The Public School Knows What’s Best For Your Kids So You Bigoted Parents Just Shut Up And Sit Down!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The title of this article is a sentiment often expressed by those who are part of the public education Establishment. They look down their overly-educated noses at those deplorable parents and feel their agenda for the kids entrusted to their tender mercies is much more important than the wishes and desires of the parents. After all, they are the  change agents, put in place to change the morals and attitudes of students into something their parents will no longer even recognize.

A glaring example of this change agent attitude in living color has recently taken place at a high school in or near Conroe, Texas. I would have expected something like this in New York, Illinois, or Commiefornia–but in Texas of all places.

According to an article on for November 14th: “The government knows what’s in your child’s best interest better than you do–at least according to a teacher at Willis Independent School District. Anthony Lane, an English teacher at Willis High School has vocally defended the school’s decision to bring in an adult male entertainer who performs at strip clubs to spend a day with the children, lashed out on Facebook at parents who have complained.”

Mr. Lane, it seems, has a problem with parents who don’t like what the schools are doing.  Lane said: “I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community and that parents should not have the final say. Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what’s best for your kids” Apparently there was somewhat of a backlash from parents about this male stripper  being invited to the school,  supposedly to teach in a cosmetology class. Do you honestly mean the school could not find anyone other than this male stripper to come in a teach in a cosmetics class?Did they even try? I’m willing to bet that having this guy, who another article on this same event listed as a Drag Queen, brought in was the real thrust of all this action and the cosmetics class was just the excuse to get him in there so he and his lifestyle could be exposed to the students.

In response to the parental backlash, the ubiquitous Mr. Lane said: “I have what may be a strange view when it comes to parental rights and education being viewed as a customer service industry.  Our society is often very sensitive when it comes to (criticizing) parents and teachers are often afraid of parents because they are given so much authority. Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world. We are not required to protect the misguided, bigoted views of their parents.” Lane has since removed this post, possibly after parental calls for him to be fired–which sounds like a great idea to me. I would never want someone with his warped mindset teaching my kids–English or anything else!

But go back and read his comments again. What he is telling you parents is that the education establishment has more “rights” over what your kids learn than you do. The public school system is the ultimate parent, and you religious bigots with kids in public schools should just shut up and let those schools undue all you have ever done to teach your kids right from wrong! Did you get that? How many other public school teachers have this same attitude and just don’t express it out loud–yet? I realize this man’s attitude is not shared by all public school teachers, but it is shared by the public school system as a whole.

It amazes me no end that all this garbage (and that’s what it is) goes on continually in public schools and parents continue to complain–and when the complaints do no earthly good, they continue to leave their kids in these miserable secular humanist indoctrination factories. Maybe the fact that most of the parents were also educated in these indoctrination factories that keeps them from seeing what really is going on–the gradual destruction of their children and eventually the family unit.

Lane has a big problem with all the authority over their kids that parents seem to have. That authority is God-given authority. Parents, before God, are directed how they shall teach and lead their children, and they make a major mistake when they entrust part of that authority to teachers like Mr. Lane, who, it seems, has a problem with the concept of parental, God-given authority.

I would love to see the day when enough parents, most especially Christian parents, begin to realize what the public school system is doing to (not for) their kids and they start removing them and seeking out alternative education for them. Some have done this, but not enough.

I wonder what it is going to take for the parents in this situation in Texas to begin to realize what the public schools are doing to their children and start removing them from those schools. I am afraid I will not live to see this happen.

When this country finally goes down the tubes, the public school system will be one of those willing agencies that gave it a big push.

The Swamp Will Be Defended And Protected–And us peons will end up getting the shaft as usual

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the last article, posted on November 27th, I noted how Paul Craig Roberts did not feel that all these federal investigations in corruption were going to amount to a hill of beans. It is beginning to look more and more as if Mr. Roberts was right on the money. The federal cesspool is not about to rat out those vermin that inhabit its environs. If anything it is now working to protect them via extensive damage control.

