Something Smells In Uvalde

by Al Benson Jr.

The recent shootings in a school in Uvalde, Texas have left a lot of unanswered questions. The more you look at it the more it smells like a classic Obama era false flag operation. If you recall, we had several shootings like this one when Obama was officially in office and they all resulted in more strident demands for more strict gun controls. At that time Congress resisted most of what Obama wanted to do, but with the RINO-infested Congress we have now I can picture Obama, through his Biden puppet, getting what he wants in the gun control area. Lots of these guys talk conservative but when a vote comes up that will weaken your Second Amendment rights they will fade like last year’s dead flowers.

An article on for May 29th shows the false flag pattern for this latest shooting. The article by Ethan Huff observed: “The narrative surrounding the Uvalde, Texas false flag shooting is already crumbling apart as more revelations come to light about how police officers stood down and let the shooter rampage Robb Elementary School without even an attempt at intervention. We now know that a mother had to take matters into her own hands by secretly entering the school to save children, all while law enforcement stood outside and did nothing.” The article stated further on that: “There is a lot wrong with this case starting way before the shooter even entered the school,’ wrote a commenter. ‘Every cop I know would have been in there saving those kids’ lives. Something very fishy is going on here, and the point is always about gun control’.” How right he is–the point is always gun control–and that’s the point in Uvalde too!

Another article for today, 5/31 on noted that: “Multiple reports have painted a disturbing picture of both incompetence and egregious decision-making, with over a dozen officers standing by while the shooter killed 19 children. Perhaps even worse, after a tactical team fromthe Border Patrol arrived, they were also told to stand down before eventually disobeying the order and neutralizing the threat. For their part, Texas DPS gave a presser that attempted to gloss over the failings, refusing to answer basic questions about what transpired. Now, unearthed documents are showing how protocols were violated in shocking ways, with the police response directly contradicting the expectations they were given just months prior in regards to an active shooter situation.”

In other words the police there had training earlier about how to handle this kind of situation…The instructions to officers aren’t vague. They directly say that the first priority is to confront the killer immediately, neutralize them, and then render aid. Nowhere does it say to hang back for an hour waiting on a tactical team before then preventing said tactical team from entering. Further, it notes that while not waiting for backup, even a single officer is expected to do his duty…”

Another article on stated, in part, that: “It is widely understood that responding officers are to immediately confront and engage an active shooter in a school–something that did not occur in Uvalde. This has many residents and parents abjectly furious and demanding answers.”

So why did the cops stand down? And why did they try to prevent others from going in to help the kids? Until these questions are answered satisfactorily this still looks like yet another classic Obama era false flag event to promote more gun control, promoted by Obama’s sock puppet who is his surrogate in the presidency. Obama’s third term is proceeding according to plan.


Oklahoma Gypsies

by Al Benson Jr.

The first time I ever saw Oklahoma was in 1960. A friend and I were on our way to Mexico City, travelling by car, and we camped at a couple places in Oklahoma. One was a state park and the other was some sort of national park at the time–Platte National Park, which is now no longer a national park but has been changed into some sort of a recreation area. I fell in love with Oklahoma and have, over the years, been back there nine times that I can recall.

One of those times was in 1967 when I spent part of that year living in Oklahoma. In that year my Dad sold his home back east and bought a trailer and he, my Mom and I traveled west. We were, in a sense, like gypsies. Wherever we parked the trailer on any given night was “home.”

We traveled across the country as far west as Santa Fe, New Mexico, which had been another of my favorite spots. We had been there before. We were checking on work opportunities in northern New Mexico and it was also an area with lots of artists, particularly around Santa Fe and Taos. I was trying to find someplace I could display my oil paintings. If there was any work available in that area it hid itself admirably. 1967 was not a good year for the middle of the country. Much of the South and West seemed to be in recession–the price of independent thinking not approved of in Washington possibly. There was no work available, particularly if you were from out of state. Folks in New Mexico were pretty plainspoken. They said if any work ever did turn up they gave it to their own first. I can understand that. We had crossed all of Oklahoma on the way out there–and now we crossed part of it on the way back.

We travelled back as far as the southeastern corner of Osage County, Oklahoma and spent the rest of our time in Oklahoma that year in that spot. We were kind of located between Pawhuska and Bartlesville, Oklahoma, about midway between the two. Everyone just called that whole area “the Osage.”

