Evil Democrats “love” You And Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Life. It’s Called H.R. 5383

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Just recently I heard Tucker Carlson talk about this on his nightly political commentary. Tucker Carlson seems to have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the country, so when I can find them, I will usually watch his commentaries. His comments on this particular bill, H.R. 5383, called “The New Way Forward Act” were disturbing to the point that I remembered them.

This bill shows us what congressional Democrats really think of the American public. They hate our guts. It’s that simple. They want to stick it to us any way they can–and they seem to think this bill would be one great way to do just that. When you see these Democratic presidential contenders get up and prattle about their grave concern for this country under Trump, you have to understand one thing–it is all just bovine fertilizer. They don’t mean the first word of it and neither do their co-destroyers in Congress. Understand one thing about those people–the destruction of this country by a “fundamental transformation” of it is their real intent.

An article by Wayne Allyn Root on https://www.newsmax.com  deals with this House bill that Tucker Carlson talked about.  Of this bill, Root said: “It’s so extreme, radical, hateful and offensive towards American citizens, it’s clear its only possible goal is the end of America. I believe it represents pure evil…”

Mr. Root then goes on to explain just what this act, if ever passed, would do. He says: “The New Way Forward Act say anyone and everyone in the world can come to America–no laws, no papers, no background check required. It eliminates illegal immigration. And it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to ever again be deported, for any reason. Being here illegally will never again result in deportation. But neither will committing serious crimes. This bill brags about ending the ‘prison to deportation pipeline.’ No criminal can be deported for drug offenses, or fraud or felonies; or depraved acts of moral turpitude–like sexual assault, child abuse, sex crimes against children. Any crime that carries a sentence of less than five years will no longer result in deportation. In many cases this includes manslaughter. But even if you are convicted of a crime with a five year or longer sentence, like murder, rape, or kidnapping, this bill gives liberal judges complete discretion to allow anyone to stay in the country.”

Mr. Root continues, and it gets even more “interesting.” He says “The bill even eliminates the statute that bars anyone from immigrating to America if convicted abroad of drug  crimes, or any crimes involving moral turpitude. So rapists, child molesters, MS 13 and Mexican Drug Cartel gangsters, Democrats have a loud message for you: Welcome to America.” 

If the truth were known, it is that the Democrats in Congress really think more of foreign drug dealers, rapists and child molesters than they do of American citizens, but then, after watching Congress at work for years, that should come as no surprise.

But the real kicker, the one that shows how much Congress really thinks of us deplorables is the fact, mentioned by both Tucker Carlson and Wayne Allyn Root that this bill is retroactive. Did you get that? Know what that means? Root says: “It allows anyone and everyone ever before deported out of our country to come back in, as long as they would have been eligible under the provisions of the new law. Worse, DHS must pay for all the criminals deported to come back with your tax dollars. The list of dangerous illegal alien criminals deported numbers in the hundreds of thousands. They’re all invited back in, and you–the American taxpayer–are on the hook for plane tickets for all of them. And, of course, once here, they’ll all get free healthcare.”

Don’t you all look eagerly forward to paying for all that? The Democrats think you should be thrilled–and if you are not, why then you are just another evil racist. After all, who wouldn’t be glad to pay for plane tickets and free healthcare in order to get all those fine, upstanding MS 13 members back into the country? The congressional Democrats think you should have this golden opportunity to show the world you are not evil racists.

I can look out, in my mind’s eye, and see some members of my audience who might be less than ecstatic at this wonderful opportunity. You should be ashamed! It seems you lack the wonderful Democratic vision of a country with a two-tiered system of justice, one for you and totally another for the politicians and their gang-banger friends. This is the future they have planned for us and our children. Ain’t it just great??? You don’t think so?  Doubtless Bernie will have one of his re-education camps, with its country club atmosphere, waiting to receive you so you can be re-educated enough to appreciate the joys of socialism and collectivism.

