General Flynn and Obamagate

by Al Benson Jr.

After reviewing all the documents available, the Justice Department found no grounds for the charges against General Michael Flynn and so they sensibly dropped them.

However, the radical leftist judge General Flynn was forced to appear before has decided he’s not happy with that verdict so he is trying to drag the process out by not signing off on the case. He has called for yet another liberal judge to sign on to see if he can find anyone, anywhere, that might possibly have some dirt on General Flynn that they can pull in to keep this charade going, preferably until just before the election in November.

It’s really all about trying to ensure that Trump doesn’t get a second term.

The charges against General Flynn were prompted by operatives from the outgoing Obama administration in an attempt to cripple the incoming Trump administration before it even got started.

This was a blatant attempt by Obama’s Deep State bosses to not only cripple the incoming Trump administration but also to prevent it from making many changes in Washington that would change much of what the corrupt Obama administration  had done and that could not be permitted. Operatives from the Obama administration have continued to try to halt the Trump administration from implementing its own agenda.

They are still doing it!

All the fake news crap thrown against the wall by leftist Adam Schiff was an attempt at that. He claimed he had mountains of evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. That was three years ago. To this date no one has seen one  scintilla  of Comrade Schiff’s “evidence.” That is probably because it is non-existent.

Then we had the Mueller “investigation” which was another leftist exercise in futility. As much as he hated to have to admit it, Comrade Mueller also found zero evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, though he stalled for two years before being forced to admit that.

And then we had the Democrat’s impeachment of Trump–yet another exercise in socialist buffoonery. Naturally it went nowhere, but not to worry. The Democrats plan to do it all over again–and if it fails again, why they will make try number 3 without doubt.

It has finally been shown, as if it needed to be anymore, that the Obama administration, the most corrupt in our  history, was responsible for trying to overthrow the results of the 2016 election in an attempted coup. What remains is to be seen what will be done about that. Will true justice be served and those people prosecuted? Or will it be the standard Deep State response of a slap on the wrist and back to the business of screwing the American people as usual?

The American people deserve justice. Will they get it? The attempted coup against the president they elected has now been exposed–no thanks to our “news” media who have given cover to the people that attempted this illegal coup.

I am afraid, at this point, when it comes to this kind of thing, that I am from Missouri–you gotta “show me.” The people in the Obama administration that perpetrated this coup–Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and a whole bunch of other leftist worthies need to do some serious jail time. Will that happen? Let’s just say I am less than certain at this point.


Obama’s Back–If He Ever Even Left

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently, at a college commencement address, an event this is usually supposed to accent the positive, Barack Obama took time to criticize Donald Trump’s handling of the Chinese virus situation.

I expect such is about all you can expect from the likes of him.  In my opinion he is not fit to polish Trump’s boots! One is tempted to wonder just how he would have handled this virus–if you  could have gotten him to quit vacationing long enough to find out.

Trump fired back, saying Obama was corrupt–and understatement if ever there was one. For Comrade Obama being corrupt would have been a major step up! As far as he went, Trump was correct.

Obama is a Marxist, therefore he was not fit to be the president of a free country. Communist China would be much more to his taste and while in office, he tried to move this country in that direction.

Years ago on this blog, I mentioned a book called Radical in Chief  written by Stanley Kurtz. I picked it up in the used book section of the local Books A Million store for five bucks. It was one of the best investments I ever made. You may still be able to get it on Amazon, and if you can, I would urge you to order it.

Mr. Kurtz thoroughly documents Obama’s radical socialist origins and upbringing. He was basically what we call a Red diaper baby–meaning he was raised to be a Marxist from his earliest days. He never had a chance at anything else, hence he could not be anything other than what he was and still is.

Obama was never, never his own person. He was and still is only a mouthpiece for the Radical Left and still will only do and say what he Leftist handlers tell him to. He is the racist putty in their hands.

When he ran for president he told us he wanted to fundamentally transform the United States. At the time most people, particularly the useful  idiots, thought he meant something good and positive for the country. Had they only been privy to his Marxist background they would have understood that his statement did not bode well for the citizens of a Constitutional Republic but rather were more in line with what Communist China desires for its citizens–total subjugation.

That’s what Obama wanted for us–and what he still wants for us.  And he is still willing to work toward that end. This is why his outgoing administration tried so very hard to deep six the incoming Trump administration.