I had been trying to break into making a living as an artist–something I never quite managed to do, but while in Oklahoma I did manage to get some painting done, and I even managed to sell a few. Not enough to live on, but some.

Regarding work, my Dad and I went down to Oklahoma City one time to check out the possibility of getting work somewhere in the state park system. That didn’t work out, but while there we visited the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, which at the time was hosting an art exhibition by some of the country’s well-known cowboy artists. I spent a good part of that afternoon studying their work, techniques, etc.

We eventually did have to leave Oklahoma and go back further east because there was no work to be had. But, then, if we had not done that I would not have ended up marrying my wife of almost 53 years now. So the Lord had other plans for me, and I have no complaints. What the Lord had for me to do I could not have done without my wife.

Yet I have many fond remembrances of Oklahoma. Most of the western half of the state is pretty open country–prairie and some high plains. It wasn’t much for trees, but lots of sagebrush, yucca, and cactus. We camped a couple times out at Black Mesa State Park, way out in the Oklahoma panhandle. I used to tell folks you could spit from there into New Mexico if the wind was out of the east–only a slight exaggeration.

The old Cimmaron Cutoff part of the Santa Fe Trail ran right next to the park and it was fun to walk on that and to remember the pioneers who did it before I did. A large part of western Oklahoma had been part of the dust bowl in the 1930s. I read a book about that a few years ago that had pictures of Boise City, Oklahoma in it. Those photos of Boise City looked almost exactly like Boise City did in 1967.

As I said, there are many fond memories of Oklahoma. We were last there in 2001. With my present state of health, I doubt I will ever get back there again, but the fond memories of my time in Oklahoma are something I will always carry with me.

Oklahoma Memories–Raymond And Henry

by Al Benson Jr.

Being that this is a holiday weekend I thought I’d pass along a little easier reading than the things I usually deal with. Even I need a break from the heavy stuff that goes down almost every day. So here she goes.

In my brief time living in Oklahoma back in the late 1960s I got to know a man who had been a trick roper in rodeos. His name was Raymond. Somehow he had hurt his back and so his rodeo days were over. He lived in the backroom of a pawnshop in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. At one point, so I was told, he played a guitar and entertained in local bars on weekends. That was before I knew him. Not everyone appreciated Raymond’s music and singing. A man in Bartlesville told my Dad once, in regard to Raymond’s music that “He wasn’t very good, but he sure as hell was loud.”

I never heard him play all that much, so I’m no judge. But what he did, from the little I did hear, sounded like pure country music to me.

One thing Raymond could still do, though, was to make that trick rope sing. On several occasions I got to watch him do his routines with that rope and it was always enjoyable. He would build a big loop, either horizontally or vertically, and jump in and out of it and never miss a step, never trip himself up. He did things with that rope I couldn’t begin to describe. It has been too many years now and I can’t remember what all he did, only that it was enjoyable to watch him do it. Any of you all that have been to rodeos and watched trick ropers will know what I’m talking about. Raymond was one of the interesting characters I saw while in Oklahoma.

Another one was a man named Henry Wells. Although I saw quite a bit of Henry, I never got to talk to him, although lots of folks in Bartlesville knew him. When we saw Henry, on and off during the 1960s, he was old, with snow white hair and a handlebar mustache just like Wyatt Earp’s.

In his younger days, before my time, Henry had been a train robber, part of the Al Spencer gang, so I was told. Seems he had been captured leaving the scene of a robbery and he did some time in jail. I don’t know how much of his loot, if any, he ever salted away. But the old timers around Bartlesville always said they never saw Henry work, but that he always had money. So who knows?

Sometime in the 1960s an artist passing through Bartlesville had painted a picture of Henry that looked just like him. When we lived in Oklahoma that picture resided in the pawn shop Raymond lived in the back room of. I would have loved to have been able to buy that picture, but just couldn’t afford it–and the pawnshop owner figured he’d never be able to sell it for what he gave the artist for it. The pawnshop owner was another interesting character who often wore an old derby hat and kidded Raymond and I about the cowboy hats we wore. At one point he put several of my paintings in his front window and if I recall correctly, he sold four of them for me and never charged me anything for having them on display.

