“Moderate” Biden Has Always Been A Leftist

by Al Benson Jr.

Back before the 2020 excuse for an election, our excuse for a news media took great pains to Inform” us that, after the evil Trump was gone Biden would step forward as the voice of moderation. The evil Orange Man had committed two unpardonable sins–he had given us energy independence and he had made a valiant attempt to curb the illegal immigrant invasion with his border wall, which seemed to be working. For doing these and other “America first” endeavors he was labeled an instrument of Putin and he had to go.

Our excuse for a news media assured us that Biden would be a new voice of “moderation” and would return this country to a state of normalcy–normalcy being shutting down our oil and gas production and going back to getting all our oil and gas from our enemies and opening our Southern border wide to all comers from any and everywhere. They forgot to tell the public that this was what “normalcy” would be, but we should have been able to see that for ourselves. Thanks to our ability to think rationally having been mostly gutted by our public education system, we were not able to see what “normalcy” really entailed. All we were told is that evil Orange Man had to go, no matter what replaced him!

And what replaced him was a dedicated leftist who had been such at least since his late 20s. Interesting that while evil Trump was in office, we had no wars, but now, with the “sane” Biden in office, we have one in Ukraine, in which we are too heavily involved!

However, the truth of the matter is that Joe Biden is no more a voice of moderation than he is the man in the moon! Biden has always been a dedicated leftist, even way back when he first got into the Senate. Arthur Thompson’s latest book Benedict Biden–Water Carrier For The New World Order goes into great detail about Biden’s loving affinity for the New World Order, going all the way back into the early 1990s. Mr. Thompson, who also authored To The Victor Go The Myths And Monuments which I have quoted from extensively in the past, has noted of Biden that: “What he wanted as a young man he is now accomplishing as president” and he is doing that with the aid of a “news” media that has taken great pains to never expose his weaknesses and, “later on in his life, even protected him and his family from exposure, even when the evidence was before the public, the media and Biden’s opponents covered up the significance of his agenda,” What Mr. Thompson is saying here is that most of his opponents were not really all that opposed to his leftist agenda.

As for little talked about facts about Joe Biden, although he and his second wife were residents of Delaware, Mr. Thompson informs us that: “…they married in New York City, at the United Nations chapel. Then they honeymooned behind the Iron Curtain, in the communist Hungarian Peoples Republic, rather an odd place for a U.S. senator. Keep in mind that this was at the height of the Cold War with the USSR and its sattellites. Not a very ‘American’ thing to do-especially for a senator.”

Biden’s wife was a Presbyterian and he was Catholic. Why would they marry in a chapel that was home to all the world religions and claims they are all equal. I sure wouldn’t, and I doubt most of you all would either. What all this tells us is where the Bidens are really coming from. How many took note of that? All this says much about Biden’s faith and what his policies were as a junior senator.

For those interested in this latest book of Arthur Thompsons, I looked it up on the internet. The price, right now, is only $5.00. You can’t beat that for a book like this. To get it, contact the John Birch Society, 770 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton, Wisconsin, 54914 http://www.JBS.org


Biden’s George Soros Connection

by Al Benson Jr.

This is from the Gateway Pundit and I quote: “A high level director at George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) who is tied to a group bankrolled by the billionaire and quietly working with President Biden’s administration on policy has close access to the White House, records show”

The quote continues: “Tom Perriello, Open Society US executive Director and part of Soros’ leadership team, and who sits on the Board of Governors for Impact, an outside Soros-funded group maneuvering behind the scenes to shape and implement policy, has secretly visited the White House…thirteen times on eight different days between May 21, 2021 and September 2022.” One wonders–is Biden now getting his marching orders from Soros as to what he is supposed to promote?

With Biden in the White House, Soros has a malleable president he can easily control. There is now more Soros connection with the White House than there has been with any other president. And Soros has also spent $40 million on District Attorney campaigns across the country.

And, on a different subject, but on a similar note, professional liar Adam Schiff, now that he has been kicked off the House Intelligence Committee, plans to run for the Senate from California. I have no doubt he will be elected hands down, California being what it is. I can see his reasoning. If he can’t get a peek at intelligence in the House, then he figures maybe he can do that in the Senate. I imagine Chucky Schumer will be more than happy to put Schiff on some sort of intelligence committee so he can continue his work for whoever it is he is working for. we might wonder who Schiff’s real boss is. Obviously it ain’t the people in his district! One commentator said it was like the “news” media were in sackcloth and ashes when Schiff was removed from the House Intel Committee. I wonder–do the media elites and Schiff answer to the same bosses?

