The Planned Public School Perversion Of Our Children

by Al Benson Jr.

An article on for May 28th provided some information worth noting on what goes on in public schools and who is doing some of it. If you’ve had problems with Target over their “gay” pride merchandise you may find that is only the tip of the iceberg. The Gateway Pundit article tells us: “Retail giant Target has partnered with GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) for years…GLSEN is a group that provides sexually explicit books to schools, pushes gender identity throughout public school curricula, and advocates policies that keep parents unaware of their child’s in-school gender transition…It was Barack Obama who first pushed sex education to kindergartners back in 2007–he even pushed sex education to kiddies legislation…the media mostly hid this from the American public.” Sounds like King Barack the first really did have a plan to “fundamentally transform the United States” but he didn’t want the public to grasp just what it was!

For parents who think this kind of thing could never happen in “their” local public school, let me remind you that, without the complicity of the teachers unions this educational fertilizer could never have gotten off the ground.

People don’t realize that many teachers unions had socialist beginnings that never really died out. I did an article on Albert Shanker’s socialist background that is still up on from 4/25/2022. For those who may not know or recall who Shanker is, he is the founder of the American Federation of Teachers union. According to “The AFT’s true if unacknowledged precursor is the Teachers Union (TU) originally an AFL body, led by Communist regulars, Lovestonites, Trotskyists, socialists and other left-wingers in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and elsewhere encompassing college instructors, and public school teachers. During the dynamic later 1930s the TU influence was disproportionately New Yorkish, as well as Jewish…The TU, for all its weaknesses, (most of all a weakness toward things Russian) had often exemplified the democratic impulses of the teachers.” You have to understand they are not using the term “democratic” they way most Americans understand it.

Then, there was an article on for May 30th by Ron Paul that observed: “The most recent release from the federally funded Nation’s Report Card shows that 40 percent of 8th graders lack even a basic understanding of US history while only 14 percent are proficient or advanced in history…Even scarier is the fact that many government schools have replaced history and civics with critical race theory, transgender ideologies, and other forms of cultural Marxism…The good news in all this madness is that it is encouraging more parents to look into alternatives to government schools such as homeschooling.”

Ron Paul has a homeschool program. To check it out go to The John Birch Society also has a homeschool program, the Freedom Project Academy, which is fully accredited classical education for students from kindergarten through high school. The parent organization, American Opinion Foundation, has “future aspirations to deliver Classical Education at the university level in its own brick and mortar school…”

These and other Christian schools offer the only real hope for the future of America. As I stated recently, the cultural fertilizer being dished up to students in public schools has been planned this way. These indoctrination centers we still insist on calling schools will not be reformed and the exercises to so so are planned exercises in futility. The public school educrats want you to waste your time, effort, and finances trying to “reform” a public school system that is resistant to any meaningful change. They know it will never happen and one of their chief tasks is to make sure you don’t figure that out.

They’ve spent 150 years working to get public schools where they are now, with all the socialism and trans-trash, and they ain’t about to retreat! They are more than willing for you to bang your head against the wall working for reforms they know will never happen! Maybe if you get frustrated enough you will just give up and let them have their way with your kids! The only way to defeat them and their leftist agenda for your family is to take your kids out of their indoctrination centers and pursue other alternatives–and you need to be discerning as to what those alternatives are.

The public schools were always beyond repair–even 100 years ago! In this apostate era they are doing what they were always intended to do–make socialist perverts out of your kids using your property tax money to do it. You have to ask yourself, how willing are you to let them keep doing this, because they fully intend to keep doing it! They don’t have those “trans closets” in some public schools for nothing! It’s one way the leftists can take this country over with no foreign armies–and the Biden Regime is all in for this agenda–just like the Obama Regime was!


The Demons Of Davos

by Al Benson Jr.

