Subversive “Fraternities”

by Al Benson Jr.

I mentioned in a previous article the well-known Order of Skull and Bones that was introduced into Yale College in 1832. In our day people who have belonged to that group have run for the office of president of this country–notably George W. Bush and John Kerry.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his work “To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments” has noted in this regard that: “Members of the Order worked both sides of the Civil War. William Barry, who came through Skull and Bones in 1841, presided over the Mississippi secession convention as the leader of the state legislature and served in the provisional Confederate Congress until 1862, when he joined the army. Another member of the Order served as the chairman of the secession convention in Louisiana, John Perkins Jr.. He also served in the Confederate Senate. remember this as we discuss the fact the conspiracy worked both sides to promote a war.”

Mr. Thompson continued: “Part of a network of similar ‘fraternities’ was Skroll and Key, founded also at Yale in 1842. It, too, appeared to be a chapter of the Order, although that is not its reputation. Very famous people have come out of Skroll and Key, and they tend to be quite liberal in their politics. Another was Wolf’s Head founded in 1883. Each was established out of the controversy of the earlier secret societies. As one fell into disrepute, another society was formed…The establishment of these newer secret societies matched the tactic, a variation, of forming new organizations out of the old to mask the fact that the old still existed–at least the leadership of the exposed organization. These campus secret fraternities were very useful in fulfilling an important tactic promoted by the Illuminati. This tactic is not only to enlist the brightest students but to target the progeny of their enemies, making their sons into minions. In this way, the younger can coast on the reputation of the elder among the Illuminst opposition, subverting much of the father’s organization and effectiveness as trusted friends. In addition, they capture the financial base of their enemy upon his death by having enlisted his heir into their cause.” Does this not sound a bit devious to anyone? It surely does to me, and it explains why the sons and daughters of conservative parents go to college and come back home as dedicated little socialists. I’ve seen this at work on college campuses so I know this is what goes on–and the horrible part is that it works!

Mr. Thompson cites an example here: “An example of this would have been Timothy Dwight V. The older Dwight was a fighter against the Illuminati and its influences. The younger Dwight became a member of the Order, studied in Germany under the Hegelians, and later served on the American committee for the revision of the English version of the Bible from 1878 to 1885. He became the President of Yale in 1886.”

I remember, years ago now, I talked to a mother who had sent her daughter to a particular liberal college. She said the daughter came home “a whole different person” and Mom was not at all sure she agreed with this “whole different person’s” new political outlook. I told the mother if she wanted to preserve the daughter she had sent off to college she needed to get her out of the college she was in and find something else for her more conservative. I don’t know what she ever did. Another family I know, good folks, homeschooled their son and then sent him off to college. Same story! He came back a different person and when the parents confronted the college president he told them “We want to challenge our students’ thinking.” In other words we want to undo what they were taught at home. This seems to be what colleges do best anymore. Only don’t call it education. Call it what is is–indoctrination–only now it is showing up more openly in schools from K through 12. It has always been there, but it seems the educrats today feel they can more openly flaunt it with impunity.

Face it–subversive forces have captured our educational systems in this country and we had better wake up to that fact so we can learn how to circumvent its effects. Solid Christian schools and homeschooling are ways to do that, but then you need to find colleges that have not yet been tainted with this intentional subversion and that ain’t always easy.


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