The “News” Media–Part Of The Ruling Class

by Al Benson Jr.

According to “Largely unbeknownst to the general public, executives and top journalists of almost all media outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations…” Now that would be an expose for Fox News to deal with, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. This may be forbidden territory to the vast percentage of our “news” media.

The article continues: “The CFR and its close to 5,000 elite members for decades have shaped US foreign policy…As a well-known Council member famously explained, they transformed the American republic into a global empire, albeit a benevolent one.” I’m afraid many would legitimately quibble about how “benevolent” the US “empire” has really been.

In a column entitled “Ruling Class Journalists” a former Washington Post senior editor, Richard Harwood, told his readers that the CFR and its members were “the nearest thing we have to a ruling establishment in the United States.” That’s quite an admission. And the average person remains blissfully unaware–and that on purpose! Harwood continued: “The membership of these journalists in the Council …is an acknowledgement of their active and important role in public affairs and of their ascendency into the American ruling class,…They are part of that establishment whether they like it or not, sharing most of its values and world views.” And I imagine, from what I’ve seen of some “journalists” so called, they pretty much like it.

Important CFR members have included several presidents and vice-presidents, almost all secretaries of state, treasury, and defense, many influential members of Congress, and practically all CIA directors, U.N. ambassadors, chairpersons of the Federal Reserve, presidents of the World Bank…many prominent academics in areas such as economics and political science.” Truly a group of unelected rulers. Interestingly enough, the CFR had “key members of both the 9/11 Commission and the Warren Commission.

The article went on regarding CFR members who had been president when it said: “Thus in 1993 former CFR director George H. W. Bush was followed by CFR member Bill Clinton, who in turn was followed by CFR ‘family member’ George W. Bush. In 2008, CFR member John McCain lost against CFR candidate of choice, Barack Obama…It was not until 2016 that the Council failed to prevail.” Does that tell you a little about why the ruling establishment (the Deep State) has been so adamantly opposed to Donald Trump? He wasn’t “one of the boys” and so couldn’t be depended on to play the game according to CFR rules.

But when you look at all this, you have to begin to realize that we have indeed been the victims of unelected rulers. Understanding that the Council on Foreign Relations was originally formed back in the early 1900s to guide this country into a one world government, you have to ask–if in a presidential election–both candidates belong to the CFR, what choice does the electorate really have? You can vote for socialist candidate A or socialist candidate B. Some choice and you will get screwed either way!

I said at the beginning of this article it would be a good topic for an expose on Fox News. I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon, given the direction Fox seems to be headed in. I wonder if this topic would be important to Tucker Carlson if he grasped the implications of unelected rulers in America.


Has Fox News Become Part Of The “Controlled Opposition”?

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched one of the programs on Fox News last evening, 4/30. The program’s host asked a couple interesting questions. He asked if bureaucrats and staffers (unelected rulers) are really those responsible for running the Biden juggernaut. It was a good question but he didn’t take it far enough. Of course had he taken it further Fox might have pulled a Tucker Carlson on him and he’d have been gone too. Those on Fox that want to keep their jobs are in the process of learning just how far they can go before losing those jobs. Which means they are, indeed, the “controlled” opposition.

As far as unelected people running the Biden Regime–what about people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations? The Fox host never mentioned the CFR and I wondered as I watched him–is he even aware of this group, and if so, why are they left out of the equation of who influences the Biden Regime? They shouldn’t be.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his 2021 book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order goes into some detail about the CFR and the influence they are having on the Biden Regime. Mr. Thompson observes: “However, there is a more dangerous group subtly filling slots in the Biden administration, from top to bottom–members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is not only what these members believe in, it is that they follow an agenda designed to bring to fruition a one-world government–regardless of any administration’s stated beliefs. Basically, the CFR was created to convince the American people to become part of a one-world government, the New World Order (their words, not ours)…Today this scheme of a one-world government is embodied in the United Nations. Most of the agencies of the UN are run by socialists and communists, and the Chinese communists hold more agency chairs than any other country.”..

