The Love Affair Between Radical Socialists And Elites

by Al Benson jr

What I talk about in this short article is not something that is a mew development. It goes back to the days of the French Revolution at least. In his book Freedom On The Alter the late Will Grigg observed: “Louis Blanc’s 1848 revolution in France, Frederick Bastiat…one of the most eloquent defenders of the free market, noted that there apprared to be a natural affinity between the socialist radicals and the governing elite…Furthermore, the supposedly anti-socialist policies implemented by the French government had the effect of enriching the socialist cause. the government, wrote Bastiat, was busy ‘concocting the antidote and the poison in the same laboratory.'”

This sounds like the identical situation we have today. Our governing elite tell us they are curing inflation, securing the border, doing all manner of activities they tell us will help the country when actually everything they do is dragging the country down and we are supposed to be too stupid to figure that out .At least they hope we are. They may well be banking on our public school “educations” having rendered us incapable of serious reflection. And while that has worked on lots of us, it hasn’t on lots of us too.

You can see the affinity between the socialists and the elites by the way the elites deal with socialist destruction. Antifa and Black Lives Matter loot and burn down our cities while the elites barely bat an eye, or at most, they call for more gun control, which they know will not solve the problem, but it gives them the appearance of “doing something” when they really have no plan to. They claim our Southern border is secure, there’s no problem there they tell us. Why? Because they really want all these illegal immigrants here so they can bus and fly them all over the country and deposit them in states where they want to change the vote. They plan to give the illegals the vote, whether they are citizens or not makes no differene to the elites. They figure most of these illegals will vote Democrat and keep them in power forever.

Can you imagine the vocal eruption that would emerge if conservatives tried to do what the elites are doing? Why it would be a major news story amongst the prostitute press, but because the socialist elites are doing it, the “news’ media yawns and goes back to sleep. Nothing to see here folks, just move along. We’re stealing your country, but don’t be concerned. We’ll teach you how to be happy with nothing and you’ll learn to love it–or else!

The only difference between the radical socialists in the streets with Molotov cocktails’ and the socialists sitting in board rooms or in presidential offices is that they differ in method as to how to take this country down, but both have the same desire to do just that. We need to wake up to that fact and seek the Lords guidance as to what to do about it.


Have Our Churches Been Neutralized?

by Al Benson Jr.

The answer to the question that is the title of this article is a resounding YES! There were things that pastors during our founding era dealt with that most pastors in our day won’t touch with a ten foot pole. For many reasons most pastors (and I say “most” because there are exceptions–not enough but some) have certain areas they are taught to avoid.

I noticed this occurring after the end of the War of Northern aggression and the “official” end of the Marxist “Reconstruction” in the South. At first I attributed it to the rise of dispensationalist theology in the South, which up to that time had not really been prevalent much south of Mason-Dixon but became so within five years after the “official” end of Reconstruction. And I think that theology did play a part, which I will deal with at a later date, Lord willing. But it was not the total problem.

The apostasy of the churches in the North into Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, and in some cases, Spiritualism, also was a major contributor to the problem for Southern Christians. Where Dispensationalism weakened the strength of the church, Unitarianism tried to kill it and replace it with the same apostasy it had promoted in the North and gotten away with.

In the book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments Arthur R. Thompson has outlined how much of this began. He wrote: “Perhaps the greatest influence on an existing church was that of Emerson and his coterie on the Unitarians. Emerson studied at the feet of German-educated theologians and became the leader of the ‘German School’ of American Unitarianism. He became a Unitarian minister but left over the administration of communion and public prayer–he was against both. By 1848 he had left the ministry entirely. He became America’s death-of-God theologian.’

Mr. Thompson continued: “By 1885, all of Unitarianism was of the persuasion of Emerson and Theodor Parker, and was heavily influenced by the entire spectrum of the Left and anti-God movements. The purpose for infiltrating the churches was not to destroy Christianity alone. The intent was to use the organizational remnants for the purpose of ‘Illuminizing’ the population that had a conscience; further, there were many socialist leaders, such as Horace Greeley, who felt that Americans would not support socialism unless it was tied to religion…This is why the founders of our country did not want state-approved churches: this has become known as the separation of church and state. It was never intended to be for the limitation of Christianity or its practice either in public or private. There are too many pronouncements of our Founders for the need of Christianity to be the conscience of the nation for the separation of church and state to really mean the suppression of Christianity from public life. Let us not forget that the term ‘separation of church and state’ was coined by Jefferson, and this idea has been drummed into the heads of Americans over and over again by the enemies of religion until even the religious believe it. In the beginning of our country many states had laws on the books that forbade the practice of opposing Christianity , These laws disappeared soon after our founding.” Which fact means that the Illuminists and their good buddies were at work early in our founding era. Lots earlier than most Christians even think about.

