Abraham Lincoln The Rosicrucian???

by Al Benson Jr.

As far as what they believe, the Rosicrucians seem to be a real mixed bag. One internet sit says “Rosicrucianism contains elements of Christianity, Hermeticism, Mysticism and Kaballah.” And it is claimed they are “a spiritual and cultural movement that arose in Europe in the early 17th century after the publication of several texts purported to announce the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world…”

I make note of this because the Rosicrucians are mentioned in Arthur R. Thompson’s authoritative work To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments. Mr. Thompson observes, on page 13, that “The Illuminati influence spread too rapidly to have been an organization that was founded in a vacuum. There had to have been other networks that helped drive the work of the Illuminati. These obviously were of the aforementioned Enlightenment, but had to have a more central source of direction. Some claim it was the Rosicrucians, yet modern Rosicrucians claim they sprang out of the Illuminati. And, it is claimed that Weishaupt was a Rosicrucian. In addition it becomes confusing because the Rosicrucians were the first secret organization to combat the Illuminati. Since the Illuminati had a superior organization, in the long run they may have infiltrated the Rosicrucians. Rosicrucian writings do refer to the illuminati in their degrees, that a Rosicrucian could attain a certain degree that is referred to as ‘Illuminati.’…Of all secret societies the Rosicrucians have been the most elusive to pin down.”

Mr. Thompson noted that: “There is much about them that is deliberately fabricated to throw people off the track. One does not know if their claim on Lincoln’s membership is true, for instance. He is claimed, as well as Jefferson, Franklin, Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike,..The head of the Rosicrucians in his writings in the early 20th century claims that Lincoln was chosen by the Supreme Council as the ‘annointed one’ to carry further the work of what they called ‘freedom.’ They further claim that earlier there existed a Council of Three, composed of Benjamin Franklin, George Clymer, and Thomas Paine, then Paine was replaced by Lafayette. Franklin and Lafayette both belonged to the Humanidad Lodge, which allegedly was a Rosicrucian entity. It is rare that anyone refutes these two facts: their membership and that it was a Rosicrucian entity…According to the Rosicrucians, the Council of Three was revitalized in 1842 by George Lippard. It is said by the Rosicrucians themselves that the council consisted of Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph, Gen. Ethan Allen Hitchcock, and Lincoln. This is a recurring ‘fact’ in most Rosicrucian published sources…In all of Randolph’s biographies it is stated that he became such a good friend of Lincoln’s that he was on board the train taking the corpse of Lincoln from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Illinois but was asked to detrain because some of the other personages objected to a man of color being aboard. Randolph was of mixed blood….What is known is that the world headquarters of the Rosicrucians was moved to America in 1848 and they stood for a parliament of the world. They are only one of many key conspiratorial organizations that moved their headquarters to America just before or after the Civil War.”

Interesting that they moved here in 1848. That was an eventful year, what with the communist/socialist revolts in Europe going on and also, here, the beginning of the women’s lib movement occurred in Seneca Falls, New York–an event that was rife with spiritualism. 1848 was not a good year for this country. We were subjected to influences that would eventually change this country–and not for the better.

Mr. Thompson also informed us that: “Of the above list of Rosicrucians, what is known is that Hitchcock was a Swedenborgian and the author of Swedenborgian books, including Christ the Spirit in which he attempted to show that Scriptures were symbolic books written by members of a Jewish secret society. He was a warm personal friend of Lincoln as well as a military advisor. He appears to have been a Rosicrucian, since he is listed as such by every leader of that society in every book written about the Order.”

So it would seem that there were connections between the Rosicrucians and the Illuminati and you had some “interesting” personalities that were Rosicrucians and some rather odd theology came from some of them. Theology that was not good for the country. Whether Lincoln was part of it or not, is hard to say, though the Rosicrucians claim he was. Given Lincoln’s anti-Christian bias and his interest in spiritualism, this all sort of fits our view of the “Great Emancipator.” We’ve been fed 150 years worth of lies about Lincoln that were created to build for us a legendary Lincoln that never really existed except in the minds of those forging the legends. Maybe someday our “history” books will get it right–but don’t hold your breath waiting!

Be Careful Of Those Encyclopedias

by Al Benson Jr.

