“The Confederate Myth-Buster”

by Al Benson Jr.

Way back in 1993 Ron and Donnie Kennedy came out with their best seller The South Was Right. Over the years it has sold well over 100,000 copies.

In the process of reading it many people came up with many questions about what the Kennedy Brothers wrote in that book. Many questions were sincerely asked, while others were asked only as rhetorical questions by people hoping to be able to poke holes in what the Kennedy Brothers wrote.

Earlier this year, Donnie Kennedy wrote the book that is the title for this article. It was published by Scuppernong Press in Wake Forest, North Carolina and in it Donnie deals with some of the questions they have been asked over the years pertaining to the various subjects they discussed in The South Was Right.

In order to give readers a feel for what Donnie deals with in The Confederate Myth-Buster  I am going to note some of the topics the Kennedys have dealt with and some of the questions they have been asked about them. Obviously, I can only hit some of the high spots in a book review, but I hope I am able to hit enough that you will try to get a copy of the book and check out all the material I could not deal with here.

The subject of secession is one that has really engendered lots of questions–some good and some not to good. One question asked is “Where is it written in the US Constitution that a state has a right to secede?” The questioner may have thought he had the Kennedys over a barrel with this one. Not hardly! In fact, Donnie answers his question with an even better question. Donnie says “Since the Constitution does not provide a list of ‘rights’ your question cannot be answered. The correct question to be asked is, ‘Where in the US Constitution is the right of secession forbidden to the people of the states?’ In Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution we find those things which the states mutually agreed they would not perform as members of the new Union…But nowhere will you find the people of the states surrendering the right to judge for themselves how they should be governed…Such a people were loath to adopt a constitution that would limit their right to withdraw from a government that did not meet their needs.”

Another questioner stated: “Southern secession would have destroyed the United States. What kind of country would we have if the South had been allowed to go free?” To which Donnie answers “We would have a free country! What’s wrong with freedom? How would the secession of thirteen Southern states have destroyed the United States?” It’s a good question. It would not have, in any way, shape or form. And then Donnie continues: “Now think about it; the Southern states never desired to invade or conquer the United States. If the Federal government had chosen peace rather than war, US trade and commerce would have commenced and gone on with the South just as it had commenced and gone on with the nation to the north of the United States, Canada.” This is something people today never even consider. They need to reflect on it. The new Confederate government sent people to Washington to try to work out a peaceful solution to the problem but Lincoln wasn’t having any of that. It had to be his way or the highway, and as evidence has shown, Lincoln really wanted a war.

On the slavery question the Kennedy got lots of questions from those who thought they had them over a barrel with supposed questions that could not be answered. One they got was “How can you say the South was fighting for freedom and independence when all eleven Southern states had laws protecting slavery?” Again, Donnie answers a question with a better question. He observes: “How can you say that America was fighting for freedom and independence in 1776 when all thirteen states had laws protecting slavery and the slave trade? Only a hypocrite would condemn the South for slavery while praising the United States for doing the very same thing…The institution of slavery that includes the trans-Atlantic commerce in slaves, i.e., Yankee slave traders, has deep roots in American history, not just Southern history.” Another fact most anti-slavery folks conveniently ignore is that during the War of Northern Aggression, for one reason or another, four slave states remained in the Union. If Lincoln had really been all about freeing the slaves, then why didn’t he emancipate the slaves in those slave states that were still officially in the Union? His bogus “emancipation proclamation” didn’t bother doing that and those slaves remained in bondage until the (second) 13th Amendment was passed after Lincoln had passed on to his reward.