When Swalwell’s intimate relationship with the Chinese Communist spy Fang Fang was reported to Nancy Pelosi, she totally ignored it and she let him stay on the House Intel Committee. So where do her true loyalties lie? We seem to have several in Congress whose true loyalties are in serious question

Is Antifa An Arm Of The Democratic Establishment?

by Al Benson Jr.

One of the Fox News commentators recently made the statement that Antifa is an arm of the Democratic Establishment that is used to get rid of a sitting president. They were used against Trump in 2020. They are now being used against Biden in the riots in Atlanta. CNN aids those who benefit from Antifa’s violence. A top Democrat’s son was arrested in Boston at an Antifa event. It would seem that many Democrats actively promote violent terrorism.

Let’s get one thing straight here. Antifa is not, I repeat not, anti-fascist. They are fascists and are on the political left every bit as much as the Communists. They are exactly what they claim to be opposed to. That’s a favorite tactic of the left–claim to be opposed to what you actually are. You’d be surprised to how many people that fools. It’s past time to stop defending Antifa and declare them a terrorist organization. The children of many of the rich and privileged are turning into Antifa monsters, just like the kids of the rich turned into SDS monsters back in the 1970s. We should say here that Antifa is the real “white supremacy” threat

Now, Antifa is using the death of a black man in Memphis, who was beaten to death by five black policemen, as an excuse to justify race riots across the country. So how is the beating of a black man by five black cops an example of “white supremacy”? That’s a hard one to answer, but not to worry, the leftists are at work coming up with a convoluted response that probably won’t make much sense, but the “news” media will pick it up and run with it anyway. That’s what they’re paid to do.

Antifa has been using the shameful Memphis incident to justify violence. Their motto: “Burn it all down.” Antifa has been telling rioters to “bring rocks, pipes, Kerosene.” They would love to be able to do what they did in Portland in 2020, because everybody is supposed to be treated to the lesson that–no matter what happens or who did it, it’s always Whitey’s fault!

Cities around the country were preparing for riots. And leave it to “Rev.” Al Sharpton to blame “white racism” for five black cops beating a black man to death! No matter who does what to who, the race baiters always manage to twist the facts so it’s the white man’s fault. No surprise there. Communists have fanned the flames of racial strife in this country and around the world for decades. I’ve often wondered, if they were able to get rid of all us whites from off the face of the earth, who they would then blame for all their problems. Because their problems would not go away with us gone–so they’d have to end up locating another scapegoat.

Covid–The Cash Cow For Big Pharma

by Al Benson Jr.

Is Pfizer manipulating Covid for fun and profit? Silly question–of course they are! A Pfizer executive bragged about it, with a gloating smile on his face, and Project Veritas got it on video! I watched it on Fox News last evening. So Pfizer is planning to mutate Covid. This sounds a lot like the Gain of Function research that the sainted Father Fauci was promoting, even though he denied he ever did that. Rand Paul called Fauci out on that and Rand is a doctor so he knows about this stuff.

However, they have changed the title of this process. They are now labeling it “Directed evolution” which is actually a much more revelatory title. Naturally Pfizer would rather the public not be aware of this. Same game different name!

The Pfizer executive caught on video bragging about this was less than ecstatic when he realized he had been caught “on candid camera” so to speak. I’m told he assaulted the Project Veritas guy who recorded his comments. But whether he likes it or not (and it may mean his job), he admitted that his company was mutating the Covid virus for profit. He made the statement that Covid is a cash cow.

So it appears we will now have the “directed evolution” of mutations of Covid. Will each new mutation need its own separate vaccine, which the feds will be more than happy to attempt the use of for the entire country! Folks, there’s lots of money to be made here for Big Pharma, with the public getting the shaft as usual. Senator Ron Johnson has called for Congress to investigate vaccine manufacture and the Covid vaccination approval process in response to the Project Veritas video of the Pfizer executive accidentally letting the cat out of the Covid bag!

When you have Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the feds all colluding together to screw the public you indeed have a situation where this regime is at war with its own people And as far as this regime is concerned, its citizens are merely sheep to be shorn.

Good Riddance To S & S

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, it seems that the tag team of Schiff and Swalwell will not be around on the House Intelligence Committee to do the bidding of whoever it was that commanded their first loyalty.