Back when we lived in Illinois, I had a friend that was the librarian in a Christian school. From time to time he made excursions to book sales and other places where they were getting rid of all their old books and he bought up lots of stuff for the church school library, including lots of old encyclopedias. His contention was that these older books had lots of historical information in them that had been expunged from newer books and encyclopedias. I agree with him.

I looked through some of the old encyclopedias he bought when I first started doing research on the socialists and communists that had supported Lincoln when he was president. The encyclopedias from around 1895-1905 had lots of information on those men that had been seriously downplayed in more up-to-date encyclopedias. So I had to conclude that, for my purposes, older was better. That’s not to say the older material was perfect, but it contained more I could work with than newer versions did.

What has this to do with what I’ve been writing about of late regarding the Illuminati? Let me explain. The late William Norman Grigg, in his book Freedom On The Altar noted, on page 11 that: “At the time of the Illuminati’s founding, its doctrines had been well established by anti-Christian intellectuals such as Rosseau, Diderot, Voltaire….and others who are known collectively as illumines, philosophes, and encyclopedists.”

Regarding these encyclopedists researcher Arthur R. Thompson has observed in his book To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments that “The writings of such groups as the Encyclopedists were banned by the Royal French government, not because they threatened the royal house but because they were a deception and devise aimed at Christianity and the social order of the day to replace them with something else. That something else was to be a new social order run by a few who had an ambition to rule the people, more than it was to get rid of the existing rulers. While the average student believes that encyclopedias in general are short, noteworthy references, they are also a method of channeling the thinking of the student by the authors across a broad spectrum of information. Good teachers in the past discouraged students to use them as references, asking that they go to better sources for information for essays and papers. Just as the group around Voltaire used this means to sway people, so did the Americans George Ripley and Charles A. Dana with their New American Cyclopedia. These two men were leaders in the communist movement in its early years and editors of notable newspapers. Karl Marx contributed extensively to its content, and Adam Gurowski, the Carbonari radical, served on its editorial staff. This work evolved into the American Cyclopedia in 1873. ”

Mr. Thompson noted that the use of encyclopedias seems to be phasing out due to the internet. How many of you have checked out Wikipedia for something on the internet? I have at times when I wanted some generic information about some person or subject, but when it comes to specific information about some person or group, especially about political connections, often Wikipedia is still in the starting gate–or maybe it hopes some of its readers still are, and that they never get out.

If anti-Christian radicals used encyclopedias to promote their agenda in the 1700 and 1800s do you honestly think they don’t do the same thing today on the internet? Why wouldn’t they? For those that do use encyclopedias, it might be a good exercise to check out who the contributors to those encyclopedias are and then check out their backgrounds where possible to see where they are coming from.

Mr. Thompson wrote: “You cannot draw a line of separation between the Illuminati and the personages involved such as the Encyclopedists, Voltaire, and Mirabeau. Their work, activities, and allies overlapped to a great extent.” A little something for us to think about as we go to look things up–either in an encyclopedia or on the internet. Let us be discerning.

The Love Affair Between Radical Socialists And Elites

by Al Benson jr

What I talk about in this short article is not something that is a mew development. It goes back to the days of the French Revolution at least. In his book Freedom On The Alter the late Will Grigg observed: “Louis Blanc’s 1848 revolution in France, Frederick Bastiat…one of the most eloquent defenders of the free market, noted that there apprared to be a natural affinity between the socialist radicals and the governing elite…Furthermore, the supposedly anti-socialist policies implemented by the French government had the effect of enriching the socialist cause. the government, wrote Bastiat, was busy ‘concocting the antidote and the poison in the same laboratory.'”

This sounds like the identical situation we have today. Our governing elite tell us they are curing inflation, securing the border, doing all manner of activities they tell us will help the country when actually everything they do is dragging the country down and we are supposed to be too stupid to figure that out .At least they hope we are. They may well be banking on our public school “educations” having rendered us incapable of serious reflection. And while that has worked on lots of us, it hasn’t on lots of us too.