Then the inevitable question of racism emerges, and one questioner asks: “The Confederate flag is the flag of the Ku Klux Klan. Why should an emblem of a hate group be allowed public display?” Undoubtedly the questioner does not know his history, so Donnie sets him straight. He answers: “In the mid-1920s several very large Klan marches were held in Washington, DC. At that time thousands of Klansmen carrying hundreds of flags were seen marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. How many Confederate flags were displayed in these parades? There were no Confederate flags in the Klan parades, but there were hundreds of United States flags. The Klan has used many symbols during its history. The cross, the Bible, and the United States flag are just a few items used by the Klan. Shall we ban these items that are routinely used by the Klan? Where do we stop once we start banning items that have been misappropriated by hate groups? Neither the Confederate flag, nor the United States flag, nor the Bible should be banned because the Ku Klux Klan has used it. The Klan and not the items it has misused should be the object of your rage.”

Another ignorant questioner who obviously has never been taught much real history asks “With such a history of slavery and racism in the South, how can you defend Southern heritage?” By this time Donnie has to be getting tired of these airhead questions about Southern slavery and racism. He answers this question thusly: “It must be nice to live in Utopia as you do, but the rest of us don’t live there. As for your place of residence, Utopia is an air castle that does not exist. The North has its record of slavery, slave trading, and of course discrimination against people of color, yet no one is demanding that Northern heritage and/or history be eliminated. Southern heritage is more than just reliving the days of slavery. Although slavery is part of Southern history as well as American history, it is not the central theme for those who love the South…”

Donnie has also dealt with questions about Black Code laws in the South, a favorite topic of liberal leftists, and he has noted that “Black Code laws were born in the North. It was New England where schoolchildren were segregated by race before the war. One of the first acts against the freed slaves by Northern states was to pass laws to eliminate free black citizens from voting. New Jersey was one of the first Northern states to do so in 1807, Connecticut followed in 1814, and Pennsylvania’s free people of color lost the right to vote by a state court decision in 1837. Other Northern states followed suit not only by eliminating the ability of black citizens to vote, but also by excluding them from moving into their states.” Illinois, the “great emancipator’s” home state was one of these.

Some of those questions asked to the Kennedy’s reveal the abysmal lack of historical facts and understanding so prevalent in our society today. Another clueless questioner says: “Your reference to John Brown as a terrorist is somewhat off base. Wasn’t he a freedom fighter? Didn’t he make the ultimate sacrifice for human freedom?” Donnie replied: “Heroes are men who understand the ends do not justify the means. The barbaric notion of doing whatever is necessary to promote the ‘greater good’ is a tool used by most 20th century tyrants and 21st century jihadists…John Brown was a murderer who took pleasure in the slaughter of Southerners in Kansas. At Pottawatomie, Kansas, he and his sons hacked and shot to death five unarmed men within sight of their wives and children. This was done in the middle of the night, without warning–a cowardly act of murder–and this is the man you call an American hero?” Having been in Eastern Kansas on more than one occasion I can tell you, from personal experience, that there are people still there in our day that view John Brown in the same way Christians view our Savior, Jesus Christ. John Brown was a terrorist, pure and simple, but explaining that to some people confuses them with the truth, so they refuse to hear it!

Another ignorant questioner castigated Donnie for his “suggestion” that communists supported Lincoln during his War of Northern Aggression. He seeks to explain to Donnie that “Anyone with even the simplest understanding of history knows communism did not exist until after the 1917 communist revolution in Russia… How can you believe that these communists fought in the American Civil War?” Donnie goes to some length to explain to this sophomoric mentality about Karl Marx, the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, not 1948, and he gives him some of the history that he and I wrote about in our book Lincoln’s Marxists. Some of the questions asked of Donnie by these folks about Marx and Lincoln and their connections reveal an almost total lack of understanding on the part of the askers as to what that war was really all about as well as those connected with it.
It is a daunting task to attempt to educate the historically ignorant, many of whom continue to refuse the truth because it was not what they were taught in school. Did we not realize what public education in this country was really all about we might be tempted to wonder what the schools have been doing for the past 150 years. Sadly, many of us realize what they have been doing–and real education ain’t part of it!