Mr. Thompson also observed: “Nonetheless, if the Illuminists could take over church after church and change them into arms of the conspiracy as well as the state, they would achieve their goal in any case. Or, if they could only convince those they did not take over to refrain from getting involved in ‘politics’ their opposition would be minimal and perhaps ineffective. Today, the attitude that conservative ministers should not preach politics prevails. This is largely due to the idea of separation of church and state having been ingrained into the thinking of conservative ministers. On the other hand, liberal ministers have no problem preaching the socialist agenda.. They pay scant attention to the idea of staying out of politics.”

Now I will agree that ministers should not stand up there and tell their congregations how to vote. However they should stand up there and make their congregations aware of the real political issues of the day and how those issues affect their families and their churches. One of the devil’s lies is that “you can’t legislate morality.” That’s total satanic hogwash. Every piece of legislation introduced reflects someone’s morality, either for good or ill.

And what do Christians read? Mr. Thompson has duly noted that: “The Illuminists and their descendants always had as a main tactic of capturing not only the public schools, colleges and publishing houses, but the seminaries and Christian publishing houses as well. Relative to the latter, they need not destroy faith as much as they need to neutralize Christians from effective opposition either by advocating not getting involved in politics , for whatever reason, or by advocating false solutions based on the lack of historical perspective by the Christian community who have been educated in the public schools…Again, they need not destroy faith , they only need to neutralize the religious from opposing the Conspiracy through ignorance or lack of resolve.”

Judging from what I have seen in many churches over the decades, I’d say they have done a masterful job of neutralizing Christians. I’ve heard all the excuses over the years from Christians who have been neutralized and had their faith tampered with. Ive heard some Christians say “All you have to do to defeat communism is to “preach the simple Gospel.” Wrong! We’ve had oodles of Christians doing that for decades and communism is still here and stronger than ever, thanks to our public schools where the Gospel is anathema. Preaching to your kids and then leaving them in public schools almost guarantees they will at some point, succumb to the wiles of socialism. So, if you want the “simple Gospel” to take root then get your kids out of the public schools!

Space won’t permit delving into many of these issues, but suffice it to say that our churches have been tampered with and most members and pastors don’t begin to have the remotest clue. So start doing a little homework and if you pray for guidance the Lord will reveal things you need to begin to be aware of.

The United Nations Loves You And Has A “Wonderful” Plan For Your Life

by Al Benson Jr.

A few years ago writer Henry Lamb wrote something called Agenda 21–What Is It? How Did It get Here? In that he said: “Agenda 21 is a set of policy recommendations designed to reorganize global society around the principles of environmental protection, social equity, and what is called ‘sustainable’ economic development. At the heart of the concept of sustainable development, is the assumption that government must manage society to ensure that human activity conforms to these principles…” We might ask the question–do the people that set up and ordain these plans then plan to live under the same standards they set up for us proles? Dumb question isn’t it? And you already know the answer.

An article in The Blaze which I often have not agreed with (but this time they got it right), noted that support for Agenda 21 didn’t come only from the United Nations. It also came from “wealthy donors like billionaire George Soros, whose Open Society gave ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) a $2.1 million grant in 1997 to support its local Agenda 21 Project. The financing was used to promote the project in the United States.”

If you are like me, you have to wonder how much of this pro-UN propaganda is promoted in those indoctrination centers we mistakenly still call public schools in this country. I can recall seeing quite a bit of pro-UN material in public school when I went, and believe me that was a long time ago. I have no reason to even dream that the volume of it has slowed down.

