What Goes On Today In Public Schools Is Not Stupidity–It Was Planned That Way By The Messiahs Of “Education”

by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I read an article on http://www.newswithviews.com by Pastor Roger Anghis. He commented about much of the educational fertilizer being spread abroad in public schools, and he was correct There was only one place I disagreed with him. He noted that “We are seeing stupidity reign in our seats of power. Things that you would never even think about fifty years ago are gong mainstream now.” I maintain that this is not a result of stupidity. It has been planned that way. It is all on purpose. Those people now promoting what goes on, at least most of them, know full well what they are doing and why.

Pastor Anghis observed, and correctly so, that “The absolute perversion in our schools, with drag shows and porn in the libraries, and the character of the teachers that…are allowed to teach our kids is appalling…Our teacher’s unions have taken the stand that parents have no right to determine what children learn…”

The idea there is that, at bottom, the kids really belong to the state and parents are only the surrogates that the state lets help them in raising the state’s children. Sorry to say, but this is not a new concept. I’ve been studying, and writing for over fifty years now, and I can remember that idea being put forth by public educrats over fifty years ago now–and it wasn’t new then! It really stretches back, in some form, into the late 1800s, when a few states made it a crime for parents to criticize their kid’s teachers in the presence of the kids! The idea back then was, though not explicitly stated, that the teacher’s word was law instead of what Mom or Dad said.

All they’ve done now is to take it to a higher level. The educrat’s agenda would have been, fifty years ago, what it is today if they felt they could have gotten away with it. But they were astute enough to know parents would not have stood for it, so they bided their time, two generations of it, all the while working to radicalize the students in those two generations. And while they weren’t completely successful, they felt they had made enough progress so that they can promote the educational offal they are currently turning out.

They tried promoting this educational tripe in Kanawha County, West Virginia back in 1974-75, and the parents revolted against it. It went over like the proverbial lead balloon. I wonder if the parents would turn out now to resist it in the numbers they did back then–almost fifty years ago. And I don’t say that to knock West Virginians by any means. I think the West Virginia situation was a public school experiment to see how much they could get away with, how much the parents would put up with. Once they figured that out, they knew how to plan for a more radical plan for public school kids. Once they found out, they could adjust their schedules accordingly.

If you wonder today why so many kids hate their country, look no further than what they were taught in public school history and economics classes. Look at the obvious leftist slant of some of the teachers picked up in the leftist colleges they attended, or even worse, in some of the schools they went to high school in! Much of what passes for “history” in high schools anymore is little short of overt leftist propaganda. I’ve seen quotes from some public school teachers that would cause Karl Marx to blush! And, no, I am not indicting all public school teachers. I’ve known a few good ones, but there are those among their number that are bad news for the kids they indoctrinate (not educate).

I read an article on http://www.americanvision.org for 11/2/2020. In it, the late Gary North said of a book by theologian R. J. Rushdoony, The Messianic Character of American Education that “The philosophy of the statists who designed American public schools was messianistic…goes through the primary sources of three dozen of these social experiments …These men were open about what they were attempting to do: reform the American people and American society through tax-funded education. They disagreed with each other on pedagogical methods, but they were united in their argument that the state, not parents, should be in charge of the education of all children. The state would then become the redeeming agent of society. It would replace church and family as agents of redemption.” And the public school was to be the seminary for this statist “redemption” in open (now) competition with the church. This is nothing more than a breaking of the Commandment “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Public education was to be the state’s attempt to create a god in its own image.

Once Christians can grasp and understand this, there is no reason for them to support public education any longer–in fact they should separate from it and find other methods to educate their children. The public school is a competing deity, a false god that cannot save, only destroy. All you have to do to grasp that is to look where it came from (Unitarianism and socialism) and look where it has taken our children up to and including now!


Reparations Is A Total Scam!

by Al Benson Jr.