Donnie has so much information in The Confederate Myth-Buster  that I can’t even begin to scratch the surface. He covers topics and questions on those topics that I do not have room here to even get into, lest this review become so lengthy that few would read it.

As previously noted this book was published by Scuppernong Press, P O Box 1724, Wake Forest, North Carolina 27588  http://www.scuppernongpress.com
The cost of the book in the US is $20 and it would make a great Christmas gift for those who have historically deficient friends and relatives.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Adam Schiff Show

by Al Benson Jr.

Good evening folks. Welcome to the Adam Schiff Show, brought to you by Nancy Pelosi and friends in the Demoncrat Party who refuse  to have a formal impeachment vote on getting rid of Donald Trump. They say they don’t need such a vote, that they can do whatever they want with no stinkin’ vote needed.

And the chief interlocutor and prevaricator of the show, Adam Schiff, agrees with her. He doesn’t need to do things according to the book, according to standard  precedent. Schiff is simply above all that. Like most of the power elite in this country he can do what he wants.

If those that sponsor his dog and  pony show tell him to push the fake narrative of impeachment for Trump, Schiff, as the willing emcee on his show is more than happy to do that. He  feels that will help his ratings and keep him in the limelight and prevent his show from going the way of the do-do bird.

Schiff has had some “interesting” people on his show. George Soros operative and CFR member Fiona Hill has been one of his main attractions. She told him everything he wanted to  hear–in spades! It made  his whole day. As for its accuracy, what difference did that make? When you’ve been told to push for Trumps impeachment on your show, you take your info from whatever sources you have to. Accuracy has little to do with it. You have to come up with what the show’s producer and director want or you won’t be on the show anymore. Simple as that!

To  enhance his image as one of the nation’s chief Trump haters, Schiff has, so we’ve been told, amassed a whole coterie of fake whistleblowers who have damning evidence against Trump. Of course, for security reasons, most of them won’t ever testify, and for those that do, it will be secret testimony behind closed doors and the public will only ever see the few dribs and drabs that Schiff feels might do Trump major damage. That such “offerings” may well be taken out of context goes without saying. But, hey, if Schiff tells us they are the gospel truth we have to believe him, right?

After all, would the chief prevaricator on the Adam Schiff Show lie to the public?  If you can’t trust that paragon of prevarication, Adam Schiff, then who in government can you trust? So, is Schiff trustworthy? Just ask Hillary Clinton, who would undoubtedly give him a ringing endorsement. After all, he’s trying to get her presidential throne back for her.

Right now Schiff is high up in the pecking order of the Democratic Party. His show has high ratings among “those people.” Of course its ratings are not quite as high among other groups, but then, those other groups really don’t matter. They are all made up of deplorable types, the off-scourings of the earth, those nasty people over there on the political right that the Demoncrats and their Big Tech friends seek to have banned from the internet. Why have them banned? Because they tell the truth, that’s why and in this day of Adam Schiff extravaganzas telling the truth has truly become a revolutionary act-one that Schiff and friends dare not let the public as a whole see.

The public is supposed to learn to depend on presentations like the Adam Schiff Show to get their “truth” from–and heaven help them if they refuse to do that. If they won’t learn to knuckle under and tune in to the Adam Schiff Show daily, why Beto O’Rourke, that phony Mexican Irishman will come and take all their AR 15s away! So there! Take that you rotten deplorables!

The George Soros “Whistleblower” In The White House

by Al Benson Jr.

The Trump White House was penetrated by one of globalist George Soros’ paid informants way back in 2017. Mr. Trump has always had difficulties getting people for his administration that do not have a One World Government worldview. He has come up with a handful of real doozies in the past couple years that both he and we would have been much better off without. His “Make America Great Again” theme is the absolute last thing on their agenda and often it seems as if it takes him awhile to figure that out.

