More About Our Forgotten History

by Al Benson Jr.

Suffice it to say that much of our history has been stuffed down the “memory hole” and “cunningly devised fables” substituted for it. There are events we are not supposed to ever be able to question and if the history we are taught is erronious then we will never be able to ask the right questions will we? To say that this is by design is to state the obvious.

An internet site called has made some interesting observations. It says: “Mainstream history teaches that John Wilkes Booth made elaborate preparations before murdering the President but does not explain why Booth made no plans for life after his crime.”…History cannot claim to know why Booth attacked Lincoln or who his assailants were because the reason for their proceedings, which he was about to fully set forth, stopped in midsentence, and the bottom half of the page is now a calendar drawn. The following sheet is entirely blank front and back. Two additional sheets or four pages became missing when the book was in the private possession of Edwin Stanton’s War Department.”

Some accounts I’ve seen said there were 18 pages missing from Booth’s diary so I am not sure which account is accurate. Either way, parts of the diary were missing. The internet site continues: “Yet, many historians, past and present, have chosen to omit anything that may challenge their Confederate conspiracy theory…It is a fact that George Atzerodt was an active, willing accomplice in a kidnapping plot, but Atzerodt never killed anyone. He never attempted murder, nor was their any evidence or motive to prove he intended to kill Andrew Johnson. Why then was it so crucial to Secretary Edwin Stanton that Atzerodt be executed? The fact is: Stanton’s conspiracy investigators uncovered many who held a much more essential service to John Wilkes Booth than Atzerodt, as well as having a connection to Richmond. Some even helped Booth during his escape, yet they were unaccountably protected from prosecution…Atzerodt talked about many secret accomplices hoping his cooperation with the military police would prove that his association with Booth was solely to kidnap. According to Atzerodt, the assassination plot was a separate conspiracy by the ‘New York Crowd’ and ‘friends of the President.’ All accomplices identified by Atzerodt, apart from (Thomas) Harbin, were from New York. While New Yorker James Donaldson was a State Department employee for Secretary William Seward, making him a ‘friend of the President.’ None of Booth’s accomplices had an escape plan.” Interesting. Makes you wonder what they were thinking–if they were thinking.

The internet article continued: “Atzerodt made a big mistake during his statement to Stanton’s military investigators….Atzerodt revealed that the day John Surratt brought him to Washington, he was introduced to Booth for the first time and added that Booth’s introduction took place in the Commissary General of Prisoners Office. Weichmann, John Surratt’s best friend, served under General Hoffman, head of the Commissary of Confederate prisoners. Booth’s original plan was to capture Lincoln then exchange him for the release of Confederate prisoners, and Weichmann had access to prisoner records. Atzerodt’s statement directly tied the Lincoln kidnapping to a War Department plot rather than a Richmond conspiracy. Placing a kidnapping meeting at the War Department became one contributing factor for Atzerodt’s ultimate demise as well as a motive for why the military prosecution went to such great extremes to censor all of Booth’s accused conspirators. Soon after the arrest of each kidnapping suspect, a canvas bag placed over their head further restricted the prisoners from speaking to anyone outside of Stanton’s War Department. However, Stanton made sure that Louis Weichmann not be included among the other accomplices charged with helping Booth. Stanton methodically removed the President from office by stripping Lincoln of his security (Thomas Eckert, John Parker, etc. and allowing conspirators from New York and Philadelphia to persuade John Wilkes Booth and Lewis Powell the role of assassins.”

The website had some interesting comments. It noted: “When Lincoln died, Stanton took over the government, declaring martial law…Lafayette Baker arrived (from New York) on April 16th and his first act was to send agents into Maryland to pick up what information they could about the people involved in the assassination. Within two days, all the conspirators were in custody. Somehow, Baker knew exactly where he could find the alcoholic George Atzerodt whose nerve had failed him when itcame time to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson. He also knew that Seward’s would-be assassin, Lewis Paine, could be found in the Washington, D.C. boarding house of Mary Surratt. Colonel Baker knew to arrest Edwaed Spangler, the carpenter at Ford’s Theater…Lafayette Baker had all the answers within forty-eight hours, including the escape route taken by John Wilkes Booth and David Herold…” You get the distinct impression that Baker had been handed a diagram of the whole assassination plot and it just took him a couple days to round up all the “usual suspects.”

