Another Attack On The First Amendment

by Al Benson Jr.

According to an article on a new Democrat-sponsored bill to limit First Amendment rights has been introduced. The Digital Platform Commission Act would establish yet another federal agency to regulate and punish anyone who puts out “misinformation” as defined by the socialist Democrats.

In other words, and let’s be blunt about it, this is a bill to severely limit the free expression of their opposition and limit the right of the American people are able to hear, read, and learn. Misinformation will be anything socialist Democrats and socialist Republicans disagree with.

This is one you will need to contact your senators about when the bill number bursts upon the scene and let them know you want them to oppose it. If Congress passes this automatic cancellation of your First Amendment rights then China Joe Biden will appoint a commission of five people, which the Senate will have to confirm.

You don’t need a whole lot of imagination to figure out the kind of individuals Biden will appoint. So now the plan is for government-appointed “experts” to decide what constitutes “misinformation.” Won’t that be fun? I don’t know if this will deal with what you are able to look up on the internet or not, but probably it will. After all, why wouldn’t anything anywhere that the powers that be disagree with be removed from the public eye as “misinformation”?

George Orwell’s “memory hole” already exists to a large degree. With a new bill like this it could well become all encompassing. At least at this point in time we can still find some opposing viewpoints out there on the net to the government hogwash they foist upon us. What would happen, for instance, if all the opposing viewpoints dealing with the War of Northern Aggression were suddenly “discovered” to be “misinformation” and therefore subject to federal removal because of that, and those who refused to comply were to be “punished”? It doesn’t take much to figure out where this draconian measure is headed if enacted. Let your senators know you will be watching what they do with this travesty!


George Orwell And Controlling “History”

by Al Benson Jr.

George Orwell said “Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past.” Someone named Bedaant Stivasten in commented on Orwell’s quote. He said, in part, “Those who control the way history is recorded and told, have the power to shape people’s understanding of the past and influence their decisions for the present. For example, governments and political leaders often attempt to control the way this history is taught in schools and presented to the public in order to shape public opinion and maintain their power.”

He also noted that media outlets have this same power. They decide what stories are told and how they are told. He also observed: “While the past cannot be completely controlled, those who seek to do so must be careful not to push their narratives too far, and risk undermining their efforts.” I don’t think those trying to control the past have heeded his advice. They may be sure at this point that their brainwashed audience will blindly accept most anything they say.

I don’t know anything about this man, other than he is involved in digital marketing and has a name I can’t pronounce. But wherever he is coming from, his commentary on this subject is pretty accurate. You could almost say, in this context, that the winners in any given struggle get to write the history books dealing with it.

It has also been said on that “When future historians write about the 20th century it would not surprise me to find it had been nicknamed ‘the century of spin’. Today more than ever we see that the battle for the minds of the people revolves around the manner in which events get interpreted, not necessarily the events themselves.” Thus wrote someone named Ed Newman, and he is also on target.

The comments of these two individuals can readily be applied to most of the “history” we have been taught in the last 150 years. We’ve been taught that the North fought the War of Northern Aggression to free the slaves. They didn’t. They fought it so Lincoln could keep his tariffs and collect his duties in Southern ports because the South was paying most of the expenses for the whole country and Lincoln didn’t want to lose that revenue. Ask almost any youngster (and I’ve done this) what that war was fought over and he will dutifully answer “slavery.” That’s what he/she was taught in school. Most adults will say the same thing because that’s what they were taught. This is a prime example of controlled (and inaccurate) history. And your future decisions about that war and its consequences will be made based on faulty history. That’s how this game works. This is how those in power today control your past–and future.

In the context of the 20th century, it might be an interesting exercise for someone to check out how many newspapers or television or radio programs are controlled or influenced by someone who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The website carried an article on 6/4/2018 about how the Council on Foreign Relations advocated that the U.S. government should propagandize its own people. So typical of an organization that promotes the concept of one world government! Another article about the CFR appeared on on 5/30/21 by William F. Jasper. This one is especially worth reading as it goes into China Joe Biden–the CFR’s man in the White House. And one final one from from 3/1/2018 by James Carey about how the CFR is pushing for a new cold war with Russia. Trump didn’t fall for this one but China Joe Biden is all in for it. But don’t expect the real story from our “news” media–only the establishment spin on the real story!