However, until that gala event occurs, I would advise all and sundry who read this to contact their congress critters and tell them that, under no circumstances are they to vote for this wonderful bill. And do a bit of research on the internet and fine out more about this bill. One wonders why our intrepid news media has not said more about this bill if it is all that wonderful. I guess it’s all so wonderful we are not supposed to know about it until after they pass it. Maybe it’s a little like Obamacare. “You have to pass it so you can find out what’s really in it.” 


Will Democrats Give Us A Brokered Convention So Hillary Can Get The Nomination?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I’ve been watching all the machinations going on in the Democratic Party between the presidential contenders–so called. They seem to be engaged in a mad race to see who can go the farthest to the Left. They are moving so far to the Left so fast that Karl Marx would have a hard time keeping up with them. Perhaps they all mean to out-Marx Marx.

But if you look at this bunch of Leftist wannabees, you realize one thing. None of these turkeys can win against Trump in November barring massive election fraud. Not that they’d be opposed to that, mind you.

In an article on https://truthout.org  William Rivers Pitt noted: “Did Hillary Clinton become a candidate for the Democratic nomination on Tuesday? Not officially, but I’m pretty damned certain she’s in it now just the same, hoping for a confluence of circumstances that can catapult her to  the office she has so spectacularly failed to obtain.” And then Mr. Pitt went on to describe the other present candidates, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg and how they break down from Leftist to “establishment” candidates.

No matter how you break them down, none of them is going to beat Trump. Their respective agendas  seem to be geared to destroy whatever benefits the Trump presidency has passed along to ordinary folks. So who in his right mind would vote for any of them?

From interviews I’ve seen there seems to be a plot afoot to make sure none of them gets enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention. And if a brokered convention is what the Democrats end up with, why guess who is waiting in the wings to step in at just the right, opportune moment to “save” the Democratic Party from destroying itself on the shoals of Leftism? Why Saint Hillary–who else?

In an article on https://www.americanthinker.com for October 8, 2019, Doris O’Brien observed “It is not surprising that some political gurus now see the potential of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat Party standard bearer in 2020. What took them so long?…So it is hardly surprising that as another election cycle gets underway, Her Heinousness is mobilizing to make the seemingly impossible come to pass. As she once again ventures into the political limelight, her opening salvo might be the same as it was long years ago  when, standing among the alien corn at the Iowa state fair, she bellowed  ‘I’m baaaa-ck!’ The process, of course, will not be easy. But it has begun.”

O’Brien continues: “So how does Hillary fight through the pack and get to be top dog–again? Surely we’re not seeing any visible signs of enthusiasm for her possible third presidential bid. Still, several significant developments in the primary could bolster her chances of getting back in the race. For starters, there’s a weak crop of Democratic contenders, three quarters of whom are still hanging in despite unimpressive poll numbers and unremarkable face-time in the primary debates.”

O’Brien, it seems, has come up with the same info as I have, a weak candidate list that, as time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent none of them is going to beat Trump. I’d be willing to bet Hillary has got this figured out already. And if the states they win in these primaries are scattered out amongst the bunch of them, then none of them ends up with what you could call a mandate from the voters to further his or her Leftist aims. If that ends up being the case, it would seem as though that might leave a door open for Hillary to step in to further her Leftist aims, without calling them that of course.

It’s a known fact she never got over her loss to Trump in 2016, which may be one reason for the Russian collusion hoax and then the Impeachment debacle, and now we look forward to whatever else the Demoncrats will drum up to make Trump’s life miserable. And you know there will be something—there will always be something!

So, as time moves on, keep your eyes open to the possibility of a brokered Democratic convention in order for Hillary to step in and “save” the party from itself. And if such does happen, don’t say we didn’t warn you ahead of time.

Michael Bloomberg the Man Who Would Be Dictator

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

There are many would be dictators among our political elites in this country. Oh, most of them would never dare admit to such tendencies. They are still trying to convince us all that they are really our benefactors. Happily, most of us are beginning to learn that it just ain’t so. When they commence telling us how concerned they are for us and our children, then we better bar the door and reach for the shotgun. Their true concern is for their own safety while they try to force agendas down our throats they realize most of us are not all that happy with.

