Goodbye Internet–Congress Still Yawning

by Al Benson Jr.

Several days ago I posted an article about how our beloved ruler, in his Marxist omniscience, was planning to give the Internet in this country to some other, outside governing body, which would then “regulate” (control its content) so that Americans would not have it to garner information from and we would be back to depending on the same old hackneyed Establishment “news” media for what we needed to know about how government was stiffing us.

Actually it probably wasn’t our beloved ruler personally that came up with this but rather the Establishment creatures that give him his marching orders and the agenda he is to follow if he wants to remain in office. These are the same people who will do the exact same thing for Hillary when she ascends to the throne in the White House.

The information I received about this gave the numbers of bills in both House and Senate that had been introduced to combat this, but it seems that, in both houses these bills we “in committee” which means that’s probably where they would die a natural death. Very few senators and house members co-sponsored these bills, which means we had (and have) a bad case of congressional apathy. Most of them really didn’t give a hoot, in fact some of them might have actually been happy to see this happen as it might mean, if some foreign body ends up “regulating” the Internet there might be less  negative info available about them to ordinary folks. And they wonder why the approval rate for Congress hovers around 6 percent!

Per the request I received about this I did contact my senators and representative urging them to sign up and co-sponsor the bills that would potentially keep the Internet in US hands and out of UN hands. The response I have received from my elected representatives has, shall we say, been rather underwhelming. I got one, rather tepid letter back from one senator that assured me he’d keep my views in mind on this subject. Nothing more. The other two didn’t bother. If other congress critters around the country have shown as much concern as the congress critters here in North Louisiana  I have to conclude that Congress, as a whole, couldn’t care less about the UN controlling the Internet instead of the US. That bothers me. Because if Congress is too lethargic  to care about the flow of information to US citizens free of UN control, then what else is there out there that concerns us that they just don’t care about?

Actually, I was a bit surprised. Usually my representative and senators are pretty good on the issues I write to them about and I do write to them about what bothers me. I have contacted them so often about Second Amendment issues I am surprised they don’t know me by the first name. They know when some gun control issue comes up they will get a communication from me letting them know what I think they should do. But on this issue, they seem mostly dead in the water–and I wonder why.

What’s going on that everyone shies away from dealing with our handing control of the Internet over to the UN or some other equally reprehensible foreign body? What’s the deal here?

Today is the last supposedly “free” day for the Internet and it’s not that our Congress is apathetic–it’s just that they don’t seem to care very much. I just contacted the one senator that bothered to write me and told him his letter was rather tepid and didn’t really tell me much. It looked like the kind of letter some ribbon clerk up on the 6th floor in an un-air conditioned office wrote and not what I usually get from this man.

I am beginning to wonder if Congress has been told to back off on this issue and just let it happen–all in the “national interest” of course. Figured I’d better post this today while I still had the chance as I don’t know how welcome it will be tomorrow or thereafter.

Trump says he wants to make America great again. If the current Marxist administration has its way it’s not going to leave him very much to work with!


Marxists and Monuments in New Orleans (and elsewhere)

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, today (September 24th) is the day that a far left group called “Take ‘Em Down Nola” which has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, has decided that the statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans has to come down. It’s got to be done today. These worthies claim that the police in New Orleans will just have to step aside and watch while they dismantle the statue of Jackson which is in the French Quarter. This group has made threats against the police and Mayor Mitch Landrieu in the past. Had anyone on the right side of the political spectrum done such it would have been a federal crime of almost international proportions but as long as someone on the left has made the threats they will be ignored. That’s the way “equality under the law” works in this country anymore.  The left goes to jail and immediately gets a free pass out. The rigt just goes to jail for 99 years and the key is thrown away.

This leftist group claims they want to police to step aside so they can do their “civic duty.” You see, in the murky netherworld of the theological and political left, vandalism is redefined  as a civic duty as long as what you are tearing down is part of white culture. I guess we will just have to wait until the end of the day to find out whether these cultural Marxists were allowed by authorities in New Orleans to perform their “civic duty.” Somehow, I can’t imagine the mayor of New Orleans giving them all that much of a hassle. I’m sure if they decided to do their “civic duty” with Confederate monuments (which they yet may) Comrade Landrieu would have a field day!

