Abraham Lincoln–Hero Of The Left–And Unfortunately The Right

by Al Benson Jr.

Those who have done research on Abraham Lincoln and his socialist proclivities realize he has been embraced by socialists, communists, and other left-wing types. This is common knowledge among many people. What is not always common knowledge, though, is that Lincoln, with all his socialist connections, is somehow still an icon of the right. That fact displays the large probability that those on the right have been taught bad history and had their historical understanding tampered with, which weakens their position.

Lincoln’s love affair with the left has been noted in an article on 2/20/23 on http://www.jacobin.com which notes that Abraham Lincoln is a hero of the left. The article states: “From Karl Marx to Eugene Debs to 1930s American Communists, leftists have regarded Lincoln as a pro-labor hero who played a crucial role in vanquishing chattel slavery. We should celebrate him today as part of the great radical democratic tradition.” If what this writer says is true, then Lincoln would have loved China Joe Biden and what he is doing to the country now.

The writer does not claim Lincoln was a socialist, but nonetheless, he grasped the “general concept” of socialism: the primacy of labor over capital and of liberty over property. The article continued: “Proclaiming ‘communism is 20th century Americanism’ leaders increasingly paired Lincoln with black abolitionists including Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and Sojurner Truth…” If only those people had been aware of Lincoln’s racist turn of mind they might have taken a different tack. Their “hero” would probably have balked at being placed in the company of black abolitionists.

In actuality, Abraham Lincoln never freed a single slave. His “Emancipation Proclamation only applied to slaves in the Confederate States and it left slaves in slave states still in the Union in bondage. There were five slave states in the Union, including West Virginia, that the proclamation did not apply to. The slaves in those states were technically not freed until the passage of the 13th Amendment, which came months after Lincoln departed this mortal coil. So Lincoln was not really opposed to slavery–unless it was Confederate slavery. He was okay with Union slavery. All the hype about him being the “Great Emancipator” is something we could label as “specious humbug.”

Most on the left, and many on the right, don’t like to hear the truth about Lincoln. In an article on http://www.abbevilleinstitute.org for 3/14/22 Dr. Boyd Cathey observed: “Since then (1981) criticism of Lincoln is not acceptable, not tolerated by mainstream conservatives. Instead the conservative establishment now heralds such neo-Reconstructionist historians as Allen Guelzo or even Marxist Eric Foner (a favorite of Karl Rove). Any dissent from the virtual cannonization of Lincoln with contemporary American society comes from mostly Southern traditionalists and their allies…”

Dr. Cathey is right. When I wrote for the old National Educator newspaper back in the 1980s and 90s I did a series of articles on Lincoln and his socialist connections. The people that complained the loudest were patriotic conservatives who were ticked off at my telling the truth about their patron political saint. They didn’t want to be exposed to the blemishes of their “conservative” hero! They refused to be confronted with the facts! Many staunch conservatives today still think today he actually freed the slaves!

In an article by Claude S. Fischer on 4/5/2011 on http://www.madeinamericathebook.wordpress.com it was noted that “During just one term (plus 45 days) Lincoln managed to do the following, ‘socialist-communist acts: taxed the wealth creators…exploded deficit spending…led a federal takeover of currency and banks…forced people to work for the federal government…indulged in government giveaways to special interests…expropriated private property for redistribution…”

Joe Biden would have loved him except for his party label. But, you have to remember that in the mid 1800s the Republicans were socialists and the Democrats were conservatives. Today, both parties are socialist–Council on Foreign Relations socialists!



The Family Of Influence Peddlers

by Al Benson Jr.

An article on epochtv@theepochtimes.com recently noted that “Biden has received $10 million in payments from China , foreign interests…President Biden is being accused of money laundering and influence peddling. This is the latest chapter in the Hunter Biden saga, where the president’s son was suspected of selling his father’s influence to foreign governments and businesses.” Needless to say, what pretends to be our “news” media has zero interest in this. After all, their assigned task is to bury this as deep as possible, not to report it. So they run interference for the Deep State by reporting instead some Republican congressman from New York who has done something wrong–a crime that pales in comparison to what Joe the influence peddler and his son and brother are doing–and have been doing for decades now.