The entire intent of the CFR is to influence Americans to jettison their unique history, heritage, and culture and be willing to submerge themselves and their posterity into a socialist one world government. This is what the CFR plans for your future. And George Orwell nailed it. If people don’t understand their past and most today don’t then you can work to design your version of the future for them and they won’t realize how horrendous your plan for their future is.

Socialist Hypocrisy?

by Al Benson Jr.

In the past several months several “blue” cities in the North rushed in to receive the designation of “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens. They wore this badge proudly–as long as it didn’t cost them anything but a little rhetoric.

Now that Texas, which is being inundated with illegal aliens, has started putting them on buses and sending them to these sanctuary cities, the tune has suddenly changed. Now these sanctuary cities are being rudely awakened to the real world fact that what they asked for ain’t what they really wanted! It’s only what they thought they wanted back when it wouldn’t cost them anything.

When reality kicks in and the illegals start arriving by the busload, in increasing numbers, they begin to find out what the Southern border states are having to put up with. Now they are deciding they’re not having anymore of that! The illegal alien welcome mat is being removed in places like Chicago and New York City.

You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t feel all that sorry for these liberal/socialist cities. They got what they asked for, in part because they never thought it would really happen. Or, at best, they felt maybe a handful of illegals might show up that they could feel good about pampering. But when busloads of them came, it didn’t take long before it was “Katy bar the door.” What they wanted was to look noble in front of the socialist world. When reality started catching up with them, the liberal/socialist “nobility” started wearing off real quick!

The Family Of Influence Peddlers

by Al Benson Jr.

An article on recently noted that “Biden has received $10 million in payments from China , foreign interests…President Biden is being accused of money laundering and influence peddling. This is the latest chapter in the Hunter Biden saga, where the president’s son was suspected of selling his father’s influence to foreign governments and businesses.” Needless to say, what pretends to be our “news” media has zero interest in this. After all, their assigned task is to bury this as deep as possible, not to report it. So they run interference for the Deep State by reporting instead some Republican congressman from New York who has done something wrong–a crime that pales in comparison to what Joe the influence peddler and his son and brother are doing–and have been doing for decades now.

It was reported on that: “House Oversight Committee member James Comer on Wednesday outlined what he called ‘a pattern of influence peddling by President Joe Biden’s family, revealing information the committee obtained showing that the family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies. Some of that came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company.’ Comer said in a press conference, referring to the president’s son, other transfers occurred with money from foreign entities to the Biden family, with many of the payments occurring while Joe Biden was vice-president and leading the US efforts in these countries! While much of the information centered around connections with China other countries were also involved, Comer said.”

While in Romania one time, Biden gave a lecture about how corruption is a cancer that eats away at peoples liberty! He should know. It would seem, with all his family has been involved in that he’s an authority on the subject of corruption. And if he did some of this nefarious activity while he was vice-president, that means there was corruption in the Obama administration, supposedly the most transparent regime in our history–at least until the Biden administration, which now claims the most transparency. Interesting that those regimes with the most to hide are the ones that shout about their “transparency.”

The fact that the major media ignores most of this displays the fact that they are little more that government toadies. They are easily as corrupt as the Biden Regime and are wiling accomplices in concealing his graft. The FBI (fib) won’t give Congress the file that alleges Biden’s corruption. Why? Did Biden sell out the country for personal profit??? What can you say of a government that refuses to admit its own perfidy?

With The Border Crisis Looming–What About Mexico’s Political Past?

by Al Benson Jr.

The resolution that has kept our Southern border from being completely inundated with illegal aliens is about to expire. And the illegals will swarm across our border like a swarm of locusts and the Biden regime, for all its big talk about the border not being open, along with all the other lies they have told, will look the other way and do nothing about it, all the while continuing to tell us they have the situation under control. Anyone believing them has to believe in the tooth fairy as well.