This is just a brief recollection of some of the interesting people I saw while living in Oklahoma. My Dad and I used to go into Bartlesville to do our shopping and pick up our mail. Actually we lived a bit west of there, just over into Osage County, which had once been the old Osage Indian Reservation. Those were interesting days for me to look back on.

The “Great Reset” Ain’t Going As They Hoped It Would

by Al Benson Jr.

Today’s globalist political and religious establishment has been pushing what it’s devotees call “the Great Reset” for some time now. This is supposed to “reset” our culture, history, and heritage in a whole new light and enable us to do away with all those old, outmoded concepts that most of us live by daily. It is all supposed to be “new and innovative” and we are all supposed to rush forward and eagerly embrace it. Actually, there is nothing “new” about it. It is as old as the French Revolution, and, quite probably, can be traced all the way back to Genesis 3, verses 1-5, in Holy Scripture.

With this in mind, it was with interest that I read an article on by Eamon McKinney called “The Globalists’ Race Against Time.” I probably won’t agree with all of McKinney’s arguments, but he does provide us with food for thought and some insightful commentary. In regard to the Great Reset he observes that “The main obstacle to this grand vision is that not surprisingly very few countries wish to go along with it. The Globalists know their game is coming to an end and the Great Reset is their way of ensuring that the same financial cabal that has brought the world to its current lamentable state will continue to rule over all in the next world order…Time, however, is not on the Globalists’ side, recent events have demonstrated that they are aware of this and are accelerating their timelines.”

He then commented on the Trump presidency by saying: “The election of Trump in 2016 wasn’t supposed to happen…An outsider without the backing of a political party and with seemingly the entire mainstream media against him, his victory was considered all but impossible. Yet win he did, and it seemed he spent the entire four years of his presidency battling against the Globalist faction, both internationally and within America. Washington felt cheated, not only was Trump an ‘outsider’ he was also a disrupter…he was indisputably an ‘America First Nationalist’, he was anti-NATO, and a vocal anti-Globalist. There would be no Great Reset under Trump, he was an obstacle to the agenda and had to be removed. Which in 2020 in a blatantly fraudulent election he was. Should Trump run again in 2024 and all indications are that he will, he would likely win an honest election in a landslide. The return of Trump would provide another major obstacle to the Globalist agenda. Expect that all efforts will be expended to prevent another Trump presidency…”

McKinney then turned to this new World Health Organization treaty which will require all countries to surrender their sovereignty to the WHO should another planned pandemic arise–which it surely will. He says “That they (the Globalists) would even think that post-Covid the WHO enjoys that level of confidence, is delusional. This transparent power grab is easily recognized for what it is, in the unlikely event that it gains enough traction, expect another pandemic to follow shortly after…There are few nations that don’t harbor deep resentment towards the notoriously corrupt and inept WHO and its genocidal Sugar Daddy Bill Gates. The sheer audacity of the proposal stinks of desperation.”

McKinney concludes his article with: “A Great Reset will happen, just not the one intended by the Globalists. They may have to settle for the Great Decoupling instead…The NWO (New World Order) that they have been lusting after for generations is likely to be restricted to Western Europe and North America, or about 15% of the World’s population…The Emperor has no clothes, as all can now see, their game is old, tired and predictable, and they have no new ideas.”

As I said at the outset, their game is as old as the French Revolution and probably goes all the way back to Genesis 3, verses 1-5, in the Bible. Those with discernment can see this and expose it accordingly as it needs to be exposed and opposed.

The Old “Pressure From Above And Pressure From Below” Game

by Al Benson Jr.

Several years ago now, a young college revolutionary of leftist persuasion wrote a revealing little book called The Strawberry Statement–Notes of a Collège Revolutionary. I guess in his own way, he was trying to explain what the “spontaneous” campus riots of the 1960s were all about. Although naive in some areas, he was nonetheless observant.

For example, on page 130 of his book he made the following observations: “Also at the convention, men from Business International Roundtables–the meetings sponsored by Business International for their client groups and heads of government–tried to buy up a few radicals. These men are the world’s leading industrialists and they convene to decide how our lives are going to go. These are the guys who wrote the Alliance for Progress. They’re the left wing of the ruling class.” Sort of like the Bill Gates’s and Zuckerbergs of today–the left wing of the ruling class–the people who want to control every facet of our lives and work on their agendas to do just that–and hope we don’t notice!

