“That Which Has Been Is That Which Shall Be”

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of this article has one more line in it that would have made it too long for a title. That line is “And there is nothing new under the sun.” This is taken from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It’s sort of a paraphrase of the 9th verse of chapter one–not an exact rendering, but close enough so you get the idea. Nowhere is this more applicable than in Washington, D.C. the District of Corruption.

Recently, I started working my way through a book by Helen Jones Campbell, which I found at a local library. The book is Confederate Courier and deals with the life of John Surratt Jr., the son of Mary Surratt, who was hung as one of the “co-conspirators” in the Lincoln assassination. I’ve done articles on Mrs. Surratt for this blog but its been a few years ago, and I contended that she was innocent of complicity in Lincoln’s assassination. She may have been complicit in a plan to kidnap Lincoln, but I don’t feel she was part of a scheme to kill him. But Washington being Washington, needed another sacrificial victim–guilty or innocent made no difference as long as someone’s agenda was moved along, in this case probably Edwin Stanton’s.

Campbell makes some interesting observations. She noted, on page 2 that “The war had been over for two years, and the Union preserved after a fashion, but nothing had gone back to being as it had been…” It never would either. The country had gone from being some semblance of a representative republic and was now in its first stages of socialist democracy–a course it has persevered in unto this day. If you think that’s far out, just look at the politicians today who blithely refer to the country as “our democracy.”

In regard to the trial of Surratt and the others Campbell observed: “In spite of protests by many government officials, legal authorities, and newspapers over the world, these civilians were ordered to face a military commission. ‘Unconstitutional’ said the public; civilians could not be tried by the military when established courts were open and available. But they had been….and by the rules of the court dened the right to speak a word in their own defense, such an outburst had shaken the city and nation that Stanton had wavered.” But not much!

However, the fun was only beginning. Campbell stated that “Witnesses had told horrifying tales of Jefferson Davis as instigator of the crime, of a plan to assassinate all the cabinet members, too, to burn New York City, poison its wells, pack explosives in coal cars, infect the North with smallpox….Each day’s testimony had rocked the town anew…No story was too lurid to repeat, no embellishment too wild.”

Campbell noted of Louis Weichman that “Stanton had questioned him, frightened him silly, and then committed him to Old Capitol Prison to think his story over. His testimony had hanged Mrs. Surratt, but after her death he suffered such great remorse that he had confessed to various friends. ‘I didn’t want to hang’ he had said. ‘If they’d let me say what I wanted to, she wouldn’t have hanged’.” When Stanton heard of this he called Weichman on the carpet about it. According to Campbell “Lou denied it and hurried out of town to a job the secretary found for him in Philadelphia….No sooner had this quieted down when a news story broke that a school for perjury had been conducted in the New National Hotel. A New York newsman, paid by Stanton, had written testimony and coached witnesses in its delivery. Eight such witnesses had testified and not one of them, including their tutor, had testified under his own name. This was testimony that linked the Confederate officials and John Surratt to the murder. Without this testimony there could have been no charge against him.”

All this proves one thing. The Deep State. whether 150 years ago or today, has an agenda that is destructive to the truth and they will push that agenda no matter who it hurts or how many lives it destroys. They couldn’t care less about any of that. Anyone thinking you can appeal to their “better nature” is naive in the extreme. These people prostitute themselves and others without hesitation to gain their desired goals. If they thought it would further their agenda they’d call God a liar–something they’ve done indirectly for decades already.

Washington, in the District of Corruption, is a city built on lies, deception, deceit, and hurt. When lives are destroyed its denizens laugh! To them that means they’ve done a good job. Today’s fascist Democrats are no different than yesterday’s radical Republican Yankee/Marxists. They all originated in the same slime.

What’s going on today in Washington is what has gone on before in Washington and even though the names may be different, it’s the same old socialist/Illuminist game that has been going on for a long, long time.

Those that pray imprecatory Psalms regarding many of Washington’s Swamp denizens are not all that much off track, in fact they may have figured out what the game is more than most have.


If It’s Christian or Conservative Then It’s “hate speech”

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, the “big tech” media moguls have, in their infinitesimal wisdom,  now decreed that all speech even remotely connected to Christianity, conservatism, or patriotism is automatically to be defined as “hate speech.” Well might we ask, who gives them the unfettered “right” to determine this? Actually nobody, they have just taken it upon themselves to promote this cultural fertilizer. You have to realize this. “Big Tech” is the communications arm of the Deep State and they will promote whatever line their bettors tell them to. They are in no way independent. They are slaves of the Deep State, and if they don’t promote the line the higher-ups tell them to, then it’s “Katy bar the door.” They’ll wish they’d never been born!