Much if Mexico’s recent past has been a testimony to leftist perseverance, contrary to what some “news” sources have told us. The Mexican Communist Party was founded in 1917 as the Socialist Worker’s Party. It changed its name to the Mexican Communist Party in 1919. It was outlawed in 1925, but managed to regain its legal status in 1935. In 1924 Mexico was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. The New York Times informed us (however much you can believe them) that the U.S. government confused Mexican nationalism with communism. Don’t kid yourself!

During the Cold War, in Mexico, the International Revolutionary Party (P.R.I.) claimed it was a “nationalist and progressive” alternative to communism. Again, don’t kid yourselves. A N Y Times article told us “Frieda Kahlo, when she died in 1954, received the first official homage ever accorded to an artist in Mexico’s Palace of Fine Arts. Her coffin was covered with a banner of the hammer and sickle. This was emblematic of a resurgence of Communism in Mexico, not steming from parties and unions–but from artistic, academic, and literary circles, where Marxism had begun to gain renewed vigor…” But, then, these intellectual types always seem to be among those who see something positive in communism,–as long as they don’t have to live under its iron fist.

When the Cuban Revolution began, Mexico’s PRI party didn’t condemn Fidel Castro and it abstained from an Organization of American States(OAS) vote to expel Cuba. There was definitely compromise ere. The expedition led by Castro in 1956 had set sail from Mexico, and Mexicomthen defended Cuba via diplomatic measures…Then, in the 1970s and 80s, all varieties of Marxism had become “a common language” in public universities in Mexico. Almost sounds like our colleges and universities in this country. They were definitely leaning far left at that time–and today they are so far left some people are falling off the edge!

Lopez Obrador would become the populist caudillo of the Mexican left. He ran for president in 2006 and came within a fraction of a percent of winning, so naturally, he accused the government of election fraud. The New York Times claimed the Mexican Revolution had “absorbed and transformed (and sidelined) the Russian revolution.” Actually what happened is that the Russian Revolution had taken on a more Mexican flavor that previously.

Blair Coan, in his book, The Red Web written in 1925, noted that “Mexico is today, was yesterday, and will be tomorrow, the most fertile incubator of Bolshevik revolution on the American continent.” And while many changes have occurred since he wrote his book, I think has basic premise is right on the money. Check out an interesting article on for May 18, 2020.

My Impressions Of Mexico

by Al Benson Jr.

Since Title 42 is supposed to expire later this week it brought Mexico to mind. I’ve been to Mexico twice over the years–once in 1960 and again in 1986. Needless to say, conditions in Mexico have not improved. If anything they might be even worse now than back then. In 1960 you didn’t have the drug cartels to worry about–all you had were plain old Mexican bandits, almost like the ones you see in the movies.

The other young man that I went with and I spent much time in Mexico, at least as far as Mexico City, on what was euphemistically called The Pan American Highway. In 1960 it was a two lane highway, with large parts of it unpaved, often with batches of rusting highway equipment, sitting beside some of the unpaved areas as though someone had just walked away from them thirty years ago and never returned.

When you got away from the cities, much of rural Mexico looked exactly like what you see in Western movies. There were times, driving along the “highway” when we saw groups of horsemen come out of the brush and ride along the cleared area next to the highway. There would be anywhere from ten to fifteen of these guys, all with the big Mexican sombreros, all armed with rifles and bandoliers of ammunition across their shoulders and all with machetes. We never knew who these guys were and since they were armed and we weren’t it did not seem prudent to inquire. Here and there in some of the towns we stopped in we saw men wearing handguns.

I don’t know what the politics in Mexico were at that point. I was not politically aware at that time. Political awareness did not come for me until after I was married, nine years later. My impression of Mexico in 1960 was that in many ways it was 75 years behind the times. In many small towns we went through the mode of transportation was about evenly divided between autos, trucks, and horses and wagons. We were stopped at what I presume were inspection stations between Mexican states, which gave the local police or whatever they were a chance to rummage through our possessions. I remember one stop in particular where the cop thought he had something on me because he saw a typewriter case of mine in the car trunk, which he commented on. I could literally see the disappointment on his face when he opened it up and found only aftershave lotion and deodorant.

