The Thief of Culture

by Al Benson Jr.

Three or four years ago I read a fictional book by Tony Hillerman called A Thief of Time. It was a story about people in the Southwest called “pot hunters”–people who illegally dig for Indian artifacts on federal land so they can sell them to artifact collectors, usually for pretty hefty sums. While I am not in favor of this sort of thing, neither am I in favor of how the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) treats Western folks that use or lease federal land. After all, the land, in theory, is supposed to belong to the public. In fact, it belongs to the Washington Empire, no matter what administration is currently in power.

Supposedly the “thieves of time” are stealing the past when they illegally take artifacts from “public land.”  It’s an interesting concept (and not one I totally disagree with) and it’s not generally something people even consider in today’s whirl of sports extravaganzas and reality shows. In that context maybe we should begin to think about the “Thieves of Culture” who are, even as I write this, trying to steal our culture and replace it with some socialist (Marxist) phantasm straight out of the Middle East or Eastern Europe. This, the current regime tells us, will be just great for the country and it gives us a golden opportunity to display our love and compassion for those from countries that hate our guts. All the more reason for inviting them over here, so they say. What I say to that isn’t printable.

In a recent column on columnist Frosty Woolridge has said, and quite accurately, that: “With every third world immigrant entering the United States of America, our country loses its ethos. It loses its culture. It loses its language and it loses its religion. Ultimately, it loses its identity….”

That’s the real name of the game. That is the goal of the current regime–to so water down the culture and religion of this country that it is impossible to tell us from some “banana republic” over in Lower Slobovia. That’s what it’s really all about, with the potential influx of hundreds of thousands of new refugees. The current regime is busily working on this while most folks dumbly sit on their thumbs at home, bemused by whatever drivel the “nitworks” (with government sanction) decide to throw at us.  The total destruction of American culture, most particularly in the South, is the goal of the individual that sits in the White House (when he’s not in Hawaii playing golf on our dime) and it’s the goal of those who made sure he got to the White House to begin with. What do you think all this fuss over Confederate flags and symbols this past summer was all about? Cultural destruction, that’s what, and don’t think it’s finished yet. The thieves of culture recognize that most of the resistance they get to their plans comes from the South, a South with a Christian background and worldview–and they must destroy that. They are, after all, cultural Marxists and they are at war with us, even if we can’t quite seem to figure it out yet. They are in an ongoing culture war with us and it would be nice if a few more of the folks on our side of the fence quit competing with each other over who will be the Chief Couch Potato and stood up and fought back.

And it would be nice if more Christians stood up and fought back. I just read an article this morning about a woman professor at Wheaton College in Illinois, Billy Graham’s alma mater. This woman has decided that, in “solidarity” with the Muslims, she should wear a Muslim hijab during the Christian Advent Season.  She made quite a point of saying, on social media, that Christians and Muslims have the same God, and the college suspended her. In my opinion they should have fired her. At best, a statement like that can be considered blasphemous. Christians and Muslims do not share the same God, but then she went on to note that Pope Francis said the same thing. This demonstrates how influential the thieves of culture have been in the Church. Instead of the Church shaping the culture the thieves of culture have been busy influencing the Church, reshaping it, if you will. A woman who believes this kind of thing holds a position in a school that teaches future theologians and the head of the Roman Catholic Church thinks God the Father and Allah are the same! Evangelicals and Roman Catholics ought to be up in arms–but they won’t. Much easier to just sit at home and watch the tube–less hassle that way. And the  culture continues to be dragged yet another step closer to destruction because most Christians are just too blasted (I was tempted to use another word) lazy to get up and DO anything. Luther, Calvin, and Knox wouldn’t have been real pleased with this generation or the last couple preceding it. The thieves of culture have spent considerable time in the churches too.

The Church has become soft and complacent and mostly doesn’t want to do anything that might involve having to struggle to preserve what the Lord has given us. Much easier to just “go with the flow” and let the Lord take care of it all so I don’t have to get my theological hands dirty and I won’t have to DO anything that might interfere with Sunday afternoon’s football game.