You can see the affinity between the socialists and the elites by the way the elites deal with socialist destruction. Antifa and Black Lives Matter loot and burn down our cities while the elites barely bat an eye, or at most, they call for more gun control, which they know will not solve the problem, but it gives them the appearance of “doing something” when they really have no plan to. They claim our Southern border is secure, there’s no problem there they tell us. Why? Because they really want all these illegal immigrants here so they can bus and fly them all over the country and deposit them in states where they want to change the vote. They plan to give the illegals the vote, whether they are citizens or not makes no differene to the elites. They figure most of these illegals will vote Democrat and keep them in power forever.

Can you imagine the vocal eruption that would emerge if conservatives tried to do what the elites are doing? Why it would be a major news story amongst the prostitute press, but because the socialist elites are doing it, the “news’ media yawns and goes back to sleep. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. We’re stealing your country, but don’t be concerned. We’ll teach you how to be happy with nothing and you’ll learn to love it–or else!

The only difference between the radical socialists in the streets with Molotov cocktails’ and the socialists sitting in board rooms or in presidential offices is that they differ in method as to how to take this country down, but both have the same desire to do just that. We need to wake up to that fact and seek the Lords guidance as to what to do about it.

What Was (Is) The Illuminati?

by Al Benson Jr

I’ve mentioned the Illuminati and Illuminism in several recent articles so it occurred to me I should let folks who may not know see what those people believed and their spiritual progeny still believe to this day.

William Norman Grigg, in his book Freedom On The Alter told us that: “Librarian of Congress James H. Billington, who has written: ‘The story of the 18th and 19th century secret societies can never be fully reconstructed, but it has been badly neglected–even avoided, one suspects–because the evidence that is available leads us into territory equally uncongenial to modern historians in the East and in the West.’ Billington has documented that is is from ‘romantic occultism in general, and Bavarian Illuminism in particular’ that ‘the modern revolutionary tradition as it came to be internationalized under Napoleon and the ‘Restoration’ descends.”

He noted Adam Weishaupt as the original founder, and said: “The Illuminati’s platform called for–among other things–the abolition of private property, patriotism, the family, and religion.” And he noted one commentator’s viewpoint regarding the Illuminati. The commentator observed: “The teachings of the Illuminati hold that all is material, that all religions are of human invention, that God is man, and man is God, and the world is his (that is man’s) kingdom.” “Thus man’s perfection would be supervised by other men–‘the illuminated ones’ who are supposedly destined to preside over human evolution.’ At the time of the Illuminati’s founding its doctrines had been well established and expounded by anti-Christian intellectuals such as Rousseau, Diderot, Voltaire, d’Alembert, and others who are known collectively in history as illumines, philosophes, and encyclopedists. Although they were given to quarrels among themselves…this group of elitists shared a common goal–the destruction of Christian society and the creation of a new society under the direction of the enlightened–that is illuminated–despots.” I don’t know about others, but this sounds like a future I’d not want any part of.

If you want a good idea of how man, with his fallen sin nature is sovereign, just take a look at how “illuminated” men are running Washington while the Democrats are in control and this will give you some idea of how life under the control of the Illuminati would be. We’ve got a sneak preview right here in our own country. If I asked the majority of those on my mailing list “How’s that working out for you?” I’d get a resounding reply of “It ain’t” from them!

Mr. Grigg also observed that: “First, the effort to subvert Christian society was directed from above, by the elite; it was not a spontaneous uprising from the struggling proletarian masses below. Second, Weishaupt’s conspiracy included many who were genuinely unaware of the movement’s ultimate objectives, people who had joined for social reasons or perhaps out of a misplaced idealism. Although the Bavarian Illuminati organized by Weishaupt was outlawed in 1784, it survived in the form of ‘reading societies’ and other front groups.” In other words it didn’t really die. It just went underground and changed its name. I’ve read somewhere where it split into three different groups, one of which was the League of the Just–the people that hired Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto. Another ploy that has survived down into our age is the tactic of the communists of using non-communist hands to do much of their dirty work by involving them in organizations with beneficial-sounding names but which, in reality, were formed to promote some aspect of the communist agenda.