Case in point: Fiona Hill, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations who was invited into the Trump White House by former National Security Advisor, Gen. H. R. McMaster–also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations–yet another person Trump would have been better off without! Maybe what Trump needs is a list of the current membership of the CFR so he could check out prospective new cabinet members to see if they are on that list. If he finds some that are, maybe he should give them roundance when it comes to picking new people for his  administration.

Regarding Fiona Hill, Eren Moreno wrote, on 6/6/17, on https://truthfeed.com that “Hill is known for supporting Soros-funded efforts to flood Europe with Muslim refugees from the Middle East, despite concerns expressed by leaders in Hungary and Poland that the Muslim migrants will fundamentally transform Europe into a Sharia-law continent hostile to European values.” That was the last thing Trump needed, but he got it anyway. A bit more research on Hill’s background could possibly have avoided a costly error. Some of those pastors that follow Trump should pray for discernment for him in this area, but, then, most of them may not know anymore than he does. So we all end up suffering because of lack of discernment and almost total historical ignorance.

I’m not sure that Ms. Hill is still in Trump’s White House, but whether she is or not, the damage there has been done. It now turns out that, according to https://www.infowars.com Soros mole, Fiona Hill is the second White House “whistleblower”  involved in the “Ukraine witch hunt” against Trump.

According to https://ussanews.com/News1 for October 12th, “Now, Hill is set to testify before Congress in an investigation laundering operation that conceals the origins of evidence called parallel construction. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: They claim the so-called whistleblower needs protected identity and whatever they say must be accepted as the word of God

Step 2: A partisan investigation is begun, led by known globalist hacks and anti-Trumpers such a Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

Step 3: A ‘bait and switch’ occurs where the  very conspirators posing as 3rd party witnesses pretend to be caught up in the investigation and reluctantly are forced to testify–despite the fact that all other real named parties and documents show the exact opposite to be true.”

According to Alex Jones “What they’re doing is illegal. They’ll be the anonymous tipper themselves or the anonymous whistleblower and then use those protections to keep their anonymity. Then they’ll trigger the fake investigation and then be called as a witness because they’re considered a person of knowledge by the committee run by the corrupt Adam Schiff to help concoct the entire scheme in the beginning.”

In other words, the entire thing is a scam to fool the public into thinking their impeachment inquiry is genuine when, in reality, they are running this big scam so they can try to remove Trump from office while passing off the idea that it is really official–when nothing could be further from the truth!

The U.S. House has not approved any formal resolution authorizing a formal impeachment investigation, but Schiff and his socialist cronies are proceeding as if it had. They insist they have all the authority in the world to subpoena all the documents they want from anyone they want them from and claim they don’t need a full House vote on impeachment to do all this. Trump says they won’t get anything from the White House until they take a formal vote in the House to impeach–something they seem hesitant to do for some reason. So Schiff and crew are trying to run a bluff and claim they can do it anyway. It’s kind of a “if we can’t blow them away with our trenchant logic then we’ll just have to baffle them with our BS” situation. And, in all honesty, I think Schiff and company have got lots more BS than sound logic.

No one should give these charlatans the first document until they  launch a formal impeachment proceeding in the House that puts every representative on record, public record, as to where they stand on impeachment. I wouldn’t trust this slimy crew with anything less than that–and even then you’d have to watch to see they didn’t fudge the numbers!

Are Today’s “Whistleblowers” Nothing But Spies and Leakers?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Well, supposedly, according to that paragon of congressional truth, Adam Schiff, we now have at least two “whistleblowers” whose identity Schiff wants kept secret for “safety purposes.” Who knows how many more “whistleblowers” he may have lined up waiting in the wings, none of whom will ever be identified but all of whom may give “secret” testimony about Trump’s evil doings.

And the gullible public is just supposed to take Schiff’s word for all this?  I may be a tad pessimistic about Schiff’s veracity, as I am still waiting to see that ton of evidence he supposedly had about Trump colluding with Russia before the 2016 election. For some reason Comrade Schiff never saw fit to show the public all this damning evidence he had on Trump. Why?  Could it just possibly be that Schiff lied to us and never had any of this evidence he said he had and so he really can’t show us what he never had to begin with? At the risk of sounding as if I doubt Schiff, I wouldn’t take his word if he told me the sun would rise in the east tomorrow. The man is a partisan hack and that’s being complimentary to him!