As for the group they are aligned with, Black Lives Matter, it’s been around since 2013, formed by Alicia Garza who, according to has described herself as a “queer social justice activist who reveres the Marxist revolutionary, former Black Panther, and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur for her contributions to the Black Liberation Movement.” Garza collaborated with two others of her Marxist ilk to form the Black Lives Matter group.

Discover the Networks also observed that “Though BLM is intended to represent the needs and grievances of all black people, Garza makes it clear that her organization is especially committed to helping ‘Black queer and trans folks’…” These people do let you know what they are all about.

The platform for Black Lives Matter states, in part: “We believe in elevating the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized Black people, including but not limited to those who are women, queer, trans, femmes, gender nonconforming, Muslim, formerly and currently incarcerated…” You can tell this is a Marxist group. They support all the right people.

In an article written for Conservative Daily Post Eric Whittle wrote on September 23rd that: “Regardless, one spokesperson for Take “Em Down Nola said that they would forcefully remove the (Jackson) monument if necessary, adding ‘that’s not a threat, that’s a promise.’ Take ‘Em Down Nola vandalized monuments with the message ‘take ’em down or we will.” How much more will it take to make folks realize their culture and way of life is under assault?

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many of those that claim to belong to this second cousin to Black Lives Matter are really from New Orleans and how many are imports brought in from somewhere else to help stoke the fires of “civil rights.” That is a common tactic among Marxist groups–bringing in outsiders to help spread the mayhem and claiming they are all discontented local folks when actually many of them are nothing more than professional leftist agitators.

A good case in point is the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina,  by the merest coincidence, taking place at the same time as the current brouhaha in New Orleans.

An article on for September 23rd by Tyler Durden noted the comments of a man from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police. He said: “This is not Charlotte out here. These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protesters, these are criminals…if you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night.I can about say probably 70% of those had out-of-state IDs. They’re not coming from Charlotte.” And Mr. Durden also observed that “18 months ago, as the riots flared in Ferguson, there was one man pulling the strings of this domestic false flag…George Soros.  George Soros donated $33 million to social justice organizations which helped turn the events in Ferguson  from a local protest into a national flashpoint.” Soros has also funded Black Lives Matter, the second cousin to this group in New Orleans that is working to tear your culture down.

It’s about time, in fact it’s long past time that we in the South woke up and realized that there is a concerted Marxist and One World Government agenda afoot to totally dismantle and do away with our history, faith, culture and heritage–and most of us blithely sit back and watch it happen. Then we complain when our grandchildren grow up to be little Marxists. You better wake up and smell the coffee while there is still some left to smell!

Are Blacks Nullifying “Civil Rights” Gains?

by Al Benson Jr.

Just read an article on about black students at two colleges in California that want “separate but equal” housing facilities. Seems they want to be free from “Microaggression” and “racially insensitive” conversation. Aren’t these some of the things that all that political correctness (cultural Marxism) was supposed to have taken care of? We’ve been told for years now that you dare not “offend” this group or that group or think, say, or do anything that might somehow be construed as making the lives of minorities more difficult.

About the only group that it is permissible to offend nowadays is white Christians. But that’s okay. It’s been open season on them for several decades now and, unfortunately, most of them don’t seem to grasp the fact that they are in the cultural crosshairs of just about everybody else and everybody else is eagerly awaiting a chance to pull the trigger. The white Christians still don’t have a clue. And I’m not holding my breath until they wake up!

But I did get a kick out of the above mentioned article in light of all the problems caused over the decades by the “civil rights” movement and the frenetic energy of its promoters to make sure everyone was forcefully integrated and that “separate but equal”  was not only a “racist” policy, but it was, in the eyes of the liberation theologians and other useful idiots, downright blasphemous.  To have even dared suggest it simply put you beyond the pale of acceptable humanity.

After all, didn’t the Supreme Court rule back in 1954 that “separate but equal” school facilities stamped an inherent “badge of inferiority” on black students? That being the case, forced integration had to be pushed with all possible and deliberate speed. It was guaranteed to create “class” (racial strife) that way and that’s really what it was all about. And the political correctness we were told would magically erase all these problems was never really intended to do that. It was intended to intensify them.