Schiff and Swalwell don’t belong on ANY congressional committees. They have both proven that their first loyalties are not to the American people. Schiff has lied to the American people so many times it baffles the imagination. He told horrendous lies about Trump and his supposed collusion with Russia, claiming he had “substantial evidence” of Trump’s collusion with Russia, yet he never produced one iota of that evidence for anyone to see. He just kept claiming he had it, but somehow, could never quite produce it. The man is a thoroughgoing liar, and that’s a charitable description of him. He is nothing more than a liberal political hack.

According to the Gateway Pundit website, after being kicked off the House Intelligence Committee it was noted that: “At one point Schiff took to whining about this on TikTok which is widely believed to be a form of spyware which has direct connections to the Chinese Communist Party.” One commentator, noting this story commented that: “Democrat and known propagandist (Schiff) uses Chinese spyware app to complain about not being on House Intel Committee.” You have to wonder if this was Schiff’s method of choice to let his real bosses know that his efforts in their behalf would now be severely diminished.

Swalwell had obvious problems with the Chinese spy known as “Fang Fang.” It turns out that Swalwell was sleeping, literally, with this Chinese spy. One can only wonder what secrets from the Intel Committee that she pried out of him as they lolled under the blankets together. Swalwell was taken in by one of the oldest games on earth–sex for political intelligence, and he fell like a ton of bricks! One of the Fox News commentators, I forget just which one now, said Schiff and Swalwell could not pass the security test required for a school crossing guard, let alone being on the House Intel Committee. We should naturally be asking–who were these birds really working for? That they were national security risks should be more than obvious. They shouldn’t even be in Congress, let alone of any committee dealing with national intelligence! I don’t always agree with Kevin McCarthy. I think after the 2020 election he sought to throw Trump under the bus. But he did the right thing here by kicking Swalwell and Schiff off the Intel Committee.

Democratic Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies naturally objected, saying that both Schiff and Swalwell were “eminently qualified” to serve on the Intel Committee. With a statement like that, you have to wonder who Jefferies’ real boss is. He had to be joking, right? I tell you, folks, you can’t make this stuff up. Here are two stool pigeons who obviously have divided loyalties at best, and Hakeem Jefferies says they are more than qualified to serve on the House Intel Committee! Who are they qualified to serve–Xi Jinping? That should be the question of the hour!

Pence Gallops In To Save Biden

by Al Benson Jr.

There’s an old saying that, in politics, nothing happens by accident. It is all planned out by sleazy characters in smoke-filled back rooms. I think there’s a fair amount of truth in that.

We had just reached the point where Joe Biden was beginning to sweat over all the classified stuff he had cached in various places when an unlikely “savior” in the form of Mike Pence, charged into the room to take some of the heat off him. It now turns out that Mike Pence also had some classified documents turn up at his home. There was a photo of Pence’s home on Fox News and it is a mansion just like Biden’s house is. These folks who want to run our lives for us sure know how to live well!

When I saw the news item about documents being found at Pence’s home, my first thought was ‘How convenient for Joe Biden.” It’s interesting that Pence does not seem overly worried about being prosecuted for this. Has he been assured he need have no worries about that?

According to the “New York Post” Hunter Biden had access to classified documents. Here is a guy who consorts with prostitutes and uses crack, and yet he has access to classified documents! Yet, he was clearly out of control at the time! Hunter wrote about things he should not have known about. So the question arises–did Biden use those classified documents to enrich his family? The company, Burisma, paid Hunter Biden over $80,000 a month for not much of anything. Why? Hunter leveraged classified information from Dad to do business in Ukraine according to Miranda Devine, the author of “Laptop from Hell.”

It is also noteworthy that some big banks are making money off “rebuilding Ukraine.” You can make lots of money “the Ukrainian way” which is via corruption! Blackrock and J. P Morgan have cozied up to Zelensky. Decades ago General Smedley Butler said “War is a racket.” How right he was! You have to wonder who else besides Mike Pence will be brought in to give Biden a bit of a respite. Maybe by now the Deep State figures Biden has gotten the message about not running in 2024 and so they are giving him a breather. I’ve often wondered about Mike Pence. There were times when he seemed slightly less than enthusiastic about what Trump was trying to accomplish, at least to me. The Deep State goes lots deeper than just those obvious socialist Democrats most of us know about. It also has deep roots in the republican Party. Always remember, no matter what their party affiliation, the Deep Staters are working to do this country and our way of life in.

