Reflections From the Hospital II

by Al Benson Jr.

Laying here in the hospital, where I had expected to be for weeks and where I expect to be back again there was not much to do except a little therapy and watching TV.  I found one channel that had a lot of Western movies I saw as a kid and I watched several of those and also watched lots of news, some of it real and some fake. I watched lots of Fox News, and other local news, with discernment.

Watching all the stuff the feds and state officials are doing, it occurs to me that this virus, of Red Chinese origin, could be a grand excuse to turn 2020 into 1984.

There are rumors about those wanting to track all those who have had the virus so they can tell who they’ve contacted.

One church in Greenwood, Mississippi had its members fined $500 each for just gathering in their cars, windows closed, in the church parking lot. Supposedly that violated Center for Disease Control “guidelines.” There was some fuss over this and I am told the fines were rescinded.

Make no mistake–this country will never be the same after this Chinese virus has passed–if it ever does. And I am willing to bet that the few remaining liberties we still retain will be washed away in the encroaching tide of  “anti-virus protections.” What 911 didn’t do to us, the Corona virus will–and I begin to wonder how much of this is really “accidental.”


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