As for the identity of the so-called “whistleblowers” we already know who one of them is. One of them is a woman named Fiona Hill, who was a member of the National Security Council–and an operative for George Soros. She was brought into the NSC by Council on Foreign Relations member, H. R. McMaster who Trump later fired–and who he never should have hired to begin with!

Now Schiff is telling us that one of the “whistleblowers” may not testify because of “safety” concerns. How is Schiff going to get this person’s evidence against Trump if they don’t testify? Ahh, I know–osmosis!

Schiff has said: “We do want to make sure that we identify other evidence that is pertinent to the (investigation)…It may not be necessary to take steps that might reveal the whistleblower’s identity to do that.” Translation of that–Trump will not have the opportunity to face his accuser as he should.

An article on Politico quoted Se. Kevin Cramer from North Dakota when he said: “”But the new precedent for impeachment is that we don’t like this president that just got elected, so we’re going to spend all four years trying to impeach him.” That sounds about where we are at. The Demoncrats, (and many Republicans) have been trying to deep six Trump since he got elected.

Rep. Lee Zeldin from New York said of this charade: “There should be a  process, but instead what Adam Schiff wants is to get United States of America drunk on his favorite cocktail. There’s three ingredients. One is cherry-picking leaks, second is withholding facts, and three is just outright lying.” Again, that sounds pretty accurate.

And, on Fox News Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia claims that all of Schiff’s secrecy is “…due to the Democratic majority not wanting the public to know that the testimony  does not support their narrative.” Collins says of the Demoncrats “They said we can’t win this in the public eye, so we’re going to take it behind closed doors.” Collins continued: “…so, in the last few days they have taken it behind closed doors, and Adam Schiff–who has trouble telling the truth, much less spelling it, but he’s a very good leaker, so what they did is take it behind closed doors, have testimony that I’ve heard from folks who were in the room that said these transcripts should be released completely because they defeat the entire narrative, but as long as he can keep it behind closed doors, then they leak out to the American people only what they want to leak out and this is why you have seen this progression at this point.”

Sounds as if Collins doubts Schiff’s sincerity at this point. Do you wonder why? Maybe he was waiting to see some of Schiff’s “Russian Collusion” evidence on Trump that I was waiting to see, and he never saw it anymore than I did.

So what Schiff expects of us deplorables is that he will conduct all his hearings in secret and the testimony will be in secret, as will all the identities of all these “whistleblowers” however many there may or may not be, and he will sit back and dribble out to us what he wants us to know–and we are supposed to believe that because he said it! To say that what we will get from Schiff will be nothing more than a huge pile to Texas cow chips is to understate his ability to prevaricate and obfuscate.

The “Social Justice” Movement in this Country–Made in Red China

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Awhile back New American magazine’s Alex Newman, did an exclusive interview with Professor Michael Rectenwald  of New York University. Professor Rectenwald has been an informed critic of what is called today the “social justice movement” in this country. He has written books about it, apparently to the disgust of some of his colleagues–to the point where Professor Rectenwald has filed a defamation lawsuit not only against NYU but also against four of its  professors. Rectenwald is known for his criticism of “social justice” and political correctness–not traits that exactly endear him to the socialist milieu present on most college campuses in our day.

A brief article about Alex Newman’s interview was on the LRC Blog for October 12, 2019 under the title Cultural Maoism. The article, by Charles Burris, noted that “Professor Rectenwald highlights the enormous danger that the so-called ‘social justice’ movement poses to freedom and civilization. This ideology of tyranny is now being taught to American students at schools and universities, threatening everything good. Rectenwald also discusses the hidden history of this dangerous movement.”