He continued, and remember, this is the late 1960s, and he talked about those people wanting Eugene McCarthy in as president but at that point, they felt the only way for McCarthy to win was for the leftist radicals to act up so they would make McCarthy look more like a centerist instead of a leftist. This is reminiscent of tactics that are still used today to befuddle the American public–the Democratic candidate is really made to look like a raving leftist to scare people off so they will end up voting for the leftist Republican, who then can utter a few conservative shibboleths to ensure his election. Often the Republican candidate is every bit as much a socialist as the Democrat, but if he can just bite his tongue and sound conservative, that’s often enough to fool today’s useful idiots into voting for him. And you can bet most will never check out what he said vs. what he ends up doing.

Up until Trump won this was pretty much the MO of the two-party duopoly that runs the country and they made a few minor adjustments to make Trump look really bad while promoting Biden as the new “moderate.” What a laugh!

But here comes the kicker. On page 131 the college revolutionary continued: “We were offered Esso (Rockefeller) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left.” These quotes are quite revelatory if you think about it a bit. They demonstrate the old conservative truth that the American people are being and have been led for years and subjected to an old Communist tactic known as “pressure from above and pressure from below.” This pressure is always applied pretty much the same way and always used to achieve specific goals in the plan to restrict our liberties. A prime example was the so-called Patriot Act, which Congress was coerced into voting for without ever having a chance to read it. It was supposed to “protect” us from those nasty terrorists when all it really did overall was to enact severe restrictions on our liberties. And then we had to go to war with Iraq because those terrible thugs employed by Saddam Hussein had all those weapons of mass destruction, and so we had to take them out by an unending “war on terrorism” which, thanks to this current leftist administration, the terrorists seem to be winning. No surprises there. And as for those “weapons of mass destruction” Saddam supposedly wielded back then, well, they never did find any of them–but the myth served its purpose.

But, go back and analyze what this college radical told us–wealthy industrialists in this country buy up leftist radicals so they, themselves, can appear moderate while the radicals look like barbarians. And the average American, caught in the middle, will always look to government to protect him from the barbarians at the gates–and the government is more than willing to do that–for a price–and that price is the loss of your liberties. For that price they will “protect” you (sometimes) from those their friends in big business have recently bought and paid for to scare you into trading your liberty for security. And, of course, part of that “security” they provide will be strict gun control to “remove guns from the hands of the criminal element” which, since they seem to believe ordinary citizens are little more than domestic terrorists–is us! See where this is all going? After all, isn’t the loss of your freedom a worthy price to pay for “government protection?”

For those who might be interested in some history I would recommend a book published way back in 1976 called The Rockefeller File, written by Gary Allen. I believe this book can now be found on the internet and can be downloaded. It will give you some worthwhile info about who really runs things in this country and there is, if I recall, a section in there about how the Rockefellers have influenced education in this country (and not for the better).

Ahh, Those Racist Homeschoolers!

by Al Benson Jr.

There was a good article on recently about how the political left …”desperately wants to keep parents from homeschooling their children.” The article stated that: “What happens when parents realize the public school system isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and start seeking other alternatives? Ever since the debate over the material being taught in K-12 classrooms erupted, government schools have been under well-deserved scrutiny for injecting far-left ideas regarding race, sexuality, and gender into their curricula. Now, the nation is seeing a backlash from Democrats and their comrades in the activist media with attempts to limit options for parents who have become disillusioned with their children’s learning institutions.”

I’ve mentioned this person and her op-ed piece but I will note it again because it is so very typical of the leftist drivel being peddled to the public under the guise of being “news.” The Liberty Nation article said: “MSNBC’s Anthea Butler wrote an op-ed titled, ‘How the conservative Christian right is hijacking homeschooling’ in which she implies that the movement to educate children at home or in private schools has a racist foundation and that right-leaning Americans are somehow perpetuating that legacy.” It seems that Ms. Butler has a major problem with Kirk Cameron’s new documentary The Homeschool Awakening.