There are still lots of Obama holdovers in the Trump administration that he needs to get rid of. Some are gone, but not nearly enough. Keep your eyes open and watch and observe, because Obama and his Leftist coterie are nowhere near through in their efforts to unseat Trump. Let us pray that Mr. Trump realizes that fact.

Communist China and the Wuhan Virus

by Al Benson Jr.

An official from the Trump administration was interviewed on television recently. I disremember his name, but he made an interesting statement. He said: “It took President Trump three and a half years to build a great economy and it took the Chinese Communist Party 60 days to destroy it.” I think this man knew the score. He understood where it was really at. This was the name of the game! 

It is now known that Communist China pressured the Marxist World Health Organization to soft-pedal info on their virus to the rest of the world way back in early December.

I understand several bills will be offered in Congress designed to hold Red China responsible for what has happened with their virus. Watch for the Democrats to attempt to deep six all of these. They want nothing bad said about their friends in Beijing, whose model of government they would love to force on the American people.

At this point it has been reported that 60% of the American public has an unfavorable view of Red China. Our managed media will now have to forge a gigantic media blitz to try to overcome that and to display to the American public what a loving, compassionate and caring regime the Chinese Communists really are and now stupid and ignorant we are for daring  to think anything bad about such wonderful people. Watch for them to attempt this very soon.

I recently read about home some face masks imported from Red China were found to be defective. It is my fond hope that America learns a lesson from the Chinese Communists–that above all–you can trust the Communists to be Communists and that’s all you can trust them for! Communists can be trusted for nothing except deception–and they are masters of deceit at that!

For all the misery they have foisted on the world (and I am not sure it was accidental or unintentional, regardless of what Dr. Fauci thinks) we need sanctions against Red China, the cancelling of our debt to them, and the shifting of all our medical material and supplies made over there back to this country.

On the theological end, the Chinese Communists are nothing but Christ haters, as are all Communists, no matter what they say. Christians in this country had better grasp that salient fact and discontinue ignoring it as though it didn’t exist.

And as far as our “entertainment” media is concerned, it has moved  from entertainment to “brainwashing 101.” Hollyweird is now kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party by willingly censoring out of American films any scene that might offend the Communists. From this fact alone, do you begin to get a glimpse of who is really running Hollyweird, who really controls what you see in many movies? Look for a Formosan flag in many Hollywood movies. You won’t see it! It is as forbidden in Hollyweird as our Confederate flags are–unless they can be shown in an unfavorable light.

How many Communist students from China are infesting our universities,  benefitting from US educations that they take back to China to use against this country. What are Harvard’s connections to Red China? There must be stuff on the internet about that by now, unless the Reds have managed to have it all scrubbed. Having spent much time in the hospital recently, I can’t say for sure.

Communist China Wants to Rule the World

by Al Benson Jr.

However, they do not want armed confrontation with us. Rather they prefer to use other methods to subvert us and thereby take over. Hence, they have wormed their way,  with the willing aid of socialist Americans, into our news media, our entertainment media, our schools and universities ( K-12 as well as the colleges) and all our communications media.

We need to begin to start denying them access to all of these and we had better start doing that immediately, if not sooner.

In addition to spreading their Chinese virus all over the world the Chinese Reds have sought to corner the market on personal protection equipment  (PPE) so they would have it and the rest of us would not.

Red China wants to rule the world and is fully willing to subvert us to do that. Unfortunately there are too many socialist Americans  ready and willing to help them do just that.

So the Red Chinese government has found a willing accomplice  in all this in the vast majority of the US “news” media. Our so-called “news” media willing supports the Red Chinese line on their virus. There was a saner day when such activity might have been considered treason. No more it seems!

And the managed media also seems totally willing to support the gigantic political overreach and unconstitutional power grabs of many state governors, who, due to their small minds and lack of any real stature, are really on nothing more than huge power trips. This virus and the problems it has engendered has given them their golden opportunity to really “be important” and they ain’t about to pass that up. Whether their draconian efforts to “control” the spread of the virus or not are  totally irrelevant is beside the point. Would be potentates just love to rule, constitutionally or otherwise (and it’s mostly otherwise.).

Communist Chinese Influence

by Al Benson Jr.