Continuing, he noted: “Here is an excellent article on the Chinese Cultural Revolution from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. I have ironically been thinking about this subject over the past couple days in regards to the continuing escalating violence and dangerous inflammatory rhetoric directed at President Trump by the left, both within the institutional mainstream regime media and entertainment industries, as well as on and off university campuses in the militant street brigades of Antifa or Black Lives Matter. I think that the term ‘cultural Marxism’ has become obsolete and should consciously and  repeatedly be replaced with ‘cultural Maoism,’ stressing the repressive puritanical nature of these ideological thugs.  Cultural Maoists are the savage equivalent of ISIS in seeking their apocalyptic death wish of destruction of the past (think about the widespread nation-wide campaigns against anything relating to the Southern Confederacy or what they describe as ‘white privilege’)”

Rectenwald may well have a point. Cultural Maoism way well be descriptive of what goes on in this country today with these “social justice” groups. Certainly much of what is currently taking place here does hark back to what happened in Red China during the Cultural Revolution.

Philip Jenkins did an article in The American Conservative on June 28, 2017 called So You Want a Cultural Revolution? Jenkins observed: “Horrified byo images of American students shouting down and visibly attacking speakers on their campuses, some commentators have reasonably invoked memories of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.  The problem with that analogy is that it is simply lost on most readers, including more younger than middle age.” In other words, if you are younger than middle age you have never been taught about any of this. Your “educational institutions” have just dispensed with all of this, most especially if it made any communist country, like China, look bad.

Jenkins continued: “So what exactly was this ‘Cultural Revolution’ thing anyway?  The U.S. media does a wonderful job of recalling atrocities that they can associate with the Right, while far worse horrors stemming from the Left vanish into oblivion. In reality, not only does the Cultural Revolution demand to be remembered and commemorated, it also offers precious lessons about the nature of violence, and the perils of mob rule. In 2019, Communist China will celebrate its seventieth anniversary, and in that short time it has been responsible for no fewer than three of the worse acts of mass carnage in human history…” But, as these occurred in a communist country, the “news” media does not deem them worth the mention. If you could even say that our news media in this country, as least most of it, was up to the level of being utterly corrupt, up to the level of even being bought and paid for journalistic prostitutes, you would be paying them a complement! They don’t even begin to measure up to that “lofty” standard!

Jenkins starts to close his article with this: “Presently, our own neo-Cultural Revolutionaries are limited in what they can achieve, because even the most inept campus police forces enforce some restraints. If you want to see what those radicals could do, were those limitations ever removed, then you need only look at China half a century ago. And if anyone ever tells you what a wonderful system Communism could be were it not for the bureaucracies that smothered the effervescent will of an insurgent people, then just point them to that same awful era of Chinese history.”

Even Wikipedia had a brief article on this, relating to the Red Guards. It stated: “Red Guards  were a mass student-led paramilitary social movement mobilized and guided by Chairman Mao Zedong in 1966 and 1967,  during the first phase of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which he had instituted.” So dear old, lovable Mao, that grand old man of agrarian reformers, turned his bloody carnage loose on his own people!

Now those in our own country who deify the likes of Chairman Mao are trying to do exactly the same thing to us. It would seem that our “social justice” warriors are little more than the spiritual descendants of Mao’s Red Guard–and if some of them were honest enough about their agenda for us, they would be glad to admit as much, but they can’t, not quite yet, lest they give the game away too soon.

Communist China’s Designs On The United States

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Does Communist China have designs on and plans for this country? They always have, and those designs have not gone away with the supposed collapse of communism in the early 1990’s.