Awhile back, I had a neighbor who was trying to sell his house so he could buy a place out on the bayou and retire and do a bit of fishing out there. So what would Agenda 21, if fully enacted in this country mean for him? It would mean that he could kiss his retirement home out on the bayou goodbye. With Agenda 21 enacted fully here, it would mean that he will be informed by some local commissar that he would be much better off living in a miniature apartment in the local ghetto with the rest of us proles. His pickup truck? He won’t need that–he won’t be able to go much of anyplace anymore beyond the bounds of the local ghetto. His guns? You can forget that Charlie! The only ones needing guns in the ghetto would be the crooks, whom the feds have no interest in disarming. Under Agenda 21 the entire country would be one big gun free zone because the United Nations just hates even the concept of privately owned firearms. Fishing? Don’t kid yourself! Where would you fish? In the street gutters in the ghetto after a toad strangler? And if you did happen to have property out on the bayou before all this happened, well, that would have been given to some UN or federal apparatchik as his reward for keeping ordinary folks away from it and making sure they remain in their ghettoes like good little proles.

Can you begin to see the rosy future the United Nations has planned for us all and how we will fit into their scheme for “economic sustainability?” In October we will be dutifully informed by our prostitute press that October is “United Nations” month and that we should begin thinking about how our country will find its place in a global government. I have a better idea. How about we all sit down and take the time to write to our congress critters and tell them to sponsor or enact legislation that will get this country OUT of the United Nations and get the United Nations OUT of this country? With “friends” like the United Nations, do we really need enemies?

Did The Apostates In America Have Help?

by Al Benson Jr.

The late professor C. Gregg Singer, professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary noted in his book A Theological Interpretation of American History that: “To reduce secession and the (Civil) war to economic factors and to overlook the intellectual and theological forces at work, is to seriously misread the records of the era from 1850 to 1860. The admission that economic factors were at work does not involve the denial that other, and equally important forces were having a tremendous influence in the sequence of events which would ultimately lead to secession and to war. After 1830 there was a growing philosophical and theological cleavage between the North and the South. While the North was becoming increasingly subject to radical influences, the South was growing increasingly conservative in its outlook.”

Frank Conner, in his book The South Under Seige–1830-2000 has drawn much the same conclusion. He told us that “The key to understanding the current predicament in the South lies in grasping the very nature of the 19th century abolition movement–as it was shaped by the American Transcendentalists. They manipulated that movement for the purposes of waging an ideological war against the Christian South. The war of liberal North against conservative South began in the 1830s, and continues unabated to this day.” The cultural (and thereby religious) war against the South is not, I repeat, NOT over. The continued attacks on Confederate monuments in our day should amply demonstrate that.

The question then arises–why did the Transcendentalists do what they did? Were there other influences at work on them? I noted in a recent article how the sermons of abolitionist Unitarian Theodor Parker “echoed the socialists of Europe in the 1840s”. Historian Arthur R. Thompson, in his frequently quoted from book, To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments noted that Theodor Parker’s supporters “formed a congregation in Boston and installed him as its minister. Among his flock were Louisa May Alcott, William Lloyd Garrison, Julia Ward Howe, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Samuel Gridley Howe, and William C. Neill. Depending on the source, it is claimed his congregation grew to somewhere from two to over three thousand people–quite a large congregation of ‘Christians’ who had a pastor that did not believe in Christ…Indeed, it appears that many ministers of the Unitarian variety simply used the freedom of their office and responsibility to be free enough to work for socialism and ultimately atheism by one path or another.” No doubt, by now, you recognize some of the names of socialist luminaries in Parker’s “congregation.” How many of you had to read Little Women in school? They didn’t tell you it was written by a Unitarian apostate did they? Christians were not supposed to know that. Or that the Battle Hymn of the Republic that appears in way too many Christian hymnals was written by a Unitarian apostate? Christians should know this kind of thing but mostly that are totally ignorant of it–and some get mad when you tell them.

How many know that Lincoln protege William H. Herndon was in regular communication with Theodor Parker? How many know that, according to Mr. Thompson, Walt Whitman “became known as the man who influenced Ella Reeve Bloor in her youth, on a visit to her home. When she grew up she became ‘Mother Bloor’ within the leadership of the U.S. Communist Party.” And Amos Bronson Alcott, Louisa May’s father was “influenced by the Illuminist Pestalozzi in his educational experiments…Some of the ideas of Alcott are commonplace in American schools today.”

So have we in our day been influenced by the apostasy of the 1800s? And were some of those apostates back then influenced by the Illuminism that came from Europe? You might as well ask if the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

Communist Education

by Al Benson Jr.