An article by Paul Sperry posted on September 30th of this year on seems to bear this out. Mr. Sperry begins: “As Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz finalizes his probe of allegations of abuses surrounding the surveillance of a Trump campaign aide, some colleagues and Republican lawmakers say they have no doubt he’s conducted a tough, impartial investigation. They expect him to deliver a hard-hitting report, due for release next month. Others are more skeptical. While acknowledging that Horowitz is widely respected, these critics say his work has long been hampered by biases, conflicts and a tendency to play favorites, as in past probes of former FBI Director James Comey, whom Horowitz worked under in New York.”

Do a few little warning bells begin to go off at this point? If not, they should. We are being prepared to be told that we ain’t going to get what we were told we would get–real justice with the scumbags who deserve jail time finally getting it. Folks, face it, such will not happen in our lifetimes.

Chris Swecker, who is a 24-year veteran of the FBI and who was assistant director  of the criminal investigative division, has observed that: “I see a pattern of him pulling up short and trying to be a bit of a statesman instead of making the hard calls. I’m afraid he’s going to do the same thing with the FISA report–a finding that sounds tough, but in the end, ‘No harm, no foul.'” Swecker said this referring to Horowitz’s probe of the possible Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse against Carter Page, a former Trump advisor.

Sperry noted “Skeptics fear that Horowitz, a Democrat and Obama appointee, is more political than widely believed, and may be naturally inclined to protect the FBI and Justice despite possible corruption during the Obama administration.” Or should we say “in spite of corruption during the Obama administration?” That might be closer to it. Sperry also tells us that “Horowitz, moreover, is married to a former political activist who helped run campaigns for liberal Democrats before producing programming for CNN out of its Washington bureau. Records show his wife, Alexandra Kauffman Horowitz, also contributed to Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.” Getting the picture now??? In spite of all this background info, some Republicans still maintain that Horowitz is a straight shooter and will recommend criminal prosecutions for those Democrats who have done stuff they hadn’t ought to have done.

I am afraid they are more optimistic than I am. One of them said “I do not believe Jim Comey will get off.” We’ll see. At this point, I’m betting he does!

Sperry interviewed several former inspectors general for his article and he said that that’s exactly what will happen, so they believe. They don’t expect Horowitz to issue a criminal referral against Comey in the FISA case. Oh he might give him a verbal slap on the wrist that looks aggressive but in reality is more smoke than fire–and that will be to fool us rubes out here in flyover country into thinking justice was served what actually all that was served was the interests of the Deep State.

That was in September. Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day and an article on where Tyler Durden makes reference to Sperry’s article from the end of September. He states: “In late September, RealClearInvestigations’ Paul Sperry suggested that Inspector General Michael Horowitz–tasked with investigating and exposing wrongdoing at the highest levels–was feared to be pulling punches in order to protect establishment darlings in his upcoming report on the Russia investigation. Now we learn that Horowitz, who volunteered on several Democratic political campaigns while in college and is married to a former liberal political activist, Obama donor and CNN employee, is expected to conclude that the FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign. Instead, when longtime FBI/CIA asset Stephan Halper and his undercover FBI ‘assistant’ named ‘Azra Turk’ befriended George Papadopoulos,  it was nothing more than ‘typical law enforcement activities’.”

And, no doubt part of this “typical law enforcement activity” was the fact that the Obama administration “had paid Halper over $1 million over a several years, with nearly half of it surrounding the 2016 election.” So you see that all of this is just “typical law enforcement activity” folks. Nothing to see here at all so just move along and find out all you can about that evil racist, Trump who has done all manner of evil stuff while the Democrats remain pure as the driven snow.

So, when the Inspector General’s report comes out and the Democrats end up with what is a gigantic “get out of jail free” card, don’t be surprised. Don’t be shocked. Remember, some of us told you so. Just remember that the Washington Swamp will always protect and defend its own. So, when real justice for ordinary folks is avoided yet another time, don’t be surprised. As long as the swamp remains it will never be otherwise.

Will the Villains Get What They’ve Got Coming? Probably Not!