Way back in June of 1986 there was an article in the New American magazine by Kirk Kidwell entitled Reagan and The Red Dragon which dealt with the U.S. State Department’s conciliatory position toward Red China. Mr. Kidwell noted: “The Administration’s proposal alarmed a number of conservatives. ‘The sale of advanced avionics to Red China is another step in the U.S. State Department’s long history of accommodating the interests of the United States and the interests of freedom to Communist goals and programs.’ So said Senator Jesse Helms.” Helms also said that: “Red China is not a reliable ally. The West will rue the day it did anything at all to strengthen China’s Communist government.” Of course one has to remember that one of the State Department’s star employees in his day was a man named Alger Hiss. Anyone remember Mr. Hiss–the Communist spy?

Of course I realize that even mentioning the name of the New American magazine is enough to automatically get this article removed from certain venues, but the truth is still the truth, even though Big Tech in this country seeks to cover it up. Over the years I have kept a file of articles about Red China’s designs to weaken and ultimately destroy the West. And anyone who thinks they ever ceased those designs is naïve.

The leopard has never changed his spots. Even PBS Radio,  https://www.pbs.org has to admit that.  In a web article by Courtney Vinopal on Oct 3, 2019 the headline reads: In China’s film industry, the Communist Party is in the director’s chair.

The article states: “The Chinese government wants to send the message that representing their country should take precedence above anything else, Rosen said,  and that actors who find themselves in the crosshairs of the authorities will often ‘go overboard in praise of the Communist Party’ in order to keep working. Over the past decade,  China has focused on its home-grown film industry as part of its broader efforts to build up its creative industries overall. These efforts have proved immensely profitable; China is soon expected to surpass the U.S.  and Canada as the world’s No. 1 film market, and a number of Chinese film companies have signed lucrative deals with Hollywood studios in recent years.” Stop and look at this last statement. No matter what anyone says or what they deny, that means that Hollywood is going to be strongly influenced by the government of Communist China. If you are a moviegoer you might start to look for hints of that influence–subtle and not so subtle. This sort of influence is one reason my wife and I no longer go to the movies.

I don’t need to pay some theater chain somewhere exorbitant ticket prices so I can be propagandized rather than entertained–and there is a difference!

The article continues: “Disney is not going to offend China–they’ve had so much invested there, with theme parks, etc. and their films,…” Disney may well offend American parents anymore–some of their recent offerings have done so, according to comments I have read, but they  won’t dare offend the Communist government in China. There was a day when you could trust Disney movies to be pretty much wholesome and entertaining. I remember that day. It no longer exists.

There was also a recent article (12/12/18) on https://www.breitbart.com by Robert Kraychik. This article observed that “Former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) told Breitbart News that China uses technology and finance as tools to globally project its  communist ideology.  Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour asked McCotter about recent developments related to China’s giant telecommunications company Huawei. Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, was released on bail by a Canadian court  on Tuesday after being arrested on Saturday in Vancouver, Canada.”

The article continued: “(Communism) is antithetical to the progression of human nature, and the prosperity and salubriousness of human nature’ stated McCotter. ‘When you understand that the (People’s Liberation Army’s) former general founded Huawei, and you understand what they were up to, if you understand the influence and operations run by (people) like Ceausescu and his regime, you understand what Huawei was. Huawei is not a private entity, because communist ideology does not allow it to be a private entity. Everything is owned by the state, and you’re allowed to use it at their leisure, at their whim. So these are front groups. These are not separate organizations. So they are going to be used to get  into the technology of the West, and those countries of democracy.”

McCotter noted of the Chinese Liberation Army that “they have a division of cyber warfare, and so this is something that has been long planed, and it’s just a progression…So when you look at it, it’s been part of an overall comprehensive effort.”

In other words, even with the so-called “collapse” of communism, the Red Chinese have never ceased their efforts and agenda to undermine the West, and especially the United States. This is something we today need to grasp. Those people are still out to do us in–and now they have help from many in our own Congress and the prostitute press in this country.

All the radicals in our own Congress are shouting that Trump has committed treason. What they are actually doing is blaming him for the sins they have committed. So when it comes to treason, maybe we should look a little closer to home. Many may be tempted to think that our own Congress and Red China have nothing in common. Sorry, but I am not one of those. I think they have more in common than we’d like to think.