Red China influences our “news” media. They influence our universities. They influence our communications.

Red China seeks to create a system where our economic systems are reliant on them. When they do that, they control us. They pressured the World “Health” Organization to sit on info about their virus–not that they had to work real hard to do that. No doubt the WHO was more than willing. There was an article in the May 4th issue of the New American magazine entitled The WHO is communist. Very informative article, it gave back ground on the last two heads of the WHO, both of whom are Marxists.

Red China knew back last October that something was amiss concerning this virus,  yet they sat on this info and made double sure nothing about it got out. China has also been accused of cyber-hacking in an attempt to steal our research on cures for their virus.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Tony Fauci, one of Trump’s leading health advisors, is a big fan of Tedros and the WHO. Talk about a fox in the henhouse! Fauci seems to portray himself as totally apolitical, yet you have to wonder–as he goes out of his way to apologize for Tedros and the WHO–is he really that naïve, or is something else at work here–such as getting Trump to restart our huge funding for WHO?

PBS and some other US companies are now taking their cues from Red China–(see Chris Fenton’s Feeding the Dragon. They are little more than apologists for the Red Chinese. I wonder how long their companies will continue to exist is Red China gains world domination.

The Democratic Party in this country is notoriously pro-Chinese Communist. They would rather side with the Chinese Communist Party than with patriotic Americans.

In what almost has to be farcial, Red China has pledged $2 billion to “fight” the virus they are responsible for unleashing on the world. For what they have cost our country alone, $2 billion ain’t even chicken feed!!! This is nothing more than a Chinese Communist propaganda ploy designed to fool the naïve, because no one but them is stupid enough to buy it. However, their stool pigeons in our “news” media will buy it and run with it–showing all and sundry whose side they are really on.

It’s Now “Racist” To Tell The Truth

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, you needed to know that it wouldn’t be long in coming.

That darling of the radical Left, Kamala Harris, has introduced a bill into the Senate that would make it a crime to label the Chinese virus we have all been subjected to as the “Wuhan Virus.” Such labeling would automatically be deemed “racist”  while I supposed if we called it the “Trump Virus” that would be perfectly fine.

Does Comrade Harris realize how she is trying to infringer on our First Amendment rights? I’m sure she does and frankly I am also sure she doesn’t give a damn. That she is trying to exonerate her Chinese Communist comrades should be blatantly obvious and it would appear that she’s okay with that. It will make her comrades in this country and China happy and it should also show any discerning person just exactly where Comrade Harris’ loyalties really lie.

Whether her racist resolution passes or not, as far as I am concerned this will always be the Chinese virus–and if she doesn’t like that, then she can stuff it!

It has also been documented by some patriotic commentators that professors at several American universities are actually on the Chinese Communist payroll. I guess, in some quarters, you could say that there is value in a college education–but value for who? Certainly not for most American students!

Universities that employ professors whose first loyalty is to Communist China need to be exposed and those professors in them whose first loyalty is to the Chinese Communist Party need to be shipped out of this country and back to the Communist country where their true loyalties lie. They are the ultimate last thing we need here trying to subvert the loyalties of our young folks.

Our leftist problem in universities is not a new thing. I wrote about it five decades ago, as have lots of other folks. Most folks just ignored what we said. That’s getting harder to do nowadays. Maybe the people that just choose to ignore this truth deserve the young Marxists they will inherit down the road unless they wake up and start being really selective as to where they send their kids to college.

I suppose that next it will be deemed “racist” to expose Communists teaching at our universities. Stay tuned!

Whose Side is Fox News On?

by Al Benson Jr.

Martha McCallum on Fox News recently interviewed Richard Haas of the Council on Foreign Relations. While Haas was forced to admit that Red China’s behavior regarding the virus it loosed on the world was pretty egregious, he nonetheless stopped way, way short of advocating that we stop dealing with them.

Our stopping any dealings with Red China would put a big dent in the globalist agenda the CFR has as its main project and so Haas said that we must now look for “new international organizations” that will assist us in dealing with Red China. That’s a pile of bovine fertilizer.

So why is a commentator on Fox News interviewing the head of the CFR? Fox News shouldn’t be having anything to do with the CFR.

In spite of having a handful of good, patriotic commentators on, such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, you have to start to wonder just whose side Fox News is really on.

