Memphis Is A Picture of Ethnic Cleansing (Cultural Genocide)

by Al Benson Jr.

Watching, in the last week or so, the frantic and rabid efforts of the compassionate, multi-cultural politically correct crowd almost reminds me of a bunch of mad wolves fighting over the carcass of some dead animal. The smell of Southern blood has driven them insane.

To label their efforts as Cultural Genocide almost seems to be too charitable. What they are trying to do to the South is Ethnic Cleansing at its worst.

I read one article where they want to cut an image of the Confederate battle flag out of a stained glass window in the National Cathedral. There have been proposals to have grocery stores ban the sale of Aunt Jemima Syrup and Uncle Ben’s Rice. I suppose if these items were renamed “Aunt Ellen’s Syrup” and “Uncle Ralph’s Rice” and had new pictures of white folks on the packaging then that would be okay. Anything other than that would be considered rank stereotyping in the politically correct (Cultural Marxist) mindset.

Most of these efforts at Cultural Marxism (let’s call it what it really is) have gotten to the point of being downright ludicrous. But as foolish and insidious as all this is, the city of Memphis, Tennessee has got to take the cake for how far (left) you can try to push the Southern envelope and still claim to be “relevant” (sane?).

According to an article by Todd Starnes, which appeared on several Internet sites: “Memphis Mayor A. C. Wharton wants to dig up the bodies of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and remove them from a city park in the latest and most despicable example of the anti-Southern cleansing spreading across the nation…In addition to desecrating the graves, Wharton wants to tear down a massive statue honoring the Confederate general who was involved in organizing the Ku Klux Klan. The bodies of Forrest and his wife would be relocated to a cemetery.” How charitable! I guess we should rejoice that at least they are willing to rebury the bodies–probably in some out of the way spot as far off the beaten track as possible.

Wharton, a black Democrat, complains that “This is not just an ordinary monument. This is a monument to a man who was the avowed founder of the organization that has as its purpose the intimidation and oppression of black folks.” Sorry, Mayor, but you are a little off base with some of this. The current Klan has nothing whatever to do with whatever Forrest was accused of founding, and there is still historical controversy today over just how much Forrest really had to do with the founding of the original Klan. And if you want to know why the original Klan was founded, go and read Claude Bowers’ book The Tragic Era. Find out what some of the black militias did during what they call “reconstruction.”

But whatever Forrest did or didn’t have to do with the original Klan he was buried well over 100 years ago. He died in October of 1877. As the politically correct are so fond of telling us here in the South–“get over it!” You can’t change the history, although you are trying mightily–and when someone works that hard to change the history so that future generations don’t really know much about it except for the politically correct version, I naturally get suspicious.

Starnes noted in his article: “I shudder to imagine what’s next in this Stalinist-style cultural purging of the Southern states.” Starnes recognizes this for what it really is–a Stalinist cultural purge. Marxist Critical Theory in living color! Many have accused Southerners of not getting over the War, yet those who accuse them of that now show they are guilty of the same thing they accuse Southerners of. Of course, in their case, it’s not guilt–it’s “combatting racism” and they have chosen to combat that with more “racism” of their own. Is anyone really surprised? Just remember, we are dealing with Marxist mentalities here and what’s okay for them is off limits for you and me. That’s how this game is played. Remember, Communist flags and State of Islam flags and the memorabilia that goes with them is all okay. Only the Confederate flag needs to be purged–no doubt to make room for some kind of Communist flag. This should tell you something about the worldview of those you are dealing with.

The three main adversaries to Christian and Southern culture have always been liberalism, socialism, and communism. It’s no different in our day.  This is your opposition and you had better start to realize that. And you, if you are Christian, had also better start to realize who is behind this opposition–the one who according to Scripture, “goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.”


The Battle Flag and the Gutless Wonders We Elect to Office

by Al Benson Jr.

Another big flap over the Battle Flag. We have a repeat performance like so many that have gone on before. A white youngster kills a bunch of black folks in a church in Charleston, South Carolina and is photographed on the Internet with a Confederate flag in his hand and we are off to the races once again. This so much resembles some of the false flag events that have taken place over the past couple years that I really have to wonder. In this case the Marxist crowd gets to campaign against two of their adversaries, the Confederate flag and guns.