Two years later, Baker wrote a book. History of the Secret Service. In that book he talked about Booth’s diar. The Bummer article said: “This information about Booth’s diary resulted in Baker being called before a congressional committee looking into the assassination of Lincoln. Stanton and the War Department were forced to turn over Booth’s diary. When shown the diary by the committee, Baker claimed that someone had ‘cut out eighteen leaves,’ When Stanton was called before the committee he said he didn’t remove any pages from the diary. Speculation grew that the missing pages included the names of people who had financed the conspiracy against Lincoln. It was later revealed that Booth had received a large amount of money from a New York based firm to which Stanton had connections.”

There is so much history we haven’t been told, that has been covered up, that we are not supposed to ever know about. When Kennedy was killed we had the Warren Commission Report–which was a gigantic whitewash of the whole situation. We will, no doubt, see a report from this committee that is supposed to be studying what happened in Washington on January 6, 2021 during the Trump rally. From the makeup of the committee I can only imagine what windies will be spun about Trump’s rally that day and anyone reading their report will have to labor at separating the truth from all the hogwash that will be presented. Nothing seems to change in Washington–except to get worse–and the level of falsehood never seems to go down. Should we expect anything else???

That Secession Question–It Never Quite Goes Away

by Al Benson Jr.

I can just picture, in our present Biden/Obama induced crisis, that if anyone asked the question “Isn’t it time we thought about secession again?” They would be denounced as miserable traitors to the (less than glorious) Union and many of those doing the denouncing would be staunch conservatives.

Our historians from Lincoln’s time on up have denounced secession as treason and tried to convince us that secessionists were and are traitors. Folks, that’s a pile of Texas cow chips and deep down, some of these “historians” realize that but don’t dare admit it lest their careers be in jeopardy. Webb Garrison, in his book Lincoln’s Little War noted on page 61 that: “When New Jersey and New York ratified the Constitution in 1787 and 1788 , respectively, both states, ‘expressly reserved the right of secession. Although this conclusion can be debated, in New York it was taken seriously during the early decades of the republic. Even Daniel Webster espoused this doctrine during his speeches against the War of 1812’.”

Most of the New England states were against that war. They sent delegates to the Hartford (Connecticut) Convention in 1814 to discuss the option of New England secession. Yet, for all of that, I have never seen those people written off as traitors to the Union. If secession was treason, why did that never happen? Or could it be that secession was only to be called treason if it was the South that did it? After all, the South was the cash cow for the rest of the country. The South paid 80% of the tariffs for the whole country while the North got most of the benefits from it in the form of internal improvements. The North got the benefits while the South got the bill. Such a deal! Redistribution of the wealth–Marxism in action! Has that ever occurred to you?

In his book When In The Course Of Human Events author Charles Adams observed: “If there was anything of which nineteenth century Americans approved, it was rebellions. They delighted in the plight of rebels–provided, of course, the rebels were not opposing them…It seems clear that in 1860 the supreme right of rebellion and revolution was an article of political right for every American unless the rebel happened to be a homegrown variety.”

Adams continued: “Contrary to the position taken by Lincoln, the states were sovereign; even William Seward recognized that people were citizens of their states, for example, of Ohio or New York. It was the state that came first, that put together the federal constitution with its limitations.” Adams also rightly observed that: ” The right of secession was so deeply rooted in the early history of the nation that hardly any region did not at one time assert or recognize that right. Thus Lincoln’s assertion that secession had no basis in law makes no sense. It is possible that Lincoln simply convinced himself that no right to secede existed or could possibly be discussed…He knew that secession had solid credentials and that once he permitted discussion and debate, he would lose. Logic, history, constitutional law, and even his beloved Declaration of Independence were all against him. He had to close his mind.”