The problem with these dictatorial elites is that most of them are socialists and they mean to rule–with or without our consent. Socialism is never about helping people and always about controlling them.

Michael Bloomberg is exhibit A in this scenario. An article on http://www.firearmsnews.com for January 28th of this year observed: “In fact, every Democrat candidate fighting to get on the ballot is on record to be in support of banning many common semi-automatic firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans, passing dangerous ‘red flag’ laws that imperil both citizens and law enforcement, forcing so-called ‘universal’ background checks that can never be universal since criminals don’t follow laws, and repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which shields legal gun manufacturers from lawsuits when criminals illegally use their lawfully-produced products to commit crimes). In my opinion, however, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg–a man who thinks he knows what’s best for every man, woman and child in America and wants to bend them all to his whims–is the most dangerous of all…While he’s not in the so-called front-runners of the Democrat pack right now, Bloomberg is willing to spend billions of dollars of  his own money to buy his way into the White House. In fact, Bloomberg has said he’ll spend up to $1 billion of his own money to see a Democrat elected president this fall–even if he’s not the one to win the nomination.”

As far as being a supporter of true American liberty, Bloomberg said, in an interview with NBC “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.” Spoken like a true socialist! And what are those “certain times?” Why they are all times! Didn’t you know that?

The article continued: “Does Bloomberg completely misunderstand the Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment, was created solely to limit government, not give government the power to control citizens in whatever way it wishes?” Bloomberg isn’t stupid. He probably understands the true meaning of the Bill of Rights better than the average American. The point is, here, that he just doesn’t care. For him, the Bill of Rights is an obstacle to be removed so he can exercise his dictatorial bent to his heart’s content–all the better, in his mind, to help him to earn his place in heaven–so he thinks!

Astute commentators have been warning us about Bloomberg for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, most folks didn’t listen. An article on https://www.americas1stfreedom.org from way back in September 19, 2017 by AWR Hawkins noted: “Billionaire anti-gunner Michael Bloomberg is at it again, pledging to spend $1 million through his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety in an attempt to impact Virginia’s upcoming elections for governor and attorney general. The $1 million consisted of $750,000 for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and $250,000 for incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring, both of whom support more restrictive gun control laws for law-abiding Virginians.  Moreover, Everytown has made clear that the $1 million is only the first of an undisclosed number of investments that will be made in the Virginia races.”

In other words, Bloomberg bought himself a governor and a legislature that would, for filthy lucre, enact his gun control wishes in a Southern state. How many other states, Southern or otherwise, does he plan to execute this program in? Isn’t a state legislature supposed to enact the wishes of those who elected it rather than the wishes of Michael Bloomberg? I guess, in this day and age, that’s a dumb question. We all know the stock political answer and the real answer. And the real answer is that the legislature, in most cases, will cater to the whims of those who show up with the big bucks–and to hell with what the citizens of the state want. For the political class, the citizens exist to pay the legislators’ fat cat salaries and for no other reason. Hence, they are totally unimportant.

Take one salient fact away from all this. These politicians do not care what crimes criminals commit with guns. Their sole intent is to disarm the law-abiding. They couldn’t care less what the thugs and crooks do. They just want to make sure honest, law-abiding citizens can’t defend themselves again the socialist proclivities of their bettors. Start getting that thought through your heads. All the political prattle about “concern for the children” is so much bovine fertilizer. The people who want to take your guns away are the same group that promotes abortion on demand. Doesn’t seem to be all that much “concern for the children” there, does there? That should tell you something. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

You can always trust the socialists to be (and to promote) socialists and socialism–and that’s all you can trust them for. Trusting them for more than that is naïve, and borders on rank stupidity.

