In 2017 Get Ready For An Onslaught of Cultural Marxist Drivel

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, it seems with the Electoral College finally giving Donald Trump the votes lhe needed to validate his election we may have (and I say “may have”) put some of the election vitriol behind us (for now). Do I think the cultural Marxists will leave this alone? Not on your life! They seem to have lost some ground here so they will probably be forced to change their tactics–and some of the following may indicate one direction they will be going in.

There was an article in  USA Today for December 21, 2016. written by a Maria Puente that may well note the cultural Marxist direction in upcoming months. The article is about the KKK.  It seems that the A & E Network plans to do a series on the KKK as “America’s most infamous hate group.” According to Puente: “The network announced Monday the first of eight hour-long episodes of a ‘compelling’ documentary, Generation KKK, will begin airing Jan. 10 (10 p.m. ET). Why now? Becaulse hate groups are trending.” So who says they are trending?  Keep reading folks and you will note some of the “usual suspects.”

Puente then eases herself into neo-Nazi groups and the “alt-right” white nationalist organizations and how these groups were given “the oxygen of attention” by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Because of that she presumably lost to Trump “who embraced some alt-right voices and won.” Begin to see the direction here?  KKK equals alt-righlt equals Donald Trump, who won the election because of his association with “hate groups.”  She does everything but state it outright, but she comes close enough so you get the idea.

But this is not something new or recent. It turns out that A & E has been working on this series on the Klan for over eighteen month and this series will supposedly look at new Klan “recruiting efforts targeting families and ‘indoctrinating children’.” Almost sounds as if the Klan has been taking lessons from the public school system!

Puente claims that Klan membership is “on the rise” and for evidence she cites that bastion of totally unbiased and objective “research”–the Southern Poverty Law Center, to buttress her profound revelation!  For those who realize what is going on in this country, you don’t really need to read any further. You and I know exactly where thlis is all headed.

However, it seems that A & E is not alone. A “senior fellow” at the SPLC, Mark Potok, (anyone remember him? –he’s one of the “usual suspects”) claims that “There’s a plethora, a remarkable number of documentaries in production and efforts in various TV venues to portray the extreme right. I’ve been here nearly 20 years and I’ve never seen such a rash of these things.” So it would seem that everybody and his second cousin in the Mainstream Media is about to jump in and savage the alt-right, which is, after all, siphoning off a lot of readers and viewers from the MSM. And why not??? The MSM have proven over the years that they flat out lie to us, that they are nothing but journalistic prostitutes–little more than water carriers for the Leftists. So why should anyone listen to them anymore?

To be continued.

Reprinted from The Copperhead Chronicle, fourth quarter 2016

When Is A Leak A Hack? When The Feds Say It is

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been following lots of articles dealing with how the Russians supposedly hacked into the Democratic National Convention’s stuff to come up with something that would help Trump win the election because, as everyone who follows the Lamestream Media knows, he is nothing more than Putin’s stooge–so says the Ruling Establishment. To listen to the Washington Post you’d think we’d just elected Putin instead of Trump. It’s interesting that when Putin was in the KGB in the old Soviet Union none of the cultural Marxists that are so worried about him today really gave a hoot what he did.

I’ve even heard stories about how the Russians hacked WickLeaks to insert uncomplimentary comments about Hillary into the mix. Never before in all the years I have followed the political scene have I seen such a desperate attempt on the part of the Establishment to keep one candidate out of the presidency and insert another–no matter how vile and deplorable she is. The Ruling Establishment in both political parties wants Hillary–no matter how corrupt she and Slick Willie are–which should, if you stop to think about it, show you where the Ruling Establishment–the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and all the rest really are at. They are in favor of unlimited corruption as long as it will fulfill their agenda of a New World Order. That give you any inkling of what their “New World Order” will be like?

But anyway, with all this hacking and leaking supposedly going on I have noted that the two terms are used almost interchangeably by much of the prostitute press, sort of like they use the terms “republic” and “democracy” in the same manner–thinking the public is too stupid to know the difference.