I recently pulled a book off the shelf that dealt with the life of a “high officer of Soviet Intelligence” who ended up exposing life in the Soviet Union under the merciful and humane hand of the Communists. The book was called The Secret World and was written by Peter Deriabin and Frank Gibney. Deriabin was the one telling about his life in the Soviet Union. The book was published back in 1959. You don’t find very many books nowadays that deal with real life under communism. It’s not considered politically correct in our leftist age to criticize communism in any way, shape, or form.

What struck me was Deriabin’s commentary about how the Communists used the educational system in The Soviet Union to recruit the next generation into participating in the glories of the Communist revolution. It reminded me of some of what we see in our public education system in this country today. Makes you wonder if the current teachers unions took lessons from Lenin and Stalin. They wrote: “The school was a simple one-room proposition with only one teacher regularly assigned, but it was the channel through which the Communists could work most directly on the Russian people. As Moscow tightened its grip on the provinces a parade of Party bosses, Komsomol bosses, and other varieties of youth experts came to visit throughout the school year, giving their very explicit lessons…School and Communism came into Deriabin’s life together and increased their influence all the more proportionately…At the same time, all the praise for good schoolwork and the students’ enthusiasm were funneled into the service of the Party. This indoctrination had its own changes in emphasis. Deriabin’s very first schoolbook began with a noble-looking portrait of Lenin (‘our grandfather Ilich’)…Later editions began with pictures of Lenin and Stalin; then, Stalin held the field by himself.”

The book continued: “The indoctrination had the weight of new learning behind it, and it took. The first buds of idealism were equally directed into Communism’s service. Children glamorized the high-minded talks of their ‘intelligent and educated’ teacher, which contrasted happily with the bread-and-butter ruminations of their ‘illiterate’ parents. At an age where the concept of the group first becomes really attractive to the child, Communist instructors pounded home the futility of individual actions or individual development. Everything was to be done or thought shoulder to shoulder with the brave workers, collective farmers, Komsomol members, Young Pioneers or whatever group happened to be pertinent to the occasion.”

This Young Pioneers group mentioned was interesting. They write: “A good deed for the Pioneers, e.g. informing the teacher about children who still said their prayers, could help a boy’s school record as surely as good marks in school…The immediate job of the Young Pioneers was to visit each others homes and report on which families kept religious images, said prayers, or otherwise behaved in a suspicious manner. Like thousands of other Russian children, Deriabin was told by his teachers that the parents of the village were in error and grossly misled. The Bible was nonsense, written by the popy–Russian slang for priests–and everything in life could be explained by science.” How much different is this than the atmosphere in most of our public schools today.? No Bibles, you can’t even say Jesus’ name except as a cussword, and Darwin’s theory of evolution explains everything.

The book observed: “The godless campaign was only a tactic in the basic strategy of the Soviet school: to detach the students from the influence of their parents and re-create them as wards of the state.” And how much of that goes on in our public schools today? The election in Virginia last year for governor was between a socialist Democrat who basically said parents should have no influence over what happens in the school and a conservative Republican who felt parents should have some say. The Republican won handily. But there are lots of Educrats around who feel that parental involvement crimps their style. They can’t indoctrinate their students well enough in leftist propaganda if Mom and Dad are watching what goes on. One teacher I mentioned recently in an article said to someone: “I have 180 days to make them (his students) revolutionaries.” You can imagine what he meant by that!

To all intents and purposes, our public schools have been taken over by communist ideologues. You can’t reason with them or have any real dialogue with them because they have an agenda they go by and they will not be diverted from it. All you can do is to get your kids out of it. Parents who refuse to put up with this leftist indoctrination program can find better ways to educate your children. All teachers are not evil people, but those that are evil go a long way toward neutralizing the good that some teachers try to do.

We now get the same kind of propaganda in our public schools that the Russian kids got in their schools in the 1920 and 30s, although it has been working up to that for a long time here, going way back into the 1800s. Rev. R. J. Rushdoony called the public schools “a subversive movement.” He was right!

Things To Dispense With For Educational Freedom

by Al Benson Jr.

I can recall, thinking back years ago now, that my friend and Mentor. Pastor Ennio Cugini, had talked about what needed to be done to ensure real educational freedom in this country. He mentioned two specific things I still remember. He said that you needed to get rid of compulsory attendance laws in the various states. At one point, years ago, the state of Mississippi had done that, but somewhere along the line that got changed so that Mississippi became just like the other states.

