Reflections From the Hospital

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I have just arrived home this afternoon from 42 days in the hospital and have no idea at this point how long I will be able to remain out as all the medical problems are yet to be resolved. The price of old age I guess..

While in there  I watched lots of news, some  of  it  pretty grim. These next few articles  will be brief until I get my legs under me again.

The United Nations  World  Health Organization is both a farce and a fraud. At this  point it is little more than the globalist mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party.

Communist China unleashed the current pandemic on the rest of the world and  you could say in many ways it benefits them in their assault on the free world. The fact that thousands of ordinary Chinese may have died  from it bothers them not a bit.  After  all, how many millions of his own people did Mao kill over the years? A few thousand more now wouldn’t bother the Reds one bit if it helped to cripple the United States.

So, with WHO running interference for the Chinese Reds it seems to me we should just stop ALL funding for this highly questionable group permanently. If the WHO is so gung ho to present the Communist line on this Chinese virus then let Red China foot the bill for it and not us.

Just one more reason we should get the US out of the UN!


7 thoughts on “Reflections From the Hospital

  1. Al, I sure hope you are on your way to recovery. I too have been in the hospital for one reason or another since last April 10th. Still having serious medical problems but a at home after last hospital and doctor foray. Yes, old age is a serious problem, but as I tell my wife of 62 years, they alternative is worse… Do at least keep us posted on your recovery because we had been worried about what had happened when we stopped getting your articles regularly… Take care and our prayers go out to you and your family…. Al Barrs, Jr.

    • AL,
      Glad to finally hear from you again! Hope you recover soon.
      100% agree about the WHO & UN. Really, I don’t trust our government “experts” either. Here in NY, Mario, Jr(Andy) is running things like a typical dictator. It keeps getting worse. Larry

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