It was reported on http://www.newsmax.com that: “House Oversight Committee member James Comer on Wednesday outlined what he called ‘a pattern of influence peddling by President Joe Biden’s family, revealing information the committee obtained showing that the family, their associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals and their companies. Some of that came from a Chinese company and went to Hunter Biden’s company.’ Comer said in a press conference, referring to the president’s son, other transfers occurred with money from foreign entities to the Biden family, with many of the payments occurring while Joe Biden was vice-president and leading the US efforts in these countries! While much of the information centered around connections with China other countries were also involved, Comer said.”

While in Romania one time, Biden gave a lecture about how corruption is a cancer that eats away at peoples liberty! He should know. It would seem, with all his family has been involved in that he’s an authority on the subject of corruption. And if he did some of this nefarious activity while he was vice-president, that means there was corruption in the Obama administration, supposedly the most transparent regime in our history–at least until the Biden administration, which now claims the most transparency. Interesting that those regimes with the most to hide are the ones that shout about their “transparency.”

The fact that the major media ignores most of this displays the fact that they are little more that government toadies. They are easily as corrupt as the Biden Regime and are wiling accomplices in concealing his graft. The FBI (fib) won’t give Congress the file that alleges Biden’s corruption. Why? Did Biden sell out the country for personal profit??? What can you say of a government that refuses to admit its own perfidy?

With The Border Crisis Looming–What About Mexico’s Political Past?

by Al Benson Jr.

The resolution that has kept our Southern border from being completely inundated with illegal aliens is about to expire. And the illegals will swarm across our border like a swarm of locusts and the Biden regime, for all its big talk about the border not being open, along with all the other lies they have told, will look the other way and do nothing about it, all the while continuing to tell us they have the situation under control. Anyone believing them has to believe in the tooth fairy as well.

Much if Mexico’s recent past has been a testimony to leftist perseverance, contrary to what some “news” sources have told us. The Mexican Communist Party was founded in 1917 as the Socialist Worker’s Party. It changed its name to the Mexican Communist Party in 1919. It was outlawed in 1925, but managed to regain its legal status in 1935. In 1924 Mexico was the first country in the Western Hemisphere to establish diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. The New York Times informed us (however much you can believe them) that the U.S. government confused Mexican nationalism with communism. Don’t kid yourself!

During the Cold War, in Mexico, the International Revolutionary Party (P.R.I.) claimed it was a “nationalist and progressive” alternative to communism. Again, don’t kid yourselves. A N Y Times article told us “Frieda Kahlo, when she died in 1954, received the first official homage ever accorded to an artist in Mexico’s Palace of Fine Arts. Her coffin was covered with a banner of the hammer and sickle. This was emblematic of a resurgence of Communism in Mexico, not steming from parties and unions–but from artistic, academic, and literary circles, where Marxism had begun to gain renewed vigor…” But, then, these intellectual types always seem to be among those who see something positive in communism,–as long as they don’t have to live under its iron fist.

When the Cuban Revolution began, Mexico’s PRI party didn’t condemn Fidel Castro and it abstained from an Organization of American States(OAS) vote to expel Cuba. There was definitely compromise ere. The expedition led by Castro in 1956 had set sail from Mexico, and Mexicomthen defended Cuba via diplomatic measures…Then, in the 1970s and 80s, all varieties of Marxism had become “a common language” in public universities in Mexico. Almost sounds like our colleges and universities in this country. They were definitely leaning far left at that time–and today they are so far left some people are falling off the edge!

Lopez Obrador would become the populist caudillo of the Mexican left. He ran for president in 2006 and came within a fraction of a percent of winning, so naturally, he accused the government of election fraud. The New York Times claimed the Mexican Revolution had “absorbed and transformed (and sidelined) the Russian revolution.” Actually what happened is that the Russian Revolution had taken on a more Mexican flavor that previously.