I had never heard of anyone else that advocated that except Pastor Cugini. He was ahead of his time, as he was on many other issues. It was and still is a fact that the majority of the property tax in most states goes to find the public schools. I’ve seen some people’s property tax bills here and there and almost without exception, somewhere between two thirds and three quarters of the property tax they paid went to fund the public schools. Pastor Cugini advocated that only those who use the public schools should have to pay this and not everyone else. I agree with him–and neither of us was a big fan of the property tax.

The property tax shows you who really owns the property you live on. Fail to pay the property tax and government at some level can take “your” property away from you. The prevailing theory here is that government really owns it all and the property tax you pay is your yearly rent for the use of some of it.

But, in regard to education, I ran across an article on for back on April 2, 2019 by Kerry McDonald that took compulsory schooling laws to task. McDonald is a senior education editor at FEE, with an ME in education from Harvard. She wrote: “Someone asked me recently if I could wave a magic wand and do one thing to improve American education what would it be. Without hesitation, I replied: ‘Eliminate state compulsory schooling statutes. Stripping the state of its power to define and control education under a legal threat of force is a necessary step in pursuit of education freedom and parental empowerment…While it’s true that some parents may have access to government schooling alternatives, many states require private schools to receive authorization in order to operate…Homeschoolers in most states must comply with state or local reporting mandates that is some areas require homeschoolers to take standardized tests or meet state-determined curriculum requirements. Those hoops are for those lucky enough to jump out of compulsory mass schooling.'”

McDonald went into the history of compulsory attendance laws somewhat as she noted: “Indeed, between 1820 and 1840, Boston’s population more than doubled, and most of these newcomers were poor Irish Catholic immigrants escaping Ireland’s deadly potato famine. They challenged the dominant Anglo-Saxon norms of the time, prompting many state leaders to lobby for a new compulsory schooling statute that would mandate children’s attendance in state-controlled public schools.” One editor wrote in 1851 that: “Nothing can operate effectually here but stringent legislation, thoroughly carried out by an efficient police; the children must be gathered up and forced into school ,and those who resist or impede this plan, whether parents or priests, must be held accountable and punished.” Sounds like Massachusetts was operating on the premise that the children belonged to the state rather than to the parents. We have similar situations today all across the country.

And so McDonald concludes that: “The first step to restore education freedom and empower parents with choice and opportunity for their children is to eliminate compulsory schooling laws that authorize state control of education. States could still require cities and towns to provide public schools to those who want them, but the power to compel parents to send their children there would disappear. In its place, a decentralized network of educational opportunities (including, but not limited to, various types of schooling) would unfold, fueled by visionary parents, educators, and entrepreneurs. Parents, not the state, would decide how and when their children are educated…Education freedom begins when government compulsion ends.” I think she’s right on the money. After all, the kids belong to their parents as God ordained it, and not to the state as man tries to ordain it.

More From The Public School Snakepit

by Al Benson Jr.

There seems almost no end to the total weirdness now going on in public schools, or maybe depravity would be a more fitting term. I recently came across an article by a Ben Johnson who is a senior reporter at The Washington Stand. Mr. Johnson noted in an article on for August 16th that: “State universities indoctrinate future teachers in controversial transgender, racial, and political theories–and instruct them to teach these principles to children beginning in preschool, a new report has found.”

And he quoted the report’s author, Will Flanders, when he said, in an interview, “There’s a huge amount of liberal indoctrination going on…We found it across every public university in the state that has an education program.”

Johnson told us: Flanders, the research director at the Wisconsin Institute for Law &, Liberty did research of records across “…all public universities in Wisconsin that teach education. He and co-author Dylan Palmer asked for the syllabus, assignments, and reading list for education courses–the classes future teachers needed to pass in order to teach in the state’s public schools. The 44-page report found that many of these courses begin by defining biblical morality as beyond the pale…” Nothing like prejudicing your captive audience against biblical truth right at the beginning is there?

And Johnson tells us: “Once the university changes students’ personal morality, it instructs them to begin introducing radical gender theory to children as young as three. At UW-Whitewater, students read a chapter titled ‘Jusr Another Gay Day in the Campus Three-Year-Old Room,’ which tells students to include LGBTQ ‘lessons with a three-year-old day care center. At UW-Green Bay, would-be pedagogues must read the book Safe Is Not Enough: Better Schools for LGBTQ Students by Michael Sadowski, which the report explains ‘argues that teachers must bring conversation about gender and sexual identity into the classroom, encourage advocacy, and foster the LGBTQ identification of young students’.”