Our reception in Mexico was a mixed bag. Some folks were interested and friendly, wanting to know all about the US. Others were sullen and one place we stopped someone said “Hey Americans, how much money you got?” He could have figured that out by looking at us. We were traveling on the cheap and had just enough to get by, nothing extra, and our clothes showed that. If I had to guess at the political climate in Mexico in 1960 I would say it was somewhat to the left, but then Mexico has had that problem at least since the early 1900s.

The second time I was in Mexico was in 1986 when my family was with me. This time we only went into extreme northern Mexico because I wanted my wife and kids to be able to say they had been in Mexico. We took a ride across the Rio Grande in an aluminum rowboat and then rented donkeys to ride up to a Mexican town from the river. The scenery was spectacular and just before we got to the town there was an old wreck of a car right where the road divided. It was an old Ford Edsel, a car they have not made since the early 1950s. Who know how long it had been there!

When we got into the town what amazed me was that it looked exactly the way the Mexican towns I remembered from 1960 had looked. No improvement! No improvement in Mexican rural life in 26 years! My son commented on the rundown appearance of the town and I told him that this is what socialism has done for Mexico. It was like taking a step back in time to 1960 again. I couldn’t get over it. Towns in our country didn’t look the same as they did in 1960, but it seems as if in Mexico, at least some of them still did. I understood why so many Mexicans wanted to come north. And it’s not that Mexicans are lazy. They are hardworking people that have basically been screwed by their own government that has no real interest in their welfare. Sound familiar?

What I’ve seen in Mexico is what the Biden Regime has planned for us and they are using the current immigrant situation to implement that. This country can’t solve Mexico’s problems by turning us into another Mexico, yet that’s what Biden and company are working at. They seem enthralled with that idea! They want Mexico’s socialism for us and they see a way to implement that here by giving illegal immigrants the right to vote if they can just make it across the Rio Grande. The idea is that most of these illegals will vote Democrat and help to turn us into a socialist country. Our leaders are planning for the future–their future–as they work to turn us into yet another socialist paradise.

There Are Westerns And Then There Are Westerns

by Al Benson Jr.

I’ve noted for several years that Western movies seem to be dying out. You see one here and there, but in the main, no. This is not a new trend and I won’t go into all the reasons for it here, of which there seem to be several. I grew up in the 1950s watching Westerns both on tv and in the movies. When I got old enough, I traveled over much of the West. I was seldom disappointed–in the scenery, the people, or much of anything about the West.

Unfortunately, the world is changing. In recent years moviemakers have come to be concerned not only with domestic audiences but with the foreign market as well. Communist China has become a major consumer of American movies–and the Chinese don’t like American westerns. The free and independent attitude of the American West is something the Chinese can’t identify with, from the Communist government on down. Ordinary Chinese can’t identify with it, because for hundreds of years now, and maybe never, they have not experienced freedom and independence of thought. And their government is not about to let them see too much of that kind of thing on the silver screen! Communist regimes favor films that make communism look superior. Though with the current trends in Hollyweird, Communist regimes might learn to appreciate our movies because they tend to make our country look so negative.

It has been also observed that, as our country has grown more “diverse” and politically correct that Westerns with heroes with clean-cut images have become less popular. Nowadays if you want Western movies you better make sure your leading characters are anti-heroes with mixed motives. Can’t have people yearning for “truth, justice, and the American way.” So we’ve graduated from John Wayne to Clint Eastwood. And as much as I have enjoyed Eastwood’s movies over the years, most of the characters he has portrayed are far from pure as the driven snow! One Western movie he did, The Unforgiven, featured Gene Hackman as a psycopathic sheriff who got his kicks out of beating up on people. I never saw that picture again and don’t figure I’ve missed too much. Contrast that with what John Wayne said about a republic as a form of government in The Alamo and the difference is like night from day.

