You Have To Wonder—

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Looking at what is and has been going on in the Middle East for a long time, you have to wonder if getting rid of Christianity there is a main part of the agenda, both over there and in this country.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was no Sunday school teacher. He was a brutal dictator, who had been placed in power by the United States. They used to say of him, “Hussein was a thug, but he was our thug.” One thing you had to say about him, though, was that for all  his faults, and they were numerous, he left the Christians in Iraq alone. They were not persecuted under his regime. You  cannot say the same for his Muslim successors.

Now we have this mess going on in Syria and Assad is supposed to be the reincarnation of Hitler, Attilla the  Hun and the  Mongol hoards all rolled into one. We have  certain people that are screaming for “regime change” in Syria. Quite frankly, these chemical attacks that have gone on there look like classic false flag events. The same pattern seems to emerge in all of them and it’s like someone carries these out, about a year or so apart from one another and this brings on yet another shout for “regime change.” Sort of like–well we tried this last year and it  didn’t take, so let’s wait awhile and try it again this year. Surely in the lapse of time between the last try and this one, people will have forgotten that we used this scenario before and we can do it the same  way again and  all the right  people will howl again this year for “regime change.” Sound familiar?

And again in Syria, as in Iraq, Assad doesn’t bother the Christians. As bad as he is, do you think what replaces him  with a change of regimes will leave the Christian alone? If Assad is toppled you will almost certainly see him replaced with some sort of radical Islamic group which has as  part of its agenda some sort of Sharia Law and the destruction of Christianity. That’s what all these  Islamic groups in the Middle East want, no matter what they say. If the truth were known, that’s what Obama wanted when he was in office. Anyone ever notice how  many Muslims were part of his administration? If you think he was about to give Christians a fair shake then you are dreaming!

Make no mistake, our Deep State in this country wants Assad gone in Syria and in all those Middle Eastern countries  they want regimes that will be compliant to their concept of a One World Government. Our Deep State here wants a Middle East made in its own image just as much as they want a United States molded in their own image. These people, with the help of the  United Nations, want to construct a modern Tower of Babel and reach up to Heaven and secure a place there for themselves all on their own. No “salvation only through Jesus Christ” for these people! They’ll make it on their own–so they  think! Too late they will realize their gross error–but by then they will have destroyed lives and countries–all the more for them to answer for!

Truly hath God said “All who hate me love death.”


Church Sign is Politically Incorrect–But True

by Al Benson Jr.

We’ve all seen those newsy little sayings on church signs around the country. Although some of them are cute, they often don’t say an awful lot. Unfortunately, this has become a characteristic of many churches in our day–they don’t say an awful lot. We get lots of “be nice and don’t offend anyone” balderdash, the sort of thing our Lord Jesus gave the lie to when He chased the money changers out of the temple, where they had set up shop in the Court of the Gentiles.

Recently, I read an article on  about a church in Hood River, Oregon that seems to be giving the local Muslims fits. Hood River is a small town between Portland and The Dalles (but closer to The Dalles). The article was from February 27th of this year. The Missionary Baptist Church in Hood River has a sign out front that says: Wake up Christians. Allah is not our God. Muhammad is not greater than Jesus.  The sign also says Only the Bible is God’s word. holy book Qur’an is just another book.

In checking back, I found that this sign has been in front of this church since sometime in the Spring of 2016, so this is not a new development. What’s new, (and refreshing) is that the pastor of this church, Michael Harrington,  does not profess to be politically correct (culturally Marxist). Pastor Harrington has said he has never claimed to be a devotee of the politically correct mindset. He said “I think I’m Biblically correct, and that’s what matters to me.” What’s more, Pastor Harrington has not taken the sign down and it has been there now for probably a year now. This seems to have bothered some of the locals whose spiritual roots might be open to question.

