The French Revolution Comes To The Old Dominion

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Those who know anything about the French Revolution will realize it was a product of the Illuminati, of Illuminist thinking. Those that promoted it hated the Christian Church and anything they felt smacked of the Christian faith. This was the reason they tried to destroy anything they felt reflected Christian institutions in any way, shape or form.

They did away with the Christian calendar and started over with the year zero, as if all that had ever existed originated with them. They revolted against legitimate government. Whether you liked the government in France or not made no difference. They wanted all legitimate government abolished, as that was the only way to try to legitimize the nightmare they loosed upon France. They gave us the guillotine, an instrument of death many of them met their end with in sort of a display of poetic justice. By the time the Illuminists got through with their reign of terror in France, the country was ready for a Napoleon and it got one. France has never been the same since, has never recovered from the French Revolution. It lives with the results until this day–the same way this country lives with the results of the War of Northern Aggression. That war was our “French Revolution” and we have never recovered from it.

That being the case, I guess it is no real surprise that Red Ralph Northam and his socialist cohorts in Richmond want to give the Old Dominion an encore. Sort of let folks in the land of Patrick Henry know what they are missing if they don’t want to go along with Red Ralph’s agenda for them and their children!

It seems like Red Ralph and his friends want a redux of what happened in France in the late 1780s because they seem to be trying to play the same game now in Virginia–getting rid of all the old laws they don’t like and replacing them with laws they consider part of a future socialist “heaven”–or hell, depending on your outlook.

Here is a small sample of their socialist menu. An article on for January 28, 2020 noted that there is a new bill in the legislature that will remove citizenship requirements to get a driver’s license in Virginia. House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 643 will let anyone get a driver’s license that can make their way to the local vehicle registration office. If you are an illegal immigrant, no big deal. Step up and claim your driver’s license anyway. I wonder if legal residents in Virginia still have to show some kind of ID. If so, then this law discriminated against legitimate state citizens. But, hey, no problem. The new gun control edicts all discriminate against legitimate state citizens and Red Ralph thinks that’s just fine.

Another article, this one on noted this week that: “Virginia’s House of Delegates passed seven gun control bills Thursday, less than two weeks after more than 20,000 people swarmed Capitol Square to rally in support of gun rights…Many of the bills that advanced on Thursday have already passed in the Senate. After years of failed efforts to tighten gun laws, approval in the House would be a significant step but not the end of the road for these bills.” So they have been trying to push gun control in Virginia for a long time and it wouldn’t fly until they got a socialist legislature there. With socialists in control of state government it’s the new “in” thing.

But don’t think all the fun stops there. According to “While Virginia lawmakers are on the cusp of unconstitutionally criminalizing law-abiding gun owners for exercising ironclad individual rights, they are working on legislation to release potentially thousands of the most violent criminals from prison, including rapists and murderers who use guns to harm or kill people. ‘Lock up the guns and release the violent gun felons.'” I have said in the past that most of the political class really want to strip honest citizens of the right to defend themselves and they don’t care a flip about what the crooks, murderers and other such people do. While the politicians are afraid of us honest folk, them hesitate not to embrace the criminals. Birds of a feather I guess.

And then there was this little goodie on for January 23 which stated: “The Virginia House has approved legislation to undo Republican-backed restrictions on abortion. Delegates voted 52-45, not quite on party lies… The bill, which is part of Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam’s legislative agenda would also roll back the requirement that an abortion be provided by a physician, allowing nurse practitioners and physician assistants to perform them…With a newly empowered Democratic majority at the Virginia General Assembly,  abortion-rights advocates say the state has a chance to roll back decades of restrictions and become a ‘safe haven’ for women in neighboring conservative states.” In other words, if you live in a state that frowns on you killing your unborn (or recently born) baby, just come to Virginia and they will gladly kill your baby for you.

Then, to top it all off, there was this Washington Post article for January 29th. The author, Patricia Sullivan, noted “Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring said Wednesday that now is the worst time in recent memory for anti-Semitism, hate speech and white supremacy in the United States and urged residents to step up and oppose it.” For folks in the know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this one is going. Speak up for your history, heritage, and culture and you are automatically a “white supremacist.” So you white folks  had better sit down and shut up or we are coming for you. Got that?

You can see, with all this crap, that, in the Old Dominion, Red Ralph and his good socialist buddies plan on turning the clock back to the year zero and starting from scratch with an agenda guaranteed to make your lives miserable. The good folks in Virginia need to find ways to stand up and oppose this drivel and at least give Red Ralph a run for his (your) money.

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