Socialists Running Public Schools–Part Three

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

If you think that socialists and others on the far left have no interest in public schools in America then you are dreaming. They realize that public schools give them a big opportunity to influence the future direction of this country–if they can be a major force in those schools. Histoy has shown that they have been there since the beginning. What Christian parents have got to realize is that they are in an ongoing culture war with the socialists and their Deep State friends and that the socialists do not intend to lose this war.

They intend to have their way with our children–one way or the other–any way they have to or can. It is up to us to protect our children from this and you cannot do that by leaving them in the public schools.

According to an article on for August 23, 2018: “The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization is urging socialists to ‘take jobs as teachers’ in order to exploit the ‘political, economic, and social potential the industry holds.’…’Why Socialists Should Become Teachers,’ an 11-page pamphlet crafted jointly by YDS, and the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, contends that education is ‘a strategic industry to organize,’ and offers prospective socialist educators ‘a basic roadmap for how to get a job in education’.”

Author Alex Newman, writing for Freedom Project Media has noted that “Socialists Urge Infiltration of Government Schools.” Newman wrote, on August 27, 2018 that: “America’s most prominent socialist organization is urging socialists to infiltrate government schools so they can brainwash impressionable young children, sparking national alarm over the totalitarian ideologues’ tactics and agenda. But despite the rantings of the dangerous organization, it is at least a century late to the party, with the government ‘education’ sector having been dominated by socialists for generations.” Newman is saying exactly what many of us have been saying for decades now. Newman knows the score. If you run across any of his commentary on the educational situation in this country–read it!

As Newman says, socialist infiltration of government schools is hardly a new thing. Way back in 1974 it was noticeable in the Kanawha County textbook protest. Back in 2010, former public school teachers Karl C. Priest wrote about that in Protester Voices–The 1974 Textbook Tea Party. Mr. Priest wrote: “Coupling that with my observations of the dumbing down movement of public education confirms that classroom teachers are encumbered so heavily that there is no hope to improve the pitiful academic situation in public schools. Even worse, the public schools are controlled by the American Civil Liberties Union, teacher unions, and other left-wing extremists who make public schools detrimental, even dangerous, to all children–especially Christian children. Actually, the textbook protesters proved all of this in 1974.”

Mr. Priest has noted, on page 209 of his book that: “What happened in Kanawha County was a battle in the cultural war. It is a war that will never end…Unfortunately, many parents do not understand that the philosophy behind what is creating all this turmoil in our country is coming from our own government run public school system. We are paying with our taxes for the support of our own destruction. As parents, we are teaching our children about God and His Word on Sunday and sending them to school five days a week to learn that nothing we have taught them is true.” How often have I said exactly the same thing! And I sometimes have wondered–is anyone listening? Does anyone give a hoot?

Almost no one seems to grasp the central fact that socialists and other apostates have had control of the public schools since day one! They and the Unitarians are responsible for the founding of this institution. It was founded to combat the influence of Christian education in the churches. Unfortunately, with the help of Christians who should have known better and didn’t (and still don’t) it has almost succeeded.

If you would like to know where the Communist Party in the US stands with all this, please check out the next installment.

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