According to Wikipedia, Rep. Cori Bush from Missouri is a Black Lives Matter activist. She is also a willing participant in the ongoing “reparations” scam. In pending legislation Rep. Bush called on Congress to adopt measures “aimed at righting historic wrongs, including urging the federal government to issue federal reparations to black Americans…a minimum of $14 trillion would be needed ‘to eliminate the racial wealth gap that currently exists between black and white Americans’ the resolution argues! This bill, HR 414, is ridiculous and needs to be voted down resoundingly! Where does this woman think this $14 trillion is coming from, the Tooth Fairy? Or does she think the government can just print it and pass it out? If she does, does she have any idea of what such an act will do to the inflation level in this country? And the rank inflation won’t only hit white folks!

The “reparations scam” is just that–a scam. In an article on http://www.townhall.com for 5/11/23, writer Bob Barr, a former member of Congress, observed: “Neither history nor common sense mean anything to those demanding ‘racial reparations,’…” Barr then went on to list all the civil rights legislation, from the second 13th Amendment up to and including the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Barr duly noted: “In much the same way that junk science has provided the justification for New York Governor Kathy Hochul to ban the use of natural gas in new construction, ‘junk history’ is at the center of the racial reparations movement…At a recent public forum where Californians could comment on the proposed handouts (reparations) a ‘Rev. Tony Peirce’ boisterously demanded that the only fair dollar figure to be apportioned to him and his fellow black citizens was $200 million apiece…this episode encapsulates the junk history on which reparations advocates appear to justify their cause–that the anecdotal ’40 acres and a mule of 1865 is today worth a cool $200 million. It is doubtful Rev. Peirce or many of the others clamoring for massive monetary reparations for past–and in fact, continuing–wrongs understand or much care about the actual historic context or meaning of the ‘forty acres and a mule’ narrative.” To these people “history” is just another meaningless word. They want the cash, baby, and they want it now!

According to http://www.californiapolicycenter.org for 1/5/23 “California is considering paying ‘reparations’ to black Californians who are directly descended from enslaved people, which may surprise most Californians. After all, slavery was never legal in the Golden State.” But that fact makes no difference whatever. Governor Newsome feels he has a golden opportunity to garner black votes whether he decides to run for president (if the Democratic establishment lets him) or just run for governor again.

The article noted, quite accurately, that “To understand how slavery is applicable to California one must sift through the reports 500 pages of convoluted logic common to the victim industry in America…” The “report” goes into how slavery continues to “physically and mentally harm African Americans today.” And the article observes, again, accurately, that “The task force is not recommending reparations for slavery, but rather for discrimination.” The entire reparations scam is an exercise in political bovine fertilizer! In California it amounts to a giant vote-buying scam, as well as a major split in race relations, which may also be an alternate reason for it. And who will pay for all these black folks in California getting $200 million apiece–will it be white folks, Hispanic folks, and Oriental folks? That’ll go over real big with them!

An article on http://www.nypost.com for 4/30/22 duly observed that: “Ten years ago, the idea of ‘reparations’ sat on the political fringe in America. The question of whether or not compensation should have been paid to former slaves had died out. Not least because by the start of the 21st century no one in America had actually suffered from slavery…But there’s a tendency in our own age which does not allow wounds to mend or heal. Indeed, there is a movement that locates long-healed wounds in order to rip them open again. And then complain about the hurt caused to themselves.” And of course, the idea of scamming big bucks from people who never had anything to do with slavery really appeals to them. They want to be able to laugh at us poor suckers all the way to the bank. We want that cash, baby, anyway we can get it–honest, dishonest, makes no difference!

Every race of people in the world has either practiced slavery and been enslaved to some extent. Do they all deserve reparations? If not, why not? Why is it only blacks that deserve it? Every other race has put the issues of slavery and discrimination behind them, but not blacks (and all blacks don’t fit into this category) but many blacks seem to thrive on it. It’s like they have a never-ending grievance with the rest of the world and want to be paid to forget it (if ever they will).