My personal opinion is that, unless we start to wake up, the Lord is going to put us through the mill, and all those folks sitting by waiting for a secret, imminent rapture (non-involvement) will be in for much more than a culture shock. We are past being ripe for judgment. How many unborn babies have died since 1973? Unless we start to turn around (repent) the Lord just may well give us a couple generations of Sharia Law to get our attention. Most of what’s happened up to now doesn’t seem to be doing it! In 70 AD the Lord destroyed Jerusalem because the Jews refused to repent when they had been given the opportunity.  Makes you wonder if the Church’s 70 AD isn’t just over the horizon?

Destroy Your Flags–Destroy You

by Al Benson Jr.

Commentary has abounded in recent months that, after the attempted Ethnic Cleansing regarding Confederate flags and symbols, regarding anything Confederate, that, after a short breathing period to give Southern patriots a chance to go back to sleep, there will be an attempt of some kind next year in Mississippi to change the state flag with its St. Andrew’s cross into something that the cultural Marxists will find more acceptable.  In their left-leaning rationale anything that “offends” them has to go. Doesn’t make any difference how anyone else feels about it–they feel they deserve the final word–and they intend to have it. “Offended Lives Matter.” All they need to move forward is a sleeping populace and a lying :news” media and they will implement their agenda.

The fact that, years ago, the Mississippi  citizenry voted overwhelmingly to keep the present state flag means nothing to those people. THEY  don’t want it and so it has to go. If not now, then next year or the year after or whenever they can manage to finagle its removal, by whatever means possible, legal or otherwise. I think they’d dearly love to see the Hammer & Cycle  waving over the capitol in Jackson. Do they know what they are doing–that they are trashing your history and heritage? You better believe they do. It’s on their “to do” list–it’s what they live for.

Franklin Sanders, in the October 2014 issue of The Moneychanger  said, quite accurately, “Make no mistake! For any people, the past is their life.Cut off from their past, a people cannot have any future. Their future dies. So it is not trivial when they attack your flag–they are not attacking merely that symbol, but everything that symbol represents, your religion, your culture, and ultimately you. They understand that without your past, they destroy your future.” Stop and think about that for a moment.  They realize, even if you don’t (although you should) that if they can destroy your past your future will be theirs, not yours.

They are more than happy and willing to throw your cultural memories and traditions, what Mama taught you, and what the preacher at church told you, into the dustbin of history, along with your flags, because they have a plan for your future. You may not like their plan, but they intend to force it on you anyway–for our own good, so they say.

The cultural Marxists know what’s good for everybody’s future and they have a plan to make sure we all get there, whether we want to go or not. Ask the United Nations! They and our federal government have lots of plans for our “future.”  And to partake of all their beneficence all we have to do is give up all that is dear to us, faith, family, culture, memories, our sense of place, our God-given liberties, all of it.

And a major stumbling block to our partaking of their socialist utopia (and making life better for them, not us) is those Confederate flags.  They remind  people of so much they need to forget–opposition to tyranny, out-of-control government, limited government–all the stuff that needs to go so they and the UN can build a better world for us all in which they control our future and we have no say about anything except how quickly we can obey their edicts. Got to get rid of those nasty Confederate flags, especially if they are part of your state flag. If people voted to keep them once then it’s time for another vote–and another round of propaganda from the “news” media about how terrible they are.

Part of what you will be told about those that want to keep Confederate flags is that they are ignorant, racists, poorly educated, the dregs of society.  Makes you wonder what the educational level of those that voted for our current president in two elections was.

This next yer may well see, in Mississippi, another attempt to force another vote to change the design of the state flag–if they are willing to even let the people vote and don’t just try to change it via government edict like some politicians I can think of. And those of you that have your children in institutions of public “learning” will have to keep an eye on what they will possibly try to teach your kids about your state flag.

It looks like 2016 might be an “interesting” year. what with the presidential charade, and if the cultural Marxists are able to engineer another vote on the Mississippi state flag, it would be just great if the good folks there could vote again to keep their current flag and stymie the  cultural Marxist agenda for their state just a little bit.


The “Civil War” Was ALWAYS About Ethnic Cleansing

by Al Benson Jr.

We have all read in our Politically Correct (cultural Marxist)  “history”  books about how the noble and virtuous North went to war in order to wipe out the evil of slavery in the South and to preserve the Union (empire) from those treasonous, greasy Southern slave holders whose evil plan was to take their states out of the Glorious Union–and we all know that secession is treason–right?