Attendance at the World Economic Forum conference in Davos is by invitation only. Nobody just stops in to see what’s going on there because no one is supposed to know except those invited there by Klaus Schwab and the elites. One site I looked at listed some of them, but I got a list from another site that listed all of them from the United States, as well as other countries.

The meeting this year was held in early January. I’ve noted in the past that both presidential candidate Nikki Haley and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who might yet end up being a presidential candidate, had connections with the World Economic Forum. So when someone gets an invite to this exclusive political bash, you have to wonder why.

Former President Trump attended when he was president, but not now. It seems that US presidents get an invite to this because one article I read from Newsweek noted all those that had skipped going when they were president, notably Obama, the two Bush’s and China Joe–all Council on Foreign Relations members or surrogates. I suppose on those years they didn’t attend they were not to receive any marching orders from Schwab.

According to an article on the WEF predicts that “private property and privacy will vanish by 2030.” The article notes that, for the WEF, “free markets and individual choice do not stand as the top values, but state interventionism and collectivism. Individualism and private property are to disappear from this planet by 2030 according to the projections and scenarios coming from the World Economic Forum. Individual liberty is at risk again. What may lie ahead was projected in November 2016 when the WEF published ‘8 predictions for the world in 2030’…The scenario for the world in 2030 is more than just a forecast. It is a plan whose implementation has accelerated drastically since the announcement of a pandemic and the consequent lockdown.”

The timing almost makes you wonder if the pandemic was part of this plan all along! Have the Demons of Davos been working overtime, or were they just getting impatient? There is an article on the WEF page, under the Society and Equity heading for 4/26/23 that says “Agenda 2030: why civic participation is key to meeting UN sustainability targets.” The article notes: “Attacks on civil society and civic freedoms are threatening adequate progress being made on meeting the UN Sustainable Goals ( SDG’s). Agenda 2030 marks a rare moment of global unanimity with an emphasis of economic advancement, social progress and environmental sustainability.” You have to understand that these people don’t mean the same thing by these nice-sounding euphemisms that we do. If they are opposed to private property that also means they are opposed to private businesses. In other words, they want governmental control of property and business. There is no “economic advance” at all in such a system. In fact it is a step backwards, but they hope you don’t grasp that fact.

There is another article on called “The Great Reset” which notes that “global stakeholders” in noting the consequences of the pandemic have started, via the World Economic Forum, something called the “Great Reset Initiative.” Some of you reading this will know about the Great Reset, and if you do, please feel free to comment about it in the comment section below my article. It is not something the average person should look forward to. So the WEF has an agenda that is anti-freedom and anti-private property. And its founder, Klaus Schwab is the person who says we should give up eating meat and start eating insects in order to save the planet. So what does that do to farmers and cattlemen? Take a wild guess! You have to wonder if Brother Schwab plans to do wat he advocates for the rest of us. My guess would be he doesn’t.

Anyway, enough of that. You should realize by now that the WEF is a major promoter of one world government, and not above using the United Nations to promote its leftist agenda. And in that effort it has invited some major US political figures to possibly be willing to partake of WEF’s efforts to promote world government. I can’t predict what these folks will ultimately do, but the fact they were invited to this WEF meeting says the WEF fondly hopes they share its globalist world view, without letting the folks back home know where they are really at.

Some of the people invited to this meeting were: John Kerry, Samantha Power, FBI Director Christopher Wray, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema, Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher from Wisconsin, Marian Walsh, Secretary of Labor, Avril Haines U.S. Director of National Intelligence, James Risch Senator from Idaho, Maria Elvira Salazer Republican Congresswoman from Florida. This isn’t the whole list but it will give you some idea of the kind of people that get invited to a WEF conference. And I must admit, I wonder why these people? What does the WEF see in these particular people that it wants them at its conference? Do these folks harbor one world government tendencies that we’ve never been told about? Will they be willing to participate in some way in a one world government agenda? I think they need to be asked about that–especially the senators and congresspersons. We need to know just where they are really coming from. Do they take their oaths to uphold the Constitution seriously–or are they–in fact–some of the one world government Demons from Davos???