So, because of a mind closed to the truth we fought a war that cost us over 600,000 lives, North and South, and also gave us the beginnings of federal intrusion into our lives in a manner that has culminated with the advent of the Biden/Obama Regime. You have to ask yourself–was it worth the price? Slavery was not the real cause of the war and it would have disappeared in the not too distant future anyway. All the talk about the South seceding so she could keep her slaves is the hogwash that has been substituted for real history in the last 100 years or so.

We have been fed a continuous stream of federal disinformation from the Lincoln administration onward and today it is approaching outrageous standards. So where is America’s spirit of secession nowadays? unfortunately it seems to be hidden underneath the couch most Americans sit on to watch the latest reality show! And, barring a God-given revival, that’s where it is likely to remain.

Abortion As Religion

by Al Benson Jr.

The First Church of Eradicated Infants, Bishop Chuck Schumer presiding, aka the Democratic Party, has deemed that the national right to dispense with unborn infants must now be made into a national sacrament to be perpetuated on all and observed by all.

Hence, he will go before Congress and introduce The Women’s Health Protection Act. The Democratic Church–er, sorry, I meant Party wants to guarantee women the sacred right (sacrament) to murder their babies right up to the moment of birth–a fitting sacrifice to Molech, don’t you think? Bishop Schumer seems to think so as he is the one pushing for this sacrificial sacrament to be enacted.

Schumer wants this sacrament enshrined so that all women will have the right to choose (to murder their babies) which is a most sacred rite of his church. We might ask about those babies about to be “eradicated.” Do they get to choose? Well, not really. Everyone knows aborted babies have no rights and Schumer’s church plans to make sure it stays that way.

All he has to do is make sure the Senate is okay with killing babies, but then half the Senate already belongs to his church so all he needs to do is convince a few RINO’s that infanticide is good for the country. Bishop Schumer is most ably assisted in his program for the eradication of unborn infants by his Chief Deaconess Alexandra Ocasio Cortez.

Those not knowing much about political religion might wonder who the ultimate leader of Bishop Schumer’s church is. Well, he is one who has often been called “The father of lies” or in more recent times his congregation has known him as “That old deluder” so called because he is in the habit of leading his congregation in the wrong direction and deluding them into believing in fictional scenarios. I’ll bet some of you have guessed his identity by now. Whether he realizes it or not, this is the pseudo-deity that Schumer serves. Remember that when you consider voting for any of his disciples for public offices.

So What Will Happen With The Mid-Term Elections–An Honest Vote Or Something Else?

by Al Benson Jr.

It should come as no surprise that, after the charade perpetrated in the 2020 elections, many patriotic Americans are concerned that in this year’s elections we might well see a repeat performance. And these Americans, contrary to the current socialist trend, are not insurrectionists or terrorists, they are just ordinary folks who feel that we are probably in for some vote legerdemain in the upcoming elections–based on what happened in the last go-round. They reason that, if the last election was tainted, that we can only expect more of the same.

Lots of Republicans, some of them RINO’s, seem to feel that the upcoming mid-term elections will be a shoo-in for Republicans given the abysmal performance of the Biden-Obama Regime and if the upcoming elections were on the up and up that would probably be true–however…!

There was an article on for 5/13 that dealt with this. I didn’t get the title or the author because my computer screen was doing gyrations at that point, but I did get some of the quotes when the computer screen would stay still long enough for me to write them down. At one point the article stated: “The ballot is not secure, electoral integrity laws notwithstanding. It’s safe to say the Dems have no intention of losing the mid-terms and we can rest assured they will pull out all the stops to ensure their success. There can be no room for conservative complacence and certainly not for premature celebration.”

And I don’t doubt there are RINO’s out there that will promote exactly that sort of foolishness because, at heart, they are internationalist types who have no loyalty to conservative principles and they don’t really care who wins as long as they get their slice of the political pie.

