Jesus Is LORD Regardless Of What The Deep State Says Or Does

by Al Benson Jr.
Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

In the first century the Roman Empire prided itself on its relligious tolerance. You could follow whatever sect or religion you wanted to, with no interference from the state–as long as you were willing to recognize Caesar as lord of all. Most religions of that day caved in and did that, allowing them to co-exist in a Caesar-dominated society. But Christians were not willing to do that.

For Christians to have agreed to do that would have been to acknowledge that, ultimately, Caesar was lord and that the Lord Jesus Christ was not. This they would not, and could not, ever do.

That being the case, what Christians did in Rome became a political act as well as a spiritual one. Most Christians in our day shudder at the very thought of that as they have been taught that Christians should have no contact or dealings with “the world.” Yet in the first century Christians did indeed have dealings with “the world” and in those dealings they rejected the claim of Caesar that he was “lord” and they reiterated the truth that “Jesus is Lord” (John 14:6). Lots of people in our day think that a statement of that truth is “intolerant” toward other religions, which are false. Yet nowhere in Scripture are Christians enjoined to be tolerant of false religions. That doesn’t mean they are to be purposely nasty to other people, but they are to preach the truth that Jesus is Lord–because it IS the truth.

And since it is the truth you might well say that “Christmas is war” because the truth of what Christmas represents is spiritual warfare with the rest of the world. The world and its political (and religious) leaders have been at war with the Christian faith since that first Christmas.

One of the early opening shots in that war was Herod’s slaughter of the “holy innocents” told of in the Second Chapter of Matthew’s Gospel, particularly vs. 16. Later on you had the ongoing war of the Pharisees and Sadducees against the Lord Jesus and what He taught and their resistance to the truth He preached resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, when the Lord returned in judgment against the apostasy of Israel.

Down through the centuries, up to and including the present one, there has been a worldwide resistance to the truth that Jesus is Lord, particularly in Communist countries but also more and more in this country.

Those who in our day are part of what we refer to as the Deep State are engaged in ongoing war against the Lord Jesus Christ because they realize that if Jesus prevails it will be the end of their dream of One World Government with them as its leaders.

What they don’t realize is that Jesus already HAS prevailed. He prevailed on the first Easter morning when He rose from the dead and because of that the days of the Deep State are numbered. Oh, most of us alive now will probably not live to see that, but it will happen in the Lord’s good time, as sure as the turning of the earth.

The Deep State is not lord anymore than Caesar Augustus was, although they’d love to be. Their entire agenda is predicated on the world bowing the knee to them. Sorry fellas, it ain’t gonna happen. There will always be “Seven thousand in Israel that have not bowed the knee to Baal” and nowadays, the Deep State is the personification of Baal.

As Baal passed from the scene, so shall the Deep State in the Lord’s time. That fact does not mean that the Lord’s people can just sit back and do nothing–the same way many of them have for the past 170 years. It means that the Lord may well use many of His people to enable the defeat of the Deep State to become an accomplished fact.

To that extent it means that Christmas, the birth of the Lord of Glory, is an act of war against all the powers of unbelief that have arrayed themselves against the truth expressed in John 14:6. Christ will prevail–they will not. That fact should encourage us in the dark days ahead that we currently look toward. The Lord Jesus has been and will be victorious and may He be pleased to use us in the winning of that ultimate victory.