This is the unmitigated hogwash that passes for “history” in our institutions of public learning and, sad to say, in too many private schools as well. If this were actually the case, one might question why the national government did not abolish slavery in the four slave states that remained in the Union. Even Lincoln’s infamous “Emancipation Proclamation” didn’t bother to do that. But we are not even supposed to think about all that–on with the agenda! And the agenda was, and still is, Ethnic Cleansing in the South (and eventually everywhere else once the South has been cleansed).

Historian and novelist Clifford Dowdey of Richmond, Virginia (now deceased) pointed that out for those astute enough to grasp it, in his book Lee’s Last Campaign, originally published back around 1960 and subsequently reprinted.

Dowdey noted, on page 57 that: “The Union population had been injected with a crusading spirit by Lincoln’s brilliant political war measure, the Emancipation Proclamation. This gave the equivalent of a slogan for the ignorant and the indifferent, while the necessary object of hatred for a crusade–‘the chivalry-ridden, slave-holding South’  was provided by the abolitionists and their powers in the Republican Party. Less than one fourth of the Southerners were associated in any way with slavery (scarcely more than ten per cent actually owned slaves) and active emancipationists included Lee, Jeb Stuart and A.P. Hill.  The chivalrous  attitudes were confined largely to plantation families, but the concept of chivalry particularly goaded non-privileged Northerners…Under the sanction of the slogan, the anti-Southern Republican Party enjoyed virtually despotic power in its policy of conquering the South by physical destruction.” And  earlier, on page 56, he had observed: “Lee saw from the beginning that the armed conflict grew from deeper roots than the difference of opinion over the Negro’s status or even preservation of the Union.” In other words, Lee saw the theological roots of the North’s vitriolic hatred for the South. That’s something most “historians” almost totally ignore.

As far as Lincoln was concerned, Dowdey told us back on page 50 that: “Lincoln assumed the responsibility for the consequences of total war;…he intended to heal the South’s wounds after its society was destroyed…” And on page 60 Dowdey noted, that “The changed nature of the war revealed that the forces arrayed against them waited only for their defeat by arms to obliterate the society of their beloved land.” In other words, the Yankee/Marxists in the North were planning on the total destruction of all Southern society and the replacing of it with something else. I believe that constitutes a pretty fair definition of Ethnic Cleansing.

Another astute observer of the Southern scene, author Frank Conner, said pretty much the same thing in his informative book The South Under Siege–1830-2000 when he stated: “Actually this cultural war has raged unabated since the 1830s, when Northern liberals decided to supplant Christianity with secular humanism as the official religion, and they selected the religious South as their battleground.  To understand what the (culture) war is really all about we shall review the battles of Northern secularism against Southern Christianity–many of which have been fought under the banner of black civil-rights. As those battles continue today, the opinion makers are attacking the Old South with ever-increasing rancor…the present day vilification of the Confederacy is part of a long term ideological war waged against the conservative white South for the purpose of destroying the Southerners as a people and rendering them socially, politically, and economically impotent.” And I might add that a large part of that agenda is also to render them spiritually impotent.

Whether Mr. Dowdey or Mr. Conner says it, they are both saying the same thing. Dowdey said it first around 1960 and Conner noted it again around 2000, and in the forty years in between, who paid attention? Not too many or we wouldn’t be in the situation we find ourselves in today. There is an on-going program among both political parties, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission–the Ruling Elite, that calls for the spiritual, mental and physical destruction of the South and particularly for the destruction of anything even remotely presumed to be Confederate. This all is, indeed, Ethnic Cleansing, or Cultural Genocide, and most Southern folks don’t even have a clue that this is happening or that it is an ONGOING program and has been for 150 years and more.

There is much more involved here than the concern over slavery, but current and past “historians” are mostly more than willing to go with the flow, write their politically correct books about the War, give their speeches and make big bucks by making sure they do nothing to rock the boat. They would simply rather you never learned about how your own society is being destroyed by “those people” I mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you remain ignorant then you can’t ask questions about why your society and culture are being destroyed.

Mr. Dowdey made the statement that, at some point, the War “changed.”That’s the one thing I disagree with him on. I believe that Ethnic Cleansing, particularly here in the South, has always been on the agenda since day one. Other than that, his book is right on the money and if you can still find a copy on or some other place, then grab it. In the same vein, if you can find a copy of Frank Conner’s book I would urge you to pick that one up too. It’s long, over 700 pages, and I realize most folks today hate to read anything longer than the football scores on their local sports page, but we should really work at getting ourselves back into the habit of real reading, especially where our history and culture are concerned. Frank Conner’s book may be long, but it’s not difficult reading. He didn’t write it for college professors, he wrote it for ordinary folks, you and me.