So I will note some information from a site I came across a couple days ago. I was in such a hurry to get this written down I forgot to note the site’s address, but the info is accurate. It noted that the email disclosures (WikiLeaks) are the result of a leak–not a hack. A leak is defined as–when someone physically takes the data out of an organization and gives it to some other person or organization. And I have seen some sites on the Internet which have claimed that the leaks  actually came from someone in the DNC. Now isn’t that an interesting thought? Someone in there have a problem with Hillary, or did someone finally wake up and realize that their conscience was starting to bother them?

A hack is defined as–when someone in  a remote location electronically penetrates operating systems, firewalls or any other cyber protection and then extracts data.

All the signs as far as Wikileaks point to leaking, not hacking. If hacking were involved the NSA would know it, and would know both sender and recipient. NSA whistleblower William Bundy notes the way in which “media sources” are equivocating by using phrases like “our best guess” which implies that the NSA has not been able to trace the Hillary or DNC “hacks” across the fiber networks. So Bundy has concluded that it is effectively impossible that the WikiLeaks data came from a “hack.” There was some commentary about this on

December 19th is the day the electoral votes will be tallied up and cast and there has been a concerted Establishment push, through the use of “useful idiot” surrogates to harass the electors, from everything to death threats to massive petition drives and mail ins, all pleading with the electors to “dump Trump” and instead install Hillary–the supposed New World Order savior of the universe. I have prayed God that this does not work any better than the recent vote recount scam did. However, knowing the mindset of the cultural Marxists, I have no doubt that, should the electors decide to fulfill their duty and elect Trump, there will be an Establishment Plan C or D put forth to attempt to keep Trump from the presidency. We will just have to wait to see how imaginative a scheme it turns out to be. In the meantime, it would not hurt for sincere and God-fearing people to be praying for its demise, whatever it is.

America’s Humanist Seminaries–Public Schools

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an article on  which had originally been published on on  November 23, 2016. It had to do with public schools–always an area of concern for me. Ever since the days of the textbook protest in Kanawha County, West Virginia in the mid-1970s, I have had a major concern about public schools and what they do to the children of America.

Mr. North’s article started off this way: “Challenge: Which institution would I defund 100%?  I would eliminate all funding for education, including all of the military academies.”

I usually read Gary North’s articles when I can find them because he always gives  you insights you probably would not come up with on your own–things most of us ought to be thinking about that hardly ever seem to occur to us. And Mr. North’s take on public education is pretty much the same as mine. When we educated our two children, lo these manly years ago now, public education was never an option, much to the chagrin of most of the folks in the church we attended at the time. I guess those folks can be forgiven for their mindset–they had never spent any time in West Virginia during a textbook protest, never heard school board members lie to them, never seen “law enforcement” officers beat up textbook protesters or any of the rest of what went on there in the Establishment’s attempt to get those kids back into public schools–no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, they were good folks, but having spent no time on the “battle front” so to speak, they were extremely public school oriented–and therein lies the Christians dilemma in our day. Most Christians send their kids to be “educated” (if such it can be called) for five days a week every week except during the summer, in public schools and they can’t seem to figure out why an hour of Sunday School on the Lord’s Day doesn’t counteract whatever evil influences the kids pick up during the week, at school and other places. Maybe part of the problem is that most of the parents were also “educated” in public schools and were “educated” so as not to notice what really goes on in these “institutions of learning.”

Gary North has labeled public schools “a substitute church.” He has observed: “I am convinced that the American public school system is a humanistic attempt to  substitute the state for the church. This has certainly been the case in American history.” He noted the Puritans’ attempt in the 1600s to create the “city on a hill” that could serve as a pattern for the rest of the world and then he said of the Yankees in New England that: “The Yankees wanted to achieve a decent society by not only controlling the impulses of sin, but also by promoting righteous causes by means of state funding. The public school system was the first great Yankee experiment in this regard.” Unfortunately it was not the last. And Mr. North has taken note of what the Yankees did in the South after the War of Northern Aggression. He said: “By hook or by crook–and in the case of the Civil War, by means of military conquest–the Yankees exported the public school system, and then, in alliance with New York City publishers, took over the production of textbooks that would be used to reshape the rest of the country along Yankee lines.” (Emphasis mine).

So, to begin with, the public schools were never really about education in the true sense of that term. They were ever and always about social engineering and promoting the Yankee worldview (especially in the South, so their former adversaries would be “educated out” of the desire to ever again think for themselves or question illegitimate authority). Like true cultural Marxists, they killed two birds with one stone. They dumbed  down their potential opposition (not only for that generation but for generations to come)  and the Yankee book publishers made a pile of dinero out of the deal as well.