Churches Shut Down by Tinpot Dictators with Inflated Egos and Small Minds

by Al Benson Jr.

It’s interesting to see how many states during this Chinese virus pandemic are more than willing to tout and promote abortion clinics as “essential businesses”to be kept open while making sure churches are shuttered as “non-essential.”

This seems to be the pattern in the socialist “blue” states, mostly in the North. States like Michigan, Illinois, and California are notorious for this. In my opinion the officials in these states that want churches closed are anti-Christ, whether they even realize it or not, (and many do).

This Chinese virus has given them and excuse to do what many of them have longed to do–suppress the Christian faith. They now have an excuse to promote their anti-Christian bias and they will keep our churches closed as long as they dare.

Churches should not let them get away with this. They should safely meet for worship and expose the anti-Christian bias of many of their state and city officials. The right of Christian churches to meet for worship is a God-given right, protected by the First Amendment. They should not willingly ignore this right, lest they end up losing it.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is essential for the spiritual health of this nation and the suppression of the right to proclaim that Gospel will bode ill for the spiritual health of this nation. Better we should keep the churches open and shutter the abortion clinics. Churches are essential. Abortion isn’t.

Those who want to close churches are small minded people with inflated egos.  They really want to play god and tell us what we can and cannot do. They have the same mindset as the Chinese Communists. We dare not let them get away with this suppression of our God-given liberties.

Acts 5:29 says “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

“Enjoy Americana Now–Made in China”

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, after another 21 days in the hospital I am home again-for who knows how long. The doctor says this time it’s all taken care of. You’ll forgive me if I don’t quite trust his word. He’s only been wrong the previous three times so why should I believe his this time?

But I took lots of notes while in there and I will try to pass some of it along before my next stay in there.

As more and more about this Red Chinese virus comes out it becomes more and more apparent  that Red China had full knowledge of what the effect of their virus would be. The Chinese Communist government forbid Chinese from flying to other parts of China from Wuhan but they freely allowed them to fly all over the rest of the world. That fact alone should tell you something. They wanted to make damn sure they shared their killer virus with the rest of us. This is known as Communist generosity!

Now the Red Chinese are using the same old Soviet Communist party line of trying to blame America for the spread of the virus. How typical this is! It is classic cultural Marxism–blame others for what you yourself are doing.

I watched one Fox News commentator who said that China’s current practices might signal the end of globalism. Lord hasten that day!!!

Red China knew how deadly this virus was in early December, and yet they concealed that Some of their own doctors tried to get that info out and the Communist government “persuaded” them, physically and otherwise, to “forget” to pass that info along. Communist China did not want Corona Virus info to reach the rest of the world. Why?  So China could jockey itself into the most important political situation worldwide. The Chinese Reds plan to rule the world–just like the Soviet Reds did.

The intelligence services of 5 countries (5 eyes) have released a 15 page report detailing how very much aware Red China was early on about the potential destruction of this virus.

Folks, don’t kid yourselves about how “accidental” the release of this virus was. It wasn’t!

What Does the Term “Progressive” Mean?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Another reflection from when I was still in hospital.

Well, Comrade Obama finally endorsed Sleepy Joe Biden for president. Better late than never I guess. He said Biden was the most “progressive candidate.”  Let us not kid ourselves, or anyone else. The term Progressive means socialist–and in todays stifling political climate, socialist means communist.

Let us also no kid ourselves that Joe Biden will really be the president. Oh, he may hold the office but you have to know he won’t be calling the shots. Often Biden can barely string two sentences together without a major gaffe. Even the CNN propagandists have looked askance at some of what he has said. Can anyone in his right mind believe Biden will be the real president?

Hardly! He will be little more than a figurehead. Others behind the scenes will put their words in his mouth and hope they come back out making some sort of socialist sense. Make no mistake. Someone behind the curtain will move their Marxist agenda, hopefully using Biden as the front man.

This is how the game will be played. If he gets to the point where all he can do is babble, then “his” agenda will be presented to the public in written form or presented by some mouthpiece pretending to speak for him, but really speaking for those leftist forces that use Biden as their figurehead president.

It will be pure political theater, folks, but beware of, and be ready to oppose the far-left schemes that will be presented through it. I wonder, at this point, who Biden will be told to name as his vice-president. That may have a lot to do with how this game is played.