If the Public School Can’t Totally Dumb Them Down the State Legislature Will Be Glad to Help

by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I just read an interesting article on the Lew Rockwell Blog this morning (2/22) by Michael S. Rozeff. It’s about a bill introduced into the Oregon legislature–Senate Bill 456.

According to Mr. Rozeff: “This Bill ‘Prohibits State Board of Education, school district or public charter school from requiring student to pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills in order to receive diploma. Directs school district or public charter school that did not award person diploma because person did not pass test to demonstrate proficiency in Essential Learning Skills to award diploma to person upon request of person. Declares emergency, effective on passage.’  If this is made law, the legislature commands schools that they may not require passing an exit test as a requirement to receive a diploma; and if a student has already failed such a test, he need only request his diploma and it must be granted.”

What this amounts to is that a kid can basically skate through his high school years, do just enough to get from grade to grade and then, when he can’t pass a final exam to get his diploma they have to give it to him anyway. If the public school can’t dumb the kids down enough so they are, to all intents and purposes, functional illiterates, then the state’s political charlatans will be glad to step in and help them out.

If Oregon passes this foolishness then how long will it be before other states rush to do the same? If the public schools can’t totally cleanse the brains of their captive audiences the state’s politicians will be glad to pick up where they left off. Either way, the kids end up getting shortchanged and being less and less able to deal with the real world. If I had a suspicious mind, I’d be tempted to think that might be the real agenda. Uneducated kids don’t know enough to be asking the questions they should be asking and if they don’t know what to ask about then schools and legislatures never have to answer any critical questions.

The late Rev. Rousas  J. Rushdoony, in his book Intellectual Schizophrenia has observed that: “Modern education thus is statist education, and the state is made the all-embracing institution of which all other institutions are but facets…But the child of the state, being a man without faith, has no vital principle of resistance and thus even in his rebellion is statist.” In other words, if the state controls the educational process it can even direct rebellion against itself into those parameters that it can live with and that will do it no real harm. That’s where all these Leftist student “revolts” have really fit in over the years. They were designed to make it look like students rebelling against the state when in actuality they were vehicles that promoted the power of the state. And they fooled most people! That’s why so many discerning people have called these protesters “useful idiots.” With no historical background to guide them (they learned their “history” from the state) they know almost nothing of real history, hence they are easy marks when it comes to being conned into something that seems to oppose the state but in reality further empowers the state.

As if to prove this point, I received the following from a friend on my mailing list. He observed: “As Marxist thugs go about the Southland vandalizing statues and monuments, it now seems that these ‘college educated’ illiterates can’t even tell the difference between Robert E. Lee and William C. Lee–or between the War Between the States and World War 2 even. General William C. Lee, whose statue sets outside the Airborne Museum in his hometown of Dunn, North Carolina is considered an ‘international hero of World War 2.’ Police say someone doused the statue in some kind of flammable liquid and set it on fire. They suspect that the vandals did so thinking it was a statue of Robert E. Lee. Besides sharing the same last name, General Robert E. Lee and General William C. Lee have nothing in common and are not related.” They didn’t even fight in the same war!

That fact seems to make no difference to the historical ignoramuses that committed this act. They both had Lee as their last name and most college whiz kids today just know for a fact that anyone with the last name of Lee had to be a slave owner and a racist–they just know it!

This is the sad state of affairs in public education in our day, and in truth, it has never been any different. The only difference has been in degrees of ignorance.

The good folks in Oregon had best write their legislators and tell them to vote against this monstrous testimony to planned ignorance in their state. Christians who have their kids in public schools, in Oregon or anywhere else, had best realize that if they don’t get their kids out of these public brain laundries their kids will end up not knowing the difference between Robert E. Lee and some general in World War 2.

I wonder how many kids in public schools today can even tell you what century the War of Northern Aggression was fought in.

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