And “those people,” always mindful of their agenda to create “their humanist city on all hills” wanted to make sure children spent as little time with their parents as possible and as much time with the public school “educators” as possible to reduce parental influence and direction.

Back on November 24, 2011, one of the first articles I did for this blog spot was called Kindergarten’s Socialist Origins. For awhile it got quite a bit of readership. I would encourage readers to go back and check it out.

This trend has, if anything, accelerated. Just today, 12/12/16 on the Blog, I read an article by Michael S. Rozeff entitled On Eliminating the Family and the Person. Mr. Rozeff stated that a Nobel Prize winner has now said that public preschool programs should start at birth. In other words–from the womb to the public school classroom! Seems these public school “change agents” really have wonderful plans for our children that do not include any parental involvement whatever, except in the breeding process–parents producing “children for the state.” Mr. Rozeff said: “It’s not precisely ‘Brave New World,’ but it shares the social control, conditioning and removal of parents.” Rozeff observed that such a move would engender the formation of a whole new federal education agency, quite possibly something like the “Office of Preschool Education.” Yet another federal bureaucracy–the Yankee types would love it!

Mr. Rozeff quite correctly observed that: “This is another step in the elimination of the family. The family disappears and goes the way of the dodo bird. Utilitarians and progressives rejoice. No child if left behind. Every child is ‘saved’. It takes a village becomes a reality: It takes a society. Hillary Clinton triumphs after all. The shadow of socialism is proffered as the Light.”

In his article, later on, Rozeff asked who owns the child and who has rights over the child. Silly question that. The bureaucrats have already answered that one with their educational Leviathan of public schools, rules, regulations–and propaganda–always the propaganda–it’s the real reason for the school’s existence after all. And all the time you thought it was about “quality education” because that’s what the experts told you, and you believed them. After all, they were the “experts” weren’t they? But experts at exactly what? Stealing your children, that’s what! And how many Christians are willing to go along with this because they are just not willing to take the time and make the effort to find out where public education started and where it is really coming from or where it plans to take us and our kids and grandkids.

The majority of parents pay the biggest part of their property taxes to help finance the public school Leviathan. Why people are willing to have their property taxed to finance the moral destruction of their kids is something that escapes me. I guess I missed that class on Brainwashing 101 when it was held.

BUT–what if there were a law that said that only those who use public schools should have to pay taxes for their upkeep? What if there were laws that prohibited compulsory attendance in schools?  Oh, we’d all go back into the Dark Ages, you say. I really don’t think so. Those who really wanted to educate their kids would find creative ways to do that, Christian and home schooling being among them, and for those that don’t care one way or the other, all the public school does is provide a federally-funded babysitting service–propaganda included!

Gary North has raised a good and valid point. Defund the public school system and you can begin to do away with spending billions on a federal Department of Education we never should have had to begin with and that really does nothing more than to ensure that your kids get dumber and more ignorant one generation at a time.

People have been conned into thinking the public school has been a failure because there was never enough money for a really “quality education” and therefore, we need to spend billions more on public education yearly. The teachers unions love it! Actually, the exact opposite is true. Karl Marx’s public school system (see point 10 in The Communist Manifesto) has actually been a screaming success, because indoctrination has always been the name of the game–not education. If we can just begin to get that through our heads then maybe, with the Lord’s help and guidance, we can begin to turn things around. Real Christian education is a necessity, not just one option among many.

Is The Seed Of The Serpent A Cultural Marxist?

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I heard a sermon delivered that was quite appropriate, given the times we now live in here in America. The pastor who delivered the sermon started out by saying: “There is a war going on and it began in the Garden of Eden. God declared the war in Genesis 3:15 between His people (“the seed of the woman”) and the followers of Satan (“the seed of the serpent”). History is the record of this holy war. This is the cause of all the conflict we see in the world and in our country. The seed of the serpent hate the Lord and despise His word and thus, hate all those that love the Lord and honor His word.  And there is NO POSSIBILITY OF PEACE between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent apart from apostasy or repentance.”