Besides, any “speech” that is Christian, conservative or patriotic has to be in competition to the One World Government line they have been hired to push,  and so it makes sense to them to, insofar as possible, eliminate their competition. Free speech to them is the right of different leftist viewpoints to be discussed. Anyone with a non-leftist viewpoint need not apply. They don’t want to hear it and they work to make sure no one else hears it either.

These are the people who rail about “censorship” and yet when push comes to shove they are the biggest censors anywhere. Many conservative groups and individuals have felt the iron hand of their gentle ministrations, myself included. They seem not only to attack sites like http://www.infowars.com which, to their chagrin, still gets millions of viewers, but they go after ordinary folks like me, whose blogs only get a few thousand views per year. They are equal opportunity censors–they chastise the big and the little with equal vehemence if any of us says what they don’t like.

You have to understand–this isn’t just a computer game to those people–they are literally at war with any and all that promote Christianity, real conservatism as opposed to neo-conservatism, and, when it comes to culture and heritage, they actually loathe anything even remotely Southern. The South and its heritage is anathema to these  people. The West and its heritage are the same. Both of these have to be wiped from the minds of ordinary Americans and what passes for a news media in this country daily labors at that chore, with a few exceptions.

I repeat, so as to drive the point home so you will grasp it. Those people, the Deep State, Big Tech, many in Congress in both parties, too many still in government, and the “news” media are all at war with us dregs and deplorables that voted for Trump. We want our country back–they want to keep it so they can suck us dry just like the Yankee/Marxists did to the South during a “reconstruction” that continues on to this day. Too many of us still don’t get it.

The John Birch Society (now there’s a name those people cringe at) has as part of its program the education of people and the exposure to the public of this country’s  enemies. Both are necessary ingredients if this country is to be taken back from the conspiratorial Deep State. And we need the help of the Lord to guide and direct us because without His aid we can’t do spit!

What’s Junior Playing On His PC?


by Daniel Benson

Lets sit down and talk. Do you know what your kids are playing on their pc’s, their xbox ones, their play stations? Well let me tell you, those games are not setting them up for anything positive. The games I will list below are just the tip of the iceberg as to what they play. Others teach them to kill each other in any way possible. So what are they playing?

In the “shooter” games listed here, Fortnite, PugB, Smite, Paladins, Tom Clancy’s Siege, Call of Duty, Gears of War and many others not mentioned, “shooters” pit one against another or even teams against one another. Yet, as your kids grow up do they realize how this gaming affects how they think? As importantly, do you realize how it affects how and what they think? Just look at the episode at the recent Madden Tournament, how one loser reacted to losing; he started shooting! So what do you teach your kids about guns (and you do need to teach them). These games teach them how to shoot at other people. Would they shoot at you if they got upset enough? Are you willing to find out? Zombies are a huge part of shooting games and where has anyone seen a zombie? Horde is the other player vs. player environment, where they get to chase each other around and kill each other. Is this good for their brains at any age?

Need for Speed, The Crew, 1 and 2 and GTA and many other games like these teach them that destroying personal property doesn’t matter, just so you win at any cost and make sure the cops pay. Police are victims of how many violent crimes because we are so used to killing them in video games, why not shoot them, hit them, or kill them in real life? It’s all just like a video game, right? Run anyone who might challenge you for a win off the road at any cost. Road rage sound familiar? That’s your kids when they grow up! All the talk they see on You Tube and cop chases that should never have happened in the first place is because video games teach us to run from the cops, not to respect men and women trying to protect themselves and everyone else.

Diablo 3 is a great fantasy game, and yes, I have played lots of games, this is just one of the many. But it teaches us to hack and slash our way through life because that’s how it’s done in Diablo 3. Tera, World of Warcraft, Rift, Black Desert and many others–I can name them all. We can party up to kill things, we all get some of the loot and wow, we are so good! But the lasting effect on us is slowly numbing us to how many murders this country has each day. And last but not least let’s pick on Detroit, or whatever it’s called, where you are a machine and there are multitudes of possible endings based completely on how you feel like doing it. Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy are two games who do both rpg (meaning role playing games and mmo, meaning mass multiplayer online role playing games, letting you kill indiscriminately whenever you want. Even Minecraft and Roboblox can’t stay away from multiplayer spaces and Roboblox had a young female player in the game, raped by two other male players in the game, so what’s the mindset here like???