The leftists among us, (to which our public schools are adding a growing number) are using this issue to divide the races one from the other, so we wont ever sit down together and talk to one another about how all of us are being taken to the cleaners. Reparations is a big part of the leftist agenda to cause racial division and we need to expose it for the racial scam that it is.

Has Fox News Become Part Of The “Controlled Opposition”?

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched one of the programs on Fox News last evening, 4/30. The program’s host asked a couple interesting questions. He asked if bureaucrats and staffers (unelected rulers) are really those responsible for running the Biden juggernaut. It was a good question but he didn’t take it far enough. Of course had he taken it further Fox might have pulled a Tucker Carlson on him and he’d have been gone too. Those on Fox that want to keep their jobs are in the process of learning just how far they can go before losing those jobs. Which means they are, indeed, the “controlled” opposition.

As far as unelected people running the Biden Regime–what about people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations? The Fox host never mentioned the CFR and I wondered as I watched him–is he even aware of this group, and if so, why are they left out of the equation of who influences the Biden Regime? They shouldn’t be.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his 2021 book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order goes into some detail about the CFR and the influence they are having on the Biden Regime. Mr. Thompson observes: “However, there is a more dangerous group subtly filling slots in the Biden administration, from top to bottom–members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is not only what these members believe in, it is that they follow an agenda designed to bring to fruition a one-world government–regardless of any administration’s stated beliefs. Basically, the CFR was created to convince the American people to become part of a one-world government, the New World Order (their words, not ours)…Today this scheme of a one-world government is embodied in the United Nations. Most of the agencies of the UN are run by socialists and communists, and the Chinese communists hold more agency chairs than any other country.”..

Mr. Thompson continued: “..Keep in mind the power of each of these positions, and that the goal of the CFR is to take away American independence and transfer it to the UN.” Some of the CFR people in positions of power in the Biden regime are: “CIA Director William J. Burns; National Economic Advisor Cecilia E. Rouse; Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen; Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell; Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo; Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd J. Austin, III; Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken; Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman…One could say that the CFR has effective control over the Biden administration, and that, by his appointments, Biden wanted it that way.” I have a hard time believing that no one at Fox News is aware of this, and if they are, then why is it never mentioned? Controlled opposition?

I am not going to go into detail here, but I would urge everyone reading this to check out Lew Rockwell’s article on http://www.lewrockwell.com for May 1st and see what he has to say regarding the reasons for Tucker Carlson’s dismissal from Fox News. Tucker skewered some very sacred cows recently, among them the Anti-Defamation League and Black Rock. Lew had lots of commentary on some of this. It’s a long article, but most definitely worth taking time to read–especially when you find out who some of the sacred cows are and the connections between some of them.

Those Government Indoctrination Centers We Refer To As Schools

by Al Benson Jr.

One government indoctrination center in Vermont has decided to eliminate the words male and female from the 5th grade curriculum. Students can’t use the words boy and girl in school because, after all, this school is in the process of becoming woke, and using such antiquated terms as boy and girl omits the other 126 sexes some flaky scientists and politicians have only recently informed us are now in existence. How many other public schools are like this one nationwide? More than you’d like to think about. But you’d better start thinking about it because the Theology of Woke will be coming to a public school near you if it’s not already there.

In the April 10th issue of the New American magazine a homeschooling dad commented on what he learned about public schools after he removed his son from one. He observed: “I’ve learned a lot since my son first attended kindergarten. The crux of it is that government schools are causing harm to our children, and they’re designed in a way that quashes the genius all children are born with. The architects of government schools, people such as Horace Mann and John Dewey, were socialists who sought to create little socialists who would grow up into big, adult socialists and turn America into one, big, happy socialist utopia.”

The dad continued: “Government schools have wasted generations of American genius and are a leading reason for the chaos and national self-hate destroying our society today. Government schools are a major reason the United States is no longer on the promising path it once was…The good news is that more than 1.2 million have been pulled out of American government schools just in the last two years, which has the regime propaganda outlets, such as the New York Times, freaking out…Schools pushing racist ideologies such as Critical Race Theory and sexually perverted books have also made it easier for parents to justify saving their children…So, yes, enrollment is plunging. But not fast enough. In perfect world, the schools would be emptied out tomorrow, and the U.S. Department of Education shuttered for good.”