“We Have Met the Enemy” and he/she are the people we were stupid enough to vote for

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

The statement by Pogo that I partially quoted above has a modicum of truth to it, but the truth goes over and beyond that. We may often vote ignorantly. Lots of people do. But, often some of those they vote for are the true enemies of this Republic (not Democracy).

Can anyone with half a brain honestly deny that all the “lite candidates” that are running for the Democratic nomination for president are all true enemies of what this Republic is supposed to stand for? They all prattle about their great concern for “the people” which “people” they never tell us, but the drivel they all espouse, if ever enacted, will be the demise of this republic. And I think, deep down, they all know that. What’s more, I don’t think they give a tinker’s damn. They are all stooges for the Deep State with no real ideology except that which drives the Deep State, and they hope by willingly prostituting themselves to the Deep State they will be well rewarded with political plums. They are not smart enough to realize that when the Deep State is finished with them it will gladly toss them on the ash heap of history and hunt up more suckers to do its bidding.

We have people, presently in Congress, who, to their extreme socialist proclivities, are truly enemies of what the Republic stands for. They know that and they like it!

Check out the New American Magazine for October 7th, http://www.thenewamerican.com  for an articled by Trevor Loudon about four radical leftist congresspersons who seem to have, as their agenda, the destruction of this Republic. If these four were any further to the left they would have fallen over the edge by now. We have enough radical socialists in Congress to scare the daylights out of any concerned American patriot. And please don’t try to tell me that they are well-meaning people who just see things differently. That’s a crock and we both know it. And who put them there? Voters with mush for brains, that’s who!

Anyone who can’t see the damage socialism has done in this country, going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln’s Marxists, maybe should seriously consider whether he has enough knowledge to cast an intelligent vote or not.

Of course what passes for public education in this country has basically been under the control of socialists and humanists since well before the 20th century. And as long as parents blindly continue to toss their kids into this system with no thought behind their decisions then this system will continue to teach our kids to be good little socialists. I wonder, does it ever occur to many parents that what they are doing with the “education” of their children will end up being a total sellout to world socialism and their kids will end up ditching everything their parents hold dear?

Some of the  people we have voted into office are enough to make any truly concerned person visibly ill. I just saw an article on http://www.infowars.com today about “Creepy” Joe Biden. It stated: “Ukraine’s parliamentarian Andriy Derkach, who is heading a criminal case on interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, revealed on Wednesday that formed Vice President Joe Biden was funneled $900,000 for ‘lobbying activities,’ by Burisma Group, where his son Hunter Biden has sat on the board of directors since 2014.” There’s lots of flack out there now about Biden and his son and how Biden threatened to withhold financial aid from Ukraine unless a politician investigating the group his son was involved with for corruption was dismissed. He was–and Ukraine got the (taxpayers’) money.

This is the kind of crap they are trying to impeach Trump for, but if Biden’s son is involved everybody is just supposed to look the other way. Our current two-tiered system of justice in living color!

And then we have Hitlery Clinton, everyone’s favorite political “whatever”, positioning herself for yet a third presidential run. Many will, no doubt, be dumb enough to think she has the best interests of the country at heart. Those who do are “useful idiots.” Hillary has her own best interests at heart and long ago she took the trouble to label all who disagree with her as deplorables. That should tell all of us where we stand in her estimation–and where the country stands in her estimation.

Trump beat her, fair and square, though she will never admit that. She felt the imperial presidency was only her due and she means to grasp it, by any method necessary. If she doesn’t manage to steal the 2020 election then she may well end up running against Trump’s son in 2024!

Folks, let’s face it–we have a batch of politicians running in this next election that would make scumbags look like the protectors of society. Trump may have his problems,  but he is head and shoulders above most of what else is out there. And if the American public keeps electing more socialists to Congress, we may yet live to see our grandchildren curse us for our stupidity!

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