Mr. Thompson continued: “..Keep in mind the power of each of these positions, and that the goal of the CFR is to take away American independence and transfer it to the UN.” Some of the CFR people in positions of power in the Biden regime are: “CIA Director William J. Burns; National Economic Advisor Cecilia E. Rouse; Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen; Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell; Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo; Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd J. Austin, III; Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken; Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman…One could say that the CFR has effective control over the Biden administration, and that, by his appointments, Biden wanted it that way.” I have a hard time believing that no one at Fox News is aware of this, and if they are, then why is it never mentioned? Controlled opposition?

I am not going to go into detail here, but I would urge everyone reading this to check out Lew Rockwell’s article on for May 1st and see what he has to say regarding the reasons for Tucker Carlson’s dismissal from Fox News. Tucker skewered some very sacred cows recently, among them the Anti-Defamation League and Black Rock. Lew had lots of commentary on some of this. It’s a long article, but most definitely worth taking time to read–especially when you find out who some of the sacred cows are and the connections between some of them.

The United Nations Loves You And Has A “Wonderful” Plan For Your Life

by Al Benson Jr.

A few years ago writer Henry Lamb wrote something called Agenda 21–What Is It? How Did It get Here? In that he said: “Agenda 21 is a set of policy recommendations designed to reorganize global society around the principles of environmental protection, social equity, and what is called ‘sustainable’ economic development. At the heart of the concept of sustainable development, is the assumption that government must manage society to ensure that human activity conforms to these principles…” We might ask the question–do the people that set up and ordain these plans then plan to live under the same standards they set up for us proles? Dumb question isn’t it? And you already know the answer.

An article in The Blaze which I often have not agreed with (but this time they got it right), noted that support for Agenda 21 didn’t come only from the United Nations. It also came from “wealthy donors like billionaire George Soros, whose Open Society gave ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) a $2.1 million grant in 1997 to support its local Agenda 21 Project. The financing was used to promote the project in the United States.”

If you are like me, you have to wonder how much of this pro-UN propaganda is promoted in those indoctrination centers we mistakenly still call public schools in this country. I can recall seeing quite a bit of pro-UN material in public school when I went, and believe me that was a long time ago. I have no reason to even dream that the volume of it has slowed down.

Awhile back, I had a neighbor who was trying to sell his house so he could buy a place out on the bayou and retire and do a bit of fishing out there. So what would Agenda 21, if fully enacted in this country mean for him? It would mean that he could kiss his retirement home out on the bayou goodbye. With Agenda 21 enacted fully here, it would mean that he will be informed by some local commissar that he would be much better off living in a miniature apartment in the local ghetto with the rest of us proles. His pickup truck? He won’t need that–he won’t be able to go much of anyplace anymore beyond the bounds of the local ghetto. His guns? You can forget that Charlie! The only ones needing guns in the ghetto would be the crooks, whom the feds have no interest in disarming. Under Agenda 21 the entire country would be one big gun free zone because the United Nations just hates even the concept of privately owned firearms. Fishing? Don’t kid yourself! Where would you fish? In the street gutters in the ghetto after a toad strangler? And if you did happen to have property out on the bayou before all this happened, well, that would have been given to some UN or federal apparatchik as his reward for keeping ordinary folks away from it and making sure they remain in their ghettoes like good little proles.

Can you begin to see the rosy future the United Nations has planned for us all and how we will fit into their scheme for “economic sustainability?” In October we will be dutifully informed by our prostitute press that October is “United Nations” month and that we should begin thinking about how our country will find its place in a global government. I have a better idea. How about we all sit down and take the time to write to our congress critters and tell them to sponsor or enact legislation that will get this country OUT of the United Nations and get the United Nations OUT of this country? With “friends” like the United Nations, do we really need enemies?

What Are The Democrats Afraid Of In Arizona ?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have watched with considerable interest as the go-ahead for an audit of the votes in the last (stolen) election in the state of Arizona has been given. What interested me most in all of this was the Democrats’ efforts to thwart this audit. Those efforts continue as I write this.

My question in all of this is: If the democrats really want to make sure this election was on the up and up, then why are they pulling out all the stops to try to prevent an audit of the votes? The answer to that should be obvious even to the uninformed–if they stop and ponder it for an hour or two. The obvious answer is–they don’t want an honest audit because they already know an honest audit will change the outcome in Arizona. And if that happens there, will other states then be tempted to do the same thing? That would create all manner of problems for them and so they have to try to move heaven and earth to forestall that possibility.