I looked at the picture of this kid on the Internet with the flag in his hand. Pardon me for saying so, but he really looked whacked out. He held the flag like someone had just shoved it into his hand and he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. It was a tremendous photo op for the left.

And now, in typical Yankee/Marxist “reasoning” its the fault of that nasty Confederate flag that he did what he did. If we are to believe the “news” media it was the flag that caused him to go out and kill those black folks, therefore the flag must come down immediately if not sooner  (yesterday would have been better) and on and on it goes. The folks that follow this stuff know the drill by now. Another shooting done in a gun-free zone where it was already against the law to have a firearm, and still our Marxist-in-Chief calls for more gun control. One difference was that they got this kid alive where most shooters have turned up dead in the past few years. They may have propaganda plans for him.

Now no one in their right mind condones this sort of thing, but, as usual, the media is tugging at people’s emotional heart strings to get the desired reaction. To show how much emotional manipulation is going on with this, I saw a photo of a lady carrying a sign that said “My great great grandfather fought for the Confederacy but the flag needs to come down.” The results of 150 years of government school indoctrination!

What surprised me, and it shouldn’t have, I guess, was how just about all the politicians in both of our major socialist parties lined up to denounce the flag, from the governor of South Carolina right on down the line. They couldn’t get in line fast enough to say a bad word about the Confederate flag. And I fully expect, before we are done, that just about all the presidential candidates in both socialist parties will jump on board, fighting over who will be first in line to shout for the flag to come down.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that all these politicians (no statesmen here) were really just hollow shells, gutless wonders,  who are here to collect the votes that will help them to feed at the public trough, but when a really serious issue comes along, their honor and integrity melt fast than hot butter in July. They parrot the line their handlers have made up for them about the flag only representing “racism” and slavery and they honestly expect people to embrace this garbage because they have. And many will. But anyone who takes the time and effort to look at and study these rank political types will eventually realize that they are all hat and no cattle, that they are quite selective in their condemnation, and that, above all, as I said earlier, they are only out for the votes–no matter what they have to say or do to get them.

Therefore, it shouldn’t really surprise us that the Republicans are lining up to defame the flag. After all, that’s only  a repeat performance of what they did in the 1860s, in case anyone has forgotten. “Lincoln’s Marxists” are still alive and well in Washington and most of our state capitals, North and South. They never really crawled back under their collectivist rocks, they only pretended to.

And Now I have been informed that the Marxist crowd is planning the same game for the Mississippi state flag. Sixty-four percent of the folks in Mississippi voted to keep their present state flag several years ago, but now, some of the Republican leadership there have decided that the state flag will have to go. So you folks in Mississippi had best start to get ready for what’s going on now in South Carolina, because you are going to get it in one form or another soon. The Marxist crowd in South Carolina is close enough to victory that they can smell Southern blood–and they want more!

As hard as it has been over the years (one Southerner said getting Southern folks to work together was like herding cats) the various Confederate and Southern heritage groups will, quite possibly, have to learn to work together on this issue. Various left-wing groups hate each other’s guts and yet they do manage to work together on issues critical to the leftist agenda. Maybe we should take a lesson from that. I would think that the planned cultural genocide campaign against us that is looming just over the horizon is important enough to the preservation of our future in the South that we should be willing to help one another out, at least on this one issue. Cultural genocide will kill all of our groups and our culture in general.

So just maybe we ought to consider helping one another out as we are able in this instance, because we will receive no help whatever from those gutless wonders we have put into office. They have now become the “useful idiots” of the political left.

Media Manipulators–Lying Since the 1850s

By Al Benson Jr.

Those who manipulate the news, the spin masters, and those who shape news events to fit their own political agendas have been alive and well in this country at least since the 1850s, and probably before. These are the people who take news events and reshape them so that they say what they want them to say. For them truth is a by-word, to be pushed aside whenever it happens to get in the way of their pet agendas. They are journalistic Marxists—using the “news” they have created to justify the ends they promote.