Given the apostate age we live in, there are many who continue to be “offended” at what Pastor Harrington put up and has left up on his church sign. A local resident on a bike ride noticed the sign and commented that it “profoundly offended” him. If telling the truth on a church sign “profoundly offends” him, then I guess you can tell where he is at. And even the local mayor has not seemed to believe in the pastor’s First Amendment rights. He has called the sign “a solid case of ugly.” Kind of makes you wonder what they have for town government in Hood River. Almost makes me wonder if the mayor has, at some point, converted to Islam. I wonder, would the mayor have made such a fuss if there were a sign in front of the local mosque that said that Allah was God and not Jesus? I’d be willing to bet that wouldn’t have bothered him. Since Pastor Harrington has, up to this point, refused to take the sign down, I guess the local population will just have to struggle through life seeing a sign proclaiming Jesus as God at Pastor Harrington’s church. I really hope they can manage. Coping is so hard when you deny the truth.

I wonder, how many churches around the country would have scrambled to take the sign down posthaste if it offended anyone except Christians. It seems that it’s okay to offend Christians. It’s always open season on them and they are always in the cross hairs. I have known Christians around the country who don’t want to “offend” anyone and so they take great strides (backwards) to get away from anything that might proclaim Christian truth, lest that truth “offend” some unbeliever somewhere. Quite frankly, their passiveness in regard to those who willingly assault their faith offends me!

Jesus Christ offended lots of people during His earthly ministry, chief among them being the religious leaders of Israel who were more into the Talmud than they were God’s Law.If you think Jesus came to earth to be “Mr. Nice Guy” take a look at Matthew 10:34, or the entire 23rd chapter of Matthew. Then begin to realize, and let it sink in, that it was the spiritual leaders of Israel that plotted to put Him to death. Oh, they got the Romans to do the deed, but the idea was their baby, not Rome’s.

Christian truth will always offend those who don’t want to believe it. That’s just the way it is. The pastor at our church says that if you are not offending someone then you are  probably not doing anything. He’s right. That doesn’t mean that we go out of our way to be offensive but I think we need to be more concerned about speaking the truth in love than about offending those who will not believe, no matter who they are.

Obama to Give Internet Away, Probably to the United Nations–Congress Yawns

by Al Benson Jr.

Within the past five days I read an article by Faye Higbee on about how the Internet as we know it will probably disappear on October 1st of this year. Ms. Higbee noted: “On October 1, Obama plans to hand over control of the Internet to a company called ICANN. What’s the big deal? It’s just a company, right? Actually, there is a strong possibility that it could result in United Nations oversight of the Internet…which may limit the freedom we currently have to use it.” This would dovetail with Obama’s efforts to limit our freedom as much as possible before he leaves office. Marxists do this kind of thing.

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They control the mechanism or process which lets you open a domain name when you click on it. This tells your computer where to go and what to do when it gets there (unless it’s like my ancient computer and takes forever to get there).

Ms. Higbee observed that: “ICANN is a multi-national corporation that will need to have an antitrust exemption to operate.Before the hand-off, it was licensed  to US as a government connected company and allowed to be a legal monopoly. Without the US, that will have to come from somewhere else–like the United Nations (specifically the United Nations International Telecommunications Union–ITU).” Higbee has stated, and accurately so, that UN members that run totalitarian regimes are afraid of the Internet and they would dearly love to have control over it.  And our current beloved ruler would, no doubt, love to give them that control. That way when they censor certain areas of truth on the Internet he can’t be blamed for it but he can still enjoy the rather dubious benefits.

In the past few years most folks still able to think have realized that our current “news” (I have to laugh whenever I write that) media have been thoroughly co-opted by the One World Government crowd and they tell us only what they are told to. The material that is really important gets left out and all we find out is who is sleeping with who this weekend and other similar events of “world” importance. Most media people today a nothing more than paid political prostitutes, bought and paid for by the Establishment. And I say “most” because there are a few exceptions–but only a few. The rest are willing puppets on strings like most of the political class are.

Ms. Higbee has noted, and again, quite accurately, that “The UN is ‘politically correct’ AND Sharia compliant. Think about what will happen if the trolls in the UN get control of the Internet and how many websites could be severely impacted.” That’s the idea, folks. Lots of folks I know have blog spots, some with pretty large followings. They, and I, will be severely impacted too once the UN gets around to checking us all out to make sure we are politically correct (culturally Marxist) enough. It may take awhile because there are lots of us, but I am more than sure it will be one of the main items on their “to do” list.