There was a good article on for April 27th about this. Lots of people pooh-pooh the Gateway Pundit, but I noticed that picked this one up and Lew Rockwell has a reputation for being a solid site.

The article was by Joe Hoft and Mr. Hoft noted: “There is yet another George Soros connected crooked nonprofit involved in the attempt to stop the Maricopa County election audit. we already reported on how the Protect Democracy Project joined three legal teams in threatening the auditors who are attempting to perform an audit in Maricopa County. Democrats in Arizona are petrified–They’re bringing in Marc Elias’s Perkins Coie to make threats and make the Maricopa Country audit go away. Patriots in Arizona are under attack by far-left lunatics who disregard nonprofit laws to fund their anti-American actions. The national Democratic machine is in panic mode over the Arizona Senate’s Maricopa County ballot audit….But today we can report that another Democrat nonprofit is involved in the audit in Maricopa County. This nonprofit is from top of the Democrat Not-for-profit (NFP) heap. This tells you the Democrat socialists are really, really worried about the Maricopa audit, to have deployed this weapon. The NFP now entering the Maricopa County election audit is American Oversight. Its president, Dominique Bravo, is from New York State and is strongly affiliated with the Working Families Party, the country’s most powerful socialist political party, started in New York State in1998 with a party presence now in 21 states. The WFP always hooks up with the Democratic Party. ”

Mr. Hoft continues: “This NFP is yet another one from the Democrat stable which is a 501(c)(3) and although it is required by law to be strictly nonpartisan and charitable, it is anything but. It is a well-funded ,cold, and calculating legal hit team, initially designed to attack President Trump. Now it is involved in Maricopa County Arizona, attempting to sabotage and halt the forensic audit being conducted by the Arizona Senate. Located in Washington, D.C. this charity had gross receipts of $3,732,681 in 2019…” Since the government redacts financial data when they post any public documents the public really has no idea who gave American Oversight all that dinero. As an appendage of the Democrat Establishment American Oversight cannot take the chance of letting this Arizona audit continue and risk other states being then emboldened to do the same thing and thus risking the possibility of Donald Trump being returned to the presidency because then there will be no doubt about the election fraud perpetrated on him last November.

It has also been noted that George Soros funded the Working Families Party mentioned in this article and that Soros campaigned for Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock in Georgia–another state that is in sore need of a forensic audit on its vote tally for last November.

More Apostasy Funded by George Soros

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Today I received a newsletter from an evangelical organization which contained the following: “Faithful America bills itself as a Christian organization, but the pro-LGBT organization got its start as an offshoot of the far-Left National Council of Churches. Two groups funded by atheist George Soros have served as ”fiscal sponsors’ of FA, funneling money to the activist group.” Many evangelical groups are not this frank and open, so this was a bit refreshing.

I can remember, years ago now, the John Birch Society published an informative booklet called Apostasy and the National Council of Churches. It went into a great deal of information as to many in the NCC that were in bed with the Communists and who were actual Communists themselves.

With that in mind, I decided to check out Faithful America to see what leftist goodies it offered the party faithful as well as the gullible. I was not disappointed.

I came across some far-left tidbits on which tells us that “Faithful America is the nation’s largest online community of progressive Christians working to fight back against the religious right’s hateful political agenda and renew the church’s prophetic role in building a more free and just society.” You have to read through and discern the aesopian language to know what this means and not be fooled by the “lovey-dovey” rhetoric. What they are telling you with the word “progressive” is that real Christianity is their enemy. and anyone to the right of Lenin is to be attacked without letup. For them this is not just a minor difference of opinion–it is a war and the true followers of Christ have targets painted on their backs.

The idealist article continues: “In this moment of political and theological crisis for American Christianity, there is an opportunity to mobilize the Faithful America community as a powerful tool in confronting emergent threats to the church’s prophetic vocation, especially white nationalism and misogyny.” Did you get that? The real enemy of the church is not over on the left–it’s white extremism! Sounds like the line the Harris/Biden Regime has been peddling doesn’t it? That alone should tell you where “Faithful America” is really at.