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I saw an interesting article by Paul Craig Roberts on Zero Hedge just yesterday (11/26). I’ve read lots of Mr. Roberts stuff over the years and can’t find too much to disagree with him about. I’ve often thought I was a bit cynical regarding our political situation in this country, but if there is anyone more cynical than me it is Paul Craig Roberts, and I don’t say that to denigrate him.

This recent article I just read by him has an interesting (and unfortunately accurate) title. It is Washington, The Cesspool Of The World, Will Never Rat On Itself. He is commenting on the investigations now going on about what the Deep State tried to do to Donald Trump in the 2016 election and afterward.

Many have commented on how really bad all these revelations will be for some of the Deep State denizens of the Washington Swamp–Clapper, Brennan, Comey and even Obama and Hillary. Regarding all this, which most of us would love to see happen so that justice would finally be done, Roberts says: “But I have my doubts. Cabinet departments and government agencies are not very good at investigating themselves. Attorney General Barr’s job is to protect his department., He knows, and will often be told, that to bring indictments against Justice Department officials would discredit the Justice Department in the public’s mind. It would affect the attitude of juries toward DOJ prosecutions. John Durham knows the same thing. He also knows that he will create a hostile environment for himself if he indicts DOJ officials and that when he joins a law firm to capitalize on his experience as a US Attorney, he will not receive the usual favors when he represents clients against DOJ charges. Horowitz knows that his job is to cover up or minimize any illegalities in order to protect the Department of Justice from scandals.”

Go back and reread Roberts’ comments here and reflect on them a minute. As sad as I am to have to admit it, I am afraid he may have hit the nail on the head.

I would be willing to bet (and hope I was wrong) that what we will end up seeing out of all this investigating is that a small handful of CIA, FBI, and other officials, all at lower levels, will be the ones that end up being thrown under the bus and that the really big fish, Brennan, Clapper, and others at that level, will end up walking free, or at most getting a gentle slap on the wrist when they should be getting serious jail time. After all, look at how long the Clintons have been free and all the egregious stuff they have done literally over the past three decades. Where is the justice for them? I am afraid it does not exist in this life. They and people at their exalted level will continue to do what they want when they want and real justice will never be exerted on them in this life. I am afraid the same will hold true for Brennan, Clapper and all the rest.

We have a two tiered system of justice in this country, one for us lowly peons, us deplorables, and there is a whole different standard for the Clintons, Brennans and Clappers of this world. They continue to get by with things you and I would be locked up for life for.

Roberts continued his analysis of all this when he said: “Another sign of a coverup is the use of leaks to shift the focus from high level officials to lowly underlings, and this has happened with the Horowitz Report, which has leaked that a low level FBI attorney is under investigation for allegedly falsifying a document related to the surveillance of former Trump campaign official Carter Page in 2016. According to the leak, the FBI attorney has acknowledged that he did alter the document.” Interesting! So why did he do it? Who instructed him to do it? Are we supposed to believe he just did it on his own because he hated Trump? Come on, folks, get real.

Roberts analysis of this whole situation then gets down to the real nitty-gritty, where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. He says “In other words, it seems we are being prepared for a false story that the plot against Trump originated in lower levels and not with CIA Director John Brennan, FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and the rest.”

It seems that the Deep State is concerned over all this that the Justice Department will lose all credibility with the public if all these bigwigs are indicted, tried, and locked up. With all that has gone on in the past three years, do they honestly think the Justice Department has not already lost most of its credibility with the general public? If they don’t, then they truly live in a Washington bubble, totally unaffected by what goes on in the real world–the world beyond their Beltway delusions!

Roberts observes that, in all these situations, “Only the underlings take the hit as if they were in charge acting on their own, independently of their superiors.” I am afraid that may be the scenario we will be presented with after all the investigations are over and done with–a batch of low level flunkies doing their own thing, of which the real big boys are supposedly totally oblivious. And as Nikita Kruschev once said “If you believe that, then you will wait for a shrimp to whistle.”