Interestingly enough, it seems that there might be a solution to this Obama-driven dilemma. There are two bills now in Congress, one in the Senate and the other in the House that would prevent this from happening, both called the Protecting Internet Freedom Act. The Senate version is S. 3034  and the House version is H. R. 5418.

Both were introduced in June of this year, but there has been almost no action on either one and they only have a small handful of co-sponsors. Which means that, basically, Congress couldn’t care less whether our Internet freedom is lost or not. I’m told the bills are “in committee” so far. There must be a really lengthy debate going on over them if they’ve been there since June–or does the committee they are in just plan on sitting on them until the September 30th deadline has passed and then claiming they are academic and so why bother? And people wonder why Congress has only a 6% approval rating! Might I suggest that low rating is because people are beginning to wake up to the fact the Congress does lots of things it shouldn’t and not much of what it should.

I mailed letters to my two senators and representative  just this morning (September 3rd) asking them to vote for this bill and to co-sponsor it. I would urge lots of other folks to do the same thing. And I also questioned whether the committee they are in was planning on doing anything with them or just sitting on them in the fond hope they would not hatch. Doesn’t hurt to let them know you are on to their game. If enough people do that, with elections coming up, it just might get their attention.

The Southern Baptists Have Had Problems For Awhile

by Al Benson Jr.

Let me start off by saying that I have several friends who are Southern Baptists and I know some Southern Baptist preachers who are good, patriotic pastors for their congregations. My comments here are not directed at them or their congregations. I realize they see some of the same problems I am addressing here as much as I do.

Last week and earlier this week (this was originally written on Sat. June 18th) I did two articles on my other blog spot  about the Southern Baptist resolution to disavow and remove all Confederate battle flags. The Southern Baptists have  been holding their yearly meeting this past week and the anti-Confederate flag resolution was of many that passed by a healthy margin so I am told. The people in the Southern Baptist Convention that pushed this resolution feel that all Christians should show “solidarity” (a good Marxist term) by removing any Confederate flags they have up anywhere. I hope they don’t hold their breath! This resolution denies the legitimacy of the Cause that all Confederate soldiers fought for (which was not “racism” or slavery) and it verbally slaps in the face today anyone who has a Confederate ancestor that resisted Yankee/Marxist aggression, and that includes me. Whatever Confederate flags  I have out  (and I vary them) are going to stay out and I seriously question the “concern” of those Southern Baptists that tell me I am “racist” for keeping them out. Oh, I don’t doubt the politically correct do have a concern–but for what and who? A lot of us here in the South are really getting fed up with the “perpetually offended” who expect us to totally dismantle our Christian culture and heritage just because they claim it bothers them. If I got to the point where I started listing things in their cultures  that bother me we could really have a donnybrook.

Unfortunately, the situation with the Confederate flag seems to be a symptom of where the Southern Baptists are headed in the main. I just read an article on  the headline for which was: Pastor to Southern Baptist Convention: Stop push for Muslim refugees.  The article stated: “The Southern Baptist Convention threw down a gauntlet at the feet of Republican nominee Donald Trump and many conservatives, adopting a resolution encouraging churches and families to welcome and adopt refugees into their churches and homes…The resolution did not specifically refer to Islam or Muslims. However, Russell Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Commission has been a prominent critic of Donald Trump and his proposed immigration policies…The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention is also supporting the building of a mosque in Bernard, New Jersey.” Needless to say, some of the local residents in that area are not overly enthused about the mosque and their concern about Shariah law in their area is a legitimate one. So why is the Southern Baptist Convention even doing this? I could see some of the culturally Marxist churches such as those in the National Council of Churches supporting this because they have been making common cause with the enemies of Christ for decades now, so it would come as no surprise to see them involved. But the Southern Baptist Convention is supposed to be a “conservative” group. Or has the definition of conservatism been changed?

One Southern Baptist pastor, Carl Gallups noted: “What should the Southern Baptist Convention have done about the mosque in New Jersey? They should have stayed out of the situation altogether!  They should have left the matter up to the voice of the local people and their elected and appointed officials…” Gallups made an accurate observation when he said: “…the ERLC would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the scriptures, or elsewhere, where the early church was aligning itself with government entities and ‘interfaith coalitions’ to assist in the constructing of more pagan temples, shrines and altars to Emperor worship in the Roman Empire–in the name of ‘religious liberty’.”