If you want to read an excellent little book about this then read Alan Stang’s It’s Very Simple–the true story of civil rights. It was published way back in 1965 but I think you might be able to find some old copies on Amazon. Mr. Stang (now deceased) gave us excellent information about the “civil rights” movement–so called–that the “news” media never touched and never will. The Powers that Be have deemed, in their collectivist wisdom,  that we are much better off not being aware of all this.  And the “news” media has labored assiduously for decades to make sure we were not.

The “civil rights” movement caused lots of anguish and lots of problems for both blacks and whites. The protests, marches, demonstrations, shootings and all the rest set the stage for riots in Watts and Detroit, and more recently for Ferguson and Baltimore and other places, and a handful of race-baiting ambulance chasers have made millions out of it by inflating every perceived wrong into almost an international incident. It has been the quintessential example of Marxist class struggle in America.  And after all this and all the supposed “gains” made by integrating everyone forcefully, here we have a group of black students in California that have decided they now want segregated housing–one of the main things the “civil rights” movement was supposedly created to deliver them from. If it makes you wonder what it was really all about, it should. Force integration on everyone so blacks can decide that they’d rather be segregated.

If it was “racist” for whites to segregate fifty years ago then is it now “racist” for blacks to do the same thing? You already know the answer to that one. It’s okay for me but not for you! I wonder what would happen if a batch of white students at these schools held protests and marches demanding that black housing be integrated. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

Don’t misunderstand–if the black kids want their own separate housing that’s great. Let ’em have it. I just wonder why it’s not “racist” for them to want it but it s for white kids to want the same thing.

Secession–the Issue That Is Not Going Away

by Al Benson Jr.

When we lived back in Lincolnian Illinois I used to bring up the subject of secession here and there. Many of the people I worked with laughed (admittedly behind my back)  because in their thinking the secession issue was only something I had wild delusions about and no one else was ever going to think seriously about it. After all, the “Civil War” settled all that didn’t it? Sorry folks, it didn’t. Nor did that Supreme Court decision in 1869 that supposedly made it illegal really settle anything either.

When the secession issue burst upon the scene again several years ago with many states sending petitions to Sodom on the Potomac stating that people in their respective states wanted to secede by the thousands, one man who had listened to what I said about it back in Illinois sent me an email and said “You’re a prophet.” Well, not hardly, nor even the son of a prophet, but it wasn’t hard to figure out that the secession sentiment, even after 150 years, was still out there. Just because some federal flunky  informed us that “secession is illegal and you can’t do that” nothing changed.

There are two variations of the secession question that are out there today, not that you’d ever realize it if you were checking your Evening Fish Wrapper or listening to the Communist Broadcasting Service or the Communist News Network. These great purveyors of all the news that fits the agenda will barely admit to one. And when they do that they always seek to portray its adherents as “gap-toothed racists” who are all second cousins to Hitler and whose granddaddies  were all Grand Dragons in the KKK. This sort of drivel is standard fare for our “news” media and most people should be able to recognize that by now, although if you were “educated” in public schools you might have somewhat of a problem figuring it all out.

One version of the secession question says that the original Confederate States that seceded do not have to do it all over again, that they are still seceded and, basically under federal occupation. In other words “reconstruction” never really ended in the South, we were just told that it did. They lied. Unfortunately many were presuaded to believe the lie. In the interim the federal government has stretched “reconstruction” so that now the entire country labors under it–they just haven’t bothered to tell anyone. A slight lapse in their “transparency” I guess.

Author Kirkpatrick Sale, formerly of Vermont but now living in South Carolina, noted in a recent column on that “There are the usual cries against secession: it’s illegal, unconstitutional, and pointless, and that it didn’t work the last time. But although there was a Supreme Court decision of shaky logic and narror jurisdiction in 1869 that some have taken to have made secession illegal, there has never been any law passed by Congress against secession and indeed the one time when such a law was proposed it was voted down.  As to what the Founding Fathers thought, the fact that they had no trouble with three states explicitly stating they would join the Union with the provision that they could withdraw anytime they wanted to suggests that originally secession was assumed to be a taken-for-granted right.” If Mr. Sale is correct in this it just may be that the folks who have said we are still seceded and don’t have to do it all over again have a valid point.