Butler claims homeschooling is a “more insidious” way to get around integration laws. I hope people have sense enough not to swallow this leftist bilge–because that is exactly what it is. My wife and I homeschooled our kids for part of their educational time. We knew several others that have homeschooled over the years. I have yet to hear the first word about race from any of them. Race was never a factor in their efforts to homeschool their kids. When my wife and I decided to homeschool we never thought along racial lines That was never an issue for us. We knew what the public schools taught after spending time in West Virginia during the Kanawha County Textbook Protest in the mid-1970s. No way were our kids going to be subjected to that!

I’ve come to the conclusion that the leftists are the real racists. Most of them live, eat, and sleep racism. It’s one of the three key areas the Communists propagandize in–“war, racism, and poverty.” That’s the “holy trinity” of the Communist religion. The leftists are like giant parrots, sitting on a perch somewhere squawking “racism, racism, racism.” And that is supposed to shut their opposition down. Doesn’t work anymore. People are waking up to the fact that the leftists draw this word from their vocabulary holsters like a gun and point it in the direction of anyone or anything they don’t like. Homeschooling is racist; snow is racist because it’s white; white paper is racist because it isn’t black–but then if it was black we’d all have to use white ink to write and that would be racist also. You see how utterly foolish some of this leftist hogwash can get. Actually what the leftists are doing is blaming others for what they themselves are guilty of. It’s an old Communist tactic–condemn others and elevate yourself.

Actually what scares the leftists all to pieces is that too many kids may end up getting an education free of leftist indoctrination if they are homeschooled or go to a Christian school and we may end up with a fair part of the next generation being capable of independent thinking. That scares the leftist educrats to death. They need our kids indoctrinated with their leftist dogma so we can all march arm in arm into the socialist “utopia” they have planned for us. If our kids are not conditioned to do that they might resist. So, in the final analysis, it’s not really a matter of race. It’s a matter of who controls the kids’ thinking–their parents or the state–and the state wants to be the controller. And that is something the parents must resist!

So don’t be conned by the leftist line. Homeschool your kids and tell the leftist educrats who want to steal their souls to go fish!


Does The United Nations Intend To Control Health Care In America

by Al Benson Jr.

There was an article by Selwyn Duke on for May 21st about the United Nations organism the World Health Organization and its bid to override the sovereignty of individual nations in regard to their health care.

Mr. Duke observed: “Commit malpractice–gain control. While this doesn’t appear to be a recipe for success, it absolutely is working for the World Health Organization. This entity did, after all, claim the coronavirus couldn’t be transmitted person-to-person and then sabotage the investigation into whether the pathogen emerged from a Chinese lab. But this isn’t stopping the Biden administration from forging an agreement that would give the world body control over your life and those of our fellow Americans.” But, then, I wouldn’t expect the Biden/Obama Regime to be concerned with our liberties in this country. Anyone who understands this current Regime already knows that the Biden/Obama Regime puts the rights of Americans LAST–and I mean last!

Duke noted also that: “…The WHO’s head is a Third World ex-(and maybe current) Marxist who, though not a doctor, was given the opportunity to mismanage health crises in his native Ethiopia. It’s a story that has flown far under the radar despite possibly being one of this year’s biggest developments.” It was big enough that Tucker Carlson dealt with it on Fox News last Thursday evening, which I assume did not make the big shots in our managed media real happy.

Tucker Carlson said: “So, imagine the civil liberties abuses that you lived through during the COVID lockdowns, but permanent and administered from a foreign country. Here’s what we’re looking at tonight. This January, the Biden administration submitted a series of proposed amendments to something called the International Health Regulations (the IHR.) Now, the Biden administration’s amendments, along with those from several other countries, will be combined to create a new global pandemic treaty…That treaty is set to be adopted starting this weekend in Geneva at the World Health Assembly.”

The full text of the treaty isn’t finished yet–but there is a catch. There always is with the United Nations in their quest for a New World Order. And it’s this: “The World Health Organization gets to define what a pandemic is, when a pandemic is in progress and how long a pandemic lasts. Then you read the fine print and you realize the WHO will have total authority over emergency operations in the United States if there’s ever a ‘public health emergency.’ Huh?” Go back and look at that again. The Biden/Obama Regime is about to give the United Nations control of our health care system! Isn’t that just lovely?

And Selwyn Duke made this point: “Carlson makes the point that this isn’t about public health, but public control. As to this, the Biden administration has ensured that the treaty contains a provision for a ‘compliance committee’ which sounds about as innocuous as a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ (the currently suspended federal effort to control speech).” So basically what Biden?Obama want to do is give the UN control over our health care system. They can deny it, but that’s what it amounts to.