The article noted that not all patriotic and conservative parents are convinced that public schools are the lost cause they really are. Many still believe they can reform or “take back” the public schools and that those schools were different when they attended them. Well, they were somewhat different, but that difference is only relative. They weren’t as openly radical years ago because they didn’t dare to be. Doing that would have given the game away, the way it did in Kanawha County, West Virginia in 1974. When parents there at that time saw what the schools were doing to their kids they revolted and managed to keep the schools shut down for a month. Eventually their protest was beaten to death, literally. A testimony to what happens to those who openly oppose Big Brother’s government education system!

I imagine if such happened today the parents would just be jailed as domestic terrorists and the omnipotent state would seize their kids and raise them as compliant little socialists, as was the vision of Mann and Dewey. It never occurs to that many parents to do some homework and find out that public schools have been getting progressively worse since at least the 1850s. Those who are willing to do the homework after defending public schools are in for quite a rude awakening. Unfortunately, Christian parents seem most derelict in this area. And I speak from experience here after talking with many of them. They are not willing to do the homework. All they want to do is defend the government schools no matter what–and tell me what wonderful sports or music programs those schools have–to which I reply–“You’re willing to trade your kid’s souls for a good sports program?” That usually ends the conversation, because whether they answer or not, their reply is yes, without even thinking about it! If we lose our country, which is a real possibility right now, it will be because we let the Lord’s enemies educate our children, and when we were told about it we did nothing to change it.

Chicago Public Schools–A microcosm of our national problem

by Al Benson Jr.

Watching Fox News last evening (4/13) Tucker Carlson commented on the sorry situation in Chicago Public Schools. Tucker noted that lots of Chicago public school students can’t read, or can barely read, yet you can’t fail them. Why think of what they would do to their self-esteem! Lots of us have been saying for years now that public school students across the country have been taught almost nothing worthwhile, yet have been conditioned to think they are brilliant. Why any parent in Chicago, or anywhere else, would trust their children’s education to the public schools is beyond me.

A little homework on the internet should convince any thinking parent that the public school system is one gigantic indoctrination center, with real education having little or nothing to do with it. The public school system has a history of leftist indoctrination that extends back into the 1800s. Not only that, but the system is corrupt and will brook no interference from parents about what is being taught.

An article on https://wirepoints.org for 9/27/22 observed that: “The arguments for tearing apart Chicago Public Schools and replacing it with a universal choice program continue to pile higher. The system is an abject failure any way you cut it. Families are fleeing in record numbers as another 9,000 students left the district this school year. In all, student enrollment has dropped by 120,000 over the last two decades.” Chicago public schools spend $29,000 per student as outcomes plummet and enrollment continues to drop! It would seem that lots of parents in Chicago have at least some idea of what the game is–and it ain’t real education for their kids! It’s a con game that has little or nothing to do with real education.

Another article on https://chicago.chalkbeat.org for 1/5/23 noted that: “Chicago Public Schools watchdog is raising red flags about sharply increasing extra pay for school staff in recent years, rising sexual misconduct complaints, and a troubling practice of schools mislabeling students as transfers when they’re missing school. The district’s Office of Inspector General detailed these and dozens of other instances of fraud, misconduct and wrongdoing in a sweeping 120 page annual report released Thursday.” Sounds as if Chicago has a corrupt public school system and problem. Lest you think this public school problem exists only in Chicago, I also noted last evening a report about Loudon County, Virginia that noted they will soon be introducing unisex bathrooms in public schools. Just what the kids need! Virginia’s new governor, now outed as a disciple of Klaus Schwab, is supposed to be doing something about this kind of junk being foisted on public school kids. Will he? Don’t hold your breath waiting!

