Leftists And Hate Crime Hoaxes–They go hand in hand

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting tired of hearing about how “Jussie” Justin Smollett has been the victim of mean, nasty Trump supporters in Chicago. Stop and think about it–how many Trump supporters are there really in Chicago? Maybe half a dozen, and we are supposed to believe that two of those went out of their way to commit a “hate crime” against Mr. Smollett. And anyone that thinks Chicago is “MAGA country” ought to have his head  examined. This is the city of Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama. Come on, give me a break!

It’s so far out that even the Chicago Police can’t buy it. Walter Williams, in an article that appeared on http://www.lewrockwell.com for February 27th noted: “…Chicago police say it was a hoax. This type of hoax is part and parcel of the left’s broad agenda of victimology, fraudulence and gimmickry, plus gross media  gullibility, incompetence and political attention seeking…Racial hoaxes  have been a major part of the leftist agenda going back decades…Most of the nation’s racial hoaxes take place on college campuses. Recall the 2006 lacrosse rape case, in which three affluent white male Duke students were falsely accused  of raping  a black female stripper. Police exposed Bowling Green State University student Eleesha Long as a liar after she complained about being attacked by Trump supporters the day after his election.”

So, fake hate crimes are a favorite tactic of the Left, and probably those who fund the Left also. They give our fake news media a golden chance to shout, scream, and froth at the mouth in “righteous indignation” about the amazing amount of “white racism” in this country. What about the black racism in the country? Sshhh! Don’t talk about that–don’t you realize that is a non-subject, something to be treated as if it never existed.

An article on https://townhall.com for February 18th of this year spelled this out quite succinctly.  It stated: “Liberals must love hate crimes. Why else would they fabricate so many of them? It could be that few events do more to both foster the liberal narrative and further the liberal political agenda than an old-fashioned skoal-chomping, meth-snorting, beer-can chucking hate crime committed by some racist, toothless wife-beater-clad redneck. And if there’s a Confederate flag flying somewhere, so much the better.” The article went on to note “…that caricature is becoming increasingly rare these days…” So how to compensate for this rarity? Well, how about a slew of fake hate crimes for a start?

It’s interesting to note that the Left has no authentic way to promote its agenda and so it must resort to fake hate crimes against those on the right to make itself look good and virtuous. That fact, alone, should tell you something about where the Left really is. Their entire “compassionate” agenda is really nothing more than a fake grab for power–and they’ll take it any way they can get it, no matter who they have to lie about or demonize. For the Left, the end truly justifies the means.

In my internet ramblings I just ran across an article by Michelle Malkin for February 20th on http://www.michellemalkin.com that I thought was good. I don’t always read Malkin because there are some issues she has that I disagree with, but this particular article was good. It had to do with the history of “fake nooses.” She went into a brief history of how nooses have been used as fake hate symbols in recent years. Any of you who have read about the debacle over nooses in Genna, Louisiana a few years back will remember what I am talking about.

Anyway, Malkin writes: “Columbia University, 2007. Remember black psychology professor Madonna Constantine?  She made the rounds on none other than ABC’s Good Morning America, claiming she found a ‘degrading’ noose (made of hand-tied twine) hanging from her office door. Constantine led fist-waving protests, decried ‘systematic racism,’ and prompted a nation-wide uproar, as I reported at the time in the New York Post. Things didn’t add up when Columbia initially blocked investigators from obtaining 56 hours of surveillance video. No culprits could be found on the militantly progressive campus obsessed with diversity and multiculturalism. It turned out that Constantine was desperately trying to distract from a brewing internal probe of her serial plagiarism, for which she was eventually fired. The hate crime probe hit a dead end and Constantine faced no criminal charges over the Fake Noose incident.” Read this paragraph again. It tells you something about the caliber of those that instruct your kids in college, not all of them, but at least some. Over the years I have known some honest college professors, but I have also known about some of the other kind, and some of them have most assuredly had Leftist agendas they tried to  force on the students committed to their tutelage.

There were other blatant examples amongst the material I dug up, but, again, you can’t possibly use all of it or you’d have a book, and sadly, most today have no interest in books. You can hardly get some to read six paragraphs without complaining that the articles are too long.

So, out of all of this, take a few salient thoughts. The Leftists and their financiers love fake hate crimes, and the more faked they are the more mileage they can get out of them. And fake hate crimes can often be used to detract readers from some of what is really going on. Another favorite tactic of the Left. Colleges are great places for fake hate crimes to be perpetrated and some colleges seem quite reluctant to see fake hate crimes exposed. That should tell you something about such colleges. Are they places you want your kids “educated” in?

The entire educational scene today, from K-12 through college is something that parents need to start looking into and researching and checking out. The days of letting “educators” bowl you over with pious platitudes are over. Parents need to start doing the homework about what their kids might be learning. I can guarantee you that once you start doing this, you will never be the same again, but, if you do it, your kids and grandkids will be better off for it.

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