northern Aggression may have noted commentary on the Union Leagues in some of them. Art Thompson gives a pretty good brief description of them when he states: “During the Civil War this league was formed to promote nationalism over states rights or federalism. Its original name was the National League.” For those who may not know, this has nothing to do with the baseball league of the same name. But it has everything to do with the advocates of a one world government system trying to foist off on us something we do not want or need.

If you take nothing else from this commentary, remember one thing–The Council on Foreign Relations, headquartered in New York, is bad news for Americans that want to keep their independence. This organization wants to drag this country into being part of a one world socialist government–and it will use its people who insinuate themselves into government positions to do exactly that.

Is The America We Have Known Now Doomed?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Some may consider this a rhetorical question, something like “will the sun rise in the East tomorrow?” Maybe it’s a question more folks need to think about.

There was an article on the Zero Hedge website for September 9, 2019 by Charles Hugh Smith that had appeared on the OfTwoMinds  blog and Mr. Smith asked some interesting questions. Mr. Smith asked “How deep has the rot of corruption, fraud, abuse of power, betrayal of the public trust, blatant criminality and insiders protecting the guilty penetrated America’s key public and private institutions? It’s difficult to tell, as the law enforcement and security agencies are themselves hopelessly compromised.”

On one of my better days I would probably think Mr. Smith’s statement noted above was a somewhat mild description of what has  gone on in this country for over 150 years now. However, at my age, I don’t have all that many “better days” anymore, and so I will note another of Smith’s statements that comes even closer to where I think we are presently.  He says “Either we root out every last source of rot by investigating, indicting and jailing every wrong-doer and everyone who conspired to protect the guilty in the Epstein case,  or America will have sealed its final fall.”

That’s a good statement. Does anyone really think anything even remotely approaching that goal is ever really going to happen? Me neither! The Deep State, both Republicans and Demoncrats and all others as well, will do whatever they have  to in order to  protect their own. I have seen articles that mentioned Epstein’s Mossad connections. Does anyone actually think these will ever be investigated? Get real, folks. That ain’t gonna happen–ever!

Smith concludes his article with: “Here are America’s media, law enforcement/security agencies and ‘leadership’ class: they speak no evil, see no evil, and hear no evil, in the misguided belief that their misdirection, self-service and  protection of the guilty will make us buy the narrative that America’s ruling elite and all the core institutions they manage aren’t rotten to the foundations.” The thing is, they actually think they are fooling all of us deplorables.  And they are fooling some–but only those who can’t break themselves away from their reality shows or sports extravaganzas. Our morally rotten elites have to try to make sure that this includes as much of the population as possible so that there won’t  be very many folks asking embarrassing questions. But that isn’t always working anymore. More people are waking up to the fact that the elites have been shafting the public  for longer than most have been alive and more folks are getting to where they don’t like it anymore.

Ever wonder why the big push for more gun control all of a sudden? Or why we are starting to see all these internet articles about “civil war in America”? And if you want to find out where they are really sticking it to us. check out what goes on in those indoctrination centers we call public schools. There are a few public school teachers still around that do try to teach real  history, but they are getting fewer and further between. And if they try too hard, the system will end up weeding them out.

Most of our young folks anymore don’t have the remotest idea of what real American history is. Lots of schools don’t teach US history much past the 6th grade. By the time a student gets to 12th grade,  how much of that 6th grade American history is he or she going to remember? Not an awful lot I’ll wager.

Maybe our private schools, and especially our Christian schools, need to start giving our high school students some good, solid United States history. When we home schooled our kids I gave our daughter, in her last year of high school, Pastor Steve Wilkins’ history course America the first 350 years. It was an excellent history course,  one I’d recommend to anyone. We took a year and a half to finish it. We sat, late at night, and listened to the lecture tapes and our daughter took notes. If she had a question we paused the tape and dealt with it. That course shaped her view of US history, and helped me to learn a lot along the way as well.

So, it seems to me that, if our country is to survive past the present generation, we had better be about making sure our next generation gets some accurate history, as opposed to what is being churned out for them now.

Mueller the Supposed Boy Scout and 9/11

by Al Benson Jr.

Member,  Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

During the Mueller probe of Donald Trumps supposed (and fictitious) collusion with Russia to ensure his election, we were all told what a fine upstanding, patriotic public servant Robert Mueller was. A real patriotic boy scout type  who could do no wrong, even if he tried!

Then we were treated to his rambling commentary, insisted upon by socialist Democrats, after his infamous “Mueller Report” was issued. It became quite apparent watching him fumble his way through his testimony that he had not even read the report with his name on it. He didn’t remember what was in it in most instances. Someone else wrote it and it would seem someone else conducted what passed for an investigation into Trump’s “Russian collusion.” Mueller was only the puppet up front to deflect attention away from whoever was hidden behind the curtain.

In this vein, there was an article on the Zero Hedge website for September 7, 2019 noting an article by Paul Sperry that appeared in the New York Post. I’ve read Mr. Sperry’s stuff in the past and he is usually on target, so I take his commentary about Robert Mueller seriously.