I came across another article of interest on which listed a ton of groups that have been funded by George Soros. This list originally came from Discover the Networks and sure enough, way down on the list, #74 to be exact, was Faithful America. Now anyone who is even remotely aware of where George Soros is coming from has to realize that, if globalist George Soros funds something it ain’t Christian!

Yet another article, posted 1/3/21 on notes that those who have problems with Faithful America say it uses faith “as a cover to silence conservatives.” From what I have seen of it so far, I don’t doubt that in the least. This article continues: “Scott Walter, the head of Influence Watch which tracks the activity and funding of groups like Faithful America, describes them as ‘Just another half-fake, left-wing nest of operatives. They get taken much more seriously than they deserve’.”

You have to wonder how many gullible Christians such groups deceive because they responded to the rhetoric without doing any homework. And the left dearly loves to gull unsuspecting Christians into supporting leftist agendas. They laugh all the way to the bank while Christians contribute to those that are trying to destroy their faith. This is Holy Week–a good time for Christians to begin to learn to discern who they should support and who they should expose as anti-Christs.

Mr. Trump–At This Point DO NOT CONCEDE!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the past few days there have been several calls for Donald Trump to “just concede to Joe Biden and get it all over with.” One of those has even come from someone within his own family circle–his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to be specific. One has to wonder what Mr .Kushner’s real agenda is here.

On the other hand, several have told Mr. Trump that he should not concede under any circumstances. And with his legal team pursuing several legal challenges in key states the advice to not concede would seem to be sound. The more we find out the more it seems that the odor of massive political fraud seems to permeate the atmosphere.

It’s amazing the stuff that comes to light when people start digging. There was an article on Canada Free Press for November 9th by Kelly O’Connell which stated: “Unbelievable: George Soros Employee Owns Defective Switch-Vote Biden Machines Stunning facts: Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic is intimately tied to Dominion Voting Systems who flipped votes from Trump to Biden, Brown was also named UN #2–Deputy Secretary General on March 3, 2006 and also former VP of the World Bank. His machine was used in all the swing states.” Pure coincidence I’m sure!

Then there was the article on for November 8th which said: “Huge news tonight, There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible.” Right now Biden is ahead in Georgia by a hair…If these ballots are deemed ineligible, the state of Georgia is almost certainly won by President Trump and this is before the illegal voter harvesting in recent days is addressed.”

And attorney Sidney Powell, who is on Trump’s legal team, and who is Michael Flynn’s attorney claims her investigative team “has identified 450,000 ballots in battleground states that cast a vote only for Biden, with no other candidates voted down the ticket.” So supposedly these 450,000 voters in several states didn’t bother to vote for any other candidates in their respective states. They were all in such a heat to vote for Biden that they passed up everyone else on their respective ballots? To quote one well-known political fraudster–“C’mon man!” How many of you folks that voted last Tuesday only voted for the presidential candidate and for no other candidates on your ballots? Most who vote also vote for senators, representatives, various state officials and whatever, yet we are being asked to believe that over 400,000 voters in various states voted only for Joe Biden and no one else. I submit that is beyond ludicrous!

Does anyone wonder why Joe Biden never went over 50 miles from his home for any political gathering before the election? Why should he bother. He now the fix was in already so why make the effort? He didn’t have to–they were going to try to hand him the election on a sliver platter. Remember that video of Hillary telling Biden not to concede on election night no matter how bad it looked. Do you know why now?

Well now, we can tell Mr. Trump the same thing, not because the election has been fixed in his favor but because there have been such blatant and ham-handed attempts to commit election fraud for Biden that this fraud cries out to heaven to be corrected.

Continue to pray for President Trump and his legal team that their efforts might be rewarded with at least a modicum of honesty in the states that are affected, of which there are several. This is not over quite yet and Biden is not the new president–quite yet.

Erasers And Defacers

by Al Benson Jr.

In ancient times it was a hallmark of those that won battles against their opponents that, when they had conquered them, they either defaced or tried to totally erase the history of those they conquered. They then replaced what they had erased with their version of “history.”