One of the most famous (or infamous) of these was James Redpath. Early in his career he wrote anti-slavery articles under the pseudonym of “Berwick” and later worked as a reporter for Utopian Socialist Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. According to Wikipedia: “An early assignment at the Tribune involved compiling ‘Facts of Slavery,’ a regular series of articles gathered from Southern newspaper exchanges. Beginning in March 1854, he traveled in the South to examine slavery for himself, interviewing slaves and collecting material published in 1859 as The Roving Editor: or, Talks with Slaves in the Southern States. The book’s production costs were covered by prominent antislavery philanthropist Gerrit Smith.” That was the Gerrit Smith of “Secret Six” fame, who got himself admitted to a sanitarium after the John Brown affair at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

According to “Redpath inaugurated a ‘Facts of Slavery’ column for the New York Tribune, curating slave trade information from the Southern press, and later went South to interview slaves so they could have a forum for relating their experiences in their own words. He later took jobs at Southern newspapers and surreptitiously sent reports back north in the guise of letters to relatives in Minnesota. They, in turn, under prior arrangement, forwarded the reports to editors.” He was later a war correspondent with Sherman’s army. If he was in Georgia with them I’ll bet he had a ball whitewashing what “Sherman’s bummers” did there.

By 1855 Redpath had showed up on the Kansas-Missouri border and was writing for a Free Soil newspaper, the Missouri Democrat, on the problems in “Bleeding Kansas.” For yet another three years he continued to stick his “news media” nose into the situation in Kansas. He had involvement in politics and he continued to write “dispatches” in which he tried to gain support in New England for Free State settlers in Kansas. In 1856 he interviewed terrorist  John Brown, supposedly just days after he and his gang had murdered five pro-slavery men at Pottawatomie Creek by hacking them to death with broadswords while their families were forced to stand by and watch the gruesome scene. Folks, I submit, this was 19th century terrorism in living color! After that event Redpath became John Brown’s “most fervent publicist.”

Otto Scott, in his informative book The Secret Six: The Fool As Martyr said of Redpath “One of the magicians of confusion, expert at misdirecting attention, was the journalist James Redpath, who appeared in John Brown’s camp on the afternoon of May 29, 1856. How he found the camp remains a mystery. What he and John Brown discussed remains essentially unknown, except for a fable that Redpath wrote three years later, in a mendacious book about the scene. Here he described Brown as both a Cromwellian figure, all Biblical quotes and stern rules for clean living and high thinking and as chief of noble outlaws sequestered in the forest.” And so we see the “news media” of the 1850s hard at work, turning the terrorist into a saint for the dubious benefit of his Eastern readers.

You do have to wonder, along with Otto Scott, how Redpath located the terrorist camp, and Redpath never really tells. That would be giving out too much news that the public is not supposed to be aware of. However, Otto Scott made an interesting connection here, another one the “historians” don’t really want you to know about. He noted: “At the time Redpath met Brown in his camp, however, there could well have been more than journalistic curiosity involved. Redpath was a friend of the unscrupulous Jim Lane—the Free Soil leader who had escaped the treason dragnet cast out by the territorial government–…Brown, who Redpath and everyone else in the territory by now knew to be responsible for the Pottawatomie murders, was a man who seemed worth contacting, and Lane—according to Charles Robinson later—was in favor of using terror as a means of gaining power and property.” Anyone who has ever read any of the history of the Kansas-Missouri border problems and the “Civil War” in that area is familiar with Jim Lane. If you are not, then do a Google search on him. Lots of stuff out there on old “mad dog” Jim Lane!

However, Lane’s connection to “journalist” Redpath is never mentioned, but in looking at it as Scott has done you can begin to see the connection between terrorist Jim Lane and terrorist John Brown, and the conduit is news media pundit James Redpath.

And Scott has also noted something else the “historians” don’t comment much on. He said: “But it was clear that the murders in the Pottawatomie area had coincided with a series of organizing moves to drive Southern settlers out of Kansas, to destroy Southern settlements…The appearance of such deliberate and coordinated violence, however, could not have been possible, nor could it have proceeded, without a covering legend by Northern newspapermen, who shrouded its significance from the nation.”

So you can see that the “news media” today has a really checkered inheritance to live up to. They are still doing what the media back in the 1850s did—prevarication, waffling, obfuscation (I’m trying to find a nice way to say they were liars). Nothing has changed. But if you begin to get some faint glimmer of what they did back then you might begin to grasp what they are still doing today.

Lying Leftist “News” Media Trashes Anything Confederate or Southern

By Al Benson Jr.

Recently a friend lent me an informative book called Death by Journalism? written by Jerry Bledsoe. This is not a new book. It was published back in 2002 but as we were in the process of getting ready to move to Louisiana at that time, I never got to see it.