You don’t have a clue what your kids are playing do you? I know one family whose five-year old plays this stuff. Psychologically we are slowly turning into a country whose idea of “fun” is virtual reality. If we can’t kill, maim or destroy something, we won’t play the game. Great thought processes for our future generation to be engaged in, right? Fortnite just lets you run and kill. Why think? Oh, let’s play tag, but wait, why run around in real life when I can jump around like a monkey online? Forget social graces–we can taunt each other and make fun of each other in the mmo games. Who cares about how others feel? I won’t meet them in real life will I? Well, yes, you just might. Consider that that person is just like you and they have feelings just like you, or have you gotten so numb you can’t feel anything anymore?

To close, do you, even for a second, watch what your kids are playing, where gold is just picked up by the 1000’s at a time they think money grows on trees? It doesn’t, but they won’t know that because, hey, they are going to play games professionally, you know, and they will be rich! Good luck with that!

So Who Is Really Running the Country?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

So who is really running this country? I have to conclude, although it’s not a new conclusion, that it ain’t Donald Trump.  Rather it’s those who can refuse to obey his direct orders and get away with it–the Swamp creatures Trump promised to get rid if and hasn’t been able to yet because they are all so busy trying to get rid of him he doesn’t have time to take a deep breath.

Trump ordered a batch of FBI and DOJ documents declassified and released so the public could see what the Deep State and its intelligence agencies have been doing to shaft us. Is that going to happen? As the feller in West Virginia says “In your dreams Alice!” Lots of us were hoping this would happen and that Trump could make it stick so we’d get a peek at where all the termites were hiding. Now it appears that the termites will stay in hiding, at least until they have completely eaten away the guts of the body politic, and after that it won’t make any difference.

It seems that Comrade Rosenstein and company have the power to refuse Trump’s demand and they plan on doing that right up front, leaving no doubt whatever as to who is really running the show. Deep State one, Trump zero!

Rosenstein, Brennan and company can’t afford to let the public know what they have really been doing to us, so they will manage to keep most of it totally hidden under the dubious guise of “protecting national security and classified information” and their own hides as well. Oh, the public may find out a little tidbit here and there, like what Comrade Rosenstein had for lunch on January 20th, 2017, but that will be about it.

Have any of you all ever watched Rosenstein on tv or the internet, with that ghastly smirk of his. It’s like he’s laughing in our faces and telling us “You rubes know what, I’m sticking it to you good and you can’t do a d— thing about it, so live with it!”

In an article on http://www.zerohedge.com for today, September 21, 2018 it was noted that: “If this latest revelation from the New York Times doesn’t drive President Trump to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or convince Congress to impeach him, then we can’t imagine what would. In a shocking report citing a bevy of anonymous DOJ officials, the NYT recounted on Friday an aborted mutiny attempt organized by Rosenstein,  who allegedly tried to organize members of Trumps cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to oust Trump from office.” This took place in 2017.

The NYT article continued: “While Rosenstein and Trump clearly never saw eye to eye,  the level of resentment that Rosenstein harbored toward the president was not previously known.  Unsurprisingly, the story has already fired up speculation that Rosenstein may have been the anonymous administration official who penned a critical op-ed that was published earlier this month in the New York Times…”

So what will Mr. Trump do about all of this. I hope I may be wrong, but I fear he will do nothing. The Deep State may well cut his political throat and even at that, he may well not have judged the degree of their malevolence toward him.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. The Deep State cannot afford to let Trump try to give the American people a break. They’ve got to stop him, because their agenda for us and our culture is our faces in the mud with their jackboots on our necks. It won’t work for them any other way–and besides, that idea appeals to them. They like it. Hillary would have loved it, which is one reason they thought so much of her. All you need to do is check out hers and Biden’s comments about us to know what they really think of us.

The biblical injunction to us is to forgive such people, as hard as that is–and we should try to do that–as hard as it is. But forgiving them does not imply that we should give into their crummy agenda for us and our children. That needs to be resisted–and exposed!