Grigg has told us that the Illuminati, with its anti-Christian agenda, was ultimately responsible for the French Revolution. If the League of the Just hired Marx to write “his” manifesto and to get it published in 1847, just ahead of the 1848 socialist/communist revolts in Europe, that means some form of the Illuminati was active then. And, if then, why not in 1861 in this country? But then, that’s a rhetorical question, because lots of you already know the answer to it. Illuminist thinking was prevalent in this country in the 1800s and, if the truth be known, it still is today. Oh, the original Illuminati may be gone, dissolved into a whole batch of front groups, but due to those front groups, even today, the mindset of the Illuminati is alive, well, and surviving in some form. Maybe we should just call it the Conspiracy of anti-Christ because that’s ultimately what it really is. And for that reason, if for no other, Christians should be willing to expose it for what it is. Read Ephesians 5:11.

Fooling The Christians And Conservatives

by Al Benson Jr.

Lots of our congress critters have learned how to keep getting re-elected. Just fool their constituencies into believing they are something they really are not. And it must work because many of them get continually voted back into office by doing it.

I will give one example I have noted here in past years. A senator from one of our western states was returned to the Senate many times because he always voted against any new gun control bills that came up. On every other issue the guy was a raving socialist. I don’t bother calling them liberals anymore because a liberal is only a slow socialist who hasn’t made it all the way to socialism yet, but he’s working on it.

At any rate, this man knew that if he just voted right on gun control then he could vote left on any other issue and the folks back home would never know the difference because almost no one back there even looked at those other issues. Anyone who bothered to check out voting records would have known in five minutes or less that this man was a socialist pretending to be conservative. Unfortunately this man was far from the only phony to pull this scam on the folks back home.

Researcher Arthur R. Thompson has noted and written about the same thing. Mr. Thompson wrote in To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments that: “Another problem Americans have is that they cannot see through men who profess to be Christians selling them something that is anti-Christ. All throughout the history of America, including the present day, men will stand and profess Christianity and in the next instant promote some aspect of international socialism. It is usually subtle, a small step, but ultimately leads to the New World Order, the professed goal of international socialism. A modern example was a prominent governor who courted the pro-life movement at the same time he engaged in activities that would have led to the merger of North America into one nation, which would destroy the Constitution and independence of the American people. Likewise, he was known to have attended a Bilderberg meeting of internationalists who want more U.S. involvement and entanglements leading to a total subjugation of America to the United Nations…So a politician can make it appear that he is conservative to gain support, especially a social conservative, and still promote the New World Order, which in the long run would negate everything he professes to be for or against–and too many do this with intent.”

I recall yet another case right here in Louisiana where a man was running for the senate and making wide professions as to his Christianity. Someone who knew him once asked him “When did you become so religious?” To which he is said to have replied “When I needed the votes.”

Unfortunately, in our day, one of the main things missing from the “whole armor of God” for most Christians is discernment in political issues. Something we critically need to be able to do is to begin to check the voting records of those running for offices, especially at the national level. The New American magazine publishes, I can’t recall if its only twice a year or more often, in their excellent magazine, something called “The Conservative Index” which lists ten critical issues that both House and Senate have had to vote on recently and it tells you how all senators and representatives voted on all those ten issues and it grades them all on how they voted. Those with the highest scores are the most conservative while those with scores hovering in continuous low numbers are basically socialists. This is one thing I always check out when it appears because I want to know how all our legislators from Louisiana voted, but I check out other states also.

The important thing about this is that it gives you at a glance some idea of where all the elected representatives for the whole country are at. Something we need to be aware of if we are to cast an intelligent vote. This is the kind of information the socialist Democrats and some socialist Republicans would like to see ignored as it shows them up for what they really are and they’d just as soon you didn’t know that. For those who can afford it the New American is $49 per year and a good investment to keep you up to snuff on what goes on in this country.

“Right Wing” Nazism

by Al Benson Jr.

A long time ago, probably over 40 odd years ago, I heard a man give a speech about different political systems. He knew what he was talking about. He spoke for over an hour and a half without the aid of a single note. He had it all in his head. Some of you may know who I am referring to.

Part of his speech was given to defining the different political systems and where they fit on the political system from left to right. He defined the far right as no government at all–anarchism. He defined the far left as total government and noted that legitimate government was somewhere in the middle. Human beings, being sinful, need a certain amount of government to restrain evil, but they don’t need an over abundance of government such as we now have here.