Reparations Is A Total Scam!

by Al Benson Jr.

According to Wikipedia, Rep. Cori Bush from Missouri is a Black Lives Matter activist. She is also a willing participant in the ongoing “reparations” scam. In pending legislation Rep. Bush called on Congress to adopt measures “aimed at righting historic wrongs, including urging the federal government to issue federal reparations to black Americans…a minimum of $14 trillion would be needed ‘to eliminate the racial wealth gap that currently exists between black and white Americans’ the resolution argues! This bill, HR 414, is ridiculous and needs to be voted down resoundingly! Where does this woman think this $14 trillion is coming from, the Tooth Fairy? Or does she think the government can just print it and pass it out? If she does, does she have any idea of what such an act will do to the inflation level in this country? And the rank inflation won’t only hit white folks!

The “reparations scam” is just that–a scam. In an article on for 5/11/23, writer Bob Barr, a former member of Congress, observed: “Neither history nor common sense mean anything to those demanding ‘racial reparations,’…” Barr then went on to list all the civil rights legislation, from the second 13th Amendment up to and including the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Barr duly noted: “In much the same way that junk science has provided the justification for New York Governor Kathy Hochul to ban the use of natural gas in new construction, ‘junk history’ is at the center of the racial reparations movement…At a recent public forum where Californians could comment on the proposed handouts (reparations) a ‘Rev. Tony Peirce’ boisterously demanded that the only fair dollar figure to be apportioned to him and his fellow black citizens was $200 million apiece…this episode encapsulates the junk history on which reparations advocates appear to justify their cause–that the anecdotal ’40 acres and a mule of 1865 is today worth a cool $200 million. It is doubtful Rev. Peirce or many of the others clamoring for massive monetary reparations for past–and in fact, continuing–wrongs understand or much care about the actual historic context or meaning of the ‘forty acres and a mule’ narrative.” To these people “history” is just another meaningless word. They want the cash, baby, and they want it now!

According to for 1/5/23 “California is considering paying ‘reparations’ to black Californians who are directly descended from enslaved people, which may surprise most Californians. After all, slavery was never legal in the Golden State.” But that fact makes no difference whatever. Governor Newsome feels he has a golden opportunity to garner black votes whether he decides to run for president (if the Democratic establishment lets him) or just run for governor again.

The article noted, quite accurately, that “To understand how slavery is applicable to California one must sift through the reports 500 pages of convoluted logic common to the victim industry in America…” The “report” goes into how slavery continues to “physically and mentally harm African Americans today.” And the article observes, again, accurately, that “The task force is not recommending reparations for slavery, but rather for discrimination.” The entire reparations scam is an exercise in political bovine fertilizer! In California it amounts to a giant vote-buying scam, as well as a major split in race relations, which may also be an alternate reason for it. And who will pay for all these black folks in California getting $200 million apiece–will it be white folks, Hispanic folks, and Oriental folks? That’ll go over real big with them!

An article on for 4/30/22 duly observed that: “Ten years ago, the idea of ‘reparations’ sat on the political fringe in America. The question of whether or not compensation should have been paid to former slaves had died out. Not least because by the start of the 21st century no one in America had actually suffered from slavery…But there’s a tendency in our own age which does not allow wounds to mend or heal. Indeed, there is a movement that locates long-healed wounds in order to rip them open again. And then complain about the hurt caused to themselves.” And of course, the idea of scamming big bucks from people who never had anything to do with slavery really appeals to them. They want to be able to laugh at us poor suckers all the way to the bank. We want that cash, baby, anyway we can get it–honest, dishonest, makes no difference!

Every race of people in the world has either practiced slavery and been enslaved to some extent. Do they all deserve reparations? If not, why not? Why is it only blacks that deserve it? Every other race has put the issues of slavery and discrimination behind them, but not blacks (and all blacks don’t fit into this category) but many blacks seem to thrive on it. It’s like they have a never-ending grievance with the rest of the world and want to be paid to forget it (if ever they will).