I have no idea what it will take to wake Christian parents up to the fact that they need to jettison the public school system. Thousands have. Many, many more need to. I wonder if we will ever get enough Christian kids out of public schools to turn things around and help save this country. Unless more Christians wake up pretty soon, it’s problematic as to whether it will ever happen.

“When You Reach For The Money The Handcuffs Go On!”

by Al Benson Jr.

The state of Utah has a new homeschool voucher law which is supposed to help homeschool families with educational expenses. At least that’s what we’ve been told. The ink was hardly dry on the legislation before some were concerned that it could be used by some homeschool groups to possibly promote neo-nazi and white supremacy propaganda. It seems such happened someplace in Ohio and some Utah parents were concerned that could happen in Utah. And I expect this concern was genuine on the part of some parents.

I suppose this concern will eventually lead to some do-gooder proposing that Utah enact some legislation that will act as guidelines forced on those who take any state money–and forced on all homeschoolers if they feel they can get away with that!

No one is in favor of Nazi propaganda being taught in homeschools anymore than they are in favor of Communist propaganda being taught in public schools. Both forms of propaganda are anathema to children.

Homeschooling as been a viable option in Utah for decades, but the new voucher program could just result in new regulations being enacted for homeschoolers–not right away, but after they get used to taking the state money! Utah would not be the first state that happened in. It is an old ploy for those who want control over what homeschools teach.

And from supposedly curtailing Nazi propaganda, how much of a jump is it to mandating that the “correct” version of history has to be taught? If homeschoolers are making it now without state “help” they probably really don’t need it. And if some do need a little help, could not their churches provide some? State money has often been the kiss of death for independent homeschoolers. With state money always come strings–you may do this but you can’t do that! Most homeschoolers are fleeing government-regulated “education” which is why they homeschool.

Years ago, when we lived in Illinois, my wife and I worked for a homeschool program there. This issue of taking state money was a constant fight decades ago. It is not new. It was a battle trying to keep government meddling out of homeschooling. It’s a never-ending battle. Government at all levels, federal, state, and local, wants so badly to control and be aware of all that we do–and we cannot let them get away with that. We have a Bill of Rights that says certain things are none of the government’s business–and how we educate our children is one of those things!

My advice to homeschoolers is to pass up government money. Doing that makes it more difficult for them to mandate what you can and can’t teach. The education you provide for your children should be between you and God. And try though it might, the state has not yet attained godhood!

Parents Majoring In The Minors

by Al Benson Jr.

Articles about the horrible quality (on purpose) of what passes for education in public schools have become so prevalent that people now tend to take this inferior education for granted and so are tempted to just ignore it.

We recently were informed that some schools are now ending their honors programs so they can promote “equity” (racism). It seems that lots of the white kids do well in the honors programs so that now must cease and we must begin to enforce a stultifying conformity, a “one size fits all” program they have mislabeled as “equity,” The concept of “equity” has trumped any idea of real education–but, then, real education has not existed in public schools for generations anyway.

In Baltimore, Maryland, in 23 different schools there, no student was proficient in math–not one! You have to wonder, what is the annual salary of these public school administrators that can’t seem to turn out one student in 23 different schools that can do math at the required grade level? How much do these people earn in a year for producing students mired in total mediocrity?

So what do public schools call “education” anymore? Critical race Theory? That’s being taught in a lot of public schools under different names because educrats realize the term “Critical Race Theory” has become toxic and they want to promote it anyway–so they just change the name in the hopes that most parents won’t catch on. Critical Race Theory is not education–it is indoctrination–Marxist indoctrination. That’s what public schools anymore do–indoctrinate rather than educate. They teach the kids what to think rather than how to think.

I read an article just last evening about a school in North Carolina. The parents of the kids there complained because some student’s pickup truck had a Confederate flag attached to its back end and it was in the school parking lot! The way some of the parents acted you’d have thought they were in genuine fear of that Confederate flag! Is that what those kids in that school have been taught–fear of a flag some of their ancestors bravely fought under?