Republican Sellout Who Trashed Confederate Flag Has Changed Her Tune. Why?

by Al Benson Jr.

Republican sellout Nikki Haley is considering a run for the presidency in 2024. Let me say, right up front, I would not vote for her if she were the last Republican on earth! Many of our current problems with our Confederate flags and monuments started with her anti-flag hysteria back in 2015 after whackjob Dylan Roof killed those black folks in their church. After that happened she couldn’t get the Confederate Battle Flag in front of the capitol in Columbia South Carolina down fast enough. She was governor of South Carolina at that time and she thought going after the battle flag would win her some brownie points with the Republican Establishment in 2016. Didn’t quite work out that way. I got the impression they sort of ignored her.

Be that as it may, her hasty actions in South Carolina gave those who detest our history and heritage a reason to follow up on her actions and in the next four years, and continuing today, the South-haters have gone on a rampage to get rid of our flags and monuments, branding our heroes as traitors, which is a blatant lie! They have even gone to the point of trying to erase any history of our ancestors from the history books. They have sought the elimination of any mention of our ancestors, men whose boots they are not fit to lick, from the historical scene. The only memory they want the next generation to have of the South is that slavery existed there. Of course slavery had also existed in the North, too, but no one need be aware of that. Such admission would destroy their narrative.

In 2019, Nikki Haley changed her tune about the flag. At that point she said, of Dylan Roof: “Here is this guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the Confederate flag and just hijacked everything people thought of. Once he did that there was no way to overcome it.” In all honesty, Ms. Haley, you never tried real hard to “overcome” it. You went right along with it!

Haley’s comments at that time were seen as a confirmation of her effort to tie herself to Donald Trump, the president at that time. Trump was on record as saying, at the time, that whether you flew a Confederate flag or not was a matter of personal opinion. Trump did not condemn the Confederate flag like other gutless Republicans did.

I’m sure, now that she’s thinking about a presidential run in 2024, she wants to again soften her original hardcore stance on Confederate flags, in the hopes that Southern folks will have forgotten it. I hope that doesn’t work. She did our Southern history culture, and heritage irrevocable damage, which she has never really apologized for. I remember that picture of Dylan Roof she mentioned. It looked to many as if it had been photoshopped, which means it may well have been a fake! Too bad Ms. Haley didn’t check into that before she started removing our flags. But, then, her heritage isn’t our heritage, so I guess it wasn’t all that important to her. Political expediency always trumps heritage and history don’t you know!

Want To Know What’s Happening In This Country? Ask Communist China

by Al Benson Jr.

You better believe the Chinese Communist Party pays lots of attention to what this country does. They even work at rating the governors of each state to determine if the actions they take part in will benefit China. Presumably those governor’s whose efforts do not benefit China will be singled out for removal if and when the Reds are able to take over here. And don’t think they are not thinking about that.

Communist China has stolen tens of thousands of jobs from American workers, with the willing help of those companies here that would rather employ slave labor than to have to pay salaries to workers. Cheaper that way you know–with bigger profits! China has stolen all manner of intellectual property and knowledge from this country.

Chinese Communist leaders are every bit as cruel and ruthless as we think they are. They have no regard for humanity or human life. For them it is all about power. They plan to rule the world. They are even worse than the Soviet Communists were, if such is possible.

Our problem in this country is that we have lots of intellectuals that are just soft–and especially soft on Chinese Communism, and they are willing to do business with the Chinese Reds for what they think is their own advantage. The Biden family comes to mind here. The Department of Justice is now thinking of more searches for classified documents in Bidenland.

At the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, the Communist Chinese represent what the elites want for the world–a Communist dictatorship. Don’t think for a New York minute that because those folks are filthy rich, they don’t have an appetite for communism. It is the system many of the super-rich really crave–as long as they are able to live above its restraints! The shining star of the Davos elites is the globalist system and the Deep State. Communist China represents what the elites want–total control over the rest of us–so they can be comfortable while we are their slaves and Klaus Schwab can continue to eat his filet mignon while we eat cockroaches. This conference at Davos has provided a perfect forum for Communist propaganda.

If you want to see what the super-rich have sought to do in this country, check out The Rockefeller File by Gary Allen. I believe this book is on the internet and you can read it for nothing. It’s not fun reading, in fact it is rather alarming. But it is the kind of thing we need to be aware of if we are to preserve what little freedom we have left!

The Ongoing Discovery Of Documents In Bidenland

by Al Benson Jr.

