Will Democrats Give Us A Brokered Convention So Hillary Can Get The Nomination?

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I’ve been watching all the machinations going on in the Democratic Party between the presidential contenders–so called. They seem to be engaged in a mad race to see who can go the farthest to the Left. They are moving so far to the Left so fast that Karl Marx would have a hard time keeping up with them. Perhaps they all mean to out-Marx Marx.

But if you look at this bunch of Leftist wannabees, you realize one thing. None of these turkeys can win against Trump in November barring massive election fraud. Not that they’d be opposed to that, mind you.

In an article on https://truthout.org  William Rivers Pitt noted: “Did Hillary Clinton become a candidate for the Democratic nomination on Tuesday? Not officially, but I’m pretty damned certain she’s in it now just the same, hoping for a confluence of circumstances that can catapult her to  the office she has so spectacularly failed to obtain.” And then Mr. Pitt went on to describe the other present candidates, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, and Buttigieg and how they break down from Leftist to “establishment” candidates.

No matter how you break them down, none of them is going to beat Trump. Their respective agendas  seem to be geared to destroy whatever benefits the Trump presidency has passed along to ordinary folks. So who in his right mind would vote for any of them?

From interviews I’ve seen there seems to be a plot afoot to make sure none of them gets enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention. And if a brokered convention is what the Democrats end up with, why guess who is waiting in the wings to step in at just the right, opportune moment to “save” the Democratic Party from destroying itself on the shoals of Leftism? Why Saint Hillary–who else?

In an article on https://www.americanthinker.com for October 8, 2019, Doris O’Brien observed “It is not surprising that some political gurus now see the potential of Hillary Clinton as the Democrat Party standard bearer in 2020. What took them so long?…So it is hardly surprising that as another election cycle gets underway, Her Heinousness is mobilizing to make the seemingly impossible come to pass. As she once again ventures into the political limelight, her opening salvo might be the same as it was long years ago  when, standing among the alien corn at the Iowa state fair, she bellowed  ‘I’m baaaa-ck!’ The process, of course, will not be easy. But it has begun.”

O’Brien continues: “So how does Hillary fight through the pack and get to be top dog–again? Surely we’re not seeing any visible signs of enthusiasm for her possible third presidential bid. Still, several significant developments in the primary could bolster her chances of getting back in the race. For starters, there’s a weak crop of Democratic contenders, three quarters of whom are still hanging in despite unimpressive poll numbers and unremarkable face-time in the primary debates.”

O’Brien, it seems, has come up with the same info as I have, a weak candidate list that, as time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent none of them is going to beat Trump. I’d be willing to bet Hillary has got this figured out already. And if the states they win in these primaries are scattered out amongst the bunch of them, then none of them ends up with what you could call a mandate from the voters to further his or her Leftist aims. If that ends up being the case, it would seem as though that might leave a door open for Hillary to step in to further her Leftist aims, without calling them that of course.

It’s a known fact she never got over her loss to Trump in 2016, which may be one reason for the Russian collusion hoax and then the Impeachment debacle, and now we look forward to whatever else the Demoncrats will drum up to make Trump’s life miserable. And you know there will be something—there will always be something!

So, as time moves on, keep your eyes open to the possibility of a brokered Democratic convention in order for Hillary to step in and “save” the party from itself. And if such does happen, don’t say we didn’t warn you ahead of time.

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