This is exactly what we see happening in this country today.

We are now beset by a coterie of leftist radicals that seeks to destroy our history and heritage in order to replace them with their own version of our history. And their version of our history is a Marxist one. Much of what they are trying to do to this country goes back to the French Revolution.

In his book Death of the Church Victorious Ovid E. Need Jr. commented on the French Revolution. He said: “The French Revolution was more than simply a revolution against a constitutional monarchy. It was open warfare against Christian culture, and could be defined as the modern revolution and triumph of humanism and humanistic law over Christianity and Christian law…The ‘Rights of Man’ were exalted above everything, and multitudes of innocent people died in the name of ‘the People’; equality was equated with liberty; ‘spontaneous,’ nation-wide demonstrations sprung forth at key times in key places to further the Revolution’s goals, viz., to destroy Christianity; propaganda was used to change social ideas, i.e., words were seen as weapons of warfare, so truth was of no concern; innumerable pamphlets and journalists mysteriously appeared, speaking in a united voice to mold public opinion, and truth was unknown from fiction;…”

Does any of this have a familiar ring to it today. Don’t all answer at once now.

It sounds an awful lot like some of the radical leftist agenda that we are forced to put up with in our day. Demonstrations and destruction in many of our cities, with the politicians and the police just standing aside while the demonstrators wreak havoc on ordinary people and those that try to defend themselves are labeled as racists for trying to protect their own property. And we have a “news” media and journalists–so called, that frankly are on the same side as the leftists

Most of our “journalists” are not really journalists–they are co-conspirators with the radical leftists. The same holds true for many of our political figures–in both parties–and all of this is funded by certain seemingly mysterious figures with big bucks who are out to bring our system down. George Soros is part of this, but he is not alone by any means.

The radical left and their sponsors seem to feel that this is a time in our history for them to strike while the iron is hot. They have dogged Trump with false allegations and lies for his entire presidency and if they can manage to do it they will steal the 2020 election and not bat an eye doing it. And if they manage to take power in this country their efforts will make Mao’s Cultural Revolution look like a Sunday walk in the park.

I often wonder, as I look at where we are at, where is much of the Christian Church in all of this. We are supposed to be promoting a Christian culture and worldview. Have we? How many Christians have just been “sitting it out” hoping a false “rapture” will save them from this mess so they won’t ever have to get involved and do anything constructive in this world? And where has this neutralizing “rapture” concept come from? Mind you, I am not doubting the Lord’s Second Coming, but that and this rapture theory ain’t the same animal.

What I am afraid of is that many Christians who have become accustomed to planning on a secret, imminent “rapture” to get them out of here when it hits the fan are going to be shocked when they find out that will not save them. Then they will have to realize that the Lord wants them to deal with some of the stuff they have backed away from for decades.

We should have been defending our history, heritage, monuments and flags and mostly we have not bothered. Unfortunately, there will be a price to pay for our wanton neglect and I am not sure we are equipped to pay that price.

In Luke 23:31 Jesus, before His crucifixion, asked the question “For if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” We might ask the question today–if the communists and those that fund them do all this stuff now, what will they do if they ever really seize power? There are Christians in our day that do not want to ever deal with anything “negative” and so they ignore most of what happens around them. At some point they will be forced to deal with what is going on around them–and most will not be prepared to do it.

Terrorism in America Isn’t New–Nor will it cease anytime soon

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently a friend at church asked me a question that showed he had been thinking. He said “Was there anything like the BLM around before the Civil War?” It was a good question, one most people would not have thought of in our day of gross historical ignorance.

After a bit of thought what popped into my mind was terrorist John Brown’s atrocities in Kansas and his attack on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. The parallels to today are quite striking. Brown was a 19th century terrorist trying to do away with slavery. I have seen comments that he was some sort of communist. I would not doubt that. He had two Forty-eighters in his merry little band of terrorists when he was in Kansas. I don’t think they came east with him.

While in Kansas he made a point of attacking Southern families, even if they owned no slaves. John Brown and his “Northern Army” made war on Southerners even before Abe Lincoln did–just because they were Southerners. Terrorists always make war on innocent people. It scares most people into non-resistance to the terrorists efforts and goals.

