Capturing Higher Education

by Al Benson Jr.

We know that anti-Christ conspiracies captured higher education in this country early on. The Unitarians captured Harvard in 1805. That’s a mere 18 years after the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. And you know they have to have been at work long before that.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his informative work To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments has observed that: “After Illuminists infiltrated our systems of higher learning, such as Harvard and Yale, they started to recruit into their schemes the young, bright students that they instructed. On the Yale campus, for instance, Skull and Bones was established, also known as the Order, it was founded in 1832 primarily by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft as chapter 322 of a German secret society, although others were involved…Speculation is that the Order was the Illuminati, but no absolute proof has been found that it was. It certainly became an archetype of the Illuminati. Since Russell studied at the University of Berlin, and Skull and Bones became known as the Brotherhood of Death, it is likely that it was out of the Totenbund, itself a descendant of the Illuminati. It was Russell who brought the Order to Yale and partnered with Taft to get it started. A telling clue of their origin, even though circumstantial, is the use of the term ‘the Order’ just as the Illuminati was known. The best study of the Order is America’s Secret Establishment by Antony Sutton, former professor at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. It details many areas of financial and establishment educational institutions run by members of the Order…”

Mr. Thompson also noted: “Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was an important precursor to Marxism and had been directly influenced by Illuminati, if not one of them…Russell became steeped in the philosophy of Hegel and remained interested in the Hegelian Dialectic all of his life. Over the years, the control of Yale after 1862 by members of Skull and Bones has been remarkable. Members of the Order encouraged the formation of secret societies on other campuses as they gained influence. “

As stated by Mr. Thompson, “Russell brought Skull and Bones to Yale University from Germany, where he had been in 1831-32. ..He founded the Collegiate and Commercial Institute in New Haven. At this institution he trained the students in military drill in anticipation of a civil war, many years prior to the war. In this, he was an American reflection of the German Turner units…The idea of a civil war was on the minds of the communist leadership within the Turners, and they prepared for it just as they had prepared in advance for the communist revolution of 1848 in Europe. Russell grew close to John Brown and was involved in supporting his efforts in the Kansas conflict in the 1850s. He is rarely mentioned in this regard, and most of the focus on who backed Brown’s efforts is on the so-called Secret Six. Yet it was Russell who became one of the trustees of Brown’s will. Many of Russell’s students became drill masters at the beginning of the war. He was made a general in the Connecticut National Guard from 1862 to 1870 by the Legislature.”

It sounds, from all this, like there were many in the North preparing for some sort of conflict long before the South seceded. More about the Illuminist infiltration of higher education in this country as the Lord permits.


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