The leftists among us, (to which our public schools are adding a growing number) are using this issue to divide the races one from the other, so we wont ever sit down together and talk to one another about how all of us are being taken to the cleaners. Reparations is a big part of the leftist agenda to cause racial division and we need to expose it for the racial scam that it is.

The “News” Media–Part Of The Ruling Class

by Al Benson Jr.

According to “Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all media outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations…” Now that would be an expose for Fox News to deal with, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. This may be forbidden territory to the vast percentage of our “news” media.

The article continues: “The CFR and its close to 5,000 elite members for decades have shaped US foreign policy…As a well-known Council member famously explained, they transformed the American republic into a global empire, albeit a benevolent one.” I’m afraid many would legitimately quibble about how “benevolent” the US “empire” has really been.

In a column entitled “Ruling Class Journalists” a former Washington Post senior editor, Richard Harwood, told his readers that the CFR and its members were “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.” That’s quite an admission. And the average person remains blissfully unaware–and that on purpose! Harwood continued: “The membership of these journalists in the Council …is an acknowledgement of their active and important role in public affairs and of their ascendency into the American ruling class,…They are part of that establishment whether they like it or not, sharing most of its values and world views.” And I imagine, from what I’ve seen of some “journalists” so called, they pretty much like it.

Important CFR members have included several presidents and vice-presidents, almost all secretaries of state, treasury, and defense, many influential members of Congress, and practically all CIA directors, U.N. ambassadors, chairpersons of the Federal Reserve, presidents of the World Bank…many prominent academics in areas such as economics and political science.” Truly a group of unelected rulers. Interestingly enough, the CFR had “key members of both the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission.

The article went on regarding CFR members who had been president when it said: “Thus in 1993 former CFR director George H. W. Bush was followed by CFR member Bill Clinton, who in turn was followed by CFR ‘family member’ George W. Bush. In 2008, CFR member John McCain lost against CFR candidate of choice, Barack Obama…It was not until 2016 that the Council failed to prevail.” Does that tell you a little about why the ruling establishment (the Deep State) has been so adamantly opposed to Donald Trump? He wasn’t “one of the boys” and so couldn’t be depended on to play the game according to CFR rules.

But when you look at all this, you have to begin to realize that we have indeed been the victims of unelected rulers. Understanding that the Council on Foreign Relations was originally formed back in the early 1900s to guide this country into a one world government, you have to ask–if in a presidential election–both candidates belong to the CFR, what choice does the electorate really have? You can vote for socialist candidate A or socialist candidate B. Some choice and you will get screwed either way!

I said at the beginning of this article it would be a good topic for an expose on Fox News. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, given the direction Fox seems to be headed in. I wonder if this topic would be important to Tucker Carlson if he grasped the implications of unelected rulers in America.

Normal Americans Not Safe Under Biden’s Regime

by Al Benson Jr.

It is becoming more and more apparent that normal Americans are the real target of the Biden Regime. When Trump said “They’re really after you. I’m just in the way.” He was probably more accurate than he realized at the time. So innocent Americans are not really safe under Biden’s beneficent rule, especially if they happen to be white Americans because then they are all automatically “white supremacists.” Wonder if that makes Biden a white supremacist too.” I know, we are not supposed to mention that. I suppose next, Biden will tell us he’s really black.

It seems as if, in any altercation that arises between a minority and a white person, if you listen to the prostitute press, the white person is automatically the guilty party–no exceptions!

There was an item on the news last evening that displayed this. Maybe some of you all saw it. It took place in (where else) New York City, the new home for illegal immigrants and the displacement of homeless veterans. A pregnant white health worker rented a city bicycle to get home after her work shift. She had a receipt showing she’d rented it. Some black dude decided she shouldn’t have it and took it away from her. The video on tv was rather compelling.