There is much spiritual meat in this observation at many different levels. But one thing stood out to me as I heard this–the utter impossibility of any peace between these groups unless one of them capitulates to the other. It’s as simple as that. They cannot “co-exist” peacefully at any level. Interestingly enough, the cultural Marxist that hates the Lord and His people, seems to understand that far better than most Christians do.

It seems that, in the last 180 years or so, due to horrible theology, most Christians have been bemused into just trying to “be nice” to the whole world and trying not to “offend” anyone. In this we are dead wrong! If we are not offending someone then it’s really questionable if we are even doing anything except trying to keep out of trouble with the people we should be offending. Even a cursory reading of the New Testament shows that Jesus offended lots of people, many of them religious leaders. They finally managed to have Him crucified for His “offenses” against them–His chief offense being that He told them the truth!

Marxists of all stripes seem to understand all this better than most Christians do.Back during the Cold War the doctrinaire economic Marxists used to talk about “peaceful co-existence.” It sounded reasonable and altruistic and the Christians bought into it and they voted for politicians that seemed to buy into it. No one bothered to ask what the Communist definition of “peace” was. They all thought that it was the same as ours. But if you take the trouble to study, even a little, about how the Marxists use language, you will find that their definition  of “peace” is “absence of resistance to Marxism.” Is that your definition? It isn’t mine. So, in the Marxist mindset, you can never really have peace with a communist until you submit to his will, because he will never submit to yours!

With today’s cultural Marxists it is no different. Cultural Marxists are still Marxists and they are in the habit of taking a yard if you give them an inch. They are not about to change, but unfortunately, many Christians have started to change. We have gotten flabby and soft, often with the aid of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the cultural Marxist will encourage this moral flabbiness, all in the name of “love, diversity, and multi-culturalism ” because he realizes that all this makes us weaker and allows him to be more controlling and demanding. If he can make the Christian feel guilty for standing up for Christian standards and righteousness then he has stolen a march on us. Because, like it or not, we must realize the cultural Marxist is at war with us and all we believe–because his ancestry takes him all the way back to the seed of the serpent. What we have got to start realizing is that, as long as we live, we are at war with him!

The pastor who preached this sermon recommended that Christians should learn to cultivate a “charitable contempt” for the society around us that preaches secular values and entertains cultural Marxists as though they were really somebody special when all they are is modern day anti-Christs. This does not mean that we go out of our way to become objectionable or nasty, or anything along those lines. Rather it means that we make an effort to stand up for the truth of God’s Word as it applies to the society we live in–and for us to do that, even charitably, we must be at war with the cultural Marxist at all times, because the minute we let our guard down he will slip the spiritual (and sometimes literal) knife between the second and third rib and then laugh while we bleed to death. Christians today need to learn this.

Too often we fight one battle with the devil’s disciples and then go home and sit down and think we’ve done our duty and it’s all over. We have to begin to grasp the truth that, in this life,  it is never all over, because it isn’t for the cultural Marxist.

If we properly understand this, then that will explain the intense cultural Marxist attack on Confederate flags and monuments in recent years. Make no mistake, the intense hatred the cultural Marxist has for the South and its history is, ultimately, because that history has a Christian foundation. And the cultural Marxist will not rest until he has utterly destroyed that foundation. And so we cannot afford to rest until we have utterly and completely resisted his efforts to do so, all the while seeking the Lord’s guidance  as to how to do that.

The Mainstream Media Is Where The Real “Fake News” Is

by Al Benson Jr.

Since awhile before this last election there has been lots of social chatter about “fake news” from Hillary on down. The mainstream media (some call it the lamestream media–which is not a bad description) has been pushing the idea that whatever you hear on the alternative media, especially the alt.right media, is mostly fake news, concocted by the Russians or the “conspiracy theorists” or whoever the mainstream prostitute press wishes to malign at the present moment.

We are dutifully informed that all the stuff we hear on the Alex Jones Show, the Drudge Report, World Net Daily and a host of other Internet sites is all “fake news” and so you can’t believe any of it. Now I’m not saying that some of these folks might not get something wrong once in awhile. Everybody does. But I have to tell you that, in the main, all of the above mentioned get it a lot more right than the mainstream media does. I have watched the mainstream media as it has dealt with events I have either been involved with or attended over the past forty plus years, and in most cases I have seen the mainstream media just flat out lie about things they don’t agree with. They don’t report the news–they put the spin on it that they want the public to ingest, and real, accurate news is the absolute last thing the mainstream media is all about.