Blair Coan, in his book, The Red Web written in 1925, noted that “Mexico is today, was yesterday, and will be tomorrow, the most fertile incubator of Bolshevik revolution on the American continent.” And while many changes have occurred since he wrote his book, I think has basic premise is right on the money. Check out an interesting article on http://www.theyucatantimes.com for May 18, 2020.

Poor Impoverished Hunter And Joe’s New Hardline On The Border

by Al Benson Jr.

Poor Hunter Biden is in court in Arkansas over his not paying child support for his illegitimate daughter that the Biden crime family refuses to acknowledge. His lawyers (he’s got more than one) are crying poor mouth in his behalf. I’ll bet he manages to pay them!

What about all that avantgarde painting Hunter did–all that groovy artwork we saw on television? Seems he sold some of those for really high prices–so high they couldn’t be revealed, and the buyers couldn’t be revealed either. Wonder if any of them ended up in Beijing. His lawyers refuse to say what his “art” is selling for.

And if he is living at the White House as some allege, I doubt he’s paying much room rent. And what about all those checks from foreign countries the Biden family members (12 at last count) have been getting. If Hunter is as poor as his lawyers claim, didn’t he get in on the gravy train for this last issue of checks, some of which probably came from Communist China? So they’re telling us poor Hunter is broke! Please, give us a break! Cheap maybe, but far from broke!

And according to the news this morning, China Joe is thinking about sending troops to our Southern border. That’s a sudden change. Now that he’s finally admitted that he is going for a second term, is he going to try to fool people into thinking he’s suddenly become a hardliner on the illegal immigrant issue? If he suddenly wants troops there, what pray tell, happened to that “secure” border his regime has been assuring us we had? Don’t suppose he’s been fibbing to us? Heaven sakes, ol’ honest China Joe would never do that–unless he thought we were all really stupid! That’s one of the major problems with political grifters. They think everyone is stupid but them. They lie consistently, even after they’ve been caught at it repeatedly. But, then, they don’t know how to do anything else–and China Joe is a prime example.

Has Fox News Become Part Of The “Controlled Opposition”?

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched one of the programs on Fox News last evening, 4/30. The program’s host asked a couple interesting questions. He asked if bureaucrats and staffers (unelected rulers) are really those responsible for running the Biden juggernaut. It was a good question but he didn’t take it far enough. Of course had he taken it further Fox might have pulled a Tucker Carlson on him and he’d have been gone too. Those on Fox that want to keep their jobs are in the process of learning just how far they can go before losing those jobs. Which means they are, indeed, the “controlled” opposition.

As far as unelected people running the Biden Regime–what about people who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations? The Fox host never mentioned the CFR and I wondered as I watched him–is he even aware of this group, and if so, why are they left out of the equation of who influences the Biden Regime? They shouldn’t be.

Arthur R. Thompson, in his 2021 book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order goes into some detail about the CFR and the influence they are having on the Biden Regime. Mr. Thompson observes: “However, there is a more dangerous group subtly filling slots in the Biden administration, from top to bottom–members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). It is not only what these members believe in, it is that they follow an agenda designed to bring to fruition a one-world government–regardless of any administration’s stated beliefs. Basically, the CFR was created to convince the American people to become part of a one-world government, the New World Order (their words, not ours)…Today this scheme of a one-world government is embodied in the United Nations. Most of the agencies of the UN are run by socialists and communists, and the Chinese communists hold more agency chairs than any other country.”..

Mr. Thompson continued: “..Keep in mind the power of each of these positions, and that the goal of the CFR is to take away American independence and transfer it to the UN.” Some of the CFR people in positions of power in the Biden regime are: “CIA Director William J. Burns; National Economic Advisor Cecilia E. Rouse; Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen; Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome H. Powell; Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo; Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd J. Austin, III; Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken; Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman…One could say that the CFR has effective control over the Biden administration, and that, by his appointments, Biden wanted it that way.” I have a hard time believing that no one at Fox News is aware of this, and if they are, then why is it never mentioned? Controlled opposition?