Reading it now, even though I am familiar with some of what it dealt with is still a shock. It displays the almost utter moral depravity of what we continue to call the news media. We should long ago have dropped that euphemism and realized that real news is the last thing those people are all about. It was informative to watch how the “news” media people in this book operated, in that I have seen them do the exact same thing in other areas. To label them the “prostitute press” would either be a compliment to them or an insult to prostitutes.

The book is about some folks in an SCV camp in North Carolina that sought to present the truth about the War of Northern Aggression to an adult  class at the Archdale satellite of Randolph Community College. The class was called “North Carolina History: Our Role  in the War for Southern Independence.” It cost $40 to sign up for the class, which amount paid for the entire course. It was not mandatory; it cost the college and the taxpayers nothing and it was not presented for the students at the college.

The man who started the class, Jack Perdue, said of the SCV: “We are a heritage organization. We are not a hate group and will not knowingly accept members who belong to hate groups. Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans served honorably in Confederate service and their descendents are welcome in the SCV.” And then he said something that most people today choose to forget. He said “It is important that we try to look at this subject from the viewpoint of the eighteen-sixties and not from the dawn of the twenty-first century.  It’s easy to say with twenty-twenty hindsight  that a lot of what went on back then was wrong. But you need to look at what went on back then from the times back then and not judge what people did in the eighteen hundreds by the way we live now…” Yet when it came to the “news” media, they totally ignored that admonition—as expected. After all they had an agenda—the cultural destruction of Southern heritage and culture—and nothing, but nothing, could be allowed to get in the way of that, least of all the truth!

Once the class started it was not long before it was visited by a hostile reporter. I’m not sure I even want to dignify him by giving his name. He wrote a series of horrible articles about the class but hadn’t bothered to attend the class sessions. So you wonder where he got his information. He wrote in his articles that the class taught that slaves in North Carolina were happy and content with their lot—only problem is, that was not what went on during the class sessions. Nothing like that was ever said in the class sessions, which were all taped, but that little problem didn’t bother the reporter—he just fabricated the dialogue he wished had taken place in the class and reported it in his articles as fact. The people who put on the class sessions tried to explain to him what it was all about. He wasn’t interested. He couldn’t have cared less.  Again, truth could not be allowed to get in the way of the leftist agenda.

When he talked with someone in the class and asked them questions, the fact that he had a preconceived agenda was openly apparent.  The lady he talked with said: “I knew right from the first question that the man was trying to create a controversy, it was the way he asked it.  I knew he was fishing for something, anything he could find to create what he wanted.” Another person he questioned noted that: “Every question had to do with slavery, it was the only issue of the Civil War he wanted to talk about…Nothing we tried to say to him seemed to make any impression. We were trying to tell him how much we’d learned about the role of North Carolina in the war.  It was like he would briefly listen to what we were saying, then go right back to the same thing. I didn’t feel he was there to find out what the class was about. He had some kind of agenda. He certainly didn’t want the information I was trying to convey to him.” You are right. He didn’t. He had no interest in that. He had no intention of conveying any truth about the class to anyone who read his diatribes.

And what was worse, his editor back at the paper he worked for defended all his inaccuracies as truth and the paper as a whole defended all this. They never retreated from that position. Much like the global warming crowd today, when they are presented with the truth of how they have fudged the figures to come up with their preconceived conclusions they pay no attention. They just continue on with their charade (agenda).

This “reporter” if you can even call him that, operated much like other leftist luminaries I have seen in the media. Several years ago now, my wife and I attended a Confederate Alliance Conference, sponsored by the Confederate Society of America, in Charleston, South Carolina. After the first day of speeches a couple people from the local “news” media ambled in and started to talk to the man who had organized the conference. As expected, they quickly brought up the race issue (nothing like playing the race card early). The man they were interviewing told them explicitly that race had nothing to do with what we were there for; that  people like the KKK and skinheads were not welcome at our conference and that we wanted nothing to do with that sort of thing. They asked him a couple more questions and then came back to the race issue. He told them again that race was not an issue there. Again they backed off and a couple questions later they tried to introduce it yet again. They couldn’t afford to leave the race issue alone because they were not really there to write about what had actually transpired—they were there to make everybody look like a group of closet Klansmen. That was their agenda, their only agenda. When they couldn’t come up with anything in that area they issued a story that was chock full of innuendo—but no real facts.