If your heart and mind have been alerting you that something is decidedly wrong all across the country, but especially here in our South, (and after living here for over 13 years I consider it mine; it’s home) then you need to get these books if at all possible and start to find out why the society and culture you know and love is being systematically destroyed and you are being rendered  imminently replaceable by a horde of Third World terrorists and hooligans.

We Don’t Need No Politically Incorrect Flags In Our Politically Correct Christmas Parade In Natchitoches

by Al Benson Jr.

Every year for the past twenty years the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has had a sizable contingent in the annual Christmas Parade in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Parade goers looked forward to seeing them there. They were among the most popular groups in the parade with their flags fluttering in the breeze.

Not this year, however. It seems that the “god” of political correctness has prevailed in Natchitoches and no Confederate flags will be allowed in this year’s parade. Whoever thought they’d live to see such a thing in deep south Louisiana?

SCV Louisiana Division Commander Thomas Taylor has stated that: “As most, if not all of you are aware the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been excluded from the Natchitoches Christmas Parade to be held on December 5th. This was perpetrated with a time frame that keeps us from legally doing anything about it this year.” How like the politically correct cultural Marxists to do it in such a way that their opposition had no chance to respond in time to address their legitimate grievance. As you deal more and more with “those people” you come to learn not to expect anything in the way of fairness or tolerance from them, contrary to all their claims of “tolerance and diversity.” It’s all a shameless sham to shut down those they disagree with.

Commander Taylor continued: “This is not to say we won’t be in Natchitoches  on December 5th so mark your calendars and plan to be there in protest. The details of our protest will be released…when the final aspects are worked out. We will need you there.

The information I received stated: “Information from the LA Division SCV due to the Mayor of Natchitoches refusing to allow the SCV to march in the Christmas Parade as it has done for decades unless the SCV agreed to march without the Flags of the Confederacy is as follows. The committe organizing the parade has agreed to support the Mayor in this act of politically correct exclusion. It’s time to fight back! The LA SCV will dig in and fight against this Marxist move by the Natchitoches city government. But we need your help!  Please share this information on Facebook, with your camps and your friends. We call upon all good Southerners to take to the trenches of the Social Media Battlefield. It is time for the true voices of the South to be heard. We would like to make clear that the members of the Historic District Business Association nor the business owners on Front Street were contacted when the Mayor made his decision. They are outraged over the city’s position and support the SCV being in the Christmas Parade.”

“The following are the ‘Big Three’ who are ‘goose stepping’ to the drums of cultural cleansing in Natchitoches. Contact them and let them hear the voices of the real people: Lee Waskom  Lee Posey–Mayor  318-352-2772 Office, Fred Terasa  It goes without saying that people need to be civil in their communications and to refrain from all profanity, name-calling, etc. Concerned patriots are also urged to “message” their Facebook page at

It’s interesting to note that the Mayor might have been willing to let the SCV march–without their flags! In place of their flags what did he expect them to carry–deep pink banners that said “I want to teach the world to sing”? Also interesting is the fact that the town of Many, Louisiana has contacted the SCV to let them know they will not be taking part in the Natchitoches Parade in support of the SCV, and that the town of Many has also invited the SCV to be in their Christmas Parade on December 12th.

You have to wonder what made the Mayor of Natchitoches  suddenly come up with the idea of eliminating Confederate flags from his town’s parade. Did a handful of “concerned citizens” visit his office and complain–and if so,  were they perchance members of the NAACP?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Ethnic Cleansing–Round 2 ?

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently in an article, I quoted from the book Embattled Banner by Don Hinkle where he described the tactics of those who hate Confederate symbols, particularly the NAACP. He stated on page 163 of his book that: “Such strategy has been used by anti-flaggers throughout the South ever since the battle flag debate surfaced. In short, their strategy is this: Go in and agitate; get rid of what you can and then pull back; wait for things to calm down, then return to wipe out the rest.”