Gallups also noted that this was not the first attempt by the SBC committee at supporting the building of mosques.  The WorldNewsDaily article also observed that: “Gallups also pointed to the history of the ERLC in supporting mosque construction, notably the support of the Executive Director Richard Land for building the ‘Ground Zero mosque’ in 2010.” Gallups said: “I find it very suspicious that the ERLC, just a few years ago, under Richard Land attempted the same ‘mosque building agenda’…Now, only five years later, Dr. Russell  Moore does the very same thing.” Whether he realizes it or not, Pastor Gallups is observing cultural Marxism at work and in living color. The cultural Marxists, whether in churches or out (and there are a number of them within churches) do not deviate from their agenda and their agenda is ultimately anti-Christian, so they will work to get the church, in our apostate day, to support the cutting of its own spiritual throat–all in the name of “love” naturally.

Pastor Gallups mentioned Richard Land a couple times in his comments. So who is Richard Land? Richard Land, who used to hold high positions in the Southern Baptist Convention, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, at least they have him listed as a member as of June 18th of this year.  So why does a leading Southern Baptist belong to the CFR? There would seem to be a contradiction or at least a major conflict of interest here. A prominent Southern Baptist as a member of the premier One World Government organization in this country, a member of the leading organization that promotes One World secular government! Something smells here and it ain’t in Denmark.

Now I’ve had a few folks over the years my Dad included, who told me I had a suspicious mind, but when you start to see things like this, how can you not have a suspicious mind unless you’ve quit thinking altogether?

I also ran across another interesting article on that was published back in 2007 that dealt with the Council on Foreign Relations and Christian pastors that seem to be part of that group. The article dealt with “global spirituality.” It stated, in part, “To achieve this, the Illuminti’s premier political and economic organ, the socialistic, pro-Zionist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has elevated to membership two key operatives, two men who are at the helm of America’s most influential Christian evangelical groups. I refer to Pastor Rick Warren, Saddleback Community Church in California, and Dr. Richard Land, reigning religious potantate and poobah  of the massive Southern Baptist Convention. For the first time in the almost 100-year history of the CFR, evangelical leaders have been elevated to elite status as members of the exclusive globalist secret society.” I have often wondered about these evangelicals that end up with hundreds of churches following their agenda, whatever it happens to be at the time, and when I found out that Rick Warren was a big supporter of Obama in his first term, I knew I had been right to be suspicious. In regard to Dr. Richard Land, it turns out that he was (is) a big promoter of environmentalism.  It has been said that “Land essentially believes that Jesus died on the cross to save Mother Earth and to save human souls. Land says that the Great Commission includes the preaching of environmentalism just as much as it does the traditional John 3:16 message.”

So, has the CFR suddenly become interested in the Gospel message–or is it more interested in finding usable Christian pastors to push its “gospel” message onto unsuspecting Christian believers? It might be worthwhile and good for Southern Batist believers to start doing a little homework on Dr. Land and this One World Government organization he is part of.  If you want to read about the Council on Foreign Relaltions check out Gary Allen’s book None Dare Call It Conspiracy. It was published way back in 1976 but it is still relevant today. I understand that it is now out on the Internet and so you can check it out there for nothing, and you DO need to check it out.

Is Orlando Yet Another False Flag?(Well there is a slight possibility)

by Al Benson Jr.

Whether its the theater in Aurora, Colorado or the public school in Connecticut or the church shooting in Charleston, most of these events seem to take on a similar hue and this latest one in Orlando seems to fit right in with the rest in the main.

The major difference here is that you’ve got a Muslim extremist, born in New York, who is a registered Democrat and he’s out there gunning down sodomites, who are among the Democrats’ best friends and supporters. But then, there are stories out there about him being a sodomite himself and being a regular at sodomite bars. There was an article about that on  for June 14th.