Marxists Rewrite History–and Besmirch the Reputations of Better Men Than They Will Ever Be

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Both cultural Marxists and Neo-Marxists are noted for their attempted rewriting of our history. In this “noble” endeavor they end up besmirching the reputations of men whose boots they are not fit to bend down and lick. That’s about the most charitable thing I can say for Marxists in general, of whatever stripe they may be. They seek to turn history upside down by trashing the names of good and decent men and then trying to elevate the basest among us as replacements.

There was a brief article on World Net Daily for February 7th in which they quoted CNN. The CNN article noted (and you have to take it with a grain of salt) that “This week, the Virginia House voted to strike Lee-Jackson Day from the list of state holidays…Both men owned slaves and fought to preserve slavery in the US.” What tripe! Neither one fought to preserve slavery. No comments about Stonewall Jackson and the black Sunday School class he taught for several years, a class out of which, in later years, emerged several black pastors. No mention of the fact that Lee considered slavery a great moral evil, and no mention of the fact that neither Lee nor Jackson fought to preserve slavery. They both fought for their state because they felt it was the right thing for them to do as Christians–and Virginia did not secede from the Yankee Empire so she could keep her slaves–she seceded when Lincoln threatened to invade the South with Yankee troops and wanted some of those troops to be Virginians, which Virginia would not allow.

How low Virginia has fallen since then!

Southern patriot Mike Scruggs noted, in a letter to the Tribune Newspapers that “Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam is pushing a bill in the Virginia Legislature to replace Robert E. Lee’s statue in the U.S. Capitol. Each state has two statues in the National Statuary Hall Collection. Virginia’s two statues are of George Washington and Robert E. Lee.” If they manage to get rid of the statue of Lee one can only wonder how long it will take them to also get rid of the statue of Washington, because, after all, he was a slaveholder too. For these people slavery was the ultimate human sin, provided it was Southern slavery. The Marxists never seem to have much stomach for criticizing  Northern slavery. I guess, to paraphrase Orwell’s commentary “all the slaveowners in this country were equal, but some were just more equal than others.”

These Marxists, in their ignorance of our history, (and they hope for our ignorance also) tell us the North fought to free the slaves. If that was so, then why were there still four slaveholding states that were still in the Union during the War?  The so-called Emancipation Proclamation freed none of them. Nor did it free any slaves in the South where the Union had regained control of the territory. I have asked this question over and over in recent years and have yet to get an answer from anyone who claims the North fought to free the slaves. They just ignore the question and go merrily on their way propagating the myth that the noble North fought only to free Southern slaves. Apparently the North did not fight to free Northern slaves.

In Virginia two U.S House Representatives  Jennifer Wexton and Donald McEachin, pushed to get Lee’s stature removed. They said: “As Virginians we have a responsibility not only to learn from but also confront  our history. As part of this responsibility, we must strive for a more complete telling of history by raising up the voices, stories and memories of minorities and people of color.” You know what this sound like to me? It sounds like, in Virginia, when it comes to the state’s history, then no whites need apply because we are going to tell everybody’s history  but yours and we don’t want to hear yours–in fact we are working to get rid of it!

If they get rid of the statues of Lee and Washington, I wonder who they will replace them with? Possibly Nat Turner and W.E.B. DuBois!

Mike Scruggs noted in his comments that: “The areas of Virginia close to the centers for Federal Government have undergone tremendous demographic change. This change is not only from recent foreign immigrants most of whom have little interest or appreciation for Virginia’s history and culture, but also from hundreds of thousands of domestic immigrants, too many of whom have a version of the American dream that is to live off and manage  an even larger more powerful and controlling progressive federal government.”

Mike observes what he labels as the “fundamental Neo-Marxist transformation of America.” I can’t disagree with him. Mike noted “Three American billionaires–George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg threw immense and often decisive funds into electing progressive Democrats. When the smoke cleared the Democrats and their dominating out-of-state donors and Super PACs had won the day, not only was Virginia Democrat but radical.”

These are the Marxist entities that are out to destroy the reputations of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. These are the Marxist entities that plan to rewrite our history and replace Lee and Jackson with Marxist aberrations like John Brown and Nat Turner.