And he talked about socialism, which he defined as a form of total government, and hence, all forms of socialism, both national socialism (Nazism and fascism) and international socialism (communism) are both forms of total government and are, therefore, on the far left end of the political spectrum. In other words, he totally blew “right wing fascism” out of the water. I realize there will be some that try to argue this point and say that because fascists supposedly hate communism that positions them on the right. It doesn’t. All that amounts to is two different leftist ideologies in competition with each other.

With communism the government states that it owns everything (and everyone.) With fascism the government claims you own your own property, but they can tell you what you can and can’t do with it. You “own” it but they control what you do with it. Such a deal! Almost sounds like this country and our wonderful property taxes. Even if you “own” your own home and have it all paid for, just try for awhile not paying your property tax and find out what happens to “your home.” Government at some level will take it away from you because you failed to pay your annual rent for its use. The whole premise of the property tax is that you “own” the property as long as you pay your annual rent for it.

I’ve talked to other Christians about some of this over the years. Some agree, but a lot don’t. Some, although they don’t phrase it in those terms, feel the government should be able to do pretty much as it pleases. One thing evangelical Christians seem to have a problem with is that many of them, most in fact, have been educated to believe that Nazism is a right wing ideology and trying to talk them out of that is an exercise in futility. I know. I’ve been frustrated over that. They seem incapable of grasping the fact that all socialism is leftist. Maybe for some of them it amounts to secretly wanting to embrace communism but keeping fascism–communism’s second cousin–at arm’s length. I don’t know. Perhaps we need some sort of educational outreach for Christians that will explain the different political systems to them. Heaven knows, when it comes to political systems or history a large part of the Christian community is blithely ignorant and happy to remain so.

Perhaps the problem is that so many have been taught for generations now due to faulty theology, what we do here in this life doesn’t matter as long as we get to Heaven. That’s terrible theology! What we do here will have ramifications for generations to come, for our children and their children’s children. A Christianity that doesn’t have a multigenerational aspect to it is only of use to those who desire a one world socialist government. Think about that.

“Peace” Movements–Not New And Still Subversive

by Al Benson Jr.

Many of you still alive may remember the “Peace” Movement of the late 1960s and early 70s. It was not really a peace movement but was a subversive movement promoting victory for the Viet Cong and defeat for the US in a war we should never have been involved in anyway.

I can recall being on a college campus during that war and seeing boxes of “peace” movement material that had been shipped to someone on that campus. Much of the material in those boxes had been printed in North Vietnam, the country we were supposedly at war with. I recall thinking at the time: “If they have shipped all this material to this little college here, how much have they shipped to Columbia or Berkeley?

And I recall seeing, during the Kent State debacle, college professors out on college greens teaching their students how to riot and protest. And they must have done a good job because those kids sure rioted and protested. The only place I ever saw a copy of Mao’s Little Red Book was on that college campus.

After reading some of the material supplied by the “peace” movement, I was forced to admit that the so-called peace movement was a subversive organization not really interested in real peace but only in the Communist version of “peace” which really amounted to “no resistance to Communism.” I found out later that the leadership of the peace movement was often not seen rioting in the streets but was actually sitting in capitalist boardrooms busily hiring out the denizens of the peace movement to make lots of radical fuss for various reasons. Even some of the peace movement people admitted that much. If you can still find one, get a copy of a book called The Strawberry Statement–Notes of a college revolutionary. The author of that book says the radicals got Rockefeller money to act up for various reasons. I’ve written about that in the past.