I am not going to go into detail here, but I would urge everyone reading this to check out Lew Rockwell’s article on http://www.lewrockwell.com for May 1st and see what he has to say regarding the reasons for Tucker Carlson’s dismissal from Fox News. Tucker skewered some very sacred cows recently, among them the Anti-Defamation League and Black Rock. Lew had lots of commentary on some of this. It’s a long article, but most definitely worth taking time to read–especially when you find out who some of the sacred cows are and the connections between some of them.

Is It Back To The Basement For China Joe?

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, China Joe, Beijing’s favorite U S president, has made the announcement that he will run for president in 2024, breaking his word that he would only run for one term. But, then, politicians have been known to lie before and China Joe is certainly no exception to that. After all, didn’t he tell us he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings? That fable is among his biggest windies.

So now, the question arises–will he return to the basement for the 2024 election and let his surrogates repeat what they did in 2020? Biden bumbled his way through a speech telling us of the “good news” of his candidacy for next year, a speech that was videotaped instead of live because China Joe couldn’t be trusted, with his mental state, to do a live speech without major goof-ups. On videotape the gaffes were more minor than major.

You can see that China Joe has slowed down mentally, but he is still sharp enough to realize his obligation to the Chinese Communist Party. China has been one of the major donors in sending fat checks to a dozen members of the Biden family, at latest count.

A former acting CIA director who was involved in Hunter Biden’s laptop coverup once called Donald Trump a Russian asset back in 2016. Journalist John Solomon noted this on the Tuckerless Fox Newscast last evening. I wonder if you could say the same for China Joe in 2023 in regard to Communist China? Certainly everything he does as far as our economy and business helps China and hurts us.

One of the most informative things I have read about China Joe is Arthur R. Thompson’s book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier for the New World Order. This can be obtained from the John Birch Society, 770 Westhill Blvd., Appleton, Wisconsin 54914. Amazon had it listed for $5.00 plus shipping and you can’t beat that price. It is well worth the read.

Beware Of Wolves (One Worlders) Dressed In Sheep’s (Republicans) Clothing

by Al Benson Jr.

According to http://www.nationalfile.com for September 20, 2022 “Glenn Youngkin attended Klaus Schwab’s annual World Economic Forum (WEF) summits in Davos, Switzerland in 2019 and 2020, the years immediately preceding his run for governor of Virginia.” I must admit, this was something I had been unaware of until I read the National File article. But, as I have noted previously, the Deep State has its swamp creatures firmly embedded in both political parties.

The National File article continued: “According to a Chinese language webpage, at the 2019 Davos meeting, Youngkin, then a CEO of the Carlyle Investment Group, sat on a WEF panel along side high-ranking CCP member Fang Xinghai…In 2020 Youngkin joined the WEF again at Davos where he touted the Carlyle Group’s adoption of woke capitol ESG ideology under his watch. Short for ‘environmental, social, and corporate governance’ ESG has been described as a massive ‘left-wing power grab’…At that same 2020 gathering, Youngkin said on stage that he hopes to see ‘a real thawing of relationships’ between the U.S. and Communist China so that the financial sector can maximize its profits’.”

The article also observed: “According to top WEF advisor Yuval Harari, under WEF plans, humans worldwide will wear ‘biometric sensors’ so that their every move can be ‘constantly monitored’ by the Chinese government and big tech corporations like Google and Facebook…”

The article also noted that “In the early stages of Virginia’s 2021 GOP nominating process many in the party’s grassroots brought up concerns about Youngkin and his ties to globalism. In addition to the WEF, Youngkin has been a member of the neo-con Council on Foreign Relations and has donated to the far left Southern Poverty Law Center.”

