Subversive “Fraternities”

by Al Benson Jr.

I mentioned in a previous article the well-known Order of Skull and Bones that was introduced into Yale College in 1832. In our day people who have belonged to that group have run for the office of president of this country–notably George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his work “To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments” has noted in this regard that: “Members of the Order worked both sides of the Civil War. William Barry, who came through Skull and Bones in 1841, presided over the Mississippi secession convention as the leader of the state legislature and served in the provisional Confederate Congress until 1862, when he joined the army. Another member of the Order served as the chairman of the secession convention in Louisiana, John Perkins Jr.. He also served in the Confederate Senate. remember this as we discuss the fact the conspiracy worked both sides to promote a war.”

Mr. Thompson continued: “Part of a network of similar ‘fraternities’ was Skroll and Key, founded also at Yale in 1842. It, too, appeared to be a chapter of the Order, although that is not its reputation. Very famous people have come out of Skroll and Key, and they tend to be quite liberal in their politics. Another was Wolf’s Head founded in 1883. Each was established out of the controversy of the earlier secret societies. As one fell into disrepute, another society was formed…The establishment of these newer secret societies matched the tactic, a variation, of forming new organizations out of the old to mask the fact that the old still existed–at least the leadership of the exposed organization. These campus secret fraternities were very useful in fulfilling an important tactic promoted by the Illuminati. This tactic is not only to enlist the brightest students but to target the progeny of their enemies, making their sons into minions. In this way, the younger can coast on the reputation of the elder among the Illuminst opposition, subverting much of the father’s organization and effectiveness as trusted friends. In addition, they capture the financial base of their enemy upon his death by having enlisted his heir into their cause.” Does this not sound a bit devious to anyone? It surely does to me, and it explains why the sons and daughters of conservative parents go to college and come back home as dedicated little socialists. I’ve seen this at work on college campuses so I know this is what goes on–and the horrible part is that it works!

Mr. Thompson cites an example here: “An example of this would have been Timothy Dwight V. The older Dwight was a fighter against the Illuminati and its influences. The younger Dwight became a member of the Order, studied in Germany under the Hegelians, and later served on the American committee for the revision of the English version of the Bible from 1878 to 1885. He became the President of Yale in 1886.”

I remember, years ago now, I talked to a mother who had sent her daughter to a particular liberal college. She said the daughter came home “a whole different person” and Mom was not at all sure she agreed with this “whole different person’s” new political outlook. I told the mother if she wanted to preserve the daughter she had sent off to college she needed to get her out of the college she was in and find something else for her more conservative. I don’t know what she ever did. Another family I know, good folks, homeschooled their son and then sent him off to college. Same story! He came back a different person and when the parents confronted the college president he told them “We want to challenge our students’ thinking.” In other words we want to undo what they were taught at home. This seems to be what colleges do best anymore. Only don’t call it education. Call it what is is–indoctrination–only now it is showing up more openly in schools from K through 12. It has always been there, but it seems the educrats today feel they can more openly flaunt it with impunity.

Face it–subversive forces have captured our educational systems in this country and we had better wake up to that fact so we can learn how to circumvent its effects. Solid Christian schools and homeschooling are ways to do that, but then you need to find colleges that have not yet been tainted with this intentional subversion and that ain’t always easy.


Capturing Higher Education

by Al Benson Jr.

We know that anti-Christ conspiracies captured higher education in this country early on. The Unitarians captured Harvard in 1805. That’s a mere 18 years after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. And you know they have to have been at work long before that.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his informative work To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments has observed that: “After Illuminists infiltrated our systems of higher learning, such as Harvard and Yale, they started to recruit into their schemes the young, bright students that they instructed. On the Yale campus, for instance, Skull and Bones was established, also known as the Order, it was founded in 1832 primarily by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft as chapter 322 of a German secret society, although others were involved…Speculation is that the Order was the Illuminati, but no absolute proof has been found that it was. It certainly became an archetype of the Illuminati. Since Russell studied at the University of Berlin, and Skull and Bones became known as the Brotherhood of Death, it is likely that it was out of the Totenbund, itself a descendant of the Illuminati. It was Russell who brought the Order to Yale and partnered with Taft to get it started. A telling clue of their origin, even though circumstantial, is the use of the term ‘the Order’ just as the Illuminati was known. The best study of the Order is America’s Secret Establishment by Antony Sutton, former professor at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. It details many areas of financial and establishment educational institutions run by members of the Order…”