Instead of concern over what is taught in the local public school, which in many cases is enough to singe your hair, they are worried about a Confederate flag in the school parking lot! Talk about majoring in the minors! If parents in many public schools took a good look at what their kids are being indoctrinated in, they’d realize they have much more to be concerned about than the occasional Confederate flag on a pickup truck! In fact, I’d enjoy seeing more Confederate flags on the back of more pickups. You used to see that here and there in the South. Unfortunately you seldom do anymore. It would seem that much of the South has lapsed into an insidious form of political correctness. They realize their history and culture are under assault–but it’s just so much easier to just let it all happen and do nothing–just like it’s so much easier to leave your kid in public school and let Marxist-oriented educrats “educate” him or her. Then all you have to do is complain when you don’t like the results–but you haven’t done anything to change those results.

The results are never going to change until parents start removing their kids from the public schools and finding alternatives to it, and heaven knows, there are many good alternatives to it out there today. Besides, who knows, if Junior’s parents decided to homeschool him, then maybe that truck with the Confederate flag on it wouldn’t be parked in the parking lot at the local public brain laundry anymore!

Cancelling Out Our History And Heritage

by Al Benson Jr.

In an article written by Paul Craig Roberts and published on 2/5, Mr. Roberts stated, in part, “Museums are custodians of a culture’s history and art, as the United States was settled by white ethnicities from Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe, the history and art in museums reflects the culture of white people. The problem is that half a century of nonwhite immigration has racially diversified and multiculturalized the United States into a tower of Babel, and the Eurocentric tradition did not take into account ‘racial equity.’ In short, the collections are white and white is racist.”

He also observed: “New requirements for law schools amount to institutionalizing dogma and requiring instruction, such as Critical Race Theory, on subjects that are unrelated to any distinctive legal skill. So you will go to law school to learn how to be an anti-racist. This suggests that the future of law will turn on sentiment and emotion…In the repositories of our culture whiteness is under attack. In the legal profession whiteness is under attack. In the medical profession whiteness is under attack. Where is whiteness not under attack? Notice also that it is whites who are attacking whiteness. The cancellation of a civilization is well underway.”

The African continent is a great example of this. It happened there before here, but we don’t seem to have learned from it. Whites built thriving economies in places like Rhodesia and South Africa. These countries not only supported themselves, they even exported food to other places.

Now that black rule has taken over in these places, with even the white farmers being terrorized and replaced, these countries have been turned into hellholes that can’t even feed themselves anymore. White farmers have been replaced by black “farmers” who don’t bother farming and so people go hungry. And remember, it’s all the white man’s fault! Black farmers who won’t grow food are always the white man’s fault and don’t you dare forget that! Everything wrong in the world is the white man’s fault.

Another question comes to mind after reading Mr. Roberts’ article, which I was only able to quote in part. He noted that some whites were also attacking whiteness. The question arises, to me, and others, might it not be informative to check on the ethnicity of those whites who are helping to tear down their own civilization? Lots of folks might find the answer to that question quite enlightening.

I have yet one more suggestion. If white folks are all so evil and racist, why not let those who so roundly criticize them learn to do without all the terribly evil things whites have invented–things like automobiles, airplanes, telephones, indoor plumbing, electricity, air conditioning–you know, all that “evil” stuff that makes people’s lives more livable and comfortable. I’m sure those who hate the white races so much would be much more content if they just gave up all this “evil” stuff, don’t you think? But, as the man says, “Don’t hold your breath waiting for that.” These people want to enjoy all the modern conveniences with having assumed almost no responsibility for having created them. It’s great to criticize what you never created, but then try doing without it!

Who Needs Objectivity When You Can Have “Social Justice” Instead?

by Al Benson Jr.