But are “peace” movements something new with the 20th century? Not really. You had them in the 1800s as well. Researcher Arthur R. Thompson has noted in his To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments that “William Ellery Channing was looked upon as the ‘bishop’ of Transcendentalism by Transcendentalists such as Ralph Waldo Emerson. It was in Channing’s home that the Massachusetts Peace Society was organized. This led to the American Peace Society organized by William Ladd of Maine. Founded in New York City, the American Peace Society promoted a world “Congress with a High Court of Nations’ to avert war. It was formed from 50 local groups from New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Pennsylvania that coalesced into the society. It was originally headquartered in Hartford, but soon moved to Boston. It had the same international goals as the Illuminati and what became the United Nations. Its organ was World Affairs, and remains so today. All of this is reminiscent of the modern Council on Foreign Relations and its organ Foreign Affairs. ..As usual, the leadership of the Peace Society split and formed other organizations more radical, which made the original look less radical and more moderate. In 1838 William Lloyd Garrison, abolitionist , John Humphrey Noyes, socialist; Adin Ballou, and Bronson Alcott, father of Louisa May Alcott, formed a new organization, the New England Non-Resistance Society. Then in 1866, the Universal Peace Union was formed out of it as well….It was astonishing that people did not notice that many of the peace leaders were also the leaders in spiritualism. Just as the Carbonari propagated their organization posing as a Bible Society in Europe, the conspiracy in America used Christian arguments to build a movement wherein the rank and file had no clue where they were being led…The arguments for the desire of peace were sound, but the solution was something that no student of the horrors of big government could abide: world government and the power that would be accumulated in it, becoming at the minimum a corrupt institution with no recourse left for decent people to stand up to it…The American Peace Society is also an example of the leaders stating that they want peace, but when it came to the Civil War, they endorsed the conflict on the side of the ‘Federals.’ It was, after all, a just war, since the North was fighting against the slave power. There were leaders who did not hold this position, but they had little standing in the face of the war fever.”

In closing, Mr. Thompson noted that: “It is amazing how often peace leaders of the socialist persuasion over the last two hundred years have endorsed war if it furthers the socialist agenda.” Something we might think about in our day. Peace movements usually favor a socialist or communist agenda, hence they are not really movements promoting true peace but are rather movements that benefit some radical leftist agenda.

Have Our Churches Been Neutralized?

by Al Benson Jr.

The answer to the question that is the title of this article is a resounding YES! There were things that pastors during our founding era dealt with that most pastors in our day won’t touch with a ten foot pole. For many reasons most pastors (and I say “most” because there are exceptions–not enough but some) have certain areas they are taught to avoid.

I noticed this occurring after the end of the War of Northern aggression and the “official” end of the Marxist “Reconstruction” in the South. At first I attributed it to the rise of dispensationalist theology in the South, which up to that time had not really been prevalent much south of Mason-Dixon but became so within five years after the “official” end of Reconstruction. And I think that theology did play a part, which I will deal with at a later date, Lord willing. But it was not the total problem.

The apostasy of the churches in the North into Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and in some cases, Spiritualism, also was a major contributor to the problem for Southern Christians. Where Dispensationalism weakened the strength of the church, Unitarianism tried to kill it and replace it with the same apostasy it had promoted in the North and gotten away with.

In the book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments Arthur R. Thompson has outlined how much of this began. He wrote: “Perhaps the greatest influence on an existing church was that of Emerson and his coterie on the Unitarians. Emerson studied at the feet of German-educated theologians and became the leader of the ‘German School’ of American Unitarianism. He became a Unitarian minister but left over the administration of communion and public prayer–he was against both. By 1848 he had left the ministry entirely. He became America’s death-of-God theologian.’

Mr. Thompson continued: “By 1885, all of Unitarianism was of the persuasion of Emerson and Theodor Parker, and was heavily influenced by the entire spectrum of the Left and anti-God movements. The purpose for infiltrating the churches was not to destroy Christianity alone. The intent was to use the organizational remnants for the purpose of ‘Illuminizing’ the population that had a conscience; further, there were many socialist leaders, such as Horace Greeley, who felt that Americans would not support socialism unless it was tied to religion…This is why the founders of our country did not want state-approved churches: this has become known as the separation of church and state. It was never intended to be for the limitation of Christianity or its practice either in public or private. There are too many pronouncements of our Founders for the need of Christianity to be the conscience of the nation for the separation of church and state to really mean the suppression of Christianity from public life. Let us not forget that the term ‘separation of church and state’ was coined by Jefferson, and this idea has been drummed into the heads of Americans over and over again by the enemies of religion until even the religious believe it. In the beginning of our country many states had laws on the books that forbade the practice of opposing Christianity , These laws disappeared soon after our founding.” Which fact means that the Illuminists and their good buddies were at work early in our founding era. Lots earlier than most Christians even think about.

