In Today’s “Diversity” No Whites Need Apply

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

We hear all manner of political twaddle today about diversity. And make no mistake, most of it is twaddle that no sensible person should pay any attention to. Unfortunately, also in our day, we have lots of people, thanks to their “Educations” that are somewhat less than sensible and, lacking the ability to think constructively, they end up falling for the twaddle. The old saying “if you stand for nothing then you will fall for anything” isn’t too far off the mark.

So, as we look at the term “diversity” in its current context we are forced to conclude that, for many, diversity means absolutely no white culture whatever. For them, being really “diverse” means you must do away with all white culture, all white heritage and anything that remotely reeks of “whiteness.” We are told that “white privilege” is the worst problem on the face of the earth. Ninety nine per cent of the world’s problems, so they tell us, would automatically disappear if we could just do away with white privilege.

It would seem that all the crimes committed by blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Orientals, etc. are all the fault of us execrable white folks. No matter who else does what, it’s automatically our fault.

And then, there is our white history. The new diversity needs to do away with white history. That’s why they need to tear down all those Confederate monuments and remove all those Confederate flags. And now we are seeing that agenda spreading to include any American monument and any kind of American flag, especially the historic ones. No more Western Civ. classes in college anymore because Western civilization was mostly white and we have to do away with all that. The new diversity demands it. You see, in order to be really diverse, there are certain groups of people that must be excluded–mostly white Americans and Western Europeans. Your society can’t be truly diverse until such groups are excluded.

In fact, you could easily explain the new diversity in one short term–no white anything–except white genocide! Shorn of all its sophistry that’s what the new diversity is really all about.

It’s an attempt, interestingly enough, made by many white folks, to completely do away with any and all white culture, history, and heritage because, as they will tell us, if it’s white then it has to be evil. You have to wonder what it is that makes these white folks that promote this line hate other white folks enough to do such. The thought occurs to me that it might even be a theological issue at root.

There are certain anti-Christian theologies abroad in the land that hate anything even remotely Christian. Followers of such theologies often don’t want to come right out and state the obvious–that they are blatantly anti-Christian, and so they couch their anti-Christianity in terms that will seem more political and less theological. It must work because lots of gullible people seem to buy into it and never ask any questions.

It never seems to occur to many why some white folks have so much bad to say about the white race in general. Maybe it’s a question that needs to be asked.

And maybe these white folks that hate other white folks so much need to ask themselves the question–if we ever end up with a real white genocide, what do they think will happen to them? They may think that, as they are among the elite, they are safe. Not necessarily so, Charlie! If white genocide does occur, most white genocidalists are not going to stop to try to differentiate between the elites and the rest of us deplorables. If it’s white, they’ll kill it. Period!

Those that so eagerly promote a diversity that excludes whites should maybe think about what they are asking for–they just might get it.

4 thoughts on “In Today’s “Diversity” No Whites Need Apply

  1. Karl,
    Thank you for the insightful comments on the page you noted above. Like you, I have had friends that were black, folks I worked with and know. Our SCV camp near us has a young man who is black and a nicer kid you would not want to know. So you are right, it is not just about color. Having said that, I do not intend to just stand by and watch white folks get vilified just for being white. The Lord made all the races of man and put each of us in the race he chose for us. Too bad more folks couldn’t begin to grasp that simple fact.

  2. It’s amazing how inconsistent people are. If all the problems in the world are caused by whites, I find it extremely interesting that Nancy and her little group of women all wear white. It’s equally concerns me that the Liberals can tell you exactly how many children have been killed by guns and think it’s horrible, which it is, but think nothing of the Millions of babies that are killed by scalpels before they are born, all with the excuse that women should have control of their own health care. As a woman I’m offended that Healthcare is defined by murder.

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