Mr. Thompson also noted: “Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was an important precursor to Marxism and had been directly influenced by Illuminati, if not one of them…Russell became steeped in the philosophy of Hegel and remained interested in the Hegelian Dialectic all of his life. Over the years, the control of Yale after 1862 by members of Skull and Bones has been remarkable. Members of the Order encouraged the formation of secret societies on other campuses as they gained influence. “

As stated by Mr. Thompson, “Russell brought Skull and Bones to Yale University from Germany, where he had been in 1831-32. ..He founded the Collegiate and Commercial Institute in New Haven. At this institution he trained the students in military drill in anticipation of a civil war, many years prior to the war. In this, he was an American reflection of the German Turner units…The idea of a civil war was on the minds of the communist leadership within the Turners, and they prepared for it just as they had prepared in advance for the communist revolution of 1848 in Europe. Russell grew close to John Brown and was involved in supporting his efforts in the Kansas conflict in the 1850s. He is rarely mentioned in this regard, and most of the focus on who backed Brown’s efforts is on the so-called Secret Six. Yet it was Russell who became one of the trustees of Brown’s will. Many of Russell’s students became drill masters at the beginning of the war. He was made a general in the Connecticut National Guard from 1862 to 1870 by the Legislature.”

It sounds, from all this, like there were many in the North preparing for some sort of conflict long before the South seceded. More about the Illuminist infiltration of higher education in this country as the Lord permits.

Abraham Lincoln The Rosicrucian???

by Al Benson Jr.

As far as what they believe, the Rosicrucians seem to be a real mixed bag. One internet sit says “Rosicrucianism contains elements of Christianity, Hermeticism, Mysticism and Kaballah.” And it is claimed they are “a spiritual and cultural movement that arose in Europe in the early 17th century after the publication of several texts purported to announce the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world…”

I make note of this because the Rosicrucians are mentioned in Arthur R. Thompson’s authoritative work To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments. Mr. Thompson observes, on page 13, that “The Illuminati influence spread too rapidly to have been an organization that was founded in a vacuum. There had to have been other networks that helped drive the work of the Illuminati. These obviously were of the aforementioned Enlightenment, but had to have a more central source of direction. Some claim it was the Rosicrucians, yet modern Rosicrucians claim they sprang out of the Illuminati. And, it is claimed that Weishaupt was a Rosicrucian. In addition it becomes confusing because the Rosicrucians were the first secret organization to combat the Illuminati. Since the Illuminati had a superior organization, in the long run they may have infiltrated the Rosicrucians. Rosicrucian writings do refer to the illuminati in their degrees, that a Rosicrucian could attain a certain degree that is referred to as ‘Illuminati.’…Of all secret societies the Rosicrucians have been the most elusive to pin down.”

Mr. Thompson noted that: “There is much about them that is deliberately fabricated to throw people off the track. One does not know if their claim on Lincoln’s membership is true, for instance. He is claimed, as well as Jefferson, Franklin, Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike,..The head of the Rosicrucians in his writings in the early 20th century claims that Lincoln was chosen by the Supreme Council as the ‘annointed one’ to carry further the work of what they called ‘freedom.’ They further claim that earlier there existed a Council of Three, composed of Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer, and Thomas Paine, then Paine was replaced by Lafayette. Franklin and Lafayette both belonged to the Humanidad Lodge, which allegedly was a Rosicrucian entity. It is rare that anyone refutes these two facts: their membership and that it was a Rosicrucian entity…According to the Rosicrucians, the Council of Three was revitalized in 1842 by George Lippard. It is said by the Rosicrucians themselves that the council consisted of Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph, Gen. Ethan Allen Hitchcock, and Lincoln. This is a recurring ‘fact’ in most Rosicrucian published sources…In all of Randolph’s biographies it is stated that he became such a good friend of Lincoln’s that he was on board the train taking the corpse of Lincoln from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois but was asked to detrain because some of the other personages objected to a man of color being aboard. Randolph was of mixed blood….What is known is that the world headquarters of the Rosicrucians was moved to America in 1848 and they stood for a parliament of the world. They are only one of many key conspiratorial organizations that moved their headquarters to America just before or after the Civil War.”