I don’t have to tell you how the excuse for a news media portrayed this. This white woman’s need to have this bike to get home on was portrayed as “white supremacy” against the poor defenseless black thug that tried to take it away from her. I don’t know how it eventually turned out, whether she got to ride the bike she rented home or not. Thing is, more and more, leftist politicians and lying media are making it impossible for Americans to live normal lives.

New York City is the socialist paradise where homeless American vets are being kicked out of hotels to make room for illegal immigrants who will likely be entitled to all manner of freebies. So, normal Americans, this is what China Joe wants for you. You are to be replaced by illegal immigrants who, if Biden can just let enough of them into the country, will outvote you in the next election by voting Democrat and that illegal vote will be enough to keep the Democrats in perpetual power and they can drag this country down to the third world level–fit only to become another cog in the wheel of one world government. That’s the plan. Biden has only contempt for real Americans but he loves those illegal immigrants almost as much as he loves Communist China

Paul Craig Roberts has an interesting article on this morning. Mr. Roberts observed: “Biden Regime is spending billions of dollars to defend Ukraine’s borders but won’t spend one penny to defend America’s borders. The Democrats want the Hispanic and black immigrants, who they want to give the vote to, because the immigrant invaders water down the white majority population and destroy the ethnic basis of the U.S. Instead of a unified nation, there is a tower of Babel.”

Mr. Roberts has it figured out. White Americans, especially God-fearing and patriotic ones, are to become the despised “white extremist” minority, constantly outvoted by the unknowing minions of that group that wants America submerged into a one world government and despises our founding principles and heritage. Right now their point man is China Joe. Before him it was Obama, and before him it was the Bush’s. Anyone remember the senior Bush ranting about the “New World Order”? And what part does the Council on Foreign Relations play in this political scam? Go back and read some of my recent articles to find that out.

The Family Of Influence Peddlers

by Al Benson Jr.

An article on recently noted that “Biden has received $10 million in payments from China , foreign interests…President Biden is being accused of money laundering and influence peddling. This is the latest chapter in the Hunter Biden saga, where the president’s son was suspected of selling his father’s influence to foreign governments and businesses.” Needless to say, what pretends to be our “news” media has zero interest in this. After all, their assigned task is to bury this as deep as possible, not to report it. So they run interference for the Deep State by reporting instead some Republican congressman from New York who has done something wrong–a crime that pales in comparison to what Joe the influence peddler and his son and brother are doing–and have been doing for decades now.

It was reported on that: “House Oversight Committee member James Comer on Wednesday outlined what he called ‘a pattern of influence peddling by President Joe Biden’s family, revealing information the committee obtained showing that the family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies. Some of that came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company.’ Comer said in a press conference, referring to the president’s son, other transfers occurred with money from foreign entities to the Biden family, with many of the payments occurring while Joe Biden was vice-president and leading the US efforts in these countries! While much of the information centered around connections with China other countries were also involved, Comer said.”

While in Romania one time, Biden gave a lecture about how corruption is a cancer that eats away at peoples liberty! He should know. It would seem, with all his family has been involved in that he’s an authority on the subject of corruption. And if he did some of this nefarious activity while he was vice-president, that means there was corruption in the Obama administration, supposedly the most transparent regime in our history–at least until the Biden administration, which now claims the most transparency. Interesting that those regimes with the most to hide are the ones that shout about their “transparency.”

The fact that the major media ignores most of this displays the fact that they are little more that government toadies. They are easily as corrupt as the Biden Regime and are wiling accomplices in concealing his graft. The FBI (fib) won’t give Congress the file that alleges Biden’s corruption. Why? Did Biden sell out the country for personal profit??? What can you say of a government that refuses to admit its own perfidy?


by Al Benson Jr.