According to the Gateway Pundit website for January 21st “Six more classified documents were found in the Wilmington, Delaware home of Joe Biden Friday during a nearly thirteen hour search by the DOJ according to a statement released Saturday evening by Biden’s private attorney Bob Bauer. This is the fifth batch of classified documents to be found in Biden’s possession, and the fourth to be found at the Wilmington home in searches stretching from December 20t to Friday. The first batch was found at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC on November 2nd. Bauer also said ‘The DOJ also took for further review personally handwritten notes from the vice-presidential years.”

Also, some of the items taken by investigators were from Biden’s time as a senator as well as vice-president. Supposedly, some of those boxed-up classified documents went to China Town in Washington before going to the Penn Center. If that allegation is true, why do you suppose that happened? Who may there have been in China Town that wanted a peek at them? This was reported on Fox News on Sunday morning 1/22.

Kentucky Representative James Comer has told Newsmax in an interview that the Biden family is “under probe for ‘influence peddling’. Comer said: “There’s no question they’ve influenced peddled for decades Why was Ukraine willing to pay Hunter Biden that much money, (and) Why is China so many millions of dollars into Hunter’s shady business dealings and the Biden Center for Diplomacy?” Comer also noted that within days of leaving the vice-presidency, Biden took trips to Ukraine and China. Somehow, I doubt such trips were made just to tell these countries leaders a fond farewell–though that’s probably what the news media will tell us.

Comer said: “I don’t think even the most partisan liberals would agree that passes the smell test. That is another example of our two-tier system.” He is on target there. This whole thing is a glaring example of our two-tiered system of justice .A couple questions here. Why would Biden, if he did, have classified documents ging back to when he was in the senate? He shouldn’t have those at this point. Senators are not authorized to hoard classified documents. I can’t help but feel that this is the Deep State’s way of subtly letting Biden know he ain’t supposed to run in 2024. I wonder, with his present mental capacity diminished if he will get the message. He is a perfect example of the socialist revolution “eating it’s own” when they are no longer useful.

The Biden Saga Continues

by Al Benson Jr.

Lots of questions about the “most transparent” administration in history and why it ain’t! The question has been asked–Why did Biden rake in millions on the sale of liquified gas to Communist China? Evidence for this was found on son Hunter’s “Laptop from hell.” FBI Director Wray and our excuse for an attorney general, Merrick Garland, presided over a “cesspool of information” about Biden’s business dealings involving both Joe and Hunter, who are now both under investigation! This cesspool of info was all known about before the midterms, but the “incorruptible” FBI made sure it was all kept under wraps until the election was over. Anyone ever think that this information might have made a difference in the election results had it been revealed? Apparently the FBI did and that’s why they sat on it!

Laura Ingraham on Fox News labeled the Biden Regime as “a total embrace of mediocracy.” She also described Biden’s presidency as a “ruinous legacy.” Laura, you were way too kind here. It has been reported that Hunter Biden paid $49,910 in monthly rent for one year while living at Joe’s house in Wilmington. That’s a pretty hefty figure. You would have thought Joe would have given him a little break on the rent, being family and all. This was all according to a document from the “New York Post.” according to the Red State of Mind Daily, redstateofminddaily.com

While that seems a lot to charge Hunter for rent, there might be an answer for such a figure. Fox commentator Dan Bongino appeared briefly on Fox News this morning talking about what he would be dealing with on his show tonight. In this regard, he asked a question–Is Joe Biden really a foreign agent? He didn’t mean that in the sense many think of–kind of an 007 spy type. What he meant was, does Biden get paid by foreign governments for influencing what goes on in this country and is that money channeled to him through his son, Hunter? If such is the case, might not that explain the enormously “high rent” that Hunter has paid his dad for living space in the Biden mansion? That may be a question that needs to be asked.

Have any of you all ever looked at the pictures of Biden’s mansion in Wilmington? It’s an impressive layout. You have to wonder how much it cost. You also have to wonder if he could have afforded it on a senator’s pay, or even a vice-president’s pay. I guess inquiring minds would like to know. Whether they will ever find out or not may well depend on how much more information about the Biden clan the FBI decides to “sit” on. The American people deserve answers. After all, they are the ones forced to pay for all the crap that is currently going on! Maybe with a few honest Republicans (there are a few) heading up some of these House committees we may get some of these answers in spite of the pro-Biden spin our prostitute press tries to put on it all. Time will tell.