The article mentioned a book by a Michael Newton called The Path To Tyranny which was published back in 2010. It is still available on Amazon. Newton stated: “The United States is repeating the mistakes of the past: redistributing wealth through a progressive tax system, expanding the size of government, creating fictional wars where none exist, enriching the political class, establishing an army of unelected bureaucrats to control the lives of the people, and deliberately flirting with bankruptcy.” You have to remember, this book was written back when Obama was first in office and Biden is nothing more than Obama’s puppet, so the exact same holds true for “his” administration (which is really Obama’s third term under Biden’s alias.)

Certainly conservatives and patriots have to be on the alert and active in the mid-terms. Whether that will be enough to stave off socialist Democratic shenanigans or not, I don’t know–but I have my doubts. If “the fix is in” I’m not sure how we will deal with that and I can’t say anymore than that at this point except that the Lord will deal with those who subvert the election process.

Many of us Knew it All Along

by Al Benson Jr.

Ex-Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recently did an interview and said something many of us knew a long time ago but no one ever mentioned. She said that Barack Obama is the one pulling the strings in the Biden White House. I can remember, months ago now, saying that a Biden presidency was nothing more than Obama’s third term. He couldn’t run under his own name so he got his sock puppet Biden to do it for him while he sat quietly back in the corner working at fundamentally transforming America from a republic into a socialist dictatorship.

Gabbard noted that what was really running this country is the “Obama-Clinton Machine” and she said it has been in power a long time. Trump’s presidency was a major speed bump in their socialist road but they soon figured out how to deal with that thorny little problem–major election fraud in the 2020 election–the same plan they figure on using in every election going forward from here.

That’s one reason Biden’s (really Obama’s) new Voting Rights Bill is so important. If passed it will give millions of people who are not citizens the right to vote in our elections.

Years ago now I picked up a book off a used book shelf entitled Radical in Chief. It was written by Stanley Kurtz and it was a blow-by-blow description of the socialist career of Barack Obama. It was quite a revelation and went into his far left career in great detail–all the stuff they tried to hide from the public when Obama was in office. Surprising how relevant that book has suddenly become. Check out Amazon and see if you can still get a copy. If you want to understand the Biden (Obama) administration reading this book will be helpful.

Biden is nothing more than an “empty coat” a mouthpiece for Obama to further his socialist agenda through. If you look at Biden’s career, that’s all he has ever been–a mouthpiece for others with more of a socialist program than he was ever capable of. What a wasted life–being someone else’s mouthpiece for almost five decades. Of course the pay was good and that’s really all Biden was concerned with–getting his share of the loot!

Years ago someone described Biden as “Your ultimate insider-outsider, whatever you want.” In other words, if the price was right, Biden has always been for sale. It is no tribute to this country that we have this type of individual as president–gaffes and all. If Biden ever ran across a truthful statement I doubt if he’d recognize it. He’s the perfect foil for Obama’s third term, which is what we are being forced to live through right now. You see all the crummy stuff Biden is doing? Just remember that Obama is still busily trying to “fundamentally transform” this country. And that’s what it’s really all about.

Tulsi Gabbard was right on the money with her comments about the Obama-Clinton Machine. But, then, lots of us knew that before she ever said it. What she really did was to dare to utter the country’s most poorly kept secret.

The Starving Artist

by Al Benson Jr.

I have painted on and off over the last five decades and then some. Since I had spent lots of time in the West, mostly the Southwest, I painted the beautiful scenery from that part of the country. In 1967 I lived briefly in Oklahoma and painted while I was there. I had hoped to get to the point where I could sell enough to make a living, but the Lord had other things in mind for me so that didn’t work out.

For several years I worked at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, mostly in the custodial area. The type of art I did was not something that institution encouraged. But I did get to know some of the students and some of them were interested in what I painted.

Anyway, in 1970, the students put on an art show entitled “Home on the Range–West by East.” I assume they gave it that title because most of the kids that entered their work in it were from the East. Their version of “the West” was one I was pretty much at odds with, having spent time out there, which I don’t think most of them ever did.