There was yet another article from Activist Post  by Brandon Turbeville which appeared on  also for June  14th which gave some credence to the false flag theory. Mr. Turbeville noted: “The FBI knew about the shooter and investigated him prior to the attack. The shooter had a connection to a known ISIS recruiter. The shooter’s father was a former ‘Afghan presidential candidate’ who supported the Taliban. The FBI’s history in creating terrorism.” Mr. Turbeville seems to feel that often our own government agencies have a hand in creating terrorism. Would that really surprise anyone? Whatever happens with this you have to know that there has to be some damage control exercised.

This guy, Mateen, got all his guns legally. He jumped through all the legal hoops he had to in order to get them. He passed all the background checks, the whole nine yards, and none of that picked up any problems. So what does that tell you?  All these background checks don’t really work, anymore than the supposed “vetting” of all these immigrants, illegal and otherwise swarming into the country in droves works. It’s all a useless trail of federal paper that leads straight to the federal commode.

However it does give our beloved ruler another opportunity to push his gun control/confiscation agenda–and unless more shooting incidents can be “spontaneously introduced” in the next few months he won’t have many chances left.

He got up there to comment on this and looked like he was giving the retarded fourth grade class one of his most outstanding lectures. He talked about how this country, not Islamic terrorism, is to blame for it all. Of course most of us realize by now that, in his eyes, white America is to blame for all the ills of the entire world, and if you haven’t heard him say that in so many words then you haven’t really been paying attention because he’s been saying it in his “around the barn” method for almost eight years now. This is the man who cannot even bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorist” and so he flat out refuses to do it. Has anyone ever stopped to think that just possibly, in his convoluted thinking, there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist–there are only white, Christian, American terrorists–and they are terrorists because they refuse to play his game of blaming America for all the ills of the world?

And he closed out his comments by saying that Americans need to be more tolerant  of sexual behavior that is condemned by Scripture. Well, he didn’t say it quite that way, but that’s what he meant. But the Islamic extremism that killed those sodomites was Muslin prejudice, at least the prejudice of one Muslim, and not the prejudice of the average American, who our ruler blames for everything from Malaria to the blind staggers! This blame game, after all, is only to be played on Christian Americans and not Muslim extremists, who, in our ruler’s eyes are all exempt from everything except Sharia law.

Again, we have the case of another dead shooter. Seems that most of these shooters in these sticky situations end up dead. As has been before stated “dead men tell no tales.” Maybe if this club hadn’t been a gun-free zone a few less lives might have been lost.

One of the very few shooters that hasn’t been killed in recent years is this “useful idiot” kid in Charleston, South Carolina last year who shot those black folks in their church. They got him alive. Ever since then I have wondered what amazing statements he will make if they ever put him on a witness stand. If he was going to be of no future use to the cultural Marxists both in government and out he’d be dead by now. So as sure as the turning of the earth they are going to use him for something, and I am afraid it’s going to be the coup de grace that they feel will kill  Southern and Confederate heritage for good. Stay tuned–and keep your Confederate flags up!

In an article on  comments by Alex Jones of  were noted in a brief  video Mr. Jones did. The article noted: “Alex Jones, the founder of cut a quick YouTube video in the wake of the Orlando LGBT nightclub shootings that left 50 dead and 53 injured, suggesting that the root of the massacre went much deeper than radical Islamism–that the government was using radical Islamists to achieve a larger goal of control and power.  He said, in the brief video: ‘The attacks on Orlando were a false flag terror attack’.” In other words, this is the same old “pressure from above and pressure from below” tactic the Communists have used for decades.

Now I don’t always agree with everything Alex Jones says (neither do I totally disagree with him) but in this instance, I think he might be on to something. This one fits the classic pattern of so many false flag attacks we have seen in recent years, and the cultural Marxists in government, from the White House on down, always use these events to further  their political agenda, which is less liberty for us and more power for them.

As a man once said, “Think about it.”

The Thief of Culture

by Al Benson Jr.

Three or four years ago I read a fictional book by Tony Hillerman called A Thief of Time. It was a story about people in the Southwest called “pot hunters”–people who illegally dig for Indian artifacts on federal land so they can sell them to artifact collectors, usually for pretty hefty sums. While I am not in favor of this sort of thing, neither am I in favor of how the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) treats Western folks that use or lease federal land. After all, the land, in theory, is supposed to belong to the public. In fact, it belongs to the Washington Empire, no matter what administration is currently in power.

