Evil Democrats “love” You And Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Life. It’s Called H.R. 5383

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Just recently I heard Tucker Carlson talk about this on his nightly political commentary. Tucker Carlson seems to have a pretty good idea of what goes on in the country, so when I can find them, I will usually watch his commentaries. His comments on this particular bill, H.R. 5383, called “The New Way Forward Act” were disturbing to the point that I remembered them.

This bill shows us what congressional Democrats really think of the American public. They hate our guts. It’s that simple. They want to stick it to us any way they can–and they seem to think this bill would be one great way to do just that. When you see these Democratic presidential contenders get up and prattle about their grave concern for this country under Trump, you have to understand one thing–it is all just bovine fertilizer. They don’t mean the first word of it and neither do their co-destroyers in Congress. Understand one thing about those people–the destruction of this country by a “fundamental transformation” of it is their real intent.

An article by Wayne Allyn Root on https://www.newsmax.com  deals with this House bill that Tucker Carlson talked about.  Of this bill, Root said: “It’s so extreme, radical, hateful and offensive towards American citizens, it’s clear its only possible goal is the end of America. I believe it represents pure evil…”

Mr. Root then goes on to explain just what this act, if ever passed, would do. He says: “The New Way Forward Act say anyone and everyone in the world can come to America–no laws, no papers, no background check required. It eliminates illegal immigration. And it makes it virtually impossible for anyone to ever again be deported, for any reason. Being here illegally will never again result in deportation. But neither will committing serious crimes. This bill brags about ending the ‘prison to deportation pipeline.’ No criminal can be deported for drug offenses, or fraud or felonies; or depraved acts of moral turpitude–like sexual assault, child abuse, sex crimes against children. Any crime that carries a sentence of less than five years will no longer result in deportation. In many cases this includes manslaughter. But even if you are convicted of a crime with a five year or longer sentence, like murder, rape, or kidnapping, this bill gives liberal judges complete discretion to allow anyone to stay in the country.”

Mr. Root continues, and it gets even more “interesting.” He says “The bill even eliminates the statute that bars anyone from immigrating to America if convicted abroad of drug  crimes, or any crimes involving moral turpitude. So rapists, child molesters, MS 13 and Mexican Drug Cartel gangsters, Democrats have a loud message for you: Welcome to America.” 

If the truth were known, it is that the Democrats in Congress really think more of foreign drug dealers, rapists and child molesters than they do of American citizens, but then, after watching Congress at work for years, that should come as no surprise.

But the real kicker, the one that shows how much Congress really thinks of us deplorables is the fact, mentioned by both Tucker Carlson and Wayne Allyn Root that this bill is retroactive. Did you get that? Know what that means? Root says: “It allows anyone and everyone ever before deported out of our country to come back in, as long as they would have been eligible under the provisions of the new law. Worse, DHS must pay for all the criminals deported to come back with your tax dollars. The list of dangerous illegal alien criminals deported numbers in the hundreds of thousands. They’re all invited back in, and you–the American taxpayer–are on the hook for plane tickets for all of them. And, of course, once here, they’ll all get free healthcare.”

Don’t you all look eagerly forward to paying for all that? The Democrats think you should be thrilled–and if you are not, why then you are just another evil racist. After all, who wouldn’t be glad to pay for plane tickets and free healthcare in order to get all those fine, upstanding MS 13 members back into the country? The congressional Democrats think you should have this golden opportunity to show the world you are not evil racists.

I can look out, in my mind’s eye, and see some members of my audience who might be less than ecstatic at this wonderful opportunity. You should be ashamed! It seems you lack the wonderful Democratic vision of a country with a two-tiered system of justice, one for you and totally another for the politicians and their gang-banger friends. This is the future they have planned for us and our children. Ain’t it just great??? You don’t think so?  Doubtless Bernie will have one of his re-education camps, with its country club atmosphere, waiting to receive you so you can be re-educated enough to appreciate the joys of socialism and collectivism.

However, until that gala event occurs, I would advise all and sundry who read this to contact their congress critters and tell them that, under no circumstances are they to vote for this wonderful bill. And do a bit of research on the internet and fine out more about this bill. One wonders why our intrepid news media has not said more about this bill if it is all that wonderful. I guess it’s all so wonderful we are not supposed to know about it until after they pass it. Maybe it’s a little like Obamacare. “You have to pass it so you can find out what’s really in it.” 

6 thoughts on “Evil Democrats “love” You And Have a Wonderful Plan For Your Life. It’s Called H.R. 5383

  1. I admit it is far out, but the fact that they have embodied this foolishness in a congressional bill is what bothers me. With the Democrat House you have to know this monstrosity will pass and be sent to the Senate where we can hope and pray there are enough sensible Republicans to deep six it.

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