There are others, however, for one reason or another, that feel we do have to do it all over again. The purpose of this article is not to argue with them or to create even more division between the two groups, but to point out that, whichever position you take, there are lots of people out there today that view secession as about the only way left to get out from under the clutches of a tyrannical Marxist-oriented regime that seeks to run, literally, every aspect of our lives–even to how much water we can flush down our commodes when we use them or what kind of light bulbs we can use. They seek to leave no part of our daily lives untouched by their leftist beneficence (and the constant reminder that they have the power and will not hesitate to use it if we fail to tow their line).

Thus it comes as no real surprise that in Texas a Public Policy Polling survey in August of this year found that 61% of those who support Donald Trump have stated that if Hillary Clinton is enthroned in the White House (which is still the plan of the One World Government crowd) they plan to try to get Texas to secede from the Union.It would be interesting to see what percentage of the Trump supporters in other Southern states feel the same way. Personally, driving across the Texas State line from Louisiana into the Republic of Texas when we go there would not bother me all that much.

So we’ll keep our eye on the secession question that used to bring so much laughter to some folks I knew up North. It just may be that some of them are not laughing quite so much at its possibilities now as they did earlier. And after the Brexit vote in Britain–who knows? Is there the possibility of a “Texit?”

Will We Lose Our Heritage Because Of Our Apathy?

by Al Benson Jr.

Ahhh, yet another “unilateral” action by our beloved ruler! Those people that were ignorant enough to vote for him apparently did not grasp the salient fact that they were electing a dictator who was going to do whatever he wanted to do in the face of a do-nothing Congress. On the other hand maybe some of them (especially those at the top) did and that’s why they voted for him and promoted him.

I recently red an article on  that stated: “The Veterans Affairs Department quietly moved this month to ban the flying of Confederate flags from fixed flagpoles at the cemeteries it runs, striking yet another blow against the controversial emblem. Congress had debated and rejected that change, but the Obama administration decided to move forward anyway, saying that it was unilaterally imposing the restrictions.”

We are more and more being confronted with a leftist rogue administration that, if Congress votes against what it wants, it goes ahead and does it anyway–and the Congress sits there like a bunch of dumb dogs and does nothing, says nothing, hears nothing and sees nothing–like the proverbial brass monkey.

It’s long past the time when we should have awakened and realized that what we have in Washington is one single political bird with two wings, a real left(ist) wing and a phony right wing so that when the bird flies he can only turn to the left. You would think that if Congress voted against something and our beloved ruler decided he’d just go ahead and do it anyway that they would call him on it, but no, if he decides he’s going to spit in their faces they will spend all their time before the next election telling their constituents back home that they’d try to spend more time at local town hall meetings if they weren’t so busy in Washington wiping all that dew off their faces!

But our beloved ruler is not only spitting in the faces of our erstwhile elected representatives, he is also spitting in the face of every genuine Southern patriot and everyone who had an ancestor who fought under that flag in the War of Northern Aggression, myself included.

And the political spittle isn’t only flowing from Washington. In the last year it has emanated from many state capitols, too many of them in the South, and from many city and town councils in the South that are presently peopled by individuals that came either from somewhere up north, or worse yet, from foreign countries  and have not the vaguest concept of our faith, history and heritage and hence they have no trouble trashing it on a regular basis because they have realized that most Southern folks are just not going to say all that much.

Why good Southern people continue to elect such creatures to rule over them is beyond me. Maybe it’s the fluoride they are pumping into most of our water supplies now, or the government (public) schools that have taught generations of Southern folks so now they have gotten to where they can’t tell upside down from inside out!

However you slice the bread or cut the mustard, Southern and Confederate heritage is being routinely denigrated on a daily basis and most Southern folks couldn’t seem to care less anymore.

Rep. Jared Huffman, a “progressive” (socialist) from California posing as a Democrat (there really isn’t a dimes worth of difference) had pushed for this. He calls those of us who revere Confederate flags and symbols “racists” and he labels the flag an “anachronistic symbol of hatred.” It’s quite clear that Mr. Huffman has not bothered to do the history homework,. He doesn’t really need to.  As long as he can brand all those that dare to oppose his opinions as “racists” that’s all he needs. No history, no documentation, no proof for his position, just an epithet thrown at those who dare to disagree with his exalted views. Problem is, most of us just sit back and take it.