But there was one student that knew about my Western paintings and he asked me to put some of them in this show. His name was Mark Reichert. He came out to where we lived at the time and looked over all my paintings and then he picked out a batch he felt had possibilities and took them for this show. They ended up hanging either six or eight of my pictures in this show, I don’t remember exactly and when the show went on I actually sold one–a scene from the country in Western Nebraska. The man I sold it to later became a congressman from Rhode Island.

I always remembered Mark Reichert because he seemed to take a real interest in my work, even though it was much different than what he and most other students there did. Some students seemed to look down their noses at anyone who was not on their way to becoming a professional artist, but Mark Reichert never came across that way. He treated others as equals, at least in my case. Even after he left the school he sent me a batch of old postcards with Western scenes on them to give me something to work from. I appreciated how he treated me–so differently than many other students.

At any rate it was because of Mark Reichert that I got to show my Western art at the Rhode Island School of Design and I was grateful to him for that. I have continued to paint on and off over the years, have had work in art and craft shows just about every place we have lived and now and again I still manage to sell a few–but not enough to make a living at it. As I said earlier, the Lord had other plans for me. One thing He wanted me to do was write about the state of the country. I haven’t made a living at that either–as you can well imagine. But I try to do what the Lord wants me to do and I don’t expect to get rich doing it. That’s not the real point is it?

The Open Road Into Maryland

by Al Benson Jr.

Many have looked askance over the years at the way Edwin Stanton handled the initial part of the investigation of Lincoln’s assassination. Some have even said he endeavored to let Booth escape. And I have to admit, the way it looks, that sure was a possibility.

In his book Anatomy of an Assassination author John Cottrell notes this. He says: “Numerous incidents can be cited to support this charge. He did not alert guards at the Navy Yard Bridge, the most obvious escape route from Washington. He did not immediately raise a general alarm by issuing a statement to the Press. He delayed in naming Booth as the assassin, even though scores of witnesses had identified Lincoln’s murderer. He recalled Major O’Beirne when he was leading the one search party on the right track. With this indirect assistance from Stanton, Booth might very well escaped if he had not been handicapped by a broken leg. There is no doubt that the War Secretary bungled his direction of emergency measures.” And that’s where Cottrell leaves it. He portrayed Stanton as possibly being a “frightened man” as he supposedly felt this attack might be one last attempt on the part of the South. I am afraid I can’t agree with his assessment of Stanton’s “fright.”

I have studied and written about the Lincoln assassination for years on and off. Whatever else you want to say about him, Stanton never came across to me as one who frightened easily. He was deceitful and had his own agenda, apart from Lincoln’s agenda, but scared? I don’t think so.

I think the authors of The Lincoln Conspiracy David Balsiger and Charles E. Sellier Jr. have got Stanton’s number much more accurately. They note in their book: “The War Secretary began dictating telegrams, orders closing escape routes out of the city. All the Washington exits were closed before midnight except the Navy Yard Bridge which Booth and Henson had crossed shortly after the assassination.” Why did that most obvious escape route remain open? Later they noted: “At about the same time, Stanton had blocked all southwest roads going directly into Virginia. This would have been effective had Booth remained in Washington. By the time Stanton closed the route, Booth had ridden 50 miles.”

Sounds like a case of too little too late, and I don’t doubt that was on purpose. When they finally started shutting the roads down, they started with the roads going in the least likely directions–and the closings were piecemeal.

They sent a disabled soldier who knew shorthand in to take statements from witnesses to the assassination. This soldier, James Tanner, said “Within fifteen minutes I had testimony enough to hang Wilkes Booth.” And even with that, it was noted that: “Stanton still did not send word to the newspapers or to the military leaders identifying Booth as the presidential assassin,”

There are lots of unanswered questions about Lincoln’s assassination and some of them have to do with why Stanton did what he did and why he omitted doing other things. But one thing is certain, the Navy Yard Bridge from Washington into Maryland, the most obvious escape route for the assassin, remained open while everything else was shut down. coincidence? An oversight? Pardon me if I dobt all that–just like I doubt that Edwin Stanton was “frightened.” If he was scared of anything it was probably that his part in the assassination might be exposed.