Worship and Christian Duty

by Daniel Benson

Sunday mornings are a time for worshipping God. Do we honor Him when we rush through our service to get to our football or baseball game or our fishing boat? This is a sacred time to reflect, to be grateful, and to honor as well as treasure our Lord Jesus as we partake of His life through the sacrament of Communion and worship Him through song and prayer. Do we really understand God? I would bet, for the most part, we do not. If we really stopped to reflect  on the things we learned on Sunday our lives would be different. Do we live a Christian life seven days a week, or do we live it only on Sunday? I am guessing many don’t know how to live the Christian life seven days a week, and do I? Probably not.  I wish I totally understood what it meant to be a seven-day-a-week Christian. Yet, in my own head,  I know I do not totally understand this yet.

As a Christian, it is your duty to follow, partake of and sometimes be an elected official. In this, we show the world what it means to be a Christian in the political realm. Yet I sense that most do not agree. Most want to sit on the sidelines, watch from behind closed doors and hide so they don’t have to be involved. When will we stand up and be counted? When will we take it upon ourselves to affect the world? Rose colored glasses are what we look through as a whole. We see what we want to see and make it into something we can handle. But this world doesn’t like us, or care about us, or even want us here. So when will we take the bushel off the candle and let the light of God shine into the world?

Children–we talk about training them up in the way they should go–and yet, do we do that, or do they just follow our path  and become “us” later on? In the church I am in I feel they do really try to do this, but the church as a whole kind of sits on their hands and hopes the kids turn out okay. When will we learn that the world trains our kids in their communistic schools to be “worldly” people just like them? How can you reasonably expect a couple hours on Sunday to counteract 30-40 hours of secular school indoctrination weekly. If you do, you might as well be asleep.

What can you do, you ask? For one thing, check out Christian schools in your area or go to home school fairs where you can find them. Start small. Teach your kids the correct way this country should be run. Don’t let the schools do it because they won’t. Even some of the Christian schools won’t. You need to help the kids understand where it all went wrong because we are way beyond that point now. Teach them the correct history, not what they learn in the “schools.” Show them the value of a way of life and help them to understand how to live that life. Then teach them to look  for the correct values in their local politicians. If they can’t find them there, maybe they need to think about doing it instead. But they won’t know unless you teach them, and teach them how to teach their kids. The current system probably won’t fall completely apart for another 100 years, unless something really bad happens.

A Christian viewpoint  is what we need at the local political levels. That would then translate to the state and national levels. But it has to start small, not big. We can’t change it all in one fell swoop. We lost the country slowly, we need to take it back slowly. We start small in our own communities and slowly take back our towns and then our states. The news media can’t be counted on to tell you the truth. You will need to look for it in alternative media. Radio and the internet may become unusable. It’s all controlled by the same people and you can’t trust what they say.

Each of us has a Christian initiative to teach our kids and anyone else who will listen. It starts now and slowly grows into the giant snowball that can’t be stopped. But you need to learn, and then to teach. Without the proper teaching nothing changes. Each of us has a patriotic duty to our country to do this. We can, with the Lord’s help, take the country back. It won’t be fun and it won’t be easy, but we can do it. We need to work together toward this common cause–a re-education of America, a re-unification of our beliefs, and to hell with what the Left thinks! Otherwise we have doomed ourselves, our kids, and our grandchildren and their children and those who follow them to a life of hell.

One day at a time. Take each day and grow, learn, and teach.  We can do it, but we all have to do it. It’s not too late yet, even at this low hour, by God’s grace we can make this our country again. This is our country, and the Left and its allies can’t and won’t take it away from us. We can resist and put them back in their place. But it takes time and there are more than just us that feel this way. Find them and work toward a common goal. It will take all of us, working in our areas to make it work and it will be work. But we can do it.

Phony Conservatives

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The conservative movement in this country has always been plagued by the infiltration of (how can I say this nicely) out and out fakes–people who claimed conservative credentials but were, in reality, on the other side. You can say some of these people were part of the Deep State 40-50 years ago, before we even realized there was such a thing.

Many have noted that William F. Buckley seems to fit into this category.  I realize there are some who will contend that Buckley was a sterling conservative, but note with me some information from the John Birch Society bulletin for March of  this year. You just may find out some things about Mr. Buckley you were unaware of.