Tucker noted that in 2020 Sandra L. Shullman, Ph.D said that “We are living in a racism pandemic.” Do you begin to see where this is all going? Leave it to the sellout Biden administration to come up with something like this as they work to make us into merely one more cog in their hoped-for world socialist system.

Does Big Brother Want To Outlaw Home Scholing?

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, yes, as a matter of fact he does. Way too many children are now being homeschooled and thereby deprived of the leftist indoctrination offered as standard fare in their local public schools. Such an occurrence has dire ramifications for the leftist throng among us. These homeschooled children, if their parents homeschool them long enough, may grow up to think independently and thereby ask embarrassing questions Big Brother’s educrat minions don’t want asked–and we just can’t have that. So homeschooling has to go and the kids involved in it need to be forced back into public schools where they can be taught to embrace the tenets of leftist thought for 6-7 hours each day–in all subjects. Nothing else will suffice.

Sound far out? Unfortunately it is not as far out as you think. The leftist educrat gaggle is already out there working feverishly to convince the general public of how diabolically evil homeschooling really is.

There was an article on for May 24, 2022 which quoted Daniel Greenfield. It said: Elizabeth Bartholet, the director of Harvard Law’s Child Advocacy Program, described the ‘homeschooling phenomenon’ as a ‘threat to society, claiming that conservative parents ‘homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy’, ‘promote racial segregation and female subservience’, and ‘question science’.” Greenfield continued: “Her paper called for a ‘presumptive ban on homeschooling, with the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.’ These views are not fringe. Of course this elite titan, Bartholet, knows which ideas and values are central to our democracy; and the place to drill them into children’s heads is public school.”

Greenfield commented on Bartholet’s political grasp of reality when he said: “Like all her super-educated colleagues, she manages to forget that the United States is a Republic, not a democracy. But a democracy is what she needs, because under that system the well-oiled systems of money determine which voices are heard and which are silenced.” And she wants homeschool voices silenced before too many people start paying attention to them!

Bartholet has some “interesting” colleagues. Back in 2020 she was co-organizer, along with a law professor, James Dwyer, of a homeschooling summit at Harvard. Dwyer is a law professor at the College of William and Mary. He is known, presumably in leftist circles, for claiming that: “The reason parent-child relationships exist is because the state confers legal parenthood…” Did you get that. You have parental rights because the state confers them to you. In his convoluted reasoning your children belong to the state but the state, in its gracious generosity, allows you to have a little say in their upbringing–but to homeschool them–why that is beyond the pale for children of the state. It can’t be permitted.

Make no mistake, these people are coming after homeschooling and homeschoolers and you can bet the farm they will do it with the full permission of the corrupt Biden/Obama Regime. Homeschoolers may need to seek all the legal assistance they can get because they are now under attack full throttle from raving leftists who will not be satisfied with anything but the political beheading of their adversaries. So be warned!

If Lincoln Did It Then It’s Okay (And Later Presidents Can Do The Same With Impunity)

by Al Benson Jr.

Back on September 24th of 2004 Professor Tom DiLorenzo did an article on called The American Gulag which is still relevant today. Professor DiLorenzo observed that: “Whenever a neocon defends governmental acts of tyranny, despotism, and brutality…it’s a sure bet that he will eventually ‘justify’ such acts by invoking the image of the ‘sainted’ Abraham Lincoln. If ‘Father Abraham’ did it, the argument goes, then it must not only be accepted but celebrated.” He makes a valid point here which you can use to describe the tyrannical actions of several presidents.