According to the Zero Hedge article: “Mueller…was nothing more than a hatchet man for the deep state, who participated in a coverup of Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11.” And there is a big picture of John Brennan and Mueller at the beginning of the article laughing–probably about how they have screwed the American people and will do so again if presented with the opportunity.

The article noted that “According to Sperry, Mueller stonewalled after FBI agents discovered evidence of ‘multiple systemic efforts by the Saudi government to assist the hijackers in the lead-up to the 9/11 attacks,’ while the former FBI director allegedly ‘covered up evidence pointing back to the Saudi Embassy and Riyadh–and may have even misled Congress about what he knew.” Sharon Premoli,  who was pulled out of the rubble at the World Trade Center  is now in the process of suing Saudi Arabia in a new lawsuit. She said: “He (Mueller) was the master when it came to covering up the kingdom’s role in 9/11.” And she further stated: “In October of 2001, Mueller shut down the government’s investigation after only three weeks, and then took part in the Bush (administration’s) campaign to block, obfuscate and generally stop anything about Saudi Arabia from being released.”

Zero Hedge continued: “Speaking with multiple FBI case agents, Sperry lists a series of incidents describing Mueller ‘Throwing up roadblocks’ in front of his own investigators–‘making it easier for Saudi suspects to escape questioning.’ And according to the lawsuit, Mueller ‘deep-sixed what evidence his agents did manage to uncover’.”

The New York Post article noted, among other things, that “At the same time Mueller removed a veteran agent from investigating a tip that an adviser to the Saudi royal family had met with some of the Saudi hijackers at his home in Sarasota, Florida,  effectively killing the case, according to the lawsuit. Mueller even tried to shut down a congressional investigation into the Saudi hijackers and their contacts in LA and San Diego, said Bob Graham, who led the joint inquiry as Senate Intelligence Committee chair…Among other things Mueller refused their demands to question a paid FBI informant who roomed with the hijackers and even moved him to a safe house where they couldn’t find him…”

There is lots more in the Zero Hedge article I can’t cover here. I would urge you to go to the Zero Hedge site and read the whole article. It shows quite plainly that the boy scout, Robert Mueller is little more than a sleazy federal conman, a paid stooge that will say whatever the feds want him to say about anyone or any situation–as long as the federal paycheck is there for him to collect.

They Are Shutting Trump Down

by Al Benson Jr.

The political Left, the Deep State, the so-called news media are all working to shut President Trump down–and after a constant three year battle, it is starting to look as if they might be doing just that.

Arthur Thompson, in his revelatory book In the Shadows of the Deep State notes on page 268 that: “Due to the domestic war against Trump within what has become known as the Swamp, our intelligence services and the Justice Department have come into question among a large part of the American people regarding the lack of political neutrality and the apparent move by upper echelon personnel to scuttle Donald Trump’s candidacy and then his presidency.”

I am not sure if Mr. Trump realizes the full import of what those people are and have been doing to him. I think he has some grasp by not total grasp of how these people really hate his guts and want him gone–no matter what price they have to pay to do that.

Unfortunately, in some instances, I think Trump unwittingly helps those who plot his destruction. Case in point, the former head of the CIA, John Brennan–a despicable creature if ever there was one. Here is a man who voted for the Communist Party candidate for president in 1976, yet four years later, he is in the CIA and under Obama ends up the head of that organization. So does that tell us the political Left controls the CIA? What do you think?

Trump supposedly pulled Brennan’s security clearance, something he should have done at the start of his administration, but didn’t. Supposedly he did it later on, but I read awhile back that Brennan, who is now in the private sector, still has that clearance, which means he can still go in and read certain government documents he should no longer have access to, but still does. So what happened here? Did those that were supposed to pull Brennan’s security clearance just not bother? Or did they just forget–conveniently?  This is one situation Trump needed to follow up on and it seems he didn’t.

Then there is the “Justice” Department–so-called. When William Barr got in there we were told the mess there would be straightened out. At the risk of being a bit previous, I have one comment–don’t hold your breath waiting!

Barr has already gone over some of the problems caused by former FBI director, James Comey, who has already lied to Congress and been caught at it. He has decided that what he has seen so far is something he will not indict Comey for. So Comey has broken the law–but he gets a free pass. If you or I did what he did we’d be in the slammer, but because Comey is an integral part of the Swamp (Deep State) he automatically gets a pass. You watch, the same thing will happen with Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal with Putin.

We have a two-tiered system of “justice” in this country–one set of rules for us deplorables and another set for the Swamp Creatures (the elites) who commit crimes far above what the ordinary con man could ever devise–and they never  pay for their crimes. I realize that,  at some point, God will judge them for their crimes, and there is no escape for them from that Judgment. But I would like to see some of them, at least, pay for their sins in this life. So far, Trump has yet to really deal with this issue.

And now he is talking about letting some government agency, along with the psychiatrists decide who  should be able to own firearms in this country. Do we really want government spooks and doctors to decide who can exercise our Second Amendment rights and who can’t? Once that happens you can kiss your Second Amendment rights goodbye–and all the rest as well–because the Second Amendment is the linchpin that holds up the rest of them.