Mr. Thompson also observed: “Nonetheless, if the Illuminists could take over church after church and change them into arms of the conspiracy as well as the state, they would achieve their goal in any case. Or, if they could only convince those they did not take over to refrain from getting involved in ‘politics’ their opposition would be minimal and perhaps ineffective. Today, the attitude that conservative ministers should not preach politics prevails. This is largely due to the idea of separation of church and state having been ingrained into the thinking of conservative ministers. On the other hand, liberal ministers have no problem preaching the socialist agenda.. They pay scant attention to the idea of staying out of politics.”

Now I will agree that ministers should not stand up there and tell their congregations how to vote. However they should stand up there and make their congregations aware of the real political issues of the day and how those issues affect their families and their churches. One of the devil’s lies is that “you can’t legislate morality.” That’s total satanic hogwash. Every piece of legislation introduced reflects someone’s morality, either for good or ill.

And what do Christians read? Mr. Thompson has duly noted that: “The Illuminists and their descendants always had as a main tactic of capturing not only the public schools, colleges and publishing houses, but the seminaries and Christian publishing houses as well. Relative to the latter, they need not destroy faith as much as they need to neutralize Christians from effective opposition either by advocating not getting involved in politics , for whatever reason, or by advocating false solutions based on the lack of historical perspective by the Christian community who have been educated in the public schools…Again, they need not destroy faith , they only need to neutralize the religious from opposing the Conspiracy through ignorance or lack of resolve.”

Judging from what I have seen in many churches over the decades, I’d say they have done a masterful job of neutralizing Christians. I’ve heard all the excuses over the years from Christians who have been neutralized and had their faith tampered with. Ive heard some Christians say “All you have to do to defeat communism is to “preach the simple Gospel.” Wrong! We’ve had oodles of Christians doing that for decades and communism is still here and stronger than ever, thanks to our public schools where the Gospel is anathema. Preaching to your kids and then leaving them in public schools almost guarantees they will at some point, succumb to the wiles of socialism. So, if you want the “simple Gospel” to take root then get your kids out of the public schools!

Space won’t permit delving into many of these issues, but suffice it to say that our churches have been tampered with and most members and pastors don’t begin to have the remotest clue. So start doing a little homework and if you pray for guidance the Lord will reveal things you need to begin to be aware of.

The United Nations Loves You And Has A “Wonderful” Plan For Your Life

by Al Benson Jr.

A few years ago writer Henry Lamb wrote something called Agenda 21–What Is It? How Did It get Here? In that he said: “Agenda 21 is a set of policy recommendations designed to reorganize global society around the principles of environmental protection, social equity, and what is called ‘sustainable’ economic development. At the heart of the concept of sustainable development, is the assumption that government must manage society to ensure that human activity conforms to these principles…” We might ask the question–do the people that set up and ordain these plans then plan to live under the same standards they set up for us proles? Dumb question isn’t it? And you already know the answer.

An article in The Blaze which I often have not agreed with (but this time they got it right), noted that support for Agenda 21 didn’t come only from the United Nations. It also came from “wealthy donors like billionaire George Soros, whose Open Society gave ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) a $2.1 million grant in 1997 to support its local Agenda 21 Project. The financing was used to promote the project in the United States.”

If you are like me, you have to wonder how much of this pro-UN propaganda is promoted in those indoctrination centers we mistakenly still call public schools in this country. I can recall seeing quite a bit of pro-UN material in public school when I went, and believe me that was a long time ago. I have no reason to even dream that the volume of it has slowed down.

Awhile back, I had a neighbor who was trying to sell his house so he could buy a place out on the bayou and retire and do a bit of fishing out there. So what would Agenda 21, if fully enacted in this country mean for him? It would mean that he could kiss his retirement home out on the bayou goodbye. With Agenda 21 enacted fully here, it would mean that he will be informed by some local commissar that he would be much better off living in a miniature apartment in the local ghetto with the rest of us proles. His pickup truck? He won’t need that–he won’t be able to go much of anyplace anymore beyond the bounds of the local ghetto. His guns? You can forget that Charlie! The only ones needing guns in the ghetto would be the crooks, whom the feds have no interest in disarming. Under Agenda 21 the entire country would be one big gun free zone because the United Nations just hates even the concept of privately owned firearms. Fishing? Don’t kid yourself! Where would you fish? In the street gutters in the ghetto after a toad strangler? And if you did happen to have property out on the bayou before all this happened, well, that would have been given to some UN or federal apparatchik as his reward for keeping ordinary folks away from it and making sure they remain in their ghettoes like good little proles.