I hope both Paul Craig Roberts and  I are totally wrong, but I have this odd feeling that what he says is what will turn out happening. The truly big fish will end up swimming free while the small fish will end up being crushed up and fed to a gullible public as “evidence” that the Deep State system “really works.” And it does work–but not for us ordinary folks!

Workhorse For the New World Order–Public Education Part 2

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of  Directors, Confederate Society of America

The very last thing the promoters of the New Word Order want is an educated populace capable of critical thought and able to question what they see going on around them in a critical way. They long ago found a solution to that thorny problem. They foisted upon us a system of public education with compulsory attendance that was guaranteed to keep our kids ignorant and stupid so they could never be able to think critically enough to ask those embarrassing questions that need to be asked of the ruling establishment. This situation has gone on since the mid-1850s and it shows no sign of abatement in our day. If anything it gets worse.

In the first article in this set I quoted Gary D. Barnett from an article on his own internet site. Today I quote from another of his articles that appeared on for November 23rd.

In referring to public education Barnett has said: “An evil exists  in our midst, and this evil entity created a nationwide system that allowed a process of mass indoctrination to take root. In order for this phenomenon to capture the psyche of an entire people, a diabolical plan was necessary, and implementation of that plan had to be sold to the public in order to gain popular support. In other words, collusion by the controlling elite and the government was necessary for this deception aimed against the American populace to succeed. And succeed it has.”

Barnett observed that “Compulsory schooling began  in the mid-nineteenth century, and was the brainchild of the ruling elite monopolists of the day, those led by John D. Rockefeller. The goal was to limit the intellectual growth of the general population in order to create an obedient society of workers without the motivation to question the ruling class. This was necessary in order for the corporate oligarchs to gain and keep control over the people, and by the early part of the twentieth century, this plan was in high gear. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace while plotting this deception had decided after the end of World War 1, ‘they must control education in the United States’ in order to accomplish their mission. They realized this was ‘too big a project to do alone,’ so the ‘Rockefeller Foundation was approached,’ and the two began working together to take over the education system. The Rockefeller Foundation was to handle the domestic side, and the Carnegia Endowment  was to handle the international side. As time passed, the Ford Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation were also involved.” You might, at this point call it public education via foundations.

Does anyone actually think that there was any meaningful parental input into this process? I’m kidding, right? Of course there wasn’t. Parental input into what was being taught to kids was the last thing desired by the elites that were guiding the unfortunate destinies of coming generations.

Some of this was investigated in 1953 by the Reese Committee, but not nearly enough and the committee was somewhat hamstrung in its efforts. It did get some information out there, though.  Barnett noted that: “The Committee’s  inspection of the Carnegie minutes  was staggering to say the least, and exposed the goal sought by tax-free foundations that ‘America’s future should be one of collectivism administered with characteristics of American efficiency.’ In other words, build a mediocre society that could function only at a level that would allow for an elite monopoly control of war, the economy, politics, and education, all with little interference by the voting public.” And Barnett stated that: “When these elites design the education system, and their puppets in government run it, the commoners have little chance of retaining any freedom or control of their own destiny. That is the state of this country today.” He’s right!

Given the current state of education today in public schools, do you honestly think going to parent-teacher groups and meetings is really going to accomplish anything? The real agenda for what your kids are indoctrinated with has long ago gotten to the point where parental input is so miniscule as to be non-existent. You have no real say over what the public schools will force on your kids and if you think you have, then you are deceiving yourselves. The only way you will ever have any input into what they are taught is if you take your kids out of public schools. A solution I would heartily recommend, otherwise your kids end up being at the mercy of public school educrats and change agents.

If you think the public school system will ever be reformed you are kidding yourselves. That’s never going to happen. Ask the folks in Kanawha County, West Virginia how the public schools there were “reformed” after their textbook protest there in the mid-1970s.

I recently came across an article on for November 5th of this year. Dr. Haynes is a Ph.D. She observed that “Recently I wrote a missive about the policy brief by the National Center On Education and the Economy which found the American workforce to be the worst educated in the world. Now we have proof that high school graduates read worse than those in 1992 and two out of every three students are unable to read proficiently.” Her article noted that US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos slammed the educational establishment for this abysmal performance.