With things quiet right now on the anti-Confederate flag front, I wonder if that’s what we are seeing at this point. That dubious photo of Dylann Roof holding the Confederate battle flag surfaced almost immediately after the tragic shooting of those black folks in Charleston and it was like the first round of an orchestrated wrestling match. Every scurvy politician, North or South, started screaming that the Battle flags all had to come down, the monuments had to disappear, the streets and parks all had to be renamed (preferably for socialists)–the whole nine yards!  Well, these folks got some of what they wanted.  The Political Class, always known to have the courage of a flea, especially in an election year, did exactly what the Cultural Marxists’ script called for them to do–they waffled, caved in, and tried to appear to take the moral high ground by calling for Confederate flags to come down. They did exactly the same thing the Communists did. In this case the “moral high ground” was a swamp.

Naturally all the radical groups at the far left end of the political spectrum chimed in on cue, when it was their turn. And the bought-and-paid-for “news” media, affectionately known as the “prostitute press” pulled it all together, put the right spin on it, and sought to feed it to the public as “objective and neutral truth.” Sounded like the whole scenario had been choreographed. Gee, you don’t suppose—?

But then the reaction set in–Confederate flag rallies around the South, Confederate flag caravans on major highways, Confederate and Southern patriots showing up at city council meetings in large numbers and informing the city council members in no uncertain terms that they’d better leave the flags alone or they might be out of a job come next election. And guess what?  Some of them were bright enough to actually get the message and decided that, all things considered,  maybe they’d just leave those Confederate flag alone–for now–at least until the election is over. Nothing devious about these folks!  They’ve got the “moral high ground” cinched, right?

But, with my suspicious mind, I’ve gotten to wondering.  This Dylann Roof kid is one of the few shooters in this whole bunch in the last couple years that has been taken alive. Most of them have turned up dead, supposedly by doing themselves in when their usefulness was over. But Mr. Roof is alive and in custody. And who has heard anything about him lately?  He certainly isn’t getting the publicity that the Kardashians seem to get, where the media is literally keeping track of what color handkerchiefs they blow their noses with on Tuesday. That’s big news for the uninitiated. But hardly a word about Mr. Roof anywhere, yet he is in custody and will presumably be brought to trial at some point. My question is: what interesting tidbits will he “reveal” if he gets on the witness stand?

Will the public be treated to a long litany of all the Southern heritage groups that encouraged,  wined and dined him, and ultimately influenced him to commit the tragic act he is supposed to have? None of it would have to be true, of course–that wouldn’t make any difference–all he’d have to do was name some groups or individuals and the “news” media, per instruction, could run with that and the whole thing with the flags and monuments would be reignited all over again. After all, didn’t Pontius Pilate say “What is truth?”

Sadly, in our profligate day, truth is not really truth anymore–“truth” is whatever furthers the agenda and that you can get people to believe, even if it isn’t really true. Less is more, right?

So, if I were going to give any advice  to the good folks in the Confederate and Southern heritage and cultural movements, I would say this–Get ready–because when this kid comes to trial you are probably going to see Round 2 of this present ethnic cleansing campaign swing into full gear and whatever flags and monuments they were unable to get rid of in the last go-round they will be trying for on this one. So don’t fall asleep at the wheel just because it’s quiet right now.

I’ve emphasized this before, but feel the need to keep on because I don’t think a lot of our folks really get it yet–we are dealing with (cultural) Marxists, whose program is to destroy our faith, history and culture, and Marxists, cultural or otherwise do not quit. You can beat them today or tomorrow and they will be back next week, or next year, so you had better be ready for them. You can’t defeat them today and then go home and rest on your laurels, because if you do that they will bury you!

The “I’m Offended” Movement is Cultural Marxism in Action

by Al Benson Jr.

I have been watching this game of minorities and others being “offended” at just about anything and everything anyone else says or does. It has gotten beyond being ludicrous so we need to stop and take a good look at it and where it is headed.

The “I’m Offended” game, or maybe agenda would be a more correct term, seems to do one thing–it limits freedom of expression and action. For fear of “offending” someone you dare not say this or do that, and so if you follow this to its logical conclusion you end up saying nothing, doing nothing and thinking nothing. Such inaction on the part of most people makes totalitarians, whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Communists deliriously happy.

Lots of folks have started to notice this trend (agenda) of late.  I read a quote just last week that said: “My freedom ends where your feelings begin.” That’s a very accurate statement. The man who said it understands what’s going on. I read another one this week where the man said: “I’m offended by all those folks being offended over nothing.” That one is also on target.