Supposedly the “thieves of time” are stealing the past when they illegally take artifacts from “public land.”  It’s an interesting concept (and not one I totally disagree with) and it’s not generally something people even consider in today’s whirl of sports extravaganzas and reality shows. In that context maybe we should begin to think about the “Thieves of Culture” who are, even as I write this, trying to steal our culture and replace it with some socialist (Marxist) phantasm straight out of the Middle East or Eastern Europe. This, the current regime tells us, will be just great for the country and it gives us a golden opportunity to display our love and compassion for those from countries that hate our guts. All the more reason for inviting them over here, so they say. What I say to that isn’t printable.

In a recent column on columnist Frosty Woolridge has said, and quite accurately, that: “With every third world immigrant entering the United States of America, our country loses its ethos. It loses its culture. It loses its language and it loses its religion. Ultimately, it loses its identity….”

That’s the real name of the game. That is the goal of the current regime–to so water down the culture and religion of this country that it is impossible to tell us from some “banana republic” over in Lower Slobovia. That’s what it’s really all about, with the potential influx of hundreds of thousands of new refugees. The current regime is busily working on this while most folks dumbly sit on their thumbs at home, bemused by whatever drivel the “nitworks” (with government sanction) decide to throw at us.  The total destruction of American culture, most particularly in the South, is the goal of the individual that sits in the White House (when he’s not in Hawaii playing golf on our dime) and it’s the goal of those who made sure he got to the White House to begin with. What do you think all this fuss over Confederate flags and symbols this past summer was all about? Cultural destruction, that’s what, and don’t think it’s finished yet. The thieves of culture recognize that most of the resistance they get to their plans comes from the South, a South with a Christian background and worldview–and they must destroy that. They are, after all, cultural Marxists and they are at war with us, even if we can’t quite seem to figure it out yet. They are in an ongoing culture war with us and it would be nice if a few more of the folks on our side of the fence quit competing with each other over who will be the Chief Couch Potato and stood up and fought back.

And it would be nice if more Christians stood up and fought back. I just read an article this morning about a woman professor at Wheaton College in Illinois, Billy Graham’s alma mater. This woman has decided that, in “solidarity” with the Muslims, she should wear a Muslim hijab during the Christian Advent Season.  She made quite a point of saying, on social media, that Christians and Muslims have the same God, and the college suspended her. In my opinion they should have fired her. At best, a statement like that can be considered blasphemous. Christians and Muslims do not share the same God, but then she went on to note that Pope Francis said the same thing. This demonstrates how influential the thieves of culture have been in the Church. Instead of the Church shaping the culture the thieves of culture have been busy influencing the Church, reshaping it, if you will. A woman who believes this kind of thing holds a position in a school that teaches future theologians and the head of the Roman Catholic Church thinks God the Father and Allah are the same! Evangelicals and Roman Catholics ought to be up in arms–but they won’t. Much easier to just sit at home and watch the tube–less hassle that way. And the  culture continues to be dragged yet another step closer to destruction because most Christians are just too blasted (I was tempted to use another word) lazy to get up and DO anything. Luther, Calvin, and Knox wouldn’t have been real pleased with this generation or the last couple preceding it. The thieves of culture have spent considerable time in the churches too.

The Church has become soft and complacent and mostly doesn’t want to do anything that might involve having to struggle to preserve what the Lord has given us. Much easier to just “go with the flow” and let the Lord take care of it all so I don’t have to get my theological hands dirty and I won’t have to DO anything that might interfere with Sunday afternoon’s football game.

My personal opinion is that, unless we start to wake up, the Lord is going to put us through the mill, and all those folks sitting by waiting for a secret, imminent rapture (non-involvement) will be in for much more than a culture shock. We are past being ripe for judgment. How many unborn babies have died since 1973? Unless we start to turn around (repent) the Lord just may well give us a couple generations of Sharia Law to get our attention. Most of what’s happened up to now doesn’t seem to be doing it! In 70 AD the Lord destroyed Jerusalem because the Jews refused to repent when they had been given the opportunity.  Makes you wonder if the Church’s 70 AD isn’t just over the horizon?