Is that really all Ms. DeVos can do, rail at the federal education department that she is the head of–an educational department that should never have been formed to begin with? Haynes noted that the Common Core Curriculum has been an abject failure. Of course it has. That’s why they are still using it and that’s why they will continue to use it–because it doesn’t teach kids anything except how to fail. So the federal education change agents will continue to use it because it is fulfilling their wildest expectations–a totally dumbed down body of students, reduced in most cases to one degree above blithering idiots! That’s their agenda for your kids! Haven’t you figured that out by now? All these new educational gimmicks that don’t seem to work, but yet they still keep using them and adding more new ones that don’t work either, and none of them ever gets removed? Have you ever even begun to wonder why it seems to work that way? Maybe you should!

In their book Crimes of the Educators Sam Blumenfeld and Alex Newman have a chapter entitled Common Core Standards: An Educational Fraud. This is a book I would recommend. It was published by World Net Daily and gives you all manner of documentation about public schools you ought to have, especially if you have kids still in them.

There is only one solution to the public school problem–get your kids OUT of public school as soon as possible. There are other alternatives–good Christian schools and home school programs. You need to start checking into these. Leaving your kids in public school if you are able to do anything else, is a certain recipe for educational disaster!

Public Education–Workhorse for the New World Order

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Gary D. Barnett, a retired financial advisor and estate planner, has an informative site on the internet, on which he deals with various subjects. One of those subjects, one of the most pertinent, is public education.

On March 1st of this year he had an article up on his site called The Ongoing Destruction of the Minds of Children. Mr. Barnett noted: “Compulsory schooling is a travesty. To call it education is absurd. Real education is lifelong learning as an individual, while compulsory public schooling is the indoctrination of children as a collective exercise to bring all down to the lowest level. Prisons called schools are simply the forced means to stifle individual brilliance while promoting sameness and monotony. The result of this brainwashing is meant to teach children to obey orders, and to be satisfied  spending their lives in a virtual cage of ignorance, to never become entrepreneurs and dissenters…The controllers who use the government school system as a way to dumb down the masses fully understand this potential genius.  They are very fearful of it. So fearful in fact, that more than 100 years ago, they designed a mandatory school system as a way to control the common people. By training them to be good citizens and members of a collective  society instead of individuals, the few could continue to control the many.”

Barnett observed that compulsory schooling, “now referred to as public education” started in Massachusetts in 1852, and spread pretty much all across the country by the turn of the twentieth century. Sam Blumenfeld, in his book Is Public Education Necessary? noted this same thing way back in the 1980s. Blumenfeld also noted the strong Unitarian and socialist influence in public education by such sterling educational messiahs as Unitarian Horace Mann and socialist Robert Owen, which showed that even it its earliest days, public education had its own theological perspective–and not a Christian one.

It was stated by Barnett that public schools were “…the vehicle used to teach children to be managed instead of managing themselves. They have produced a soft society consumed by doubt and incompetence, and one that can function only as a mass.” That’s one thing that peer pressure in public schools will do for you–teach you not to speak out against the collective lest you garner the disapproval of the group. Hence very few kids dare to stand up and speak their convictions but instead hunker down and say nothing that will force them to have to deal with the collective. Some of us didn’t learn that lesson real well and so our years in public school ended up being a mini hell on earth. But for those of us that didn’t learn how to cave in, it taught us one thing–to get  to the point where we didn’t care what the group thought. We learned to go our own way.

In order to change all this, Barnett said “…a real education is necessary, but so long as parents continue to shirk their responsibility by allowing unknown state employees to raise and train their children, things can only get worse…Any real study of most kids educated at home will expose this truth.” Barnett noted that this is often hard for  parents because they were mostly “educated” in the same system their kids are now part of, as were their parents! And most people were taught, via their public school “educations” not to question authority, not to rock the boat. Just go along and don’t make any fuss and “be nice.’ Barnett says that “Everything should be questioned, and everything should be scrutinized. Questioning authority is the bane of the state apparatus, which is the reason compulsory schooling was implemented in the first place. It continues unabated as the dominant training discipline of this country’s young.” Maybe now you are beginning to understand why.