The first in our day is Obama’s puppet, sleepy Joe Biden and his newly attempted “Ministry of Truth” which, due to a lot of fuss in certain quarters, we are now told will be abandoned. Don’t kid yourself. It will not be abandoned. It may undergo a name change or a description change but the real efforts of that board will continue in some form because its true purpose is to curtail your First Amendment rights and that is a priority for the Biden/Obama Regime. So don’t be fooled when they tell you it’s gone. It ain’t! All it has done is gone into hiding

DiLorenzo continued: “Lincoln certainly did unconstitutionally suspend habeas corpus. But the tens of thousands of Northern citizens who were imprisoned without due process by the Lincoln administration (as many as 38,000 by one estimate in the Columbia Law Journal) were overwhelmingly plain citizens from all walks of life who simply expressed doubt over the administration’s unconstitutional and despotic policies, including the shutting down of more than 300 opposition newspapers and the mass arrest of political dissenters by the military…Anyone overheard questioning virtually anything the administration had done, let alone publishing critical articles or editorials in newspapers, could land in prison without any due process. In fact, Lincoln himself even argued that those who simply remained silent and did not actively support his administration should also be subject to imprisonment…”

Undoubtedly all those who tried to avoid politics, like too many church members, were probably guilty of “domestic terrorism” or of “insurrectionist tendencies” and had to be arrested because they would not wholeheartedly endorse Lincolnian tyranny. Any of this sound familiar in our day? And Lincoln continues to have his apologists even now. I just read an article on which stated: “Abraham Lincoln is known as ‘The Great Emancipator.’ But not many people know that during the Civil War, he jailed as many as 2,000 political opponents without charges…” Only 2,000? I wonder where this site got its figures from? The same article concluded, in part, with: “When Lincoln jailed political opponents during the civil war, he was doing so to protect the Union.” Really? Was the vaunted Union any safer with over 30,000 people in prison, some of whom had done nothing more than give their opinion of what Lincoln was doing? Lincoln’s version of the Union may have been safer, but what about the God-given rights of the inhabitants of that Union? Their rights had been abrogated–tossed down the “memory hole” if you will. A “Union” that cannot stand constructive criticism is no real Union at all–it is merely a collection of political entities held together at the point of a bayonet–like the old Soviet Empire.

There was an interesting article on for November 11, 2021 by E. Jeffrey Ludwig that noted: “Even saying that ‘it’s only a few bad dudes’ being held without habeas corpus does not dilute the evil that suspension of habeas corpus is. Only a couple weeks after seven Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861, Pres. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and arrested an individual in Maryland–a state that had not seceded–for advocating secession. The U.S. Circuit Court ruled that Lincoln’s action violated the U.S. Constitution…” Didn’t matter–Lincoln didn’t rescind it. Lincoln’s ruling made your private opinion of his actions illegal unless you happened to agree with him.

You have to ask yourself–how similar is this to the situation that occurred on January 6, 2021 at Trump’s rally, where those who disagreed with the highly questionable results of the 2020 election are now labeled as “domestic terrorists? In other words, don’t you dare to question the edicts of the “rulers on high” or you could be in trouble. Makes you wonder how much has changed since the Alien & Sedition Acts of the late 1700s except the names.

Biden’s War On American Automobile Owners

by Al Benson Jr.

On 5/20 someone sent me an article from about Joe Biden’s (really Barack Obama’s) war against American car owners. By now it is no secret that Biden’s time as “president” is really Obama’s third term and all Joe Biden is doing there is acting as Obama’s mouthpiece to make Obama’s third term look like Biden’s first term.

At any rate, the Conservative Tree House article observed that: “During a Senate Energy Committee hearing, Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan gives a list of actions taken by the Biden administration in the past three weeks to block U.S. oil production.” You read that right–the Biden/Obama regime is trying to block oil production. And people wonder why their gas prices are so high!

The article continues: “Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, during the hearing, said the Biden administration was doing everything possible to increase oil production and supply. Senator Sullivan quoted the actions of the Biden administration in the last three weeks which are exactly the opposite of the Energy Secretary’s claims.” In other words, Ms. Granholm was being slightly less than candid in her remarks.

The article also noted that: “This is another example of false pretenses by Biden’s administration. The Interior Department is filled with radical climate change ideologues who are working fervently to undermine U.S. energy policy.” And taking note of Obama’s part in all this, the article wryly observed that: “Obama implanted these people in the bureaucracy of government. They are now akin to terror cells” working to destroy what is left of the country. They are overtly aware of what they are engaged in and they mostly operate independently.

Our present energy crisis, with its resultant high gas prices, is really Obama’s plan for the country. However, Biden will get the dubious “credit” for implementing it. I wonder if he is even astute enough at this point to be aware of what that will do to him and his already shaky reputation. Or if he even has sense enough left to care. He is Obama’s ultimate patsy in every sense of the word.