I found an informative article by Steve Byas in the Feb. 7th, 2017 issue of the New American Magazine entitled John Brown’s Lethal Legacy. Mr. Byas went into quite a bit of detail about Brown’s terrorist activity and also about the wealthy northeasterners that financed and supported it. You should be able to find this on the internet. I did.

In referring to Brown’s terrorist killings in Kansas, Mr. Byas noted: “These brutal murders took place during the struggle between violent pro–and anti-slavery forces for control of the Kansas territory–known to history as ‘Bleeding Kansas.’ While the body of John Brown, as the song says, is ‘moldering in the grave,’ his example still inspires modern radicals, who justify violence upon the innocent if the cause is ‘just.’ Following the election of Donald Trump, Brown was specifically cited by some extremists to justify a violent response…and behind similar violent protesters today–are the radical men with the money,…” Indeed, the group that is called The Secret Six that supported and financed John Brown were the George Soros’ and Rockefellers and Fords of their day–“willing to invest money in treason” as Unitarian Thomas Wentworth Higginson said in that day.

If you want to check out what some of the present day radicals on the left are doing then do an internet search on The John Brown Gun Clubs.

Another interesting site you might want to check out is This site claims it is “putting the red back in redneck.” Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they are talking about. Where Black Lives Matter is directed at blacks, this site is directed at whites, but they stand for the same things that BLM does–tearing down capitalism and “white supremacy” and their (not your) right to revolution.

And one more for your reading pleasure The sources listed here should give you some idea of what is going on in our day–and what has gone on since the War of Northern Aggression–and before. It’s nothing new, folks. To figure it out all you need is a sense of history and being willing to connect the dots. It’s like the Bible says in Ecclesiastes, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Leftist radicals in the 1850s had the same goals as they do in our day–the destruction of our country and its culture and its real history. Didn’t know it had been going on that long, did you? That’s because most of us were never taught real history–but it’s not too late for us to learn.

How To Stifle Peaceful Assembly–Bring In ANTIFA

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

A peaceful patriotic group assembled in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, August 4th for a patriotic prayer rally. There was no problem with this, as there should not have been. These are not the kind of folks that start riots. However, at some point the fascist-oriented Leftist group Antifa arrived. After their arrival and their subsequent “activities” which included throwing bottles and other things at the police,  the Portland police declared an “emergency situation” and informed all those present that if they did not leave the area they would be subject to arrest.

This is somewhat the same situation that prevailed in Charlottsville, Virginia last year around this time or shortly thereafter. Several Rightist groups that had assembled there were no real problem until Antifa and others of their Leftist ilk came on the scene, which resulted in all kinds of problems because Antifa started attacking people and only when they defended themselves did the police step in.

It almost seems, in a lot of these situations, as if the police have standing orders not to do anything until someone responds to Antifa violence. If no one responded and the patriotic groups just stood there and let Antifa beat on them one wonders if the police would do anything at all. But once someone on the Rightist side has the temerity to dare to resist Antifa aggression, then the police step in and declare an emergency and break up the rally, whatever it had been about. You almost get the impression that Antifa violence is okay but resistance to it is not.

I haven’t noticed Antifa breaking up an Leftist demonstrations, which often end up destroying private property. But, then, that’s not part of their  agenda while attacking and assaulting those on the Right is. And,  please, don’t let anyone misinform you that Antifa is “anti-fascist.” They are one of the most fascist groups around. When all is said and done, fascism is a Leftist ideology–the second cousin to communism.

It seems that nowadays all you have to do to deprive people of their First Amendment right of peaceful assembly to redress their grievances, or even to pray, is to make sure Antifa shows up and starts assaulting people and the police will end the assembly then and there! Almost seems like that’s the plan. If the group assembling to make a statement is anywhere to the right of Che Guevara then you can almost depend on an Antifa presence to shut down their free speech.

You do have to wonder who tells the police to stand down and let Antifa do what they want and only to  react if someone resists an Antifa assault. Is it the local authorities? Is it someone higher up than them who tells them what or what not to do?