So it would indeed seem that “conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin” is indeed what the Bible describes as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” posing as something he is not, nor ever has been, because so doing enables him to get elected to positions where he can promote socialist globalism. Apparently, those grassroots activists in the GOP who raised questions about Youngkin’s conservative bona fides had to be silenced so Youngkin could continue to move up the ladder. Who do you suppose silenced them? It sure wasn’t the Democrats! That means there were those in the Republican Party that wanted Youngkin’s critics silenced so he could pose as something he never was–a real conservative! The people of Virginia who were conned into voting for him for governor were sold a bill of goods. It was yet another case of the voters having no real choice between two leftist candidates. How often does this occur and the voters don’t realize it? More than we like to think about!!!

He Really IS Comrade Joe–Biden’s Tie To Communist Money

by Al Benson Jr.

House Committee Chairman James Comer appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News for March 12th. Comer dropped a few bombs on the Biden crime family’s connections to Communist China.

According to Comer, the House Oversight Committee is now working with four individuals with “close ties to the Bidens.” Comer says the committee now has documents that tie the Bidens to the Chinese Communist Party.

Comer said “It’s as bad as we thought it was…We have in hand, documents in hand that show just how the Biden family was getting money from the Chinese Communist Party.” You have to wonder how the Democrats will deal with this revelation. Will they just double down on more phony charges against Donald Trump? Or will they allow Biden to drag us into yet another war so the in the tumult of that all the charges against Biden will just be forgotten? Or will Comrade Joe suddenly suffer a slip and fall–bad enough so that someone else will need to run in 2024 and the charges against the Bidens will simply be dumped down the memory hole as no longer important?

Unless they are going to throw Comrade Joe under the bus the Democrats have got to find some way to get him off the hook and downplay his Chinese Communist connections. With this info now coming forward you begin to realize why Biden is so terribly soft on China no matter what they do. He has a financial interest in China’s welfare and he can’t allow this country to do anything that interferes with that. Now you know where Comrade Joe’s loyalties really lie–and it ain’t with the United States!

For more confirmation on this check out http://www.zerohedge.com

An Empire In Decline?

by Al Benson Jr.

Is the United States an empire in decline? Awhile back, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana made the comment that “This nation was founded by geniuses but it’s being run by idiots.” Unfortunately, many of those idiots belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, and their main idiotic idea is to make the US just another cog in the wheel of One World Government–under the control of the United Nations.

The Treasury Secretary, another CFR member, claims she will punish China. Yeah, right! Biden says he will support Ukraine in their war with Russia “as long as it takes.” To do what? Bankrupt America? I noticed the US just handed Zelensky another $10 billion. It is sheer lunacy, seeing how much we’ve spent on Ukraine–$112 billion plus! Americans could have benefitted from some of that, but none of it was meant for American peons. If some of it had stayed in this country maybe our folks in the army who can’t make ends meet wouldn’t have had to be told to apply for food stamps! Our debt is exploding and our idiot leaders do not seem to care. Maybe that’s part of their plan. And it doesn’t cost them a thing as they all sign their names on the back of their fat government checks.

And Republican leaders are supporting a war that may end up killing off a lot of their voters. Lindsey Graham never saw a war he didn’t love! The Deep State has swamp creatures in both parties. All that money spent on Ukraine would have helped Americans here–but the current Regime is busy showing us that Americans don’t really matter nearly as much as Ukrainians and illegal aliens After all, we are the population the deep State wants to be rid of. When they have managed to get rid of us, who do they think will pay the national bills? It won’t be Ukrainians or illegal immigrants!

So Biden’s excuse for a transportation secretary finally made his way to East Palestine, Ohio. Wonder if he needed an Indian guide to get there. He showed up wearing a hard hat–another white guy in a hardhat–a definite no-no! One local resident said they got no real answers from him about their problems there due to the chemical train wreck. And FEMA still hasn’t shown up. Maybe in the next decade or so they can make it–if they’re not too busy with their re-education camps! If East Palestine, Ohio were part of Ukraine they would be a top priority, but seeing it’s only a part of the US, the bureaucrats couldn’t care less!