Lord willing, more of Mr. Barnett’s commentary will be upcoming.

Reflections on Political Assassinations

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Today is the 56th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas. Like most folks, I can remember where I was that day when I first heard Kennedy had been shot.  I didn’t particularly care for Kennedy. I didn’t vote for him, wouldn’t have voted for him if he’s lived to run for a second term. He was no saint. However, having said that, I would not have wished for him what happened to him.

He made someone in the Deep State mad enough that they decided he had to go–and they made sure he did. As for Lee Harvey Oswald, he was the ultimate patsy. I read an interesting comment this week from a newspaper editor here in the South. He said: “And though I don’t want to reinvigorate an argument about whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, you’ll never convince me in a million years that Oswald rattled off three shots in less than six seconds with a bolt-action rifle, twice striking a moving target.” It’s a good comment, made by someone capable of serious thought. Not too much of that around nowadays.

Most folks capable of serious thought have concluded that the Warren Commission Report we were fed is a crock.  The Deep State concluded that the gullible public needed some official explanation of the assassination and so they gave us this charade version of what is supposed to have happened. And even then, as now, most of the public didn’t buy it.

I’ve read three or four books on the Kennedy assassination over the years. Most, I think, had some truth, and the list of possible scenarios for the assassination is as long as your arm. I am convinced that, in that long list of possible reasons and actions, the truth is buried somewhere, but the list is long enough that most folks will not pick the true answers out of the hodge-podge. I don’t think that is accidental.

Years ago I read Jim Garrison’s book about the assassination and some of the characters involved in it. I think Garrison was on to something. He brought one of the people he felt was involved to trial and the jury acquitted the man in record time if I recall correctly. Which fact proved to Garrison that it was an exercise in futility to try to get these people to trial. The same scenario would only be repeated again and again. After that he sort of backed off. He figured out what the game was and realized that if he continued the Deep State would probably add his name to the assassination list.  I don’t have Garrison’s book anymore. I think I may have loaned it to someone that did not return it. Suffice it to say here that the Warren Commission Report was a farce.

I have done considerably more research on the Lincoln assassination and, again, suffice it to say that the official government version of that event, was the Warren Commission version of Lincoln’s demise. About the only thing they got right was the fact that Booth shot Lincoln. The rest was a “cunningly devised fable” put out by the Deep State of Lincoln’s day to beguile the public so they would not do any real digging as to who did, or didn’t, do what. The Deep State of Lincoln’s day did to Lincoln what the Deep State in Kennedy’s day did to him.

There were different reasons in both cases, but one thing is evident. Both presidents, somehow, slipped off the rails and ended up doing things the Deep State did not want done and so both paid the ultimate price for their political “indiscretions.”

Kind of shows you who really runs the country, doesn’t it? And let’s face it, that ain’t the people we voted in to run the country. We have, in effect, a shadow government that really runs the country, for their own benefit, not ours, and they are going to make sure they hang on to their power, even if that means taking out a president here and there.

That brings us down to our current president, Mr. Trump. He has done several things the Deep State does not approve of, which is one reason we have had the “Russian collusion” hoax and now the “Impeachment hoax” and if this one does not work out for them I am sure there will be another hoax down the road apiece. The public seems to be more aware of this stuff now than they used to be, so the Deep State’s explanations for all of it are not flying too well anymore. If the Deep State’s efforts to stop Trump do not work out as planned, you have to wonder if the Deep State will end up using the Lincoln and Kennedy solutions to deal with him. I pray God that such does not happen, but we all need to  realize that the “powers behind the throne” mean to stay in power, no matter who sits on the throne.

It would behoove the public to learn more about the Deep State and who really runs the country, and there are some places you can do that.

The Un-Civil War

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Awhile back now I was sent a copy of the book The Un-Civil War–Shattering the Historical Myths, written by Leonard M. (Mike) Scruggs, who many of you may be familiar with. I was supposed to do a review of this book, which I did, and sent it in, but to the best of my knowledge, the review was not published.