You also have to wonder, sometimes, does the “to serve and protect” written on some police cars refer only to Antifa and not to ordinary American citizens? Why do so many police departments only act when someone at a rally resists being assaulted by some Antifa thug with a mask on? Who are the police there to protect–the Antifa fascists or ordinary citizens?

Has anyone considered that Antifa might be the perfect vehicle to deprive some Americans of their First Amendment protections in a public setting? That thought has occurred to me so I’m sure it has occurred to lots of others also.

And who funds Antifa? That’s a sixty-four dollar question. I’m also sure lots of folks have a pretty good idea–probably the man who seeks to be “the conscience of the world”  is one of the biggest paymasters for them. Who does Antifa really work for? Part of the Deep State? Are they part of the “pressure from below” that is being exerted on the American people by those who are waiting for their chance to exert their “pressure from above” on us? Inquiring minds would like to know–but then, maybe some of them already do.

The Mainstream Media Is A Fraud


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Anyone who has followed the machinations of what we affectionately call the Main Stream Media (MSM) knows that what I have stated above in the title of this article is nothing new.

The so-called “news” media (really Fake News media) has not been about real news probably at any point in my lifetime. I have watched situations I have been involved with as they were “reported” by the MSM and what they report is usually totally at variance with what actually happened. They don’t report the news. That’s not really their job, although they try to con the public into thinking it is. Their real job is to spin the news so it comes across in a way that satisfies those who pay them. Reporting real, accurate news is last on their list of  priorities.

And these “news anchors” on CNN and MSNBC  and other mainstream sites are beyond ludicrous. In fact, they stretch all the way to ridiculous. How anyone can sit through more than ten seconds of their Leftist drivel is beyond me.

An interesting column appeared on on 11/15/16, written, I think, by a John Daniel Davidson. He refers to a column by Margaret Sullivan in the Washington Post in which she is “concerned” about free speech during a Trump presidency.

Davidson noted that: “The column itself is a fine example of an emerging subgenre of post-election journalism that pretends to care about free speech now that Trump has won the White House. The great irony of these missives is that the outlets publishing them didn’t  seem to care all that much during Barack Obama’s tenure in  office. They were willing to either turn a blind eye to the administration’s attacks on the First Amendment, or actively cheer these on.” The article notes that the Left has a First Amendment problem. It points to liberal (really Leftist) professors and college campuses around the country that have a big problem with conservative speakers. In spite of what they claim, the real motto of the Leftists is Free  speech for me, but not for thee. The true shallowness of their positions stands out in an honest debate and they realize that, so honest debate must be shut down. The “news” media, who have the same bosses as the Leftists on campus are more than happy to accommodate their Comrades in academia.

The article also observed: “Clinton ran  for president on a platform that included amending the Constitution specifically to ban criticism of her. She’s not alone. In 2014, every Democratic member of the Senate voted to overturn Citizens United by Amending the First Amendment to give Congress broad powers to suppress political speech through campaign finance reform.” Don’t recall the “news” media having a lot to say about that.

Another article on the same site for 2/15/18 said: “Half the country  wants to know why the press won’t cover the growing scandal now implicating the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice, and threatening to reach the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, and perhaps even the Obama White House.”

The answer to that one is simple. Now that all this “Russian collusion with Trump” has proven to be nothing more than a bunny trail of gigantic proportions the real direction of actual Russian collusion has pointed at Hillary and her good buddies in the FBI, and  our  intrepid “news” media ain’t about to touch any of that  with a ten-foot pole. The public is not supposed to be aware of all that and the news media, so called, will try to keep us busy with other distractions so we pay no attention to the Hillary and Putin Uranium One Show (featuring Bill Clinton and his amazing half million dollar speech in Moscow)

So, folks, this is  what our “news” media is really all about–smoke and mirrors and make sure you don’t pull  that curtain back too far or you might actually see that nasty little man, George, that is running much of this machine and paying for what he can’t run himself.

We need to begin to realize that what the “news” media refuses to deal with is actually much more important than the frivolities  they spread in front of us to distract us from the real truth. To say that the mainstream media are liars would be charitable. Start checking out alternative media if you want to know what really goes on.