The Freedom Outpost article makes a telling statement, one that should sting most of us. It says: “Rep. Huffman is right about one thing:  the Battle Flag is out of time. It is dated and out of place. Not because of what he thinks it stands for, but because the cause that it stood for has long left the memory of the people it was fought for–America.

Your heritage is like anything else–if you don’t cherish it and rightly use and promote it–you lose it. Enough said.

Obama to Give Internet Away, Probably to the United Nations–Congress Yawns

by Al Benson Jr.

Within the past five days I read an article by Faye Higbee on about how the Internet as we know it will probably disappear on October 1st of this year. Ms. Higbee noted: “On October 1, Obama plans to hand over control of the Internet to a company called ICANN. What’s the big deal? It’s just a company, right? Actually, there is a strong possibility that it could result in United Nations oversight of the Internet…which may limit the freedom we currently have to use it.” This would dovetail with Obama’s efforts to limit our freedom as much as possible before he leaves office. Marxists do this kind of thing.

ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They control the mechanism or process which lets you open a domain name when you click on it. This tells your computer where to go and what to do when it gets there (unless it’s like my ancient computer and takes forever to get there).

Ms. Higbee observed that: “ICANN is a multi-national corporation that will need to have an antitrust exemption to operate.Before the hand-off, it was licensed  to US as a government connected company and allowed to be a legal monopoly. Without the US, that will have to come from somewhere else–like the United Nations (specifically the United Nations International Telecommunications Union–ITU).” Higbee has stated, and accurately so, that UN members that run totalitarian regimes are afraid of the Internet and they would dearly love to have control over it.  And our current beloved ruler would, no doubt, love to give them that control. That way when they censor certain areas of truth on the Internet he can’t be blamed for it but he can still enjoy the rather dubious benefits.

In the past few years most folks still able to think have realized that our current “news” (I have to laugh whenever I write that) media have been thoroughly co-opted by the One World Government crowd and they tell us only what they are told to. The material that is really important gets left out and all we find out is who is sleeping with who this weekend and other similar events of “world” importance. Most media people today a nothing more than paid political prostitutes, bought and paid for by the Establishment. And I say “most” because there are a few exceptions–but only a few. The rest are willing puppets on strings like most of the political class are.

Ms. Higbee has noted, and again, quite accurately, that “The UN is ‘politically correct’ AND Sharia compliant. Think about what will happen if the trolls in the UN get control of the Internet and how many websites could be severely impacted.” That’s the idea, folks. Lots of folks I know have blog spots, some with pretty large followings. They, and I, will be severely impacted too once the UN gets around to checking us all out to make sure we are politically correct (culturally Marxist) enough. It may take awhile because there are lots of us, but I am more than sure it will be one of the main items on their “to do” list.

Interestingly enough, it seems that there might be a solution to this Obama-driven dilemma. There are two bills now in Congress, one in the Senate and the other in the House that would prevent this from happening, both called the Protecting Internet Freedom Act. The Senate version is S. 3034  and the House version is H. R. 5418.

Both were introduced in June of this year, but there has been almost no action on either one and they only have a small handful of co-sponsors. Which means that, basically, Congress couldn’t care less whether our Internet freedom is lost or not. I’m told the bills are “in committee” so far. There must be a really lengthy debate going on over them if they’ve been there since June–or does the committee they are in just plan on sitting on them until the September 30th deadline has passed and then claiming they are academic and so why bother? And people wonder why Congress has only a 6% approval rating! Might I suggest that low rating is because people are beginning to wake up to the fact the Congress does lots of things it shouldn’t and not much of what it should.

I mailed letters to my two senators and representative  just this morning (September 3rd) asking them to vote for this bill and to co-sponsor it. I would urge lots of other folks to do the same thing. And I also questioned whether the committee they are in was planning on doing anything with them or just sitting on them in the fond hope they would not hatch. Doesn’t hurt to let them know you are on to their game. If enough people do that, with elections coming up, it just might get their attention.