On page 231 of the book Mr. Bledsoe pointed out that the newspaper, the News and Record was not interested in fairness or truth. The SCV was the intended victim of what I and others call Cultural Genocide, presented under the false cover of “fighting racism.” The editors had to approve all this tripe and they did.

Another lady in the class said of the “news” media “They wouldn’t listen no matter what you said. They didn’t want to hear the truth. They were going to make it the way they wanted it and that was that.” You’ve got that right lady. Like good little Marxists, the news media today has an agenda and that is what they will present—no matter what, particularly when it comes to Confederate or Southern heritage and culture.

Southern Christian culture is slated for destruction by those people. It’s about time their intended victims woke up and read the handwriting on the wall—which you can believe—as long as someone in the “news” media didn’t write it!

The Confederate Government Never Surrendered–and “Reconstruction” Continues

by Al Benson Jr.

On Saturday, May 30, AD 2015, my wife and I attended a ceremony sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Shreveport, Louisiana. It was to commemorate the fact that Shreveport, as the headquarters of the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi, was the last Southern city to surrender when the shooting part of the War of Northern Aggression had concluded. The ceremony took place at the Caddo Parish Court House in Shreveport, in front of which stands a beautiful Confederate monument.

Quite naturally, the politically correct and professionally offended do not like this monument. It “offends” their progressive sensibilities. Had they been able to do so they would have carted it off to the historical trash heap long ago. However, the small piece of land the monument is on was given to the United Daughters of the Confederacy by the Caddo Parish Police Jury back in 1903 and so there isn’t much they can do about it. They did make a fuss over the Third National Confederate flag that flew there several years back when they claimed that the flag, being in front of the court house was an incentive for jurors to find black people guilty of crimes. I mean, really people, can’t you do better than that? But they raised enough of a fuss that the flag finally got taken down but the beautiful monument remains, to their everlasting chagrin. So the monument is not on “public property” as such and I’ve been told it’s now listed in the National Historic Register, so I guess the offended classes will just have to live with it. Poor babies!

Anyway, the ceremony on Saturday was attended by around 200 people, many of them in period dress, including Confederate uniforms and they carried their flags, which they had marched with from about four blocks away right up to the court house. There is something about a long line of columns of men in gray marching with their flags that sends a chill up your spine, (and I mean that in a positive sense) especially when you march with them.

There were several speakers at the ceremony who spoke briefly but the keynote speaker was past Commander of the SCV’s Louisiana Division, Charles McMichael.

Commander McMichael  gave a rousing speech dealing with how it was the duty of the SCV to protect and promote Southern heritage and to make sure future generations know what the Confederate soldiers fought for and why. That means the SCV has to stand and oppose political correctness–also known as Cultural Marxism to those that have done the homework.

During his speech Commander McMichael made a couple noteworthy comments you have not always heard among many Southern heritage groups in our day. He noted that, in a real sense, the War goes on because the Confederate government never officially surrendered. The various armies were surrendered, but not the government. No surrender document was ever issued, unilke Germany or Japan after World War 2. Even after Viet Nam, there was the impression of a surrender issued by our government to the North Vietnamese. Henry Kissinger, who engineered it, called it “Peace with honor” but it was a surrender.

Another  thing noted by Commander McMichael that is critically important for us to realize in our day is that what he termed “Phase two of reconstruction” still continues. So many today, thanks to the faulty “history” taught in our institutions of learning, think that “reconstruction” ended in 1877. It didn’t. We are now in Phase two and you can tell this by the increasing and vitriolic attempts to remove from public view anything even remotely perceived as being Confederate–flags, statues, monuments, school names, street names–you name it and if it sounds Southern or Confederate you can bet it has been or will be under assault at some point. This is a fact that many, if not most, Southerners fail to perceive. Your history and heritage will rewritten and redefined into some monstrosity  you would never recognize if you do not stand up and resist.

The Cultural Marxists are not about to just go home and leave you alone because you try to be “nice” to them. They will perceive that as a sign of weakness and will step up their offensive against your history and culture. Their agenda is their muddy boot on your face, flag, and you have got to stand up and learn to resist.

Ultimately, your Christian faith and your Southern heritage are their targets for destruction. You need to realize this and begin to fight back. The War is not over and they have not totally won until we quit–so let’s make sure we don’t ever quit!