And yet another reason for destroying the reputations of Lee and Jackson is that these men were humble Bible-believing Christian men. Remember in a recent article that I said part of the reason for going after the South and its leaders is that its leaders were mainly Christian men and those wanting to destroy them often had underlying theological motives. Look at the backgrounds of some of those who attack the South and its heroes and you will begin to grasp my meaning.

Socialists and Marxists of all types are anti-Christ and need to be resisted, not just ignored, but resisted, because their agendas are evil and more Christians need to wake up and smell the theological coffee in this regard.

In Today’s “Diversity” No Whites Need Apply

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

We hear all manner of political twaddle today about diversity. And make no mistake, most of it is twaddle that no sensible person should pay any attention to. Unfortunately, also in our day, we have lots of people, thanks to their “Educations” that are somewhat less than sensible and, lacking the ability to think constructively, they end up falling for the twaddle. The old saying “if you stand for nothing then you will fall for anything” isn’t too far off the mark.

So, as we look at the term “diversity” in its current context we are forced to conclude that, for many, diversity means absolutely no white culture whatever. For them, being really “diverse” means you must do away with all white culture, all white heritage and anything that remotely reeks of “whiteness.” We are told that “white privilege” is the worst problem on the face of the earth. Ninety nine per cent of the world’s problems, so they tell us, would automatically disappear if we could just do away with white privilege.

It would seem that all the crimes committed by blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Orientals, etc. are all the fault of us execrable white folks. No matter who else does what, it’s automatically our fault.

And then, there is our white history. The new diversity needs to do away with white history. That’s why they need to tear down all those Confederate monuments and remove all those Confederate flags. And now we are seeing that agenda spreading to include any American monument and any kind of American flag, especially the historic ones. No more Western Civ. classes in college anymore because Western civilization was mostly white and we have to do away with all that. The new diversity demands it. You see, in order to be really diverse, there are certain groups of people that must be excluded–mostly white Americans and Western Europeans. Your society can’t be truly diverse until such groups are excluded.

In fact, you could easily explain the new diversity in one short term–no white anything–except white genocide! Shorn of all its sophistry that’s what the new diversity is really all about.

It’s an attempt, interestingly enough, made by many white folks, to completely do away with any and all white culture, history, and heritage because, as they will tell us, if it’s white then it has to be evil. You have to wonder what it is that makes these white folks that promote this line hate other white folks enough to do such. The thought occurs to me that it might even be a theological issue at root.

There are certain anti-Christian theologies abroad in the land that hate anything even remotely Christian. Followers of such theologies often don’t want to come right out and state the obvious–that they are blatantly anti-Christian, and so they couch their anti-Christianity in terms that will seem more political and less theological. It must work because lots of gullible people seem to buy into it and never ask any questions.

It never seems to occur to many why some white folks have so much bad to say about the white race in general. Maybe it’s a question that needs to be asked.

And maybe these white folks that hate other white folks so much need to ask themselves the question–if we ever end up with a real white genocide, what do they think will happen to them? They may think that, as they are among the elite, they are safe. Not necessarily so, Charlie! If white genocide does occur, most white genocidalists are not going to stop to try to differentiate between the elites and the rest of us deplorables. If it’s white, they’ll kill it. Period!

Those that so eagerly promote a diversity that excludes whites should maybe think about what they are asking for–they just might get it.

The French Revolution Comes To The Old Dominion

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Those who know anything about the French Revolution will realize it was a product of the Illuminati, of Illuminist thinking. Those that promoted it hated the Christian Church and anything they felt smacked of the Christian faith. This was the reason they tried to destroy anything they felt reflected Christian institutions in any way, shape or form.