The JBS bulletin notes that: “Perhaps the worst indictment of Buckley is that he was a member of the secret society located at Yale University, Skull and Bones. The history of this organization’s members is globalist at best, and in many instances they have openly abetted totalitarians. According to some, Skull and Bones had ties to the Illuminati…” Both Bush 1 and Bush 2 as well as John Kerry were members. Years ago I picked up a book written by Antony Sutton called America’s Secret Establishment–An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones printed by Liberty House Press in Billings, Montana. I don’t even know if it’s still available or not but you can check Amazon or other sources to see. Mr. Sutton was quite a historian and he studied Skull and Bones all the way back to its origins.

The JBS bulletin observes that: “Few knew of Buckley’s membership and cooperation with fellow Skull and Bones members. Neither then nor now has it been well known that Buckley was a CIA operative…Today more people are beginning to understand that our intelligence community has a lot to answer for. The intelligence community has not become involved in the Deep State; the Deep State was inside the intelligence community from the beginning. Allen Dulles was the first director of the CIA. He and his brother, John Foster Dulles, were members of the Council on Foreign Relations from the beginning. They were very much involved in implanting socialism in the established churches of America and also very instrumental in planting the idea that treaties supersede the Constitution, an idea that prior to World War 1 was  never seriously entertained. More than one defector from the Soviet  bloc of countries stated that some CIA personnel were part of the communist apparatus here in the United States. On one occasion, a defector said that his debriefing officer for the CIA was a man he handled as a subordinate in the Soviet spy apparatus.”

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I hope I’m wrong, but I have a hunch that Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue as to how deeply imbedded the Deep State really is in this country, nor, if he is not a  historian, or at least a voracious reader, does he have a clue as to how long it has really been here. Although some might disagree, I would be willing to wager that the Deep State, in some form, goes all the way back to before the War of Northern Aggression.

The very fact that “reconstruction” never really ended, but rather has been continually updated since the end of that War would tend to support this idea. Just a little something for you all to reflect on–past and present.

Who Are Those Men?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just watched a video, one of several taken on the Chilton Ranch on the Arizona/Mexico border. It was a video of armed men in camouflage uniforms, armed with semi-automatic rifles and other equipment, crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona. There was quite a bunch of them. The video I watched was on InfoWars.com but they said it had originally been on the Daily Caller site so you might want to check both sites out to see what you can see.

So who are these guys, armed and crossing from Mexico into Arizona? I’m sure inquiring minds would love to know. Are we being invaded? Are these some of the Deep States regional force being sent in here for our own good, to protect us from that monster, Trump? Are they part of a drug cartel?

I hope folks will go either to the Daily Caller site or InfoWars or both and check this out. I doubt our prostitute press will make this their number one story tonight. I imagine their silence will be deafening. I also imagine lots of folks I send this to either won’t get it or won’t be able to get into this blog to see what I said.

All part of the Deep State agenda to protect us from ourselves.

Our “Honest” Legislators

by Daniel Benson

Politicians, for the most part, are career liars. They tell you what you want to hear–and then go to Washington and vote to help themselves and their friends. They really feel the Constitution is no longer valid. They feel that they are above the law, yet hold you and I to the letter of the law. They vote themselves nice big payraises (usually by a voice vote, after midnight) for doing what? Arguing with each other and making sure you and I pay. When they pass a law, how often does it really benefit you and I? Take, for example, the Obama medical insurance law that penalized you and I for not having health insurance, yet the refused to use the same insurance they were forcing on you and I. They hold themselves to be above the everyday person, which makes them your rulers for life in their minds. That’s what they really want.

State governments do the same thing. Take Louisiana for example. We had a governor here that was in jail and afterwards won the governorship. He even had car bumper stickers that said Vote for the crook. The current governor consistently tries to raise taxes and constantly tells us they are in debt and need the money. Well, I suggest that they just open their pockets and give the state everything in them and see how that goes. What will they want next? The sales tax rate here is at 10% now. Do they want your car, your house, your wife and kids too? After all, they know what’s best for all while you have no clue. Wonder how much a state representative makes compared to me making $20k a year? I’m guessing I work ten times harder than they do, and probably make ten times less. Yet they expect you and I to pay for their lavish lifestyles while we struggle to pay our own bills.

Local town governments are often no better. The town I live in is $8 million in debt, and now they think they need to cut spending. It’s probably too late. A town this size can’t make that much up in five years. What does your town look like? Any better than mine? Yet you vote the same people back into office every election without thinking what they are doing to you.