There are so many out there now that are “offended” by so much that if everyone gives in to their list of pet grievances society will come to a screeching halt. Could that possibly be the name of the game?

They had a major flap at Yale recently over, guess what, Halloween costumes! An article on  for November 10th said: “Halloween is more than a week in the past,  but students at Yale University are having a tough time moving on. Angry that school administrators did not take their concerns about offensive costuming seriously enough, a group of minority students met with Yale president Peter  Salovey last week to have their say. Salovery, it seems, was moved by what he heard.” What politically correct, blubbering sycophant who runs any kind of school in today’s offended world wouldn’t  be “moved” when students came to him with this kind of frippery? It gives him a chance to buddy with the plebes as if he really cared about their concerns.

It seems that some of these students are finding life on the campus of Yale “profoundly difficult.” It actually got to the point where the Intellectual Affairs Committee sent out an email requesting that students not wear “culturally unaware and insensitive costumes.” The article stated: “Apparently we’ve reached that point in history where one can take a joke.” Oh, you better believe you’ve reached it. We have arrived at the point where no one can say or even think anything that some minority group will not find offensive and jump all over your case about. There is absolutely NO humor in these people whatever. They are deadly serious.

You have to understand that this “I’m offended” agenda is another phase of Cultural Marxism. That’s all it is.  It restricts people’s liberty to laugh, or kid, and if the truth were known, much of it is not all that offensive, no matter what they say.  And I have noticed that these people who are waiting in line to “be offended” at the drop of a hat seem to have no problem at all offending white Christians, or any real Christians for that matter. They are literally standing in line to have their shot at putting Christians and their beliefs down. Haven’t noticed that? Maybe you just haven’t been paying attention. White Christians especially are the one group that it’s perfectly okay to offend, particularly if they are from the South. In fact, its’ open season on them.  Anything goes–and unfortunately, most of them don’t have sense enough to realize it yet. They’ve been kept too busy not trying to “offend” every other group around–even to the point where a lesbian “bishop” in some church in Sweden has had the cross removed from her church lest it “offend” the Muslims! You would not believe how much of this crap goes on and how much the Christians play into it unknowingly. Not much spiritual discernment left in this day and apostate age. We are so busy trying not to “offend” rank unbelievers that we can’t be bothered to stand up and defend what we are supposed to believe. After all, that might “offend” someone!

Now I am not advocating that we go out of our way to try to offend anyone, but let’s face it, Christians, just by being Christians are going to “offend” lots of folks. The truth always offends those who don’t want to believe it. If the truth offends you, I’m sorry, that’s tough. Jesus said in Matthew 11:6 “…blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me.” Maybe Christians need to be more concerned in making sure they are not offended by Jesus and His teaching than they need to be concerned that they might offend some pagan who doesn’t want the truth anyway.

We have, this past summer, had a concentrated campaign of ethnic and cultural cleansing here in the South that has been the most dramatic I can recall in my lifetime. And you can tell that those people who want to trash our culture, want to get rid of our flags, statues, monuments, even park and street names (it all has to go, immediately if not sooner) are playing for keeps. I don’t think most Southern folks realize the intensity of the hatred those people have for us and our history, faith and culture. Everything we believe and do is “offensive” to minorities and therefore, we must stop it all, right now.

I wonder, has anyone bothered to put forth the possibility that what they are trying to do to our history, faith, and culture just might be offensive to us? Oh, that’s not even a concern. Our right to exist ends where their injured feelings begin and we need to be on “stools of everlasting repentance” forever.

After all, the Cultural Marxists are only trying to obliterate  our faith, history, and culture–why should we be offended at that? I’ll tell you something–you’d better learn to be offended by it, otherwise they just may pull it off! Where will you be then?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again–you had better learn how to resist these people because that’s the only thing they understand–and if you don’t do it they will just run over you as if you were so much “collateral” damage. And, as for these folks that are “offended” by everything from soup to nuts, start telling them to be thankful they still have the right to be “offended.” It’s one of the few rights they still have. And if this “gentleman”  they helped put into the White House has his way they won’t have that long!

Public Schools Promote What Scripture Forbids

by Al Benson Jr.