The mainstream media is, no doubt, well rewarded for what they do and they have, over the years, been pretty good liars if you didn’t check up on what they said. They are, after all, political prostitutes–squeezing  the news into collectivist pigeon holes for profit–whatever form that may take. They have lied to so many for so long about so much that they have, with their blatant pro-Hillary stance in this recent election, managed to finally awaken a great segment of the public to the fact that you just can’t believe what they say anymore, if you ever could. But this is nothing new for them.

The mainstream media loves to play the numbers game. At events or gatherings they don’t like they wildly cut the numbers in attendance and at leftist events they love they wildly inflate the numbers until, were you gullible enough, you would believe every other person and his second cousin were all there. I have watched their numbers game played out at fully half a dozen events I have attended over the years and it always works  the same way.

I attended a march to support the troops in Viet Nam way back in 1970. There were easily 100,000 people there. The people that put the march on counted them off in rows as they marched so they knew just how many marched. The “news” media said 6,000 marched and almost made it sound like a non-event, barely worth noticing.

In early 2000 I attended a big Confederate Flag Rally in Columbia, South Carolina. My wife and I drove down to it from Northern Illinois. Some of you all reading this may remember that or even have been there also. They had a little over 12,000 in attendance and the “news” media cut that in half, but a few weeks later the NAACP or some other “civil rights” outfit held a march there and the media padded their figures like crazy after cutting ours in half.

When we lived in Indiana, back in the 1980s, I recall a meeting I went to in Valparaiso, Indiana. It was a protest against vehicle emissions testing for cars, which was only being carried out in some counties and not others. The program was horrendously unpopular in all the counties where cars had to be tested, but the governor pushed the testing program in spite of that because the feds had threatened to cut off his highway money if he didn’t go along with it. So, like the good little socialist vassal he was, the governor caved in. He was, supposedly, a “conservative” Republican. Yeah, right!

So anyway, they had this protest meeting in Valparaiso over it and it was very well attended. Standing room only. And lots of people stood up and put their two cent’s worth in. No one there spoke in favor of the program until right at the end, one man stood up and defended it and he upbraided  our local senator because he would not support it, but rather took a stand against it and agreed with public sentiment. The senator was an honest man. I knew him.

The next evening when I bought a copy of the Local Fish Wrapper ( I still read it in those days) and read the article pertaining to the meeting, I had to ask myself, “was this the meeting I attended last evening?” The “reporter” was obviously much in favor of the emissions testing program and he couched his article in such a way as to make those who protested it seem like a batch of antediluvian hicks and he only quoted (and that quite extensively) the one man who had stood up and supported the program. From reading this article I literally would not have recognized this as the same meeting I attended. Thus saith the mainstream media!

I have cited three examples here. To do more would only be repetition of these three, though I could mention another dozen instances where this same situation prevailed. Let’s face it, folks, the “news” media doesn’t tell it like it is for the most part. They tell it the way they wish it was, and those who dare to disagree with them get crucified in print. There are some exceptions and there are a handful of honest reporters, but they are few and far between.

So when the mainstream media points its long sanctimonious finger at the alternative media and accuses it of promoting “fake news” it should stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at itself–because that’s where the majority of the “fake news” is really coming from.

Hillary The Cultural Marxist

by Al Benson Jr.

One thing I have often stated in the last year is that the cultural Marxists do not quit. When they have an agenda they pursue it with a vehemence you wouldn’t believe. They let nothing get in their way, or no one. For them the agenda, whatever it might be, is their version of Holy Writ and their deity is the author of that false holy writ, whether they even realize that or not.

During the debates Hillary made the statement that “Anyone who doesn’t accept the results of the election is a direct threat to our democracy” or words to that effect. This country, so we have been told, is a representative Republic, not a democracy. Does Hillary know the difference? Does she hope we don’t know the difference? Now she finds herself questioning the results of the election, her and Ms. Stein both, and so I guess we could, based on her past remarks, consider her and Ms. Stein to be direct threats to “democracy.” But then we have to remember that this is “Hillary the unindicted” that we are talking about and the rules that apply to the rest of us she is exempt from. Hold that thought.