Mayors, police chiefs, and other elected officials spend their lives supposedly serving you–but are they really? After awhile you get sick of seeing the same faces in every election. No one who is qualified stands up and challenges the establishment and they continue to put their heels on your neck and squeeze. I will try to help vote them out if I can. I am tired of the same retreads constantly in  office. When will new ideas and new faces come? Never! Because you vote the old ones back in time and time again.

Now It Really Begins

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Now it has begun–the total censorship of conservative, pro-Southern, patriotic sites off the internet. Trump’s comments about censorship notwithstanding, the Deep State has begun a purge on the internet of anything they don’t agree with. They totally ignore Trump’s comments about checking into it if censorship prevails. Maybe they are really not afraid of what  he can or   will do. That fact alone should tell you something. You have to wonder what their  plans for Trump are (nothing good, that’s for sure!) in the days preceding the mid-terms.

Alex Jones has been banned off lots of places in the internet, Twitter among them, but they can’t ban me off Twitter because I don’t use it. However, they are in the process of seeking to render my blog spots all but useless. I don’t know  how many of you will receive this, probably not all on my list, but here goes anyway. Maybe some who do get it can pass it on to their lists.

My Copperhead Chronicle blog spot was, only yesterday, the “beneficiary” of their future  plans for me, and no doubt, many others. I posted an article there only yesterday, written by my son, and forwarded it to my list. This morning I had about 20 emails from people who had tried to get into it and none of them could. They were all greeted with this message: This site is not secure. This might mean that someone is trying to fool you or steal any info you send to the server. You should close this site immediately.  Down underneath that, in the small print is the word Details.  Turns out that if you click on that word it will give you a way into the blog (which they don’t recommend) for obvious reasons. They don’t want you reading it. Censorship taken to a new level!

I can hardly wait until this blog receives the same Deep State mercy, which I have no doubt will occur shortly. At that point only the most intrepid among you will be able to see what I have to say because none but them will dare to click on the Details to see what the Deep State censors do not want them to see.

Not much more I can say. Whatever you are able to read beyond this point will be due to God’s providence, not anything I could have done.

A View of the World We Live In (unfortunately)

by Daniel Benson

No doubt communism is rampant in our federal government. When Maxine Waters says the Constitution is what Congress says it is, not what it really means,  we have lost our government, Donald Trump notwithstanding.  How long has this been in progress? I think since the Constitution was written this was their ultimate goal–to drive us down the same path as that taken by the later Soviet Union. The “government” we know today is just a power-hungry group of people who want everything we think and believe we own–but, to them, it’s really theirs and we are just “renting” it.

Religion is a farce nowadays. Most Christians want a quick service so they can go watch football or go fishing. The pastors fighting for the freedom of America from British rule were some of the men on the front lines. Today, Christians take a back seat (way, way back) when it comes to politics and they won’t engage in it at all. Most Christians are nothing close to what the Bible teaches us to believe.

The media (and those who control it) are slowly moving to quash anyone who says something they don’t like. Look up prominent speakers and writers that hold a traditional Christian view and politically conservative views on Google. Bet you won’t find much. Newspapers, internet companies and television are basically all owned by left-wing extremists who will only shove their views down your throat.

With a few exceptions, grassroots movements to take our country back won’t be seen (and not by us) for another 200 years. This country might be back on its feet, albeit smaller,  and I would hate to see how that has to come to fruition. Many of your grandchildren and their kids will have to experience the horror it will entail before this country gets back to being  a God-given nation.

This country will collapse. This government will fall apart and lose control and anarchy will reign because they can’t keep spending what they can’t make back up. But how many people will have to die to see this through? I’m guessing you will lose millions before its over. All we can do is pass on what we know to be true to our children and hope they will pass it onto theirs, because without that, this country is lost and will never be the same again.

No political party whose candidates run for any serious office in national, state, and local governments wants what is best for you. They all want whatever they can take. They couldn’t care less about what you think or what you believe, since if you don’t believe in what they do, you are a “racist” or worse. Murder, rape and many other crimes will intensify as this country collapses. Martial law will be instituted, supposedly for your safety, but really so they can control your every movement. Your religious freedoms will be gone. Your individual freedom will cease to exist. Continue to do nothing and this is what you have to look forward to.