More Notes While In Hospital

by Al Benson Jr.

We started out needing, due to the shutdown over this horrific Red Chinese virus, some financial help for companies and individuals. Congress passed a couple bills that were supposed to remedy that problem. Only they don’t quite seem to have done that.

Then we discovered that a third “simulus” bill was needed. to which the socialist democrats sought to attack a wish list of things they felt were needed for the transformation of the republic. Thankfully most of these seem to have gotten knocked down.

But now it seems we need yet another “stimulus” bill to help small businesses, something the first two were supposed to have taken care of, only now it doesn’t seem they did.

One wonders just how many more of these “stimulus” bills we are going to need in Congress before the socialist democrats are finally able to reintroduce their cherished socialist wish list of items That will forever transform this one time republic  into a Communist dictatorship of the stature of Red China.

I am beginning to wonder if this has been the plan all along. A prominent socialist  democrat one said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The socialist democrats are not about to let this one go to waste if they can use it to transform our national values into those of Red China. That is the democrat’s real aim and agenda. The more I watch government at all levels the more I begin to get the sick feeling that government bureaucrats at all levels see this Chinese virus as a golden opportunity for a gigantic powergrab.

Most of those in government love to rule. And to rule as they really wish they could, they crave more power–which for us mere mortals, means less liberty.

It’s worth noting how many liquor stores and abortion clinics are needful to keep the country up and running–but how very important it is to shut down churches and gun stores.

Does anyone see a trend here???

Most of our God-given liberties seem to have been abrogated. I have to wonder if they will ever come back. Our First and Second Amendment rights seem almost non-existent now.

It could be that this nation needs to think about a real return to the God of Holy Scripture and His Son, Jesus Christ, who was the true foundation stone of this republic. Check out John 14:6 in the Bible and meditate on what it says. There is a world of truth in that one verse.



Reflections From the Hospital II

by Al Benson Jr.

Laying here in the hospital, where I had expected to be for weeks and where I expect to be back again there was not much to do except a little therapy and watching TV.  I found one channel that had a lot of Western movies I saw as a kid and I watched several of those and also watched lots of news, some of it real and some fake. I watched lots of Fox News, and other local news, with discernment.

Watching all the stuff the feds and state officials are doing, it occurs to me that this virus, of Red Chinese origin, could be a grand excuse to turn 2020 into 1984.

There are rumors about those wanting to track all those who have had the virus so they can tell who they’ve contacted.

One church in Greenwood, Mississippi had its members fined $500 each for just gathering in their cars, windows closed, in the church parking lot. Supposedly that violated Center for Disease Control “guidelines.” There was some fuss over this and I am told the fines were rescinded.

Make no mistake–this country will never be the same after this Chinese virus has passed–if it ever does. And I am willing to bet that the few remaining liberties we still retain will be washed away in the encroaching tide of  “anti-virus protections.” What 911 didn’t do to us, the Corona virus will–and I begin to wonder how much of this is really “accidental.”

Reflections From the Hospital

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have just arrived home this afternoon from 42 days in the hospital and have no idea at this point how long I will be able to remain out as all the medical problems are yet to be resolved. The price of old age I guess..

While in there  I watched lots of news, some  of  it  pretty grim. These next few articles  will be brief until I get my legs under me again.

The United Nations  World  Health Organization is both a farce and a fraud. At this  point it is little more than the globalist mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

Communist China unleashed the current pandemic on the rest of the world and  you could say in many ways it benefits them in their assault on the free world. The fact that thousands of ordinary Chinese may have died  from it bothers them not a bit.  After  all, how many millions of his own people did Mao kill over the years? A few thousand more now wouldn’t bother the Reds one bit if it helped to cripple the United States.

So, with WHO running interference for the Chinese Reds it seems to me we should just stop ALL funding for this highly questionable group permanently. If the WHO is so gung ho to present the Communist line on this Chinese virus then let Red China foot the bill for it and not us.

Just one more reason we should get the US out of the UN!