Then, there are Westerns and there are Westerns! Many over the years looked like they were filmed on a Hollywood back lot somewhere, or even worse, in some cases like they were filmed mostly in some studio building with a few outside shots taken of the hero on a horse to make it look outdoorsy. I’ve been to the locations of some of the Westerns Ive seen over the years, and believe me, indoor filming for Westerns doesn’t cut the mustard! If you have seen the country out there, you can spot fake, indoor “scenery” in less than a New York minute.

I suppose, were they to start making more Westerns they would have to conform to today’s twisted standards. The “heroes” would all have to be non-white, preferably trans-sexuals and the heroines would all have to be lesbians in order to reflect our “diversity” a diversity where no straight whites need apply for any roles. The traditional Western seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird and anything that reflects positively on either the South or the West is simply beyond the pale–to be avoided on pain of intellectual death!

Woodrow Wilson And The CFR–Our Invisible Government

by Al Benson Jr.

In September of 1916, Woodrow Wilson, urged on by Col. Edward M. House, appointed a bevy of intellectuals to put together “peace terms” and drew up a charter for world government. No one ever told Wilson he couldn’t do this–design a “world government” so he went ahead and did it With House in charge of them (who ever elected House to be in charge of anything in government?) these “pointy-headed intellectuals” 150 of them, consisting of college professors, graduate students, writers, lawyers and others, they set about changing the direction this country was headed in. Talk about the power of presumption–this was it in spades! Some of these people, believe it or not, were still familiar to Americans by 1960! There were among them, Walter Lippman, columnist; Norman Thomas, head of the American Socialist Party; Allen Dulles, later to become the chief honcho at the CIA; and his brother, John Foster Dulles, later to be the Secretary of State; and Christian Herter, also later to be Secretary of State.

Dan Smoot, in The Invisible Government said of this group: “These eager young intellectuals around Wilson, under the clear eyes of crafty Col. House, drew up their charter for world government (League of Nations Covenant) and prepared for the brave new socialist one-world to follow after WW 1. But things went sour at the Paris Peace Conference. They soured even more when constitutionalists in the U.S. Senate found out what was being planned and made it quite plain that the Senate would not authorize US membership in such a world federation.

Bitter with disappointment but ,not willing to give up, Col. House called together in Paris, France a group of his most dedicated intellectuals–among them John Foster and Allen Dulles, Christian A. Herter and Tasker H. Bliss–and arranged a dinner meeting with a group of like-minded Englishmen at the Majestic Hotel, Paris, on May 19, 1919. This group formally agreed to form an organization ‘for the study of international affairs.’ The American group came home from Paris and formed The Council on Foreign Relations, which was incorporated in 1921. The purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations was to create (and condition the American people to accept) what House called a ‘positive’ foreign policy for America–to replace the ‘negative’ foreign policy which had kept America out of the endless turmoil of old world politics and had permitted the American people to develop their great nation in freedom and independence from the rest of the world. The Council (CFR) did not amount to a great deal until 1927, when the Rockefeller Family (through the various Rockefeller Foundations and Funds) began to pour money into it. Before long the Carnegie Foundations (and later the Ford Foundation) began to finance the Council.

In 1929 the Council (largely with Rockefeller gifts) acquired its present headquarters property: The Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th St., New York City. In 1939 the Council began taking over the US State Department.” As they say, “The rest is history.” Just keep in mind, if you don’t recall all the minute details, that the intent of the CFR was to submerge the independence of the United States into simply one more cog in a socialist, one world government! Who gave them permission to do this with no input whatever from the American public? Nobody! They just usurped it because they felt they could. In our day the CFR has its minions in every presidential administration–no matter which party wins the White House. Even Trump had some of them–and the Biden regime is top heavy with them–most in unelected positions. Regardless of who wins the presidency–the CFR are our unelected, invisible government–and most Americans never heard of them! How insidious is that?

“The Invisible Government” Some Historical Background

by Al Benson Jr.