This country is about to be invaded! I saw one news item on television that said there were 150,000 illegals in northern Mexico awaiting the expulsion of Title 42 so they can, basically, invade this country. I don’t know if that figure is totally accurate or not. However, the Border Patrol said it had apprehended 10,000 on each of the last two days somaybe it isn’t all that far out of line.

The news said that Biden has directed officials to release illegal aliens without trying to track them. Biden admits when Title 42 ends the border will be chaotic. Thats an understatement! It will be an invasion–one that Biden dreams about. Thousands upon thousands of untracked illegal aliens. Biden drools with anticipation!

He has done and will do nothing to stop this. Now, if he can only get a bill through Congress that will permit these illegals to vote here sans citizenship, he can use them to overthrow the country via the voting booth–a mostly bloodless revolution. This will affect the whole country. Every city will be a border city with illegals coming out of the woodwork!

You have to consider the possibility that the job the Deep State gave him was to tear down the country as we know it and replace it with the abomination we know as socialism–while he laughs all the way to the bank so he can cash those fat Chinese checcccks!

Joe Biden–China’s Best President!

by Al Benson Jr.

Multiple Biden family members received cash from Communist China according to Fox News for March 16th. Beau Biden’s former wife and Hunter Biden’s former lover received thousands from Hunter’s associates. You have to wonder why America’s greatest adversary, Communist China is is funneling money to the Biden family.

So far, they have found four members of the Biden family that have received Chinese Communist cash. What service has the Biden family provided for all this cash? That’s the question few have asked to this point. What has prompted such largesse to the Biden clan on the part of Communist China?

According to “House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer madea bombshell revelation about the Biden family and its infamous cash dealings. The saga dates back to March 1, 2017, nearly two months after now Presient Joe Biden stepped down as Barack Obama’s VP. According to Comer, Biden family associate Rob Walker was wired a sum of $3 million by State Energy HK Limited. It is important to note that the company is affiliated to CEFC China Energy, an energy firm backed by China’s ruling Communist Party. The $3 million then went on to being divided between two Biden family associates and three members of the Biden family in a span of three months. Here we take a look at how the money trickled down from China all the way to the Biden’s.” The article then details how the money was siphoned off to various Biden’s.

Other sites that dealt with this are and https://nypost/2022/01/27 Other sites went into quite a bit of detail about this. According to the New York Post the Chinese elite have paid around $31 million to Hunter Biden and some of his kinfolks. That ain’t exactly chump change! Can anyone still capable of honest thought and reflection still wonder where the Biden family got so much of their money from? You don’t have to look much further than Communist China. Can anyone still capable of honest thought honestly claim that Joe Biden is not a thoroughly compromised president? Communist China owns him–lock, stock and barrel!

Joe Biden will never be able to make a decision in anything that favors America if that decision runs counter to what the Chinese Communists want! That should be more than evident. For those that want to do a little more serious reading on this subject, I recommend Arthur R. Thompson’s recent book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order. this can be ordered from the John Birch Society, 770 N. Westhill Blvd, Appleton, Wisconsin 59414 and it’s not real expensive, but it is most definitely worth the read.

So Why Are The Chinese At Our Southern Border?

by Al Benson Jr.

According to a guest on a Fox News program there are now about 25-30 Chinese nationals crossing our border illegally every day. That’s in the neighborhood of around 7500 of them in a year’s time, give or take a few. I know we have people from lots of countries scrambling to get in illegally but, given our current situation you have to ask–who are these people? How did they manage to get out of Communist China, a country that is not noted for letting its people go unless they have some specific reason for doing so–such as spreading the Chinese virus to the west. Are they more than just the illegal immigrants they appear to be. That seems to be a question our current socialist regime will never ask.

Recently our Secretary of State, Council on Foreign Relations member Antony Blinken supposedly told the Chinese it was wrong to fly their spy balloon over this country. Yeah, right! That bridge in the Arizona desert is still for sale if you believe that! I mean, whose kidding who? The Biden Regime will do nothing, and I mean nothing to antagonize Communist China because Biden knows his bread is buttered with Chinese butter and he doesn’t want to cut off the butter supply that has made he and his family wealthy. He is a thoroughly compromised Chinese pawn!