Trump, who is supposed to be a supporter of the Second Amendment should realize this, but apparently he does not seem to. Wouldn’t it be ironic if, during the regime of Obama, we had been able to retain our gun rights (and Obama was a big gun grabber) and we ended up losing those rights during the administration of Trump, who supposedly supports the Second Amendment? You think the Deep State denizens of our Washington Swamp wouldn’t laugh about that all the way to the (Federal Reserve) bank?

I don’t think Trump fully grasps the situation he is in and if he continues in that vein, it will be his undoing–and that of the country as well.

The Bolshevik Revolutionaries and Their American Millionaire Buddies

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

One false premise that has been put forth in our day is that all communists and capitalists are bitter adversaries. You would think given what their supposed differences with one another are supposed to be, that’s how it should be. Sorry to burst that fairy tale bubble, but it jus ain’t so. So start to disabuse yourselves of that fallacy right now.

Antony  Sutton, in his informative book Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution published way back in 1974, blew this foolishness right out of the water. On page 17, Sutton told us: “Consequently, one barrier to mature understanding of recent history is the notion that all capitalists are the bitter and unswerving enemies of all Marxists and socialists. This erroneous idea originated with Karl Marx and was undoubtedly useful to his purposes. In fact, the idea is nonsense. There has been a continuing, albeit concealed, alliance between international political capitalists and international revolutionary socialists–to their mutual benefit. This alliance has gone unobserved largely because historians–with a few notable exceptions–have an unconscious Marxian bias and are thus locked into the impossibility of any such alliance existing. The open-minded reader should bear two clues in mind: monopoly capitalists are the bitter enemies of laissez-faire entrepreneurs, and, given the weakness of socialist central planning, the totalitarian socialist state is a perfect captive market for monopoly capitalists, if an alliance can be made with the socialist powerbrokers.” Do you begin to see how this might work out for those at the top in both groups?

One way the results of this unholy alliance gets peddled to gullible Americans is via the college campuses in this country, both now and in the past.

Way back in February, 1919, a man named E.H. Doheny noted this, according to Antony Sutton, when he told someone else that: “Bolshevism is the true fruit of socialism and if you will read the interesting testimony before the Senate Committee that showed up all these pacifists and peace-makers as German sympathizers, Socialists and Bolsheviks, you will see that a majority of college professors in the United States are teaching socialism, and Bolshevism and that fifty-two college professors were on so-called peace committees in 1914. The worst Bolshevists in the United States are not only college professors, of whom President Wilson is one, but capitalists and the wives of capitalists and neither seem to know what they are talking about.” Did any of you all pick up what he said about college professors back in 1919? If you did, do you now know why you have problems with college professors in our day? This is not a new problem, folks. It has been a problem since well before any of us was even born! It’s bad enough that many of our capitalists turned out to be Marxist sycophants, but when many of your college professors end up in the same leftist camp–this affects your children and their children if you remain ignorant of what is transpiring.

Anyway, in this vein, I noted in the last article that Leon Trotsky was arrested in Canada. The Canadians reasoned within themselves that if Trotsky took Russia out of World War One, that would turn more Germans loose to kill Canadians on the Western Front. It would have, but there was more involved than that. Art Thompson noted in In the Shadows of the Deep State  that “The apartment just above that of Col. House in New York was occupied by the head of the British Secret Service in the United States, Sir William Wiseman, and they knew each other. After the arrest of Trotsky, House informed Sir Wiseman that President Wilson wanted Trotsky released. This was done, and Trotsky and his entourage proceeded to Russia, where they were instrumental in the Bolshevik takeover of Russia.” For those who might not know, Col. Edward Mandell House was “Woodrow Wilson’s alter-ego.” He was what Henry Kissinger was to Richard Nixon and what Dick Cheney was to Bush 2. In other words, he really pulled the presidential strings and the puppet president danced to his tune.

So Trotsky ended up in Russia, with $10,000 in cash, over and above the 20 mil he had been handed to finance the Bolsheviks. No one knows where this dinero came from. Some think it was the German government, but no one really knows. It was known, however, that the German government helped Lenin to get from Switzerland back into Russia.

Interestingly enough, the Bolsheviks did not overthrow the Czar. They overthrew a provisional government that was led by socialists. Art Thompson observed that “…the banker Jacob Schiff of Kuhn-Loeb gave $20,000,000 toward the Bolshevik Revolution. He may have been the individual who helped Trotsky live in America, but there are hints of others as well…There have always been the ‘George Soros’ types of millionaires promoting communism. (Soros, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, today finances many communist and radical groups not only in America but also around the world.)

Does anyone ever begin to wonder why these rich financiers are so hot to fund and support communist and socialist groups that are supposed to be the sworn enemies of the rich and powerful? That’s a question more people need to begin to ask.

Reading books like The Rockefeller File, which you can find on line, will start to give you some of the answers, and they may arm you with more questions you need to start asking. So start reading and learning, because what these people do in our day will affect your descendants.