Johnson informs us that: “These criteria mean that teachers will be ‘discussing racial politics, gender politics, sexual identity, transgenderism, ahistorical anti-American history, and culturally revolutionary ideas with children as young as five or six years old,’ according to the report, which was produced by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.”

So you have to ask yourself, if you have a child who wants to be a public school teacher, is this type of educational propaganda what you want them to learn to teach? Is any of this stuff fit content for future teachers to have to pass along to students, especially students of a tender age? This kind of stuff is not real education. It is rank leftist indoctrination being foisted off on both future teachers and students as education. You almost feel like asking what foreign power these teachers colleges are working for. But then, if you have done some homework, you realize that the anti-American cabal that seized control of our government well over 100 years ago, is responsible for the anti-biblical and anti-American thrust of what students are and have been learning in “our” public schools for more decades than most of us have been alive.

Don’t even think about “reforming” the public schools! Trying to do that is akin to dumping a cup of water into the Gulf of Mexico to raise the water level. Parents need to remove their kids from the public school system and keep them out. I just read an interesting article the other day that stated that they expect the enrollment in public schools for the upcoming year to drop by 4%. On the face of it that may not seem like a lot, but then, 4% amounts to two million kids! That’s two million less kids the government schools get to brainwash in the coming year–and that is cause for rejoicing.

Get Education Out Of United Nations Indoctrination

by Al Benson Jr.

If you have been reading any of my recent articles you realize that education in this country, both public education and some private education, has long been influenced by the internationalist and New World Order crowd. Those people have a vested interest in making sure children in this country never learn their real and accurate history. If real US history were taught, even to the homeschoolers in sufficient numbers, it might result in enough resistance to the agenda of the One Worlders that their program might be thrown off for generations–and they can’t allow that if it can be avoided.

Ever since 1945 the United Nations has been working to make sure that doesn’t happen. Historian and author Arthur R. Thompson, in his book To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments has noted that: “New programs come along every decade to convince parents and teachers that the latest change will solve the problem of school dropouts, poor test scores, etc. In every case it makes the problem worse because the parents and teachers do not understand the root of the problem they are trying to solve, and they have little or no control over the process since it is now controlled out of Washington, D.C., and the umbilical cord is money. These federal programs are tied into UNESCO, whether it is Race to the Top, School-to-Work, Outcome-based-Education, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, or any other new name. Recently, we have seen test-based education as the basis of money from the federal government. In this system, teachers and administrators have been caught changing test scores to qualify for the funds. An article about Atlanta, Georgia educators being found guilty of such practices in April 2015, said that these conditions may be happening in 40 states.”

The book Freedom On The Alter by William Norman Grigg (now deceased) had some worthwhile commentary about UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization in it. Mr. Grigg told us that: “Founded in London in 1945 UNESCO was both a continuation of and expansion upon the Paris-based International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation, which was affiliated with the League of Nations. The National Education Association (NEA) was also among the earliest advocates of a global school board, and in 1920 the NEA created an International Relations Committee for the purpose of facilitating education for ‘world understanding.’ In 1942, amid an orchestrated euphoria regarding the World War 2 U.S.-Soviet Alliance, NEA head Joy Elmer Morgan penned “The United Peoples of the World” a psalm to world government which was published in the December NEA Journal . According to Morgan ‘To keep the peace and insure justice and opportunity we need certain world agencies such as: A police force, a board of education…'” Did you get that? The NEA wanted a world board of education in order to “…fashion better men for a new life in a democratic society.”

What do you suppose all this “world education” stuff does to local authority? You guessed it–it does away with any such notions because the UN is the world’s school board and you local folks have no say whatever in any of this! And the NEA just loves this, right along with the New World Order crowd. These folks that think they are going to “take back our public schools” are deluding themselves, and maybe you, too, if you listen to them. I’ve said for years that local control of public schools was a myth. What Mr. Grigg has told us here proves it. the public education institution in this country has been thoroughly infiltrated and co-opted and has been for longer than any of us has been alive–and no way are you ever going to get it back Separation from it is the only viable option. Let us pray that more parents begin to figure this out and exercise the secession of their children from it.