Very recently I read an article on  written by Bob Unruh about a sodomite group in Scotland that is promoting a petition which demands that children from kindergarten on up be forced to “learn about homosexual, bi-sexual and transgender issues.” The moderator of the Free Church of Scotland labeled the proposal “a Trojan horse to impose an ideological perspective on all pupils.” He was right. This petition, circulated by a sodomite activist group, Time for Inclusive Education, wants children, from their earliest years of schooling to be indoctrinated in that which Holy Scripture forbids. I guess you could say those people have an agenda and it is clearly anti-Christian.

But that’s Scotland, you say, we don’t have to worry about that over here. Our public schools would never do anything like that, and besides, the school my kids go to has a Christian teacher or two and a great band program. What else matters?

Folks, I hate to rain on your parade, but this sort of thing is going on in this country also and, unfortunately, it’s nothing new. It has been going on for decades. Ask the people of Kanawha County, West Virginia about their textbook protest in the mid-1970s.

However, every once in awhile the sodomite agenda needs updating and it helps to have “useful idiots” like California Governor Jerry Brown in the governor’s chair who are more than willing to help it along. An article on for July 15, 2011 noted: “Democratic Governor Jerry Brown said Thursday he had signed a bill that will require public schools in the state to teach students about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans….’History should be honest.’ Brown said in a statement.”  Yes, Mr. Brown, history should be honest–therefore homosexual propaganda shouldn’t be paraded as history in front of students. Rev. Louis Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition said: “It is an outrage that Gov. Jerry Brown has opened the classroom door for homosexual activists to indoctrinate the minds of California’s youth, since no factual material would be allowed to be presented. If parents don’t already have their children out of public schools, this should cause them to remove them.” Yes, Rev. Sheldon, it should, but it probably won’t!

And then there was an article on for July 6, 2015 which carried the headline: “Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia.” The article stated, in part: “Parents opposed to including the lessons protested at the hearing. Many are concerned they won’t be able to opt their children out of the classes because the lessons have been removed from the Family Life Education curriculum into health classes, which are mandatory.” Of course this stuff is mandatory. They want your kids indoctrinated with it. Don’t you get it yet? For heaven sake, people, wake up and smell the sodomite soda. The Education Establishment in this country wants your kids indoctrinated (brainwashed) with this kind of thing. It’s on their to do list, right near the top of the page. It’s not accidental, or some bureaucratic screw-up.  This is being done to your kids on purpose! If you have taught your kids at home that, according to Scripture this kind of behavior is wrong, they plan to change that with their indoctrination. The article observed that parents protested this at the hearing, and what good did their protest do? It’s mandatory for the kids to be fed this propaganda no matter what the parents want and the educational establishment will make sure it is fed to them. Mom and Dad’s wishes don’t matter. Get that through your heads!

If your kids remain in public schools they will, at some point, be fed this sodomite drivel because that’s what the agenda is. If your kids were raised in a Christian home, with Christian standards–then all that has to be changed–and these government school change agents are more than willing to work to circumvent what you have taught your kids–it’s what they live for! All this junk isn’t accidental, isn’t some bureaucratic snafu–it’s on purpose and they will continue to do it to your kids–on purpose–unless you remove them from that system. You can’t just join the PTA and work to reform the system. That has never cut the mustard and it never will. All this is window dressing, to keep parents thinking they have some voice in their kids’ education when actually they have none. I’m not saying all teachers are bad–they’re not, but the system they work for is and those who run that system have an agenda that will be forced on American youth–no matter what–unless you get your kids out of their system, and it is theirs, not yours.

If you want some info about what the public education system is trying to do to (not for) your children, look up John Taylor Gatto on line. He’s an ex-public school teacher who wrote a book about all this. Read the recent Blumenfeld-Newman book Crimes of the Educators. Check out Exodus Mandate, P O Box 10272, Columbia, South Carolina, 29211 or at  and sign up for their newsletter. You can do that on line, too. Begin to find out what goes on in these schools and then work to get your kids out of them.

Years ago I worked for a Christian home school program in the Midwest and I did a few years on the phones there. One afternoon a lady from New York called up and wanted home schooling information for her daughter. Turned out she was a public school teacher, yet she was going to home school her daughter. And I never forgot what she told me. She said “I’m here (the public school) every day. No way is my daughter going to this school.” I can’t say it any better than she did.