Can you begin to see the rosy future the United Nations has planned for us all and how we will fit into their scheme for “economic sustainability?” In October we will be dutifully informed by our prostitute press that October is “United Nations” month and that we should begin thinking about how our country will find its place in a global government. I have a better idea. How about we all sit down and take the time to write to our congress critters and tell them to sponsor or enact legislation that will get this country OUT of the United Nations and get the United Nations OUT of this country? With “friends” like the United Nations, do we really need enemies?

The Ethnic Cleansers

by Al Benson Jr.

Let’s face it, we now have a government that is at war with its own citizens. We have a thoroughly weaponized “Justice” Department that will go after any American citizen that fails to toe the official government socialist line in any area. Symbols of our history, such as Betsy Ross flags, Gadsden flags, and Confederate flags are now listed in government documents as symbols of insurrection, and domestic terrorism. So if you have a flag having to do with any of the three listed here flying on your flagpole, then our benevolent fascist regime may send someone to pay you a visit or send the FBI to confiscate your cell phone, because even though you have done nothing wrong, they just know you are up to no good. In their eyes the entire citizenry is guilty until proven innocent–if such a miracle would ever happen!

And all those 75 million people that voted for Trump must be domestic terrorists, otherwise they would all have voted for socialist Biden. Anyone who voted otherwise must be guilty of insurrection or terrorism. This is the rationale of what is running the government in our day.

The same principle holds true for those that want to erase our history. While they realize they won’t totally be able to erase it for us, they hope to accomplish that feat with our children. Part of their agenda is making sure the next generation is totally ignorant of its true history and culture, because they have their own version that they want to replace real history with. This is George Orwell’s 1984 writ large.

My friend, Jeff Paulk, from Oklahoma, recently sent a letter to one of those tasked with removing Confederate names from any and all military installations. Jeff wrote, in part, “This cultural genocide against all things Southern and Confederate has got to stop. the truth is the truth, and regardless of how hard you people try to erase it, we, the descendants of Confederate soldiers, will continue to proclaim the true accounts of history to our posterity…Those brave warrior patriots whose remains lay beneath the clods of the valley in countless unmarked graves across the land, cannot speak for themselves. These Confederate dead, consisting of black, white, Indian, Mexican, and others, fought to prevent the very mess we find ourselves living in today in this country, under a fraudulent, illegitimate, tyrannical, socialist, controlling, and oppressive overgrown centralized government.” He’s right on the money there.

Jeff continued: “There was an unwritten agreement after the War of Northern Aggression that as long as the Southerner remained loyal to the U.S., he could keep his symbols and his heroes. The South kept that bargain, by providing more military personnel, by percentage, than any other area of the country. The U.S. has broken that agreement by removing memorials and flags from National battlegrounds, and participating in the genocide of our symbols, history, and heritage. It continues that breech of promise with your participation on a committee that is removing the names of Confederate soldiers from military bases, some of whom may have been slave owners, and renaming them with the names of Union soldiers, some of whom were slave owners. What hypocrisy!”

Of course we have to understand one thing here. Hypocrisy from the left is permissible because they deal daily in it. All you have to do is look at their “news” media. Will this situation change? It all depends on how much the leftists manage to manipulate the next two elections. If they get their way it will never change because leftists never relinquish power willingly once they gain it. They will do whatever it takes to hold onto it–legally or otherwise–and otherwise doesn’t bother them in the least. It’s their bread and butter.

I do wonder what it will take for enough of the American people to wake up and realize what is being done to them. I don’t recall where I read it now, but somewhere I read the our War for Independence started out with three percent of the population in favor of it. At this point in our history, I wonder if we still have three percent of our population aware enough of our current situation to try to take some action to-do something about it. And, no, I am not advocating the overthrow of the government. We truly need the Lord’s guidance and protection in the days to come because things are not getting any better. We also need to stand up and defend our history and heritage with the truth. If enough of us were willing to do even that much it would be a big help.