The Diary

by Al Benson Jr.

First there was the diary, supposedly in all its pristine completeness. Second, there were the missing 18 pages from this not-so-pristine diary. And third, there was the Secretary of War, Edwin McMasters Stanton, who was accused of removing the missing 18 pages because they contained damning evidence of who was really behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

In going through the books in my research library (many of which I am not going to be able to keep) I came across one I must have read sometime ago and forgotten about. It was written by a John Cottrell and titled Anatomy of an Assassination. I obviously read it because lots of stuff is underlined.

Cottrell has one chapter in which he listed 11 reasons why Edwin Stanton could have been suspected of having to do with Lincoln’s assassination. He concluded that there was no direct evidence to pin this rap on Stanton but there was lots of circumstantial evidence that pointed to it.

One thing was Booth’s diary. Cottrell noted: “That Stanton suppressed the evidence of Booth’s diary and removed pages which may have indicated who really master-minded the assassination.” This was one of the contentions that made Stanton seem to have had a hand in the assassination. Cottrell said: “Booth’s diary, indicating that kidnapping and not murder was the original intent of the conspirators, was the most astounding omission in the evidence presented at the conspiracy trial. For two years the diary was locked up in the War Office archives and might have remained there if (Lafayette) Baker had not recalled its existence in his History of the United States Secret Service, published in 1867.” It seems that Stanton was more than happy to have the diary buried and forgotten.

Ahh, but there was more. Cottrell observed that: “Another bombshell was dropped when Baker stated under oath that the diary had been mutilated since it was taken from Booth’s body. He claimed that eighteen pages had been cut out, pages dated prior to the time of Lincoln’s death, and he recalled having seen a pencil sketch of a house on one page–now missing, On the other hand, Stanton testified that the diary was without these pages when he first saw it…So it was Baker’s word against Stanton’s. When Baker was recalled, he further embarrassed the War Secretary by revealing that some of his detectives had made copies of the diary, but they had been ordered to hand them over to Stanton. He reaffirmed that no pages were missing when he first saw the diary.” It seems to be a case of which liar do you want to believe?

Cottrell asked the question–“Why then was the diary suppressed at the trial? The most obvious explanation is that it contributed nothing toward the prosecution’s case; rather it provided an impediment.” I can imagine if the diary spoke only of kidnapping Lincoln and not of assassinating him, that might have been somewhat of an impediment to their case. On the other hand, if it did contain the names of those Northerners who wanted to remove Lincoln by whatever means necessary, that would have been quite an impediment to the case against the conspirators that the government had planned to hang for the crime.

Sounds as if Stanton may have been operating his own version of Biden’s new “ministry of truth.” doesn’t it?

A Black Man Looks At The 1619 Project

by Al Benson Jr.

Not all black folks have bought into the lie that America was founded only on the institution of slavery. This lie is basically what the 1619 Project tries to portray as the foundation of America.

But Mychal Massie, writing in for May 2nd gives the lie to Nikole Hannah-Jones now infamous 1619 Project, which, though wildly inaccurate, is now taught in many public schools as “history.” Mr. Massie is black. He starts off his article by saying that: “I’ve said it before, and I say it again. The 1619 Project is a lie from the pit of hell. It has prostituted one of the most ghastly and hideously loathsome promoters of the continued Marxian objectives of democrats since their demonic origins.”

