Are Socialists Running “our” Public Schools–Part Two

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

There was an interesting article on by Justin Haskins for 1/28/19. Mr. Haskins analyzed the content of what passes for education in institutions of “higher learning” but also in K-12 public schools too.

He wrote: “The real question isn’t whether these socialist tendencies exist, but rather why they exist.” He then goes into some of the reasons why they exist. He observes (and I think he’s right on the money here) that: “As important as bias on college campuses is, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Much of the problem goes back much further, to K-12 schools where only 27 percent of teachers identify as Republicans, according to a national survey by the Education Week Research Center. Not only are K-12 teachers more likely to vote for Democrats and favor left-wing causes, socialist ideas permeate nearly every aspect of government-run schools. From their earliest days, young students are taught by modern state curriculum standards to be cogs in the societal wheel rather than independent thinkers.”

So socialism “permeates” nearly every aspect of government-run K-12 schools. Why do you suppose that is? You have to begin to wonder just what would-be teachers are taught in teachers’ colleges today. Is that where the socialism comes from? This is something that is never addressed.

Haskins further observed that “…many high schoolers spend little time enrolled in civics or history courses compared to classes that focus on mathematics, science, or technology. And when they are in history classrooms, they are often bombarded with left-wing historical revisionism that turns American heroes like George Washington into racist moral monsters. And these examples are just the subtle forms for educational socialism. In many public schools, teachers are outright hostile to conservative ideas and openly embrace radical left-wing positions like single-payer health care. Given the state of the current educational system, it’s not surprising that many young people identify with the collectivist principles of the far left and not with the rugged individualism that has been the foundation of American life for centuries.” Again, do these ideas originate in the teachers’ colleges? And if so, what does that say about socialist control of those colleges?

It surely sounds as if the socialist worldview and its adherents have firm control in most public schools–and if that is the case, why, in heavens name, would any Christian parent in his or her right mind want to subject their youngsters to that? Yet that is what, when we were going to home school our kids, we were advised by well-meaning people in the church we attended at the time, to subject our kids to. They honestly thought socialist-influenced public education was preferable to home schooling. After all, they all had their kids in the public schools and apparently the socialism their kids brought home didn’t bother them all that much–if they even realized that’s what it was.

Maybe that’s part of our problem. We, as a people, have for decades been so influenced by socialism that we don’t even recognize it for what it is. We just accept it as the norm and don’t think about it. What does that say about the public schools we, or our parents and their parents attended? How far back does this aberration go? Well, I have some bad news for you–it goes back to the first day that public schools were started in this country–that’s right the first day!

Socialism is what the public schools have always been all about. And it’s about time that Christians came to grips with that fact. Until we do, we will forever be trying to “fix” the problems with public schools, to fine tune them, to tweak them so as to eliminate some of the problems–and all that sort of thing is an exercise in futility. People have been trying all that for decades. Are the public schools any better for all that? No! If anything, they are worse! The only thing that will work for Christians is to get their kids out of those schools and keep them out!

Look at it this way. The public school educrats don’t mind you trying to tinker with the system to improve it. They know that’s never going to happen no matter how hard you try. They know your efforts will be fruitless because the schools don’t belong to you or your community–they belong to the federal government. When the textbook protest in West Virginia was literally beaten into submission it was on orders from someone in Washington not in Charleston. Washington wanted the protest shut down because it was giving their public school system a black eye nationally and that had to cease.
To be continued.

4 thoughts on “Are Socialists Running “our” Public Schools–Part Two

  1. That’s a major part of our problem. The public schools are turning out tons of little socialists every year and their parents seem to be asleep to that fact. I wish I knew how to wake at least some of them up!

  2. The only way to fix schools or any other institution is to go to work for that institution, get to the top and redirect it. Conservatives don’t like working in institutions and we have, in effect, given all of our institutions to the left without a fight.

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