Another sign of a decaying empire–the legitimizing of perversion. Race relations in this country were improving until the Biden Regime decided to start discriminating against istraight white people and openly favoring minorities and perverts. And such open favoritism is the main priority of the Biden Regime. With it Biden fans the flames of racial strife–and he loves it! He claims lynching is still a big problem in this country. How many people have you read about being lynched of late. If such were happening, our prostitute press would have been all over it–but if it is happening, they seem to have missed it.

Sean Hannity recently noted that Biden “doesn’t give a rip about the middle class, never did and never will.” So Mayor Pete made the obligatory trek to Ohio, but don’t look for him to go back anytime soon. Same with Biden’s three hour photo op at the border. Lots of hype–no action!

When people need help, government should be blind to how they voted. Sadly, the Biden Regime is not. Let’s face it–this is an anti-white regime, and proud of it! Some media personalities that continually attacked Trump have also attacked the residents of East Palestine, Ohio because many of them voted for Trump. That seems to be the new “unforgivable sin”–voting for Trump! Joy Behar feels this way. She thinks East Palestine residents deserved this train wreck because they voted for Trump! You have to take note of her amazing sense of charity and good will. But then, her sense of charity is so very typical of leftists and other socialists.

So take a good look at where we are headed with the current regime .If you can’t seethe signs of a decaying empire, with CFR idiots at the wheel, you ain’t looking too hard.

Let’s Face Facts–The Border Crisis Is Intentional

by Al Benson Jr.

As I watched the news just the other morning, I saw the mayor of Yuma, Arizona pleading with the Biden Regime to close the border in his area because the influx of illegal aliens there is crippling his city. I’ve got a piece of advice for the mayor–don’t waste your breath! The Biden Regime will do absolutely nothing to relieve your situation! Why would they?

They are the ones who have made it even worse–and that on purpose. So why would they help you by trying to resolve a situation they have created on purpose?

Arthur Thompson, writing in his book Benedict Biden: Water Carrier For The New World Order has correctly observed that “Open borders are a tool of the Marxists, since one of there primary goals is the overthrow of society itself. This can be accomplished by mass immigration. Those who are dissatisfied with their lot in their current country seek a better life. Although life is bad due to problems within their society and/or government, most people do not comprehend this. All they know is that, across the border, life is better; they do not understand why that is. The immigrants bring with them their ignorance about what creates a better life for all, and this creates problems in their new country. The resulting chaos in the new country creates the conditions necessary for Marxism. The Communist Manifesto says: ‘The communists openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.’ “

Mr. Thompson continues: “Since the founding of the United States, those promoting what would later be known as Marxism have championed the idea of open, massive immigration. Our country was founded on a Judeo-Christian basis. Our Constitution will not work for any other population. Along these lines our Founders understood that any changes in the population makeup could alter our government…John Adams stated in a speech…on October 11, 1798, ‘Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other’. In the Federalist Papers James Madison noted that our Constitution requires ‘sufficient virtue among men for self-government,’ The moral and religious values of immigrants to this country vary greatly from those of our Judeo-Christian heritage. We must understand that all of our rights come from God–not from government, and that being the case, no one can legitimately take them away. This knowledge is essential to our understanding of liberty and ‘we must understand that we owe allegiance to a higher authority than government–to God and then to ourselves. Governments–especially totalitarian governments–don’t like this understanding. This is the primary reason communists try to eliminate any idea of God from any country they control. Instead, starting in the schools, they force the people to look to Big Brother–Lenin, Stalin, Mao–for everything, not to God. If Big Brother replaces God then Big Brother can do no wrong…Immigrants who do not understand that our rights come from God are a danger to the future liberty of America.”

And these are exactly the kind of immigrants Biden wants here because the Biden Regime itself is a danger to the God-given liberties of Americans. So, at root, this is really a theological issue more than a political one–Christ vs. anti-Christ. And let’s just say that the Biden Regime has not been noted for being on the side of Christ. And while Donald Trump was far from perfect, as all of us sinners are, he was light years ahead of Comrade Biden, whose love affair with Communist China and his disdain for the citizens of his own country bode us no good whatever.