This book by Mike Scruggs was not new when it was sent to me. It was published in 2011. Not that this makes any difference, as Mike had lots of material in this book that is worthwhile, and so I am doing a scaled down version of my original review to give folks a chance to see some of what he dealt with in this book. Check Amazon to see if you can find it. The book is definitely worth reading.

I noted in my original review that Mike gave ten pages of reference resources, starting on page 346. So obviously he did a lot of homework putting this together. He didn’t just write it off the top of his head.

With this book Mike aimed to lay the “cunningly devised fables” of Northern soothsayers to rest once and for all. He did a good job of that, not that any of them will ever admit it. He presented a huge amount of evidence in this endeavor to back up what he said, and showed that, basically most of what we have been taught as “history” about the War is little more than the cow chips you might find in a West Texas pasture. He went into so many areas dealing with the War and its effects on the South that it would have been impossible to list them all here. So I have tried to mention a few of the high spots.

He noted such important (and usually untouched) issues as the Morrill Tariff, the Union’s total war policy, the hanging of Mary Surratt (which I have commented on in several articles), the Fourteenth Amendment, the ever pertinent “reconstruction” era, the truth about slavery, and these were but a few of the important issues he dealt with.

He started on page 7 by noting the prescient comments of men like Major General Patrick Cleburne and theologian Robert Lewis Dabney, who were both astute enough to see what would happen to future generations in the South should what Dabney labeled as “Northern interests” prevail in the War, and it wasn’t pretty.

Mike noted on page 8 what should be obvious today, but isn’t, when he said: “No serious student of the ‘Civil War’ believes the Union invaded the South to emancipate slaves. Such ignorance, however, is commonplace. This propagandistic version of the war is commonly taught in public schools, and, in ignorance, even in many Christian schools. Yet it has little basis in fact. Slavery was an issue between North and South, but not in the propagandistic, fabricated moral sense usually assumed.”

He observed, accurately, that there were many reasons for the War. In regard to the Morrill Tariff he noted that: “One of the most heinous political crimes in history was the Morrill Tariff, which made secession of the major cotton producing states almost inevitable.” Mike gave the entirety of chapter four over to the Morrill Tariff, so you know how important an issue this was.

In chapter five he dealt with the Abolitionists and popular misconceptions about them, as well as their background in Unitarianism, something that is supposed to be a non-Trinitarian Christian worldview, but is actually more akin to some sort of socialism than it is to Christianity. He explained the Unitarian mindset and, while admitting not all Abolitionists were Unitarians, he noted how pervasive Unitarian thought was among the Abolitionist leadership. He noted in several places how theology affected the War–something that, again, most “historians” don’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole!

On pages 60-61 he dealt with the concept of States Rights. For years Marxist historians and other useful idiots have tried to tell us that States Rights was nothing more than the right of individual states to brutalize black people. Actually, the concept of States Rights was what this country was founded on. There was supposed to be a balance between the rights of the individual states and those areas the states had delegated (not surrendered) to a federal government. Naturally, after the War, that balance was forever destroyed, and we ended up with what Lincoln and his handlers really wanted–a centralized government where everything was controlled by Washington. The first step toward a One World government.

Chapter 15 dealt with the Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid in Virginia, a fascinating side bar to events going on in Virginia at that point in the War. Chapter 19 dealt with the hanging of Mary Surratt, which I have always contended was a travesty of justice, considering the fact that the feds showed almost no interest in her son, John, who was supposed to be a major player in the Lincoln assassination.

Chapter 20 dealt with the Fourteenth Amendment and chapter 21 dealt with “reconstruction.” Most of this is not fun reading. However, it is essential in our day that we understand what “reconstruction” was really all about because, even in our day,  we have suffered the effects of it.

This book was published by Universal Media, Inc. One Boston Way, Asheville, North Carolina 28803  If you can still find it then get it. You will learn a lot that the historians–so called would rather you remain ignorant of.