In relation to the upcoming vote recount in three states, we were informed today, via that “Nearly three weeks after Election Day, Michigan officials certified Monday that Donald Trump won the state by 10,704 votes… Regarding the recount the same article noted: “Should the results for Trump hold in all three states, as expected, the president-elect would have 306 electoral votes to 232 for Democrat Hillary Clinton. It takes 270 to be elected president.” Almost no one figures that the results will be overturned in all three states…In Pennsylvania, where Trump edged Clinton by about 71,000 votes, or about 1 percent of the vote, Stein filed a lawsuit seeking a statewide recount but it wasn’t clear if the courts had the authority to order one Democratic Secretary of State Pedro Cortes said there was no evidence of voting irregularities or cyberattacks on Pennsylvania’s voting machines, 96% of which record votes electronically and leave no paper trail.”

Another site, observed that “Michigan is a paper-ballot state (no equipment hacking possible0 so electronic fraud is virtually unlikely to come about.” But Stein will try to make them recount all those paper ballots over that they just finished with. However, some more astute folks are looking beyond the vague possibility of Hillary overturning any of these states so she can seize the presidency and are looking at other reasons for this recount and no matter what some say, lots of folks don’t doubt for a minute that Stein is little more than Hillary’s foil to get her back into the game because, after all, the agenda was supposed to be that she be the next president. The Bilderbergers and other New World Order groups has thus ordained and so it was to be, except that this time, by God’s grace, they were not quite able to pull it off.

One commentator, noting all this, said: “I think the point is to create uncertainly so that the ELECTORS from those 3 states cannot vote on electoral college vote day (December 19, or December 13 when they have to be certified)… Trump now doesn’t   have enough electors to win.”

Another site, cuts to the chase when writer Prissy Holly says: “Even though the election is over, the Democrats aren’t giving up in their efforts to steal the presidency from Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has just joined Jill Stein’s effort to overturn the Trump win and the recount starts today…In order for Trump to be declared as the finalized winner of the presidential race, all electoral votes must be validated by the states by the December  19 deadline, But if those states are having to recount the millions of votes by hand, which is the stated plan, then these states could easily miss the deadline, which would then nullify the electoral votes previously calculated…Writer Thomas Wictor tweeted: ‘You’re letting them distract you. IT ISN’T THE VOTES. The goal is to nullify the electoral votes by making the states miss the deadline.’  If Democrats fail in pulling off their scheme with the recount, there’s a much more sinister plan in place for Hillary’s long game. According to a source close to Hillary, her goal with the recount is to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election, in order to keep her options open for 2020.” 

So that may well be where it’s at. If Trump has a one-term presidency that’s under a cloud then that makes Hillary look like the “champion of the people to the rescue” in 2020. Although you have to wonder, as lousy as she was obviously feeling a few weeks ago where her staff were literally carrying her out to her vehicle after a speech, if she will be physically up to all that in 2020. Of course we realize she’s just a front person for the oligarchs anyway, but her agenda calls for her to be president–no matter what.

If Mr. Trump was feeling any sympathy for her after the election by not wanting to prosecute her for all she’s done, he’d better learn to disabuse himself of such sentimentality right quick because, if the truth were known, she’d cut his political throat in a heartbeat and never even think twice about it. In fact, that seems to be what she’s attempting to do right now.

Fight for your presidency Mr. Trump, because the New World Order will be trying to undo everything good that you want to do every day you are in office.


On The Other Hand, Maybe I Wasn’t Wrong!

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have followed my recent columns on either of my blogs know that I have recently questioned some of those that Donald Trump seems to be nominating for various cabinet positions in his hoped-for new administration. Although he has made a couple good choices, I also feel he has made a couple not-so-good choices, or at least is about to. Mitt Romney would be a horrendous pick for Secretary of State and Nikki Haley is a horrendous choice for any position. However, if those on the liberal/Marxist left manage to get their way all my concerns may turn out to be academic, as Trump may well have the election stolen from him and the Bilderbergers may yet be able to enthrone Comrade Hillary as their president of choice.