Interesting that they moved here in 1848. That was an eventful year, what with the communist/socialist revolts in Europe going on and also, here, the beginning of the women’s lib movement occurred in Seneca Falls, New York–an event that was rife with spiritualism. 1848 was not a good year for this country. We were subjected to influences that would eventually change this country–and not for the better.

Mr. Thompson also informed us that: “Of the above list of Rosicrucians, what is known is that Hitchcock was a Swedenborgian and the author of Swedenborgian books, including Christ the Spirit in which he attempted to show that Scriptures were symbolic books written by members of a Jewish secret society. He was a warm personal friend of Lincoln as well as a military advisor. He appears to have been a Rosicrucian, since he is listed as such by every leader of that society in every book written about the Order.”

So it would seem that there were connections between the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati and you had some “interesting” personalities that were Rosicrucians and some rather odd theology came from some of them. Theology that was not good for the country. Whether Lincoln was part of it or not, is hard to say, though the Rosicrucians claim he was. Given Lincoln’s anti-Christian bias and his interest in spiritualism, this all sort of fits our view of the “Great Emancipator.” We’ve been fed 150 years worth of lies about Lincoln that were created to build for us a legendary Lincoln that never really existed except in the minds of those forging the legends. Maybe someday our “history” books will get it right–but don’t hold your breath waiting!

Be Careful Of Those Encyclopedias

by Al Benson Jr.

Back when we lived in Illinois, I had a friend that was the librarian in a Christian school. From time to time he made excursions to book sales and other places where they were getting rid of all their old books and he bought up lots of stuff for the church school library, including lots of old encyclopedias. His contention was that these older books had lots of historical information in them that had been expunged from newer books and encyclopedias. I agree with him.

I looked through some of the old encyclopedias he bought when I first started doing research on the socialists and communists that had supported Lincoln when he was president. The encyclopedias from around 1895-1905 had lots of information on those men that had been seriously downplayed in more up-to-date encyclopedias. So I had to conclude that, for my purposes, older was better. That’s not to say the older material was perfect, but it contained more I could work with than newer versions did.

What has this to do with what I’ve been writing about of late regarding the Illuminati? Let me explain. The late William Norman Grigg, in his book Freedom On The Altar noted, on page 11 that: “At the time of the Illuminati’s founding, its doctrines had been well established by anti-Christian intellectuals such as Rosseau, Diderot, Voltaire….and others who are known collectively as illumines, philosophes, and encyclopedists.”

Regarding these encyclopedists researcher Arthur R. Thompson has observed in his book To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments that “The writings of such groups as the Encyclopedists were banned by the Royal French government, not because they threatened the royal house but because they were a deception and devise aimed at Christianity and the social order of the day to replace them with something else. That something else was to be a new social order run by a few who had an ambition to rule the people, more than it was to get rid of the existing rulers. While the average student believes that encyclopedias in general are short, noteworthy references, they are also a method of channeling the thinking of the student by the authors across a broad spectrum of information. Good teachers in the past discouraged students to use them as references, asking that they go to better sources for information for essays and papers. Just as the group around Voltaire used this means to sway people, so did the Americans George Ripley and Charles A. Dana with their New American Cyclopedia. These two men were leaders in the communist movement in its early years and editors of notable newspapers. Karl Marx contributed extensively to its content, and Adam Gurowski, the Carbonari radical, served on its editorial staff. This work evolved into the American Cyclopedia in 1873. ”

Mr. Thompson noted that the use of encyclopedias seems to be phasing out due to the internet. How many of you have checked out Wikipedia for something on the internet? I have at times when I wanted some generic information about some person or subject, but when it comes to specific information about some person or group, especially about political connections, often Wikipedia is still in the starting gate–or maybe it hopes some of its readers still are, and that they never get out.

If anti-Christian radicals used encyclopedias to promote their agenda in the 1700 and 1800s do you honestly think they don’t do the same thing today on the internet? Why wouldn’t they? For those that do use encyclopedias, it might be a good exercise to check out who the contributors to those encyclopedias are and then check out their backgrounds where possible to see where they are coming from.

Mr. Thompson wrote: “You cannot draw a line of separation between the Illuminati and the personages involved such as the Encyclopedists, Voltaire, and Mirabeau. Their work, activities, and allies overlapped to a great extent.” A little something for us to think about as we go to look things up–either in an encyclopedia or on the internet. Let us be discerning.