They did away with the Christian calendar and started over with the year zero, as if all that had ever existed originated with them. They revolted against legitimate government. Whether you liked the government in France or not made no difference. They wanted all legitimate government abolished, as that was the only way to try to legitimize the nightmare they loosed upon France. They gave us the guillotine, an instrument of death many of them met their end with in sort of a display of poetic justice. By the time the Illuminists got through with their reign of terror in France, the country was ready for a Napoleon and it got one. France has never been the same since, has never recovered from the French Revolution. It lives with the results until this day–the same way this country lives with the results of the War of Northern Aggression. That war was our “French Revolution” and we have never recovered from it.

That being the case, I guess it is no real surprise that Red Ralph Northam and his socialist cohorts in Richmond want to give the Old Dominion an encore. Sort of let folks in the land of Patrick Henry know what they are missing if they don’t want to go along with Red Ralph’s agenda for them and their children!

It seems like Red Ralph and his friends want a redux of what happened in France in the late 1780s because they seem to be trying to play the same game now in Virginia–getting rid of all the old laws they don’t like and replacing them with laws they consider part of a future socialist “heaven”–or hell, depending on your outlook.

Here is a small sample of their socialist menu. An article on https://www.13newsnow.com for January 28, 2020 noted that there is a new bill in the legislature that will remove citizenship requirements to get a driver’s license in Virginia. House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 643 will let anyone get a driver’s license that can make their way to the local vehicle registration office. If you are an illegal immigrant, no big deal. Step up and claim your driver’s license anyway. I wonder if legal residents in Virginia still have to show some kind of ID. If so, then this law discriminated against legitimate state citizens. But, hey, no problem. The new gun control edicts all discriminate against legitimate state citizens and Red Ralph thinks that’s just fine.

Another article, this one on https://www.wavy.com noted this week that: “Virginia’s House of Delegates passed seven gun control bills Thursday, less than two weeks after more than 20,000 people swarmed Capitol Square to rally in support of gun rights…Many of the bills that advanced on Thursday have already passed in the Senate. After years of failed efforts to tighten gun laws, approval in the House would be a significant step but not the end of the road for these bills.” So they have been trying to push gun control in Virginia for a long time and it wouldn’t fly until they got a socialist legislature there. With socialists in control of state government it’s the new “in” thing.

But don’t think all the fun stops there. According to https://www.conservativereview.com “While Virginia lawmakers are on the cusp of unconstitutionally criminalizing law-abiding gun owners for exercising ironclad individual rights, they are working on legislation to release potentially thousands of the most violent criminals from prison, including rapists and murderers who use guns to harm or kill people. ‘Lock up the guns and release the violent gun felons.'” I have said in the past that most of the political class really want to strip honest citizens of the right to defend themselves and they don’t care a flip about what the crooks, murderers and other such people do. While the politicians are afraid of us honest folk, them hesitate not to embrace the criminals. Birds of a feather I guess.

And then there was this little goodie on https://www.whsv.com for January 23 which stated: “The Virginia House has approved legislation to undo Republican-backed restrictions on abortion. Delegates voted 52-45, not quite on party lies… The bill, which is part of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s legislative agenda would also roll back the requirement that an abortion be provided by a physician, allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform them…With a newly empowered Democratic majority at the Virginia General Assembly,  abortion-rights advocates say the state has a chance to roll back decades of restrictions and become a ‘safe haven’ for women in neighboring conservative states.” In other words, if you live in a state that frowns on you killing your unborn (or recently born) baby, just come to Virginia and they will gladly kill your baby for you.

Then, to top it all off, there was this Washington Post article for January 29th. The author, Patricia Sullivan, noted “Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring said Wednesday that now is the worst time in recent memory for anti-Semitism, hate speech and white supremacy in the United States and urged residents to step up and oppose it.” For folks in the know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this one is going. Speak up for your history, heritage, and culture and you are automatically a “white supremacist.” So you white folks  had better sit down and shut up or we are coming for you. Got that?

You can see, with all this crap, that, in the Old Dominion, Red Ralph and his good socialist buddies plan on turning the clock back to the year zero and starting from scratch with an agenda guaranteed to make your lives miserable. The good folks in Virginia need to find ways to stand up and oppose this drivel and at least give Red Ralph a run for his (your) money.