Whatever vote fraud has turned up thus far has consisted of voting machines in various places being programmed to record votes for Hillary no matter who you voted for. And now that Trump has won the election in a rather resounding victory it seems that, over two weeks after the election problems are suddenly starting to turn up. I guess the election results were so devastating to the cultural Marxists among the Democratic/Republican Elite that it took them until now to find some way to reverse what happened. Do I think the American voters will be shafted yet one more time? Only someone with a suspicious mind would ever feel that way, right?

A headline on on November 16th noted that “Election experts” reportedly contacted the Clinton Camp and told them to consider contesting the election results. And, although the Clinton Camp has not officially done this, they seem to have a willing surrogate in Jill Stein, who ran for president on the Green Party ticket  and garnered about 1% of the vote. Ms. Stein has now stepped forward and is in the process of raising millions of dollars, some say about $6 million so far, to pay for filing to get the votes recounted in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Supposedly these “election experts” have determined that, though no election fraud has shown up, they can see certain “anomalies” in the voting patterns in those three states, and if the vote totals could somehow be “rearranged” in those three states it would be just enough to hand the election to Hillary. Why what a surprise! Who woulda ever thunk it?

I wonder if these “election experts” found any problems  with the vote totals in some counties in Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia. Probably not. In an article from World Net Daily that was reproduced on  it was noted that: “…efforts are underway to challenge the votes in three states won by Clinton: Nevada, Colorado and Virginia. Operation Sabot 2016, launched by the group Oath Keepers is contesting vote totals in Clark County in Nevada; Denver and Boulder Counties in Colorado; and Richmond, Fairfax, and Henrico Counties in Virginia. In all three states there were precincts where over 95% of the vote went to Clinton with voter turnouts above 90%…” But the prostitute press hasn’t said much about that and I guess that this doesn’t qualify as an “anomaly” to the “election experts.”

Trump won 30 states with 306 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232. However if the vote totals in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania could be changed then Clinton would end up with 278 votes to Trump’s 260. Interesting that the “election experts only found anomalies in those states that would give Hillary a win and they didn’t seem to find any problems in states where Hillary seemed to win so overwhelmingly in some areas that any sane person would have to question it. Sort of like certain precincts in Ohio giving Obama 108% of the vote back in 2012. No one questioned that so we are supposed to assume that Obama was entitled to 108% of the vote I guess. At least he could have shared the 8% with Romney and just kept the 100% for himself. Marxists are supposed to be all about sharing the wealth, so why not the votes too?

The Tea Party article noted that: “The spoiler aspect of Stein’s recount effort has led critics to dub it Operation Steal.”  Of course we have been duly informed that Ms. Stein’s recount effort is in no way an attempt to help Hillary–she just wants to make sure that truth and justice prevail–you know, “the American way” and all that. But seeing that this recount effort can only help Hillary, you will have to pardon me if I question the purity of all these intentions. I wonder of Ms. Stein’s compulsion to get at the truth would have been as strong if Hillary had won the election. Forgive me if I rather tend to doubt it. And what happens if this recount should happen to turn up more votes for Trump than he previously had? Why then you will never hear about it. That is not news you need to know. You only need to know if it works the other way.

It would be interesting to know where Ms. Stein got all those millions of dollars in such a short time. How come the folks that were willing to put all that money up didn’t turn loose of it during her election bid? Or if they did support her they sure held a batch back. Supposedly such donations can’t come from corporations, they have to come from private parties. Would George Soros be considered a “private party” if he took the money out of his own pocket instead of doing it through one of his front groups? Oh definitely!

When Mr. Trump made the statement during the debates that “the system is rigged” all the elites snickered. Only problem is–the system may well end up being rigged–just not quite the way Trump thought it would be. We all need to keep an eye on this one because I have a feeling that all kinds of interesting stuff is going to happen before we’re finished  and the voting public will probably get stiffed (again) in the process.

If we are going to do a recount in states where Trump narrowly won, then let’s be fair and do the same in states where Hillary narrowly won. And I have read accounts on the Internet that claimed that somewhere around 3 million illegal aliens voted in this election, along with all those continuing voters in grave yards that always seem to resurrect every election day long enough to vote early and often.

All I can say is–if they manage to steal this from Trump–then welcome to the Clinton/Bush Amerikan dream–or should I say nightmare?