Despite two foreign wars, the Mexican War, 1846-48, and the Spanish American War in 1898, America’s foreign policy didn’t change all that much, except that America tended to become more expansionist. However, with the advent of Woodrow Wilson things changed dramatically. When he campaigned for re-election in 1916 Wilson promised that he would keep America out of war–one of a long string of political lies politicians have told before and since You almost get the feeling that the American political class couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it!

Ex-FBI agent Dan Smoot, in his book The Invisible Government which you can read on the internet, told us: “Yet even while making this promise Wilson was yielding to a pressure he was never able to withstand: the influence of Col. Edward M. House, Wilson’s all-powerful advisor. According to House’s own papers and the historical studies of Wilson’s ardent admirers…House created Wilson’s domestic and foreign policies, selected most of Wilson’s cabinet and other major appointees, and ran Wilson’s State Department.”

Smoot continued: “House had powerful connections with international bankers in New York. He was influential, for example, with great financial institutions represented by such people as Paul and Felix Warburg, Otto H. Khan, Louis Marburg, Henry Morganthau, Jacob and Mortimer Schiff, and Herbert Lehman. House had equally powerful connections with bankers and politicians of Europe. Bringing all these forces to bear House persuaded Wilson thar America had an evangelistic mission to save the world for ‘democracy.’ The first major twentieth century tragedy for the United States resulted: Wilson’s war message to Congress and the declaration of war against Germany on April 6, 1917.”

Smoot noted: “House also persuaded Wilson that the way to avoid all future wars was to create a world federation of nations. On May 27, 1916, in a speech to the League to Enforce Peace, Wilson first publicly endorsed Col. House’s world government idea (without identifying it as originating with House.)”

Does any of this sound vaguely familiar to you? It should. It’s what we ended up getting at the end of World War 2. It failed after World War 1 because, at that time, Congress still had more sense than to go along with it. But we got it after another world war–with the United Nations–and we’ve been stuck with it ever since. Aside from preventing wars, which it quite obviously has spectacularly failed to do, how is the UN working out for us? Obviously, it isn’t! It was never really intended to. It was sold to us as a bill of goods because its perpetrators didn’t dare tell us that what they really wanted was a one world government with US independence submerged into that–a thorough repudiation of what the founding fathers gave us! Chew on that for awhile, and if you are like me, you will come up with a rank case of political (and spiritual) indigestion!

Poor Impoverished Hunter And Joe’s New Hardline On The Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Poor Hunter Biden is in court in Arkansas over his not paying child support for his illegitimate daughter that the Biden crime family refuses to acknowledge. His lawyers (he’s got more than one) are crying poor mouth in his behalf. I’ll bet he manages to pay them!

What about all that avantgarde painting Hunter did–all that groovy artwork we saw on television? Seems he sold some of those for really high prices–so high they couldn’t be revealed, and the buyers couldn’t be revealed either. Wonder if any of them ended up in Beijing. His lawyers refuse to say what his “art” is selling for.

And if he is living at the White House as some allege, I doubt he’s paying much room rent. And what about all those checks from foreign countries the Biden family members (12 at last count) have been getting. If Hunter is as poor as his lawyers claim, didn’t he get in on the gravy train for this last issue of checks, some of which probably came from Communist China? So they’re telling us poor Hunter is broke! Please, give us a break! Cheap maybe, but far from broke!

And according to the news this morning, China Joe is thinking about sending troops to our Southern border. That’s a sudden change. Now that he’s finally admitted that he is going for a second term, is he going to try to fool people into thinking he’s suddenly become a hardliner on the illegal immigrant issue? If he suddenly wants troops there, what pray tell, happened to that “secure” border his regime has been assuring us we had? Don’t suppose he’s been fibbing to us? Heaven sakes, ol’ honest China Joe would never do that–unless he thought we were all really stupid! That’s one of the major problems with political grifters. They think everyone is stupid but them. They lie consistently, even after they’ve been caught at it repeatedly. But, then, they don’t know how to do anything else–and China Joe is a prime example.