Professor Jonathan Turley wrote an interesting article that appeared on the Durden Dispatch on February 2, 2023 which dealt with the lack of objective journalism in our day. I can recall working with a young lady years ago who had taken a journalism class. She said the class emphasized the 5 w’s-who, what, when, where, and why as a guide to writing articles. In other words you had to just give people the basic information and let them make up their own minds about what it all meant. Suffice it to say, that kind of journalism is long a thing of the past.

Professor Turley noted in his article, in part, “We previously discussed the movement in journalism schools to get rid of principles of objectivity in journalism. Advocacy journalism is the new touchstone in the media as polls show that trust in the media is plummeting.”

Objective media–just giving people the facts and letting them make up their own minds–is now considered “reactionary and even harmful.” Emilio Garcia Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle said it very plainly: “Objectivity has got to go.” In other words it’s dangerous to let people make up their own minds. You need to “condition” them with your spin on the news so they will buy what you are telling them instead of thinking for themselves. And you have to admit that in our day, our excuse for a “news media” attempts to do exactly that. After all, who needs facts when you can regurgitate leftist talking points and pass them off as information?

Professor Turley duly observed: “In an interview with the Stanford Daily, Stanford Journalism Professor Ted Glasser insisted that journalism needed to ‘free itself from that notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.'” Turley continued: “He rejected the idea that journalism is based on objectivity and said that he views ‘journalists as activists because journalism at its best–and indeed history at its best–is all about morality.” Naturally then, the question should arise–just whose morality is being promoted here?

Advocacy journalism is not new by any means. It existed back in the 1800s. Nor are dishonest “journalists” new either. I can remember, back when we lived up in Indiana, an issue arose regarding cars being tested for emissions in four Indiana counties, but not the whole state. Needless to say, the emissions testing was wildly unpopular in those four counties. People in those four counties felt discriminated against, to the point where the state’s spineless Republican governor was even burned in effigy at one point. At one point, the emissions testing stations were regularly picketed every Saturday morning for one whole summer.

Finally, a public meeting was held to give local residents the opportunity to air their grievances about the emissions testing and a sizable crowd showed up for that. The local paper sent a reporter to cover that story, but the newspaper was in favor of the testing. As person after person stood and spoke against the testing, one lone man at the end stood up and applauded the testing. When I read the paper the next evening I couldn’t believe the incredible spin the reporter put on this article. The “reporter” totally ignored the anti-emissions comments of the vast majority of those present and concentrated his whole story on the commentary of this one guy who was in favor of the testing. When I read it I said “Is this the meeting I attended last night?” Sure didn’t sound like it! This was advocacy journalism at its rankest.

Since then I have run into the same situation in the Southern Heritage Movement, where honorable Southern patriotic people have been tarred as white bigots, closet Klansmen and traitors. Now there may be a handful of those in the Southern Movement–but the vast majority of Southern patriots are not in any way involved in all of that. It is offensive to them, but yet the media tars them all with that same brush. More advocacy journalism in place of the truth!

I’ve been watching what passes for a news media in this country for over 50 years now and I can’t say I am impressed with their ability to tell the truth. In that area they lack. Truth and objectivity are as foreign to them as are little green men from Mars. It would seem that the journalism schools in this country are finally getting around to admitting that!

Have Our Churches Been Neutralized?

by Al Benson Jr.

The answer to the question that is the title of this article is a resounding YES! There were things that pastors during our founding era dealt with that most pastors in our day won’t touch with a ten foot pole. For many reasons most pastors (and I say “most” because there are exceptions–not enough but some) have certain areas they are taught to avoid.

I noticed this occurring after the end of the War of Northern aggression and the “official” end of the Marxist “Reconstruction” in the South. At first I attributed it to the rise of dispensationalist theology in the South, which up to that time had not really been prevalent much south of Mason-Dixon but became so within five years after the “official” end of Reconstruction. And I think that theology did play a part, which I will deal with at a later date, Lord willing. But it was not the total problem.

The apostasy of the churches in the North into Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and in some cases, Spiritualism, also was a major contributor to the problem for Southern Christians. Where Dispensationalism weakened the strength of the church, Unitarianism tried to kill it and replace it with the same apostasy it had promoted in the North and gotten away with.