Dr. Peter Navarro was recently interviewed on the War Room. He spoke about how Communist China is our enemy while the U.S. is acting like the two countries are buddy-buddy. Are our leaders really that naive? If so, then we need new leadership. Or, are our leaders trying to pull the wool over our eyes? If so, then we need to let them know it ain’t working. The American people are not totally stupid. Many of them know when they are being fed a line of bull–something the Biden Regime has been doing since day one.

I still urge people to get Arthur Thompson’s book Benedict Biden: Water carrier for the New World Order and find out what Biden has really been doing to tear this country down. I’ve said before that Biden is Obama’s third term–and it was Obama’s mission to take this country down. He said as much in slightly different words. The Council on Foreign Relations wants to merge us into part of a One World socialist government and Biden is daily working on that agenda, and we should realize that.

Intentional Destruction Of The Country

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched Tucker Carlson on Fox News last evening. He had some interesting comments on why Biden is the “most destructive president ever.” He noted that more has broken down under Biden than any other president. And that has to include Slick Willie! He noted that Biden has done absolutely nothing to stem the tide of illegals coming into the country. Of course he hasn’t. He wants them here because he can give them the vote, hopefully, and because they are destroying the fabric of this country. If Biden is not a complete sellout to this country’s adversaries he is the next thing to it.

He is doing what Obama wanted done–to fundamentally transform this country into the North American version of Venezuela! That has been Biden’s mission and he has done a fine job of it in spite of his growing dementia. Many will seek to exonerate Biden and say that “stuff happens” and it isn’t all Biden’s fault. But look at it this way. If his debacle were only accidental, once in awhile he’d make a mistake that actually helped the country. This has not happened. Everything he’s done thus far has been detrimental to the country and its people. That amount of consistency is no accident!

America in 2023 isa “Biden mess” and he loves it! He may even think he is in charge. Nixon made that mistake and the Deep State watergated him for it. Biden may soon be shown that the Deep State is really in charge and all he is is their water boy. We’ve wondered if the classified document scenario is the Deep State’s message to Biden–don’t run in 2024 because we can use this to deep six your effort. Biden is doing far worse to the country than the mishandling of classified documents.

Miranda Devine, a writer for the “New York Post” has written the book “Laptop From Hell” which is about Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop. That shows Joe Biden was indeed involved with Hunter Biden’s business dealings, especially in Red China, Ukraine, and Russia. The FBI had Hunter’s laptop for over two years, even before the 2020 election, yet they suppressed any info about it–hoping for a Biden victory.. Democrats in Congress tried to say the stuff on Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.” What utter hogwash! Everything the socialist democrats don’t want to explain becomes “Russian disinformation.”

Mark Levin also interviewed Peter Schweizer who wrote the book “Redhanded” which was about the Biden family dealings with Red China. I have this book and it is one you ought to get if you want to find out what the Biden’s have been up to their necks in.

There has been speculation about who the Democrats will try to foist onus in 2024–Gavin Newsome, the California wonder who is busily bankrupting his state, or Michelle Obama. Should Michelle end up getting the nod, then you will know that the Deep State has given Obama the go ahead to totally destroy what’s left of this country.

The intentional migrant cri the border is hurting border farmers and ranchers. Biden couldn’t care less! If the folks on the border voted for Trump, then Biden probably figures they deserve what they get! Farmers there can’t harvest after the illegals have tromped through their fields. Biden continues to dismiss the situation down there. After all, he showed up for his three hour photo op–isn’t that enough?

I stated, in an earlier article, that the Biden Regime is at war with its own people. As events unfold, this continues to become more and more obvious. This new push for a “Soviet America” or a Communist Chinese America is becoming obvious enough that, given another year or two, even the gullible should begin to figure it out!