And Mr. Massie continues: “Maria Buenano wrote: “At the heart of nuanced social justice training lies a subset of ideologies most infamously aligned with Critical Race Theory and the Marxist movement. This training is known as the 1619 Project, and the notably Marxist ideologies which support its founding principles would make any well-read scholar write off the project as political doctrine that cannot exist outside the realm of metaphorical fiction. Despite its lack of historical accuracy, the doctrine has been introduced academically and professionally across America. Jones and the New York Times Magazine changed the founding date of the United States of America from Julym4, 1776, to Aug. 20, 1619–the daym20 (allegedly) enslaved Africans first arrived on Virginia soil. How convenient; if the actual date doesn’t fit your narrative, simply change it to a date that does,:

Mr. Massie observed that: “The problem with these lies and the malicious attempts to recast factual history is that the purveyors of same can fraudulently change dates, but they cannot change the history that occurred on those specific dates. Jones and her accomplices at the New York Times Magazine cannot change the facts surrounding Anthony Johnson. In 1651 Anthony Johnson (a so-called black man) owned 250 acres, and the services of four white and one black indentured servants. The black indentured servant, John Casor, demanded that Johnson release him after his seven years of indenture. Johnson refused; a legal battle that reached all the way to the State Supreme Court in Northampton, Virginia, ensued, with Johnson prevailing. Thus, a black man was responsible for slavery.” Bet this is history you were never taught in school. I know I wasn’t.

Massie asked the question–how could even the most incompetent journalists could have erred by so much? But, then he answered his own question by saying: “Unless, of course, they were natural born pernicious liars obsessed with spreading falsehoods. Then again, such is the history of the New York Times Magazine and those who write for it.” Mr. Massie’s article is interesting. If you can get it on the link I provided, by all means read his entire article.

Massie concluded his article by saying: “What I have written is not even the tip of the historical facts and truths that Hannah-Jones and those like her want hidden and erased. That’s because these truths threaten to free the minds of those enslaved on plantations of lies and misinformation intended to further Marxian cultural division. This division only works when the Hannah-Jones types are able to rewrite and erase factual history…” And so it goes. More and more Marxist types are putting forth narratives of history that will not pass the smell test and these fake narratives are being gobbled up by school systems across the country that are less than eager to teach real history but can’t wait to fill our kids full of what amounts to Marxist propaganda posing as history. And some still wonder why we have major problems with the public schools!

This should be posted under “cultural Marxism” and “Student Indoctrination.”

Does It Really Make A Difference?

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I had a bout of the Chinese Virus, referred to by the sanitized name of Covid 19. Both my wife and I had been vaccinated against it, but for me that seems to have made no difference. Thankfully, I was not overly ill with it–a sore throat, fever, runny nose, and loss of appetite for a few days and then it started to wear off. Maybe the version I got was this newer Omicron version, which is not nearly as lethal as earlier versions. I don’t know. I had to do the ten day quarantine thing and I thank the Lord it was not worse. I had a good friend that died from this thing while visiting relatives in New York.

What brought this to mind was that I talked to two nurses, both from different places–and neither one had much faith in the vaccines.

I asked them both this–seeing that I was vaccinated for it and then recovered from my bout with it, did all that make me immune from getting it again? Both of them said it did not!

In other words, vaccinations notwithstanding, I suppose I can get it again. So I asked them both, what, then, is the purpose of the vaccine if it does not give immunity?

Both of them (and they don’t know each other) rubbed their thumbs and forefingers together in the universal sign that money is involved. In other words there is big money invested in promoting these vaccines. Somebody is getting rich off these vaccines–and it ain’t the people being pushed to take them. One of the nurses mentioned Father Fauci and his involvement in all this. I have to admit that he has moved the goalposts so many times on this subject that most folks don’t know upside down from inside out anymore. And I think the medical bureaucrats love to have it so. I don’t know if Fauci is profiting financially or not. Let’s just say it would come as no surprise if he was. Fauci is the quintessential bureaucrat.

Given all the twists and turns in the “science” he has presented us with, it sure seems possible. Although the nurses wear them because they have to with their jobs, neither one has much faith in these masks everyone is supposed to wear (except the elites who don’t want to be bothered). It’s nice to know at least some folks in the medical field share my sentiments.