In the book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments Arthur R. Thompson has outlined how much of this began. He wrote: “Perhaps the greatest influence on an existing church was that of Emerson and his coterie on the Unitarians. Emerson studied at the feet of German-educated theologians and became the leader of the ‘German School’ of American Unitarianism. He became a Unitarian minister but left over the administration of communion and public prayer–he was against both. By 1848 he had left the ministry entirely. He became America’s death-of-God theologian.’

Mr. Thompson continued: “By 1885, all of Unitarianism was of the persuasion of Emerson and Theodor Parker, and was heavily influenced by the entire spectrum of the Left and anti-God movements. The purpose for infiltrating the churches was not to destroy Christianity alone. The intent was to use the organizational remnants for the purpose of ‘Illuminizing’ the population that had a conscience; further, there were many socialist leaders, such as Horace Greeley, who felt that Americans would not support socialism unless it was tied to religion…This is why the founders of our country did not want state-approved churches: this has become known as the separation of church and state. It was never intended to be for the limitation of Christianity or its practice either in public or private. There are too many pronouncements of our Founders for the need of Christianity to be the conscience of the nation for the separation of church and state to really mean the suppression of Christianity from public life. Let us not forget that the term ‘separation of church and state’ was coined by Jefferson, and this idea has been drummed into the heads of Americans over and over again by the enemies of religion until even the religious believe it. In the beginning of our country many states had laws on the books that forbade the practice of opposing Christianity , These laws disappeared soon after our founding.” Which fact means that the Illuminists and their good buddies were at work early in our founding era. Lots earlier than most Christians even think about.

Mr. Thompson also observed: “Nonetheless, if the Illuminists could take over church after church and change them into arms of the conspiracy as well as the state, they would achieve their goal in any case. Or, if they could only convince those they did not take over to refrain from getting involved in ‘politics’ their opposition would be minimal and perhaps ineffective. Today, the attitude that conservative ministers should not preach politics prevails. This is largely due to the idea of separation of church and state having been ingrained into the thinking of conservative ministers. On the other hand, liberal ministers have no problem preaching the socialist agenda.. They pay scant attention to the idea of staying out of politics.”

Now I will agree that ministers should not stand up there and tell their congregations how to vote. However they should stand up there and make their congregations aware of the real political issues of the day and how those issues affect their families and their churches. One of the devil’s lies is that “you can’t legislate morality.” That’s total satanic hogwash. Every piece of legislation introduced reflects someone’s morality, either for good or ill.

And what do Christians read? Mr. Thompson has duly noted that: “The Illuminists and their descendants always had as a main tactic of capturing not only the public schools, colleges and publishing houses, but the seminaries and Christian publishing houses as well. Relative to the latter, they need not destroy faith as much as they need to neutralize Christians from effective opposition either by advocating not getting involved in politics , for whatever reason, or by advocating false solutions based on the lack of historical perspective by the Christian community who have been educated in the public schools…Again, they need not destroy faith , they only need to neutralize the religious from opposing the Conspiracy through ignorance or lack of resolve.”

Judging from what I have seen in many churches over the decades, I’d say they have done a masterful job of neutralizing Christians. I’ve heard all the excuses over the years from Christians who have been neutralized and had their faith tampered with. Ive heard some Christians say “All you have to do to defeat communism is to “preach the simple Gospel.” Wrong! We’ve had oodles of Christians doing that for decades and communism is still here and stronger than ever, thanks to our public schools where the Gospel is anathema. Preaching to your kids and then leaving them in public schools almost guarantees they will at some point, succumb to the wiles of socialism. So, if you want the “simple Gospel” to take root then get your kids out of the public schools!

Space won’t permit delving into many of these issues, but suffice it to say that our churches have been tampered with and most members and pastors don’t begin to have the remotest clue. So start doing a little homework and if you pray for guidance the Lord will reveal things you need to begin to be aware of.